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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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from chase, so you can. denver 7 news starts right now. >> on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m. a string of violence in denver. we have the latest details on three separate shootings. plus, president-elect the fight for a ballot recount. what he has to say about millions of voters that is turning heads this morning. but fit cooe. you can see the snow fall right now at the breckenridge ski resort and that similar sight there in steamboat rings. this video taken -- springs. this video taken from john overstreet. >> officials are now sending out avalanche warnings. right now the highest risk is in san juan mountains and sawatch range and also parts of aspen. >> cdot also shut down loveland pass because of the hazard of avalanches there. jason is out in the full aheart weather chaser this morning.
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>> yes good morning to you. the well well saw the first flakes of the morning just now passing through georgetown. not flurries or anything too bad but just a few flakes we saw in the headlights, i-70 is now officially wet and there are snow and -- it's maybe even possibly some asian here along the -- ice here along the shoulder as we continue west here along i-70. drop. there was a high wind warning as we approached georgetown checked early this morning a windchill there down so single digits again as we continue to head west not too far from loveland where you mentioned they had it closed down at the pass. we expect to see more accumulation of the snow along the highway. the good news i-70 right now is pretty wide open. and it's pretty free flowing still very early on in the morning. not too much to worry about as you continue west though the traction laws are going to be in effect. but again, right now, just some wet roads here at i-70 and the mountains got a good helping of
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to hit -- snow and eventually going to hit that. 3 for much more on that into the studio. a few of the snow showers taper off in the mountains this morning but again pick up around noon. the radar and satellite, we have within hit with a lot - been hit with a lot of cold fronts moving in the first affecting the west coast and will continue to pick up more snow in the mountains through the day today. very windy conditions though but dry along the plains. here are watches and warnings that are in effect this afternoon. a winter weather advisory for boulder, jackson, larimer, jefferson county, in effect through today into tomorrow. also winter storm warning this will pick up by this afternoon and last until tuesday afternoon. the mountains will continue to see snowfall all the way today the through tuesday -- through tuesday. be across the plains and front range, you want a jacket s you head out the door today. downtown denver right now 38. at the airport 36 where winds right now sustained from the west southwest at 14 miles per hour our high temperatures today will be in the low to mid-40s.
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bbt you'll definitely want a windbreaker this afternoon. jason? >> certainly will. more snow gear up in the mountains. right now in town it looks really nice. i-258 wide open -- 25 wide open and i-25 wide open for us here this morning. but it's really the mountains where we have the very slick conditions. georgetown basically all the way through vail we have the traction law in place and loveland pass is closed down. north side of town it's okay but again the breezy conditions might be an issue for us especially along the we have many roads in wyoming closed down because of the wind and snow this morning. al breaking news right now, pooice are looking for the suspects who shot a transgender woman in philadelphia. the victim who was 21 years old was followed from a war. -- bar. then approached at a bus station where someone fired five shots police say. the victim was struck in the hip and taken to the hospital in stable condition. investigators are now working to determine if the suspects specifically targeted the
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just about 5:04 now. developing this morning, violence erupting in denver turning the holiday weekend deadly. >> three shootings all within 30 minutes. leading to people -- leaving two people dead including teenager. we are live at denver police headquarters with the details. amanda. >> reporter: the investigations o into each of the shootings continue into this morning and will likely take the rest of the day. in total, two people were killed and four others were injured in that the weekend that denver police faced. now it started out at 12:30 on sunday morning, just off of south santa fe drive in south denver. we know that a teen was shot and killed and another was taken to the hospital after being shot in the hand. now businesses surrounding al warehouse near arkansas and cherokee say it most likely stemmed from a late night teen party held at legacy traffic management. although police haven't said the incident and event are
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>> they're in high school. definitely high school. all were in high school, wearing high school i sweaters and everything -- sweaters and everything. definitely underage. later until montbello, a fight at a house party near carson street and maxwell place turned deadly. men were shot and killed outside of the home there. dpd was in north denver next outside of high street bar be grill at 1:00 a.m. we're told al fight inside the business -- a fight inside the business spilled outside and three people were shot and taken to the hospital after that incident. have any suspect description for any of the three shoots is. and they don't -- shootings. and they don't have anyone in custody either but if you have any information about any of the shootings, call police. again they'll be working on the investigations and the two death investigations as this morning continues. reporting live outside of dpd headquarters, i'm amanda decastillo, denver 7. a man died saturday in southwest denver. -?a man was found shot after a two car crash right near
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he was taken to the hospital where he died. no one else was injured and it appears the man hit a parked car there. this morning we are hoping to learn more on mo what led up to a state trooper being killed on i-25. >> csp tropate cody -- trooper cody donahue was shot and killed on saturday. this man 1-year-old noah gruez driving resulting ith reckless - >> gomez ruiz hit the trooper near hoe ma road. this is the -- tomah road. thhs is the same area where a trooper was hit and killed last year. we do have a link to a gofundme page in support of his family. that's right now on the website. the election drama continues, president-elect donald trump now says he doesn't believe hillary clinton really won the popular vote. >> trump is also blasting
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labeling a scam. on twitter the president-elect wrote quote -- trump won in the electoral college but trails hillary clinton by nearly two million in the popular ote. now all this comes as green party candidate jill stein manages to raise millions of dollars for a recounted in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign is joining that effort. her team says they want to quote ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. neither trump or provided any proof there were election irregularities however. >> the green party is also seeking recounts in michigan and in pennsylvania. it is now 5:07. ling and it's cyber monday. that means you can save more money post-black friday with all those deals online. amazon is going to have one of 75,000 products on sale today. the deals will continue all week with electronics, expected you can also get some great
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sales should result in big airfare and hotel deals today. how did black friday fare? it looks like holiday shoppers are more careful about spending money this year. not by a lot though. the national retail federation says more than 154 million people shopped in stores and online. this is only black friday weekend. that is three million shoppers average $10 less than they did in 2015. the retail federation attributes the drop to more discounts being consumers. the broncos are waking up in third place in the afc west. after a shocking and very heart- breaking loss last night against the kansas city chiefs. >> so the broncos are now 7464 and in -- 7-4 and the danger of missing the playoffs at this point. some are questioning a call at the end of the game there. coach kubiak decides to try a 62-yard field goal with a few minutes left. the chiefs got the ball back and they won the game with a
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and 27-30. the broncos are on the road this weekend. they play the jacksonville jaguars. after a quick break, police dealing with multiple bold criminals who opened pyre on busy -- fire on busy roads in kansas. plus a worker at popeyes not backing down from this thief. what happened next when we come back. and morning and celebrating continue after tte passing of fade -- northern and cebr passing of fidel castro. and on the monday after a pretty snowy saturday across the mountains, more snow for the high country. very breezy across the plains and cold this week. you can see we have very nice drive up to theenorth. this was i-25 up by mulberry fort collins easy driving conditions on 285 and -- or 287
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at d hey for you, if you're looker -- dia for you, if you're ooking for place to park, places out there for you and security only five, ten minutes in some of the zones. pretty good this morning.. this is pretty incredible just in. a helicopter pilot has been rescued alive three days after crashing on the island of borneo and this is a picture of the pilot's rescue. here. he was with the indonesian army, the chopper went down and he had to be airlifted with a ro was pretty difficult to get to. sadly three other crew members who are on board were found dead and one is still missing. well, today cuba begins the official nine days of mourning after the death of castro. some large ceremonies are scheduled throughout the week ahead of the funeral that's going to happen next sunday. >> but really the reaction to his deaah around the world is mixed. here in the u.s., many are celebrating his death. calling him a brutal dictator. plenty of u.s. officials have
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stand behind the cuban people. republicans on the other hand lashing out after castro's death. >> i hope we don't see barack obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. >> no u.s. officials plan to attend cast roast' funeral. president-elect donald trump originally said he might undo america's renewed thais with cuba but now says the administration will do all it can to help prosperity and also liberty. two people are now in custody, this is after a shooting on bourbon street in new orleans, ten people were shot and one of the victims died. >> take a look. there was increased police presence that's in the area because of the bayou plaza football game which is an annual occurrence. right now though police are looking into what held up to the shooting. the seven people are injured after a shootout in kansas city. the police say people in several cars were shooting at each other on the open road. three cars crashed as drivers
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different crime scenes and one person is in critical condition this morning. authorities are now quelling possible -- questioning possible suspects. a worker at a popeyes chick machine minnesota takes on the -- chicken in minnesota takes on the armed robbery suspect. look at this. now police are hoping the video will help them cash the crackle -- catch the crook. the suspect held a gun to his head and demanded the safe be open. the employee fought off the man and he ended up being pistol whipped by here at home a live look up at the eisenhower tunnel as one of the storm chasing units is cruising through the tunnel. checking out the conditions for you this morning. some snow in the high country, great news for the ski resorts. >> absolutely. and we continue to pick up some more snow in places like vail, aspen, steamboat, copper mountain throughout much of the day today. if you are on the roads this morning pretty slick especially crossing tunnel. so be careful out there. first alert headlines though,
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off in the morning hours but then pick up again any afternoon. a little -- by this afternoon. a little bit by this afternoon blowing and heavier snow in the mountains, pretty calm right now this morning. but breezy for the front range and plains and winds will pick up mainly from the west this afternoon and cooler temperatures big cold front moving through that will drop the highs only into the 40s toy. 30s for tomorrow. winter weather advisory this is is in effect until earry tuesday morning for a lot of our front range counties a today we have a winter storm warning in effect until tuesday afternoon. so steamboat and aspen pitkin counties mesa counties, all going to be seeing a lot more snow over the next 48 hours. but here's our 24 hour planner across the metro area and the front range today. we'll see highs in the low to mid-40s under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. breezy in the afternoon and mainly starting at about noon. here are our high temperatures in highlands ranch at 46. platteville at 48 degrees today. boulder getting up to 44. one of the warmest days on the
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and our high temperatures across the state will stay pretty cool. 27 degrees in gunnison aspen you're at 48 today and eagle getting up to about 31 under mostly cloudy skies. with a chance for snow showers through the afternoon. across the northeastern plains will be in the mid 40s and then mid 50s down to the southeast. here's our snowfall forecast what we can expect over the next little while. by tonight this is stopped at 9 : 30 and we can continue to pick up 3 to 7 inches at lower elevations and another 6 to 10 up fur especially across a lot of the mountain towns so that's great news for them there. but with your i understand we cross -- but our winds across the plains and front range, those will be he big e concern for this afternoon. -- biggest concern for this afternoon. right now the wind speeds at about 15 miles per hour sustained in greeley and same in akron and sterling and denver right now sustained winds at 14 miles per hour is what we're seeing. the overnight lows lot cooler than the past dufour days. 20 -- few days. 20 degrees in denver and mid- to low 20s in the southeast corner of the state and teens for the most part in the
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alamosa. steamboat expected the overnight low of 16 under mostly cloudy skies with those continued snow showers. so 20 degrees as the clouds iicrease in denver. by tomorrow, we'll see a lot colder conditions. 37 is our expected high and also very breezy once again for our tuesday afternoon. so today, high temperatures in the 40s. and then things really start to cool down as we head into midweek. wednesday, expected mostly sunny day, still staying very cool. so a major major drop from what we've been feeling recently but then by this next weekend we'll start to warm up slightly back to the 40s come sunday but overnight lows jason, teens and 20s. yeah, and it's really cold in the mountains that snow is going to stick up there. we have good driving conditions on i-225 as you can see that going down to the denver tech about five minutes now from parker road. take a look at the north side. the southbound side of i-25, goinggdown past 58th avenue, also wide open for the most part. i-76 getting a touch busier as is 270 and you can see on the map it's really not that bad.
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in las vegas several people recovering this morning after a driver plowed into a burlington coat factory store. >> legal people were hurt and the crash left one employee trapped. but firefighters were able to pull her out and she should be okay. police don't believe that drugs
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crash. a bad crash in arizona has turned leddy. police arrested 23-year-old andrew sloan for reckless endangerment after investigators say she failed to yield to on coming traffic before hitting a minivan. that minivan had five children and two adults inside and now officials say a 12-year-old in that vehicle has died. this morning, at least two other children still fighting for their lives. police say sloan who suffered some minor injuries does not seem though to have been impaired during the incident. this robber thought he could get away from the law chopper video from it will sheriff's office in florida -- the sheriff's office in florida shows a man trying to hide in the band after he tried to -- pond after he tried to rob a store. he said he was just fishing and his pole was in the water. maybe not. it is 5:22. and there's a live look at mile high. the lights are still on. but a lot of us are still mourning this morning after the broncos lose to the chiefs in overtime. this was a painful ending.
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think the whole crowd was kind of stunned because the field goal really go in or didn't it and the chiefs won. it did. >> weether-wise we have snow in the high country, there's some positive news. >> there you go. >> absolutely, yeah i know a lot of people throughout this thanksgiving weekend were hoping and apriling for snow and it's finally arrived for a lot of our resort towns. but for right now we are seeing some snow showers taper off. we saw very windy conditions this morning across much of the front range. but these are watches and warnings in effect today. a winter you can see here in purple. we will be eeing veey windy conditioos for the front range and foothills but another 6 to 10 even 12020 inches with -- 10 to 20 inches with the wink will be in effect today -- winter storm warning will be in effect today. more snow in the high country and blowing snow as well. please just pack your patience and practice caution and have the right tires on the car. the front range forecast though for today will stay dry. breezy in the afternoon. 44-degrees in denver. a mix of sun and clouds and greeley and fort collins in the
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cool down this week. overnight lows in the teens and then 20s the next few weeks. so far so good at least on the freeways, more traffic out there. whether it's going to be on 470 out here in morrison and i-70 out to the west or 6th avenue coming into town. take look at the overall map a lot of green out there including getting out to dia. thank you sir. talk about a bummer. the winning powerball ticket over the weekend has been sold at the small town, tennessee convenience store. not here, the winning jackpot was more than $420 mill all u.s. lotteries. so there's always next time. >> yeah. but you got to play if you want to win. if you're looking for extra cash, nasa will pay you 0 you can come up with a way to deal with astronaut poop. so astronauts can be in the suits for up to ten hours. the agency is holding a contest this is truly a contest, to see who can come up with the best way to reroute human waste in the space suit for up to a week.
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20th to submit your ideas. >> could be for the person that does that. was the theft of demarcus ware's super bowl ring an inside job? we have his theory after the break. plus a family now left without a home after the fire in brighton. and we're tracking snowfall in the high country today. the first alert forecast and what you can expect on the roads right after the break. plus breaking news just in, syrian government forces and allies have reapptured a -- recaptured a major city from rebels. this could mark point in the five year conflict there. thousands of aleppo residents fled to government controlled areas over the that's days as the government starts -- last days as the government has started to retake the city. we're following. >> i'm mitch from denver 7. how are you? >> you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years. hi. % >> hi. >> what are -- what do you mean? >> oh my god.
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who's the 7 everyday hero in your life? nominate them at look under community and click on 7 everyday hero. congratulations. >> thank you. >> nice work.
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just about 5:30. here's your first alert snow in the high country is bringing some good news and also bod news. it means more snow for skiers and resorts but it also means the higher chance of avalanche danger right now. some tricky conditions on some roads for certain areas. so what about the metro area? will we see snow? >> katie la salle is in for visa this morning joining -- lisa this morning joining us
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>> definitely want to bounden lable up. here in the metro area no snow chances for today. here's the cheat sheet what you can expect but snow will continue for the high country so as you mentioned some good news and some bad news. just practice caution if you are on the roads and heading west. clouds and wind for the most part f the front range from this system. so the breeze will pick up this afternoon. and temperatures will drop a lot over the next few days. highs only in the 30s. but for today, these are your daytime highs for what u expect. 44-degrees in denver and 46 for highlands ranch and eerie at 47 and same in keenesburg and continue to see 20s and 30s for the most part in the mountains. but looking at the futurecast, hour by hour, the as we head throughout the morning, we will be seeing some spotty snow showers a winter weather advisory in effect for lower elevations and higher elevations further to the west we have a winter storm warning. that will be in effect this afternoon through tuesday, as you can see this is stopped today at 2:30 will continue to pick up some more measurable snowfall and another 6 to 10 inches in certain spots and


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