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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 2, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good friday morning, everybody, thanks for joining us i'm jon kelley. >> i'm janelle wang in for marla tellez. the city of richmond is taking action against chevron. this morning, constituent filed a lawsuit against the company over last year's massive refinery fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was there when the complaint was filed. she joins us live in richmond with more. jodi? >> reporter: well, it's official, attorneys representing the city of richmond filed this lawsuit against chevron this morning saying this case is a prime example of a corporation putting profits before public safety. now, we were there this morning as attorneys filed the 39-page complaint with the contra costa
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county superior court. that complaint alleges that chevron had knowledge of the dangerous condition of the pipe that caused last year's refinery fire, yet never bothered to fix it. now, it points out that chevron's richmond refinery has had 14 separate incidents in which toxins were released into the air since 1989. the suit says the city and the people of richmond have suffered tremendous harm from the fire and its aftermath and lawyers say it is time for chevron to be held accountable. >> to have this played out in a courtroom, publicly, so that everybody can see with their own eyes who made what decision and when. and more importantly, why wasn't this pipe replaced? >> reporter: now, chevron has issued a statement saying -- the
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mayor tells me she believes constituent has an obligation to demand that chevron make good. no word yet on how much the city is going to be seeking, but city leaders tell any will most certainly be in the millions of dollars. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you very much. that clock continues ticking and commuters bracing for the shut down as contract negotiations continue this morning between b.a.r.t. and union leaders. nbc bay area's christie smith joining us live now from b.a.r.t. headquarters in oakland. she has been on this story all morning long and now has the latest on that looming strike. we are all getting ready for it christie. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. negotiationses a are picking up
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we speak but board members went to the union directors and asked them come down and watch the talks as they continue today and through the weekend, help them push to make a deal happen. they say anything to avoid a strike. and they say it hasn't been going well at all, especially with b.a.r.t.'s hired consultant, tomahawk. members of b.a.r.t.'s unions fill the room, upset with what they say is the tone of these talks, the issue, still pension and benefit contribution and pay. one worker says she can barely go to church without getting upset with her, blaming her for the possibility of a strike happening monday when both sides need come to an agreement. b.a.r.t.'s unions issued 72-hour notice of a strike and a spokesperson for the transit agency says if an agreement is not reached by sunday, they hope workers might agree to just keep on working while talks continue, though they are not sure what happened. b.a.r.t. is getting its charter bus system in place, similar to the last strike in july. the unions say they want the push for a deal. >> we are negotiating for people
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that have invested in b.a.r.t. for many years, not talking about two years or three years, we are talking about 15, 20 or beyond. and these folks deserve, at the very least, they deserve to have someone at the table that is going to take their issue seriously and we haven't gotten that. >> in the event the union dos d decide to go on strike monday morning, we have charter buses and able to get more this time. the bass pasten squlers see more bus throwing out of the same stations from last time. not only that two pickup location at concord and san leandro. >> reporter: the other stations, just like last time, el cerrito del norte, fremont, walnut creek, added concord this time because walnut creek had such a high demand from riders. this time though, some buses would be directly into san francisco, others would stop in west oakland. this time, 95 buses and they are estimating that would carry about 4,000 people a day, but
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hard lit 400,000 people who normally rely on b.a.r.t. each day. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> if b.a.r.t. work ers do strike, there are other options, try casual carpool, 20 location from fairfield to san francisco, san francisco bay ferry says if there is a strike it will expand the number of boats in service and start running them as early as 5 in the morning. many companies are already dealing with the issue, telling workers telecommute instead. for more commute options go to our b.a.r.t. strike resource page on there's a link at the top of our homepage. janelle, here is heads up if you have to drive across any of those bridges. you may want to consider getting a fast track pass if that strike does happen. saw how backed up that bay bridge toll plaza was the last strike. the fast past lanes stayed relatively clear out there we posted a list of location you can buy one of the fast track tags on our website, now, once you buy one of those, make sure you register it immediately.
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you can put a credit card down to automatically replenish the pass or pay by cash or check. if that strike does, in fact, happen, nbc bay area news is right here for you, got you covered with all the workarounds to help you avoid any traffic tie-ups that might come around. on monday, our b.a.r.t. strike coverage starts a half hour early at 4 a.m. on "today in the bay" and we will continue throughout the day on air and of course, online. once again, other news this morning, gilroy police, along with federal agents, raided an internet cafe overnight which they say was a front for an illegal online gambling operation, the store front was named lint pcs in a strip mall on first street near herck pass highway and santa theresa boulevard. we were there as gilroy police and federal agents loaded dozens of boxes into a moving truck. more than 40 computer stations were confiscated. gilroy police say they have been investigating liberty pcs since the early spring when undercover
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agents found gambling was going on inside. police say people would buy internet cards and play vegas-style games from poker to slot machines. customers would then have the option to cash out or get credit. >> didn't really disclose exactly what they would be doing to the city surprised by it when we found out about t sure enough, this attracts a large criminal element. >> according to gilroy's community development director, the business was shut down for one day in february but reopened the next day. new at 11:00, firefighters in hayward on scene of an an apartment complex on pierce f street this one located not too far from the hayward b.a.r.t. station that call came in at 3:00 this morning, when it was all over, cars severely damaged out there. neighbors say no shocker here, this was an unexpected wakeup call. they say the fire was very loud and very fast. seemed to come out of no where. >> you would have thought this was a forest fire, you know, the dry lands that usually burn out like somewhere in, you know,
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inland where they have that fires and stuff that's how it looked in our parking lot. >> devastating scene there hayward fire telling us arson investigators right now on the science. the fire and the cause of this one remain unknown. oakland police are investigating an overnight crash that killed a motorcyclist near the harbor bridge. officers received a call just before midnight at the intersection of third and ad line streets. witnesses tell our photographer on scene an suv came screaming down the street, slamming into one of the cars that helped the motorcyclist that car flipped, rolled a few times and landed on its roof and on top of the motorcyclist, killing him. people inside the speeding car apparently fried to runaway, police arrived and arrested them. >> when the officers -- when i arrived on the scene, the vehicle had actually come to a stop on top of the motorcyclist. there was first aid administered to the motorcyclist, but he was pretty much declared deceased on
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scene. >> police are investigating whether racing you and side shows were involved. a man convicted of killing three co-workers at a stan ta clara startup will be sentenced today. judge sharon chapman will be sentencing gene wow woo at 2:30. the software engineer was convicted and found mentally sane in the siport triple murder back in march, when the case decided he was mentally sane. the 52-year-old facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. it was in 2008 when woo walked into siport and then proceeded to kill three of the company's executives after being fired earlier that morning. well, a special conference being held in san francisco today to talk about fighting child sex trafficking. the meeting coming just one day after the fbi announced it's now cracking down on child sex trafficking and that led them to an apartment complex in san bruno. south san francisco police officers, they made dates on
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sites like my redbook and back page and those dates directed them to the arch stone apartments. officers then arrested a pimp and two women in that very complex. u.s. economy not what many had hoped for. the johns report released this morning shows fewer jobs than expected. tech reporter scott mcgrew has the latest numbers for us. >> reporter: good morning, the top line number, 162,000, 162,000 jobs added in the month of july. far lower than most economists were expecting. the unemployment rate, 7.4% nationwide, .2 lower than last month. now, for people you may run into today call that good news, but tell them you watch nbc bay area, we are going to give you the straight skinny. honestly, there's not a lot to like here. first, the johns created were mostly in retail and hospitality. those are nice jobs, but they tend not to pay very well. where we didn't see growth is in construction and manufacturing
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and those are better paying jobs. the previous month's data was adjusted downward, happens from time to time, but means previous good news wasn't quite as good as we thought. now, wall street's got to figure out what to do with this number. investors will be disappointed the economy isn't growing as quickly as hoped but relieved the fed won't ease monetary policy any time soon. other thing to watch this morning, the department of justice has proposed apple be forced to allow people to buy e-books using the kindle app on iphone directly from amazon. right now, you can read kindle books on your iphone but you can't buy them on your iphone, you have to go to the amazon website first, can't do it through the app. apple, as you recall, lost its book price fixing case. this is one of the proposed punishments. court has to sign off on t we will keep you updated. >> okay, thanks so much, scott. >> we know he always keeps us updated. still ahead at 11:00, embassies on alert. we will let you know why the u.s. government is shutting down
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its offices in a lot of the parts of the world this weekend. social media to the rescue. how california state colleges plan to fight back against a serious problem on campus and using the internet to do it. and good morning, i'm bob redell, live here with a look at what is arguably one of the most scenic foot races in the world. that story coming up. lots more happening than just that giants race this weekend. we have got the santa clara county fair, we have got the fremont festival of the arts and your forecast for both coming up today. nice and cool and foggy at the coast, but by this weekend, we are going to see some beautiful conditions right by the beach. your full forecast, lots to do. we are going to take you through it, coming up.
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the u.s. government is closing a number of embassies and consulates in weekend in some arab states in response to an al qaeda threat. the state department issued
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notices on embassy websites, saying they will close a number of abundance of caution. some diplomatic facilities might stay closed even longer. while embassies in many parts of the world are normally closed on sundays it is a work day for many other countries. boeing's vice president of airplane development will not be saying yet whether the next version of the 787 jets will continue to use the same battery. in a speech this morning, he said the company has yet to decide which battery will be used. last week the company stood by the integrity of their dreamliner, despite the fact the planes were grounded the beginning of the year for overheating batteries. flights did resume in april after boeing redesigned its battery system. if you ever wanted to be right on the giants baseball field, here is your chance. >> how cool is that? do we have time to get up there? >> i am heading up there, actually, on sunday. >> jumping in with you. the giants, the race expo is happening this weekend at at&t park, featuring all kinds of fun activities for and you the family.
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the best part about it, guess what? it is free. >> free. free 99, what we like to say. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live from the ballpark with a bit of a preview. how does it look out there? >> reporter: jon and janelle if you want to end up in the back field of at&t park it will cost you in terms of calories, sweat equity that sort of thing, 'cause you got to complete the run that is part of the sf giants race. jt service, this is his baby. fourth year is that correct? >> fourth annual. >> you started off small. this year, you have how many people? >> now almost 20,000 runners strong. >> based on the course, which you're going to describe in a minute, got to be one of the most scenic foot races in the world? >> i think so if you like the san francisco bay, you will get a tour of it, past the ferry building, chrissy field, see all the america's cup things going on right now, the half-marathoners get all the way out to the golden gate bridge. >> that's the orange one, right? >> the big orange one. if you get past that, you have gone too far, then you come on back, you know, at&t is the finish line for the 5 k, 10k and
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half-marathon. that is the most scenic part, finishing right on the field. >> balls the giants are out of town in tampa bay this weekend no conflict there >> exactly. >> this morning, the participants, 18,500 of them can start coming in, getting their swag. you have something there in your hand. what does everyone get? >> we got here the romo runner bobblehead. every participant is going to get this little bobbling head runner, sergio row mothers closer for the giants has been a huge supporter of the event, gave up his pant to wear running shorts and we are really appreciative of sergio. >> this, of course is hedge the open hand project. why that cause? there's so many causes out there? >> the giants have had a relationship with project open hand for years and years and used to have a smaller event and when they partnered with them to finish it here, see all the volunteers provided by project open hand. all the money raised goes project open hand as well. raise over $200,000 in just this event alone. >> help hopeless people with food and stuff? >> simple needs, just feeding people around the bay area. >> too late for people to sign up? >> this year, unfortunately,
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however, you can still make a donation at giant and take part in the event or get thought on sunday and cheer these people on. >> okay. they will be running on the embarcadero itself? >> right on the roadbed there. keep your eyes out trying to get somewhererly on the embarcadero, get thought before the race starts at 7:30. the most part, cheer on these people. >> jt have fun this weekend, i know you got a lot of work ahead of you. take it easy. guys, you heard sunday morning, at&t park to the golden gate, back and forth on the embarcadero, hopefully the weather is good sure christina will fill us in on that. giant if you do want to make a donation. unfortunately, a little too late to sign up if you haven't signed up already. i was going to, but i'm already in such good shape yorngs know if i want to get in any better shape. i don't want to make you look bad, john. >> exactly. >> a former gold medalist in the olympics, the marathon. bob, i put my money on you any time. all right. appreciate it, man. got to make sure you get one of
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those bobbleheads, too. >> people out in their orange and black on sunday. check our forecast for those racers, here's christina loren. >> going to be perfect this year, guys, good morning to you, 11:19. start with this live picture, san jose, a little hazy, good air quality. all the smoke coming in from wildfires in oregon mixed out of the atmosphere, looking pretty good. look at this the only patchy fog in san francisco starting to clear out. show you the wider view, we are seeing a lot of coastal clearing at this point, as those wind really pick up that is going to continue to be the case, we head through the next few hours, this is the warmest day of the next seven, breezy conditions, that breeze will build as we head throughout the afternoon. talk about your coastal temperatures today, 70 degrees, on the way to santa cruz, pacifica, 61, half moon bay, 62 chilly day, bodega bay, 51. by this weekend, tomorrow, perfection at the beach. it is going to be really comfortable into the whole a lot of low cloud cover to start the day. what is happening across the bay area, fremont festival of the
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arts, today, tomorrow, beautiful conditions out there, 76 degrees, today and tomorrow, 75 for you. jeff ranieri, my chief meteorologist, will be thought at 5 if you want to catch that the remainder of the weekend, temperatures look good, study in the mid to low 80s, san jose, which is fair weather for the santa clara county fair. 88, livermore, 75, fremont, 75, san jose today. getting into the end of the week next week, things are going to start to change, guys, usually in august, talk about heat, we are going to see the opposite, maybe even some showers, just makes me laugh to think about it. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. hey, hey, easy. >> showers? >> i know, guys, it is possible, best chance looks like thursday into friday. we will keep you updated. >> she likes to mix it up. >> yes, she does. so does mother nature. >> cleansing to get the showers. >> we need it. still to come at 11:00, an instant cult classic hitting theaters weekend, consider yourselves warned. tell you where you can see "sharknado." and she is not your average bear. wait until you see what this
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bear was caught on film doing. good morning! wow.
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call this one another sign of the times, california state university is now turning to social media hoping to battle a growing problem on college campuses. nearly half a million students at san francisco state, along with 22 other csu campuses, will have access to a free app, a new free app, aimed at helping battle alcohol poisoning-related deaths. now, this app, which is available on the website, aware, awake, it is compatible with any internet-enabled cell phone or e-reader it asks in a bold red box, need help now, click here. one of the many things it does and asks then walk students through the steps to try and identify signs of alcohol poisoning. well, she is definitely
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smarter than your average bear, we want to show you this video, a restaurant in colorado springs captured the bear hauling away a dumpster, not once, but two nights in a row this week. >> hey boo-boo. >> the surveillance video caught the bear red-handed. >> strong bear. >> wednesday, she was back, selecting which dumpster she wanted and carefully wheeling it away. the owner of the restaurant hayes is plan to chain up the dump stores prevent any future late-night snack attacks. >> you know why the bear does that? >> why? >> because it can. >> got away with it. >> on the weekends, rides a unicycle. really talented. >> very talented. and hungry. go bears to sharks. get ready, a made-for-tv movie turned into a cult phenomenon. >> now coming to a theater near you, where you can see "sharknado" this weekend.
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one of the summer's most talked about movies moving from
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the small screen to the big screen. >> there are sharks floodinging the streets. >> that is right, a killer concept. how about killer sharks sucked right into a tornado and then dumped all over los angeles? yeah, look up in the sky the premise of "shark"sharknado." reeled in an audience of 1.4 million viewers for its july premiere on the sci-fi channel. writered about this growing up in nebraska, and spawned a twitter-feeding frenzy of 5,000 tweets per minute, perhaps sensing box office blood in the water. forget "jaws," we have "sharknado." tonight for one night only.
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