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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, he's back. arnold schwarzenegger breaks his silence. hours ago, his first words since we learned about the mistress, the baby and the split. >> and the streets of oakland are where she makes her living. a mother by day, a hooker by night. she says oakland won't ever be able to prevent prostitution. ut first --cc1:
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>> asia picks up where the u.s. left off. happening now and half a world away. another sizable selloff under way and experts predict wave two of the financial freefall is heading here in the morning. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. it's the end of round one, but is there more? after a brutal day on wall street, the night is turning out to be equally destructive. investors are anxious. is their money safe? the dow fell more than 500 points, the worst single day performance and drop since 2008. analysts say investors are getting nervous the global economy is not improving. many markets in asia are open and exposing the fear of investors. the nikkei fell 3.5% today. south korea's market is also down. it's likely what's happening a world away is affecting your
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401(k). we bring in jean elle who joins us with how investors are reacting. >> reporter: investors are anxious, but tonight financial calm cc1:e saying, remain and focus on the long-term. >> the top story, global markets. >> reporter: glenn martin tunes in to stock market news because he's hoping to retire soon. >> i want to keep adding more stuff in the house. >> reporter: word the u.s. stock market plunged 500 points and asia markets are following suit has some on edge. concerns about a double dip recession are mounting. financial advisers are warning clients about not getting caught up in the emotion. >> for most people, they're investing for retirement. it's a long-term investment and they should check it periodically.
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>> reporter: martin takes the quarterly approach. >> if they lose something today, of course, it's not going to be surprising. but we're still looking at a quarter at a time. i don't look too much at the daily. >> reporter: thursday's stock market drop was the biggest since 2008. but there are some bright spots. sales at target are up in july, and general motors doubled its second quarter profits. brad olman says the market will always have highs and lows, a cycle most can ride out. if you can't afford to, you may want to rethink your investment strategy. >> make sure your investments are consistent with your time horizon. >> reporter: martin does have a backup plan. >> if i have to keep working, i have to keep working. but i don't think i will. >> reporter: he's looking forward to getting better acquainted with his music collection. wall street is bracing for another difficult day tomorrow when the july jobs report is due out and it could spret more fear
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about the state of our economy. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. if there's one bright spot, gas prices are falling. oil prices closed today at less than $87 a barrel, down $5 which is good news at the pump. here's what we're currently paying in the bay area. the average price for gas in san francisco $.389. in oakland, it's $3.81. still, some 64 cents higher than this time last year. we invite you to stay with us. the markets open tomorrow morning. we'll have coverage at 6:30. we will get you started with cnbc who will let you know if we're in for another drop. the well publicized trial is now over. the mother accused of having sex with a 16-year-old boy has been found not guilty but she still could go to jail. a jury found sarah cole not
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guilty of two felony counts of unlawful sex with one of her son's good friends. but cole was convicted of a misdemeanor for molesting a ctnor, meaning she'll have to register as a sex offender for life and could serve time. >> it does require mandatory registration under the penal code. so yes, there will be reg administration. the maximum is a year in the county jail. >> she will be sentenced at the end of the month. wanted from here to grand junction, colorado, east palo alto pd releasing the photos of two men wanted for murder. police want to chat with these two in connection with two murders. 19-year-old fisher was gunned down on july 13th just sitting in a car. 26-year-old chavez, killed six days later on illinois street. cops say they received tips that
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point to them as suspects, and a third man already picked up by police. they will also suspects in two armed robberies. both are considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. firefighters in oakley in one afternoon. suspicious? maybe not. tonight the 's speculation a freight train could have sparked them. the fires broke out along a stretch of t railroad tracks in oakley. burning about 30 acres and damaging several structures. the fires also forced the evacuation of a nearly elementary school. luckily fire crews and neighbors were able to get the fire under control in about an hour. >> a lot of neighbors, i got to thank them too, by the way. you can see a bunch of our neighbors grabbing shoulders, doing anything they could to help the cause.
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so we all pitched in together. >> and it worked. no homes damaged, no one injured. a fight tonight escaladed quickly in hayward. it started with kids throwing rocks and ended with a man being shot. a group of kids were playing at a park near ponderosa court when a kid threw a rock at another kid. the kid returned home to an apartment complex and started to argue. that's when some adults got involved. two then got into a fight. one left and later returned with a gun and shot several rounds to an apartment, striking a 19-year-old man six times. the victim is in critical season tonight. police are still looking for the gunman. it's a summer tradition that's been around for over two decades. san jose's music in the park used to be a family event but it's come under scrutiny because of the violence that breaks out. george kiriyama joins was reaction from the folks who put on music in the park and folks
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that go there to have a good time, george. >> reporter: that's right, they do try to have a good time if their families. we talked with the san jose downtown association and they're not happy music in the park is associated with the violence that's happened after the event is over and in some cases blocks away from the park. for 23 years, san jose's music in the park has been a summertime tradition, showcasing music of all genres for free. but in the past couple of years, the reputation has taken a hit because of what's been happening after the concert is over. >> i just saw people just running down in droves. >> reporter: the manager at original joe's restaurant says in june he saw a fight break out after music in the park ended. >> and like 10, 12 police cars coming. i thought about locking the doors a little bit, so yeah, it was scary. >> reporter: police say dozens of people were fighting at a nearby mcdonald's. two people were stabbed.
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police say every thursday this summer, they've seen a spike of calls after the music has stopped. >> it's generally the fallout, one, two, three hours after the event, where we're nsing a deluge of calls for service. >> but the executive director of the san jose downtown association says it's unfair to blame a relatively peaceful concert on something that happens after the event is over. >> people being associated with music in the park, again, hours after the event and up to ten blocks away. so we're curious how the police department are arriving at their statistics. >> reporter: some want to see it continue no matter what. >> it helps out the local businesses by bringing people downtown and generating foot traffic in the city where sometimes in the summer there normally wouldn't be. >> reporter: chris landon says
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to charge admission, because that would cut down on people who don't want to be there for the music. but they have decided to keep it free for now. dwk, nbc bay area news. up next, she says it will never work. >> i'm trying to feed my kids and i can't get a job at the moment, so i've got to do what i got to do. >> a mother by day, a prostitute by night. her take on oakland's effort to clean up the streets and the one thing she says police will never understand. and arnold schwarzenegger makes a comeback of sorts. what he did tonight in front of hundreds of people signaling his return to the public eye. hundreds of people coming to his rescue tonight. what it's like to be buried alive. we'll hear from the teenager that survived this day at the beach. and we're seeing more drizzle about the bay area tonight. san francisco, we've got 56 degrees but also interesting, above those low clouds it's
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stopcc1: ill board prostitution in oakland? that's what neighbors are hoping. they staged a march at a meeting with cops tonight, aimed at keeping johns away and pushing pimps out. but the ladies say the bill board is bogus. cheryl hurd is live in oakland. i understand you talked to a prostitute who says she's not going anywhere. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. but that bill board says, if you're here to buy sex, stop it. we'll report you. that's a message from the community, but it's a message the ladies of the night don't want to hear. they used noise makers and bull horns to get people's attention who live along international boulevard in oakland. it is clear they want to get rid of prostitution in their neighborhood. >> i know lots of people who have been exploited as minors and it is a tragedy.
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if we can't get emotional about that, what can we get compassion for? >> reporter: police say they are making prostitution and human trafficking in oakland a top priority. >> what we've seen is some of those doing drug dealing are also doing their -- the pimps putting the young prostitutes out there, too. so we have to focus on both. and they're also doing the shootings. >> reporter: just like the shooting we saw during the march and as some were working the streets. >> i'm trying to feed my kids, i can't get a job, so i've got to do what i got to do. >> reporter: marie didn't want to show her face but didn't mind telling us why she makes a living selling her body. >> it's quicker money. i don't want to sell drugs. >> reporter: i asked her about programs and she says the programs just don't work. >> they don't want a girl that's been to prison or, you know --
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>> reporter: still, those marching are determined to rid the streets of prostitution. >> the people involved are getting the word. now we're working on the johns. they need to stop coming here to buy sex. >> reporter: the police chief says a task force is in place to try and get rid of the problem. he says it won't happen overnight. meanwhile, 32 new oakland police officers will be hitting the streets very soon. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. he disappeared and now police are asking for your help. 29-year-old maurice james was last seen on sunday. he's african-american, six feet and 155 pounds, last wearing a red t-shirt and black leather pants. after two years of uncertainty, the end may be near for two detained in iran.
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they could soon be released. earlier today, a leader from the iranian government said that the men's ordeal may be coming to a close soon. they were arrested at the iraq-iran border in july of 2009. shourd was released almost a year ago for medical reasons. it's believed the two may now be set free because of iran's tradition of letting prisoners go during ramadan. the scene was incredible. he was buried alive on the beach. a california teenager thought he was going to die when a six-foot pit of sand collapsed around him and tonight he's talking about it. friends and strangers, take a look at the video, digging to get him out. this all happened yesterday in newport. the 17-year-old was alone when the sand collapsed. he was buried about 20 to 30 minutes before the rescuers got to him. >> i was unconscious underneath
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the sand. i was just surprised i was being pulled out. i thought i was going to die. >> matt is doing just fine today, but he said he's been digging sand out of his ears and hair since it happened yesterday. since the first time his private life was exposed, arnold schwarzenegger spoke tonight in los angeles. to toni ginyard tells us more. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger back in public months after his personal life forced him out of the spot light. >> i'm going to run in 2012. [ applause ] i'm going to run for president of the national body building association. >> reporter: attendees at the american chamber of commerce laughed but some questioned his presence here. >> people did not come to this
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event because they were upset about that. but he's a politician and he made an awful mistake. >> the choice of having him as a speaker was prior to the news that came out about his own behavior and his personal life. >> reporter: his impending divorce, fathering a child and failing to notify the family that nunez's sent tense had been released early. but tonight -- >> this is all about business and his leadership during several years. >> reporter: the governor talked business and politics. >> thank you to all of you. especially thank you to the california chamber, and thank you for all being here today. i'll be back.
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thank you very much. >> still a little comical on his debut. let's bring in rob mayeda. where was rob today, the arts festival? >> it was wonderful. >> filling in for jeff ranieri. >> that's right. and getting to benefit from some of the beautiful weather we had. got a little chilly, the low clouds spreading back across the bay and san jose, 62 degrees. northwest winds at 7 miles per hour. oakland right now, 58 degrees. at least you can see 880 right now. because in san francisco, the city camera is getting a drizzle storm. 57 degrees, west wind at 15 miles per hour. and san francisco, the coast likely enough drizzle coming down where it could wet the roadways again. so stay tuned for the forecast.
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temperatures right now, 50s and 60s outside. a healthy sea breeze is providing for fantastic air quality. normally you have to talk about 90 degree temperatures and spare the air days. not the case with that strong sea breeze. we've got a strong ocean air conditioning effect. tomorrow morning, we will see drizzle on the coast and this surge means a cloudy start to friday and we'll get some sunshine towards the afternoon. what's interesting is what's happening a little further out. we had a large m-class solar flare erupt from the sun. you can see it here as we show you the transition to the x-ray vision. it was that flare which some of that energy is heading to the earth's upper atmosphere. with that type of solar flare, we could see the northern lights maybe trying to get into the
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northern part of the u.s. maybe by tomorrow night. so this is something interesting. hopefully the low clouds will break up. don't know if it's going to get as far south as the bay area, but some unusual space weather could be on the way courtesy of that solar flare. tomorrow morning, 50s and low clouds, drizzle to start. sunshine around lunchtime and as we go hour by hour to 4:00, august, well, not really. we're talking temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. 60s onbu ttacoas butou ye'rou y'reea hlti fvato thsisrt this weemsperetuexra nturepetex week. so the cool summer clearly continues. >> thank you, rob. up next, the minivan recallt popular cars on the road. stay with us.
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chrysler is recalling its minivans again. more than 350,000 dodge and chrysler minivans are being recalled because the airbags can go off up expectedly. it's the second recall of the 2008 town and country and the grand caravan models for the same problem. the vans were recalled in january because water from the air conditioner can leak into the computer chips that control the airbags causing them to inflate. the problem hasn't caused any crashes or injuries but recall letters will be going out next month. >> we got some big stuff going
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on with the 49ers. let's bring in damon andrews. wow, a pretty big name coming to the bay area. >> absolutely. we won't give it away just yet. the 49ers do make major moves on the free agent market and the raiders' top player is shut down with a strange injury. and all eyes on china basin as the league's marquee matchup takes place at at&t park. stick around, spor is next. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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let's talk some baseball. the giants and dodgers maintain one of the best rivalries in the game, but the giants-phillies is hot, as well. they took down the east coast power last year. they took two of three from them a week ago in philadelphia. we take you to the china basin. phillies-giants, top of the 2 pd, it is scoreless. hunter pence changes that, a solo crank, 1-0, phillies. next batter, john mayberry, jr., of stanford. and back-to-back jacks.
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that made it 2-0. philadelphia, bottom of the 9th, phillies up 3-0, and cliff lee, that's all he would need. the guy was rolling. cody ross, looking good. lee strikes him out. complete game victory for lee. jamie has more from at&t park. >> reporter: thursday's performance by cliff lee was a perfect example why the giants were fortunate to miss him when they were philadelphia last week. five of his ten career shutouts have come this season, the latest against the giants. >> he pitched great for them. he's had great sufficient and had all his pitches going, locating well, both sides of the plate. he's tough. when he's on, he's as good as anybody. he showed it tonight. >> it's probably the best game i've had as far as commanding the ball. so just working ahead, using my pitches. >> the giants send another lefty to the mound sunday, as jonathan
11:30 pm
hill takes the mound for the first time since june 24th. reporting from at&t park, jamie seyer for nbc bay area. >> thank you, jamie. the niners are back in the free agent business, hooking a huge target. former jets receiver braylon edwards agrees to a one-year, $3.5 million deal. he had more than 900 yards last season in new york and his new coach -- >> a big receiver, we were looking for that big receiver, and i think another experienced guy who is 17 yards a catch last year, and nfl pro receiver who is -- i think he's hungry and he wanted to be here. that was exciting for us. >> and a quick note from raiders train camp. darren mcfadden suffered an
11:31 pm
orbital bone injury and will out two weeks.yo >> damon, thanks a lot. >> we'll be right back.
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breaking news before we leave tonight. you're looking at a map right now. there's been a hit and run of child in san francisco apparently. this happening at new. montgomey and mission street. we do understand that a child was struck and the driver fled the scene of that accident. we don't know the condition of the child at this point. but we know that it's happened not far from the gardens. we're efforting to find out more information. we'll have a full report at 4:30. and we're watching the asian markets as they open tonight and we'll have a full report on the economy, as well. >> thanks for joining us tonight. see you in the morning and then again tomorrow. >> bye-bye.


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