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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  March 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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after a toxic spill triggered a leak this afternoon. it happened near camden avenue. kimberly tere is there now with the very latest. kimberly? >> reporter: san jose fire worked to make sure the leak was contained. the leak was detected just after 11:00 this morning in san jose fire worked very quickly to respond to the santa theresa water plant leak. they went door to door north and northwest of this plant to let the residents know of a shelter in place order. that order was lifted a few hours later. once fire officials say they were sure the ammonia was contained and that the threat to the public wa no longer a concern. the 250 gallons of liquid ammonia remains in the secondary tank which is surrounded by concrete. >> the fire believes the public is safe at this point. the plant is not filtering
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water. they haven't been filtering water for several weeks because of construction. because there is no concern to the public for water safety at this point. >> reporter: according to the santa clara water district, a worker doing routine checks found the leak and alerted authorities. san jose fire says they have not received any 911 calls from residents complaining about health problems related to the incident. the santa clara valley water district says it is investigating the cause of the leak, but says cleanup should be done in the next couple of hours. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. as you can see, kimberly's live shot a wet day across the bay area today. this is how it looked in marin today. it's not over yesterday. meteorologist nick o'kelley joins us now to explain. nick? >> believe it or not today, marla, today was actually a break in the action, if you can believe it. there's the break moving off into the central valley. rain overspreading the bay from
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the west-southwest. the next storm is really going to pack a punch. this time we're really concerned about winds. here's a look at current wind gusts. gusts to 29 in oakland. gusting to 26 in hayward. 24 currently gusting out at san jose international airport. wind advisory posted baywide starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight until tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. for the santa cruz mountains, we've got a high wind warning. that means gusts could exceed 55, maybe even 60 miles per hour. why all the fuss? you can see it on the satellite picture. comma-shaped cloud, area of low pressure, the system has really wrapped up plenty of moisture streaming in with it. we've already got a sad rated ground. there's a possibility we'll see trees down, power outages overnight tonight. if that were not enough, there's another storm waiting in the wings. we've got lots to talk about with our main weather segment here in just a few minutes. highway 1 near big sur is
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expected to remain closed for at least a month. highway 1 is washed out south of carmel. weather hampered efforts to make substantial headway on keeping the sagging stretch of road from sliding farther down the cliff. the road is continuing to fall away and inspectors aren't sure how fast or how far the shifting is happening. >> we have our geotechnical crews mobilizing as we speak to come up and start drilling some holes in the ground to find out exactly what's moving and where. and to start coming up with some sort of an idea about what the effects will be. >> businesses in big sur are open, and accessible from alternate routes. stay with nbc bay area throughout the weekend as we continue to bring you the latest updates on our storm coverage. two-alarm fire in berkeley this morning destroyed a mechanic's shot. flames broke out around 3:45 a.m. at the equipment shop for the east bay regional park
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districts. no one was hurt. but the shop is a complete loss. one park district resident says the flames rose quickly. >> they were bright orange flames, already climbing a good 15 feet, 12, 15 feet in the air. and it was really quick thereafter. it got much, much bigger. i think probably within 15, 20 minutes it was about, you know, 30, 40 feet high. it probably topped out around 80 feet. >> we're told the shop was full of fuel, oil, gas, and other tools. the cause of that fire is under investigation. not a done deal. some san jose leaders say the city should think twice before provi approving that tentative deal with the firefighters union. yesterday in a last-minute proposal councilman sam la cardo suggested postponing the vote on the deal. firefighters agreed to a 10% salary cut to help the city close its $105 million budget
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gap. now lacardo said the concessions are just not enough. mayor reed says while he agrees the 10% cut is not enough, he wants to move ahead with the contract. historically san jose firefighter unions have had a defiant attitude when it comes to city demands. turning now to the disaster in japan. there are new concerns in japan's nuclear crisis. firefighters continue to spray water at the damaged nuclear power plant in fukushima. but now japanese leaders say harmful radiation levels have been detected in food and water near the plant. nbc's robert bazell has the latest from tokyo. >> reporter: there's two pieces of important news today concerning the crippled nuclear reactors north of here. there's electricity at two of them. they'll try to see if they can get the pumps working. at others, diesel-powered generators do have the coolant falling. the big fire trucks have poured
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1,500 gallons into one of the tanks. the other thing we've heard is the japanese government found trace amounts of radiation in samples of spinach and milk in the north of japan. they said that the amounts were very small. so small, that if you drank one glass of milk every day for a year, you would get the same amount of radiation as you would get from a ct scan. if you ate one portion of spinach every day for a year, you would get a fifth as much. even though the radiation in the food is a small amount, and the government is trying to be reassuring about it, it shows why this is such a disaster, because those kind of samples will go on for months, maybe even years. no matter how much you try to reassure the public, it always sounds frightening. that's why it's so crucial they get this radiation under control as soon as possible. back to you. >> people across the bay area are showing strong support for the victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. a fund-raiser held at the bud hist church in japan town raised
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more than $14,000 in just two hours. for victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. at a drive-up donation zone there, many people told us they give not because they know someone in japan, but because they feel it's the right thing to do. >> i think they'd do the same for us, you know, i really do. it's just an unfortunate thing that they're dealing with. >> i feel bad for the japanese, seeing everything on the news. it can happen to any one of us. and i just -- my heart goes out to them and all those people. it's the least we can do is donate $20. >> volunteers at san francisco's japan town answered the phones yesterday at an all-day telethon to quake and tsunami victims. next at 6:00, our coverage of the disaster in japan continues. some people just don't seem to understand this is a real issue, and that people will die. >> it is the first place you'll go when the big one strikes, and it could be the most dangerous.
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we'll show you the bay area medical facilities in need of urgent care. and gearing up for the inevitable, with earthquake preparedness on the minds of so many. some of the hottest selling items flying off the shelves at supply stores, it just might surprise you. plus, a birthday to remember. twitter prepares for its fifth anniversary with stunning success. coming um, just how popular that
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californians pride themselves on being educated on earthquake preparedness. last week's earthquake in japan and the nuclear disaster that followed have people heading to surplus stores to get ready. workers at berkeley surplus say they are receiving more calls about the availability of such items as gas masks and radiation detectors. traffic inside the store today
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was busy. and the manager tells us while he understands the concern, people should remain calm. >> it keeps people on their toes, makes you realize, we do live somewhere there is disasters. it's not going to happen -- it's going to happen, it's just a matter of when. it's not too bad. for us, it's business as usual. >> shoppers are also buying online. the new 49ers stadium saga continues with a bold move from city leaders to hold on to redevelopment funds. santa clara city leaders are considering voting to give $4.5 million in new stadium money to the 49ers to ensure it's used for the construction. with governor brown's vote to steer redevelopment money towards education and health programs likely to pass next week, the $40 million pledged by the city could be in jeopardy. officials say money to the team is ultimately an investment in an economic engine for santa clara that will create jobs and tax dollars for its school
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districts. still to come at 6:00, will bay area hospitals withstand the next big quake. the answer is, no, not all will. we'll show you which have the greatest risk of collapsing. and it has been a busy week in the weaer center. another very strong w storm pos right offshore. it hits overnight tonight. forecast detaiit just eaetah [ male announcer ] the network.
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♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪ eat well, live long ♪ have a good daisy, work out, get strong ♪ ♪ when you need a lift, just sing a song ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy with a natural treat ♪ ♪ have a good daisy, healthy foods to eat ♪ ♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy now, back to our quake coverage. with a question. when the big one hits california, what buildings are you worried about? your home, your work or your child's school? well, there's another location you may want to consider. that's your local hospital. when a disaster strikes,
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hospitals need to stand and function. as garvin thomas reports, a recent investigation says not all are prepared to do that. >> reporter: an investigation by california watch found dozens of hospital buildings in the state with serious structural weaknesses. including ones at four bay area hospitals. based on a formula that comes up with something called a collapse risk, buildings at kindred hospital in san leandro, st. mary's medical center in san francisco, sf general, and john muehr medical center in concord all had collapse risk scores between 9% and 23%. >> the way you get a very high score like that is if you have one of these deadly sins. these are structural flaws. >> reporter: christina led california watch's investigation. >> when i talked to the people who work at these hospitals, i talked to patients who have been at these hospitals. they were shocked. >> i think we have a huge problem. >> reporter: state senator
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elaine alquist has been in the forefront pushing hospitals to speed up compliance. she said in addition to the buildings that had collapse risk assessments done, there are literally hundreds which have not and also been deemed to be at risk. >> we have 600 buildings, hospital buildings that don't seem to be anywhere near meeting the standards. and that's a lot of buildings. >> reporter: a state law said hospitals have to meet standards by 2013, or face closure. many will not meet the deadline. but at san francisco general, they will. construction is already under way on a state of the art acute care building. hospital administrators say just meeting the deadline was not a result of feet dragging on their part, but lack of money. they couldn't act until voters did. approving more than $800 million in 2008. >> it came down to whether or not -- it was not a matter of us
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rebuilding the hospital, it was a matter of is there going to be a san francisco general hospital. >> reporter: it allows in essence the structure to float through an earthquake. the many technology that allowed many high-rise buildings in japan to sway but not break in the earthquake. something california hospitals will have to do if we are to avert disaster when, and not if, the next big one hits. >> one of the other findings of that california watch investigation is that while hospitals and governments knew of the dangers to some buildings, workers and patients were generally in the dark about the situation. senator alquist drafted legislation to post warning signs outside all high-risk hospital buildings. the bay area is certainly getting hit with wild weather. nick o'kelley joins us with a look at more to come. >> yeah, i know, a crazy week. we had the tornado, the waterspout, the hail this morning, and the fun's not over
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yet. there's another punch to this storm system coming our way. not terribly cold outside. thanks to a very strong south-to-southeast wind which is gathering strength right now. southeast at 22 at san jose international airport. sustained winds 24 miles per hour at oakland. the gusts have been up near 30 already. and the main storm system is still offshore. you can see as i step out of the way from the satellite picture, look at this well-defined comma-shaped cloud, area of low pressure. it's really wound up. there's a lot of subtropical moisture. we'll see heavy rain overspreading the bay area tonight. the winds are really going to increase. in fact, we've got wind advisories posted, baywide starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight with gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. in the santa cruz mountains and east bay hills, that's a high wind warning, where winds could get as high as 60 miles per hour. with all the rain we've seen, the ground is really saturated. so i wouldn't be at all surprised if we're looking at trees down, possibly some power
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outages overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. how about tomorrow. well, heaviest rain tomorrow morning, then it turns to showers, a couple of isolated thunderstorms. we've seen quite a bit of that through the last 24 hours. the showers take a break at times, i think, on monday, but it's an active pattern ahead. here's the wider perspective. here's tonight's storm gathering strength. you can see the flow of subtropical moisture heading right into central and southern portions of the state. behind it, very cold core of low pressure system. that's going to keep us in the cold and unsettled pattern. basically all week long. it's like spokes going around a wheel. system after system just rotating on through. so spring, which starts tomorrow afternoon, still going to feel very winter-like. rainfall, it's going to be heavy at times, overnight tonight. again with isolated thundershowers embedded. rain will continue at times tomorrow with the isolated thunderstorms, too. accumulations, pretty significant. most of us looking at an inch to two inches of rain with this storm. in the santa cruz mountains,
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maybe five or six inches. so tonight, it's going to be a blustery one. hang on to your hats. in the mountains, gusts as high as perhaps 60, 65 miles per hour. up around bend loman it's going to be gusting. tomorrow, temperatures not the big story. we'll climb maybe five, six, eight degrees, we'll get into the mid-50s. it's going to be gusty, especially through the morning hours. 56 in fremont. 55 around san jose. along the peninsula, strong gusty winds overnight tonight through probably 11:00 a.m. or noon. then the winds begin to settle down. 57 in oakland tomorrow. and again, the heavy rain could be an issue for the north bay, with some localized flooding for some of our creeks and streams. here's that long-awaited seven-day forecast. and there is a little bit of sunshine possibly towards the end of the week. but this early spring forecast is actually looking a lot more like winter for us. >> we've got to wait until next weekend for the goodooweather.
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>> patience, patience. >> thank you, nick. california should be proud.
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on the eve of twitter's fifth birthday, more people than ever are sharing their thoughts and feelings in 140 characters or less. here's some numbers that show the sheer speed of that company's growth spurt. according to twitter, there are now 140 million tweets posted every day, compared with 50 million just a year ago. it only took three years, two months and one day to get from the first tweet to the 1 billionth. there were 456 tweets per second when michael jackson died. and last month there was an average of 460,000 new accounts every day. twitter celebrates its fifth anniversary monday. lawrence scott joining us now. a nice day for barry zito. >> we should tweet about it. zito with a strong day. efficient. really getting some help from
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the defense, too. that's a big deal. yet not all sunshine in scottsdale today. closer brian wilson started camp with back trouble. now gets an mri to look at an issue with his oblique muscle. mlb, the show, has a new home n
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good evening. giants getting concerning news about their closer today. more on that in moments. they were hosting the royals in scottsdale and coming up with nice defense all day. helping out barry zito in a big way. six innings and gives up just two hits. another strong zito outing. bottom two, cody ross with his third of spring. buster posey matches ross with
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three cactus league homers. 3-1 the giants beat the royals. also today in scottsdale, an mri revealing brian wilson has a sprained oblique muscle. the latest he will be shut down until monday and reevaluated. wilson said he doesn't think it's bad enough for any real concerns that he will miss the opener. the a's facing the white sox. a nice day from trevor cahill. he goes into the seventh giving up one run, while ryan sweeney adds a homer. 8-3, oakland wins. each year before opening day, a new feature that hands you the bat. actually, the motion control. >> baseball is one of the more challenging sports because of the details involved. for the past several years, sony's mlb the show has delivered a diamond that shines.
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the nuances of major league baseball are met with a legitimate feel for how a game unfolds. a new feature this year is an interactive home run derby. game developers conference in san francisco from sony showed us what to look for at the plate. >> a lot of curveballs, a lot of fastballs. you want to pay attention and really swing hard. if you swing kind of like soft, you're not going to hit it very far. >> and the $1 million perfect game challenge is back. you can use any starter, not just ones who have thrown perfect games. it has a wider reach because it goes beyond the play station realm and beyond the wii and xbox 60. we suggest taking in the show. either way, you can go deep and enjoy the great game. >> virtual or otherwise, spring training coverage continues on comcast sportsnet bay area. the sportsnet central team is in
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san diego. for spring training coverage, sportsnet central nightly. the madness, stanford opening the ncaa tournament hosting uc davis at maples. condoleezza rice making the scene. a stanford professor before becoming secretary of state. stanford advances to face st. john's monday at maples. that's 62 consecutive wins for the cardinal at home now. 86-59 the final. the men's tournament, one more pac-10 team bites the dust. now just washington and arizona remain. ucla lose toss florida. kentucky gets a 30-point day from knight, upending west virginia. a 12 seed beats a 13 seed as the richmond spiders move into the sweet 16. it took two overtimes, but san
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diego state also advances, beating temple. moments ago, butler does it again. the bulldogs upending a top seed, pittsburgh. butler went to the finals last year doing this kind of thing. we'll see where they go now. >> thank you, lawrence. >> sure thing. the window behind us, kind of tells the story. we've got the rain coming in on the doppler radar system. and the wind starting to pick up as well. here's the bad news. there's more to come. >> a lot more. >> we've got the pch tonight. we will probably see aittle sunshine on monday. another very wet and stormy period for wednesday, thursday. e coming up .. we take a look at how technology is changing the movie business .. we get our hands on apple's new ipad 2 .. the next generation of silicon valley engineers build robots .. and .. did we mention all


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