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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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we start off with some breaking news. a furniture store has gone up in flames in denver. >> this is on tennyson and 41st avenue. jason gruenauer is on the scene with the latest. jason, what can you tell us?>> reporter: the est news here is was inside when fire gutted this store. this is the green door furniture and antiques store on tennyson and 41st. take a look at these images from a reviewer. they show how big these flames were when this fire first started about two hours ago. denver fire officials still don't know what caused this but scene. they say because the builng was old, big, and whht it contains, they made the call to
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it is not cleaning up the scene but at least two blocks of tennyson are still closed as fire crews remain on the scene. we talked to some neighbors who tell me thi furniture and antique store has been up and operational for the last 40+ years in this neighborhood and thought it was supposed to open today but the old man that normally does that doesn't come in until about 11:00. still, investigators are here on the scene. the best news, no one s the fire is now out. jason gruenauer, denver 7. breaking international tragedy for a brazilian soccer team. a plane carrying 80 people from colombia crashed. the plane traveled over a mountainous area, circling several times before crashing to the ground. no word on the exact cause but we do know the pilot reported some sort of electrical failure prior to the crash. the soccer team posted this on
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plane. one of the players, a 27-year- old defender seen here with his teammates, is said to the survivors. the brazilian president is offering condolences and declaring a state of morning. one person died after being ejected from a car on south quibec near highway 2 just before 5:30 am. right now, the street is closed and traffic was diverted to highway 2. still no word on what caused the crash. a homicide oh now underway to find the person who pulled a trig who was taken to the hospital with gunshot wound last night and did not survive. 's we have been keeping an eye on the green mountain fire. it scorched around 100 acres but crews are getting a handle on this one. it is 90% contained. crews are working to mop it up
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fueled the fire yesterday. about a dozen homes were evacuated and 3000 others were on standby to evacuate if need -?be. fire crews are working to find out what sparked the fire. more than 250 buildings taken to the ground because of this fire in gatlinburg, tennessee. the fire is also threatening dolly parton's dollywood. dozens more are still on fire and we do know that three gatlinburg area resorts have been destroyed as a this fire. strong winds fueling the az struggling to get this one under control. heeicopters and planes are not allowed to fly because of the -- a ddngerous conditions. it is cool and cloudy again. >> we asked for more winter, right? >> yes we did. >> here you go. we were talking about the fire at green mountain. the wind is feeling that. 15 to 40 miles per hour right now. akron with a recent test of 41 miles per hour. it's still going to be gusty at times today, cloudy and chile. right now we are at 35 degrees
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of the north so we are ushering in pretty cool air. a mix of sun and clouds today. a little sunshine trying to peak throughput we are under a partly sunny sky and it's going to say pretty kelly -- pretty chilly. upper 30s to low 40s through the afternoon. overnight, in the 20s and potentially some teens in the early wednesday morning. it's a cold one but clouds will clear and tomorrow, we are going to see more sunshine aaross the state. you can see clouds coming of system moving to the upper midwest and our mountains are still piing up a little light snow. coming up, when we could see snow in denver and when things will get back to about 50 degrees in just a few minutes. in colorado springs, two women were found dead from what investigators callltraumatic injuries. the women were found in a home. nobody else was found inside the home but they say the deaths are suspicious. we were all standing outside because the fire alarm
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through, ran through a crowd and came out with a knife. he was running down the street. oh my god. >> listen, we are on the way. can you tell me where he is? >> i think he is dead. i am looking at him now. >> we are hearing frantic 911 calls after the horrific attack on the ohio state university campus after a teenage student went on a rampage, trying o run people over with his car knife. new details emerge about a possible motives. -- a possible motive. >> reporter: ohio state is working to get back to normal. overnight, local and federal authorities searched the home of abdul razak ali artan. >> when you look at your neighbors, you don't expect that. that could have been my children. >> reporter: investigators say the student hit several people with this honda yesterday before jumping out with a butcher knife. he went on the attack before
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students at the lawrence university barricaded >> mselves inside classroom >> everybody just kind of sat in the corner and ttied to stay away from the windows. >> it was terrifying at first because you just don't think this is going to happen to you and to get really scared when it does. >> reporter: but now, the focus turns to abdul razak ali artan. the somali born honor student who jump for joy across the graduation stage at ohio community college. just five months later, he was at attack "i can't take it anymore." muslim leaders urge people not to jump to conclusions. >> we do know of his somali heritage and that will be enough for some people to -?falsely connect this to islam and the muslim communities. work to figure out if the suspect's motive was terror related, this campus is praying for the 11 injured. student organizations including
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students will hold aacommunity event. dennis martin, abc news columbus, ohio. the teenager who was fatally gunned down outside a warehouse party has been identified. sanghyuk kim was an honor 3 student in aurora. counselors are at the school today. a former denver police officer charged with aiming hiss gun at two ther officers on duty will appear in court. he put desk, positioning it toward the faces of other officers. he is facing charges for use of weapons. the prohibited use of weapons, excuse me. this grandmother will find out how long she will spend behind bars. she was arrested last year after her 10-year-old 3 developmentally disabled grandson was found in a bathtub. she faced charges of child
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this is christopher geebers. prosecutors say he was under the influence of methamphetamines and fled police who were trying to pull him over. he argued his accelerator got stuck. another state patrol officer also hurt in the chase on highway 66 of longmont. the truck driver charged for hitting and killing a state trooper on friday could face a maximum of one year in prison and a $1 he faced a judge for the first time yesterday. he is charged with his demeanor traffic violations were drifting over the white line and hitting trooper cody donahue. rallies and protests planned across the country is minimum wage employees fight for better pay. they want $15 an hour to be the minimum wage the fast food workerr protested outside a ddnver mcdonald's restaurant. soon, they will take the a line to dia. some protesters are fast fooo
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care workers. you will recall colorado passed a minimum wage increase referred to as amenddent 70. that will raise our wages to $12 an hour by 2020. opponents have argued that could lead to job losses and added costs to businesses. >> it could be the difference between a two bedroom and a one- bedroom apartment. what we're doing here today with fight for $15 is fighting for a living wage for folks. we're trying to make by 2020. we push tooget folks at least $15 an hour and tte opportunity to have a union because it's not just enough to have higher wages, folks also need protection on the job site. >> california, washington dc, and new york city are the only places on track tt have a $15 per hour minimum wage. here is a look at other strikes across the country. on the left, dozens of workers in chicago walked off the job.
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chicago are -- chicago o'hare but they waited until after the holidays. uber drivers are joining a national day of protest for higher wages as well. they have joined fast food and aiiport workers. at least 26 people were arrested this morning as part of the minimum wage protest. most of the protest -- arrests were blocking traffic. otherwise, the majority of protests have been peaceful. road rage led to a deadly crash and shooting ovee the weekend. david garcia is now facing charges in the crash. rcs says the shooting victim would bb alive today had he not flipped him off. garcia told investigators that he honked at him at kentucky and hazel. he says that's when the victim gave him the finger. garcia pulled up beside the man and opened fire. we have also learned that garcia is a person of interest
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was killed on fillmore and east 43rd. no word on what prompted that deadly gunfire. you could face loss of citizenship or go to jail with you bring the american flag according to donald trump. the president-elect tweeted "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag and if they do they should be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail." the supreme court ruled in 1989 that flag burning is protected by the first amendment. donald trump just announced he has named elaine show to be his defense secretary -- cho his defense secretary. she was the first asian- american woman to serve in the president's cabinet. with a number of othhr pics to be announced today, the question still remains who will be secretary of state. it appears comp is still trying to figure that out because he is expected to ine with mitt romney again tonight. that could be a sign the 2012 republican nominee is still in the running for that post in spite of protests by some of
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feel betrayed to think that a governor romney would get th most prominent cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to her donald trump -- >> in the meantime, president- elect trump has chosen congressman tom price of georgia to be his health and human services secretary. price is an orthopedic surgeon who chairs the house budget committee and he has been a leading critic of obamacare, calling it a threat to quality ?nd ffordable healthcare. trump has made repealing and replacing obamacare one of his early goals once he is sworn into office. tiffany is blaming its neighbor for falling sales. the high-end jeweler says the new york location is near trump tower. % tiffany did not mention trump by name but said nearby chaos had "some effect on traffic" at its fifth avenue store. tiffany's new york store
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life from flying delta airlines after this rand supporting viral. a woman comes out on camera about why she decided to videotape this. and why the homeowner thinks she was targeted in a home invasion in broad daylight. a passenger pulls emergency
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a white woman is suing the atoms school district claiming raciaa discrimination. kathleen jones used to work as a communications specialist for adam city high school. she claims she was replaced by a hispanic man. according to documents, the community needed to see a man in that role." adams 14 will not comment on the allegation but the district will defend itself vigorously in this case. we have new video about a home in nevada being ransacked in broad daylight while the homeowner was out of the country. take a closer look. you can see a guy and a woman going through the house, carrying boxes filled with things, still clothes on hangers. the homeowner thinks they may have staked out her house after
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door from the cable company. the letter had apparently been left for days while she was gone and now the entire neighborhood is on edge. >> i just think people are getting desperate and going anywhere and doing anything.>> people ask you what is the best neighborhood, the safest area in las vegas? you have no answer. >> police are now searching for the thieves. it is still unclear how much they were able to get away with. do you hear me? donald trump, baby. this man knows what's up. we got some hillary [ blee on here? he is your president. every one of you. >> delta airlines is banning that mantra life from flying on their airline after the political rant. the man screams profanity in support of donald trump. this went on for a minute. it is now going viral and has been met -- viewed more than 2 million times. % the woman who recorded the rand
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the responses she has gotten. >> i have messages from people saying i am antiwhite. all kinds of reactions i'm getting. >> delta issued a response after seeing the video, apologizing to all ppssengers for the disruption. they also say they have offered the flight. the bus driver behind bars after crashing a school bus full of children in tennessee appeared in court this morning. johnthony walker was drivi the bus that reportedly swerved off a street and slammed into a tree. six people were killed and more than a dozen injured. not a lot came out of the hearing. another court date has been set for december 15 but for the first time, we are hearing from walker's lawyer who sayy he is an enemy -- an innocent man. >> this has been a devastating tragedy for the chattanooga community. there are families and morning. there are families who are still dealing with loved ones who are in the hospital, in
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as he sits in the jail right now, mr. walker is an innocent man. in the eyes of the law, he is innocent. >> walker is charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide and reckless endangeement. a woman jumps out of a moving plane. she apparently pulled the emergency hatch right before the plane landed and then jumped out while the plane was still taxiing to the gate. this was caught on nearby surveillance camera. the woman was arrested and taken to a psychiatric hospital for >> she is lucky she wasn't hurt. >> she could have seriously been injured. >> there is quite a bit of distance between the wing and the ground. we have got a beautiful start to our afternoon. not as windy as yesterday but here is your cici. some light snow in the mountains. it is going to be gusty and chilly again today but warmer by the weekend. we have a nice warm up saturday and sunday. look at these lucky ducks in
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snow from loveland. you are going to findda little bit of clearing, some light snow will continue to fall, and some of the alerts we have in effect across northwestern colorado are in effect for the next 30 to 45 minutes. then we will see those start to expire by midday. denver, boulder, fort collins, just cloud cover today. you will notice light snow showers in the mountains through the afternoon and early evening. it is not going to last long. there will be a slight chance for a few light snow showers again through the northwestern mountains and a few a ride along i-70 but we were expecting this week has fallen within the last 24 to 36 hours. boulder, denver, fort collins, we have a chance for a few flurries but not until friday. you will notice through midday tomorrow, quite a bit of sunshine and mostly sunny on wednesday. today, we are going to be in the upper 30s by about 5:00. we will climbed to 40 degrees by 4:00 and under partly cloudy
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see plenty of sunshine but for the next three days, our temperature map is going to look a lot like this. upper 30s to low 40s from congress park to littleton at 42 degrees, to lakewood this afternoon at 41 degrees. we have mid to upper 40s near pueblo, lamarr. with the wind, it feels more like 30 degrees in some spots. in the mountains, teens and 20s today. tomorrow, near 40 degrees and the same on thursday. then on friday, a chance for a flurry. we could see a little light snow with a mix of sun and clouds and our highs will be closer 30s. look at were bright spot this weekend. saturday and sunday, a great warm up. 43 degrees on saturday, 50 degrees on sunday. you guys, as we enter into december, it is going to feel a lot more like it. quite a bit cooler these next few days. a lakewood couple is searching for the person who stole their car when they really needed it.>> we were going to the hospital.
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when a new baby is on the way, there is a lot to think about but for a lakewood couple, they have to try to find the person who stole their car when the wife was in labor. they were loading up the car to go to the hospital when a suspect jumped into the car and took off. the labor pains turned out to be a false alarm but the problem now is they still don't have a car. >> if i went into labor right now, i have no way to get my even if somebody was to say yes, i will drive you, i don't have a seat for either one. >> take a good look at the car. it's a silver blue chrysler 200 with a noticeable dent on the back driver side. the license plate is 631 t q q. struck with started as a normal police shift for an officer in kentucky took an unusual turn after he was flagged down by a
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friend in the car was in labor. officer thompson called ems but the baby girl was born before help could arrive. >> i pulled over, the car door and there was a partial head sticking out and we just went from there. push and there came the joy of life. >> officer thompson says it was her most memorable day on the job in her five-year career as you can imagine. both mom and baby are said to be doing just fine. the super bowl for life? one bud light fan will be offered free tickets for life. you have to find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans and take a picture of it. posted on social media with #sb takes for life. six winners will be chosen to get tickets for their favorite team. from that group, the big winner will be chosen on january 16. >> i've heard life is like 50 years. >> that's still pretty good.
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teenagers ransacked a convenience store and ran off with candy. some now say these flash mob thefts are on the rise. why some teenagers say they do it. and this i... i..i t... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team went down in a mountainous region of colombia
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here is elizabeth hur with more from new york. >> reporter: you and heartbreaking images from colombia as crews begin removing bodies from the crash site . you can barely make out this was a plane and incredibly, there are survivors. accorring to authorities, there are six survivors rushed to the hospital overnight. 75 others on board, many of them members of a brazilian soccer team on its way to a tournament, were killed. the brazilian president today offered his condolences to the victims families, calling the incident extremely sad. the circumstances are still under investigation but so far we told the british aerospace owned by a charter company was near its destination flying from bolivia to columbia and this is a look at the flight radar showing the final moments the plane circled several times. the crew reportedly said there was an electrical problem before crashing.
11:31 am
facebook beforeethey caught on that plane. one of the players, alan rochelle, a 27-year-old defender seen here with his teammates, is said to be one of the survivors. authorities say in all three soccer players, two crewmembers and one ournalist survived and for the 75 victims, the resilient president just declared three days of mourning. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. crews are trying to figure out what sparked this fire that caused a furniture store to go up in flames. >> jason gruenauer has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: flames toward this furniture and antiques store starting about 9 am this morning. this is the green door furniture and antiques on 41st and tennyson in northwest denver. take a look of the pictures %
11:32 am
the flames were and why crews decided it was best to stay on the outside of the building and fight this from above and from the front heree denver fire officials still don't know what caused this but investigators are on the scene. they tell me they don't believe at this point it is suspicious. no one was inside when the fire started and the best news is no one was hurt. because of the size of the building and how old it is, that is the other reason they decided to keep fire crews out. they simply sprayed fire hoses inside. the flames out. investigators are on the sce, about a block of tennyson is closed to traffic. neighbors say this store has been up and operational for more than 40 years but the old man who runs it doesn't normally open it until about 11:00, which is why no one was inside. for now, reporting in northwest denver, jason gruenauer denver 7. let's give you a live look outside. this is at the eisenhower tunnel. kind of gray up there. little snowy as well. >> we were watching this come
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you can see the pavement now but it has been cold. >> they might pick up another couple of inches in the it will be often done for the high country the next couple of days. down here, we might get flurries on friday but that's about it. from our wireless camera near stirling, you can see how fast the clouds are moving. we have gusty winds now and wind chills in the teens. from sterling to akron, it feels like just 17 degrees right now. fort collins 23 degrees and leadville, that's what it feels like right now. we are still going to see gustier conditions with highs near 40 degrees. some upper 30s to near 40s. still under some cloud cover. skies will clear out and we are in for a bigger warm up. we will show you just how warm it gets for the weekend but today through friday, it is pretty chilly. police are searching for %- several crooks at this hour.
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near evans and birch. take a look at this truck. if you see this truck orrthose two people, please call police. an armed robbery -- rubber on the run in thornton. we told ou about this search yesterday at denver 7 at 11:00. the wanted man probably has injuries to his face and arm. heads-up in pueblo. car thefts are on the rise there have been more than 1000 car thefts thissyear. that is uu from last year's 900. pueblo police say repeat offenders are to blame for the spike. 80% of stolen vehicles have been recovered. a local woman is pleading for help to find the person who killed her grandfather. he was stabbed to death multiple times last week. his granddaughter posted photos to craigslist asking anyone for help. ? don't listen to a word
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beautiful. >> this morning, outrage going over this video of a russian skating couple dancing to a holocaust themed routine during a russian reality tv show. the two dancers wore striped clothing and gold stars resembling those worn by inmates years ago. we are learning one of the dancers is married to vladimir putin's spokesperson. moroccan tv is taking some heat after a daily women's show aired a segment that ssowed women how to use cosmetics disguise times of domestic violence. the show featured a demonstration as you can see right here on how to use makeup to cover up bruises on her face. the segment aired toomark the international day to eliminate violence against women. the show later apologized. a mother of teenagers busts into a connecticut store -- a mob of teenagers person to a connecticut coovenience store to steal, -- tiesto candy. they knocked every thing on the
11:36 am
would ransacked the place just for candy.>> just a memory probably. there is videos on facebook. they just ransack the place. >> some say this is a disturbing trend. police are hoping to identify the young people involved. take a look at this. punches flying in a california parking lot. several women fighting over what was apparently a parking spot. you see a woman get into why car, reverend the engine, ram the other car, trying to take the passenger door off. >> [ screaming ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> the cars collide several more times and then the car runs over a fire hydrant. for water sports up into the air and then down the street, another confrontion. a white car crashing into another car. no word of arrests.
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five others got sick after a thanksgiving meal at the antioch american legion hall. all elderly victimsswere admitted to the hospital on friday or saturday just a day or two after eating the meal. some of it was prepared by volunteers and some donated by local restaurants. >> we are interviewing people we know right now and we are all trying to find people who may have been having symptoms but didn't seek healthcare.>> we are being told all of sick patients lived in the same place so it's possible they brought what they had instead of getting it from the meal. four have een released from hospital but health officials are tryinn to fix -- to figure out those issues. these two cu buffs may have partied a littleetoo hard and now they are in trouble with the law. the two players got into a fight outside a bar near pearl street. officers say they also found
11:38 am
the two are ow facing charges. the justice department will now heep decide the outcome of a lawsuit from new mexico against our state in tte golden -- gold canyon mine spell. that was what turned the animasa river orange. we are hearing from one of two colorado teenagers who spent 48 hours on top of a 14er in a brutal snowstorm. we have video of the snowstorm on mount of the holy cross. they continued theesummit on monday during the snowstorm chance to get their cell phonee reception so they could call their parents. hendrix says it likely saved their lives. >> sometimes you got to make decisions that are very split. it was a split decision to go to the summit and not head back down because we figured we would have a better chance of survival. >> both teenagers have frostbite on their feet but they say they can't wait to get out there and start hiking again. the governor is doubling
11:39 am
homeless population. it's newest idea? put some of the marijuana tax revenue towards housing for them. the newly announced plan would put over $16 million in marijuana tax revenue to permanent housing amongst other incentives. over $130 million were collected in the first nine months of 2016 and that money has already been set aside for law enforcement, healthcare and substance abuse programs. those living on the street say they prefer theestreets over a shelter. >> it's not really a very comfortable setting when you go in there and everybody is arguing and fighting about there is plenty more. i don't like all that drama and i would just rather be on the streets, where it's quiet. >> some on the streets till denver 7 it was especially difficult toddy because of the colder weather and the early- morning sweeps of all their changes to the colorado drawing. a midday drawing. why that is being added. and a new york teenager being called a daredevil. he cliibs massive high-rises without safety equipment but
11:40 am
trouble with the law. it's chilly outside. temperatures are in the mid-30 and we will be closer to 40 degrees this afternoon under quite a bittof cloud cover.
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11:42 am
texas is now the second state in the continental us to
11:43 am
case of the zika virus. lab results confirmed the ad is old -- the result in an un- pregnant woman. because primarily transmitted through bites of an infected mosquito but can also e passed through blood transfusion and sexual contact. 18 is the magic number two vote and join the military but activists also think it could be the age to drink alcohol. james lee love wants tt lower the drinking age to 18. get it on the ballot. >> when you look at the statistics, 30% of our crashes are related to drunk driving accidents but if you look at china who is much larger than us and has a drinking age of 18 or lower, their statistics is only 4%. >> the united states is one of four just developed countries worldwide with a drinking age over 18. that is due in part because of the 1984 federal law tying
11:44 am
to those drinking ages. if we lower hours, we could lose that federallfunding. the winner has not come forward to complaining $420 million powerball prize. here in colorado, changes to the state lottery. there is a new midday drawing. lottery officials hope will help us stay competitive. it's for the pic 3 game. the new drawing the hopefully bring in more money. they hope to bring in $590 million innfact. last year, the in $406 million because of the % powerful -- powerball jackpot. >> those trails that you are exploring on weekends, the state parks, we need to make sure we meet our thresholds with them every year. >> so the new drawing was actually added at the end of october. the midday drawing takes place
11:45 am
taking an adrenaline rush to new heights. >> this is just crazy. he has made a habit f climbing new york high-rises without safety equipment. >> as dan marino reports, the teenager refuses to stop even though he is now in trouble with the law. >> reporter: at first glance, the images that 19-year-old justin captures our beautiful. they are just also incredibly dangerous. one move and it could all be over. just look at him here as he runs along a slanted rooftop high above manhattan. >> >> reporter: on his latest video, it shows him breaking into a high-rise building under construction, climbing to e roof with a friend, and then dangling from the crane hoisted high above with just one arm. across the river, you get on idea of just how high it really is. >> any comment on the fact that he climbed the building once again? >> no comment. >> reporter: his father didn't have much to say. you may remember him, arrested
11:46 am
climbing to the top of the building. he received 30 days community service and was ordered counseling as well as a 1200 word essay about the stunt but neighbors another teenagers say there is no stopping him.>> i say to him, it is dangerous for you to do this without the proper gear. while he says, he says i don't do it this way, i don't feel good. >> reporter: are you surprised to see him do it again? >> not really. he wants the big >> reporter: after his world trade center stunned, he was arrested two weeks after four climbing the water tower. since then, he has garnered nearly 30,000 followers on instagram and climbed ddzens of structures including the george washington bridge. >> do you think you learned his lesson? >> i don't know. >> it would seem no. >> the kid just wants to do those things. >> he is doing it.
11:47 am
when you look at november, so far with temperatures as they are, it has been really warm for most of the month. when you average the daily high and the daily low, we are at 46.5 degrees after yesterday. as of now, it's the third warmest november ever on record and it's going to be chilly for the get into december. we could stay at that mark or come down a bit. we will keep an eye on it but so far it is feeling a like nooember then early december. a beautiful look from city park. we have a mix of clouds right now. cloud cover in the mountains with a little bit of snow. 19 degrees in conifer, 21 degrees in allen park and it city park, 36 degrees. tucker, you are at 35 degrees. same thing in aurora. the highs this afternoon will be about 40 degrees. we are going too warm a few more degrees in the next couple of hours. urie 42 degrees and in boulder, 41 degrees.
11:48 am
today and with the wind it does feel colder. it feels more like made to upper 20s right now here in town. you get closer to pueblo and lamarr, you will get closer to 50 degrees. 20s and 30s out on the western slope. pity chilly statewide today and we're going to stakeholder really from today through friday. a number of alerts still in effect but not for long. dropping off at miiday today. we will keep up -- pick up a couple more inches of snow in the mountains today. sunlight, spotty snow showers from we are still under a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon and then skies clear out. early tomorrow morning, sunshine and likely overnight lows in the teens. we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. that is what it looks like by 1:00. just a few lighttshowers in the mountains. tomorrow, we are mostly sunny, 40 degrees and then more upper 30s on thursday. it's even colder on friday. we're going to dropped to near
11:49 am
end the weekend might even get a flurry or two friday. by saturday and sunday, skies will clear out. low to mid 40s saturday and even warmer on sunday. some low to mid 50s possible on sunday. that will help to thought things out. if you haven't put the christmas lights up, do it then. >> i wanted to do that last weekend. >> they still haven't done it? >> i do the inside. sunshine was the time to do it felt like that was august. >> that's true. there is another successful cyber monday in the books. this is a look at the amazon facility yesterday. it was a busy day for them along with millions of other retaiiers. millions is -- millions of packages will be sent of today. amazon customers ordered nearly 55,000,000 items across the
11:50 am
still ahead, a story that will warm your heart. a man goes the extra mile to raise awareness for a good cause. >> we will introduce you to this man whose terminal disease has not stopped him from completing
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11:53 am
coloradoans are giving int people around the world. >> tests gathered to wrap school boxes for children overseas living in poverty as part of the operation christmas child. the mission is to collect enough shoeboxes filled with toys and school supplies for 11 million children this year. this is some of the food or seven dollar donation helps provide for food distributed to qualifying families of metro area schools.
11:54 am
you only have until tomorrow to donates a login and to do that now. a man in seattle is battling pulmonary fibrosis. he just completed an entire 26 mile marathon. that is evans wilson, who is on an oxygen tank and completed the track with his wife and the tank. he said it was about making a difference with the money he raised to run the marathon. those funds to raise awareness now for terminal lung disease research. >> people like that are just an inspiration. >> absolutely. >> that's incredible. it's 11:54 am. we have temperatures in the mid- 30s. by tomorrow, it will be a few degrees warmer. one or two degrees will do the trick. for the kids at the bus stop, cold will be in the 20s early on. bundle them up as you are getting ready on wednesday. by tomorrow afternoon, we are at 40 degrees.
11:55 am
going to drop a good 10 degrees. upper 20s and low 30s. we might pick up a flurry on friday. >> 50 degrees sounds great.
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? >> announcer: today, forget complicated recipes. we're keeping it simple and going back to holiday basics. clinton's in the kitchen with "scandal's" bellamy young. carla's serving up a show-stopping dessert with the "cake boss" himself, buddy valastro. and michael's revealing restaurant secrets to help you have a stress-free holiday. the party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] whoa. it's a good audience today. good audience.


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