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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 15, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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themselves for what else they find in the bottom of a well that already produced so many human remains. i'm bob redell, we'll update that in the central valley coming up. and the city of san bruno saying negotiations are falling apart with pg and e over the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion. we'll tell you what they are doing next at a press conference. investigators tracking down whitney houston's prescption drug trail. the new twist in her cause of death just ahead. and a live look at the bay
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bridge. will the entire westbound span be shut down for president's day weekend or will it be called on account of rain? we now have an answer. nbc bay area news at 11:00 starts now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. a map drawn by a convicted killer will lead to a massive grave investigation. they are checking it out. more than a thousand human bones and the search continues. investigators are still digging up the land at an abandoned cattle ranch in linden. bob redell joins us with more on the gruesome search. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, john and marla. we are here where deputies wrapped up a news conference in the past hour to let us know in spite of some rain last night,
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they have been able to resume the search for more human remains in the town of linden, several miles outside of stockton. you can see access to the site still blocked off by deputies. over the past few hours, we're told, an ex-ka va tore dug deeper into an old well located on the property. right now, they're sifting through piles of dirt to see if they can find any more remains of the people deputies believe were murdered by wesley shermantine and loren herzog during the speed freak killing spree of the 1980s and 1990s. shermantine led investigators here after herzog committed suicide. as of yesterday, investigators dug 45 feet into the well and recovered an estimated 1,000 bone fragments. the investigators on the scene are so driven to find the remains that they're having to be told to stop for today, go home, and get some rest. >> they are so determined to help bring the loved ones home
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to their family, and you can only imagine as an investigator, we're people, too. we have loved ones. as a father, i just can't imagine. so, you know, you want to do everything possible to help bring closure to these families. >> reporter: law enforcement doesn't know how long it will take to completely exhaust that site. once they are done, they have to go to another site, another nearby well that they'll start excavating where they believe there may be more remains. discovery of bones generated a lot of interest from families of missing people. the so says they received 65 phone calls from people in the area seeking closure for their loved ones. bob redell, nbc bay area news. a man accused of killing four women answering charges today in court. 77-year-old joseph naso accused of strangling four women and dumping their bodies in the 1970s through the 1990s.
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the judge is expected to rule on whether or not he is competent to represent himself at his trial. this morning, vallejo police say two men that went into a nail salon and were shooting were targeting a 27-year-old getting her nails done, why is a mystery. the man went in monday night and began shoogt, hitting the 27-year-old woman, a two-year-old girl and the girl's grandmother. the man in the store pulled out his gun and fired back. all the victims are expected to survive. one man is in custody, two are on the loose. the man in charge of handling probation for alameda county finds himself facing charges. the chief probation officer david muhammad on leave after allegations of sexual assault and harassment. a deputy says she was sexually
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assaulted back in may and she is now suing the county for a million and a half dollars. muhammad says the allegations are outrageous and he is cooperating with investigators. today, the l.a. county coroner is going after the doctors and pharmacies that may have given whitney houston prescription drugs. right now, subpoenas are going out to track down houston's medical and pharmacy records. investigators say they found several bottles of prescription medicine in the beverly hills hotel room where she was found dead saturday. the assistant coroner says these types of requests are made in almost all death investigations. the coroner says an autopsy found no signs of foul play or trauma on the singer's body. it could be weeks for toxicology tests are complete. it is a huge set back in efforts to recover from death and destruction caused by the san bruno pipeline explosion. the city announcing settlement negotiations pg and e broke off.
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christie smith is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just got under way a couple minutes ago, we're standing outside so we're not too disruptive. we will swing the camera around so you can see what's going on. what's happening is negotiations have been going on since august for pg and e to pay san bruno restitution for the explosion. but last week, the city is saying talks broke off. that's why the mayor is coming forward. these negotiations had been private, but he wants the city to get paid. and that's why the mayor is talking to pg and e. he says they came up with a $70 million amount to be paid to the city, but they're saying that's only funded for $12 million. that's only one of the problems. in addition to that, they're saying they want more money. this is not compensation for the homeowners who were devastated by the natural gas pipeline explosion. as one city spokesperson says, it is really to make the city
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whole again. after the explosion in september of 2010 that killed eight people, destroyed 38 homes, damaged dozens of others. >> explosion and fire september 9th, 2010. that damage we believe will last generations, long past the time that homes are rebuilt, streets are repaired, and we're anxious to see that the community's interests are fairly and adequately resolved. >> reporter: this would be used to pay for things like libraries or fire stations in the future. basically the community would decide. we haven't gotten a dollar amount from the city. they say that's part of the negotiations, and the city of san bruno may also look at joining negotiations to try to get paid that way. we have calls into pg and e this morning but haven't heard back yet. that's the latest from here. live in san bruno, christie
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smith, nbc bay area news. the city of san francisco accuses natural gas safety regulators of looking the other way in the months leading up to the san bruno explosion. now it is asking a judge to force the feds to step it up. city attorney says federal regulators relied too heavily on states to monitor natural gas pipeline safety. herrera says federal regulators never set standards in years leading to the september, 2010 explosion. the lawsuit accuses federal regulators of having a, quote, blind trust in the state's public utilities commission. an extremely difficult day for hundreds of patients at a peninsula care facility. san mateo county says they will shut down the burlingame long-term care, displacing 200 elderly patients, leaving more than 200 staff members out looking for new jobs. the county says the building is old and outdated and would be too expensive to upgrade. county supervisors will make an effort to help patients find
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homes and workers find new jobs before the facility shuts down by summer of next year. this morning, san jose lawmakers are backing off a controversial new pot club law. the city says it will rescind new rules that cut the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city from 100 to 10. the city says it will wait for the state to set up a regulatory process. until then, the city says it will focus on local complaints and tax collections surrounding the club. it is official. the westbound span of the bay bridge will be shut down this president's day weekend. you're looking live at the bay bridge. caltran says it will shut it down from friday at 00 in the evening until 5:00 in the morning tuesday. caltran had been considering postponing the closure due to rain in the forecast. construction crews will spend the weekend making a detour for drivers that will let them finish construction of the bridge and the bridge's new eastern span. we just gave you that live look.
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you can see the camera getting tossed around by the wind there. christina loren has a look at the forecast. >> breezy to windy. looks like a little rain isn't going to halt that construction, which is good news. we will see just a little light precipitation over the course of the weekend. we'll talk about where and when, how much is expected in your city coming up. for today, warmer conditions out there than we experienced yesterday. it is breezy to windy, that will be the case not just today, for tomorrow, first part of thursday as well. that means the warmup continues. we have showers in the seven-day forecast. i'll help you plan around them. after all, it is a holiday weekend. so three days for many of us. >> look forward to it. thank you very much. coming up, thick smoke rising in syria as the bombardment won't quit. pringlet be a san francisco treat coming up in business news. [ female announcer ] off limits?
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at least 350 inmates are dead. hundreds more missing after a fire sweeps through a prison in honduras. the flames broke out overnight at a prison about 90 miles north of the honduran capitol. dozens of inmates were taken to the hospital. many were trapped as staff scrambled to find keys to the cells. honduras has been criticized for harsh prison conditions. the cause of the fire is unknown. in syria, the bombardment continues. look at this oil pipeline explosion. this is amateur video out of homs. thick black smoke is billowing into a nearby residential area. the burning pipeline shelled as part of president bashar al-assad's crackdown on the uprising. they are calling for a referendum that could bring a new constitution. israel is lashing out at iran, blaming the country for a series of attacks across the globe.
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accusations are fueling israel's threat to attack iran's nuclear facilities. israel prime minister is calling iran the leading force of terror in the world. >> reporter: the israeli prime minister says iran is destabilizing the world. attacks earlier in the week will only spread to other countries unless iran is stopped. today in bangkok, the israelis ambassador says explosive devices found in an apartment there are similar to the devices used in attacks against israelis diplomats in india and georgia earlier in the week. thai officials admit they found magnetic devices in that apartment and explosives, but wouldn't go as far publicly as to make the connection. it fueled tensions between israel and iran this week, and israel right now is on a higher state of alert, as well as their embassies around the world. the big fear now is softer
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targets, places like synagogues and jewish centers outside of this country could be the next attack. stephanie gosk, nbc news. president obama in milwaukee selling his plan to bring manufacturing jobs back here to the u.s. the president giving a speech moments agate the headquarters of master lock to call on companies for more investments and jobs. >> this tax cut means the typical american family will see an extra 40 dollars in every paycheck this year. that's going to help speed up the recovery, it will make a real difference in the lives of millions of people, and as soon as congress sends me that extension of tax cuts and unemployment insurance to my desk, i will sign it right away. >> the president's pitch coming as congress reached a tentative agreement on extending a payroll tax cut through the end of this year, and renewing jobless benefits for the long term
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unemployed. as president obama waits for congress to finalize the compromise, he is taking the campaign west. he is hitting los angeles first for a fund-raiser in beverly hills. lots of stars attending that, including a performance by the foo fighters. from there, he heads to the bay area tomorrow. his fund raising rolling through san francisco, including an event at the knob hill masonic center. tickets for the event range from 100 to $10,000. in business and tech, san francisco's diamond foods bet the company's future on buying pringles, the stackable potato chips. >> reporter: i am afraid pringles won't be a san francisco treat. kellogg's bought the pringles line from prok tehran gamble, yanking the sale from diamond foods. now, diamond tried to buy pringles for more than $2 billion, using money it may not
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have had. diamond executives accused of moving money around the balance sheet to make that purchase. now the company is under investigation and lost the pringles deal. the general services administration, the business arm of the u.s. government is the latest agency to drop blackberry phones in favor of the iphone and android. earlier this week, the national oceanographic and atmospheric administration did the same. it is good for the bay area. iphones and androids are hometown inventions. twitter, the latest company accused of uploading user contact lists from iphone without permission. the blogosphere angry about it. they have since apologized and deleeted the data. the concern is your contact list on your phone is very personal, and while companies haven't made
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that information public, they haven't been very straightforward that they're uploading that to the cloud at all. twitter tells the "l.a. times" it used that information to help you find which of your friends had twitter accounts and never released your contact list to anyone else. back to you. >> good advice. thank you, scott. time for more good advice as far as the forecast is concerned. let's toss it to the weather center and meteorologist christine loren. >> carry the shades. a lot of sunshine in the forecast, but hold onto your hats. it is windy out there. good early afternoon to you. you can see this live picture of the bay bridge. we're getting a bit of a shake to the camera as winds are starting to increase in the area, especially higher elevations. wind prone areas across the bay, that's where you'll find strong gusts. that's exactly what we're clocking at this hour. take you to the maps. 18 miles per hour wind gusts in santa rosa. look at this. more substantial wind gusts.
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this is tracked five minutes ago in fairfield. if you drive a high profile vehicle heading over the open water bridges could be problematic. watch for debris on the hoyas well if heading out and about any time soon. winds will be relentless through tonight and tomorrow afternoon. 62 in los gatos. we will see plenty of mid-60s. 56 for today in danville. 59 in richmond, 62 in sonoma. heading through the afternoon, high pressure is in the great basin. it is going to continue to drive offshore winds, not just today but as it strengthens tomorrow. it warms us into the upper 60s. we will see a nice, clear start at the coastline, not having to deal with the fog we are so accustomed to. as a result, sunshine is coming in early. look at noon temperatures for tomorrow. these are noon readings. up to 63 in antioch, 65 at noon tomorrow in places like livermore. as we head through the rest of the week, we continue to climb
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in temperature. showers move in saturday and sunday. not enough to halt the construction. it looks like it will go on. bay bridge closure continues, starting looks like saturday through tuesday morning. keep that in mind, that's a biggie, major artery closed. back to you. unless you have been vacationing on mars the last couple weeks, you probably heard about this kid, jeremy lin. a scinderella story inspiring linsanity. the star was a bench warmer, had to crash on that couch because he didn't have a guaranteed contract. in six games, he is a phenom. he had a three pointer that beat toronto last night. a sweet victory. he is the new si cover boy. and like george jefferson, he's moving on up. forget the sofa.
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"new york daily news" reports he is moving into new digs. a sweet new two bedroom joint at trump tower in white plains, new york. coming up, a south bay city snuffed out smoking. and no more slipping and sliding in the east bay.op pula getting shut down.
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well, it has been a family favorite for decades, but this summer will be different. the water slides at pleasanton's shadow cliffs regional recreation area won't be opening as they have for the past 20 years. the operators say the slides need to be upgraded to meet safety codes and provide handicapped access. that could cost more than $200,000 and the parks district can't afford it. they will be closed permanently if a solution is not found. some concord students
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getting a break they have been asking for, specifically a bathroom break. all the restrooms in mt. diablo high were unlocked and operating. the principal finally had locked all but two boys and girls bass rooms because of vandalism. a number far below what's required for the school's 1400 students. they started a campaign that drew national attention. this morning, we're being told yes, the bathrooms are back in business. it will soon be harder to light up in a popular south bay business district. mountain view passed one of the toughest anti-smoking ordinances in the area. it prohibits smoking within 25 feet of outdoor patios, windows, doorways. it also makes it illegal to light up in public parks. new rules take effect in 90 days. coming up, why wear a diamond on your finger when you entirely of pearls.readentirely
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but is it too heavy to walk down the aisle?
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welcome back. it is looking like another beautiful day in the bay. we do have some winds. the winds will continue throughout tonight. gusty through the hill tops and of course over bridges. take it easy there. otherwise, we warm up through friday. back to you guys. >> christina, thank you very much. we'll leave you with a sight that no doubt the ladies will love. >> not talking about diamonds. a showing of pearls. check out this wedding dress unveiled for a slew of cameras in tokyo. the wedding dress has more than 13,000 pearls. and it weighs over 13 pounds, which is twice as much as an ordinary wedding dress. >> a little workout. >> i could handle that. models by two time world
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champion figure skater. if you want to walk down the aisle in it, it is not for sale, though it is valued $450,000. >> gorgeous dress, big old ring, and have to find a good guy. >> i think it would suit me fine. thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5, 6 and 11. >> have a good one. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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