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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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deadly confrontation. >> reporter: families keep arriving to drop off flowers at the memorial. we know the officers spent some time talking to the suspect before he opened fire. the santa cruz sheriff's office says those officers never had a chance, and this community is still trying to come to grips with that tragedy. >> looks like a 9 mill. >> reporter: this is what robert mitchell says he pulled out of the side of his van. >> luck, very much so. i pulled up here probably say ten minutes before the gun fight. >> reporter: investigators say sergeant butch baker and officer elizabeth butler spent less than ten minutes with goulet talking through a closed door, asking him about a sexual assault he was accused of. he shot both of them before
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taking their guns and patrol car. >> neither officer was wearing body armor at the time of the incident. however, body armor would not have helped. >> reporter: goulet later returned to the scene in the unmarked patrol car. that's when the gun fight began and goulet was killed. leaders in santa cruz say they are still at a loss. >> there's no playbook for this. we've never been through this. we don't have guidelines. we don't know what the next steps are. >> reporter: after the gun fight, police say they discovered goulet was carrying a passport and plain ticket to new mexico. a memorial for the officer also be held march 7 at 11:00 a.m. here in santa cruz. we should mention for the past 48 hours, a sheriff's office and california highway patrol have been patrolling the streets some time to give the officers time to grieve.
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officer also be back on patrol tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. today, pope benedict xvi made history when he left his position, abdicating his position as pontiff. bells tolled as a helicopter took off. the pope, leaving behind cheering crowds in st. peter's square as he flew off to a new life of retirement. benedict officially resigned. now a tense period of waiting begins to figure out who will be the next leader of the catholic church. marianne ahern is at the vatican. >> reporter: earlier today, one of the cardinals who met with the pope noticed just how frail he was. so as benedict leaves the huge world stage, he now says he will
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live a quiet life in prayer. in dramatic fashion, benedict xvi with close aides left the vatican by helicopter, flying over the classic buildings of the roman skyline at dusk, as he ledded to the papal summer residence. in st. peter's square, some in crowd were weeping as the helicopter passed overhead. >> feel a little sad, it's emotional. i have a lot of respect for the pope. >> reporter: he offered one last papal blessing. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: later, the swiss guards walked away, signaling his retirement is official. clearly, at 85 years old, his failing health was the driving factor. >> he said, it is time now for
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me to submit my resignation, so that someone with more vigor and with better physical health with take up those reigns and govern the church. >> reporter: in his final remarks to the cardinals earlier today, he hoped to put aside concerns about two living popes by promising obedience to his successor. >> he's been a good friend in very subtle ways sometimes because he's a very quiet person. >> reporter: cardinals will begin their first preliminary meetings on monday. they'll set a timeline for the conclave that will decide the next pope. >> that was marianne ahern reporting from the vatican. as people around the world watched history unfold at the vatican, bay area catholics are reacting tonight. we caught up with parishioners in down soun san jose. father joseph benedict is pastor and he says his job during this time is to help parishioners maintain the stability of their
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faith. one parishioner we spoke with says he doesn't believe a new pope will change much for him. >> definitely i think the administrative part of the church, but in terms of believing in the lord, it doesn't change that. >> there will be a special mass tonight to celebrate the pope's retirement. >> the justice department says gay marriage should be allowed in california and made that statement on the prop 8 case. the move does not come as a surprise after attorney general eric holder called it the last civil rights issue. the case before the court will be the first to directly confront the justices with the question whether the u.s. constitution gives gays and lesbians a right to marry. according to a new field poll, 61% of california voters now approve of same-sex marriage. the number has steadily increased over time, especially since 2008 when voters passed the ban on same-sex marriage. the field poll indicates support
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for gay marriage is up in all demographics, young voters are leading the way. california gay marriage advocates hope the supreme court strikes down prop 8. but if they lose the legal battle, the field poll indicates they may fair better. congress left the capitol for the weekend without a deal. two senate measures aimed at stopping the sequester failed to advance. leaders are set to attend a white house meeting on friday with the president. but there's little expectation the last-minute face-to-face talk will end up in a deal. the president has until 11:59 tomorrow night to sign off on the cuts. officials say he won't do so until after meeting the congressional leaders. the violence against women act was renewed this morning. it sets standards from how to protect women and some men from domestic abuse. it's credited are helping reduce
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domestic abuse by 2/3 over the past 20 years. brian williams will have more on these stories coming up at 5:30. still ahead -- a man who became famous in the boxing ring, what he's doing on a bay area stage. plus, recently in the bay area, we've seen several fake crime reports and hoaxes. coming up, i look at the real consequences of the fake reports. good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. mill valley at 74. black hawk at 72. if you're going to the film festival tonight, might need that light jacket. temperatures in the upper 50s. i'm back with the record heat for tomorrow in just a few.
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it never happened. uc santa cruz police today announced a reported rape on campus was just a hoax. and the coast guard is investigating a hoax from a sinking boat off the coast of monterey. >> reporter: for the past 11 days, all 17 officers at the uc santa cruz police department have been searching round the clock for a rapist, after a 21-year-old said she was sexually assaulted on campus. turns out that report was a lie. >> i think the bigger impact was -- [ inaudible ] as well as the residence in the area. >> reporter: in january, san jose mother jennifer arrayo reported a man tried to snatch her 3-year-old daugter from her
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arms. more than 60 police units responded, canvassing the neighborhood. the woman later admitted she made the whole story up. >> you had investigators out there canvassing the area again, looking for potential suspects, talking to neighbors and things of that nature, when these investigators could have been working on other cases. >> reporter: the mother was arrested for falsely reporting a crime. a misdemeanor. but even if she is convicted, prosecutors say the maximum she faces is six months in jail and $1,000 fine. with most law enforcement agencies in the bay area already grappling with shrinking departments and major budget cuts, these hoaxes are putting an even greater strain on their ability to fight real crimes. >> when you come to find out that they've been lying to you, it's very frustrating. again, it's not fair to the other citizens within the city who are asking for our help and want us to go ahead and investigate their crimes. >> reporter: and it's not just
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law enforcement. just this week, the u.s. coast guard received a call claiming a sailboat with a couple and two young children was sinking 65 miles off the monterey coast. the coast guard launched an exhaustive 48-hour air and sea search for the family. the search is over, but the investigation into the suspected hoax is just beginning. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. oakland mayor jean kwan is apologizing for a class on how to pick locks. when she supported a lock picking class, it didn't go overwhelm with a city that burglaries spiked 40% last year. the mayor said she'll do a better job reviewing listings in the future. the agency's board of directors decided to adopt boosting fees based on bhanldz.
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an average one-way fare will go up 19 cents starting in january. in oakland, it's a $5 flat rate. some parking rate also go up as early as april. others follow in about a year. >> now to an follow. the city of san jose is set to clear out a massive homeless encampment. we brought you the story about this. the cleanup will take place a week from tomorrow. at least 100 people are living in that makeshift tent city on spring street between taylor and heading street. each day, cleanup cost san jose between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the size of the encampment. a followup to a story we brought you yesterday. the huge sinkhole caused by a water main break in san francisco. it's been filled. at least six homes are yellow tagged and 23 homes are damaged from the flooding. 15th avenue remains closed as crews finish up repairs.
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iron mike tyson earned a lot of titles in his lifetime, boxer, champ, felon. now he's going by the title actor. he's performing his one-man show, the "indisputed truth." he talked about everything from his three years in prison to the famous bite on holyfield's ear. he also talks about finding peace in his life. >> everything i've done in life, i've made amends to and i still feel bad about it. you have to forgive yourself and i need to work on that more. >> reporter: this is his first visit to san francisco and is hoping to get in some shopping. the show runs the next three nights. >> quite the renaissance man. i was outside today and i was actually hot, jeff. i had to wear shorts. >> one of you likes it colder, one of you likes it warmer
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outside. a little bit of everything here for people across the bay area, the weather across the boards, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. translating to breezy weather. the peninsula and that continues to keep the pollen very high. it's going to be moderate to high over the next 24 hours and not expected to budge, at least until we get some rain in here. we have that coming up in the forecast. otherwise, temperatures are beginning to cool off down in the south bay and also at the immediate coastline, mid 50s in san francisco and san mateo. we have a marine layer in the peninsula right here for palo alto, but compressed way down to surface with high pressure aloft. that's the same area of high pressure that will produce our heat. off to the north, the sun continues to set. and down into san francisco, it looks magnificent. a little fog there, but not expecting a huge marine layer for this evening.
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so let's get you into the current pattern. we have this storm track just a few hundred miles off to the north. high pressure building offshore, mild weather as the ridge axis pushes across northern california tomorrow. that's going to be the peak of the heat for us. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. 50s and 60s at the coastline. 70s in the valleys. by this weekend, we get in on cooler weather and then eventually yes, even some rainfall. we'll advance this way into tuesday, 9:00 p.m., expecting a few areas of rainfall. then by wednesday morning of next week, we're looking at one of the first significant systems in a while that could dump up to a half inch in the north bay. so that's going to help to lower our allergies and improve that rain for the water season.
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for tomorrow morning, 46 in napa. 47 in san rafael and 45 in san jose. by the afternoon on friday, the sun is out and temperatures should surge three to five degrees. 73 in san jose. 72 in palo alto. and for the east bay, it looks incredible. can you really argue with a forecast like this for friday. end of the workweek, a lot of sunshine. it's going to feel great out here. close to 70 in san francisco, but you don't have to go far to find mid 70s. cooler of course near the coast. three-day forecast, we keep that sunny weather throughout friday. by saturday, we get some fog in here and a little drizzle. we'll see that continue into sunday morning's forecast. then as we head throughout next week, here it comes. change is back in the forecast. by tuesday, a chance of showers late. the rain day next week will be on wednesday where temperatures
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go from the mid 70s tomorrow all the way down to the 50s. then by thursday, lingering showers in the forecast. so this is all good news. >> good to mix it up. thanks, jeff. still ahead, how a former basketball player is trying out his own brand of diplomacy. and new clues in the fight against acne.
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in health matters tonight, a new way to have clearer skin could be on the horizon. researchers used pore cleansing strips to study skin bacteria. there are different strains of acne bacteria. good strains seem to protect the skin from clogged pores. the good strain has an element that works like an immune system and could prevent pimples from forming. listening to pandora may soon cost you.
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oakland's pandora decided to limit the amount of free streaming time before it starts charging. after 40 hours of music, you'll be charged 99 cents for the rest of the month. the company has been paying foremoney for the music it treatments. he's nope for crazy stunts but diplomacy? today, dennis roadman and the north korean leader watched an exhibition basketball game tomorrow. he's there filming a documentary for hbo. a spokesperson for the film told rodman -- said rodman told kim, you have a friend life. the communist leader is apparently a basketball fan, particularly of the 1990 chicago bulls fan, which rodman was a key player. >> we'll be right back.
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he said, you're just rubbing a featureless piece of glass. he made the comments in an effort to showcase google's new glasses, which can connect to the internet, snap photos and record video. >> very interesting. >> yes. some people like to touch the keys, i guess. >> i guess so. >> our forecast, beautiful, how long is it going to last? >> at least one more day. so a lot of you are excited about that. you can see from our oakland cam, we have haze, the air quality, moderate to low. tomorrow, mid 70s inland. we'll start with a little morning fog. by this weekend, sunday, a lot cooler as we'll also see morning fog and drizzle. then by monday next week, mid 60s and then as we head
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throughout tuesday, showers in here late in the evening. throughout wednesday, it's going to be our first significant storm system in a while. we could pick up a quarter to half inch. for thursday, lingering showers and temperatures in the low 60s. about a 10 to 20 degree temperature drop next week, but it's much needed. if you want the sun, tomorrow is your day. maybe call in sick, take the day off. >> no one is calling in sick. >> just saying. >> enjoy this night weather while we can. >> that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" is next. we'll be back at 6:00. >> bye-bye. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. on our broadcast tonight, a final farewell. something we've never witnessed before in our lifetime. a living pope has officially resigned. after a dramatic exit by helicopter, the door has closed on a papacy in an era of scandal for the church. now the church faces the future. leaving town. after weeks of dire warnings about devastating budget cuts set to take effect tomorrow, why are members of congress heading home on a thursday night for a long weekend? without doing something to stop it? brave new world. the amazing way doctors are offering hope to couples who thought they could never be able to have a child. and a wild treasure hunt now under way. millions of dollars in gold and diamonds hidden somewhere in the american west. if you find it, you keep it.
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and there are hints available as to where it's buried. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. tonight there is no pope to lead the catholic church. and for the over 1 billion catholics around the world, every moment from now on is all new territory. there's no precedent for what took place today. a pope stepping down, leaving town, on a helicopter, no less, followed by interim leadership for the church, then the election of a new pope. today at the vatican and in the air space over the city of rome, it was dramatic and historic. it was poignant, it was also, it should be pointed out, carefully produced as a television event by and for a catholic church actively dealing with scandal. so close to the pope himself, that it has affected the very number of cardinals who will be allowed to vote on the new one.


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