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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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only at denny's. right now at 11:00, sifting through all that damage. the owners of a handful of storage units lose everything as it goes up in flames in a fire. now investigators looking for a cause. good morning, everybody, thanks a lot for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tellez. the fire broke out about 6:20 this morning on public storage on felipe avenue not far from the 101/280 interchange. bob redell joins us live from the scene with the latest on this investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla and jon. the san jose fire department is not saying if this fire has destroyed four units at the public storage facility on felipe avenue is suspicious but
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they do admit that it is odd that a fire would start on its own in the storage unit early in the morning. an investigator will try to figure out if this was intentional or if this was causesed by stored chemicals, bad electrical work or something else, still to be determined. the call went out at 6:20 this morning, smoke visible from 1901/280 interchange next door. fire department had to call for a third alarm. they had to cut into other units to prevent extension, a lot of work trying to put this out. they also had to exercise extreme caution, not knowing what was in these units whether it might be hazardous materials or ammunition. it appears none of the above was stored inside. what's left behind in the burnout u sits in a heaping mess in some instances that will need to be pulled out with a bobcat, according to the battalion chief. within the past couple of hours, customers who store items here have arrived to have meet with management at public storage, trying to find out if those units were theirs that were damaged or destroyed.
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>> they don't want to tell us anything, so we are just weight and seeing what's happening. >> do you have any guts or instincts? >> when i went through feet way, right on top of my unit, hopefully nothing of mine is affected. >> how important is this -- are these items to you >> very important. all of our property, you know? and we store our baby stuff and some memories and some of my husband's work stuff, too. so hopefully, they will pay for it if something happens. >> how important are the items stored here for you >> very, because it's not just mine, it's my granddaughter's, too, and it's everything she has left to her name and this is all my stuff that's left to me since i've been divorced for ten years and i open it hed it up in 2004 maybe this is just a way of telling me clean it out. who knows, you know? but we will just wait and see. that's all i can do right now. >> reporter: public storage has taken down the customers'
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contact info and promised a phone call to let them know about their storage unit's status. no one was hurt in this morning's fire. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. another fire to report this one in san francisco, where a grass fire caused quite a scare in the presidio earlier this morning. the fire broke out on the edge of the san francisco national cemetery and burned about two acres. the flames right now are out but crews are still there watching for hotspots. the cause is under investigation. happening right now august statewide amber alert going nationwide as the manhunt for a suspected kidnapper widens a southern california man accused of snatching two children after killing their mother. authorities say james lee dimaggio kidnapped 16-year-old hannah anderson and her 8-year-old brother, ethan, from a rural town near the u.s./mexico border. authorities say dimaggio is driving a blue nissan versa with california license plates and he
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maze be headed to either texas or to canada. this morning, we have learned the statewide amber alert has extended again, as we mentioned, to the entire nation much t. the amber alert was issued after the mother and another child was found dead inside a home on boulevard, 60 mile its east of san diego. dimaggio owned that home, authorities say, and he lived there alone. they also say he had a close, platonic relationship with the woman but at this point, not elaborating. chances are you first heard about this amber alert through your smartphone. scott mcgrew takens a closer look at how that works. >> reporter: marla, it was a surprise to many of us because this is the first time we have ever seen the wireless emergency alert, or wea, in california. so, you heard an odd tone from your phone and then you got a message, probably looked a bit like this one. here's some other example of emergency messages. let me say now if you are just glancing at the screen, these are alerts but just examples, you do not need to take shelter.
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now, it is not a text message or an iphone notification. it's not nixl, which some police agencies and college campuses use it's a special government-created message. the wireless emergency alert system was created by fema in cooperation with wireless providers and when a special signal is sent out, all smartphones within the range of designated cell phone towers respond. you're not being tracked, just within range t can also set off phones by area code. now, you can turn the amber alert off, the setting is down there at the bottom of your notification section on your iphone but we hope you don't do that just yet. this was the first and only alarm california has ever gotten and has been around since spring, it does appear just this one time, it's only used in these extreme cases when everyone needs to know. >> scott, thanks so much. again, authorities looking for a blue nisa verec nissan versa, s
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the one on the screen, license plate 6 wcu 986. if you see this car, you should call 911 immediately. the family of a young woman shot and killed in downtown san jose now speaking out for the very first time. the family of 19-year-old kimberly chico telling nbc bay area she was a nursing student at san jose state. she was about to start her sophomore year. they say she graduated from independence high school back in 2012. kimberly was killed early saturday morning near the intersection of second street and san salvador. police now hoping somebody will come forward with some information because right now, they have no suspects and they have absolutely no leads. at this point, they do not think she was the intended target. also in san jose, man is dead and a driver is under aafter an overnight crash. according to the chp, the car was taking the bass come avenue exit from northbound 880 around 1040 last night. the driver lost control on the
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curve and the car flipped across the concrete barrier and right onto the on-ramp north bound 880. officers say the car rolled at least three times before landing upside down on that on-ramp. the passenger inside the car die it had at the scene. the 23-year-old driver was taken to the hospital with just minor injuries. he is now under arrest on suspicious sus suspicion of dui the first time since a deadly accident, a team in the america's cup sailing vase finally set to get back to competition. team artemus' boat cap side, you may recall, back in the may, killing an olympic sailor and o nbc beay area's christie smith s with the swedish team, where they are ready to get back on the water for two hours. >> reporter: a huge day for artemis racing, the crowds are starting to show up this morning and asking about it. i want to step aside so you can see the beautiful view out here
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this morning. this all happening just three months after their america's cup boat capsized and their crew member and dear friend was killed. they were ready to sail aboard big blue, their new 72-foot-high performance catamaran only launched in late july. we saw this morning around chrissy field. artemus will take on luna rosa in a best of seven louis vuitton cup semifinals today but it has been a long road back. on may 9th, crew member san drew simpson was killed when their first boat capsized during training. in some ways though, being back has helped ease the pain, they say, they say they will review safety, taking it day by day, but they have only eight days of practice going in, compared with luna rosa, which has 80, told that artemus has been practicing, relishing their underdog status. 21.2-knot limit, winds building and an early afternoon expected
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to be 17 to 29, close to the limit, everyone watching this, the semifinals at 1:15 this afternoon. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much for that report. watch today's race right here on nbc bay area, all of the action starting up at 1:00 this afternoon, make sure to check that out. because of that, "days of our lives" moving up an hour have to get home early. steve harvey and ellen will be following the race. one year ago today urge -- today, the chevron refinery burst into flames, sending1álñ codes are the hospital. chevron agreed to pay hundreds in fines and restitution. some will go to a bill which put people to work. richmond has decided to move forward with a lawsuit against chevron.
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an odd investigation in canada, could a pet python have killed two boys while sound asleep? caught on camera, a big rig flies off an overpass. we will have more of this amazing video coming up. and you might be wondering where are our hot august nights? i have the answer, your 7-day forecast, let you know went cool conditions will finally heat up when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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we welcome you back with an investigative unit exclusive. after a deadly limo fire in san mateo, the industry has been under greater scrutiny but the investigative unit found many local companies are dodging safety inspections. investigative reporter he will lea -- alise kirshner went under cover. >> reporter: some never get proper insurance, get their license revoked but are still
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openly operating. we also discovered other limo companies underreport how many passengers they carry, allowing them to avoid certain safety inspections. limo companies operating legally say the current system makes it dangerous for everyone on our roads. >> the illegal operator knows the system t is the cost of doing business f they get a citation or a ticket or a fine, they are right back on the road. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission is the agency that oversees carriers that transport ten or fewer passengers them declined our interview request but representatives tell us there is oversight. tonight at 11:00, we will have more on that and we go undercover, hear from illegal limo companies who tried to get our business. alise kirshner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. right now, we want to show you new video from this morning's deadly big rig crash down in texas. look at that, that truck flying right off the overpass, crashes right onto the roadway below,
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burst into flames there, this actually happened back on saturday. that truck, you know, burst into flames, a terrible situation that killed the driver there right on the scene. police are still investigating the cause of this crash. they still do not have any exact answers why this happened. an how about this next story? autopsies are planned today on two boys who investigators believe were strangled by a snake in an apartment in canada. authorities say a python escaped from its enclosure at this pet store. it slithered through the ventilation system and into the upstairs apartment where the boys, 5 and 7 years old, were sleeping. the 15-foot python was captured and is now in police custody. the army psychiatrist accused of a shooting rampage at fort hood has evidence proving to the jury he is the shooter. the evidence will only show one side, he says. during today's opening arguments, hasan wanted to argue
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he shot u.s. troops to protect taliban fighters in afghanistan, but the judge barring the american-born muslim from using that defense. hasan now facing charges of premeditated murder for the 2009 shooting that ultimately killed 13 people and injured 32 others. if convicted, he faces the death penalty. a suspected u.s. drone has killed four alleged al qaeda members in yemen this morning. this as the state department is warning u.s. citizens to leave yemen because of an extremely high security threat. this is video of the u.s. embassy in yemen. the state department is ordering all non-essential personnel at the embassy to leave the country. britain's foreign office has also evacuated all its staff from it's about in yemen. threats of attacks have triggered temporary shutdowns of 19 diplomatic posts across the muslim world. president george w. bush is in a texas hospital this morning after undergoing heart surgery.
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doctors discovered a blockage in one of mr. bush's arteries during a routine checkup just yesterday. this morning, surgeons placed a stent to open the blockage. the surgery went smoothly and the former president is in high spirits. >> happy to hear that good news. back here in the bay area, six days and counting now, yeah, the reality is that clock still ticking to the next possible b.a.r.t. strike. now we know when a special board will convene to take a closer look at the issue. the independent review board, pointed a by governor jerry brown, all set to hold a public meeting tomorrow morning at 10:30. during that time, the panel will hear arguments from both sides about exactly what's holding up contract talks. it will then fry and put together a fact finding report for the governor, who will decide if a cooling-off period will be needed. commuters, they will have another concern beside the b.a.r.t. strike. ac transit workers have now issued a strike notice to the agency's board of directors. if there is no contract in place, workers planning to hit the picket lines tomorrow
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morning. that means, of course, no bus service. for the record about 180,000 people each and every day use ac transit. well, it will soon be illegal for people to sleep in their car in palo alto. the city council passed a controversial ordinance last night that bans vehicle dwelling. most cities in the region already have similar bans. enforcement of the ordinance will be gradual. police in the city will start with an outreach effort to inform people of the new rule, then warnings will be issued before actual citations. the plan is to have the ban in full effect in six months. well, hundreds of neighborhoods across the bay area are taking part in national night out tonight. more than 100 events are planned this evening throughout oakland. in san francisco, each police station will host a block party with the police chief stopping by at each event. on the peninsula, police had 50 block parties last year and
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expects a similar number this year. you have to excuse me. i will explain why i'm laughing in just a moment. national night out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention. for a complete list of all the events, need our website, okay. so, during this, behind the scenes, jon kelley i, throws his -- >> my hands were greasy. >> i do apologize for my laughter. i was not trying to ing -- >> butter fingers. meteorologist christina loren take it away. >> a good day, a serious one. good morning to you. i saw it. yeah, he has got some good form. good morning to you. this is the san francisco bay, a little bit choppy out here, 'cause those winds are certainly playing a factor and they are going to pick up throughout the day, getting very close to criteria strength when it comes to potentially calling off the america's cup for today. going to have to watch and see how that plans out but
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otherwise, looking pretty good. as you can see, mostly cloudy conditions here, a little hazy in san jose august beautiful day shaping up, temperatures are so comfortable out there. 66 in livermore, 64, san jose. you can see from the green here, everybody getting that marine influence this morning. as we head throughout the day today, going to be really nice that cool ocean air moving onshore, just about all day long. temperatures are going to be nice not just today, as we head throughout the remained over the week, area of low pressure moves inland, head throughout the next couple of days, going to sit and spin thought on the pacific, for us, below average temps persist tuesday through friday, building ocean breeze, each and every day. the winds -- the evenings will be really comfortable this weekend, things start to change. i got the giggles myself. 80 degrees in livermore, 68 degrees in fremont. 73 in san jose. giants forecast for torment's game looking really good out there at at&t park, going to be
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cold though. so you are if you are head old doubt game, make sure us ready for the cool condition, 10 to 15 miles per hour, here it is the all-important 7-day forecast, i hope you guys got out of your system, shake it off, shake it off. compose. >> we are composed. >> we are friends. you know what, things happen. good times between friends. >> yes. >> over to you guys. >> thank you, christina. >> high school coach said two hands on the pen. two hands on the pen. it is needed. all right, still to come, more than a dozen baseball players suspended for alleged steroid use. we will hear from the man who has studied the issue extensively and even wrote the book on balco next. so... [ gasps ]
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try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. the world of baseball right now, fans talking about the suspension, monster suspension of yankees superstar alex rodriguez. that's happening this morning, experts talking about it too. >> lance williams, who co-wrote the expose about the scandal on
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sports says baseball needs its own investigative body and drug test egg. >> foolproof testing is a possible thing but no one wants to put up the tens of millions of dollars that would be required. >> if you're a conceperson that doesn't care that much about baseball, don't even like it an opportunity to take a shot at baseball, you can say that is a bad day for baseball. but if you love the game and if you want the game to be played right, then this is great day for baseball. >> meanwhile, little league intermediate world series in livermore, youngsters we spoke to were disgusted. >> what kind of example is he setting, taking drugs to enhance himself? it's pathetic. >> i have been playing all my life. i'm also an umpire at my little league. now, i'm so into the sport, i can't stand to see mlb players doing drugs. >> kids have points. like it. >> rodriguez will continue to
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play while he appeals his 211-game suspension. >> monumental. giants need help this week, to actually get much-needed help when pitcher ryan vogelsong returns to that rotation, need him on the mound. the right-hander hasn't been on the team since he fractured his right pinky two months ago. vehicle song slated to start friday, taking on the orioles. the warriors steph curry doing zumba to keep it shape. he tweeted this vine video of himself with the hash tag, no days off. >> see, kids at home, take note. >> burning calories. >> absolutely. this next guy really puts the doh in tae kwon do. >> the martial arts expert who had quite a time breaking one piece of wood. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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give it up. >> the video is painful to watch for all the wrong reasons. all right. take a look. mr. martial arts puts on a clinic for a group of kids. he tried show them how to bust through a piece of wood, the keyword try. >> the right angle. >> over and over he fails, thought maybe a kick was going to do the trick, nope, maybe the shoes, took off the shoes, the kicker comes when another guy is added to the mix, you saw that. a chip off the old block. >> little girl. >> that little girl in the face. >> oh. >> and never did he actually succeed. >> oh. >> maybe he has to give up his day job. >> the hong kong fooey effect. i like the fact he tried blame tonight guy holding it tilt it down there >> like your flip of the pen during the newscast. >> someone is gonna get hurt on set. >> that wasn't graceful. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight. our next newscast is at 5:00. have a great day, everyone.
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