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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  August 9, 2011 12:35am-1:35am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: new york city! come on! welcome to "late night," everybody. that's what i'm talking about. great new york city crowd. oh my gosh, i'm feeling the energy. this is great. [ cheers and applause ] welcome. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," which i'm proud to announce has maintained its aaa talk show rating. [ cheers and applause ] man, america's credit rating took a real hit this weekend. on friday night, the u.s. actually lost its aaa status. or as joe biden put it, "what happens if i get a flat tire?" [ laughter ] it doesn't -- it doesn't affect that, joe. it doesn't -- some election news. michele bachmann is on the cover of the latest issue of "newsweek." did you see the picture? it's not -- take a look. >> jimmy: i mean it's -- [ laughter ] i mean, that's when you know it's bad, when even you look
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surprised you're running for president, you know? it's like -- [ laughter ] she looks like she just walked in on newt gingrich taking a shower. [ laughter ] that's not fair. that's not fair at all. >> steve: that's not fair. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what'd she do -- what'd she do to "newsweek"? >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: hey, listen to this, you guys. about 45,000 verizon employees are on strike after failing to reach a new contract. yeah. things are so bad, the s&p downgraded them from verizon to at&t. [ laughter ] >> steve: awful. >> jimmy: verizon is expecting service problems this week because of the strike. today the lady on my voicemail was like, "you have three new messages. get them yourself." [ laughter ] get them myself? >> steve: that just ruins it. >> jimmy: i want to see the manager now. >> steve: "we don't have managers." [ laughter ] use your old rotary dial phone, right?
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>> jimmy: did you guys hear about this? a 15-year-old girl just won the microsoft excel world championship. yep, microsoft was like, "word." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] "word." check this out. a man in the uk says that a rare plant in his garden ate a type of bird called a blue tit. [ laughter ] yeah, a blue tit. that doesn't sound like a bird. that sounds like something in the director's cut of "smurfs 3-d." [ laughter ] "we had to get the blue-ray because --" that's right, the plant ate a bird called a blue tit. not good. in fact, by the time they recovered the blue tit, it was a purple nurple. it was -- [ laughter ] a purple nurple. [ laughter ] we just lost our aaa status. [ laughter ] >> steve: oh, right now? >> jimmy: we just lost it. >> steve: i just got it on the e-mail.
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>> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. hey, you guys, finally, i read that outkast rapper, big boi was just arrested for illegal drug possession, including viagra. which explains big boi's new name, "even bigger boi." [ light laughter ] we have a great show for you tonight. give it up for the roots. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey guys, we have a big show tonight. i can't wait to talk to this guy. he's one of my all-time favorites. one of everyone's all-time favorites. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] one of the greatest. i love him. you know him from "rescue me" and "top gear." the very, very funny adam ferrara is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] he's always good. oh, and we got music for you guys.
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oh, this band is gonna blow your pants off. i'm talking about my chemical romance -- [ cheers and applause ] is on the show tonight. oh, they're good. they're great. hey, guys, it's time to check in with our friend from the uk, mr. peggy hess, with "celebrity whispers." ♪ >> "celebrity whispers" >> jimmy: hello. i'm peggy hess and welcome to "celebrity whispers." shh. [ whispering ] >> oh yeah, it's great. i've been watching these 90's shows on nickelodeon and it's like -- it's like i look one way and it's "the adventures of pete & pete." turn around, next thing i know, boom, "rugrats." it's so great. ♪ nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nickelodeon ♪ [ light laughter ] celebrity. >> check it out, i'm gonna fake sneeze, ready? >> yeah, go for it. >> achoo. [ light laughter ]
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>> that sounded really real. you're the best. >> achoo. >> oh, you're such a great actress. >> i know. [ light laughter ] >> whisper. oh beyonce, i am such a huge fan. can i please play with your ears? >> okay. >> oh, yeah, yeah, that's good. does it do anything for you? okay, i'll stop. celebrity whispers. [ giggling ] >> what's so funny? >> i was just thinking about animals butts. [ light laughter ] >> that is funny. now that's a whisper. anyway, have you guys tried google plus yet? it's actually pretty cool. you can put all your friends into circles so you can specify certain posts for certain groups of friends. so say you want to send a cute cat video to just your coworkers. you can do that. it's pretty awesome. >> yeah but we're big facebookers though, so -- >> yeah, but you can also organize -- >> just shut up about it. >> okay -- [ laughter ] oh, you look great. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> hey, ask me a trivia question.
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>> okay, what's the square root of 1,426, rounded to the nearest tenth? >> hot dogs. [ laughter ] >> you know that was a whisper. is everything all right? >> yeah, i just think i dropped a cracker down my dress. >> okay. do you want to follow me this way? >> yeah, sure. hey, do you want a cracker? >> uh, no. [ laughter ] >> celebrita. >> so how's it going? >> i think we should break up. >> oh. okay, see ya. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm peggy hess. l yl eeexsou nt time on "celebrity whispers." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: those are "celebrity whispers." stick around. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ let me entertain you ♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks
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don't you forget. anyway, it's time to play one of my favorite games. "wax on/wax off." ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to wax on/wax off, the trivia game where for every correct answer you get $100, and for every incorrect answer, you get a portion of your chest hair waxed off. [ cheers ] let's meet tonight's lucky contestant. come on it. ♪ hi, buddy. what's your name and where are you from? >> sam, how ya doing? long island. >> jimmy: nice to see you sam.
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sit back and relax. yeah, yeah. sam, very good, from long island, very good. it looks like you have a tan there. long island, are you a surfer or something? >> lifeguard, actually. >> jimmy: life guard. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you save people lives? >> sometimes. >> jimmy: fantastic, you know the rules. i'll ask you a series of questions. if you get it wrong, courtney here, will apply hot wax to your chest and violently rip out a strip of your hair. >> easy does it. easy does it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now, there's one twist. you don't get to answer the questions. you're going to have to rely on a little help from your friend. let's bring him out. there you go. ♪ how are you doing, buddy? hi rob. rob, where are you from? >> i'm from long island. >> from long island as well. very good. are you a lifesaver -- lifeguard as well? >> no, god, no. >> jimmy: got ya, all right. perfect. have you had your life saved by this gentleman? >> many times. >> jimmy: very good. all right, well, now his fate rests in your hands. how are you at trivia? >> it depends on the trivia. [ laughter ] >> okay. best of luck. [ laughter ] >> but yeah, real good.
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>> jimmy: all right, here we go. remember it's very easy. just answer correctly and your friend doesn't have to get his chest waxed. simple enough. right. >> oh yes we do! >> jimmy: no. no. all right sir come on. [ laughter ] let's take a look at tonight's categories. we've got yugoslavian diplomats. [ laughter ] 18-letter words. did something say "microbiology?" [ laughter ] now, you will notice that microbiology is in quotes. you have dostoevsky's minor works. [ laughter ] other, lesser known yugoslavian diplomats. [ laughter ] and, of course, potpourri. [ laughter and applause ] potpourri. [ cheers ] feeling good about these categories? >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> jimmy: yeah, good. >> i know this stuff. >> how about you? you feeling good about these? >> potpourri, i majored in potpourri. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you should make them every christmas for your parents and stuff? [ laughter ] >> they love it. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. all right, here we go. as per the rules of the game, i will be choosing the categories for you. [ laughter ]
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let's start it off with yugoslavian diplomats, here we go. born in gornji, montenegro, this former yugoslav revolutionary went on to serve as the country's ambassador to china, as well as the chairman of the central committee in charge of foreign policy. shh, audience, no help. [ laughter ] >> that had be mao tse-tung. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: mao tse-tung. >> i have no idea. >> jimmy: yeah, it was close. we looking for vladimir popovich. >> there it is. >> jimmy: vladmir popovich. the very famous yugoslavian diplomat. well, you know what that means. courtney, wax that chest. ♪ >> jimmy: oh, man. no, no, no. >> you can hold my hand, man. hold my hand. >> jimmy: i don't want to. >> hold my hand, man. >> jimmy: let's go buddy. yeah! [ screams ]
12:52 am
>> jimmy: you can't even see it, can't even see it. good, god. you can't even see it. you can't even see it. >> it's not that bad. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. >> jimmy: all right. if you're sorry, why are you laughing? [ laughter ] all right. rocky start. rocky start. you can make up for it in the next question. let's see, i'm going to show 18-letter words. >> okay. >> jimmy: let's look at the question. some like it hot, just like this phenomenon involving absorbed electromagnetic radiation and ionization in certain isometric minerals. don't over think it. >> is this chemistry? becuase my chemistry teacher hated me. >> jimmy: you don't have to answer in the form of a question. [ laughter ] >> oh, god. that would be. >> jimmy: some like it hot, that's a clue. >> jimmy: anything, you need to help out your buddy here. >> anything. go. go. >> i have no idea. like literally no idea.
12:53 am
>> jimmy: something. >> something hot, so -- yeah. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> you'll get your whole chest waxed. >> jimmy: so close to 18 letters. yeah, i know. sorry. we were looking for thermoluminescence. thermoluminescence. okay, courtney, wax that chest. ♪ >> jimmy: no, don't think about it. don't think about it. don't think about it buddy. don't think about it buddy. >> can i help you, please? can i help you, please? [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: woo. you can't even notice that it's not there. i swear to god. [ laughter ] >> no. i not at all, right? >> jimmy: oh, god. it's like someone clean out ed asner's pool filter. [ laughter ]
12:54 am
all right. right now you are 0 for 2, so -- [ silly whistle ] oh, you know what that means? you know what that sound means? it's times for double trouble. [ laughter ] i'll ask you a question, and you answer correctly you win 200 bucks man. yeah, yeah, if you answer incorrectly, your friend gets two strips of chest hair waxed off. [ laughter ] the category is an easy one. ready? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's numbers. here's the question. i'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000. [ laughter ] what is it? look at me. >> 27. >> jimmy: 27. okay. your answer is locked in. however, since this is double trouble, you may be having second thoughts. so i'm going to offer you a second chance, a chance to change your answer if you want. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. i strongly suggest that you take it. [ laughter ]
12:55 am
what will you be changing your answer to? [ laughter ] >> 250. >> jimmy: 250. [ buzzer ] so sorry. it was actually 27. [ laughter ] you should have stuck with your gut there. that was -- this is a big one here. courtney, wax that chest twice! ♪ >> jimmy: come on bud, you can do this. don't even look at it. don't even look at it. hot wax is good, yeah, yeah. kind of going against the grain a little bit there. >> you saw that too? >> jimmy: right up here. yeah, that's nice. yeah, yeah, perfect. all right. here we go. let's wax that chest. the first time -- give me number 1 -- messy business there.
12:56 am
sorry. courtney has been drinking too. [ laughter ] i forgot to tell you about that. >> getting a little rough over here. >> jimmy: all right, courtney, go for it. oh! [ audience oohs ] [ laughter ] >> oh! whew! >> the second time is the charm. >> jimmy: well, the first one didn't really work out. so, the second one -- that's fine, he's fine there. that's perfect. >> hot wax on a raw chest. >> jimmy: sadly we only have time for one more clue. >> oh, man. >> too bad. >> jimmy: you've played valiantly so far, but you haven't won any cash. this is your chance to make up for that. the remaining categories are -- did somebody say "microbiology?" dostoevsky's minor works, other lesser known yugoslavian diplomats, and, potpourri. since you majored in it, i'm going to give it to you. let's go with potpourri. all right, we'll give you one here, all right. very good. now this could be any category. let's see what tonight's potpourri category is. ♪
12:57 am
oh! lucky break. [ laughter ] lucky break. you almost had to answer a tv or movies question. >> yeah, i don't know anything about those. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. let's see the clue. a yugoslavian diplomat for much of the 1970s, this u.n. official is currently the serbian ambassador to benin, burkina faso, in equatorial guinea. >> that's so easy. >> jimmy: got an easy one there. yeah, exactly. [ laughter ] >> we were just talking about this actually. >> jimmy: you just talked about this on the beach? >> well, if he was a diplomat in the '70s -- >> jimmy: um-hmm. [ laughter ] yeah, yeah. >> then it has to be -- >> jimmy: not mike brady. i can tell you that much. >> are you sure? >> jimmy: no. >> dude, i feel so bad for you right now. >> jimmy: go for it buddy. you can do it. go. >> gorbachev? i don't know. >> jimmy: gorbachev. >> i don't know. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: all right, yeah. we are looking for fyodor starcevich, not mikhail gorbachev. no. [ light laughter ] okay, once more, let's wax that chest. ♪ there you go buddy.
12:58 am
[ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: rough there. sorry, buddy. go for it, buddy. go. [ audience ohs ] sorry. i'm so sorry you lost. so, how are you feeling? wass that all right? >> yeah, it's not too bad. >> jimmy: all right, very good. well it looks good. yeah, it looks fantastic. >> i'll go to the beach tomorrow. >> jimmy: hey, you guys, nobody goes home empty-handed. higgins, what will they be taking home? >> steve: well, jimmy, they'll each be taking home these stylish led zeppelin time-shirts where the "l" fell off. as well as a 24-pack of nads brand hair removal strips to finish the job. go nads! jimmy? >> jimmy: and you know what, you didn't answer any questions correctly which actually triggered our special super loser bonus prize. we're gonna give each of you $100. thank you for playing, you guys. you guys -- [ cheers and applause ] that's all the time we have for wax on/wax off. we'll be back with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: our first guest served two terms as mayor of new york city and is widely referred to as america's mayor. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome rudy giuliani. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, welcome, welcome. rudy giuliani. rudy! [ laughter ] audience: rudy! >> jimmy: yeah. that's a great name to yell out. >> hey! >> jimmy: yeah. i always see you at the yankee games, i go down and see the yankees, and you're always there. >> oh, yeah. jimmy: and people -- do you like going to those games? do people bother you there? >> no, it's great going to yankee stadium. you should see what happens to me at city field, though. [ laughter ]
1:03 am
>> jimmy: they don't like -- yeah. a bit different. >> i was at fenway this weekend. >> jimmy: oh, boy. [ cheers and applause ] that must have been rough. [ audience boos ] oh. that must have been rough. >> yeah, there's some kind of hex they have over it. >> jimmy: yeah, it was weird. they took the series. >> yeah, they took the series. and last night, mariano giving up the hit to scutaro. >> jimmy: that's so rare. that's so -- what an evil, boston man out there. yeah. he loved it. he loved it. >> some kind of evil eye they put on it. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. but, i mean -- >> malocchio. "malocchio" is the italian word for "evil eye." malocchio. >> jimmy: he's got the malocchio. >> malocchio. >> jimmy: see, now you know all this stuff. i don't know the -- i'm irish and german. so, i know like -- i've seen people to go -- they give you the horns. i don't know what that means, but the people do that to me. pretty funny, you were just in this amc's "mob week." >> that's right. >> jimmy: and -- and -- >> i introduced six of their movies. >> jimmy: six mob classics. >> six mob classics. >> jimmy: well, i mean, you were very famous. you took down -- >> because of my history of prosecuting the mafia. >> jimmy: well, i mean, this is amazing. >> we prosecuted hundreds of them, thousands of sicilian mafia people in the 1980s.
1:04 am
>> jimmy: i mean, the heads of -- >> the heads of five families. >> jimmy: five families? >> we arrested them all in one day. prosecuted them. they got 100 years in jail. the sicilian pizza connection that brought heroin into the united states. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> i was prosecuting paul castellano when he got killed right outside of sparks. anybody want to take a little tour, i can show you just exactly where it happened. in fact, i can take you on a mob tour of new york city. and tell you where -- [ laughter ] and show you where most of the -- >> jimmy: yeah, you do that on weekends now. yeah, yeah. >> yeah. like, the guy -- the guy with the cigar. they placed a cigar in his mouth, that of course was done by the photographer. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. he was shot, killed. police show up. photographer shows up from the news and the post, and says, "hey, i want to get a good picture." and they say, "well, what kind of picture do you want?" "oh, wait a second." he takes a cigar, sticks it in his mouth, puts the head back, and shoots him. >> jimmy: wow. is that amazing, huh? god. you were crazy, huh? you must have seen -- have you ever have to do, like, stakeouts or have to wear a disguise or something? >> yeah, i wore a disguise. i bought -- i bought crack in 1986 -- [ laughter ]
1:05 am
-- undercover with a -- [ laughter ] -- with a d.e.a. agent. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> a female d.e.a. agent. >> jimmy: i was going to say, we have a lot in common. this is -- we got to get together. [ laughter ] >> this was done -- this was done at the instance at the head of dea in new york by myself, senator d'amato, and the head of the parole board to show how prevalent crack had become. we drove up to washington heights. i had a female -- i had a female d.e.a. agent. who's, like theoretically, my date. and we went up, and we purchased crack in washington heights. you used to be able to pull up, like, the way people pull up at a mcdonald's. you just get on line, and you order your crack. and you tell them how much you want. you pay them the money and off you go. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. and then we -- and then we came up with a really good program from that one that night. we seized all the cars. >> jimmy: and you did it. >> so, we put a big stakeout there. i used to go to it occasionally. put a big stakeout there. you'd go buy your crack. you'd pull away two blocks. we'd arrest you, put you in jail, and take your automobile. >> jimmy: wow. >> we had 2,000 automobiles in about three weeks. >> jimmy: oh, my god. isn't that unbelievable. >> but we ended it and got rid of it.
1:06 am
>> jimmy: good for you. oh, my gosh. that's amazing. i mean, do you miss being part of that action or are you just happy you made it through? >> yeah, sometimes i do. that's why i probably did -- that's why i probably did the amc thing, sure. i miss that. that was very, very exciting. it was -- you know, they threatened to kill me twice. first time, was i was first starting -- they put out an $800,000 contract to kill me. the sicilian mafia did. and then i was u.s. attorney for 5 1/2 years. i was at the end, just about ready to leave, and carmine percival put out a contract for only $400,000 to kill me. >> jimmy: you go, "hey, what's the big deal?" yeah, yeah. >> come on. [ laughter ] 5 1/2 years of work, and my value gets cut in half? i mean, come on. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: come on. hey, i'm doing something here. >> shees, god. give me a break. >> jimmy: that's wild. oh, my gosh. i mean, that -- i've got to commend you again. i know everyone always does this. see, that's why i was asking you if you get bothered in yankee stadium, because when 9/11 happened here, you were the mayor. and i got to say, thank you so much for everything you did for us there. and they really -- [ cheers and applause ] abd everybody, all the work. i know, you get credit. but that was a moment where, you know, all of us were just watching --
1:07 am
we were just tv and just hoping anyone would say something or step up and talk to us. and, you know, the president -- but, you stepped up. you were covered in soot, and i was like -- i love you so much, and i just -- i think that if anything, people just want to hug you at yankee stadium. just go up and go like, "thank you, you were just so calming." >> well, i did have a lot of help. i was on the shoulder of the heroes of some of the greatest heroes we've ever had. the firefighters and police officers and rescue workers who went into that building and saved more lives than anyone will ever know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and so, when we get to celebrate the -- celebrate or memorialize, however you want to look at it, because it's the worst day and best day in my life. when we get to look at the 10th anniversary, please remember all those people who lost their lives trying to save other people. their families -- >> jimmy: tenth anniversary is coming up, right? >> their families are still missing them and suffering. so this pain isn't over with yet. >> jimmy: no, not at all. and you're going? are you going to be there? >> oh yeah, i'll be there. and, of course, president bush will be there and i'm sure president obama will be there. and governor pataki, who went through it with me.
1:08 am
he and i were partners 100% in dealing with it. >> jimmy: it's going to nice. >> and then every year since the first -- first year, we have a dinner at night of all the people that were involved. we were trapped in a building and luckily got out after a half hour -- 20 minutes, a half hour. so all the people whose lives were spared that night get together and kind of remember the people who weren't. >> jimmy: that's something you'll never forget. that's awful. speaking of president obama, there's rumors going around that you might, maybe, consider running for president. >> well, are you making an offer? >> jimmy: yeah. well, if you want to, you can do it on our show, tonight >> an offer i can't refuse. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. i mean -- well, people are saying -- there was the harris poll came out and said that if you went right now and ran against president obama now, you would win. >> yeah, so would anybody else. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] right now. >> jimmy: that's a good point. that's a good point. >> i mean, here we are with the markets -- the markets going down, the president goes on television,
1:09 am
the market goes down more. >> jimmy: yeah. >> gee. >> jimmy: yeah, it's just been rough. >> he doesn't -- he doesn't have a clue. >> jimmy: are we in trouble? i mean, are we -- >> see, we're in trouble, but i don't think s&p should have downgraded us. i think the president is right about that. s&p is supposed to be -- is supposed to be evaluating the creditworthiness of our bonds, not our entire economy. i mean, that's a different kind of an analysis. american bonds are perfectly safe. they're going to be paid. they're guaranteed. we've got the largest economy on earth. if we can't pay our bonds, nobody can pay their bonds. so i think s&p was kind of making up for what a terrible job they did in dealing with the, you know, financial crisis of '07 and '08, where they were giving aa and great ratings to lehman brothers like the day before they went under. >> jimmy: oh, exactly. they're making up for that. >> this one -- this was a cheap shot against the united states. was not necessary. if you just focus on what are they rating? they're not rating our entire economy. they're rating, "can your bonds be paid back?" american bonds are going to be paid back.
1:10 am
they are guaranteed. even if we had gone into so-called default the first dollars would have to pay the bonds back and they would have been fine. >> jimmy: wow, interesting. >> so i think it was an unnecessary -- unnecessary damage to an economy that's got its own problems. we didn't need this one added on to it. >> jimmy: that's exactly right. when it rains it pours. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: exactly. hey, did you get that ice cream cone i gave to you? >> that's why i came. >> jimmy: is that right? >> is that legal? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. you can say that. yeah. >> can you get me an ice cream cone? >> jimmy: yeah, i gave you an ice cream cone, so you came on the show. from our favorite ice cream shop. >> when i was in public office, you know, the department of professional responsibility would come after me. i probably would have to pay you for it. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? >> yeah, here's 25 cents. >> jimmy: yeah, i figured i treat you for an ice cream cone. it was good? >> fabulous ice cream. >> jimmy: i was think, because we have our own flavor. it's late night snack. ben & jerry's made late night snack. [ cheers and applause ] it's really good. you don't have to try it now, but i'll give you a spoon here. about you if you do run for president you could be the ice cream president. you know how, like, reagan had jellybeans? >> right, right. >> jimmy: or clinton had, like, cinnabuns or mcdonald's or
1:11 am
whatever he was into. >> right, right. >> jimmy: you could have ice cream. >> that would be right. i love ice cream. i'm an ice cream addict. >> jimmy: i scream, you scream. we all scream for ice cream. that's what i'm talking about. [ cheers and applause ] that's sure to win. you're the greatest. thank you so much. >> thank you. good show. >> jimmy: rudy giuliani, everybody! >> thank you. >> jimmy: "top gear's" adam ferrara joins us next. he's hanging out in the bud light lime greenroom. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ gertrude ] you do look good. [ maude ] well...if you insist. [ norma ] how can i say "no" to you? [ betsy ] you know my weakness. [ gertrude ] real good. [ norma ] you're so sweet. [ maude ] you're so salty. [ betsy ] irresistible. [ female announcer ] giving i sto na thers era tt wayto isatou sfy yr cravings, twice a day with special k. enjoy something sweet... and something salty and still stay on track. ♪ so go ahead and embrace snacking with special k. you carry them around everywhere. yes i do, because cravings are everywhere.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: you know our next guest as a regular on the critically acclaimed fx show "rescue me" and as one of the hosts of history's popular show "top gear." he's also one of my favorite comedians. welcome back to the show adam ferrara. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: adam ferrara. >> hey. >> jimmy: man, how are you doing? how is it going? >> it's going great. it's a little -- little weird. giuliani tried to sell me crack. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. what did he say? i got to -- >> which was -- >> jimmy: first time that's happened to you? >> you know, i don't want to go on the tour and see the mob things. he's like i god jumbos. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you know what that means? oh, my gosh. but, you're in a good mood. >> yeah, it's good to see you again. >> jimmy: yeah, nice to see you, too. you got two huge jobs going down
1:17 am
right now. >> yes. >> jimmy: you got "rescue me," and you got "top gear." >> yeah. >> jimmy: congrats on both of those, buddy. >> thank you. yeah. >> jimmy: that's so awesome. >> "rescue me." this is our final season of "rescue me." and it's great. i get to play a new york city fireman. so, basically, i get to play a hero. so, that's great. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. that's really cool. >> tell you, one thing i regret about this show is i never got to go into a fire. because i play the chief, so when we pull up i'm just yelling and pointing. you know, like, "you two! vent the roof! go around the back! be careful, it's hot!" cut. thank you adam. [ laughter ] so, i've never gone into the fire. >> jimmy: no, but gosh. >> we actually had a real fire in brooklyn. we were shooting one night in brooklyn. we were shooting this scene. and we have real fire guys on the show with us. niels, bobby day, they're all real fire guys. and a fire breaks out, like, two blocks. a small fire. they go out, and help the guys put the fire out, come back and shoot the scene. [ laughter ] i was like, "i show up to shoot a scene, what are we waiting on?" "uh, a light bulb went out." "i'll in my trailer." these guys were like, "come on, let's knock this out." >> jimmy: adam's been playing xbox for an half an hour, now he's going to go do his scene because of the real firefighters.
1:18 am
but now you've got "top gear." >> yeah. >> jimmy: explain "top gear." because this is a -- this is a phenomenon in the uk, and now it's coming over to the united states. >> well, it's the american vision. it's a show that was a uk show. it's a global phenomenon, and we're doing the american version. because you know me, jimmy, i don't like a lot of pressure on my life. >> jimmy: yeah, why would you want to do this now? yeah. >> so it's based on cars. we get to do all kinds of stuff with cars. it's myself, tanner foust, who's a x-game rally driver, champion rutledge wood, who does nascar analysis and myself. and we do car reviews. we go on these adventures with cars. we do super cars. we do these wacky stunts with cars. >> jimmy: like celebrity cars, stuff like that. >> yes. >> jimmy: are you a car driver? >> yeah. well, now. >> jimmy: i mean, but how did you get the show? i was a fan of the show -- the uk show, and history said, "do you want to meet the guys?" they had the other two guys. so i went to meet the guys. and it was bbc producing it as well. and it was the oddest audition i ever had. we never went to a studio. we never went to a producer's office. we met in a parking lot. they call me up and says, "meet us in the parking lot behind macy's in l.a. look for a mitsubishi evo." like it's a ransom drop and no cops.
1:19 am
[ laughter ] and we get -- they had cameras set up in the cars, and tanner puts us in the car and teaches us how to drift. and we're tearing around in this parking lot. and they said, "cut, thank you very much, adam." and they called two days later, and i got the gig. >> jimmy: that's phenomenal. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but, now you're doing all these things. and now you're doing -- you said that nascar -- >> i got to start a nascar race. >> jimmy: that's huge. >> you did too, didn't you? >> jimmy: it's an honor. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah. it's -- i've never been to a nascar race. i don't know if you can tell by my accent, but i'm not from the south. [ laughter ] so i went to the nascar race, and they -- how polite are those people? and this southern hospitality. they treated me -- this giant paula deen-looking lady said, "is this your first nascar race, darling? i'm going to fry you up some butter." [ laughter ] i mean, it's just -- >> jimmy: yeah, a nice stick of fried butter. >> yeah. it was just so gracious. and it's a whole culture. i wasn't even aware. they camp out for days, like there's trailers, and all these little communities, and a lot of confederate flags, which i didn't understand, because they lost. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, that's a weird flag to have. >> you lose a job at footlocker, you don't start walking around in a referee uniform.
1:20 am
that's it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's it. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> but, i got to wave -- did you wave the flag? or did you say -- >> no, i just said, "gentlemen, start your engines." then, they had me removed. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you don't belong here. >> i waved the flag. i climbed up above to where you're hanging over the track, and you're waving the flag. and you want to do a good job because you don't want to be like -- they get the whole way the flag moves. i didn't want to be like those gymnastic girls with the streamers like, "go." [ laughter ] you don't want to do that. >> jimmy: yeah, would lose your cred right there, yeah. >> so, i'm sitting -- i wave the flags, and those cars are coming around about 190 miles an hour. and at that speed -- flying by. vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom. and at that speed, your balls hum. [ laughter and applause ] and i went, "now i get it." >> jimmy: oh, yeah. there you go. that's right. i get it. >> now i understand what all these guys are doing here. >> jimmy: i love nascar. here we go. [ laughter ] oh, my gosh. hey, i wanted to ask you, if you
1:21 am
don't mind, since you were on "top gear." i was wondering if i could challenge you to a race when we come back. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is that okay? >> all right. >> jimmy: when we come back, adam and i are hitting the track. get ready, you guys. i'm serious. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ hey, uh what's up with your naked toilet paper? yeeaah, i noticed that, man. inappropriate. naked toilet paper? i don't know what you're... your cottonelle roll just sittin' out? seriously... it's primitive, man. yeah, you're taking it for granted. just cover it up. huh. a roll cover...fancy. that stuff will make your day. toilet paper that nice? deserves respect. respect the roll. [ female announcer ] new cottonelle clean care toilet paper. get your roll cover at k. toilet paper. so we take time to sit down for lunch at olive garden, and we enjoy catching up as much as we enjoy the meal. it's the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks lunch. only at olive garden. featuring four homemade soups. enjoy all you want for just $6.95.
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can help your kids' school get extra stuff. they're the only cereals with box tops for education. you can raise money for your kids' school.
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look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. and safeway's 10% back to schools program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kids school. from august tenth through september thirteenth look for products marked with the yellow bus and earn even more by signing up for e-box tops at ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back with "top gear's" adam ferrara, everybody. i know you get to race cool cars on your show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but i don't think you've never done this. >> no. >> jimmy: this is the "late night green machine challenge." one loop around the studio. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: we'll do the "latifa
1:26 am
loop." it's called the "latifa loop." >> the "latifa loop." >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah, latifa did the first one, yeah. >> now, what's the bet? >> oh yeah, i forgot about that. >> yugoslavian dictators. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how about a hundred bucks to a charity? >> okay. >> jimmy: good, all right. here we go. ready? >> you ready? >> all right. >> jimmy: higgins, are you going to say on your mark, get set, go? or no -- >> steve: yeah, ready? >> jimmy: all right, no. >> nope. >> steve: on your mark. >> my thighs are huge. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. >> steve: gentlemen, adjust your package. [ laughter ] on your mark, get set, go! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. come on. oh, my god. >> oh! ha ha. come on, jimmy. >> jimmy: come on. i'm right behind you. >> come on, jimmy. >> jimmy: i'm right behind you. >> you got nothing. >> jimmy: oh my god. i'm right behind you. >> uh, oh. oh, damn it.
1:27 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes! you guys, thank you for -- that was a tough one. "top gear" airs sundays at 10:00 pm on history, and "rescue me" airs wednesday at 10:00 pm on fx. adam ferrera everybody. >> thank you. >> jimmy: my chemical romance performs next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guests are currently on the road with blink-182, as part of the honda civic tour. and they're here tonight to play a song for us from their album, "danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys." please welcome my chemical romance. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:31 am
♪ ♪ ooh well now this could be the last of all the rides we take so hold on tight ♪ ♪ and don't look back we don't care about the message or the rules they make ♪ ♪ i'll find you when the sun goes black and you only live forever
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you feel the pills you ate ♪ ♪ or every person that you need to be 'cause you only live forever in the lights you make ♪ ♪ when we were young we used to say that you only hear the music when your heart ♪ ♪ begins to break now we are the kids from yesterday ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah
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today today ♪ ♪ we are the kids from yesterday today ♪ ♪ today here we are and we won't stop breathing ♪ ♪ yell it out till your heart stops beating we are the kids from yesterday ♪ ♪ today cause you only live forever in the lights you make ♪ ♪ when we were young we used to say that you only hear the music when your heart ♪ ♪ begins to break we are the kids from yesterday ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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