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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dirty laundry up in flames. we'll tell you what we learned about an overnight fire at a san francisco laundromat and dry cleaner. parents lining up to make sure their kids are sent off to school with supplies and backpacks. we'll tell you about the overnight outreach happening right now at a south bay community center. >> that's a great story. good friday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we're tracking showers this morning. we've got a huge weekend shaping up across the bay area. raiders, giants, fanfest tomorrow. guess what else? your forecast for all of it coming up. >> we have a sig alert through the altamont pass. choppers launched as we speak. we'll get pictures and details coming up. are you down with ggb? >> you know me. >> the golden gate bridge, anthony very, very quick on the note. a good look out there. traffic flowing smoothly on a feel-good friday on friday,
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august 9. this is "today in the bay." all right. feel-good friday in full effect. it's 6:01. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> a developing story in vallejo as search crews work through the night trying to find a missing federal investigator from oakland who has been missing since sunday. massive search right now this morning to find sandra coke. however, investigators at this point won't say why they're focusing their search on the fairgrounds. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the command post. christie, a person of interest linked to sandra coke is in custody right now. so far he's not being named a suspect in their disappearance. what do you know about this? >> good morning to you. i can tell you the search does ramp up here in about two hours at the solana county fairgrou s fairgrounds. this is right near six flags. as you said, investigators haven't said exactly why they
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chose to search this area. there is a person of interest in the case who has ties to sandra coke's background. he is a registered sex offender. randy alana was arrested tuesday on an unrelated parole violation, but is being questioned in coke's disappearance. his prior convictions include rape and kidnapping. police say he knew coke. they actually dated more than 20 years ago. coke was last seen on sunday when she said she was going to look into a tip about her missing dog. her car was discovered two days later on 32nd street. coke is a criminal defense investigator. oakland police and major crimes homicide unit went to the fairgrounds late last night. a sheriff's spokesperson says search teams include dogs trained to look for human remains. -- >> we have lost christie's audio. we'll check back with her as soon as possible. right now it's 6:02. new this morning, san francisco
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firefighters are looking into the cause of a fire at a dry cleaners and laundromat overnight. you can see firefighters on scene near the intersection of california street and 23rd avenue in the richmond district. firefighters san jose the business was heavily damaged and is likely a total loss along with all the clothes inside. there are apartments above the business. no word on any damage to those units. no injuries have been reported. we can tell you b.a.r.t. and union negotiators meeting again today, still trying to hash out the new contract. the union says if considerable progress is not made today, it will be issuing a 48-hour strike notice meaning workers could walk off the job again on monday morning. even if the notice is issued, there's still some hope, some silver lining we won't have a work stoppage. the governor can step in and order a 60-day cooling-off period that would keep the trains rolling until october. nbc bay area will keep you
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up to date on all that's happening in the b.a.r.t. contract talks on air and online at if there is, in fact, a strike, we go on the air a half hour early on monday morning. we will be starting up at 4:00 a.m. to keep you in the know. 6:04. a little late but they made it there safely. passengers aboard a virgin america flight were forced to make an unexpected stop in san jose after the plane almost ran out of fuel. there were fog delays at sfo last night. the flight did not have enough fuel to circle. it was diverted to mineta san jose where the plane had a changes to refuel and took off again for sfo and landed just after 11:00 last night. happening right now, a total of 26 homes now destroyed and 500 more being threatened as a massive wildfire continues to burn in southern california. more than 1400 firefighters are on the scene battling the fire in banning, located about 20 miles northwest of palm springs.
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it's been a rough go already. one man has serious burn injuries. five firefighters have been injured including two from heat exhaustion. it's been so intense and so hot down there. so far 22 square miles have been burned. that is bigger than the size of the entire city of sunnyvale. right now it is about 20% contained, but the wind gusts could easily fuel those flames today and make it more difficult to battle this one back. the cause of the fire right now does remain under investigation. you can see it was an inferno down there. they were talking this devil's work. >> christina loren, you are very familiar with this area, palm springs, where your mother lives. you're certainly on alert for that. >> oh, yeah, definitely. good morning to you, marla and jon. that area in particular, very wind-prone area. actually goes through a mountain pass. today they'll get a little cooldown. i want to start with this live picture, a little blown out at 6:05. that's because we have plenty of low-level moisture this morning.
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lots of fog, plenty of drizzle. a little mist over san jose to start the day. we have america's cup in town. you can catch it here on nbc. i want to snow you where the showers are this morning. up in the north bay they'll start to clear up as we head through the second half of the day. let's get right to the america's cup forecast. it's goings to be pretty active on the water. we'll she sunshine develop later today. 59 degrees at 1:00 p.m. 77 in concord, 70 in fremont, 77 in san jose. going into our second week now of unseasonably cool wealth were the warmup just around the corner. i'll show you when that comes in. anthony has a traffic alert this morning. >> you have a sig alert on 580 westbound at the 680 connector in dublin through the altamont pass. the right-hand lane is still closed there. it's going to be closed at least for the next 45 minutes in addition to what we were talking to about a half hour ago.
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we launched the chopper. because of the fog and the drizzle, we can't actually see anything. if we can get some pictures for you, maybe later on we will try that. the fog and drizzle impending our views this morning. you notice through the altamont pass, it's slow back to 205. christina was mentioning the drizzle and fog. our san mateo cam can actually show you that, but we can show you the foster city side. there you go. you can see that's what it looks like. that's the drizzle that you'll be dealing with on the bridges this morning and the bay bridge approach. the metering lights have been turned on as of 6:01. >> we'll need the wipers today. >> big time. 6:07. one of my favorite times of the year, thousands of kids getting ready to get back to school. they're going to get some much-needed help. >> it's happening at sacred heart community services center where volunteers are set to hand out backpacks full of school supplies to kids in need. "today in the bay's" bob redell
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is in san jose where they're getting an early start. >> reporter: a little later this morning children from low-income families k-12 will be able to come to sacred heart community service to pick out one of the backpacks. you can see they'll be loaded with school supplies. this is about a $60 value. if you're making minimum wage, that's close to one day's earnings. that's not very affordable. this is a huge help for the families. sacred heart wants to make sure these kids are able to focus on studies instead of worrying about why they're different from someone else. when sacred heart first started this 11 years ago, they were giving away 150 backpacks. this year a record amount south of 2500 backpacks. the agency thought the number would be down, that the number would be decreasing because the economy has been getting better. >> there is employment for people out there, but most of them are underemployed at this time. i was talking with a mom that
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just was squeaking by after paying her rent. that almost makes school supplies a luxury. that's the wrong message. the community came together to make sure the kids have the tools they need to start the school year right. >> reporter: the upside, sacred heart tells us they were able to get enough donations to satisfy demand. for each family they'll also be able to include a gift card for a pair of shoes. here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> like christmas in the summer for those kids. >> absolutely. so welcome and so needed. 6:09. coming up, newly minted millionaires. the blue collar workers from new jersey whose powerball pool is paying off meantime. a san francisco multimillionaire charged with 46 different felonies. we'll take a look at business and tech. go ahead and calling this stalling out, not so cool in such a cool car. we'll tell you how brand new ferrari gets caught up in the middle of this soggy deep mess.
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that's just ahead. now we take you live outside to emeryville. traffic moving along westbound 80 as you make your way to the bay bridge. anthony slaughter checking your roads. there's a sig alert issued in the east bay. we'll have the latest on that still ahead. your time now is 6:10. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
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welcome back and happy friday to you. the time is 6:12. you can see we've got slick conditions this morning on the golden gate bridge. now we have flight delays at about 1:15 out of sfo. you'll probably have to use your windshield wipers everywhere this morning. however, a warmer day headed our way. your forecast in less than three minutes. we do have fog and drizzle on the area bridges as christina mentioned. the metering lights are on. the sig alert we'll have more details coming up in two minutes. at 6:12, here o are today's top stories.
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search crew also be out at the solana county fairgrounds looking for missing oakland woman sandra coke. police named a person of interest, a high-risk sex offender named randy alana, an ex-boyfriend of hers. police haven't said what led them to solana county to search for coke. an overnight fire at a laundromat and dry cleaners in the richmond district. the fire gutted gold star laundry. there are several apartments above the business, but no word on whether they were damaged. president obama will sign a bill to cut interest rates on federal student loans that doubled on july 1st. congress is able to strike a deal to bring them down again. the new rates will be tied to the financial markets. 6:13. new this morning, the san francisco internet millionaire charged with more than 40 felonies in a domestic violence case. >> gurbaksh chaha will will make
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his first appearance in court today. >> reporter: he may be accused of beating his girlfriend. there's a long list of offenses including false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon which the chronicle says was a pillow. >> he's seen here as he bought the penthouse at the infinity towers near the bay bridge where his neighbors charge he was abusive to one of the residents as well. according to the chronicle, often flicked cigar ashes off the balcony, chahal sold his first company at age 16 for $40 million, the second company he sold for $300 million. he's now the head of a company called radium one. his neighbor says police have overreacted. also in court this morning, apple and samsung, two separate cases, the first in front of the united states trade commission. apple will try to get certain samsung products banned from sale based on claims that
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samsung copied apple. now, remember on monday the white house stepped into this fight and absolved apple of an itc ruling against it. the itc has banned certain apple products. so apple walked away on monday forgiven of its sins, now it's back rolling stones, if you'll pardon the analogy. it's the best one we could come up with. in a separate case, in federal court apple will appeal a court case that played out in san jose. apple says the punishment against samsung were not strong enough. we will be watching both of these cases very carefully. apple is on the attack today. so, too, will be the south koreans. many think that samsung is not getting a fair shake in all of this in u.s. court, us itc. i know the koreans are watching carefully. >> the smackdown continues. at 6:15, break egg news on the peninsula where we have the
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chopper above the stanford campus there. you can see water rushing on the streets. this is because police are saying a car ran right into a fire hydrant and burst that hydrant. now part of the campus on stanford is being flooded. we're not exactly sure where on the campus this is happening. as the chopper pulls out, we're getting an overview here. it's obviously taking part in one particular small section of a street on the stanford campus. our bob redell is headed to this scene to chick it out. once we get an update we'll bring you the latest information. >> if you've ever seen a car hit a hydrant, the water goes crazy up in the air. this morning we're learning more about an office pool. talking about money that paid off big time in the latest powerball drawing. 16 workers from a county garage in jersey are sharing one of the three winning tickets in the $448 million jackpot. we should have done a pool.
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>> sounds good.wsb@(t&háhp &hc& we'll do it next time. "today in the bay's" sheldon dutez is live in observation county with new details about the newly minted millionaires. >> you can't help but be excited for these 16 workers, not only sharing their winners, but county of fibls say despite the status, all 16 people on the pool came to work yesterday. county officials aren't saying much else about the winners because they're trying to protect their identities. what we do know about them is they work in a garage here in the ocean county department of maintenance and they purchased that winning ticket at a market near atlantic city. all 16 of them will share their wings of the $448 million jackpot with two other ticket winners, one in new jersey and one in in minnesota. in ocean county, new jersey, sheldon dutez, nbc bay area news. >> i'd share it with all of you.
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>> he's a smooth talker, isn't he? >> we're luck kirks got a nice family going here. you are part of that family. we thank you for joining us, 6:18. before you head out the front door, we want to warn you what could slow you down or make for a difficult drive if you're not aware of it. we've got pretty thick fog, drizzle out there and even showers coming down over parts of the bay area. we want to start with your flight delays. on both coasts you're dealing with delays. the west coast, the best coast, 56 degrees in san francisco right now where we do have the flight delays, about 1:15. if you're trying to get to new york city, you can count on the flight delays about all day long with a potent weather system headed their way. we're working with a little shower activity, most of this is virga which is precipitation that evaporates before it hits the surface. throughout the day today high pressure will slowly move back in. that's going to boost the area of low pressure.
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it's going to cut off. that means temperatures will be able to warm in time for the big bay weekend, the giants t raiders, outside lands. 49ers fanfest at candlestick park. raiders game is blocked out. i'm a huge fan. we're going to post the updates on twitter. we'll have them on facebook. so even though you can't catch that game on tv, you can catch it right here with us at nbc bay area. we have you covered. 78 degrees in livermore. 58 degrees on the way to san francisco. here we go. 83 for saturday. up to 85 degrees sunday and finally hitting those seasonal averages tuesday into wednesday. let's get an update on the sig alert with sant any slaughter. still talking about the sig alert through the altamont pass on 580 westbound, the 680 northbound connector. it's keeping things stop and go. it's going to be closed. the right lane will be closed, at least right now, the updated
6:20 am
time 30 minutes, because of two trucks that had a collision and nails on the ground. you can see the slowdown goes all the way back to 205 through the altamont pass. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like. even the fast track lanes getting through slow right now. it's going to be a slow go at the bay bridge approach. also san mateo is starting to show signs of the drizzle. that's still coming down. so take it easy. bridges and roadways and also in the peninsula, got to show you love. palo alto flowing smoothly this morning. back to you. >> anthony, thanks so much. it's 6:20. coming up, this guy might want to leave his car in the garage. look at this. we'll tell you how this brand new ferrari wound up stalling out in the middle of this rained-out roadway next. >> how about this? cops verses cows. actually sounds like the title of a reality show. we'll tell you how law
6:21 am
enforcement had to step in and try to corral this big guy after the big rig crash out in kansas city. go, man, go.
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welcome back on a feel-good friday. there's clouds out there and drizzle. anthony slaughter is in for mike
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inouye watching your roads. it's 6:23. right now back to our breaking news in palo alto. happening on the stanford campus where crews have their hands full. we give you live look from our chopper above because a car hit a fire hydrant and water spewing out of control. we have our bob redell headed to the scene to take a look and see what we can find out. you can see the crews have their brooms out sweeping out the water and not sure if this is affecting students on campus, but again, something we're keeping our eye on this morning. remember the nursery rhyme, the cow jumping over the moon? a big rig flipped over with several cows inside. this is on interstate 70 in kansas city, missouri. a hazmat truck is parked next to the big rick to make sure the cows cannot get out of that rig. unfortunately we understand at this hour some of those cows
6:25 am
will actually have to be put down. a lot of them did manage, as you see, escaping the big rig right there running loose. the cops are trying to keep them in mind, blocking traffic until crews can actually block the roadway in that area. crews trying to keep at least one of the cows corralled. quite a scene out there. more rain is on the way in areas of the midsection of the country. a woman died in southern missouri yesterday when creek waters swept her car away. a 4-year-old drown, almost 200 miles away in south central missouri. at least 35 water rescues have been reported in nashville. heavy rainfall is expected from now until 2z throughout missouri, kansas, arkansas, oklahoma and tennessee. >> debilitating down there.
6:26 am
this morning storms fading in denver after a night of heavy rain, hail and lightning out there. the storms dumping nearly three inches of rain in some areas, very quickly forcing drivers there to take their chances on the roads plowing through the deep water. happy to report no injuries linked to the storms have been reported. speaking of drivers taking their chances. check out what happened to this brand new ferrari in reno, nevada. the driver tried to make it through two feet of standing waut your but fauld out. the ferrari is brand new and still had the temporary plates. >> man. >> the driver said he didn't realize how deep the water was until it was too late. him being in reno, maybe he scored big at the casinos. >> you know the deal. the dude was so pumped up, he couldn't wait to get it out. thought it was a james bond
6:27 am
mobile. 6:26. wind gusts making a big-time wildfire even bigger this morning. it's been hard. we other on the ground and southern california firefighters try to get a handle on the raging flames. new details on the on going amber alert. a new concern that the suspect's getaway car could be rigged with home made explosives. back to palo alto near stanford university, a fire hydrant hit by a car. they have crews on scene trying to clean up and get the car out of there. we'll continue watching this one. bob redell is on his way to cover that for us. we'll have information after this break. do you see the 10% back in points, plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears.
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an explosive twist in the on going amber alert. we'll tell you what the suspect's car could be rigged with. plus we'll tell you why the campbell police department might be importing a new look for its patrol car fleet. a live look at chip company
6:30 am
micron opening up the nasdaq. not quite as crazy as thursday's opening, that's for sure, when they had a snow mobile out there doing it for fox, but a good day nonetheless. you know why? it's friday, august 9th. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30 on the nose. happy friday everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in nor laura garcia-cannon. in palo alto at the stanford university campus, we take you live there from our chopper. what is happening here is that crews are trying to pick up the pieces, clear out the mess left behind from a tipped over fire hydrant. we can show you when the impact happened. a car ran into a fire hydrant and this is what happened. the water spewing out onto the
6:31 am
roadway. we've learned this is happening on santa teresa drive on the sanford campus. it's something we're keeping our eye on for you this morning. police right now investigating a shooting in san jose this morning. officers responding to reports of gunfire on cunningham avenue. that's blocked from the tullie road exit off highway 101. police did not find anybody shot there. they say three people walked into a hospital suffering gunshot wounds a short time after this. they say the victims were shot on cunningham avenue. at this point no motive has been reported. so far no arrests have been made. >> happening now, that out of control wildfire still burning in southern california. right now 26 homes have been destroyed and 500 others are now threatened. overnight firefighters had the fire 20% contained, but wind gusts could fuel the flames later today. this fire as we've been telling
6:32 am
you is burning near the town of banning, 20 miles west of palm springs in riverside county. that's where "today in the bay's" tina esadine joins us with new details. >> we're reporting to you from white water which is about ten miles west of palm springs. this morning the windy conditions are creating problems for firefighters here. you can likely see and probably hear the high winds kicking up. take a look at the conditions. this is what firefighters have to contend with as they continue to battle the silver fire which is still burning on the mountain side. there are mandatory evacuation orders also in effect. the residents of this town are certainly hoping mother nature goes easy on them and on their home. what you're looking at is snow creek, the ninth area under a mandatory evacuation order. the fire has now burned 14,000 acres. people here have been forced to flee just after the sun began to
6:33 am
set yesterday which now adds to the 1800 people already affected by evacuation orders due to this fire that started around 2:00 wednesday afternoon and continues to spread through the rugged terrain. more than 25 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of others are threatened. the number of firefighters injured, we can report, has jumped to five. one resident also injured. certainly the windy conditions coupled with the dry brush, the heat and low humidity causing great concern. it is still unknown as to what has caused this fire. but now to the good news, containment here has now jumped to 20% when we've been reporting throughout the day xwred, it was certainly at zero. there was no containment. late afternoon it jumped to 10%. this morning we're at 20. the greatest concern now coming in the form of mother nature and what she may bring and the unpredictability of these winds. they've been kicking up all through out the morning. the firefighters still have a
6:34 am
great challenge on their hands. firefighters say the conditions on the front line are still extremely dangerous. they worry as well as the winds and what will happen later in the day. as the sun continues to rise and the temperatures do as well, this is a windy tunnel here and certainly firefighters say they don't know what may happen left. reporting live near palm springs, back to you. >> she looks like sho7jç needs put some rocks in her pockets. >> that wind is rough down there. let's toss it over to our lady in red, christina loren to inform and educate us. it's a rough going, the terrain and the weather conditions makes it doubly tough. >> it certainly does. if you've ever driven down there, you know where the wind farms are where they have the windmills. that's very close to where the fire is burning to give you a better idea. that will play a factor. i want to start with our local picture here. we've got fog out there, certainly playing a factor for your morning drive. you can see both towers of the golden gate bridge. what you can't see is we've got showers coming down over parts
6:35 am
of the bay area. that's marin county and some of the activity pressing to the south and the east now. watch out for some drizzle, mist on your way to work. 55 degrees in oakland, 58 in san jose, 59 degrees to kickoff a friday down in gilroy. temperatures are going to remain unseasonably cool as the month of fogust continues. here is the good news, we have a warmup headed our way. a lot of kids heading back to school as of next week. san jose state starts next week. your seven-day forecast coming up. first let's check on the photographic alert with anthony slaughter. >> we have a sig alert through the altamont pass. the lanes should be opening in the next 15 to 30 minutes. i wanted to show you, i put a mile marker on there, the stop-and-go traffic extends for 11 miles. that is quite a backup all the way to 205. if you use that route, you'll have to allow a little extra time as you leave out the door. you may want to give your
6:36 am
employer a heads up and let them know. lower deck on the treasure island off-ramp on the bay bridge, causing a bit of slowdown on the eastbound side, so headed into oakland, but not impeding traffic this morning. 6:36. back to you guys. >> 6:36 right now. san diego county sheriff's dechities searching for the blue nissan versa, they fear it may be rigged with explosives. detectives say they found evidence in dimaggio's burned out home suggesting he fled with home made explosives. two dead bodies were found in the house. they believe he may have boobytrapped his car and switched vehicles. dechities think dimaggio is headed to canada and they think he has 16-year-old hannah anderson with him. 6:36. still ahead, sifting through the rubble of a blown-up building. we'll tell you what regs queue
6:37 am
crews just found in a major explosion. loads of laundry burned to a crisp. we have new details about the overnight fire at a laundromat and dry cleaners. this all happened in san francisco.
6:38 am
6:39 am
happening now, the state department is pulling non-essential government personnel out of pakistan. right now these are photos of the u.s. consulate in pakistan.
6:40 am
officials say the presence of domestic and foreign terror groups presents a threat to americans. american civilians are being told not to travel to pakistan. several attacks have been reported in pakistan recently including this shooting that happened this morning. gunmen in the eastern part of the country shot at a politician's car as it drove past a mosque just hours ago. the politician was okay,>z#t esd without injury. at least six people were killed. more than a dozen others were injured. overnight a terrifying scene in argentina. you can see a cat being pulled out alive from the ruins of an apartment building blown apart by a huge gas explosion. 11 people still missing after tuesday's collapse. ten of the dead have now been identified, and overnight rescuers were working to pull out three more bodies they found underneath that rubble. more thanáf÷ 60 people were ind when the explosion went off.
6:41 am
two repairmen are in custody while the judge considers criminal negligence charges against them. residents apparently asked for a gas valve to be replaced at that building. it's possible the gas was not turned off during a repair job. it is 6:41. coming up, the all-night search for a missing federal investigator. we'll tell you where rescue crews are centering their search and also new details about the person of interest already behind bars in this case. flames ripping through loads of laundry in san francisco. we'll tell you what firefighters are saying about a fire that sends a laundromat and dry cleaners up in flames overnight. we'll have gadget friday. what is that? we'll take a look coming up. >> looks like something you can take to one of the big events happening across the bay area this weekend. we actually have showers to show you this morning. you can see from this live picture of the bay bridge, a little fog, a little drizzle. the real story, the warmup.
6:42 am
your seven-day forecast in moments. we have a sig alert that continues and fog on the area bridges. we're back after this. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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a developing story in vallejo as search crews work through the night trying to find a missing federal investigator from oakland who has been missing since sunday. a massive search is under way this morning to find sandra coke, though investigators won't say why they are focusing their search on the fairgrounds now. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the command post this morning. christie, of course some interest linked to sandra coke, a person of interest is in custody, but so far not named a suspect. >> reporter: that's right.
6:45 am
good morning, marla. members of the search and rescue team showed up. they haven't said exactly why they're searching the solana county fairgrounds which you know the area is right by six flags. police are talking to a person of interest. he's a registered sex offender with a long criminal history, hi his name is randy alana, arrested tuesday on an unrelated parole violation. police say he and sandra coke once dated about 20 years ago. his prior convictions, though, include rape and kidnapping. sandra coke was last seen on sunday when she said she was going to look for a tip about a missing dog. her car was discovered about two days later.  crimes and homicide unit went to the fairgrounds late last night. the sheriff's department says three teams searched here for hours. the family remains hopeful. police revealed that they have
6:46 am
information that puts the two of them together on the day that sandra coke went missing. >> randy alana and sandra coke were seen later that evening, which would be sunday, august 4th. what we're asking from media and from the public, if anyone saw the two of them together. >> reporter: police also telling us they'll be searching the area around lake chabot, but not saying exactly why. it's not just oakland police, but the fbi, chp, alameda and solana county sheriff's department. live in vallejo, christie smith, "today in the bay." also new this morning, san francisco firefighters looking into the cause of a fire that happened overnight. the fire started at golden star laundry near the intersection of california street and 23rd avenue in the richmond district. firefighters say the business was heavy damaged and likely a total loss at this point. so far we haven't heard if there
6:47 am
was any damage to apartments above the business. so far no injuries have been reported. raise your hand if you're happy it's friday. >> i'll raise them both. >> i'm talking about, it's on fire. >> we don't need no water. >> raising the roof. >> so many people will be in town this weekend and they're going to want to stay in town once they get a taste of this beautiful weather. a lot happening. you've got the raiders, the giants, outside land, fanfest at candlestick for the 49ers. no better place to be as we get into the second week of fog-ust because of all the low cloud cover. the cool west early flow has been in place. what i can tell you is we'll finally get out of it. high pressure will build back in. more of the same for today. that pretty much goes for tomorrow as well. you'll notice the warmup by sunday. 58 in livermore, 59 in gilroy to start you out and 59 degrees in sunnyvale. this is what we're looking for today, drizzle in the north bay,
6:48 am
especially sonoma county, lake county as well. area of low pressure sitting an spinning. it's going to get a little push as high pressure starts to build in as of this weekend. that means warmer weather headed our way just in time for all those big weekend events starting today with the louis vuitton series america's cup. the semifinal action is heating up on the san francisco bay. it's going to be kind of choppy out there on the bay. this is going to be a good race to watch. you can catch it here at 1:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. 70 degrees in fremont, 73 in san jose, and a cool day shaping up at the immediate coast, san francisco. the 60s headed your way by sunday. temperatures will start to feel more comfortable monday into tuesday, the real heat kicks in. with ear talking 91 degrees by thursday of next week. let's check on the drive. it's been rough with anthony. >> the sig alert remains in effect. the right lane closed as crews are trying to get that off. should be closed for another 15
6:49 am
minutes. you'll notice the slowing goes back through livermore for about 11 miles. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like. things aren't so bad elsewhere. in fremont, lots of smooth sailing on the southbound side, even the northbound side of 880 as well. in san jose, traffic starting to pick up, coming in from south san jose. 101 started to bog down. but really not too bad right now. in palo alto things are moving smoothly. other than the sig alert we have right now, things are not so bad outside right now. back to you guys. thank you very much. we have breaking news right now we want to get you updated on. this is happening on the stanford campus. a lot of water all over the area after a car slams into a fire hydrant. this is located on santa teresa drive. this is actually right in the heart of the stanford campus. we have the video there showing the water that gushed out onto the streets. this all happened early this morning. you can see the emergency crews there have their work cut out for them. that water still pumping very hard this morning. you can see it pretty deep
6:50 am
there. no real word on how much damage. but we're keeping our eye on it as the water continues to flows. police are investigating a shooting in east san jose. after 4:00 this morning officers responded to reports on gunfire on cunningham avenue blocks from the tullie road exit on 101. police didn't find anyone shot there but say three people walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds a short time later. they say the victims were shot on cunningham avenue. there's no motive at this time and no arrest, and we do have our chopper over the scene right now to give you an idea of where this is taking place. that looks like a school right there. again, is on cunningham drive blocks from the tullie road exit of highway 101 where potentially three people were shot there this morning. san jose police are investigating this as we are as well. so we will keep you posted. it's 6:50.
6:51 am
all right. a summer vacation to hawaii turns deadly for a 41-year-old oakland man. police say son vo disappeared snorkeling in maui. he was reported missing by friends and rescue crews, launched an extensive search by boat and air. crews recovered his body early yesterday morning. police say there are no signs of foul play. police have arrested 23-year-old johnny lozano in connection with the killing of 19-year-old san jose student kimberly chico. she was in a car downtown san jose when someone shot and killed her. police say she was an innocent bystander who happened to be in the line of fire. they are still trying to figure out why the shots were fired. police say it had nothing to do with chico's friend who was driving the car. mountain view police arresting three people in connection with a series of blind date robberies. these all happened earlier this year.
6:52 am
nazario cruz and jose urias along with a juvenile were arrested yesterday. police believe the men lured their victims into blind dates with a supposed female after they contacted her online. the victims were told to bring cash and meet that woman at a mountain view apartment complex where the suspect allegedly robbed them. police say this has happened at least three times, and the investigation does continue. muni is investigating its 38 geary line after two buses caught fire in the past week. in each instance passengers were on board. the most recent fire happened yesterday afternoon. the driver noticed smoke in the engine compartment and got passengers out safely. last friday, one week ago, acgú geary line bus caught fire near lands end. no one was hurt. the cause of both fires, under investigation. the total of 246 schools statewide flagged for possible cheating after students shared
6:53 am
photos of test materials on social media. "the sacramento bee" reporting the state is looking at 16 schools in particular including san francisco's lowell high school, a campus known for its high achievement on state-run tests. the school now facing a state investigation. the states had to release the results of the star test this year when the cheating concerns first surfaced. at that time the "contra costa times" reporting test questions had been posted online from a dozen schools including two in san jose, castillero middle school and san jose high. the peninsula high school students who had their ap test scores invalidated will start retaking those tests this morning. the first retake begins just before 8:00 a.m. at mills high school in millbrae. you may recall student test scores were invalidated after the testing service cited
6:54 am
seating irregularities. students rallied yesterday demanding the test scores be reinstated. earlier this week the district filed suit against the educational testing service and the college board. watch out on the roads for this, campbell police department planning to replace its cars with the chevy caprice. the switch can take time because chevrolet is only building them in australia. most officers currently cruise around in campbell in the crown vic tore yeahs. they're no longer being produced and built by ford. the popular outside lands music festival kicks off today in golden gate park. >> this year the big headliner, none other than sir paul mccartney. scott mcgrew is our headliner now with a gadget friday that might help if you're headed out
6:55 am
there. good morning. this is something called the mogo and the company says it's never been shown on television. what is it? it's a collapsible stool. if you work at google or facebook or whatnot, you're probably already familiar with the company focal upright. they make all the snazzy work stations, the kind where people stand up right. let me show you a closer look at the stool as i put it together. it's a mono pod and adjusts to whatever length you need it to adjust to. it will cost you a hundred bucks. apparently as i get it out we've tried it once before. >> let's go to marla's size, not quite to jon's size. getting a little old for con sernts and things like that, you need somebody to lean on. >> there you go. >> i think for our anchor chairs.
6:56 am
>> there you go. >> apparently sitting upright is the new thing. >> you can rotate like that, the 360. >> so you have a stool samable you have? turns out, yes, i did. >> scott! yuck. >> it's a cool gadget. i want one of those. >> scott mcgrew dropping jokes. i like this. 6:56. let's finish strong. christina loren is going to talk about weather outside. you take your stool, a picnic basket. you might need an umbrella. >> make sure you bring a good attitude with you because there's so much happening across the bay area this weekend. let's start with the raiders. they've got a game tonight in oakland. temperatures are going to be a little chilly out there if you're headed to that game. if you can't get out there, it is blacked out. we are going to be tweeting out the updates. find it on the giants, you'll find them on nbc bay area. they're taking on the orioles,
6:57 am
temperatures will be chilly out there. we're also expecting the steady mist and drizzle. outside lands, so many people flocking to san francisco this weekend. cool conditions, that's good news. make sure you're staying hydrated, drinking lots of water out there. let's check on the drive with anthony slaughter. >> thanks, christina. the sig alert has been lifted just now, about two minutes ago, the right lane has opened from the 580 to 680 connector. slow for 11 miles through the altamont pass. taking you to the bay bridge approach, you can see the fast track lanes are the slow ones today. looks like the cash lanes are the better option right now. >> and the clouds, it looks like it's going to rain out there. >> looks a little ominous. >> looks like winter out there. >> it doesn't matter. >> it's friday. i knew you were going to say that. e final check of the day's top stories. search drogs have arrived at the
6:58 am
solana county fairgrounds as crews continue looking for missing sandra coke. police named a person of interest, a high-risk sex offender named randy alana. b.a.r.t. and union negotiators meet again today to try and reach a deal for a new contract. the union says if it does not make considerable progress today, it will issue a 48-hour strike notice. even if they issue that strike notice, the governor can still step in and order a 60-day cooling off period. if, in fact, they do strike on monday, our news starts at 4:00 a.m. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. also keeping our fingers crossed to get this settled. a big mess at stanford, water gushing onto the streets. you can see a car apparently hit a fire hydrant, knocked it off its base. that's when the fireworks and sprinkler system went nuts. crews cleaning up that mess.
6:59 am
no word on what may have caused the crash to happen. speaking of water, let's take you to the water right now, america's cup semifinals continuing. italy's luna rossa taking on artemis. luna rossa already won two of the head-to-head battles, two in a row. so far it needs now two more to advance in the finals to take on the emirates new zealand team, italy and sweden, all set to get on the water and race throw. these gentlemen doing it big. you can watch today's race right here on nbc bay area. all the action starts at 1:00 this afternoon. because of that,t( "days of our lives" moves up an hour until noon, starts at noon. >> i'll be ready. >> "steve harvey" and "ellen" follow that race. a lot going on in san francisco this weekend. >> it's going to be a bash. it's going to be crowded. >> that's what's happening, "today in the bay." back at 7:26 with a live local
7:00 am
update. we appreciate you starting our friday with us. >> we always do. great to have you along. have a great day. enjoy your weekend, we'll see you monday. >> and at 11:00. good morning. breaking overnight. deadly flash flooding across the midwest leads to evacuations and dramatic rescues. in california, the massive wildfire grows bigger threatening hundreds of homes. new this morning, the expanded search for 16-year-old hanna anderson, and he could be armed with explosives, as her father speaks out to us in a new interview. high anxiety. the contact that had me free fallon today, friday, august


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