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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the source of the problem and how many will have to go back. right now at 11:00, developments in the bryan stow investigation. the discovery at a dry cleaners that could prove to be a break in the case. good evening, i'm garvin thomas. >> and i'm diane dwyer. jessica and raj are off tonight. what may be new evidence. sources say police have new evidence that came to them thanks to an alert employee at a dry cleaner in los angeles. it's a story we first broke here
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at nbc bay area news this evening. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in san francisco with the new information for us. cheryl. >> reporter: well, diane, bryan stow is here at sf general. his condition is unchanged. but we are learning about new evidence tonight, a bloody jersey with dna that belongs to bryan stow. >> reporter: the evening giants fan bryan stow was beaten nearly to death by two men outside dodger stadium, suspect number one was described as wearing a white dodger jersey. giovanni ramirez as suspect number one when they arrested him nearly three weeks ago and now we have learned police have in evidence a dodger jersthey had been dropped off of the cleaners. instead of cleaning it sources say a worker alerted authorities. dna anal sits came back. a match to the victim, stow. the first who first disclosed the shirt to nbc, said it believed that ramirez was the one who brought it to the cleaners. nbc talked to ramirez's
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attorney, who spoke with us after meeting with his client at the county jail in los angeles. >> he doesn't wear clothes that require dry cleaning and i just think this just sounds preposterous. >> reporter: with ramirez, jailed for an alleged parole violation, authorities have held off charging him with the stow beating. defense attorneys have said repeatedly that it's a case of mistaken identity. they say ramirez has an iron-clad alibi, he was with his daughter at his aunt's home. meanwhile, l.a. police chief beck, has expressed confidence in the arrest as the investigation attempts to tie in evidence. >> we have some significant -- significant pieces to it that lead me to believe that we do indeed have the right individual. >> reporter: is it possible police want to pressure ramirez to give up information on someone else? >> if they're trying to squeeze him they're doing it by remote control because they've never come to us or him and ask him to
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give anything up. >> reporter: nbc went to the los angeles police department to get an on-camera comment about that bloody jersey. they said emphatically that it did not belong to ramirez, but they would not say who the jersey belonged to. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd other nbc bay area news. they came from all over the bay and they came from hundreds of miles away, all to honor two heroes killed in the line of duty. >> nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength. vincent and tony were our gentleness and our strength. >> vincent is lieutenant vincent perez, tony is firefighter/paramedic tony valerio. both were killed last thursday fighting a fire in san francisco's diamond heights district. their funeral today filled st. mary's cathedral to capacity and beyond. it was by all accounts the largest funeral in san francisco
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since the deaths of harvey milk and george mus coney. guests includes house minority speaker nancy pelosi and former san francisco mayor gavin newsom. the caskets were lifted on two fire engines to station 26 and held a procession in colma. a look back that the heartfelt ceremonfor the two fallen men. >> reporter: heartfelt yes, gavin. and ordinary people who never even knew the two men killed in the line of duty. mostly though we saw firefighters pack the church here behind me coming from around the state and as far away as boston, mexico, even canada. >> these are our heroes and they put their lives on the line every day. >> reporter: from those who fought to keep them alive inside of the emergency room at sf general. >> we knew how he looked when tony went upstairs, so we all kind of knew in our hearts what
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was going to happen. >> reporter: to those who led lieutenant vince ept perez and firefighter/paramedic anthony valerio. >> this is a phenomenal tribute to the perez/valerio families. our hearts are heavy but we are bolstered as you can see the amount of uniforms and the civilian people here paying their last respects to vincent and tony. >> these are the dark days for the city and we have experienced a great loss. >> reporter: even strangers, like canadian firefighter mark mcgray came. >> it's a brotherhood that spans all of north america. >> reporter: in total more than 6,000 flocked to st. mary's cathedral in san francisco to remember perez -- >> vince was a fireman's firemen. he was big, he was strong, he was aggressive, and he was one of the best. >> reporter: and valerio. >> he was a ponytail hippee who called himself the people's paramedic. >> reporter: two very different men who share the same calling. >> make no mistake, these men are gladiators. they fight fire, one of the most
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powerful forces created by god to save lives. >> reporter: the firefighters from engine company 26 were killed battling what was supposed to be a routine house fire in diamond heights last week. >> and i couldn't shake it was that i wanted to be in that house with my brother. and i say that with all apologies to my four daughters. >> reporter: now two families mourn while the san francisco fire department tries to make sense of the department's deadliest call in 65 years. >> they had a great leader on that day. and engine 26 was properly trained and they were ready for that mission, and although my brother had a strong will, nothing is greater than the will of god. to my brother, now you are free. i will see you again but not yet, not yet. >> reporter: and the caskets were taken to holy cross
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cemetery in colma where the two men were lied to rest. elise kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> including raw video and a picture slideshow, go to our website, and new tonight at 11:00, smoke in the cabin forced an emergency landing at sfo this evening. the problem was reported shortly after the united airlines plane took off for seattle. the pilot turned the plane around, and we're told flight 479 landed safely. back at sfo just after 7:00 tonight. the plane was carrying 179 passengers. no one was hurt. but there's no information yet on just what called that smoke in the cabin. also, a new report tonight blames pilot error for a small plane crash that killed a belmont couple last year. 75-year-old julia huber was flying in thick fog when she crashed into a hill north of livermore in may of last year. he and her husband were both kiltd in the crash and now a new
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report by the national transportation safety board reveals that julia was not certified to fly in bad weather. the agency says she relied on just on site after the weather became foggy. they're looking for the same person but expect to find different things. the hayward police department and the family of missing nursing student michelle le are both continue their searches tonight. the police think she's dead. the family wants to find her alive. nbc bay area's george kiriyama joins us from the newsroom with an update on both searches. >> two weeks after michelle le disappeared still no sign of her. hayward police launched a huge search for her today a 35-person search team looked into the canyons of southeastern alameda county. >> reporter: for ten hours forensic investigators and search dogs combed 30 square miles of niles canyon and pala merras canyon but nothing was found. no evidence, no sign of michelle le. police have searched this area several times during the past
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two weeks hopes to find any clues that would help them find her. >> we cannot give jupin san diego michelle le's family and friends gather at her old high school encouraging each other not to give up hope. >> we have to radiate so much hope that we can bring her back because there's so many memories that come with michelle and we can't let this disappear. >> and bring awareness to this so that we can bring michelle home and please keep her in your prayers. thank you. >> reporter: le's family continues to believe there's a chance michelle is still alive. >> keep hope alive. she's here alive. just don't give up hope because we don't. until we bring her back home. >> honestly, i just don't give myself the time to miss her because if i took the time to miss her, then i'm not going to be working on fliers or with people who are trying to get the word out. >> reporter: now hayward investigators say they will continue to analyze physical
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evidence this weekend, as well as work on some leads. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, george. and now to a story of a toddler left in a car that fortunately has a happy ending today. police officers in the east bay city of pittsburg say a 21-year-old woman left her nephew in a car seat when she sh stopped at a safeway this afternoon. she told investigators she didn't want to wake the child up and was only in the child for seven minutes. another woman saw the child and called police. it's possible the aunt may be charged with child endangerment. >> nice to see a happy ending. when it first came in we weren't sure if this was going to end that way. they are widely used materials and potentially dangerous. still ahead at 11:00, the new warning today products that are used by millions of americans. >> there are entries that you and see and can't see. >> also coming up, horses for heroes. the transition a soldier back from war to a civilian is
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difficult for many veterans but an unusual program in the bay area is helping them. here's a hints. we'll show you. >> and why apple is recalling certain models of the ipad ii. >> i hope it's not mine. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog kept us cooler here across the bay area. only 76 in san jose. and 68 in oakland. still have the clouds tonight. so when is it going to warm up into those 80s? i'lle havil he taildes on psi some of the warmest weather in year and when it will arrive, coming up. y
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we have a recall to tell you about and it involves the ipad 2. the silicon valley giant is recalling what they call an extremely small number of second generation ipads to correct a manufacturing flaw that prevents some users from connecting to the verizon wireless network. an apple spokesman says the recall involves certain ipads with duplicates of a unique number known as the mobile equipment identify, that is used to identify it when connecting it to a wireless network. they will replace the affected
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tablets and replace with new ones. amusement park guests who get bumped too hard on the bumper cars may be able to sue for their injuries. ruled today that a local doctor can suit owners of great america because she broke her wrist while riding a bumper car back in 2005. today's decision overturned a santa clara county superior court ruling which tossed out the lawsuit claiming riders take a certain amount of risk when they jump in the cars. the appeals court disagreed rule flag a jury should decide if great america was negligent. as many as 1 in 3 u.s. troops who return home from iraq and afghanistan are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and many more struggle without a formal diagnoses. >> but as nbc bay area's vicky nguyen is showing us one program is taking an unusual approach to heal the war wound from the inside out. >> reporter: soldier jeremiah ridgway can shoot but not just with his gun. his images captured at the front lines of war branded in a national geographic documentary.
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>> i told the story not only for myself but everybody they serve with at that time. >> reporter: that time was 2006. jeremiah was 23 and he spent a year and a half in the dusty arid mountains of afghanistan. the army veteran served as a 19 delta cavalry scout riding humvees, not horses. >> it smells the same, though. >> reporter: but when he came home to college life -- >> i definitely never had to groom a horse. >> reporter: it wasn't the same place because he wasn't the same person. >> just, as they say, baptized by fire. and then as through the deployment, it just got worse. it became more dangerous and a lot of people were hurt, injured, and killed. just keep going. i'll follow you. >> oh my god, this is so amazing like how you can control this. >> reporter: here at gilroy's california stables, jeremiah found something he didn't know that he was looking for.
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>> here, you're not the only one having difficulty with school and transitioning from say soldier to civilian. >> reporter: the program is called horses for heroes led by therapist martha mcneil and david haley. >> there are injuries that you can see and some that you can't see. >> reporter: david is a veteran himself. he says out here, there's no couch or office. it's in the saddle where the vets open up. >> and kick him a little bit. nice. nice bump. keep going. >> you can't force therapy, but you can observe and then you take advantage of situations when they come up. >> they live through iraq, i don't want them to indict at di >> many are very uncomfortable sitting down and sitting still. these are action people. they want to get up and go. >> reporter: assigned one horse for the six-week course the vets learn to ride and they learn they and the horses share a common instinct. >> one of the characteristics of
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posttraumatis stress disorder is hypervigilance which means that you're always on guard. always looking over your shoulder. always expecting something bad to happen and that's a survival instinct, and horses have that by nature because they're a prey animal. but one of the things that we do horse down, lives as well. >> said fr three vets who come back, they don't really want toout. the0qa% other. ut. to somebody.e to pi up your ut. to somebody.e to pi up your is talkexx& ing with is talk keporter: fe like tohth5
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fhepfcelehfce? ah fhepfce >>x2v3 eleofefg fhepfc coming up, first the deadly tornado. now an invisible killernv iades joplin, missouri. we're back in two minutes. ♪ [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin. but if it was going to do the same for my spa, i had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called my citibank small business expert. he got me a line of credit to make it happen
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now to the latest on the deadly tornado in joplin, missouri. a rare but frequently lethal fungal infection is spreading in the area. according to the missouri department of health services, eight people have been diagnosed with infection and at least three of those have died. all were in intensive care. and tonight health officials don't know if it was the infection or their severe injuries that killed them. the infection occurs by the way when contaminated dirt becomes dodged under the skin. speaking of health dangers, the government has released a new list of chemicals that could cause cancer and two of the materials are used by americans on a daily basis. formaldehyde made the new list which was delayed for years because of lobbying. it's a common ingredient in many beauty products. sprays and wood products. the other material is styrofoam
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which is news everything from boats and bathtubs to disposable coffee cup and plates. scientists say factory workers who face constant exposure are at the most risk but everyone should limit contact with either material. all right, the a's in their ten-game losing streak in dramatic fashion in the windy city against the white sox, that's coming up. but can the giantsr walk c-& tht ei walk-off ways at at&t park? [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] at sutter health, our story is you. ♪
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good evening, everyone. i'm jim kozimor. torture, one word, the giants fans know it so well and know feeling and it was huge in 2010, and this year that theme has continued. going into friday's game the giants had recorded eight walk-off wins. could they do it again? dusty baker and the cincinnati reds at at&t park. in the fourth inning, giants up 1-0, and ryan hanigan changes that, an rbi single to right field. that scores scott rolen. game is tied at one a piece. scarey moment in the fifth inning. freddy sanchez injuries his shoulder diving for a ground ball. he's taken from the game. it's a dislocated right shoulder. mri on saturday. in the fifth giants down 2-1. miguel tejeda doubles in chris stewart. he ties the game at two. bottom of the ninth bases loaded, nate schuerholz and does it again. they beat the reds, 3-2. a's in chicago, bob melvin
11:29 pm
and his second game as manager and the athletics are trying to end a ten-game losing streak. down 5-4. two outs in the ninth and they rally. they hold it. go to the bottom of the ninth inning. the closer is look for his first save. that's stan ford's carlos quinton. a fly ball to right, that ends the game. the losing streak is over. smiles, everyone. smiles. to the hardwood. 17-year nba veteran, mark jackson was introduced as the new head coach of the golden state warriors on friday. jackson takes over a warriors team that has made the playoffs only once since the 1994-'95 season. jackson has never been a head coach at any level, but brings his new york city swagger to the job. he's spent the past few seasons as a broadcast analyst, has currently worked in the nba finals, and he also believes he has found the right match for his skills. >> for me, it was love at first sight.
11:30 pm
i've been in a lot of processes. i've had opportunities and i've been in interview situations but i listen to the passion, the focus, the dedication, the desire of these guys, what they're trying to do and immediately i wanted to be a part of it. >> we continue with game five of the stanley cup finals seen here on nbc bay area. boston and vancouver with the series knotted at two a piece and they're crying from wooster to woonsocket. what a start to this one. great atmosphere in the couve. thank you for the laugh. scoreless until the third period. when an odd bounce comes to maxmax maxim la pierre. that's sports. and of course saturday you've got the 143rd running of the belmont stakes. who are you taking? >> i have no idea.
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>> kingdom. >> well, but that is too obvious, isn't it. >> yeah, go mucho macho one. he's 10 to 1. >> will you say the names of oo>>oer t wooster to woonsocket. >> that was very nice. >> how did i do with that accent? >> we'll go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time...
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so how much is lunch with warren buffett worth? well the winner of buffett's annual charity auction shell out more than $2.6 million to dine in with the billionaire investor. set a new ebay record. all proceeds from the lunch will go to the foundation which provides social services to the poor and homeless in san francisco. buffett will spend several hours with the winner at smith steakhouse. >> sorry you lost out. too bad. >> $2.6 million short. >> exactly. good night.


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