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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 28, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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patty didn't kill him. i did. - we'll be processing your release. - so you know i'm innocent? - your father gave us a statement. he killed connor. he...and your mother. she reacted to the news you were sleeping with him, and acted out of rage, and... - it's my fault for being with connor, anyway. - no, it's not your fault. don't believe that. - why should i believe you about anything?
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- detective. we're not letting her go until we're all finished. - she's a 17-year-old girl. we accused her of murder. she's alone in a holding cell. - yeah, where she's gonna stay until the voided arrest process. that's what we do. - if frank's statement will get it to trial, there's nothing left for us to do. - understand her intent. - patricia's intent? as a mother, i can almost get my head around her intent. - no, you can't. she's not you. - you know, you should have been a shrink like your father wanted. - serena, i don't care about complaining husbands and cheating wives and treating people with nervous acne. but i am driven to understand why some people are so different that they disrupt our sense of all behavior and logic. - and you'll do whatever it takes. - i don't buy that patricia killed to protect her child.
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- why not? - it's not who she is. - and who is she? - we don't know. ms. caruso, your husband has told us everything-- how you called him from connor's on mia's phone. - don't blame him for lying. he is desperate to save mia. i mean, maybe he's right. maybe we should sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our child. - miss caruso, this tells us that you were present when connor died. he cut his hand... clutching... at this earring. observe, if you will. you see that?
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see that? same... - i've noticed since then you've worn clip-ons. would you remove them? so when you struggled, connor pulled this earring out of your ear. - okay, so what-- what happened that night? you, um, somehow wound up with mia's cell phone, and you intercepted a text message from connor that was meant for mia. - filth. he bragged. he described mia's first orgasm in lugubrious detail. - but we have the text right here,
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ms. caruso. this is what he wrote. "your words, style, and structure, mia, "are gifts touched by god's wand. "nothing is owed to a mother who has suppressed and denied your talent." filth? - considering the purpose, i'll stick with "filth." - even i would have to admit that mia's writing is not only superior to yours, but-- - you're a cop. you can't judge what i create. i don't care what you think. but you did care... what connor thought, didn't you? - connor wanted le mot juste. flaubert. sylvia plath. i write tough. not the sop you see on oprah. it sells. that is why i'm running the place. - don't you feel that mia has a special gift? - connor said what he said to get laid.
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a decade ago, i learned exactly how he works. okay, you want the whole story? i didn't kill connor. forrest did. - but you struck him before forrest got there. - yeah, but when forrest got there, connor moved. forrest and i both saw it. so forrest took his head, and he slammed it into the floor. and he never moved again. - that was a muscle contraction. that's a function of rigor mortis. your blow actually did kill connor james. and for reasons that are far less noble than you'd like us to think. - you've gone from a mother trying to frame her daughter to accusing the ex-husband who still loves you. - i think patricia is finally starting to arrive at reality.
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it's time she heard her rights. - you're a stickler for behavioral theory. listen to this. "these individuals can have "a grandiose view of themselves, "and demand excessive admiration. "they maneuver well in difficult situations, "but their self-esteem is fragile. "any threat to their self-image might agitate or even enrage them." - oh, that's right out of the psych textbook. yeah, narcissistic personality disorder. it's a psychopathology that fits our patricia to a "t". - or a sign of the zodiac.
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she's a scorpio. - yeah. well, you know, my father would kill me for saying this, but, uh... equally valid. captioning by captionmax the bay area man of accused of shooting a police officer is in bars. never been seen before pictures of the "titanic."
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>> the dramatic ending to a statewide manhunt. first it was the heat then the cool now the wind and there is one more weather surprise still headed our way.
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the manhunt is over. tonight the suspect accused of shooting an under cover police officer this weekend is behind bars. we are on late because of the giants game. there was a dramatic ending hundreds of miles away for the search of the man accused of shooting a police officer. san diego police found andrew barrientos in this car near the mexican border. monty francis has information on the condition of the officer. fir garvin thomas.
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>> reporter: police take any investigation seriously when someone is hurt, but when the victim is a police officer there is intensity in the search. the search for andrew barrientos involved police in san diego, the chp, the department oft justice and border patrol. it took andrew barrientos 24 hours to travel exactly 500 miles. from the minimarket at 86 ath and bancroft to where he allegedly shot todd young to this side of the mexican border. if barrientos' ultimate goal was to cross into mexico, he came up with a few feet short. law enforcement were up and down the state looking for barrientos. the fugitive's cell phone signal
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was being tracked. that is how police knew he traveled to southern california and the exact right time to ask for the busiest border crossing in the world to be shut down. >> so we can do a car search. they closed the border down and actually going through checking cars when he fled from one car and was later taken into custody. >> reporter: barrientos was armed and not alone at the time. police say they were able to arrest him along with a male companion without further violence. oakland detectives were on plane headed to san diego preparing to bring barrientos 500 miles north to face some very serious criminal charges. those charges include two counts of attempted murder of a police officer and two counts of carjacking. the car barrientos is alleged to have used to flee the scene was
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found. the man he was with in san diego is also arrested as well as a woman in union city. she is going to be charged with aiding a fugitive. live from oakland, garvin thomas. >> thank you, garvin. now we want to head to san diego to a reporter who spent much of the evening at the border crossing where the arrest happened. can you fill us in where the arrest happened? >> reporter: the arrest happened at a parking lot that sits right next to the border. during the investigation the border was shut down. you have basically a traffic jam at the border. the officer who made the arrest noted there was a backup at the border, he suspected barrientos was not going to want to cross the border through his car and try to get to mexico by foot and guess what, that is exactly what happened. >> so he found him in the parking lot. was he getting out to try to head where you can cross by
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foot? >> reporter: what is interesting and this is great police work the officer spotted barrientos in the passenger seat of the car that drove by. there are thousands upon thousands of people who cross every day. this officer all he had was a photo of barrientos and was able to spot him through that crowd. >> there was someone with him. have police released that person's name? >> reporter: yes. 23-year-old gustavo silva. right now police aren't saying whether or not mr. silva is from the bay area. what we do know is the suspected getaway car is registered out of oakland. >> police found a gun in that car as well? >> yeah. they found a nine millimeter pistol and right now they can tell us the weapon used to shoot officer young was a nine millimeter. they are not saying whether or not this is the same good evening that was used to shoot officer young.
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>> understood. thank you very much for that update. we are learning more about the fremont police officer critically wounded. todd young, a married father of two and tonight in the intensive care unit. monty francis has new information on his condition. >> reporter: officer young is listed in critical but stable condition. he is heavily sedated and not awake. we are told his wife is here at the hospital by his side. 39-year-old todd young is fighting for his life. the fremont police officer has undergone one surgery and received 60 units in blood transfusions. he suffered gunshot wounds to his pelvis and groin and doctors say he will need more surgeries in the coming days. the fremont chief of police did not mince words.
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>> it is critical. it could go either way at this point. the longer he is able to survive the better his chances are. so he is still very much on the edge. >> reporter: at highland hospital the chief joined young's fellow officers holding vigil and offering support to young's wife and young children. >> he is a fighter. he is in good shape. he is a young man. >> reporter: young has worked for the fremont pd for the past six years before that as an officer in newark for ten years. on friday he came to oakland to make an arrest in a series of crimes in fremont when the suspect shot him. this is the first time in almost 20 years an officer from fremont has been critically wounded in the line of duty. chief stekler said it is hard for the whole department. >> our hope is he will come back and be a full time productive police officer.
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right now we want to get through a step at a time. >> reporter: because more surgeries are planned, a blood drive is being held for officer young. you can donate at five bay area red cross donations, pleasant hill, oakland, pleasanton, san jose and fremont. call the american red cross. officer young is here listed in critical but stable condition. monty francis, nbc bay area news. in other news the governor declared a state of emergency in yuba county because of a fire that burned nearly 1,000 acres. no structures have burned. the fire was reported around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and burning in the tahoe national forest. that is north of grass valley. when we come back, never been seen before. we've got new pictures of the "titanic." and laura behnke takes you out to the ballpark. >> it was feeling down right
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fall like today and pretty cool. now we are looking at a live shot of san jose 59 degrees and winds six miles an hour. whatave in ssreinto have in sreo for the rest of your weekend when we come back. droiiiid.
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good evening, folks. well, if you are thinking about summer wait until monday. fog in the morning, plenty of clouds and cool temperatures. well below average. things are warming up on monday and a couple of degrees ef day. the real story today was wind.
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not much wind in san francisco. 16 miles per hour out of oakland and fairfield. six miles per hour out of san jose. in the 20s a little earlier. right now at 55 in san fran. 59 in san jose. these temperatures are well below average. today we were ten degrees below average in san jose topping out at 72. 61 in san francisco. we should have been around 70. part of why is taking a look at our satellite picture. the storm moved to the east, cooling down our temperatures. our seven-day forecast. tomorrow is the coolest temperature of the next seven. in the mid 70s. not quite the 80s inland. along the coast in the low 60s. things are warming up. by wednesday and thursday we are going to have summer like temperatures back for at least a little bit because then there is a cooldown again next weekend. >> just in time for the weekend.
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>> yes. researchers are getting a new look at the world's most famous sea wreck. it is the "titanic." a team is in the north atlantic mapping every inch of the wreckage with 3-d high definition cameras. a lifeboat davet indicates the first officer when the ship hit the iceberg may not have committeded is but rather he may have been trying to lower the last lifeboat and was swept overboard. a lot of prediction. who knows. >> yeah. what is going on with you? >> not so good for the giant. not so good. but we have football and there were good moments. niners and raiders in preseason action. jason campbell went down. plus the giants starting pitching woes continued tonight.
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this time courtesy of barry zito. whgo is onine g mock? what is going on
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the final scores never matter. there is reason to get excited about the nfl preseason. the starters seeing the most snaps in game number three. it is a glimpse of what the regular season will bring. the raiders opening up the coliseum for another season as the niners crossed over the bridge to pay a visit. michael crabtree did not dress because of a sore neck. first quarter, raiders' opening drive. they waste no time. jason campbell finding darius hayward bayh.
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7-0 raiders. they are cooking. second quarter. a scary moment for this offense. campbell gets taken down by travis la boy. stays down. he is taken off on a cart but was able to get in the cart on his own. before the half, the niners in the two-minute offense. alex smith to josh morgan. 16 yards, 17-7 niners. smith 9 of 15, 115 yards. the niners win. they are 3-0 in preseason. when the giant began the season it thing between them and the playoffs is their lineup. with one month left the liability has become the starts rotation. who would have thought that? barry zito struggles on display. he faces the lowly diamondbacks. looking for his first win since july 16. zito one run in. bases loaded.
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montero takes care of that. clears that. 4-0 d'backs. only four runs were earned. zito nine runs, seven earned, six hits, five walks in 3 2/3 innings. third loss in seven days. the giants fall 11-3. tonight in texas dallas braden and the a's facing the rangers. braden never pitched a complete game until this season. after tonight he's got five. getting help from derek barton. he launches that ball to right. curt suzuki scores. 3-0 a's. braden goes the distants. four hits, no walks. the a's win 5-0. it is surprising the a's rotation is the strongest in the bay. >> yes, it is. all right. thank you, laura. >> thanks for joining us. don't forget to follow me on
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twitter for fun free stuff to do each weekend right here in the bay area. "saturday night live" with host taylor swift is up next. good night.
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