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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this hour. breaking news overnight in the south bay. an attack a couple blocks away from santa clara university. we'll tell you how a young woman broke free from a man who came up behind her with a knife. trying to avoid another b.a.r.t. strike. we have new details as both sides are still trying to hammer out a deal and why a demonstration by b.a.r.t. workers could tie up serious traffic today. it's hard to believe i'm saying this, but you might actually need a sweater or a jacket for the first day of august. have no fear, that summer heat is on its way back to the bay area. we'll tell you exactly when in your full forecast. as i track this pretty predictable backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have an unpredicted slowdown for the tri-valley. wheel show you what's going for for friday, a big rig and tractor fire is what we've been tracking. a golden sunrise coming up over the golden gate bridge this morning. it's not all socked in in fog as
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in days past. starting our august out clear. it is thursday, august 1st. this is "today in the bay." this is "today in the bay." it is 6:01. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news out of russia this morning. edward snowden's attorney confirming to nbc just moments ago that edward snowden has entered russia. his attorney tells us snowden was granted refugee status earlier today and that edward snowden can legally stay in russia for up to one year. the attorney will not say where snowden went right after leaving the airport. he says his location is being kept secret for security reasons. we've not received any comment from the white house just yet. today in the bay's tracie potts on the phone right now trying to get a statement. we'll head to washington for a live report from her in just a few minutes. that news comes as president obama prepares to sit down with a group of lawmakers to see if
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there's more top secret information that the nsa should actually make public. the national security agency admits its huge databases are sweeping up calls and e-mails of americans who talk to foreign targets. britain's "guardian" newspaper reporting new information from whistle-blower edward snowden about a program called x key score. it reportedly allows analysts to instantly read e-mails, track internet searches and read private facebook messages without court approval. the nsa and white house insists those searches are legal. breaking news in the south bay where a woman says she was violently attacked by a man walking overnight in santa clara. this happened a couple blocks away from santa clara university on the corner of lexington and main. this is where today in the bay's bob redell joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: jon, this also
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happened less than a week of another attack on a woman that took place friday night. police will look at whether or not that attack was related. it was around 1:30 this morning when this woman was attacked near this park near lexington and main. police are not saying much. we believe her attacker, a man, might have had a weapon, perhaps a knife. she was able to get away. a police dog was able to track his scent. but lost it on the santa clara university campus which is just a couple blocks away. last friday morning, early in the morning, around 4:00, that's when a woman was sexually assaulted by a man, this was on the 2800 block of homestead road also in santa clara, about two miles away from where we're at right now. this man entered her bathroom window and then sexually assaulted her. they are still looking for that man and again it's not clear whether that attack six days ago is related to what happened here this morning around 1:30. reporting live in santa clara,
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bob redell, "today in the bay." we also have a follow-up this morning. san jose police say they have arrested a man connected to a beating that sent a 22-year-old man to the hospital. police believe the attacker and victim knew each other. on tuesday night police say the two men got into a fight and the attacker slammed the victim's head into the concrete numerous times. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. happening right now, sentencing about to get under way for ariel castro, the cleveland man who held three women captive in his home for a decade and proceeded to abuse them over and over. we have a live look in the courtroom as things get ready to get under way. we saw earlier the courtroom starting to fill up. also they have a look there on the left, that is a house, kind of a mock-up model there of the house. they called it the house of horrors where aerial castro held those three women captive for nearly ten years.
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the hearing is scheduled to start any time now and could take up to four hours. we'll, of course, keep our eye on that one. as you may know, castro facing life in prison plus 1,000 years. prosecutors will also be asking the judge to ban castro from ever seeing his 6-year-old daughter who was born to one of those women he held hostage. prosecutors say they will also detail castro'su1áq daily assau on those women. that will be happening as part of today's hearing. 6:05. tensions are rising once again as labor unions threaten to bring b.a.r.t. to stoop once again. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in oakland where a rally is plachbd for later tonight. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is coming down to the wire. there are basically only four days of negotiating left for b.a.r.t. to work out a deal with its unions. at the same time b.a.r.t. union workers and other supporting unions plan to gather starting at 5:00 here at frank ogawa plaza for a big rally this evening. if b.a.r.t. trains aren't
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rolling next week and the union workers do gone on strike, of course you'll have a huge challenge trying to get into work. the metropolitan transportation commission wants to make sure your know about services like which measures traffic congestions and posts it in realtime using information from caltrans, chp, fast track sensors, radar beams under free ways. it captures your speed without identifying the car. about half the b.a.r.t. riders we spoke of never even heard of it. but it can send you drive times and best routes. >> i'm commuting from union city to berkeley right now. i would have to find another way without driving. that would be pretty tough. >> plan more ahead and leave earlier. >> is that a pain? >> yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: now, over at oakland police headquarters this morning, they've got vans lined up ready to move police if necessary. that rally starts at 5:00 this evening at frank ogawa plaza
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with a big march over to b.a.r.t. headquarters at 6:00 this evening. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> something we're keeping tabs on this morning, affecting so many in the morning commute. meantime the ferries were packed during the last strike. that's why san francisco bay ferries are getting its staff and crew ready. it will expand the number of boats in operation from eight to 12 to 13. it will even borrow two from the golden get ferry system. the boats will also leave earlier. if the strike does go down, we suggest you stick with nbc bay area. if you've got to get to work or figure out what to do, maybe we'll get you those work-arounds. we'll have it all for you to help with the traffic tie-ups. the b.a.r.t. coverage will start a half hour earlier than normal. we'll be jumping into action at 4:00 a.m. on monday. then our coverage will continue throughout the day on air and on >> if it does happen, just work from home and then join us there. >> you've always got the
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options. she knows how to plan ahead. >> christina loren has a look at the forecast. >> just important that you keep us in your plans as well. 6:08. good morning to you. we are so close to the all-important weekend, taking a live look right here. this is sunol. you can see we do have a few low clouds, patchy low cloud cover starting to develop. i'm happy to report the coast is mostly clear. we don't have any flight delays for the first day so far this week at this time. 55 degrees in livermore. weather headlines tell the story, patchy low clouds, krizal through the next couple hours. we see a strong onshore flow. unseasonably cool with the breezy to windy conditions in the forecast for dichlt we get earlier sunshine as we head throughout the weekend and warmer temperatures as well. we will return to summertime averages for a couple days. i'll show you when and we cool you right back off as we head deeper into the month of august. bizarre weather continues as we head throughout the day today. highs work out like this, 79
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inland, 70 bay side and 59 at the coast. >> this is a weird flow. this happens often on a friday. we have the metering lights turned on. i don't know why they were turned on early. the folks at the traffic management center determi volume of traffic is such that they have to slow things down. the span itself moves smoothly. the fast track lanes are the ones with the backup. that typically happens on a friday. but we don't have -- we have that going on right now. as you're approaching the maps, we'll show you it's a smooth drive down the east shore flee way with a little blip. speeds starting to dip through berkeley near the top of your screen. no problems out of the maze and the volume building out of oakland for north 880. the real problems here are the tri-valley. eastbound very unexpected, this amount of slowing from vasco towards north flynn. there's a construction crew that
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may be late picking up. they should be clearing in the next ten minutes. there was also an earlier tractor-trailer fire in the area and no injuries. that has cleared. but added distraction could cause the slowdown as well. westbound we had a stalled big rig. it has cleared as you're passing by north livermore avenue. things are very slow until you get toward isabel. then clear toward the dublin interchange. the backup into livermore means relief for folks heading into dublin and pleasanton. two sides of the incident there. also looking at sunol. christina showed you the earl yef shot. we'll resume in a little bit to show the traffic free-throw southbound from left to right. that is the area where there is some reports of hazard. usually that means a stall. chp has yet to arrive and give us details. we'll watch it to let you know about any problems. the south bay itself, san jose moving nicely northbound 101. starting the second burst of traffic that kicks in for the south bay. we see slowing between 680 and 880. the volume of traffic is the/z+ reason why. 6:10.
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coming up, cleared for landing but is a hollywood mogul cleared of charges. we'll tell you if a movie exec will be prosecuted for landing his chopper on a sheriff's helipad. we'll tell you how a local little leaguer earns his pinstripes and plenty of bragging rights up next. we are awaiting aerial castro in court to be sentenced for holding three women captive for almost a decade inside his cleveland home. we may even hear from one of those women today. we'll find out coming up. 6:11 right now.
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welcome back now. time is 6:13. how do you like the timing of this show? you official sunrise in san francisco happening right now. we're waiting for the sun to make its way over the horizon in
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san jose making way to an absolutely gorgeous start to the month of august. i'll have your full forecast in just a few minutes. c looking at the bay bridge, this is beautiful to me. we can see the span, a clear view, headlights heading into san francisco, steady stream, uninterrupted. near the top of your screen, that's the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on and the backup is a little unusual. we'll talk about that coming up. here is a look at today's top stories we're following. fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden has left the moscow airport, russia reportedly granted asylum to snowden for one year. police right now investigating a violent attack on a woman near the santa clara university campus this morning. police say a man attacked that and main streets, just a couple blocks west of campus. the incident coming less than a week after another woman wasrmj attacked inside her own home about two miles away. starting today, girls of any age will be able to buy the morning after pill on store
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shelves without a prescription. the federal government had been seeking to block the move, but dropped the fight in june after losing in court. right now some good news for a hollywood mogul. he will not be charged with a crime for landing his helicopter on a sheriff's landing pad during the manhunt for christopher dorner. prosecutors say there's no evidence that ryan cavanaugh knew a captain denied permission to land at the helipad and they could not prove cavanaugh endangered anyone's life or property by landing there. at the time that manhunt was under way throughout southern california for dorner, a former lapd officer who had gone on a killing spree in southern california. cavanaugh, for the record, is the head of relativity media, also a sheriff's volunteer who landed at the helipad for a meeting at the department. cavanaugh says he thinks the investigation was politically motivated because he is supporting the current sheriff's opponent coming up for the next
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election. sun coming up over the bay area. a nice start to our day. >> it's nice because we're so close to the weekend as well. that always makes you havea-3 little extra spring in your step. 6:16 right now. we have a good looking forecast today. i want to draw a couple of things to your attention starting with the golden gate bridge. look at how crystal clear it is. it's absolutely beautiful. now, you'll see just above the coastal mountains there, we do have that thin layer of haze. we're starting to get those reds and oranges. we do still have smoke coming into the bay area from the fires burning in oregon. what i can tell you is we have a lot of improvement thanks to the wind out there this morning. we're getting kind of the same sky in sunol. a little haze out there. a few low clouds starting to develop at this time. temperatures are nice and comfortable. you want to pull out a jacket in gilroy and santa roez rosa. 46 degrees for the first day of august. improving air quality will continue to be the case as we
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head through the next 48 hours. we have a reversal in our overall flow. right now we're still seeing onshore flow and winds out of the southwest for most of your cities. fairfield sustained at 28 miles per hour there. you want to hold on to your steering wheel tight this morning. travel cautiously and get ready for a beautiful day in the bay. we'll hold on to comfortable conditions even for friday. 75 bay side, 66 at the coast. and this weekend returning to saturday and sunday. then we'll drop you right back off for the start of the workweek. one of the last weeks for kids to have off of summertime. are you kids going back soon, mike? >> i think we have three weeks, 2 1/2 weeks. i'm not sure. i should put that on there. because my calendar is kind of like the christmas calendar, whoo, so many days. looking over here toward the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza where the unusual backup was the fast track lanes. the cash lanes were actually clear, similar to a friday, but this is not yet friday.
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looking over here, now we do have those fast track lanes and the cash lanes all backing up. the metering lights are on. the approach to the bay bridge, not a major concern as far as that flow of traffic. we see slowing out of richmond and into berkeley. that volume likely why the traffic management center turned on the light early. the rest of the drive through the maze. y big issue though. the big slowing for the tri-valley comes into livermore out of the altamont pass. as you head toward north livermore, we passed there, a stalled big rig in lanes. caused about 15 minutes to clear it. all thebackup out of the altamont pass. even more unexpected is the eastbound slowing that you see past vasco toward north flynn. still overnight road crews. sounds like they're late picking up. all these folks being held up by
6:19 am
the crew. you have to get through safely. the earlier traffic hazard, no details from chp. no slowing, no problems on the camera when i looked. an easy drive. the volume building3h-ñ because the folks on highway 4 out of livermore and into the sunol and fremont area. the south bay shows a nice easy drive, right here north 101. a new crash reported around mckee. it sounds like a crash. we'll show you thrive camera. north 101 at 680, we see things stacking up. i swept the camera around. there are trees that block part of my view. i didn't see anything in the roadway. chp reporting a hazard, probably a crash or stall. that's what's going on right here northbound. we'll track that through san jose. get your football ready. single-game tickets for the upcoming stanford fooshl season go on sale today. if you want them, you better get them fast. last month the team announced it sold out of season tickets for
6:20 am
the first time in school history. cardinals depending pac 12 conference and rose bowl champs. among the teams playing at home this season, oregon, cal and notre dame. a nice lineup. >> looking forward to college football season. looking forward to see this guy continue to rise as a 6 bstar. san jose state star travis johnson getting a chance to play for his childhood team. johnson working out with the 49ers hoping to grab a spot4gñ their 53-man roster. the 9ers gave him a call sunday after linebacker darius fleming got injured. johnson, of course, jumped at the chance and hit the field tuesday. he is a bay area native playing at kings academy in sunnyvale before going on to star with the spartans. last year he was the western athletic conference offensive player of the year. you can be sure one bay area little leaguer riding high this morning, fresh off pitching a very rare perfect game. 13-year-old e evan wolf of
6:21 am
pleasanton pitching in the intermediate little league world series in livermore. during the third inning his dad told him he hadn't allowed a hit or walk. wolf pitched five more perfect innings after the game was called as a mercy rule. his team beat a team from michigan 12-0. >> young man working the magic. it is 6:21 right now. coming up right now, ceo central. we'll tell you which bay area county is home to 45 of the wealthiest executives in the entire nation. overnight i-dos, we'll tell you which states are the latest to issue meyer raj licenses to same sex couples. a look high above the vineyards in napa. if you enjoy imbibing and taking # the grapes, reñ the harvest is under way for sparkling wine grapes. those grapes will be harvested next week. actually the grapes for still
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wine will be next week. this is all about the sparkling this week. the workers outf% there gettingt done for the wine connoisseurs. we're back in minutes. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. hearty oatmeal now softly baked with a drizzle of cinnamon. it's a brand-new take on a morning classic. soft-baked oatmeal squares. new from nature valley. ♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley.
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nature at its most delicious.
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happening right now, sentencing set to get under way for ariel castro. you can see the judge sitting down seconds ago. castro is the cleveland man who admitted to committing a list of horrendous crimes. you can seei orange jumpsuit sitting there. of course he had the long list,
6:25 am
a house of horrors where he held three women captive for about a decade there. this is a live look at the courtroom in cleveland as he awaits his official sentencing. the hearing could take up to four hours. castro did work a plea deal. let's try and listen in here. >> there's a requirement that i provide sex offender notification advisements. i have two forms that were returned because -- >> ariel castro listening to the judge now. he is, of course, facing life in prison after making the plea deal plus 1,000 years on top of that. we'll continue to follow that today. it is 6:25. minnesota and rhode island now the 12th and 13th u.s. states to recognize same-sex marriages. marriage licenses have been available to same-sex couples in
6:26 am
rhode island for less than an hour now. in minnesota same-sex couples began exchanging vows with mississippi mayor r.t. rye back officiating. 42c'ñ couples are set to say i with ceremonies and celebrations continuing well into the morning. great news for college students who may soon get a break on federal loans they have. a bill to cut the interest rates on new student loans awaiting president obama's signature. the house approving that bill just yesterday reducing the rates for stafford loans that have doubled since the first of july. inter1 rates, they would be tied to the stock market performance. a jump in wages that even has the feds stunned. san mateo county credited with anywhere else in the nation in the final three months of 2012. the bureau of lab or statistics say the average weekly wage rose
6:27 am
more than 107% to an astounding $87,000 more per year. before you start looking for jobs in san mateo county, experts say the money was not evenly distributed. the san mateo county centraldalc labor council tells thehwñ "san francisco examiner" of the top 100 highest paid ceos in america, 45 work for businesses based in san mateo county. >> time is 6:27. still ahead, breaking news from overseas. edward snowden is on the move. we'll tell you how he broke his extended layover in the moscow airport and we'll have details on where he's believed to be headed now. also breaking news we've been following in santa clara. a young woman breaks free from a man who came up from behind her with a knife. we have new details on the search for the suspect next. like the veterans health administration. bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. visit
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exclusively for our nation's veterans. there's no other system like the veterans health administration. bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. visit edward snowden on the rin once again. we'll tell you how he was able to leave the moscow airport for
6:30 am
the first time in more than a month. breaking news in the south bay, a young woman attacked by a man with a knife. break free. >> right now let's break free and get live outside, a crystal clear look. you can see the mountains off in the distance as the sun starts to rise. a beautiful sight to inspire your thursday, the first day of august. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. the update to the breaking news. nsa secret[ñ leaker edward snown has left the moscow airport. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. any reaction from the obama administration at this point? >> reporter: we're waiting on that. they wanted him, of course, to come back here to face charges for leaking these top secret
6:31 am
programs, surveillance programs. instead it looks like he's going to be staying in russia at least for now. we got word that snowden is being allowed out of the airport. he's gone, left the building, no longer in the airport and got a temporary one-year asylum. he's able to stay in russia up to a year. where is snowden now? the question we've been asking for weeks, we still don't know. his attorney who confirmed that he's gone said that he's headed to a secret location, very concerned about security because of the type of information that he's leaked. of course, this also comes on the day that president obama is sitting down with five democrats and three republicans to talk about these surveillance programs, including new details via snowden sglujust in the las hours talking about who these jon? >> tracie potts, thank you very much. we'll expect a chain of reactions with snowden leaving the airport. meantime, breaking news in
6:32 am
santa clara where police are 9s)ts ofg0-÷ a woman violently attacked near santa clara university. i happened near 1:30 at a park main streets. the attacker, a man, is believed to have some sort of weapon, possibly a knife. the victim was able to get away. a police dog was able to track the man's scent but lost it on the campus. bob redell will have the latest in a live report coming up in 15 minutes. a former south bay youth sports referee commit convicted of committing lewd acts with teenage girls set to be sentenced later this month. 50-year-old scott domnauer facing more than 14 years in prison. on tuesday he was convicted of 21 counts for sending pornography to three different teenage girls and meeting them for, quote, sexual purposes. the monterey county sheriff's office started investigating domnauer next year when he contacted a 14-year-old girl on social media.
6:33 am
he was later arrested at his home in san jose. his sentencing is scheduled for august 30th. this morning we now know the small plane that crashed in south lake tahoe was headed to palo alto. that's according to a preliminary report released by ntsb officials. witnesses say the plane crashed shortly after taking off last monday morning. the pilot, 67-year-old stephen/ lust ton of palo alto was killed and his wife seriously hurt. a u.s. soldier who died in the korean war will be laid to rest today here in the bay area. the remainsjd class joseph steinberg arrived by plane to san jose on tuesday. steinberg was captured during the korean war and then held in a pow camp until his death in 1951. his remains were recently identified through dna testing. steinberg will be buried at
6:34 am
golden gate national cemetery in san bruno where his three brothers are also buried. it's 6:33 right now. that means it is time to check the forecast, giving you a live look outside. the sun peekingágx through the clouds this morning. what are we in store for? >> like visual artwork there. >> it's magic. >> intriguing, yes. mother nature magic. >> looks good, christina. >> i got more magic for you two. you want the magic? magic is in napa this morning where they're harvesting today for the sparkling wine. yeah, some of this wine, the grapes that there har resting today may not even have anybody tasting it for another 15, 20 years. so cool to live here and really great to show you this shot because it gives you an idea of just how clear it is over the north bay this morning. we've had plenty of fog all week until today, mostly socked in conditions at this time of the morning. but you get those clear skies. look what happens. your temperatures drop like a
6:35 am
rock. seven degrees koolg cooler this morning than yesterday. also runningku cooler in san jo, two: to fourd;ydegrees. 56 in concord, 55 in san jose, 48 in gilroy. a beautiful day shaping up for us. we'll see the winds play a factor yet again today. atmosphere and keeping that dense cool fog from settling right to the surface. for today, count on the billing breeze and highs work out like this. bay side 78 degrees, 59 at the coast with more sunshine for today. your numbers will come up at your beaches. i'll have that forecast in my next report. we'll show you the seven day outlook. take a look at the weekend. mike is here to help you get there at least on time. >> i hope so. this is a slowdown, though. you've got to avoid this north 101. this is from tullie road toward alum rock and mckee. i moved the camera around. i can't see it because trees are blocking my view. there is a pickup truck in the
6:36 am
lanes. chp is not yet on scene and we see the traffic flow continuing to change. i thought lanes had cleared because it was flowing a little better. now i see the slowdown and it continues to build up toward tullie road towards 680 oovps and jamming at the interchange. as you get toward mckee, things are moving more smoothly. we're waiting for the update from chp. we had a stalled pickup truck causing that problem and still got the backup back toward capital expressway. north 87 shows slowing because of the volume of traffic. and some folks might choose that if they can over 101 knowing about the slowdown near alum rock. here is the tri-valley. your eastbound direction, showing a different flow. we saw the slowing spread out past north land road. it's compacted back again toward the construction area. may still have the road crew with the code zones moving eastbound to 580, unexpected slowing toward tracy. coming from tracy, the earlier
6:37 am
big rig cleared. that caused more problems coming into livermore. livermore to dublin, it created a break for you folks. through the castro valley area, slowing now building 880 southbound toward union city. it is 6:37 right now. still ahead, a heartfelt moment, a final farewell for a bride-to-be. we'll show you the tribute planned for a new york woman tragically killed in a crash just two weeks before her wedding day. plus sentencing day for the man accused of keeping three women captive for almost a these are live pictures from the courtroom this morning. this is the attorney for aerial castro addressing the judge. we'll get a look at what prosecutors are planning to reveal to the rest of his life. right now on a much lighter subject, how about that? a hot air balloon high over napa valley happeningym right now.
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be happy. be healthy. happening now, sentencing is under way for ariel castro, the cleveland man who held three women captive inside his home for about a decade. castro faces life in prison plus 1,000 years. these are actual live pictures where prosecutors are detailing
6:41 am
castro's daily sass assaults on those women. prosecutors also asking the judge to ban castro from ever seeing his 6-year-old daughter again who was born to one of the women he actually held hostage. today's hearing could take up to four hours. we're also streaming it live on today from new york, a funeral being held today for a soon-to-be bride who died during a boat crash on new york's hudson river. the service for lindsay stewart being held at the church where she would have been married next week that. is beyond heart-wrenching and heartbreaking. stewart was aboard a power boat on friday. her fiancee was injured and the best man was also killed. the man driving the power boat has been arrested and he will be arraigned in the hospital on first degree manslaughter counts. >> how sad for that groom, the pain he must be going through. >> just hard to imagine.
6:42 am
it's 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking news we've been following all morning long. it happened in the south bay. an attack a couple blocks away from santa clara university. we'll tell you how a young woman broke free from a man who came up from behind her with a knife. also, it's the end of an extended layover. breaking details as edward snowden leaves the airport in moscow for the first time in a month. >> up, up and away. what a beautiful start to the day in napa. hot air balloon, scenic view. things are going to change over the course of the weekend but today looks fantastic. we're going to take you through the changes, your full forecast in moments. >> that looks great. this will not soon. north 101 at marsh. new crash on the peninsula. i'm tracking it.
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an update right now to breaking news for you. edward snowden's attorney now confirming to nbc's jim maceda that edward snowden has, in fact, entered russia. his attorney saying snowden was granted refugee status earlier today and he can legally stay in russia for up to one year. the attorney will not say where the airport. he says his location being kept secret for security reasonsj(%ñ we have not yet received any comment from the white house. >> it is a critical day in the push to avoid another b.a.r.t. strike. if negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its labor unions don't progress, workers could issue a 72-hour strike notice tonight. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in oakland with how other transit agencies are preparing for a strike. good morning. >> reporter: good7 you. only four days of negotiating
6:46 am
left. this morning b.a.r.t. sent out a it's still trying to rein in soaring benefit costs. also today b.a.r.t.'s unions and other supporting unions are planning a big rally starting at frank ogawa plaza downtown, demanding morejf concessions fr b.a.r.t. if a strike does happen and trains don't roll next week, the metropolitan transportation commission wants you to get it measures traffic congestion and posts in realtime information from caltrans to chp road sensors and radar. they share information minute by minute as it's hag on how photographic is moving, drive times and routes. >> these kind of transportation emergencies is really what 511 is built for. >> i'm commuting from union city to berkeley right now. i would have to find another way without driving. that would be pretty tough. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. normally serves 400,000 riders each day.
6:47 am
as we saw before, the extension, the impact could be huge. locallynh expect impact on the streets because of this rally at 5:00 atgnp frank ogawa plaza with a march through the street to b.a.r.t. headquarters at 6:00 today. >> one we are closely watching. thank you, christie. if a strike happens stay with nbc bay area. you've got to get to work. we have all the work-arounds to help you avoid those traffic tie-ups. our b.a.r.t. strike coverage will start on "today in the bay"erly at 4:00 a.m. on monday. our coverage will continue throughout the day air, online and on >> keep that in mindñno on the sunday night slumber party we were planning, we have to go to betterly. >> dark circles monday morning. >> not just monday morning. that will leave a mark throughout the week. >> you see them now? >> come on now. you both have beautiful complexes. 6:47. we have a beautiful day shaping
6:48 am
up. we have a return of the dry california heat. we'll get rid of a lot of that moisture and smoke that came into the bay area from fires burning in oregon finally mixin- out today. 6:48. is san francisco where we're not starting out with a solid gray cloud deck. you can see the clouds breaking apart. ñ burning off the top layer of clouds. we do have reduced visibility to tell you about up in the north bay. santa rosa dropped off to a quarter mile. you want to travel cautiously. elsewhere we're looking good. ten miles or better across the board. let's take youznó through hour-by-hour chang5!> 55 in livermore, 59 in oakland. more 40s popping up on the map you might need that jacket right now in gilroy. you can peel it off later today. san jose will be about 70 degrees at noon. 69 at lunchtime. and 59 degrees, a cool day shaping up around the water. the inner bay and the media coast headed your way today.
6:49 am
hey, you can't beat these numbers when you consider we could be in the trip ill digits. the average for livermore closer to 90 degrees. today 78 degrees headed your way. 68 in fremont and 76 in redwood city which i've been accused of not giving enough love tochlt maybe you can tag team on that. we love you read wood city. temperatures through the upcoming weekend are going to warm up, but not for long. we'll cool you right back off monday, tuesday into wednesday. let's check on the drive on the peninsula and beyond with mike inouye. >> we'll start there. we love you read wood city. a little tough getting from palo alto because of this. this is the backup north from willow right here and university where our camera is located heading north toward marsh where is a new crash is reported blocking the fast lanes. we'll look at the map and show you there isn't a slowdown coming up to the area. these sensors jamming up toward marsh. there's rhett wood city, lots of love, but a problem south of
6:50 am
there. in the south bay, a smooth flow but moving a little better north 101. no chp confirmation. the earlier stalled pickup may have been moved from the lanes over the last few minutes because i've seen a little recovery passing tullie toward alum rock where the stalled pickup had been reported for quite some time. that sort of rippled back. some folks tried to avoid it by taking north 87. that sent more traffic over there and into downtown guadalupe parkway. there's a slower drive. indications here of slog.u at 85 and 87. that might mean a slow day. we'll track guadalupe heading intooizñ san jose as well. over here, south 880 as you pass do koto. the distraction, although the fire doesn't sound like a big deal. as you head southbound that smoke causing the distraction. more volume of traffic out of union city and hayward. that's it for south 880.
6:51 am
no major concern, nothing unusual. here in the tri-valley it shows westbound recovering quite a bichlt eastbound still slow because of the late breaking construction crews which may stick around until 9:00 a.m. the bay bridge has a backup right here. actually not that bad. just to tend of the parking lot. an update to breaking news in the south bay where a woman says while walking overnight she was violently attacked bay man near santa clara university. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live where the attack happened. he has the latest details. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. police are trying to figure out whether this attack this morning that happened several hours ago is connected to an attack that took place against a woman last friday morning. the one this morning dock place around 1:307e near where we're near the park at lexington and main in santa clara. santa clara police are not saying much right now. we believe her attacker a man, might have had a weapon, perhaps a knife.
6:52 am
she was able to get away. a police dog was also able to track his scent but lost it on the campus just a couple blocks away. last friday morning, around 4:00, there was an attack at the 2800 block of homestead road also in santa clara, about two miles away from our location. in that instance a woman was sexually assaulted. police are still looking for the man who entered through a bathroom window and then attacked her. again, they are not saying one way or another whether these two attacks are related. reporting live in santa claire rarks bob redell, "today in the bay." we have a followup this morning, san jose state police say they have arrested a man connected to an on campus beating that sent a 22-year-old man to the hospital. police believe the attacker and the victim knew each other. on tuesday nightolice say the two men got into a fight and the attacker slammed the victim's head into the concrete numerous times. the victim was take tone the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
6:53 am
now to continuing coverage of the crash landing of asiana flight 214 at sfo. this morning federal investigators right now looking into claims attorneys were simply hounding victims starting very soon after that crash landing back on july 6th. the ntsb has cited a chicago-based firm for further investigation into its online and in-person contact with victims. under u.s. law attorneys are not allowed to initiate contact with air disaster victims until at least 45 days have passed. but victims are allowed toé initiate% a chinese professor seriously injured in the crash became the first foreign passenger to file a lawsuit here in the united states. a former united airlines baggage handler accused of stealing from travelers at sfo george reyes pleaded not guilty
6:54 am
to stealing personal property from luggage. they began investigating reyes after more than 50 complaints were filed by customers about items missing from bags. the teenager suspected of trying to kill a mill valley couple and trying to steal celebrity shaef guy fieri's lamborghini expected in court today. max wade being held over for trial on attempted murder and vehicle theft charges. that trial set to start in september. the host of a south bay blood drive turned away from his own event. campbell mayor evan low was deferred or banned from giving blood yesterday because he's gay. the fdaism posed a lifetime ban on gay donors since 1983 in response to the aids scare. mayor low calls it discrimination and he's calling on the fda to review thepfe 31-year-old ban and repeal it. >> i'm disappointed i'm not able certainly the criteria that was determined to figure out whether
6:55 am
or not an eligible candidate is faulty, one could simply lie on the form and you can still test the blood. íñ@ú in response the american r cross says it's following the fda's lead. the red cross says there are other ways the gay community could support blood donation like sponsoring a drive. exterminators back at a good will warehouse on the peninsula this morning looking for signs of a bedbugbn) infestation. yesterday a dog that's able to sniff out and detect those bugs went through that entire donation center and ended up finding nothing so far. good will officials were concerned there might have been some cross contamination with a warehouse in san francisco where those pests were found just last week. treatment at the facility will start taking place later today. the fight against a deadly west nile virus is ramping up in the south bay tonight. for the second time in less than a week, vector control crew also be fogging for mosquitos. the fogging is scheduled to start at 11:00 tonight, weather
6:56 am
permitting. lit take several hours. vector control district says west nile is very active in the county this year. officials are warning people to protect themselves from mosquito bites and eliminate standing water on their properties. a very important heads-up for you. a kansas city company recalling more than 50,000 pounds of ground beef nationwide because the beef could be contaminated with e. coli. the national beef packing company issued the voluntary recall yesterday after a sample of its product tested positive for that bacteria. the products were produced on july 18th and they were shipped to sellers nationwide. at this point it's unclear whether any of that recalled product actually made it here to the bay area. but here is what you should know the recalled beef, those products have all had the establishment number est 208-a. that would be inside the usda mark of inspection. the products were sold under the
6:57 am
brand names national beef, naturesource and naturewell. have we got a treat for you. take a look at this live look. >> a couple of treats. >> we are live in napa this morning, the beautiful hot air balloons rising in a clear sky. sun is up. so are the workers. they are har resting -- >> hey, three treats. a party out there. spark grapes. it's been so warm it's taking place earlier this year. >> that would be cool to ride in one of those. have you done that before? >> we have not. >> put that on a list, more things we need to do. >> bucket list. >> christina loren, beautiful out there. >> weather plays a big factor in those hot air balloon rides. you go up to the upper level, and ki tell you the higher you go, the less friction you have and the more wind speed you get. looking good for a hot air balloon ride today. 79 inland, 70 bay sirksd at the we're noticing fog starting to
6:58 am
develop right at the immediate coast. du every 15 minutes flew out the "today" show. he's been tracking your drive all morning log and that's picking up for you. >> we have better news. north 101, i moved the camera south. basically from university toward marsh we have the backup for the northbound side. the earlier crash that was blocking the fast lane and the center divide had cleared. now you'll be recovering from palo alto. also still slow northbound 101 coming toward me from 680 past alum rock avenue. kant get a confirmation yet from chp, but we see traffic moving more smoothly. it looks like the pickup truck has been moved through thedó lanes. slow past capital expressway and tullie past 680 toward 880. crew on the scene. as you get past that and toward mission boulevard, you see that buchbing up as we typically see
6:59 am
in the morning commute. 6:58. a final check of the day'sy=ut stories. police investigating a very violent attack on a woman near the santa clara university campus. police say the man attacked the woman at the corner of lexington and main street a couple blocks and main&háhp &hc&couple blocks the incident comes less than a week after another woman was attacked inside her home just about two miles away. we can also tell you b.a.r.t. unions planning a protest march in oakland as the deadline for the contract negotiations approaches. union representatives saying if b.a.r.t. doesn't agree to their demands by tomorrow morning, they'll be issuing their 72-hour strike knowive. fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden has left the moscow air part after being granted asylum to snowden for one year. we'll be [ back at 7:25 wia live local news update, but not before we leave you -- >> a gorgeous shot here. back in the '70s, one of my
7:00 am
favorite songs by the fifth dimension "up, up and away in my beautiful balloon." that will take you away. hopefully floating on air. >> that would be nice. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a great day. good morning morning. breaking news. edward snowden leaves moscow's airport for the first time in more than a month after being granted temporary asylum in russia. we're live in moscow and the white house. happening right now, air yen castro in court r sentencing in the cleveland kidnapping case. and one of his victims is expected to be there. new details of the horrors the women face emerge from diaries they kept in captivity. and expecting. simon cowell reportedly having a baby with the wife of oneover his closest friends, as he gets dragged into an ugly divorce battle.


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