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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, a san jose city councilman is owning up to what he's calling a terrible error in judgment this weekend. we'll have a live report straight ahead. plus teachers across the bay area and the state are gearing up for a week-long campaign. coming up, why they say california is in a state of emergency. and we'll show you what analysts have to say about where the price of gas is headed in the next couple of months. the numbers might just surprise you. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight in san jose, where a city councilman is
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speaking out about being arrested this weekend for drinking and driving. the chp pulled him over early saturday morning and this afternoon he agreed to talk to nbc bay area. george is in san jose with the very latest for us on this. george. >> reporter: well, diane, the city councilman said he made its mistake by choosing to get behind the wheel while under the influence. the chp arrested him for drunken driving early saturday morning near this intersection of market and san fernando here in downtown san jose. now, he says he had been out with friends. he had been out with friends and had a few drinks in the course of several hours. the chp initially pulled him over for a broken taillight around 1:30 saturday morning and realized he had been drinking. a prelim alcohol screening showed his blood alcohol level to be 0.12. the legal limit is 0.08. he was arrested and booked into the main jail. he was cited and released after
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being there a few hours. the councilmember says given his position, he wants to apologize to the community. >> i hope it's -- i hope that my experience with it and how horrifying it was serves as an example to others, especially given my position, that people can see that it's just not worth it. >> reporter: now, he says he's had no prior duis. he did take a blood test. that will get a final accurate blood alcohol level. >> thank you, george. this week california too muchers -- teachers say they will do whatever it takes, even take over the state capitol if necessary, to try to stop cuts to education funding. kimberly tere is in san francisco with the latest on the launch of what teachers are calling their state of emergency campaign. >> reporter: the eventual kickoff starting early tomorrow morning in what is being called
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a week of action. teachers say they are banding together to declare a state of emergency in education funding. tomorrow morning some members of the united educators of san francisco will be holding a rally and a march, ending up at the school district office on franklin. from there, dozens of educators will hop on a bus headed to the state capitol where they plan on taking part in a sit-in. there will be hundreds of teachers there all week long trying to deliver a message to lawmakers. >> the message is that our students need a budget, an on-time budget that's a balanced approach, continuing the temporary taxes along with the cuts that have already been made to close the hole in the state budget. >> reporter: right now that hole is $15 billion which includes cuts that have already been made to avoid additional cuts to social services. the governor wants to extend taxes, something republicans are opposed to. teachers we talked to are behind the governor saying without the taxes, education will be hit even harder and students will suffer greatly.
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in addition to the sit-in at the state capitol, educators are planning other events to be held throughout the week all the way till friday. there will be rallies, town hall meetings and also gatherings planned at some bay area malls. now, educators say they have no other choice but to take action. governor jerry brown set to release his revised budget and they want to make sure their voices were heard before then. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. police in fairfield say three people are dead after a shooting at a house in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. it was a house that police knew well. they had been called to that house 12 times in just the past year for disturbances. neighbors identified 37-year-old jason eisenberg as the man responsible for killing a man and woman before turning the gun on himself. he is also suspected of injuring a third person who escaped and
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called 911. the woman killed was his ex-girlfriend. she filed a court order to live in the house since her name was on the deed. since her return, neighbors say there's been turmoil inside the house and many calls to police. >> i hear arguments come from there. so i don't know, it seemed, i thought maybe something could happen but never like to that extent. >> police say a court order was served to someone at the residence yesterday, but it's unclear if that triggered the shooting. the alleged shooter's father seen here also lives in the house. he says he was able to seek shelter with a neighbor during the shooting. san francisco's new top cop says he's leading by example when it comes to trimming the fat off the budget, the chronicle reports greg suhr is giving up the suv reserved for use by the police chief as well as the car's driver. he said he knows his way around up to and prefers driving a ford focus hybrid. he's also giving up his $20,000 cost of living raise but perhaps that's because his salary is
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already close to $300,000 a year. he is also bumping the three assistant chiefs to deputy chiefs, saving taxpayers $100,000 a year there. he hopes the sacrifices will help convince the rest of the police force to give up their deferred 10% pay raise to help close san francisco's budget gap. first it was a little rain this weekend and now a whole lot of wind. here's rob mayeda with a check on the forecast. it was crazy out there today, rob. >> yeah, really gusty and we did have a little light rain early this morning. right now in san jose it's 60 degrees, southwest wind at 18 miles per hour. chilly on the outside of the shark tank but warm inside. you can see oakland right now, a west wind cranking up to 23 miles per hour and in san francisco you can actually see white caps across the bay, a sign that we do have strong winds. there you can see the temperatures in the upper 50s. no matter where you are right now, you're seeing winds 15 to 35 miles per hour. but for the most part the showers are done.
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we're still seeing a few widely scattered showers out to the northeast of napa county, out into the central valley and around sacramento. now, tonight some of our weather headlines, very gusty winds through 9:00 and 10:00 this evening. tomorrow we'll start to see temperatures climbing up a bit. then a nice warm-up heading towards the middle of the week. but stay tuned to the end of the seven-day forecast. we could see a rather strong spring storm rolling in. we'll have this roller coaster of a forecast coming your way in just a few minutes. >> thanks, rob. coming up next at 5:00, a week ago today, u.s. special forces killed osama bin laden. we'll take a look back at what that raid set in motion both here at home and abroad. just getting a chance to get all pretty and be, you know, celebrating motherhood for a day is fantastic. >> a special day away from the homeless shelter for 25 bay area moms struggling to get back on their feet. and american media mogul ted turner was in the bay area today. we'll show you what led him to pound the pavemen t hundreds of
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it was one week ago today that u.s. special forces killed osama bin laden, and since that time, u.s. intelligence has been sifting through an extraordinary cache of information seized by navy s.e.a.l.s during that raid. as brian mooar reports, bin laden's death is also placing enormous strain on u.s. relations with pakistan and also exposing some old political fault lines here in the united states. >> reporter: new video of osama bin laden is just one tiny gem from a treasure trove of intelligence snatched up last week by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s in their daring raid. >> it is about the size of a
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small college library. we have put together a multi-agency task force to go through it. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence is scrambling to follow every lead the terror chief left behind. >> there are several hundred al qaeda operatives who are now in annin coherent organization. for the next year or two, they won't know if they're under surveillance. >> reporter: and the u.s. government is leaning on pakistan, demanding to know how the world's most wanted man was living so comfortably in a military town. >> they need to investigate that, and they need to provide us with intelligence, by the way, from the compound that they have gathered, including access to osama bin laden's three wives whom they have in custody. >> reporter: and what if the pakistani government lets americans question the survivors of bin laden's inner circle? former vice president dick cheney advocates a return to harsh interrogation techniques like waterboarding. >> it was a legal program, it was not torture, and i would strongly recommend that we continue it. >> reporter: bin laden's death,
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giving new life to some old arguments on how to treat america's friends and enemies in the war on terror. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. another effect of bin laden's death was a spike in president obama's approval rating. this morning we asked our political analyst how long that momentum might last. >> the american public have a very short memory when it comes to events, especially foreign policy events. so they're very happy about what happened, delighted, we've seen it in the polls. yes, the president got a 10 or 11-point spike. come a month from now the public will be enmeasushed with things related to the economy. >> president's advisers are all too aware of that fact. in the president's address yesterday there was no mention of bin laden at all. instead he encouraged investment in alternative fuel and energy resources as a way to spur the economy. the address was filmed in a plant that manufactures hybrid technology. and still to come at 5:00, are prices at the pump headed for a nosedive?
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perhaps. andthere ooe llu flerthdws aten forced hundreds more from their homes.
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u.s. gas prices rose about 91 cents between january and may, but now analysts say relief will hit just about the same time summer does. the oil price information service reports that gas prices are expected to drop nearly 50 cents by the end of summer. that's partly because oil prices dropped 15% last week and demand has dropped as well as gas prices started heading north. it might not be enough to satisfy some drivers who remember prices around $3 a gallon last year but it may be enough to help lift consumer spending, which powers about 70% of the economy. aaa reports the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.98 a gallon.
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here in the bay area, it's $4.31 in san francisco, $4.27. they also warn in highly populated areas like the bay area, prices will be slower to fall. this mother's day several san francisco moms who are in more need of pampering than most perhaps received some star treatment, thanks to the 17th annual mother's day brunch. 25 homeless women were treated to a morning of pampering with complimentary hair and makeup sessions. then they took a cable car ride to the sir francis drake hotel in union square for brunch at the harry denton starlight lounge. >> having all this set up for us is just such a wonderful gift. it's such a blessing. we all really needed it, you know. we all really deserve it, i think, because there's so many wonderful moms here. >> to top it all off, the moms enjoyed a drag queen show at the starlight room as well in true san francisco fashion. being a mom is never easy, but there's no doubt moms of children with cancer carry a heavier load than the rest of
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us. every mother's day the american cancer society and the great america theme park team up to give those moms and their families a day off from cancer as they call it. they're invited for a picnic lunch, entertainment and all the rides they can jam into an afternoon. >> well, when i was going through treatment, it was nice to come here and see all these other kids who were doing the same thing i was and to gain strength from them while being an inspiration to them as well. now that i'm well, it's good to come and kind of be reminded of what i went through. >> 49ers legend ronnie lott seen there was on hand to take photos with the kids as well. a few members of the santa clara university men's basketball team also posed with their fans. this is the 22nd year great america has hosted courageous kids day. more evacuations are under way in memphis tonight where the mississippi river continues to rise. people living in 240 homes were put on alert today to leave for higher ground. that brings the total number of homes evacuated in memphis to
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1300. some 400 people are reported to be now living in shelters and the mississippi is expected to crest on tuesday at 48 feet, just shy of a 48.7 foot record that was set back in 1937. >> i call it a water event because a lot of people are coming down, they have never seen anything like this, including me. >> this is all astounding. i mean it's just overwhelming to see it so high. but interesting. hopefully it won't get much worse. >> engineers say that while it's unlikely any major metropolitan areas will see extensive flooding in the coming weeks as the water pushes downstream, some small towns and farms could be inundated. and the weather around here, i guess you'd say it was all about wind today. we went up for our annual mother's day hike and it was exceptionally windy. we were holding on as we were hiking through. >> any hats that you might have had are in nevada by now. >> exactly.
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>> very gusty winds helped shut down some of the rain and showers we had earlier. boy, you've got to hang on tight around the east bay and especially around the bridges. the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, both high wind advisories. you can see west wind at 23 coming into oakland out of the west. the shark tank, 60 degrees, southwest wind at 18 miles per hour. thankfully they play hockey indoors and you don't have to worry about wind right now. 55 in san francisco. there you see the wind sustained at 28 miles per hour but have been seeing some gusts close to 40 miles per hour out at sfo airport in just the last half hour or so. temperatures in the 50s to low 60s around the bay area, again, it feels cooler to that thanks to the fact it is so windy outside. 15 to 35-mile-per-hour winds. i think you'll see these gusty conditions probably through 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. as the winds transport in some cooler, drier air, tonight's temperatures will feel kind of chilly. you can see here in terms of the showers, kind some of clouds that have been building up around the hilltops of the bay area. out to the north bay you've been watching some of this around the outer fringe of lake county,
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northern napa county, may see this drift into your communities the next half hour or so, but as the sun sets we'll lose some of the solar heating to the showers which have been popping up. you can see the cooler air mass diving into the bay area. this should help clear out our skies and any chance of showers tomorrow should be confined to some of the hilltops. so tomorrow morning we're not expecting any rain. it will still be a little breezy for your monday and you'll see clouds starting to build up around the hill tops. might see a stray shower across the far bay hilltops and the santa cruz mountains. the middle part of the week, things will dry out. still look out for snow, including yosemite at 6,000 feet. for the middle part of the week, it's going to warm up nicely. 70s coming back to the bay area as we roll toward tuesday and wednesday. tonight gusty evening, chilly outside. cool temperatures. eventually i think we'll hit low 40s in wind-protected spots.
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then our afternoon high temperatures running a little better than what we saw today. so we'll see a little less wind tomorrow. highs in the upper 60s for a change around san jose. that will be up at least 5 degrees from today. san francisco should see low 60s out towards the east bay, getting closer to 68 around san ramon and near 70 for pleasanton, orindaorinda. so the timing with this warmup looks like a repeat of last week, just not as hot. mid to upper 70s but keep a close eye on the weekend forecast. not the best timing here. you can see a big drop in temperatures, but that storm may pack a bigger punch and have inches of rainfall. >> more snow in tahoe? >> until july at this point. >> thank you, rob. let's check in with lawrence. >> good evening. the sharks and the red wings are just under way. we're outside the sharks locker room right cowh sports, uthep from the tank, plus giants and a's and an ugly day for the lakers. that and more coming up. hey marcel, watch this!
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good evening. we're coming to you from inside the tank tonight just outside the sharks locker room. sharks and red wings, game five, are just under way. for the sharks arriving here at the tank with a purpose tonight. a win this evening. they are back in the conference finals for the second straight year, either vancouver or nashville await. if they don't take down the wings, it's back to detroit for game six but tonight a great chance to stay home with a win here in game five and await their opponent. here's smt chatter as they look to get past the wings. >> every shift is so important,
5:25 pm
every face-off, everything is just so important and you just. you can't put your foot off the gas, you've just got to go, go, go until the final buzzer rings. so it's fun hockey to be a part of and every inch matters. >> we'll fill you in on what's happening coming up at 6:00. let's talk about some baseball, especially the giants at home in a key series against division-leading colorado. giants trying to sweep the rockies. another solid effort, he's not just a simple fill-in spot duty guy but keeping colorado in check. cody ross takes care of business at the plate. bottom four, the rbi hit put the giants on the board first but the boss wouldn't stop there. cody ross takes one to left. the two-run shot putting the giants up 3-0. the giants go on to win and sweep the rockies with another big win at home this series.
5:26 pm
the a's wrapping up a three-game set in kansas city. they can win the series with a victory. tyson ross impressive on the hill again with the start and very heads-up play in the field. a great play at third and he was rewarded with some runs. top six, a solo shot, his third of the season and then in the ninth, kurt suzuki has a solo shot of his own. 5-2, the a's take down kc and win the series and now head to texas to face division rivals, the texas rangers. that's tomorrow. and that is where the lakers are tonight, in dallas taking on the mavericks in the nba playoffs. and really an ugly game at the american airlines center. this season ending in an ugly way for the lakers. the lakes getting swamped. nothing zen-like in what happened to the lakers in four games. this one a blowout. the mavericks move on to the
5:27 pm
western conference finals to face the winner of the oklahoma city/memphis series. the lakers will need to take a long look in the mirror this off season. back to you. >>l sttoilom c still to come at 5:00, the e cause that attracted ted turner and hundreds of youngsters to the streets of san francisco today.
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starting tomorrow, pg&e plans to begin testing its natural gas pipelines. pg&e is expected to test in mountain view and antioch starting tomorrow morning. officials are warning that those who live in the area may smell gas, but that the gas should dissipate quickly and should not be considered harmful at this point. the tests are part of the company's plan to check 150 miles of pipeline with similar characteristics to the pipeline that exploded in san bruno last september. hundreds of children and their families took to the streets of san francisco today to march against climate change. the i matter march was led by the 16-year-old founder


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