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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. we are following breaking news a. shooting rampage in the dallas area involving at least two different locations. we're learning children are among the victims. we'll have all the datest details next. the head of one south bay school district under scrutiny accused of skroewing test resul. a library sitting without any books. it could stay that way for some time. what's stopping one south bay city for opening its newest library. let's take a camera shot outside. this is a live look. attempting in the darkness to see your golden gate bridge. want to talk about smooth-flowing traffic? it doesn't get any better than
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that. it's still very early on this thursday, august 8. this is today in the fwa. >> right now it is 4:01 this morning. thanks for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. laura garcia-cannon has the day off. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning marla and jon. temperatures this morning are nice and comfortable. not too cold out there. i will tell you plenty of drizzle around the bay and at the immediate coast this morning. you want to travel cautiously out there. speaking of which, let's get trite that drive with anthony slaughter. >> the roads are slick. you can see it from some of our cameras this morning, taking a look in oakland. traffic is light. there is the overnight construction that continues along the lake merritt area. this is a typical spot that's slow as crews continue to try to clean up the area around there.
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we had a sig alert from 280 in san francisco over to 380. that has cleared. we give it a thumbs up because we like the map this morning. breaking news. this happened overnight, a violent shooting spree in texas kills four people and leaves four others including at least two children hurt this morning. police say the same man now behind bars responsible for the two shootings, one in dallas and one just seven miles away in desoto. police say the gunman opened fire inside a home in dallas at about 10:30 last night. when police got to thestein, they found four people with gunshot wounds, two were pronounced dead. authorities say that very same man fled to nearby desoto where he opened fire again, killing two more people and wounding two others. lorlene smith says her daughter and granddaughter are sadly along the bed. >> my other grandbaby knocked on the window.
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we could hear somebody gasping for breath in there. he said granny, they're listening to head phones. i said, no, that's not a head phone. >> that is beyond a heartbreaking scene there. lelene goes on to say the shooter was her daughter's boyfriend. he was arrested at the second scene. no word yet on the condition of the other four victims. 4:336789 more than a month after the crash of as anna 214 at sfo says he cannot escape the physical pain or the nightmares. he's now suing. 60-year-old henry shia is in a south san francisco hotel recovering from a cracked jaw, strained neck and shattered vertebrae. he and his wife filed a lawsuit claiming gross negligence and seeking at least $5 million in
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damages. shia says he cannot return home to shanghai, china until his back heals and he can sit through the 11-hour flight. he says he's not sure when that will be or if the pain will ever go away. >> the bone was broken. can heal or not, i don't know. >> he's able to file snut the u.s. because his son bought his asiana ticket in the states. the attorney says hundreds of other nationals on board are only able to file against asiana in korea or china. the san francisco police commissioner honored four of the officers among the first to resummoned to the crash. they received certificates of appreciation last night. the officers worked to clear out
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the back of the boeing aircraft despite the thick black smoke. when there was confusion about the number of missing passengers, cunningham ran back in the plan to make sure no one was trapped. in oakland the investigation continues surrounding who gunned down a 1-year-old boy and his father. family members say drew thomas and his father andrew were shot and killed while sleeping in their bed around 3:00 yesterday morning. the two were in town for the funeral of a cousin who was killed on saturday. police have not yet released a motive. relatives think this is a shooting related to saturday's hochl side. on that subject police do say they now have arrested a man in connection with saturday's deadly shooting. kendall eatman in connection with the killing of 18-year-old al xwfrnlthsuino rivera.
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new trouble this morning for the school district once headed by the superintendent of santa clara county schools. it's now the focus of an investigation for skewing federal and state test results. xavier della tore was the superintendent from 2009 until he was hired in santa clara last year. an audit found irregularities in records for more than 1500 students during that time. in some cases the school board claims special education or transfer students from mexico were not placed in certain grades to avoid taking standardized tests. the audit did not place any blame on del la torre. he says the findings r quote, overblown. no talks between b.a.r.t. and its unions today. the board will be holding a regular meeting. both sides of the labor dispute laying out grievances yesterday to a special three-member panel appointed by governor jerry
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brown. this panel will present its findings to the governor, but it will not make the recommendation. that is ultimately up to governor brown to decide if, in fact, a cooling-off period is needed. during yesterday's hearing b.a.r.t. and its unions could not agree on the exact numbers. b.a.r.t. says the two sides are $62 million apart. the union says the difference is only $56 million. if the governor does not order that cooling-off period, a b.a.r.t. strike could happen monday. a controversial gentlemen's club in the south bay will open today as planned despite outcries from city leaders. the gold club in downtown san jose will open without any new restrictions. the city council met yesterday to talk about the possibility of title rules and regulations for the business but decided to put off discussion to a later date. the gold club is described as a bikini bar which means nudity is not allowed. we can tell you a battle is
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brewing in the south bay. at issue here, a $20 million library. santa clara's planned north side library was slated to open on moreland way near montague expressway in december. construction is nearly finished. now the city manager halting any further work on the site after the county won a court order freezing the city's former redevelopment assets. supporters of this library say they plan to rally this sunday at the construction site in hopes of getting the project back on track. he or she may not be the big winner, but someone in the bay area is ending up richer. a ticket sold at the lakewood shell station on north lawrence expressway matched five of six numbers in last night's powerball drawing. that winner gets more than $289,000 before taxes. three people hit the big time and will split that $448 million
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jackpot. one ticket was sold in minnesota. two others were sold in new jersey which i learned today that in the state of new jersey you cannot remain anonymous. >> right. you have come forward and say who you are and let your relatives come running at you begging for money. but i'll take that headache. 4:39. let's check in with christina loren. do you play the powerball? >> i tried. i'm a firm believer in more money, more problems. i'm better off without it. 61 in livermore. 59d in concord and 61 to start the day in oakland. want to start the live picture of the golden gate bridge. you can see the machine on the road out there. we've got pretty steady drizzle. that will likely impact your commute. we'll check in with anthony in a moment. winds will don't push that onshore flow today. that means plenty of cool ocean air throughout the day. it doesn't even feel like august. hard to believe we're now getting into the second week of
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august. temperatures are still in the 70s, even the warmest cities across the bay. low pressure is the reason why finally that's going to get an inland push as we head through the next couple days. we'll slowly see your temperatures come up. 78 on the way in livermore, 64 in san francisco and 74 in los gatos. let's check on the drive as promised. >> we're definitely seeing that drizzle on the lens and we're starting to see slowdowns in certain spots. construction is keeping things bogged down but not too bad. traffic still moving smoothly. near lake merritt they've been doing repaving. so two lanes have been closed as you approach the lake merritt area. otherwise, let's g over to our traffic match. you can see the red on the map, mostly the southbound side is affected with that traffic, at least the construction right now. as christina was mentioned, los gatos trying to see the drizzle and through santa cruz mountains or into the santa clara valley, looks like you'll see the
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windshield wipers on this morning. 4:40 right now. work to fix dozen of broken bolts on the bay bridge getting under way later this morning. crew also start pouring concrete for 12 steel saddles that will attach to devices called shear keys tlarks designed to stabilize the bridge during an earthquake. the work is set to start at 10:00 this morning. and caltran says the fix should be completed by mid december. caltrans also preparing a temporary fix that may allow the new span to open earlier. 4:41. new developments overnight as the bay area city tries to help struggling homeowners. why two major banks are suing. fire crews working through the night trying to gain the upper hand on a massive wildfire that's burning out of control in southern california. and a statewide amber alert expanded overnight after the man accused of kidnapping a san diego teenage ser spotted near the oregon border. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day
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people in richmond planning to take action this afternoon to protest a list of banks. they're calling on them to accept the city's office to buy underwater mortgages and restructure them.
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the city wants to use the power to seize the mortgages and transfer them into cheaper loans. yesterday wells fargo and doich bank suing the city of richmond hoping to block the plan. the filing sets up a showdown on a constitutional issue that has bondholders squaring off against the city. facebook is looking more like twitter, plus toyota announces a new recall. bertha coombs has details on that plus news before the bell. good morning, bertha. >> good morning, guys. futures are pointing to a higher start. it looks like stocks might bounce back after falling for three straight days. on wednesday markets had comments from fed officials who seemed to be suggesting the central bank could begin cutting back on the stimulus program as soon as next month. this morning we'll get data on the weekly filings for unemployment claims. last week they fell to the lowest level since 2008, the dow dropping 48 points to 15,471,
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the nasdaq slipping 71 to 3654. toyota is recalling 342,000 tacoma pickup trucks to fix an issue with the seat beltses. screws come loose over time as the doors are opened and closed repeatedly which is not supposed to happen. it affects trucks made between 2004 and 2011. so far no accidents or injuries is been reported with the problem. but they want to be safe. meantime facebook is becoming a little more like twitter, at least taking a page from its rival. the social networking site introduced a new trending topics feature. facebook is rolling it out in a test with a small group of users on its mobile website. they'll be able to click on a banner flagging a specific topic which will show what some of their friends are saying about it as well as comments from people they don't know. facebook says lots of folks already use the site to sound off of politics, tv shows, celebrities and other topics so this will make it easier. i feel a little left out.
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i've been looking on my mobile twitter feed and i haven't seen any of them. i guess i'm not par of the elite. >> you and me both. hash tag thank you. bertha. a brush fire in riverside county burning out of control and this one spreading very quickly. the so-called silver fire started near the town of banning less than 24 hours ago and has already destroyed or damaged at least 15 homes. about 1,500 people have been evacuated down there. and this fire so far has already scorched 6,000 acres. right now a tough scene for firefighters zero percent contained. one civilian was burned and airlifted to the hospital. two firefighters so far have been hurt. the extent of their injuries is unknown. right now no word yet on the cause of this fire, but it is trouble. >> can't catch a breakdown there, christina.
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no. >> no, they can't. it's going to take a while before they get containment on that. we've been so blessed in the bay area. we've had this unseasonably cool pattern f. you've been enjoying the weather we had lately, more of the same o on the way today. you will find coastal drizzle. if you're heading up through the mountains, same deal there. we eel check on your drive in just a little bit with anthony slaughter. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures will be comfortable. we'll see the cool ocean breeze, a cool day in san francisco. i'm map pi to report that just like yesterday we'll see the sun break through the clouds by about noon. it's going to be nice in the city, chilly with the sea breeze. area of low pros sure moving inland. creating shower activity over lake tahoe. as we head throughout the day today, lit continue to move to the east. last day of the 70s. we won't bump your numbers up all that much. even as we get into the week and upcoming weekend, only 80 difficult friday, 82 for
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saturday. finally summer returns next week. still not talking about any big heat potentially until we get into the end of next week and the week after that kids go back to school. that's looking like when we get our next heat wave. >> authorities expanded an amber alert to inclooun collude oregon this morning. the nissan versa driven by the man accused of killing 16-year-old hannah anderson and killing her mother and possibly her brother was reportedly spotted in kra california near the oregon border. police say he's trying to get to canada. the body of anderson's mother was found in dimaggio's burned house on sunday night. a child's body was found in that same home and police think it's the girl's brother. they say they will not be able to announce the identity of that child until tomorrow at the very earliest. the parents of a summer camp
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counselor killed by a falling tree near yosemite last month have filed a lawsuit. anna written berg was killed, her parents blaming the death on faulty inspections by pg&e's tree management contractors since the tree stood 15 feet from electric power lines. the suit names arborists that performed tree inspections at the camp. another layer of controversy is surfacing over the nsa surveillance programs. intelligence officials say they've gathered copies oefrks ma and text communications. they skn for any information about foreigners under surveillance even if the communications are not directly addressed to the person. government officials say such eavesdropping is legal as long
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as the target is a non-citizen abroad. the privacy advocates say the government should require a warrant to go through a person's e-mail. a new report out claims climate change is now taking a serious toll on california. the environmental protection agency giving examples in the sierras showing forests are moving to higher elevations and glaciers are shrinking. also spring run off is declining. scientists say they hope this new report will spur state and local governments to plan ahead and adapt to a much warmer future. it is 4:51. an all-star for the giants has some harsh words for his teammates. we'll talk about that coming up. >> that and more. we'll update you on how the boys from belmont redwood shores is doing. go, guys. we're keeping an eye on your
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morning commute. we'll get back with that after this.
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welcome back. our boys in orange and black continue to struggle after another tough loss last night. giants pitcher madison bum gardner called out the team saying sometimes they show up mentally, sometimes they don't. the giants couldn't hold on to the lead, ultimately losing to the brewers 6-1.
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manager bruce bochy says the team's play lived up to their current ranking. the giants are last in their division. >> after winning the world series, that's going from the penthouse to the out house. >> or the doghouse. >> all of the above. two is the magic number. that's how many games they need to win to advance to the little league world series. they've secured the spot after beating eastlake 3-2. with no live tv coverage, friends and supporters at a viewing party found a way to watch the game live asking the parent to use the cell phone and live stream the game via skrip. young fans watching say they were inspired and hope they, too, can play for a world championship. >> it takes a lot of teamwork and a lot of effort to get where they are.
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they're doing just really amazing. >> right now i'm pretty confident with them. i know they're going to be good and everything. i think they're going to win. >> we think so, too. >> i love it. >> belmont river shores will face arizona tomorrow night at 6:00. the game will be live on espn. we had our boys in petaluma. >> strong. the big boys stink, but these guys are getting it done. let's check in with anthony slaut tore find out what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. we're watching activity on the 101 southbound coming off the san mateo bridge in foster city. you can see it's on 101 southbound. there's actually a mattress blocking the two left lanes on the southbound side of 101. as you come off the san mateo bridge headed that way, keep a heads up for the next 30 minutes as crews get that off the road. otherwise you can see we've got green on the map.
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>> 4:56 right now. like that, very practical. i'll let you know how crowd fund a gun buy-back event. breaking news. four people dead in the shooting rampage in the dallas area overnight, the latest details coming up.
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three winning powerball tickets have been sold including one at a market in new jersey. but don't get too bummed out. don't toss out those tickets just yet. there's also a partial winner here in the bay area. we'll let you know exactly where. >> we're all winning the lottery in the weather department today. that natural ac stands on. you can give your manufactured ac a break. temperatures will be perfect for outdoor plans. anthony slaughter here for mike inouye this morning. tracking your traffic.
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right now roads are clear. no major accidents to report. we'll get you up to speed in just a few. we'll take you outside and give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. a few cars there making their way into and out of san francisco on this thursday, august 8. you're watching "today in the bay." good thursday morning everybody. thank you very much as always for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news out of texas where a violent shooting spree kills four people and leaves four others including two boys hurt this morning. police say one man now behind bars is responsible for two shootings, one in dallas and one just seven miles away in desoto. police say the gunman opened fire inside a home in dallas about 10:30 last night. when police got to the scene, they found four people with gunshot wounds. two were pronounced dead right th


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