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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 5, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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at 11:00 a.m., we are stories. we want to start with the one that's happening right now in the south bay. this is a live look at all the activity where san jose detectives are looking into what could be the city's 23rd homicide of the year. they are trying to figure out how a body ended up in a bag inside a shopping cart. that bag, as you can see there, is now on the ground behind that gray barrier. this is near san juan mexico kan restaurant near st. james park. no word who the victim is. investigators are investigating the person was homeless. no arrests have been made. >> san jose announces the city's 22 kd homicide of the year.
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the attacks actually happened on sunday but the victim was recently pulled off life support. 58-year-old francisco lugo jumped near the intersection of 12th and jackson that isokí ne backesto park. his family telling nbc area lugo was trying to help a person chased. that is when he was hit in the back of the head. this time it's unú]9 if a weapon was used. police at this hour still looking for the attacker. lets now take you to the breaking national news at this hour. this is a live look at the scene in philadelphia where rescue teams are trying to remove one person from the rubble of an: collapsed building. thirteen other people have been taken to nearby hospitals with injuries described as minor. this video here captured from a chopper earlier. philadelphia's mayor said the four-story building was in the process of being demolished when it collapsed onto a salvation army store. rescuers using buckets and their bare hands to remove brick and
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rubble as they try to reach the final victim. crews trying to rescue one person in a collapsed building in philadelphia. we will keep you updated on all these breaking news stories. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'll marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. developing news. this one a huge story. one of the players front and center in what could be major league baseball biggest doping scandal in history now minutes away from taking the mound, colon facing the threat of another suspension as he gets ready to take on milwaukee brewers. >> for the latest on this story lets go to bob redell who is live at corning, bob. >> reporter: you've got two ball players with connections to the team and the scandal involving performance enhancing drugs. you'veéf got a's pitcher bart
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colon and melky cabrera. he's back ne park as a blue jay. they are part of 20 players that could be suspended by major league baseball. in a couple of days anthony bosch, an informant for mlb is expected to link the players to performance enhancing drugs. bosch, from the clinic in miami agreed to drop the dime on these players in exchange mlb will drop a lawsuit it has filed against him. it would not be the first time colon has been linked to performance enhancing drugs. you might recall last year the positive for elevated levels of testosterone. >> that's crazy. i know sports, supposed to be clean. come on, man. the guy already paid the price. >> baseball was turning a blind
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eye to it because it was bringing in the home runs and filling the stadiums. we live in a capitalist society and money is the key. >> so you don't think they should be suspending these players. >> yeah. if they are found to be guilty, you've got to pay the piper. that's all part of society. >> reporter: the league suspended melky cabrera last year for a similar situation. last night's game, toronto against the giants was his first time playing in sf since his suspension. he told "usa today" at the game he was unaware of this new report. he said if he were suspended again, it would be a harsh punishment because he already served his sentence, he believes. bosch is also expected to name superstar alex rodriguez who has before admitted to using performance enhancing drugs and ryan braun, national league mvp from 2011. he plays for the brewers, which is right now, as i mentioned, taking on the oakland a's at their home in milwaukee.
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reporting live outside in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. across the bay san francisco has been scratched off the list of cities participating in this three-day walk for breast cancer awareness. it's a surprising move by the susan g. komen foundation. just spoke with a breast cancer survivor who once took the walk and stopped after they made a controversial decision4 with planned parenthood. >> reporter: good morning, marla. just spoke with a woman who survived breast cancer for four years. as much as she supports the cause, she wasn't surprised the three-day walk was scrapped in seven cities. she walked it here in san francisco three times but decided to leave last year. she said she did that in part because of the flack with planned parenthood. the founder of susan g. komen
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cure tried to defund planned parenthood, including cancer screening. affiliates opposed that move. there has been a drop in participation. a spokesman said it could be the planned parenthood flack ank with other charities. she enjoyed the three day walk but last year with a number of other women to join another group. she just hopes the end three-day walk in the seven cities doesn't hurt awareness and research funding. >> it is unfortunate. maybe they need to regroup and rethink what they do. walked in those cities, that represented those walks, they will do what i did, turn to other organizations. because i know that what we are trying to do is support research and help people thisre through thedisease. >> reporter: she says her new group, the immediate impact breast cancer walk is much smaller and funds three
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organizations here in san francisco that help women with breast can cancer. we have calls into the strahan affiliate but haven't heard back this morning. seven cities will have the three-day walk. this goes io effect in 2014 and doesn't affect the race for the cure. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> christy, thank you very much. more breaking news to tell you about. the florida lottery says the winner of the largest powerball jackpot ever has finally come forward to claim that prize. lotto officials at this point are not releasing the person's identity. that's probably a good idea early on. we can tell you it is a woman from zephyrhills, florida where that winning ticket was sold. she's got to be partying right now. lottery officials plan to hold a news conference sometime later on today. the winner of the $590 million jackpot will not actually be there, again, she's probably off busy doing other things. the winner's identity has been a mystery since last month's
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drawing. congratulations. >> good for her. back in the bay area crews found no one inside a vehicle attorney home that caught fire in oakland this morning. it broke out around 7:00 at 7th and harrison street. neighbors and investigators aren't sure but they do suspect squatters may have started the fire. the same house caught fire in january and it has been empty every since. pulling an suv out of the water at berkeley park. the vehicle ended up making a big-time splash following an overnight chase. officers started following a black range rover on the bridge at 10:30. why they were pursuing it remains unclear. the chase ended up making its way through berkeley ending up at the aquatic park. chp said the driver drove the suv right into the water and then he was able to get out of the vehicle and swim back to shore on his own. officers, they were there to take him into custody. no word yet on the charges he'll be facing but chp telling us it
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believes it might have had a run-in before the crash. a crash that killed a 3-year-old boy, the boy's father and mother in the hospital this morning. mother is clinging to life. fremont police say the car the boy was in was speeding down the parkway yesterday afternoon when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree. the 3-year-old was thrown from the car and died there. the milpitas family was reportedly headed to a water park. law enforcement agencies all across the bay area now need your help finding the men responsible for three brazen armed bank robberies. we have surveillance photos here to show you featuring one of the men@at cathay bank on millbrae. the trio likely connected to another robbery in san francisco that happened yesterday. the very same three are believed to be responsible for a third robbery as well, that one at a
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wells fargo bank back on april 19th. police say in all three of the robberies, the men jumped behind the teller's counter and then took the money. witnesses in÷ two of those robberies, they say the suspects took off in a light colored older model sedan similar to a ford taurus. >> police release add sketch of the man who groped a woman on a popular jogging trail. they would like you to see it. here it is. they are looking for hispanic, or biracial man in his 20s wearing clear stud earrings. he might have tattoos on her arms. he was following a woman on a trail in the baylands nature preserve when he jumped on this woman's back and groped her. she fought him off. two bicyclists on the trail fought him away. police stepped up patrols paragraph president obama returning to south bay tomorrow. it's causing unexpected headaches for students about to graduate. security will be tight in and around san jose. that's the trouble for 400 students at bernal intermediate
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school. they are supposed to graduate tomorrow afternoon at a ceremony in park side hall. town, the roads in that area will be completely shut down, so the school principal is nowómo encouraging people to take light rail into the area. the president's visit is also expected to cause some expected troubles for downtown businesses. president obama we can tell you is scheduled to leave town friday morning. >> still ahead, did a reality tv show cross the line? a rare shark killed off our coast has some in the bay area crying foul. plus a shake-up in the obama administrati administration. his national security officer stepping down. the person taking over for him, no stranger to controversy. plus if you had a hammer, you'd have a job. we'll take a look in business news. >> i guess it's hammer time. good morning to you, temperatures right now in the sick and 70s. we are headed towards a picture perfect day, once we get rid of
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those low clouds and then the heat is on. near record warmth just 48 houro away. i'll let you know when that heat will break. your full forecast coming up when nbc bay area comes right back. [ male announcer ] a north atlantic lobster tail
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alongside a tender sirloin steak. it's sizzler's steak and lobster sensation for just $16.99! sizzler. there is growing outrage in the bay area over a massive shark killed on the southern california coast.ez this 1300 pound shark was reeled huntington beach during the taping of a reality show. a group said the shark did not taping of a reality show to die. it could have been released back into the ocean. the group said mako sharks must live 16 years before they give birth and a three-year period between pregnancies. while it's unclear how many sharks there are, the director is outraged. >> i think it's juvenile. so you can have it on a wall?
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jump in the water with the shark and see what it's like. >> he says he hopes the release will send an important message. he said sharks are at the top of the food chain. when their new mexico decreased it disrupts the ecological balance. >> from books, clothes, computers, kitchen sink if you need one, you probably know it's all available on amazon. now the giant is working on delivering fresh produce to your house. amazon may be expanding its ecommerce empire to grocery services. according to sources familiar with the situation amazon fresh may roll out services to los angeles as early as this week and possibly to the bay area later on this year. the internet retail giant has already been delivering fresh produce, testing things out in the hometown of seattle. >> more good news about the economy this morning. >> yes, indeed. the prestigious anderson forecast has great things to say about right here in california.
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scott mcgrew, we should be proud we're ahead of everybody but utah. >> yes, good morning. the golden state outshines everyone but the beehive state, california has the second fastest growing economy in the u.s. and half -- half of all job growth in the state is due to technology. now, construction jobs, they are returning, too. in fact, the report said good, skilled labor is hard to find in construction. why? because construction took the biggest hit in the recession. many of the people in the trades moved away. so if you do not want to be an engineer, grab yourself a hammer. house prices are up as we've reported in the past. anderson not breaking any new ground there but economists continue to think this is primarily because of reduced supply. there are not that many houses for sale. with low mortgage rates and a recovering economy, low supply and high demand means high prices. now, that's what's going on in california. looking nationally, the anderson
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forecast not quite as happy about what's going on there. they say we are still in very tough economic times and they don't see recovery nationwide any time soon. back to you. >> okay, scott. thank you very much. a major change for president obama's national security team, announcing his resignation, top national security adviser taking place next month. replacing him, susan rice. you may remember rice was supposed to be nominating as secretary of state. she ended up bowing out because of the backlash over benghazi terror attack. the president in front of the white house talking about today's new changes. lets listen in. >> replace susan in new york, samantha powell.
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>> when i first asked tom to join my team, i knew i was getting our nation's foremost policy leaders, key understanding of his and our nation's place in the world. he shared my view,lpñ in order renew leadership for the 21st century, we had to fundamentally rebalance our foreign policy. more than that he knew how we could do it. tom is a combination of strategic and tactical. a strategic sense of where we need to go and a tactical sense of how to get there. moreover tom's work ethic is legendary. he began service in the carter white house when he was just 22 years old somehow he's been able to maintain the same drive and enthusiasm and reverence for serving in government.
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he's helped shape every national security, including security strength at home to ending the war in iraq. here at the white house tom oversaw the operation that led us to bin laden. he's helped keep our transition on track as we wind up the war in afghanistan. >> there you have it. outside the white house, talking about the national security adviser stepping down. he will beñ replaced by u.n. security adviser susan rice. >> nice to see him replaced by a woman. >> she's been a top adviser. >> in the meteorology department christina loren. >> good day. taking a live look on the improving sky, camera shaking, it's the winds clearing out cloud cover. the flags at sfo for the past four hours have finally been lifted. look at cities pointing out winds from the west.
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we have quite a strong westerly flow. look at all the green here. as a result uniform temperatures, you're at 66 in concord, 66 san jose, and 62 degrees in santa cruz. that's all courtesy of that robust on-shore flow. we're going to lose that as we head through tomorrow. thick, low clouds on the coastline at that point. that means cool marine influence will be cut off and temperatures are going to climb as a result. high pressure moves in quickly as it sets up over the great basin it's going to take our winds and push them offshore. talking about dry, northerly down sloping potential fire winds that can be very dangerous here in the bay area especially thursday, friday, and saturday. so keep that in mind. we're going to see triple digits in just a couple days. 'g. 81 in livermore, 97 by friday. san francisco 62 today, up to 80 degrees by friday. so this heat is going to come on quickly. we're going to jump in temperatures very seasonal to record breaking warmth friday into saturday. those are going to be the
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hottest days. those are the days you want a bull's eye for the beach if you can get out there. if not, count on seeking shade, trying to stay cool. i like the sweet taste of ice cold lemonade. i don't know about you guys. after that cooldown sunday into monday, temperatures leveling off back to seasonal averages. getting into summertime, kids getting off for school this week. have a great summer. jon and marla. >> sounds good. i like a little lemonade and iced tea, arnold palmer. >> under a weeping willow tree. >> someone waving at me. a second chance, how about former raider jamarcus russell. tell you who is giving this kid another shot.
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this is second chance, way to wipe off the title, all-time biggest bust.
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former raider jamarcus russell could soon be on the field. >> russell one of four quarterbacks working out for chicago bears onko2 friday, this according to espn. no word if the bears are serious. he's dropped 50 pounds to get in game shape and working with former quarterback jeff garcia in san diego. russell was released by the raiders in 2010 and he hasn't played for a pro team since then. >> coming up after the break, one of those things you love to see, a military surprise in "sin city." >> the amazing moment when an airman reunites with his family right after the break. .
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right now a quick programming note to tell you about. the french open tennis taking over this time. tomorrow and friday will bump our 11:00 a.m. newscast right off the air. never fear, marla, christina and i will be back at 11:00 a.m. on monday. make sure to join us then. we want to finish up with a heartwarming story we can't get
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enough of. nevada airman just home from a tour of duty in afghanistan. got a surprise, the children there, at a priority show. >> he surprised his daughters 10-year-old allie and hallie during the sirens. >> look at those hugs. >> the f-16 fighter pilot got a warm welcome as he joined people on stage. needless to say they are ecstatic. >> they are not going to let go of daddy. >> he's happy his secret mig was a success. part of the credit goes to his wife laurie who did things under wraps for the surprise. they must have been able to pull serious strings to get involved with that performance. >> did you see the wife with tears. you see that story over and over over the past couple of years, never gets old. >> warms the heart. thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00, and
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10:00. good-bye, everyone. >> see you tomorrow.
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