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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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swift panicking. the dow down more than 4% as investors realize that things are still very uncertain out there. >> reporter: stocks stumbled again on wall street and worldwide driven by europe's debt problems and the data that the u.s. economy is slowing. homes slowed and sales in negative territory adding to concerns that the u.s. is heading for another recession. >> manufacturing had been one of the bright spots in this recovery. largely because the dollar has been weak and also oil prices had brought manufacturing back home. but if you see these numbers, close to negative 31, it's just another bad sign for this recovery. >> reporter: adding to those signs, jobless claims were higher than expected last week. the weak job market is keeping pressure on the housing market. interest rates for 30-year mortgages are at the lowest in
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decades but buyers are facing other hurdles with lenders. >> refinances have soared in recent weeks. they can't process the loans quick enough because they don't have enough people to handle that. as a result, people are renting homes instead of buying them. >> reporter: confidence is also taking a hit. americans are, once again, tightening their belts and investors looking for a safe haven. gold prices hit record highs, trading above $1800 an ounce. but analysts say that investors need to be careful. >> with gold itself, it is a psychological move right now. making it harder to gauge what the markets and economy will do next. now, on top of our national economic future, here in the bay area, the company responsible for the touchpads is shutting down and hp, a big shake-up in
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palo alto and how investors are reacting to all of this news from the silicon valley giant. >> thanks so much, scott. gold shot up to record levels today. it's a hot commodity and thieves in the bay area sure know about it. and it all started with one store owner willing to do what police wouldn't. disturbing is the growing number of kids forced to live on the streets. there's an estimated 8,000 homeless children here in the bay area. tonight, they are getting much needed help, though, in an effort to stay healthy. we bring in nbc bay area's marianne favaro to talk about a safety net on wheels. i can see that behind you, marianne. >> reporter: this van rolls up to neighborhoods where homeless kids hang out and offers them
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free health care. because of that, it's changing lives. when kathy was in high school, she was homeless, living on the streets. she says when she discovered the lucille packard adolescence van, she was very weak. >> i was starving and very cold. if it wasn't for them, i would probably not be here. >> reporter: the van travels everywhere. inside, patients 10 to 25 get free health care and prescription medications. the van operates two days and week and sees 1100 patients a year. this is the 15-year anniversary of the van and they are hoping with more funding they will be able to extend service to three days a week. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you so much. the armed man responsible for a police standoff in san rafael and shut down a stretch of highway 580 is dead tonight. when police entered his hotel room this afternoon, they found the man's body and his girlfriend still alive next to him. traci grant is live in san rafael. >> reporter: guests are finally being able to go back inside. you'll see that there are still a few police cars in the distance. police say they handled it in the best possible way. >> ideally we'd like to solve this. no lives were lost but one was and it was the gunman. >> reporter: police won't say how he died but it was the fact that he was no longer a threat
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that finally ended the standoff at this extended stay hometown. when officers arrived to talk to him about his possible involvement in a crime over the weekend, they say these surveillance pictures were taken during a shoplifting incident on sunday at united market in san rafael, which turned into a stabbing when workers tried to keep him from running away. he refused to lead the way and told his girlfriend tha was with him. police say he fired a shot out of his hotel room across 580, forcing chp to shut down the road and the bridge and shut off a road adjacent to the hotel. but late last night was the last time they heard from him. police drilled holes into the walls of his hotel room and sent in remote cameras. >> his girlfriend is okay.
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she's in our care. >> reporter: customers that were evacuated yesterday went to nearby hotels. they were forced to leave their belongings behind. >> my medication is being held hostage in my hotel room. >> they should have taken him out last night. they wasted too much time. >> reporter: now, in addition to being wanted for questioning in connection with that stabbing over the weekend, peter james thomas actually had a $70,000 outstanding was outstanding warrant against him for burglary, drug, and weapons violations. now, the police won't reveal the identity of his girlfriend but they are hoping that she will be able to fill in some of the blanks in this entire saga. live in san rafael, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> okay, traci, thank you. it looks like a crime of revenge. now a marin county prosecutor is
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seeking the death penalty for a san quentin inmate for a killing. frank souza is accused of fatally stabbing another inmate seven times in the prison yard last july. the prisoner that he stabbed, edward schafer, crashed into a novato family during a drunk enmotorcycle ride in 2009. 9-year-old melody died in that crash. when asked about the prison yard killing, frank souza said "all i've got to say is 9-year-old girl." marin county prosecutors are wasting taxpayer money seeking the death penalty. diplomas versus deportation. this will allow children of illegal immigrants a chance to stay in the u.s. those that are in deportation proceedings will be reviewed and
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possibly be given permits. u.c. berkeley tested its first online class this summer, a chemistry class. this included lab demonstrations, discussion boards and online office hours. it's worth the same amount of credits as a traditional class. it offers an opportunity to get tuition without taking up actual classroom space. the classes will dilute the quality of education, critics say, offered by the u.c. system. still to come at 5:00, the president is taking heat for taking a vacation. find out how many vacation days mr. obama has and how he stacks up to previous presidents. and the cost of almost everything is rising, including education. now there's a new push to make sure school administrators aren't profiting in times in -- in these tough economic times. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. have we taken you out of the country tonight for your weather? coming up, where everything is
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congress is on its summer recess and so is president obama. he's at martha's vineyard. the critics say he's sending the wrong message during these tough economic times. the republican national committee had this to say. "after a three-day taxpayer-funded campaign swing, through the midwest, the president obama will be taking a nine-day vacation. this is the same president tt
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said he will not take and white house press secretary jay carney says he doesn't think that the public is upset with the president taking a vacation. here are the numbers. president obama has taken 61 days thus far in his presidency. this point in their presidencies, george w. bush spent 180 days at his texas ranch at just 28 days. >> board of trustees voted to pay san diego state's president $100,000 more than its predecessor. now a california senator is capping the pay for university presidents. and blocking them from getting higher pay within three years of
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a tuition hike. >> that is, we are in very difficult budget times. we cannot increase tuition on students and not only does it not look like t. is not right. >> lu's bill gives top prior to applicants san francisco's police are now searching for a man who robbed two teenagers of their ipod and iphone. it happened last night near the intersection of brookedale and santos street, right near the cow pasture. the suspect snatched the 15-year-old's ipod and as the 19-year-old tried to call the police, the suspect grabbed her phone and took off. topping our health watch tonight a. bill that prohibits
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teenagers from buying over-the-counter cough medicine has been sent to the governor for approval. joe wrote the bill because many miners were using it as an easy way to get high and then posting their videos on youtube. it's called robo tripping. it's legal and cheap and easy for minors to get their hands on. if signed, the bill will protect anyone under the age of 17 from buying cough syrup without a prescription. >> mammograms are the key way to test. now it got better. >> so what we're going to do today -- >> reporter: patricia went to the doctor today for a follow-up mammogram because she found a suspicious lump in her breast. she allowed us into the room as
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the machine, the 3-d mammogram, captured multiple sharp 3-d images of her breast. >> good. okay. >> reporter: her mammogram was done using a 3-d machine. the fda approved it just this year. >> in the short month that we've had it here, we've had several cases where we've found cancer that we wouldn't have seen if we didn't have the 3-d images. >> taken during a conventional mammogram from the knew 3-d version. >> i see a mass lesion that looks suspicious, fingers of a tumor pulling in. i really can't see at all on the other mammogram. >> reporter: that is welcome news for patricia who says it's
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almost more comfortable. >> i'm one of the people that has to keep coming back because they don't know what they are looking at or what they are seeing and it's a lot of anxiety for me. i'm glad that i don't have to come back for another year. >> that was erica heart kwift reporting. >> okay. it was buteautiful outside. when it's beautiful, we lose our chief meteorologist. jeff ranieri joining us from the peninsula. i believe we're looking at the background. you're at the faloli house, right? >> reporter: yeah, we're right here in your backyard, raj. >> not quite. >> reporter: not quite your backyard but the bay area's backyard in the peninsula on woodside in the mansion and gardens, a sprawling 654 acres and 16 of that highly manicured gardens. also the flower there in purple. the mansion is the rear-view of
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it. it's nearly 100 years old and definitely a historic property here in california. joining us today, lynn is with the mansion and the best part of all about this, we can actually tour this, the public? >> absolutely. welcome. we love to have our visitors here we have almost 100,000 visitors every year. >> reporter: it's not only the gardens that we're looking at, but also the inside of the home. first off, tell us about the gardens. what is in bloom, that doesn't mean that there are not flowers happening. >> there's never not a realtime that the flowers are not happening. >> in the garden we use all of the arrangements for all of the public spaces. >> i feel like i've stepped into the buckingham palace.
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it's actually right here in the bay area. >> it was born between 1915 and 1917. he owned the empire mine. the largest strike in history. he was cambridge educated, love an english country house so he built himself an english country house. >> there is a french feel, a little bit of a california twist on it, too. >> we have a lot of fine art collection and the roth family who also gave the estate to the national preservation in 1975. >> blooming with actual fall weather as we head into the upcoming week, they also are
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looking for volunteers up here. a tremendous amount of education programs as well. guess what, it's retreating t o the southwest, the high pressure. we're going to get a slice of mild air. as for tonight, the numbers drop into the mid-50s in the south bay and low 50s in the north bay. possibly isolated 40s and right here at the mansion, we're expecting temperatures tomorrow you can come out here and tour the filoli mansion and guard dense. 654 acres. if you want to come out saturday, temperatures right near the low and mid-70s, throughout the afternoon, and
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it's opened tuesday to sunday. $15 for adults. this helps to go to restore and keep these grounds just as fabulous as they are today and $5 for students. on your seven-day forecast, temperatures cooling off for the weekend with low 80s inland and even 70s and conditions in the 60s at the coastline. back out here live. as we come back here real quick, do you know what tv show the opening credits this mansion was used for? >> i would guess dynasty? >> falcon crest or dynasty. >> dynasty. you got it right. >> is it dynasty? >> it is. and actually the pond back here is where they had that famous fight with alexis and crystal. so i'm going to be on my best behavior because i don't want to end up in the water behind me.
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>> very nice. jeff ranieri from the filoli house. it's a gorgeous facility. thank you, jeff. still to come at 5:00, back from overseas, why these bay area little leaguers took their game to japan. and brewing the bitter of ofof beer. next, the california man wants your next brew to taste like
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when asked what students did this summer, this is what these teens did. they are being welcomed home from a ten-day trip to japan. baseball ambassadors are part of a cultural program that dates back to the 1960s. before going overseas, they practiced not just the game of baseball but the language and
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japanese customs. >> we learn what they do. and there is experience over there, and so are the toilets. we finished out good. three and three. >> a trip of a lifetime. they will always remember this. his team is terrific on and off the field. >> what a great experience. this microbrew has hints of candy. brewing more than 150 types of candy beer, he started about four years ago by infusing his own homemade candy into it
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as it brewed. >> beer and candy. >> that looked like chocolate. >> we're back in a moment. b
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89-year-old betty has your trust. white scored the highest favorable opinion in a reuter's poll. den zel washington was second and sandra bullock third and clint eastwood was fourth. paris hilton may not be getting any calls. she had the highest negative
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rating, followed by martin sheen and britney spears. >> as for tom hanks, we're proud that they are oakland products. >> that is crazy. yay for the locals. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. brian williams is next. >> we'll see you at 6:00.
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