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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 30, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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the news in 30 seconds. on different planets. well be sacramento, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here meg whitman started with 30 people. led them. managed them. executed the plan that grew this main street company to fifteen thousand employees and made small business dreams come true. to change california let's send meg whitman up the road... about a hundred and thirty miles. u.s. one of the biggest changes to education and california and more than 100 schools in the bay area are part of it. just one win away from the playoffs, giants fever sweeping the area. but first -- >> my dad called and ask if they had pepper spray or all of these things. i don't get why they had to
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reach the gun. >> oakland police open fire on anthit arthritic dog and don't even wait around to tell the owner. >> a note. a dog shot by police officers searching for an intruder. the family searching for answers and an apology. that shooting happened tuesday morning in the nolan park neighborhood in oakland hills. we are live at the house tonight, where the family is still in shock. george. >> that's right, lisa the family says oakland police have apologized for shooting and killing their family dog. but tonight they wonder if all of this could have been avoided. >> anybody who knew her knew she wouldn't hurt anything or anyone or kill anything or anyone. >> reporter: the family is not angry at oakland police for shooting their dog during a false burglary alarm call while they were away, but they do question why their dog was seen as a threat to their officers.
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gloria was an 11-year-old dog who had problems walking because she had arthritis in her hips. >> first of all, they shouldn't have used a gun on her. my dad had called and asked if they had taser, mace, or pepper spray or a baton. they had all of those things, and i just don't get why they had to reach for the gun, and shoot three times. >> oakland police say when they arrived at the home, gloria allegedly growled and barked at the officers and then approached them in a threatening manner. police say they made a split-second decision and fired three times at gloria. one hit her head. >> i was pretty much screaming in the driveway, like asking why this happened and why did it need to happen. and just like crying all night. i couldn't sleep or eat or do anything. >> reporter: the officers left this hand-written note of the home letting them know what happened. >> i had to read it five or six times before i could believe it,
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and actually like it took two days for it to really sink in. and realize that i was never going to see her again. >> reporter: all the family has now is memories of gloria. coming home is not the same. >> it's weird, the past 11 years i have been hearing the familiar sounds. i've gotten used to them. and now i'm never going to hear them again. >> reporter: the dog shooting comes just a few months after oakland police shot and killed a young deer in the backyard. that prompted the chief to review how they handle situations with animals. the officer in this dog shooting case has not been placed on leave and continues to work. live in oakland. nbc bay area news. gorge just mentioned, this is not the first time oakland police are under scrutiny for shooting an animal. just a few months ago, there was review of police procedures after police shot a young deer that was cornered in an east
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oakland backyard, and all caught on tape. officers in that case fired six round. one game away. tonight the push to i playoffs is on for the san francisco giants. the giants hoping end their seven-year playoff drought. players and fans on the verge of baseball image know tonight. we have an incredible 24 hours. >> several cases of chi s of ch champagne and hats and t-shirts have been brought in. these items hidden from the players until its giants actually one the division title. we mentioned the seven-year drought. this was the last time the giants made the playoffs. in the clubhouse with barry bonds and his mother, the champagne. september of 2003. little did we know at that point this organization would go into a funk soon after. bonds was a superstar, but
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collectively, the giants were ai lost franchise for many years. now reenergized franchise. today, pablo sandoval with one of the big home runs. giants beat the diamondbacks. final score 4-1. here is the skinny çónow. they have clinched a tie for the division title. all they have to do now is beat the padres, just once in the final three games of this regular season. they can do this as early as tomorrow night. so everything seems to be going the giants' way. baseball can be cruel. bottom line now in this. this has all been a magical ride for the giants. cheryl, you grow grew up in the east bay. have you giants' magic inside of you. >> reporter: baseball can be cruel. but don't tell that to giants fans. they are on cloud nine. the streets of san francisco, kind of quiet right now. but earlier today, it was off
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the hook. the brooms were out at the plaza at at&t park today when the giants beat arizona. >> and they will through down against philadelphia. because we got the better rotation. it doesn't matter. and boom. bring on new york, bring on tampa bay. i don't care. san francisco is getting the trophy this year. >> reporter: excitement had no age limit. >> let's go giants. >> reporter: you could feel the excitement by reading the signs. signs from pint-sized fans with clever wording that could get them in trouble with the teach every on friday, who might ask -- >> where were you yesterday? >> what are you going to tell her? >> i was homesick. >> magic number is two, baby. >> and fans were across the street at the park. no love lost when the padres
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came up short. >> three games up in the west. we at least have a tiebreaker, we're going to the playoffs, baby! yeah! >> reporter: but san diego has to lose to the giants at least once in order for the giants to clinch a playoff spot. it's all a big win for business. >> business is booming. but this will definitely be a requested end f good end for the season. >> we're going to clench the west tomorrow. going to be a party in san francisco. you know it! whoo! >> reporter: now, how is that for excitement? and the game is not until tomorrow. i know what my assignment's going to be. i will be here tomorrow. i know i have that east bay blood, but i'll be here in my orange and black and i'll toss it become to you and you can pull out an orange tie or something, right? >> i have about 22 in my closet. being at the ballpark when a team clinches the playoff spot
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is magic. mutt magic is expensive. ticket prices sky high. craigslist tonight. two seats in the first row behind the giants' dugout, and the price, $2,000 for both of them. stub, another online ticket place, luxury box seats going for 10 grand. a few seats in the luxury box, 10 grand. either of the next three games with the padres. we'll hear fromxd some of the giants players later in the fluids cast. another round of mud slinging in the race for governor. meg whitman is accusing jerry brown of digging up the dirt on the former housekeeper. and she denies ever seeing the letter which may be the smoking gun that costs her votes. >> these allegations are completely untrue and lack merit whatsoever.
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>> reporter: meg whitman insists that she or her husband never knew that their housekeeper of nine years was undocumented. >> perhaps jerry brown has been in politics too lock to do politics any other way. this is a baseless smear attack, and he should be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: but gloria allredñ released a document which says she shows whitman did know. a 2003 letter from the social security administration and on it, a hand-written note from whitman's husband. >> today we have clearly proven with the release of this letter that meg whitman lied to the press. and the public. when she says "we never received that letter and notification." >> reporter: while the whitmans say a personal notation doesn't
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change that the housekeeper was deceptive. >> she says she doesn't like undocumented people, because they are against the law, but inside her own home she was employing that person. >> reporter: the director of immigration policy at uc-berkeley's hawaii school believes whitman will pay a political price. it shows how complex the issue truly is. >> 10% of california's labor force, they work with us, they work for us, and this woman clearly was a loyal employee. >> reporter: gloria allred claims jerry brown had nothing to do with the press conchs. she says she has not been in touch with him. brown has not made any public comment. nbc, bay area news. the housekeeping controversy is making its way into the senate race. speaking of stanford students tonight, republican candidate
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carly fiorina says she never hired to domestic workers, and she goes to a service that cleans her home once a month. and barbara boxer says she always hires licensed housekeepers. >> i think most districts have been really remiss in educating parents of what their rights are. >> parents get schooled in california education tonight. the big changes is on the way that many of us don't know are coming and some aren't welcoming. >> thousands of jobs heading to one bay area city in the morning. be aware and why. and the city that will benefit big time many. a painless way to make extra cash. why your car could make you a boat load of money. temperatures dropping and quick. already 50s and low 60s. even down into san jose with 62. tomorrow, the coolest day in over a week, 10:00 a.m. in the south bay, 60. tell you about some highs coming our way, coming up.
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an indictment tonight in the kidnapping case of jacy did you forward. tomorrow, phillip and nancy garrido will answer to charges
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together. after secret proceedings of a grand jury, prosecutors decided to bring that indictment forward. prosecutors maintained dugard was kidnapped and held captain for 18 years in the gr ideo's backyard. court proceedings were success pnded on friday after the judge said she doubted that the fact of garrido's mental competency. tesla motors moving into the fremont auto plant. back in may, they announced it was buying the 50-year-old facility. they plan to make a brand new electric sedan. new production could create 1,000 jobs at the fremont facility. toyota closed the plant back in april, leaving 4,700 union employees out of work. new at 11:00, midnight mad wants.
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the governor tweeted out this twit pick tonight to followers after taking action on all 772 bills that were on the desk. they are left over from the summer session and had to be signed by october 1st. belonging the bills, california becomes the first state in the nation to create an insurance exchange under the new federal health care reform bill. the internet-based insurance reform change will allow people to comparison shop. and companion bills will help make insurance more affordable. one of the biggest changes to hit public education in years. it's called the open eben rollment act. it was signed into law this summer. you may not even know it. it al you wills parents with children in low-performing schools to transfer them almost to any other school in any other district, including some of the best that the state has to offer. why are so few rushing to embrace it? we investigate. >> 2:25 tuesday afternoon at
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redwood city's fair oaks community school. pickup time. but these parents, along with those at more than 100 bay area schools, are facing a choice. not just take their kids home for the day, but take them away for good. and send them to what at lest the state considers a better school. >> because kids only get one chance to get a good, quality education and kids should not be bound by joeing araffi. >> reporter: gloria romero wrote the act. students can now transfer to any school in any district with a higher api score. a fair oaks student need only go g. two miles into menlo park to find a school with an api more than 200 points higher in a district that spends hundreds more per student per year. >> we assume we will get
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applications to our school district. >> this is menlo park's superintendent. and while he may expect to get transfer requests, here comes the first roadblock open enrollment faces. >> you'll welcome with everybody with open arms? >> well, not necessarily. >> reporter: the new law says districts must accept transfers, unless they are already at capacity. and his district just had to raise class sizes to handle the students currently enrolled many. >> we have grown beyond projections at this point in time. >> reporter: menlo park is not alone. nearly every well-funded high scoring district said they likely had little or no room for open enrollment transfers. still, it's not just the districts which would gain students which seem slow to embrace the law, it is the districts that would lose them as well. >> i think actually most districts have been really remiss in educating parents of what their rights are.
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>> districts with open enrollment schools are required to send letters last month to parent explaining options. all of the districts did just that, but none report taking a single additional step to educate parents. >> we don't want to lose art to children much that's money for us. >> john baker, deputy superintendent of the redwood city el metropolitan ear district. he hasn't gotten a single call or e-mail from a parent asking about open enrollment, and he's not surprised. redwood city has a similar program within the district for years and in the end, most parents prefer to stay put. it's what elizabeth lopez mans on doing. she has two children in fair oaks, children she can now transfer if she wants to, and she doesn't. lopez says despite what the state says, she's happy with the quality of education her children are getting, and for her and likely many others, the
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appeal of a school around the corner is greater than the lure of a better performing one somewhere else. in redwood city, nbc bay area news. >> a tough situation for schools all the way around. weather, finally cooling down. >> 20 to 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. take a look at those highs. we had 93 in liverore. down 7 degrees from the day prior. a big drop in redwood city. 62 in san francisco, and here is a comparison from the hottest day of the week on tuesday. which came into about the second hottest day of the year. liverore from 105 on tuesday to 93 today. san jose from 99 to 81 and san francisco airport from a sweltering 95 to 71 degrees today. so that's more like it.' cf1 o currentxdxdñi temperatures have throughout at least xdtoday'sçói forecast. now,ñr the fog is buildingçó offshore.ñi[o
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temperatures cooler at this hour week. 50s at the coastlinei low 60s in the south bay and as yxd 60s in the south bay and as very, very comfortableñrñi out there. if you're getting upxd çóearly, epá the çócoastline. be very cautious. meanwhile, friday,ñi looking at more coolingxd withxd the poten here by this weekendh so fromxd drasticçó heat toxd d cooling for us.xdñixdñiñr we arexd much waing a litt activity. most hilltop showers shouldñ)iy to theñi ñisouth. a fe sporadicñi showers toxd th santa cruz xdxdmountains. itxd will e mainly ñrdry. here over the next twoñi to thr days withxd the oceanñr sea bre lock at moreçó widespread 80s,  the cooling fogxd stays p-tb friday, ÷dxdxdçósaturday, sunda
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numbááj continue toçó trendñi eastxdrdñrñibay,xdxdxd ñr56 xdd& will fill chillyxd for you at 6ó a.m. andñi 7:00ñi a.m.xd we'rexd talking xdñi60 instead degreesñrñi temperatures we've the past couple ofçó ñrxddays. low to mid 50sx:2ujuñi theçóçóçy m=uq!ññrbay. morgan çóhill,ñi 84,ñr xd81xdñi. 83 in ñidublin]o temperatures in the 80s for liverore going downñr in theñi about near average, butxd they e certainly alsoñr coming donexdxw degrees withñ jjutçóçóxd 7 80s. more any time on ourçó siste(iç network. thexd weather channel onçó çócao thexd we&hárpa&hc&nel onçó çócao trending dáhzçó with potential s inlan ó on xdsunday.çó coa& thursday, we'll heatñiñi up aga. we could have nice beachxd weather, but hereñi is the go
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ahead thing.  >> we'll take ñrit. >> okay. >> xdxdthanks,xdxdx
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that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ] our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse
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by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us. sick of your car cleaning out your savings account? turn your car into a cash cow. two san francisco companies are starting up a personal car share system or program. just a day after the governor signed a new bill to allow people to rent out their own
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cars, where they are not using them for cash. people interested can sun up now with stride. a few loopholes until the actual law takes effect january 1. we'll be back with sports, next. i have three kids in the local t-ball league,
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and i always get a little worried when i watch the games, because they could hurt themselves... and doctors are so expensive and...what if -- [ umpire ] safe!! what do you mean he was safe? he was out!!!!! i just want to make sure they're okay, you know?
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[ male announcer ] we know health coverage isn't cheap. that's why we offer a wide range of plans to fit your family's budget. blue shield. good evening again. not complete homers here. let's review the worst-case scenario for the giants. what would prevent them from making the playoffs. they would have to lose four straight games to the padres. this upcoming three-game season finale, plus a monday one-game playoff in san diego. that's not going to happen. the giants will win one of the games. the odds overwhelming in their favor. more love. almost 40,000 fans watching the
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giants sweep the diamondbacks. this will get wet. and the kayakers in full force. 1-0, giants on top. and andre torres, a couple of weeks ago, an emergency appear penn appendectomy. and a home run, could be the rookie of the year. giants win 4-1. madison bum gartner gets his first home win. >> a good feeling. we're in a good position. can't really take anything for granted. we know baseball is a crazy game. >> feels good for sure. we're going to come out and work hard. >> we put ourselves in a good situation. we need to get done today. and we will do the same thing to prepare for tomorrow. matt cane will pitch tomorrow. the giants need to wrap this up manana, right quick. china basin. the calm before the storm.
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as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, a luxury box, a few seats in the box going for 10 grand. that's for tomorrow night. regardless, the giants if they are in or out, playoffs begin next week, and it looks as of right now, giants would be in the playoffs, host the atlanta braves, game one, thursday at at&t park. if the giants clinch tomorrow night and you see the celebration on television, don't call the health department. that's what people did in cincinnati. watching on tv the reds celebrate the television title a couple nights ago, the reds' owner passed out cigars in the clubhouse. >> no smoking? >> just like california. you can't smoke indoors in ohio. several complaints from television viewers. the state health department is forced to vest g investigate.
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chris carter crushes this home run. second in the big leagues. a's win 8-1. and finally tonight, no such thing as a quiet day for the 49ers, not when your franchise is in turmoil. for the first time since taking over as offensive coordinator, mike johnson issued a warning. don't expect a miraculous turn around. >> you cannot go in one week and change the entire playbook. i think there will be some different things, but as a whole, i don't think we'll make a bunch of wholesale changes. >> that's too bad. the problem with the 49ers, not necessarily their own offense, it's the falcons' offense, stopping atlanta. the falcons embarrassed the 49ers, 49-10. this sunday, 49ers and falcons again this time in atlanta. we have a lot going on this weekend. of course, tomorrow night that little baseball game. >> exciting. >> well, up next, beach blanket
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lobybasn' tribute to meg whitman and jerry brown. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor.
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failure we can't afford now. show stoppers on stage tonight at san francisco's famed beach blanket babylon, in the form of yes, that's jerry brown and if you didn't recognize, that's meg whitman. one of the city's most popular
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tourist attraction mixed things up a bit. the longest running musical review is known for offering political commentary. >> and they have a whole lot of material to work with. >> good night. >> good night. tonight, jay welcomes --


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