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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 15, 2010 4:23pm-4:30pm PST

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favor of installing a stainless steel net on that side of the world famous span. more than 1,300 people have jumped from the bridge since it opened in 1937. the bay bridge was closed twice last year so crew s could fix the cracked aybar. last night a bay area toll committee hired engineers to install dampers, that would reduce wind and take some of the stress off those aybars. a popular store that offers trendy and affordable clothes and accessories to teens is underfire for launching a maternity line. forever 21 is launching the line
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in the states that have the highest rates of teen pregnancy. people are accusing the store for cashing in on young mothers. forever 21 denies that, says they're offering stylish and affordable apparel for expectant mothers. the beatles like you've never seen them before. how a teenager back then managed to capture the fab four in their own element. [ female announcer ] the jerry brown story. the real story. 40 years in politics...
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and failure has followed him everywhere. ♪ in the sixties, brown enters politics and later serves two terms as governor. his big spending turns a surplus into a billion dollar deficit. brown appoints liberal judges who fight the death penalty, supports billions in new taxes, and leaves the state with record unemployment of 11%. failure. in the eighties, he runs for senate, but californians say no. he lobbies for a corporate polluter, and works to send california jobs to china. failure. the nineties saw jerry run as a presidential candidate against bill clinton. you know, he reinvents himself every year or two. [ female announcer ] failure. and in the two thousands jerry was mayor of oakland where he taxed everything from garbage to cable tv. crime soared, and he damaged the school system so badly, the state had to take it over. another failure. jerry brown. a lifetime in politics. a legacy of failure.
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believe it or not, there used to be a time when the world's biggest pop stars would actually answer a fan's knock at their front door, and some pictures to prove it are up for auction. sue baker showed up at paul
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mccartney's house in england at the height of beatlemania. she says not only did he answer the door and chat a little bit, he gave her the addresses of his bandmates. could you imagine that happening today? this is back in the late '60s. she says they were all very polite. after they answered her questions about their music, they even wanted to know about her life. so there you have it, the pictures -- there's ringo starr and john lennon right there, there are some of the mansions they used to live in with all in a money back then. the auction by the way is set for next month. >> all you need is love. that's what they said and they proved it. >> and a camera. >> now you get a restraining order. up next on "nightly news." two not so smart guys, and yet they say they've saved millions of lives.
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