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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> a strong pitch which kicked off the first home game of the san. folks at at&t park eager to get inside and high five giants closer brian wilson. it was a little chilly but the sun was shining and, of course, it wouldn't be at&t park without some very devoted fans in mccovey cove. let's bring in henry wofford from comcast sports net from at&t park now. matt cain was on fire. >> absolutely you janelle. what a beautiful day for the giants home other, said it earlier, all set with the stow family setting the scene. once the players took the diamond, a lot of celebrating going on when this was over. 41,000 fans at the game today, sellout crowd, they got exactly what they wanted, a win by the orange and black, let's get to
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the highlight, 1962, giants honored before the game. bust irposie had his first home appearance since breaking his ankle. buster getting to work. hits off the center field wall. melky cabrera scores. 1-0, san francisco. as you mentioned, matt cain, this guy earning his money, top of the ninth two outs, crowd on his feet. alex presley grounds out the short gain. came over a one-hit shutout, striking out 11. giants win, 5-0 your final. by the way, matt cain, he sat down the first 17 batters he faced. this was his first start at home since signing that contract extension for five years and $112 million, just a great day for the san francisco giants. we will hear from matt cain for an hour during our 6:00
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newscast. reporting from san francisco, henry wofford, nbc bay area. >> we will check back with you at 6:00. matt cain flirting with a no-hurt, spectacular day at the ballpark. the hottest ticket in town. scoring giants tickets this entire season will be challenging and expensive. now, even if you are high profile that is the situation. former san francisco mayor gavin newsom says he has been relegated to the bleachers. >> you don't get tickets for big games now? the down side of being lieutenant governor? >> you can enjoy them now and they are not even offered them, a different gig. >> no tickets like you used to? better seats as mare than >> no tickets like you used to? better seats as mare than lieutenant see much more of this interview with newsom tonight on our 6:00 newscast. launching a new series, profiling you some of the bay area's most dynamic people. gavin newsom is critical of his boss, governor jerry brown, talked about his future in politics and how fatherhood changed his life ahead at 6:00.
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switching to the weather, people talking about the light show last night. we had records broken with this h this taken by david jones from an apartment in san francisco. tom robinson, also in san francisco, snapped this feet toe. alex in redwood shores took this amazing shot from lightning, the danger of what many experienced last night. rob my yet ta joins us with the numbers. rob? >> some of the numbers record breaking. get up to the lightning numbers a second. around the bay area we saw a month's worth of rain all in about 12 hours' time. one to two inches of rain oakland to san francisco. the east bay, moraga, san ramon, 1 1/2 inches, plus of rain. those are the monthly totals for the month of april that you saw coming down in pours. what about the 750-plus lightning strikes in unusually
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higher winds. wind sheer, kpept the thunderstorms going, witnessed with the severe thunderstorm warning we had for yesterday evening for san mateo county, larger hail and upper air setup last night. very rare to see it in the bay pair ya, you saw the net result of that, 750-plus lightning strikes last night. today, maybe a dozen or so. we have seen around the bay area, north bay and solano county, take you very closely here, see hail left behind from stronger storms still possible toward napa county and solano county for the next hour or so the weekend is looking different, like the forecast, have that for you coming up. raj? >> thank you. and then the cleanup from power outages to landslides, utility crews working around the clock. monte francis joins us from piedmont where a usually busy road has been shutdown because of a landslide. what are the details? >> a landslide has effectively
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shutdown moraga avenue and no word when it will reopen. you can see behind me that police do have the roadblocked off and just beyond those signs, that is where a massive amount of dirt around big trees came toppling down this morning. crews worked into the afternoon to remove a huge tree and about 60 cubic yards of dirt that came crashing down about 7:00 this morning. falling trees snapped some power lines, cutting power to about 65 homes. >> i thought maybe a tree came down because of the wind last night but i didn't expect a landslide. >> reporter: at least two inches of rain fell in piedmont and oakland during a 24-hour period, saturating the ground and causing the hillside to give way. >> startled. but i'm impressed by the way they are coming to fix everything and we have the engineers already looking at the
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dirt and the home that's above. that's impressive. >> we are working on getting the trees out now, but the hill side is fairly unstable, make sure we are doing right so it doesn't cause damage to the property or the safety of the people on the road. >> reporter: engineers from piedmont spent the afternoon examining a home sits on top of the hill trying to determine if it is safe for the homeowner to stay inside. >> depending on what the condition of the hill side is, we may have to evacuate them from the house. >> reporter: elsewhere in the bay area, street flooding prompted the chp to close down the 380 connector from highway 101 most of the day as crews used pumps to get rid of a few inches of standing water across the lane and one person was taken to the hospital after this crash on the highway 85 connecter to northbound 280. it was one of several crashes
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across the bay area today where slick roads were believed to have played a role. and pg&e says there are still 55 customers here without power and they should expect to have their power restored some time this evening. we are waiting to hear whether that home opener will be allowed back into his home tonight and there is still no word on how long moraga avenue will remain closed. live in piedmont tonight, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thank you. as we said, more than 750 lightning strikes and a few of them captured right here in this photograph. coming up in just a few minutes, we will introduce you to the man behind this picture, an instant classic that has now gone viral. today marks exactly one month since sierra lamar disappeared. today, sheriff deputies searched for any sign of the 15-year-old teen. after analyzing 1,000 sonar images, dive teams checked eight different locations in the reservoir. >> we are here today looking for
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more pieces of evidence that might be associated with the sierra lamar case. looking for anything that might be associated, things that shouldn't be here. >> so far, divers have not found anything related to the case. volunteers plan to search for sierra again this saturday and sunday. the family of a 67-year-old man who was bludgeoned to death in the driveway of his berkeley hills home says the police are partly to blame. peter sooker's two sons spoke out for the first time today since the february 18th incident, criticizing the police response after their father called about an intruder on his property. his son says reports that sooker called the nonemergency number is false. they say their father dialed a number that police describe on the website as an emergency line. >> i am aware that the police have stated that they made no mistake in their response to my father's call for help. we find this very disturbing. that a citizen's call for
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emergency help can go unanswered and lead to his death is not a mistake is wrong. >> sooker's family is asking that changes be made within the berkeley police department. the man charged with the murder has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial and today, a judge ordered him moved to napa state hospital. afternoon traffic in oakland was dramatically slowed today by a three-alarm warehouse fire. the building is located a few dozen feet from interstate 80 near fruitville avenue. drive course see the smoke pouring out, traffic in both direction. luckily, bricks winds sent all that dark smoke away from the freeway. a school on east 9th street was briefly evacuated. a civilian was hurt but not badly. he described the contents of warehouse a hodgepodge filled with old bicycles and furniture. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. still ahead here at 5:00, accused of cyberbullying, online comments made by three local
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students about a high school teacher has landed them in hot water but were their civil rights violated? this picture from last night's light show has received plenty of attention from around the world. we meet the man who took the photo next. a former stanford football player turned big city mayor is being call adhere row tonight. we will show you his brave act. tracking some scattered showers quickly racing through the bay, as things start to dry out for the weekend. speaking of things to do this weekend, our own laurence scott has what to do for yourself and your four-legged friends. >> for five years, running san francisco has enjoyed an annual celebration of dogs and kids in dubose park, helping fund arts and academic enrichment program at mckinley elementary you a public school needing new fund-raising idea. dog fest was formed by a group of parents asking the question -- >> what do neighbors have around here? a great job down the street, let's create dog fest and that's just sort of where it came from
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and from there we just tried planning how do we make this an actual event. >> reporter: that is a parent of a fourth grader and event co-chair this year, a group of well known authors and entertain letters serve as celebrity judges and master of ceremonies hoping to drive activity. >> best costumes, best coat, best runway strut, a runway auction for the adult, carnival games for the kids. >> all at a dog show opened to everyone and their kids. >> every dog is special, every dog is unique. you can reg gist terror at the event. you can bring the dog in the best costume, match your dog in a matching costume. it is supposed to be a fun event. >> with a look at what to see and exripe iceen thay a ba re this weekend, i'm laurence scott.
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free speech advocates say san francisco students and administrators learned a valuable lesson, the constitution does not shut down when happen tops power up. three students at george washington high school were punished for writing disparaging remarks on an online page called scumbag teachers. now, last month, the school's principal told those students that they couldn't attend the prom, walk with their classmates during graduation and then they suspended them for three days. the aclu says once they got involved on behalf of the students, san francisco unified school district reversed the punishment a district spokesperson issued a statement today acknowledging that administrate earth ma-- administrators made a mistake. >> they had a bad immediate emotional reaction but they have stepped up and recognized that it was -- punishment was inappropriate and the speech was protected. >> goes on to say the students' online comments were actually very mild. it is a once-in-a-lifetime shot, an awesome photo of lightning strike rug the bay
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bridge. our business and tech reporter scott budman visited the man who shot t scott, people can't stop talking about this electrifying photo. >> true, janelle, talking about it and sharing it literally, the shot seen around the world, taken by a bay area man who calls himself and his shot lucky. way up on the 29th floor of a san francisco apartment building -- >> we have been focused, the lightning was clean and so i was really excited. >> reporter: phil mcgrew took a photo that's now been seen all over the world. >> it was weird. i got a call from the uk last night at 1 a.m. and they asked if they could put it in a uk publication and i said yeah. >> reporter: as the bay bridge was hit multiple times by lightning, mcgrew was snapping away. >> this is much luck as anything. i was at the right place at the right time and had the camera going, but, you know, it was just lucky that lightning hit the bridge. i mean, it is a giant metal rod out in the middle of water, so -- >> reporter: launching himself
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and his photo to social networking fame. >> this person shared it. >> reporter: shared tens of thousands of times on facebook and twitter, even if some had doubts. >> you spend time out there and set up the shot and plot angles and do some math and arc tan jent and these things to calculate the right location and somebody says, was that photo shopped? >> reporter: it wasn't, but had it has brought san francisco's other bridge into focus. >> it is old. it carries more cars it gets less recognition, the bridge that could. is a hard working cool bridge. >> reporter: while giving one of its biggest fans a strike of fame. he could be making a pretty penny but he is holding study to his amateur status. the ipad app that helped him find that perfect shot. >> amazing. >> bring in our meteor roll just rob mayeda.
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>> 750 lightning strikes, may be some years we don't see that many all that coming down within 12 hours of time overnight. things certainly calm down, if you have been driving armed the bay area today, you probably noticed the big clouds building up to the south of san jose, taken you outside now you look at things atop the santa cruz mountains, a few isolated showers there especially down toward morgan hill and the north bay, in and around the delta. we will have a look on our live radar in a second. right now outside, 50s, cool, blustery, everybody seeing a pretty strong breeze out there right now, winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. these should dial back after 9:00 tonight and then eventually, going to talk about drying conditions once we get into the weekend. for now, take knew san jose, sprinkles south of downtown here but the main impact of those showers you saw building over the cloud tops, well to the south here along highway 101, near morgan hill, higher hills and foothill locations off to the east of the freeway, where the showers are hanging out right now. across the south bay and also around the santa cruz mountains,
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those may linger a little bit into very early tomorrow morning. more powerful showers and thunderstorms dropping some hail just to the east of napa into solano county, vac kaville, you see a hail report there from pea-sized hail that came down south of interstate 80, about a half hour ago. you can see how the moisture is now moving to the south and east, drier air will sweep in and shut down the showers. go into tonight, a bit breezy. here we go. by sunday, finally 70s to the forecast, things start to clear out. all the action heads off to  southern california and out toward the desert southwest. by the way, this system is going to be a big-time severe weather problem for the southern plains come saturday. we could see a nasty outbreak with what is left of our system scooting by to the east. for us, we still have these hilltop showers into early tomorrow, notice as we go through the day saturday, starting to see the clear skies, showers shutdown during the day, pretty nice forecast, a much warmer forecast coming up as we head to next week.
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tonight, lows, mostly low to middle 40s, could see hilltop showers, during the day tomorrow, back up into the low to middle 60s around san jose, o nice start to the weekend it will be a nicer finish by the tida syun y ou sunday you good news, too, overnight low temperatures should not drop below the upper 30s, the coldest wind protected valleys, a lot of folks in the wine industry want to know what the night time temperatures were, doesn't look like it is going to get that cold. upper 50s again tomorrow. we go through the weekend, warming um, finally looking like an april forecast for a change. there you go. >> saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, maybe a chance of north bay showers wednesday and then a little bit of a cool down, we warm up again late in the week, but really can't top last night. >> surprised there wasn't more damage from last night? >> from the lightning? >> from the lightning, our own transmitter tower at the station was hit by lightning. have 750 lightning strikes, reports of aircraft, sfo, hit by lightning. >> no injuries or significant
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damage. >> a credit flight crews and airframes being able to aid void that type of injury. >> thanks, rob. ahead, an east coe coast mayor with bay area ties being call adhere row today, show you what he did in a burning building. stay with us. a group is challenging london's claim that the 2012 summer olympics g environmental e.sponsible as it says they we will explain.
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libraries, animal shelters, city offices closed in oakland today as part of an agreement by the city and employee labor unions to save money and help balance the city's $58 billion budget deficit. police, fire and emergency services will not be affected today or during future business closures. a former bay area football star who is now a well-known mayor is being call adhere row. the mayor of newark, new jersey, corey beaker, ran into a burning building last night to rescue
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one of his neighbors. booker is a former stanford football player. he ran through the flames and carried the woman out on his shoulders. both the mayor and the woman went to the hospitals. booker denies he is a hero, spoke about what he went through his mind hearing this life-threatening rescue. >> that points, i did not feel bravery, i felt terror. it was very scary moment because i couldn't find her. i looked like i couldn't get back through where i came from. i couldn't breathe r. >> insisting on going into the fire and with the explosions, i wasn't going to let him go in, he turned around and said if i don't go in, this lady is gonna die. >> what a story. mayor booker was released from the hospital and recovering a at his home tonight. swomt in stable condition with second degree burns. environmental groups are challenging london's claim that it is creating a green olympics. organizers are promoting the main stadium as a keex ample of
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sustainability. they built it with a quarter of the steel normally used and half the carbon. other ven news got similar green treatment but activists are underwhelmed. the jury is out, a mixed bag, i think they are doing really well on some things. the transport plans, construction plans, what they are going to do, left with air conditioning, things like that, where i think you can do so much faster is on energy and on general transport funds and air quality issues. >> london claims it is the first summer host city is incorporate sustainability into the games from day one. the opening ceremony is 104 days away. >> right here on nbc bay area. up next, a south bay landmark that celebrates this spooky day. we are back in a moment. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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watch isn't work what is the date today? >> friday the 13th. >> oh, my gosh. if it is not going so well for you, you can blame it on the day. one bay area landmark it is considered to be lucky. [ bell tolling ] >> every friday the 13th, the tower bell rings at san jose's winchester mystery house. it is tolled 13th times at the 13th hour, that is 1 p.m. t honors the builder of the historic mansion, sarah winchester, side gave earth number 13. starting tonight at 7:30, the mystery house will offer flashlight tours. spooky. >> so it is friday the 13th. my goodness. i thought i heard things rumbling through the rafters. >> forecast. finally the 7-day forecast looking dry. outstanding for your weekend plans after our big light show last night. >> have a great weekend. we hope to see you back here at 6:00 as well.
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