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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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three days and counting. b.a.r.t. leaders and union representatives walking away from the bargaining table again with no deal in sight. now workers issued their 72-hour strike notice. >> that strike could bring on more traffic headaches like the one we saw at the bay bridge toll plaza last month. b.a.r.t. workers went on strike for four days. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. it is a cold hard reality. contract negotiations continuing today between b.a.r.t. and union leaders. that clock is ticking big time. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station with the latest on the looming strike and how commuters are bracing for the shutdown. good morning, christie. >> reporter: speaking with commuters this morning and hearing about the 72-hour notice, this is not what they wanted to hear. they're very frustrated. i asked what their plans are for next week in the event of a strike. one man said i'm going on
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vacation. another man said i'm just going to have to walk around being mad. they said this as they entered the west oakland b.a.r.t. station on what could potentially be their last commute day on b.a.r.t. for quite a while if that strike does happen next week. b.a.r.t. negotiators left the caltrans building in oakland around 9:00 last night, but negotiations will continue again, expected at 9:00 this morning. there are only three days left to do this. b.a.r.t.'s union workers took to the streets of oakland yesterday evening demanding a contract. but the issue seemed to stay the same, pension and benefit contributions and pay. there are a few options that could prevent a strike. for instance, the governor could step in, but right now that doesn't seem likely. for many commuters, the thought of going through a second strike is too much. >> i'd have to drive in. it's a big inconvenience for the commute. >> did you have to do it in july? >> yes, all five days.
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>> how was that? >> rough. five hours, four hours, going back home sometimes. that's how long it took. >> reporter: of course, many other transit agencies including buses and ferries are adding service to try and handle the extra load of passengers. b.a.r.t. says for its part, it's looking at running 95 charter buss in the event of a strike which is more than they ran in july. live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> if b.a.r.t. workers do strike, there are other commute options. you try casual car pool, about 20 locations from fairfield to san francisco. san francisco bay ferry says if there a strike, it will expand the number of boats and services as early as 5:00 in the morning. many companies are telling workers to telecommute instead. for more commute options, go to our b.a.r.t. strike resource page on there's a link at the top of our home page. >> a lot of people keeping their fingers crossed. if that strike does happen and
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you have to drive across any bridges, you might want to consider give getting one of the fastrak passes. we saw how backed up it got at the toll plaza during the last strike. the fastrak lanes stayed relatively clear. we have posted a list of locations for you where you can buy one of those fastrak tags on our website at once you buy one, make sure you register it. you have to do it immediately. you can put it on a credit card or have it automatically replenished, you can pay by cash or check. if a strike does happen, nbc bay area, we are the place to go for you. we've got you covered with all the work-arounds. on monday our b.a.r.t. strike coverage starts at 4:30 a.m. that's one-half hour earlier. we will continue throughout the entire day on air and online. go to federal agents are working with police after a raid at a
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popular enter nat cafe. bob redell has the story. >> reporter: gilroy police tell us the liberty pcs cafe in this strip mall on first street in gilroy was in actuality a gambling operation, illegal gambling operation where customers could gamble. as you can see, take a look inside. they've taken out all the commuters. if you look on the door, they posted the notice that all the inventory will be destroyed within 30 days. law enforcement raided the store last night. this is the result of a joint investigation with the federal government. it started in the spring. investigation lasted around four to five months. according to police, this is how the operation worked. a customer would buy an internet card, cards that give you credit for time online so you can access the computer.
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you idea then be able to play casino games on those 40 commuters. they have a selection of around 30 to 40 games according to policeb. ranging from slots to keno to poker. your wings would be credited back to the internet card used during a future visit or cashed out for u.s. dollars. >> every time we came in, we never saw any retail sales. it was strictly gambling. the undercover officers came in and all they were offered, they categorized it as a sweepstakes. quite the contrary, they would get u.s. currency for their winnings whenever that happened, which is fairly intreekt. >> reporter: police say these types of alleged illegal gambling operations are not uncommon, that there are others in the bay area. we left a message for liberty pcs to get their side of the story. still waiting for a call back. live in gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay." the time is 6:05. the u.s. government closing
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embassies and consulates in some arab states in response to al qaeda threat there. the state department issuing notices on embassy websites saying they will close a number of facilities on sunday out of an abundance of caution. some diplomatic facilities might stay closed longer while embassies in many parts of the world are normally closed on sundays. it is a work day in many other countries all around the world. this move by the u.s. coming nearly a year after an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. you may remember the attack on september 11 of last year claiming the lives of three americans including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stephens. congress investigating whether the state department ignored warning signs that an attack was being planned. >> let's get a check of the forecast. happy friday to everyone. here is christina loren. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. good morning, janelle, everyone
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at home. a gorgeous start to the day over san jose. sunrise in about ten minutes for the greater bay area. we have patchy low clouds starting to settle in. 52 in sunnyvale, 54 in san mateo, 53 to start the day in san francisco. it's cool enough for a light sweater to start. you'll probably want something that you can peel off later today, especially if you're waking up with us on the east side of the bay area. it's going to be hot today. we lose the marine influence through the tri-valley. 88 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. 77 bay side at the coast 64 degrees. comfortable conditions. we'll cool you off as we get into the first official weekend of august. so stick around. that forecast is coming up. hey, those metering lights, not looking great with the backup there. >> you can't see the metering lights because they were turned on at 5:40 this morning because of a crash on the incline. that crash has cleared. that's great news, but the backup, it hit and it's going to
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stick. look how far back it goes. i turned our emeryville camera toward the brkly curve. you see that off of westbound 580. that's 24 to 580, the transition to the bay bridge where you have the slowing. also slow off the bottom of your screen, that's the berkeley curve. a big backup especially for a friday. i hope this isn't a preview for monday. we'll follow that if they do and follow the impact as well. meanwhile, the san mateo bridge, we don't have a lot of relief. we have a slowdown from the high-rise, the top of the high-rise into foster city. the earlier truck helping with crews clearing the debris, the big rig tire slowerly cleared the incline. once it clears, it should be much better from the hayward side. the map shows that over all the sunday sores are moving smoothly. if you're using the dumbarton bridge as an alternate, there's a crash at the dumbarton bridge as well westbound. it sounds like it will clear
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lanes quickly. i'm tracking that as well. a lot of activity for a friday, folks. >> meanwhile, the south bay sounding cam. north 101 slowing with north 87 coming into the area. 280 southbound, we have a tow truck addressing the big rig stalled and blocking the off-ramp. we're watching the 7 off-ramp to south 280. back to you. 6:09 right now. coming up, witnesses say they tried to flee the scene of the crime. up next we'll tell you how police stepped in overnight after a crash turns deadly. >> plus, are warmer days more dangerous than cooler ones. the unusual new study linking weather and crime. plus brand new numbers about jobs in america. we'll run you through coming up in business and tech. the thing is bee,
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taking a live look at san jose. what a pretty start to the day here. official sunrise. temperatures will be comfortable in san jose. guess what? now we have the santa clara county fair in full effect. i'll have the forecast for that and everywhere else across the bay area for the all-important weekend in just a few minutes. commute wise friday, yes. happy, no. coming off the san mateo bridge, still jammed after a big rig tire had to be cleared from that span. the bay bridge, a backup at the berkeley curve, slow coming off the eastshore freeway and off westbound 580 off the maze. it is jammed because of an earlier price at the bay bridge. we'll show you how both of those are affecting the rest of your friday commute coming up. at 6:12, the day's top stories, b.a.r.t. workers issuing a 72-hour strike notice. if no deal is reached by sunday at midnight, workers will go on
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strike. oakland police are investigating whether street racing led to an overnight crash that killed a most cyclist near the harbor bridge. witnesses say the cyclist crashed and as drivers stopped to help them, an suv came speeding down the street and hit one of the stop cars that rolled and landed on top of the motorcyclists killing him. busting an illegal online gambling operation. potvxa say they've been investigating the liberty pcs internet cafe for months now. police say people would play vegas-style games online for real money. a new study from uc berkeley suggests shifts in climb lat are linked to increases in violence around the world. scientists found even small changes in temperature and rainfall correlated with the rise in add assaults, rapes and murders. researchers who looked at 60 studies from around the world with data spanning hundreds of years say they're trying to understand what's behind what they call a substantial
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relationship between climate and conflict. california state university is turning to social media hoping to help battle a growing problem on college campuses. nearly half a million students at san francisco state along with 22 other csu campuses will have access to a free app, this one aimed at helping battle alcohol-related poisonings and deaths. is compass nl with any cell phone or i reader, it asks, need help now? click here. it walks you through steps to identify the signs of alcohol poisoning. the american economy stumbling in july. fewer jobs created than anybody hoped. >> business and tech reporter scott mcgrew breaking it down for us. >> the top number here, 162,000. 162,000 jobs added in the month of july is far lower than most economists were expecting. the unemployment rate now
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7.4%, .2% lower. for people you run in today who think this is good news, tell them you watch "today in the bay" where they give you the straight skinny. there's a lot not to like. the jobs reated with mostly in retail and hospitality, nice jobs but tend not to pay well. we didn't see much growth in manufacturing. it adjusted downward, it means previous good news wasn't adds good as we thought. wall street has to figure out what to do with this number. investors are going to be disappointed the economy is not growing as quickly as hoped, but relieved that the fed won't be easing monetary policy any time soon. as long as we're talking about jobs, here is a story for you. starting with the taco bell in redwood city. in the parking lot is where three immigrants from japan slept while creing their
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company. taro fukayama says how completely insane his plan was. he was going to show up in america barely speaking english expecting someone to give him millions to create an internet start up. that's exactly what happened. also, guys, the head of lending club explains how his company is able to hand out $2 billion so far in loans to average americans. it's pretty cool stuff. >> big money. billion with a b. look forward to it. we'll check it out on sunday. let's check with christina loren. the weekend will look good. but showers around the corner? >> showers, yeah. next week, gives me something to do. i've been on auto pilot pour the past few days. really nice weather. you may not want the changes. as we head into the month of august so far, looking much cooler than average. all the way for the first seven to ten, maybe even 15 days. that's as far as we can look out.
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everything is showing me cooler weather an area of low pressure. stay tuned. 54 degrees in livermore, 55 in san jose, 49 degrees to start in gilroy with wind making an impact for today. we have a sustained wind sheed in oakland of 13 miles per hour. hold on to your steering wheel as you cross the bay bridge. it might get rough at times. here is what's happening this weekend, flee month festival of the arts kicks off today at 10:00 a.m. 76 today, 75 tomorrow. we also have the santa clara county fair, 80 for today, 83 saturday and 86 on isn't you have to pay fair admission. guess who will be there tonight wang chung, ever bod i have fun tonight. 75 in san jose and 86 degrees in gilroy. mike inouye is a big fan. saturday to sunday, temperatures stay nice and mild. we're actually going to cool you off next week. chance for showers arrives late
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thursday into friday. we'll keep you updated. >> i am a big fan. everybody wang chung tonight. a great song. this is the berkeley curve. this is friday i remind you. look at the backup off the berkeley curve out of berkley and emery fill and heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound coming out of the maze to the toll plaza, because of the earlier crash on the incline. that is a slow drive coming out of the maze. the crash has cleared. this may be a relief for the commute. a crash at carlson causing all this backup out of richmond. this crash just cleared to the shoulder as well. causing the backup out of san pablo and richmond. once you merge with traffic coming off the bridge, it's actually better heading towards berkeley which i just showed you. let's show you the san mateo bridge where we're having another issue. we had a disabled vehicle and we also had a big rig tire, both at
6:19 am
the incline stop. we cleared that vehicle. that took a while to clear. it is flowing much more smoothly down the incline, a little slow from the flat section toward the incline itself. from the hayward side, that is your commute direction. we'll take you to the maps to show you how things are shaping up. no problems out of hayward. picking up a bit. we have a smoother flow past the toll plaza for the san mateo bridge. some folks may head over to the dumbarton after they heard about earlier problems. you can move smoothly across highway 84. am approaching palo alto and menlo park, there may be activity on the span itself. now in the south bay i was going to say great friday traffic as well. but we have a new crash north 280 right at 101 approaching the interchange. i didn't see it with the live camera. meanwhile, the rest of the northbound routes are looking really good for 101, 87 and 85 throughout the south bay. we'll send it back to the decks. all right, mike. thank you very much. california high-speed rail
6:20 am
officials want to set the record straight and put the public fear about safety to rest. during the board meeting, they say the train crash that killed 79 people didn't have automated train controls like california. chairman dan richards says it would have overridden the driveer and slowed down the train. spanish officials say the train was traveling twice the speed limit and wupz not part of the high-speed train network. time is 6:20. a made for tv movie turned into a consult phenomenon. where you can see sharknado this weekend. right now giving you a live look from the south bay. you can see a little haze out there. christina loren says it looks like we have a good one in store heading toward the weekend. it is friday. hope you're having a great one so far. back on "today in the bay" in a matter of minutes. ♪ all right, let's go
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a feel-good friday. happy friday to one and all. give you the s curve in san rafael right now. mike inouye will be along to talk about your roads. christina loren has the traffic in a matter of minutes. it is 6:23. one of this summer's most talked about movies is making a social media fueled leap from cable tv to the big screen tonight. >> there are sharks flooding the streets. >> killer sharks sucked into a tornado and dumped on loss ajs. that's the premise of
6:24 am
"sharknado" which reeled in 1.4 million viewers on the skri phi channel. it's spawned a tweeter feeding frenzy. perhaps sensing box office blood in the water, it invades regal theaters across the country for one night only. you can catch it all at the regal has dane in dublin, regal santa cruz nine in santa cruz or regal stockton 16 in stockton. >> forget raining cats and dogs or even men. it's raining sharks. >> very dangerous. >> 6:24. the giants had a great game last night, rallied to win it. not such a great game for the red sox. they got smashed by the mariners. for one pair of fans at fenway park, it was a night they won't soon forget. this couple got engaged using
6:25 am
jumbotron proposals. it was during the seventh inning stretch this slick boston fan pointed to the jumbotron and pulled the ring from his pocket. the girlfriend seemed quite happy, she put the ring on her finger, totally surprised, too. >> that is true love. way to go, big guy. when you know the woman loves you when you can propose with your hat on backwards. >> very cool cat. >> 6:25 right now. let's check in with christina loren. how does the day look out there? >> going to be so nice out there. good morning, janelle, jon, everybody at home. today's temperatures right on track with seasonal averages. that means 88 inland, 77 on the coast. you'll see the afternoon clear up. lows in the 50s with foggy mornings. we'll check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> i think sonoma county has their fair going on, too. looking here north 101. i can't find the crash we're
6:26 am
talking about. a trufk near the bushes that might be at north 101 at the 280, 680 interchange. we have slowing out of san pablo to richmond. the earlier crash moved to the shoulder at carlton. west 80 starting to move all the way toward berkeley for the slower speeds. approaching this backup out of west 580, the earlier crash, on the bay bridge, upper deck has cleared. it's jammed around the berkeley curve all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. yes, this is friday, but it is not light coming through the bay bridge toll plaza and heading into san francisco. back to you. >> thanks, mike. some pen peninsula little leaguers are starting the next step in what they hope will be their journey to the little league world series. the belmont all-stars are in southern california for the start of the west region tournament. they just won the northern california regional championship. if they win the west, they head
6:27 am
to pennsylvania to play in the little league world series. 6:26 right now. still ahead, embassies on alert. we'll let you know why the u.s. government is shutting down office is in several parts of the world this weekend. bracing for another b.a.r.t. strike. how commuters are preparing as union workers threaten to walk off the job again. let's take a live look outside. kind of showing you the golden gate bridge there. kind of looking like the foggy gate bridge, kind of socked in. christina will let you know how soon it will blow out and let the sun shine on us again. back in minutes. in the basement. uldn't just setv i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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visit u.s. embassies closing down this weekend. what's behind the move by the federal government? plus more questions about the future of boeing 787 dreamliners. we'll let you know how the company responded to concerns about batteries on the new jets. a live look at wall street
6:30 am
where the opening bell, perfect timing, is ringing right now. the markets opening up after yesterday's record highs on wall street. we're waiting to see how the markets react this morning. 152,000 new jobs added, unemployment falling to 7.4%. scott mcgrew will have the latest welcome everybody. this is friday, august 2nd. this is "today in the bay." let me just say congratulations, nice work, young lady. nailing that bell first time in the morning. >> the producer, she times it. >> kelly, nice work. 6:30 right now. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm janelle wang in for laura garcia-cannon. the state department will close all u.s. embassies in the middle east due to a threat from al qaeda. to dma the bay's tracie potts is live in washington. do we know anything else about what's prompting the shutdown?
6:31 am
>> reporter: they think it's related to ramadan which ends on wednesday. they don't think it's related to other issues happening. the bottom line is sunday is the day that the state department is pegged to close these embassies. talking about at least 15 of them through out the middle east and asia. as a precaution, the state department says there's this threat that they don't have all the details about, but it's a possible al qaeda threat. time-specific to sunday only affecting overseas posts. there are only a few normally open on sunday. we've got the list overnight. there are 15. they will be shutting down. they include the overseas post in bagdad and kabul. egypt, israel, yemen, pretty much everything within that area. after what happened in benghazi and the four deaths there, this time they're not taking any chances. janelle. >> tracie, thanks for the live update.
6:32 am
6:31 right now. the man convicted of killing three co-workers at a santa clara startup will be sentenced to day. it will take place at 2:30. wu was convicted and found mentally sane in the triple murder back in march. the 52-year-old now facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. back in 2008 wu walked into side port and killed three of the company executives after being fired earlier that morning. the city of richmond is filing a lawsuit against chevron over last month's massive refinery fire. the fire has had a huge impact on the community. not only did the smoke send 15,000 people to the hospital. city leaders said it cost richmond millions in emergency response and caused property values to plummet. chevonne released a statement saying, quote, we cannot comment on the merits of a lawsuit that we have not yet seen. we believe the decision to
6:33 am
pursue such a suit is a waste of the city's resources and yet another example of its failed leadership. the time is 6:32. what is today again? >> friday! >> i like to repeat that as often as possible. that means the weekend is upon us. >> it is upon us. i've got some good news and bad news at 6:33 on a friday morning. the bad news, not such a shocker, we've got flight delays out of sfo, below one hour. we'll keep watching this for you, 45-minute delays due to the low ceilings. delays out of chicago as well. that's the bad news. we're done with it. your allergy levels, pollen levels have dropped off dramatically over the course of the past 72 hours. we have the smoke coming in from the fires burning well to our north in oregon. now we're getting mixing in our atmosphere. we or back in the good air quality range. our pollen levels have dropped off. temperatures are cool enough for a jacket, 48 degrees, for example, 55 in san jose and 54
6:34 am
in san francisco. by noon today, we're already going to jump into the 80s. we'll be at 88 inland, 77 bay side. >> the backup has been building for over an hour. the berkeley curve heading over to the right of your screen. that's the toll plaza. look at the middle of your screen, 580 westbound out of the maze. this is a big problem. the map will show the approach. seeing slowing from berkeley around the bend. west 580 is improving. it's jamming up at the maze. the earlier crash over here at carlton has moved to the shoulder. that was holding folks up in richmond and san pablo. now they've been let loose down the eastshore freeway. slow from san pablo to the bay bridge toll plaza. rest of the bay area is showing light for friday as is typical. here is the tri-valley, a fender-bender as you're heading out of the altamont.
6:35 am
livermore, dublin, pleasanton, all looking really good. the south bay has a nice smooth flow southbound 880 where there's a build of traffic through union city. a live shot of northbound 101. this is volume picking up, slowing north of 680 heading toward alum rock and 880. pretty typical, back to you. 6:35 right now. stim ahead, b.a.r.t. on notice. we'll let you know what commuters are saying about a possible strike monday morning. why no one will be charged in a mining accident that trapped 33 miners under ground for more than two months. we have amazing video out of china. take a look at this. we'll let you see how firefighters were able to finally bring an end to a very, very tough situation there. a live picture of campbell in the south bay looking beautiful. the sun is up, clear skies. meteorologist kron will have our full forecast coming up. we'll be right back.
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6:38 am
right now you're watching a live look over sunol as the sun slowly starts to peek through the clouds out there. always a lot of good vibrations on this day. once again, it is friday, ladies and gentlemen. please on your way out the door, remember lots of reasons to be smiling. it is 6:38. prosecutors in chile decided this morning not to file any charges in the 2010 chilean mine collapse. it was a very scary situation.
6:39 am
regional public prosecutor says the three-year investigation did not provide enough evidence to charge the owners of that mine. now, the 33 men who were trapped for so very long under ground for more than two months, they are, of course, not happy at all about this decision. attorneys for 31 of those miners, they say they plan to review all the information that led to this decision and then they will present their own arguments. there's a court hearing this morning related to detroit's bankruptcy declaration. the judge had proposed an august 19th deadline for all motions against the city's eligibility for chapter 9 bankruptcy and a trial on that eligibility is scheduled to begin on october 23rd. this morning the judge will be hearing arguments on his proposed schedule. detroit filed bankruptcy just last month revealing it now has more than $18 billion in debt. boeing's vice president of airplane development won't say whether the next version of the
6:40 am
787 jets will continue to use the same battery. in his speech this morning he said the company has yet to decide which batteries will be used. last week the company stood by the integrity of the dreamliner despite the fact that planes were grounded at the beginning of this year because of overheating batteries. flights resumed in april after boeing redesigned the battery system. a 5-year-old boy in china is safe after being wedged between two walls just inches apart. take a look at this video. the boy fell in the gap between the low wall and a neighboring market. you can see how narrow that space is. the boy was not hurt when firefighters used an ax and a saw to break it apart. china's central tv says the boy was not hurt in this incident. >> so, so very lucky. my goodness. >> terrified. >> happy he's out alive. 6:40. commuters bracing for another b.a.r.t. strike as workers
6:41 am
demand a new contract. we'll let you know what you need to know about the possible strike. a major gambling bust in the south bay. why federal investigators are now involved. we have new information this morning on the american economy. it is jobs friday. also gadget friday. we'll take a look at both coming up. the last month of summertime in the bay area before school starts. if you want to get your kids outdoors, lots happening. this is san jose. a clear sky to start. we'll take you through your weekend forecast less than five minutes away. it's also friday. supposed to be light. that's not the case if you're heading down the eastshore freeway toward the bay bridge. we'll talk about that drama, what caused it. i think i might have a way around it, folks. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
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three days and counting. b.a.r.t. leaders and union representatives walk away from the bargaining table again with no deal in sight. now unions have issued their 72-hour strike notice. >> that is right. that strike could bring on more traffic headaches like the one we saw the last time at the bay bridge toll plaza. this happened last month when b.a.r.t. workers went on strike for a total of four day ts. negotiators will tell you will continue their talks today. if no deal is met, a strike could be happening sunday night. >> that means hundreds of thousands of b.a.r.t. riders could be looking for a different way to get to work on monday morning. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station with more. >> reporter: good morning, janelle. b.a.r.t. riders we're speaking with in west oakland tell us they are preparing for the worst. that trains won't be rolling next week, some telling us they got a quick vacation planned. others telling us they'll have to go ahead and jump on a bus or ferry just to get in to san francisco. knowing that this could
6:45 am
potentially be their last commute day for a while if the union's 2300 workers go on strike. negotiators left around 9:00 last night where they had been negotiating in oakland over this 30-day extension period. both sides expected back at the table around 9:00 this morning with three days left to hammer out a deal. the issue still the same, contributions to pension to benefits and pay. workers held a rouge rally saying they want a contract now. it's commuters who say they fell like they'll be left holding the bag. 400,000 people ride b.a.r.t. each day. one commuter said during the last shutdown in july it took five hours to get back and north to work. >> are you mad, frustrated? >> yes. but with all the job, and if you have a job, you have to do whatever you have to do to get to your work. >> reporter: something to consider. the first b.a.r.t. strike lasted
6:46 am
4 1/2 days, more than 90,000 displaced b.a.r.t. riders packed into buses and ferries. 10,000 more got in their cars. it was around the 4th of july when many people stayed home. next week transportation officials are expecting more people, more gridlock on the road if the strike does happen. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." across town, another meeting on the strike issue. this one between san francisco mayor ed lee and the state's labor secretary. the two will sit down at 10:00 at san francisco city hall. the only item on the agenda, to talk about how san francisco is preparing for this looming b.a.r.t. strike. we're expecting to hear details of that meeting later today. side note here. there is one person who can stop the b.a.r.t. strike. that's governor jerry brown. the governor has the option of using his powers to issue a 60-day cooling off period. however, the governor's office has yet to receive a request for
6:47 am
this action from either side. we have traveled this road before. you may remember former governor gray davis stepped in during that 2001 b.a.r.t. strike. a b.a.r.t. strike is costly for almost everyone. the bay area economy stands to lose about $73 million a day in productivity. the bay area council says that number is based on an estimate of 970,000 workers in the bay area who had an average two-hour delay during last month's strike. multiply that by the bay area's median wage of about $37 an hour, and that equals $73 million in lost productivity. if a strike hapts, nbc bay area news will be here for you. we've got the work-arounds to help you avoid the traffic tie-ups. on monday our b.a.r.t. strike coverage will start at 4:00 a.m. we'll continue throughout the day on air and online at >> hoping they settle this thing first and foremost for all the commuters out there but secondly for us. sleep in an extra half hour. they all matter in the morning.
6:48 am
>> every second counts. >> that's why i take naps during the commercial breaks. >> power nap. >> we're not there yet. >> welcome back -- oh. >> that's what you want to enjoy this weekend, right? it could be. >> reporter: rough come monday morning. we're here with you and will be with you through the whole thing if it does, in fact, happen. 6:48. let's take you outside and show you what's happening on the sunol gray. i'm tracking the fog rolling in. we have the low clouds settling in like a bowl of soup into the valleys. that's kind of what's happening right now. high pressure comes in, compresses whatever moisture is available, forces it right to the surface. here in san jose we are mostly clear to start. and mike is tracking a couple of things. so stick around, his important report coming up in a few minutes. temperatures right now in the 50s. we have a windchill factor. south-southwest wind at 13 miles per hour in concord. at 17 in fairfield.
6:49 am
single digits for livermore and gilroy. the winds will pick up throughout the day today. we're calling it a building breeze with the strongest gusts later this evening. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the fremont festival of the arts. 76 degrees today. saturday 75 degrees. if you can't make it out there, chief meteorologist jeff ranieri will be out there. make sure you bring the sunscreen. 79 degrees in san jose, 76 in fremont, 88 degrees today in livermore. so it's going to feel summer-like for just one day. cooling you off saturday into sunday. even more so monday into tuesday. if we're talking about the warmest cities across the bay in the low 80s, that means plenty of mid 70s in places like san jose and san francisco, at the coast, temperatures wramg up into the 50s. maybe showers, mike, as we head from thursday into friday. slight chance for now we'll keep you updated. watching a system way out in the pacific.
6:50 am
it could impact us by next thursday. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you for looking out for us. maybe we'll watch for the chance of showers. we do have the low clouds. not a big deal for visibility. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, we had an earlier crash on the incline. that cleared but that's not -- the lighter flow of traffic, the benefit. we have the backup once you're past the curve and toward the toll plaza. to get past the backup, there's powerball, $290 million. that's an option. it won't take effect until after the wings come to you. the traffic flow improving through berkeley. we have the crash at barl ton that cleared and the burst still heading toward the toll plaza. overall, friday looking really good now for the rest of the bay. here is the castro valley y and south 880 not a problem through hayward. speeds dipping into union city. clearing up through fremont and into the south bay.
6:51 am
northbound 101 shows the build right here, capital expressway toward 680. the earlier crash sounds like the connector from north 101 onto 280. slowing heading toward san jose international airport. the build for 87 as well as 85. so far the rest of the south bay looking good. we'll take you for a quick look at the san mateo bridge and an easy flow westbound as you travel the commute over in toward the beautiful sunshine. >> we like the beautiful sunshine. thank you very much. 6:51. federal agents working with gilroy police after an overnight raid at a popular internet cafe. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in gilroy. he has video of that raid as it was happening. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. gilroy pd telling us this liberty pcs internet cafe on first street was in actuality an illegal gambling operation, one where customers could come in here and gamble on computers for real money. that's no longer going to happen. as you see they've put an end to
6:52 am
the alleged illegal activity, taken all the computers out of the shop. they posted a notice saying they will be destroying that equipment within 30 days. law enforcement raided liberty pcs last night removing about 40 commuter stations and boxes full of other materials. this is a result of the joint investigation with the federal government that started in the spring. the investigation lasted around four to five months and invved visits by undercover agents. according to police, this is how the operation worked, the customer would buy an internet card for credit for time online. you then could play casinos games for one of the 30 computers, games ranging from slots to keno to poker. your wings, assuming you did win, would be credited back to that internet card which could be used during a future visit or cashed out for u.s. dollars. >> we were surprised when we found out about. sure enough, this at trackeded a large criminal element. we made several arrests not
6:53 am
related to the internet xaf fay, narcotics, people trying to get rid of their narcotics, felons, warrants, things of that nature. businesses complaining. patrol officers made a number of arrests. that's not the kind of thing we want in our community. gilroy police tell us these type of alleged gambling operations are not uncommon. there are others in the bay area. we left a message for liberty pcs to get their side of the story. we're still waiting for raurn call back. reporting live in gilroy, bob redell. officers received a call just before midnight at the intersection of third and add line streets. witnesses tell our photographer on scene moments after the crash an suv came speeding down the street, slamming into a car that stopped to mel help the motorcyclist. that speeding car flipped, landed on its roof and on tom of the motorcyclist killing him. people inside the speeding car tried to run away. officers arrived and arrested
6:54 am
them. >> when i the vehicle had actually come to a stop on top of the motorcyclist. there was first aid administered to the motorcyclist. the motorcyclist was declared deceased on scene. >> police are investigating whether racing and side shows were involved. this morning berkeley police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead. it happened on san pablo avenue near highway 580 and university avenue around 9:00 last night. a 24-year-old man had been shot a number of times. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. berkeley police say they are interviewing witnesses and following up on leads. a special conference being held in san francisco this morning to talk about fighting child sex trafficking. that meeting coming just one day after the fbi announced it is cracking down child sex trafficking. that led to an apartment complex in san bruno. south san francisco police
6:55 am
officers made dates on sites like myredbook and backpage. those dates directed them to the arch stone apartments. officers arrested a pimp and two women in that complex. police are now looking into who rented the san bruno apartment s. i ear also trying to figure out if the women were willing participants or forced into prostitution. a southern california teen could face charges with the violence that erupted after a surf contest. police arrest add 15-year-old boy suspected of throwing glass bottles at police and tipping over portable toilets in huntington beach on sunday. eight other people have been arrested in the connection with the mob violence. sunday night riots broke out, they broke windows and looted stores in downtown huntington beach. here is unfortunate irony. a tech blogger saying his google glasses were band from an event hosted by the company who sold him the glass in the first place. russell holly, a blogger from
6:56 am says he was at google's media event for the brand new moto x yesterday. when a google rep told him to take his glasses off, telling him he would not be able to record during the presentation. he said he's been to bars and even to public restrooms wearing the glasses before. but this was the very first time anybody told him he could not wear his google glass. >> speaking of tech, scott mcgrew is here with a way to clean glass and has the latest job numbers. >> i hear it beeping. >> it is beeping. nothing more annoying than your gadget beeping. we want to talk about jobs first. these numbers really not where we wanted to be. the american economy adding 162,000 jobs last month. you compare that with 195,000 in july. the unemployment rate did fall significant significantly to 7.4%. that 162 is what's hard to deal
6:57 am
with. government continues to be a drag on the economy. of those 162,000 jobs created, 161,000 came from the private sector, and those jobs were unfortunately not in manufacturing or construction. mostly in hospitality which doesn't pay as well. let's talk about gadget friday. this is called the win bot from a company called eco vax. here it is running up a pain of glass. this is a glass cleaning robot. it does do windows. it's going to cost you $400 to have your windows cleaned and when you turn it on, you'll find it's actually quite loud. the idea is there is a vacuum here and it goes up and down on your windows and cleans your windows using a little squeegee right here. we tested it out. it works great. it does clean your windows. you have to ask yourself am i willing to spend $400 for a robot to do what you should
6:58 am
be -- >> dirty windows or $400. i like clean windows, i think i'll stick with my 400 bucks. >> the reasonable option as well. works great, 400 bucks. >> does it clean the weather center? let's check with christina loren. she has a glass tibl right in front of her. >> i will make that investment. i think it's a genius product. good morning to you. 88 degrees inland, 77 bay side, 64 degrees. if you missed your seven-day forecast, we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. let's get a look at your drive, about to kickoff rush hour. >> it's friday, so rush hour kind of a relative thing. we are looking at a slow drive northbound 101 over here where they have the truck and all the activity from the earlier crash behind the bushes. a burst of dust picking up. traffic is flowing smoother. looks like they cleared most of that from the roadway. we have a slower drive up to the
6:59 am
air poured. the bay bridge toll plaza, the earlier crash cleared from the incline. the backup fills the toll plaza. you can find traffic easy at the berkeley curve at at the maze. the north bay where we're building. a little bit in this beautiful sunshine toward the foggy golden gate bridge. >> mike, thank you very much. 6:59. one final check on the day's top stories. gilroy police raiding what they say is anit' illegal gambling operation. early this morning they carted boxes and computers out of the liberty pcs on north first. the store reportedly sold internet cards to people who used them to play vegas-style games. then they were allowed to cash out for money and credit. get ready. b.a.r.t. union's issuing 72-hour notice they could strike before the monday morning commute. the two sides appear to be far apart on key issues. if there's no deal in place by sunday night, b.a.r.t. workers job. >> have a great day. >> great having you.
7:00 am
good morning. high alert. new details on the threat linked to al qaeda that is forcing the u.s. government to take a rare step closing multiple u.s. embassies around the globe. how long could it last? facing evil. i can for give you, but i will never forget. >> castro beginning his life sentence after one of the young women who survived confronts him. the emotional day in court and the first look inside that cleveland house of horrors. the cross of christ. has a crucial piece of history been found?


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