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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 23, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MST

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hour after being shot in the head. officials said rose was patrolling an area off campus when the attack took place. a person of interest is in custody and is being interrogated. rose is at least the fifth officer shot on duty across this country just since the weekend. the suspect charged in the ambush-style fatal shooting of a san antonio police officer got married the day after the attack. all of this according to court
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have been trying to keep his wife from having ttestify against him. the d.a. says any conversations before the shooting would be admissible. funeral services held for the murdered officer next week. a post-election surge for stocks has all three major averages opening ator record highs this morning. the dow starts above 19,000 for the first time ever. it has closed at a record high now six times in the two weeks since donald trump's election. markets are closed tomorrow for thanksgiving and will close early on friday. also on the economic front, a federal judge blocked a new requirement for 4 million workers to get overtime pay. the obama administration sought to raise the amount of money those workers could make from nearly $24,000 to nearly $47,000 before being exempt from overtime. but 21 states challenged that proposed rule and now a federal judge in texas has pushed its effective date back indefinitely while he awaits a challenge to that rule. there are so many people who have been trying to find different uses for drones.
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found a unique use for his drone. >> yeah. anyone looking for a creative way to prepare their thanksgiving meal? >> there it is. >> the drone peels potatoes and carrots, a creative use there. when it comes to mixing things, though, this is a deep fryer. they say to stay away from the deep fryer, right? so the drone is a good way to handle that. chopping, though, did not go so well. you can see there's the final it looks just like a hot mess. >> not the neatest. >> it looks more like the after than the before. >> i do like the deep fryer method, though. that's a good one. >> i do like that as well. >> would be a good creative way for those who don't like the kitchen but like gadgets to help you help you. or go outside and play with the drone to get out of your way. coming up, separating the ceo from the commander in chief. >> president donald trump once
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smoothies! only from tums it's judgment day. back seat chefs peer inside your oven. but you've cleaned all baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. president-elect donald trump and his family will be spending
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estate in florida. trump landed last night with the future first lady melania trump and his son, barron. a sign that the holiday will include work on the transition team. in the meantime, trump is taking a moderate stance on the controversial positions. in an interview with the "new york times," trump no longer appeared interested in prosecution hillary clinton saying it would be very divisive for the country. on climate change, he now says a break from previous remarks that it was a hoax. trump is backing away from advocating waterboarding. he disavoied the white nationalists who seb brated his election, but denied that steve bannon is racist, defending him in his words as a decent guy who has been treated unfairly. >> mr. trump is also facing another controversy over how he
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conflicts of interest between his business and his office. >> keeping a distance from inside the white house could be nearly impossible for him to do. abc's brian ross investigates. >> reporter: with growing concerns how he continues to push the business measures, donald trump told the "new york times," the law is on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. but throughout the campaign, trump had pledged to leave his business empire behind. >> if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. >> reporter: yet in the two weeks since the election, trump has indian developers of two trump towers in their country who posted this picture and then took it down. he complained to a british politician about eyesore wind turbines near his scottish golf course. and he's bostoned his brand is now hotter than ever. his daughter, ivanka's jewelry company trying to cash in on "60 minutes" to sell her line of $10,000 bracelets. since then, trump included his daughter in a meeting with the japanese prime minister as she prepares to take over his
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trump defended that saying, if it were up to some people, i would never ever see my daughter ivanka again. trump has investments or deals in at least 18 countries around the world. now some of his own adviserses fear the president-elect is already creating conflicts. >> you're going to have foreign entities and foreign governments offers sweetheart deals in hope of favorable actions from th >> reporter: there are also questions whether trump, as president, take actions to help a huge jer ran bank that loaned him nearly $300 million. trump used the money to design a golf course in florida and build hotels in chicago at his new one in washington. but deutsche bank is also now the target of two major investigations by the u.s. department of justice facing a possible $14 billion settlement which could imperil the bank and
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loans. senator blumenthal is calling for a special prosecutor to ensure the justice department does not back down. >> there's a clear conflict of interest between donald trump's personal business interests and his public duties, in fact, the public trust. >> reporter: donald trump said in theory, i could run my business perfectly and run the country perfectly, adding there's never been a case like this. there is no law that requires a president to sell off his business interests or put them in a blind trust. mr. trump said he'd like to do something to address concerns, but is suggesting he could still be involved in the business in some limited way, and there's nothing legally to prevent him from doing that. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> all right, brian, thanks. coming up, the ground breaking face transplate. >> the donor's mother meeting the recipient for the first time. we're going to show you that emotional encounter next. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
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one year ago, a one year ago, pat hartison, firefighter b badly burned the line of duty endured the most expensive face transplant ever attempted. >> this morning, we're witnessing the tearful first encounter between he and the mother of the donor. we're up all night line with abc's juju chang. >> i believe we have -- >> reporter: it's been more than a year since nancy lost her son, dave rodebaugh. >> come on, mom. >> we were really close. it was almost like twins. >> reporter: she raised him as a single mother, their tight bond forged while they traveled the country working together as
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but it was his love of bicycles that brought him to new york, flying through the airings defying gravity, that's david ripping around at a red bull's concert race in 2014. >> you can't think about it and just go, go, go. >> reporter: a year after winning the race, he suffered a head injury in a bike accident while riding home from work. he wasn't wearing a helmet. after clinging to life for three weeks, nancy made the heart breaking decision to let him go. >> this was all meant to be somehow. i think he knew he was going to be giving. >> reporter: can dave had chosen to be an organ donor and he was also a perfect match for an experimental surgery nearly 15 years in the making. an unprecedented procedure to give pat hartison a new face. the volunteer firefighter and father from mississippi ran into a burning house searching for survivors when the roof collapsed. he was lucky to survive. the fire robbed him of his
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>> take off your ears for me please. >> reporter: desperation led him to dr. rodriguez at nyu's medical center. the pioneering surgeon in the emerging field of face transplants had been looking for the perfect patient, and pat was the one. it takes 12 hours to remove the donor's face. in operating rooms across the city, four other patients are being prepped for their own life-saving operations. among those saved on thi two young boys and a 58-year-old woman who had all been desperately waiting for transplants. every day, 22 americans die waiting for a life saving transplant. nationally, only 50% of eligible adults are even registered as organ donors. >> so it's been more than a year since you've been here? >> yes. >> reporter: it's been a tough year for nancy. while she was grieving her son's death, she was also battling cancer.
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people whose lives were saved by david's organs, including pat. one by one, they came down the stairs. >> hi, my name's nancy. >> i'm nancy. >> reporter: three families now intertwined with nancy's. >> when i knew you were a firefighter, i knew you had the strength to go through this. i had no hesitation. look at your face. look at patrick's face. >> beautiful. >> you are beautiful. the best day of my life was the day david was my life. >> wow, what an amazing experience there. and david not only donated his face, but also his heart, his liver, his kid thee, bone, skin, corn can his cornea, so saved quite a few lives. >> a great way to celebrate thanksgiving, if you're not an organ donor, sign up for it. more than 120,000 people in the u.s. on the waiting lists waiting.
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time now for the mix, and coming up on thanksgiving, many look forward to sitting around the table with family -- >> good times, yes. >> and some of you maybe aren't looking forward to sitting around the table with your family. but twitter users are trying to help those who fall in the latter category with a hashtag thanksgiving. >> will be tough this year. >> some of the highlights? just say wrong in response to everything they say. >> mom, what do you think of trump? >> wrong. >> okay. that works. >> that should go over well. tell your family you have a girlfriend, the art of distraction there. just don't go. that one is not recommended. >> that's a good avoid. >> i don't think that one's going to keep you out of the dog house, though. >> and then --
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dessert, and as soon as somebody starts talking politics, start singing bohemian rhapsody. ? ooh oh, yeah, oh, yeah ? >> we're at different parts of the song. what do you think of trump? ? he's just a poor boy from a poor family ? >> like, what, what are you talking about? obviously that would be a distraction. we know cat videos -- oh, i'm jumping the gun here. >> that's okay. >> i really want to get to the cats. >> cats are cute. you know how when you can ride your bike or go for a run, your gps on the nike app or different apps, they can kind of follow you around and make weird objects. no. i don't do either one of those activities. >> those exercises. but normal people do. there's one person in san francisco who went on a 50 mile route in san francisco, all to
2:57 am
that is awesome. he started at the castro, and then he went to the finish line in central park in san francisco they took the route for their fourth year in a row. his name is brett loubry. >> cool. looks like it was drawn on an etch-a-sketch. am i dating myself like that? and so back to the cats, right? >> yes. >> we all know cat videos are popular on line, but now cat photographs are making the rounds, and these come from david and sara in the uk who started with their cats. there's one from "e.t." we've got another one from "alien." >> oh, god, that poor cat. >> there's also the real "alien" versus the cat doing the job there. oh, "the shining." >> here's johnny. >> perfect. >> and everyone remembers that really iconic scene from ghost making the pottery. >> yeah. >> well, the cat got in on that
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good morning on "world news now" travel tricky with multiple airports expecting delays and millions taking to the road. the mad dash is looking to be complicated even more by a new storm system in the center of the country. in a new interview, president-elect donald trump is his stance on some divisive i campaign trail. hear why he's now backing off a threat made towards hillary clinton in one of the debates. new this half hour with millions of thanksgiving turkeys not defrosted yet, the race is on for this black friday. >> the new rules for the hunt with door buster items already on sale. we'll show you deals to jump on now and those to wait on. the coronation ceremony's complete. we have a new champion, but the couple who took home the trophy
3:01 am
"dancing with the stars," a complete wrap up in "the skinny." it's wednesday, november 23rd. vanilla ice ice and rick perry >> rick perry on the ones and twos. >> yes. ? ? from abc news, this is "world news now." ? anything less than the best is a felony ? ? ice, ice, baby ? come on, janai, get >> we were getting into ice ice baby. >> like, really, can i go back to d.c.? this is really kind of awkward. good morning. good wednesday morning. it is the day before thanksgiving. the big story -- >> speaking of ice ice baby -- >> holla. >> we're talking about the severe weather for the busiest travel weekend of the year. not as excited about ice in the context as we ar. nearly 50 million americans will be hitting the roads, storms
3:02 am
another concern is the volume of travelers packing the highways and airports. >> let's turn to janai norman who is a little embarrassed to be with us at this point. ? >> you can absolutely put that on in the car, and there you go so you're heading to thanksgiving. >> there you go. >> wherever you are traveling this weekend, you could expect to run into some of those traffic jams, even playing some and travel delays we all associate with the holidays. but some areas like parts of the midwest and south will be likely be worse with upwards of 5 a inches of snow and slick roads as millions of people heading out. winter weather advisories and weekend travel woes, what millions of americans have to look forward to for travel for the thanks giving holiday that's expected to hit a nine-year high. as usual, preparing for takeoff or taking to the roads, experts expect today to be one of the worst for travel, prepare for
3:03 am
1,400 new officers, converting 2,000 others to full time and adding more canine teams. >> we're running a daily operations center now that focuses specifically on screening operations hour by hour at the top 0 airports. >> reporter: faster security lanes in airports in new jersey, atlanta, chicago, and lax just in time for the holiday. >> we're seeing very happy faces. we're seeing people coming through much more first timely. >> reporter: but that could be offset by the weather set to ta look at this. winter weather advisories for parts of minnesota and wisconsin through this morning that could bring inches of snow. that same system packing a line of heavy rain and storms through arkansas and tennessee. that could mean delays or cancellations at airports from chicago to new orleans and slippery roads as millions prepare to travel. this picture from l.a. showing jam-packed traffic as the holiday weekend gets underway. so you make it to your destination, and after
3:04 am
important thing is taking home leftovers, right? well, if you fly, you can pack stuffing, green beans, turkey, even your favorite pie in your carryon. unfortunately, the mashed potatoes, anything you can spill like that, has to go into your luggage. >> what if it's the sealed tupperware with the clips on it? >> good luck. >> does itou >> thank you. janai norman. she was going to be back tomorrow, but -- >> janai might be on a plane tonight having nothing to do with the travel schedule. >> a lot of people will be on a plane today and they're concerned about the weather conditions that janai hinted about. could be a rough travel experience. >> that's right. we have accuweather's cam tran with the forecast.
3:05 am
good morning, diane and kendis. it's slow going for travelers headed to the pacific northwest thanks to rain and delays in the midwest thanks to a storm system moving through bringing widespread rainfall from chicago to cleveland to louisville. watch out for major delays there. north, snowy conditions in duluth and minneapolis causing travel delays in minnesota, so watch out there. as for your thanksgiving holiday itself, it's looking very nice. in the pacific northwest, we are looking at some rainfall. in the northeast, at some dreary and cloudy conditions. and that's going to be the case for those of you heading out for black friday, as well. we are looking at rain for the northeast as well as rain for the pacific northwest friday. back to you. >> thanks to cam. the city of chattanooga, tennessee, is trying to heal after monday's school bus crash that left five children dead. a vigil honoring the victims last night had balloons released in their memories. the children died when their bus flipped after hitting a tree. the victims have not been
3:06 am
graders. one was in the first grade and the youngest in kindergarten. one woman saw the horror up close. the bus crashed in her front yard. >> when i got out here, those kids were screaming. oh, they were screaming so loud. it just tears your heart out. >> the bus drivers, johnthony walker, is being held on more than $100,000 bail on vehicular homicide and other charges. the 24-year-old was involved in an accident two months ago. authorities in pla trying to figure out who sent a package that exploded seriously injuring the recipient. police say the 60-year-old man opened the package which had been left at his door thinking it was medication. he suffered injuries to the hands and face when he opened the padded envelope and it blew up. the incident was not terror related, but that it does not clear that the victim was targeted. after days of marathon meetings, donald trump takes a break arriving in palm beach last night to spent spend
3:07 am
home. but before that, he sat down for an interview last night. trump is softening some extreme campaign promises like bringing back waterboarding and prosecuting hillary clinton and now says he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. former new york city mayor is backing whatever decision trump makes. >> it's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election one sort of put things behind you. i also would be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> giuliani is kr being considered for secretary of state job along with mitt romney. and ben carson could be the next head of housing and urban development. carson said he's been offered the post along with other cabinet positions. last week, he said he prefers serving as an adviser, but he's making it clear that he's open to any requests from the president-elect. forget about vice president joe biden as the next head of the democratic national committee. there had been some talk about biden taking over the lead at the dnc.
3:08 am
isn't interested in the job. she says he does plan to stay deeply involved in shaping the party's future. the vice president may not be the dnc's man, but he's still the man when it comes to some die hard fans. biden stopped and gave an impromptu speech at a thank you uncle joe rally outside the residence. he told the crowd of about two dozen people that serving them has been the honor of his life. >> he's been fun to watch. >> thank you uncle joe rally. >> absolutely. and at the white house in the meantime, it was a day to honor 21 distinguished americans with the presidential medal of freedom. among them, ellen degeneres. >> she made it to the stage with the other recipients, and at that point everything in the event seemed to be going pretty smoothly. >> here's what she posted on twitter beforehand. >> they have not let me in the white house yet because i forgot the id. #notjoking. everything was sorted out with
3:09 am
allowed inside moments later. >> i guess when you send a tweet out to 60 million plus followers that will help verify your identity a little bit. plus, the #notjoking. so that means we've fact checked the story and it's correct >> just imagine the secret service getting that call. . sorry, i'm being honored, but i don't have my i.d. >> i forgot the license today. >> but i'm famous. coming up, we're going to have more from the medal of freedom ceremony including michael jordan and the basketball-fan-in chief honoring the chicago bulls hero. and give the internal -- oh, crying jordan. >> oh, no. >> first, a jump on black friday deals with stores opening on thanksgiving. we'll tell you where the best bargains are and where to hold off. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather
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that's spooky. what is it? it's from a dash cam from police record b a fireball blazing across the night sky in florida. it's monday night. >> that's bright. >> it is. the flash of light could be seen in most of the state. astronomers say it was probably a bollad, an extremely large bright meteor that sometimes explodes as it hits the atmosphere. no word on where it or pieces of it landed. >> a bollad? >> yes. >> could have used that in a sentence. boom. >> exactly. the countdown to black friday is on. many retailers -- but for some stores, it's already here. >> not every sale out there is the deal you've been waiting for, and for many of this year's hot holiday gift items, it still
3:14 am
here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: the new rules for that black friday bargain hunt. the rules of when to buy and where. >> it's every day until christmas you find deals. >> reporter: amazon, walmart, best buy, and target already rolling out the deal. like this 60 inch samsung tv now $580, more than $1,000 off at walmart. $30 off the all new kindle at amazon. and at best buy, up to $250 in an iphone 7. how do the sdoupts swron line compare to the discounts in stores? >> you should expect online discounts to match or beat in-store discounts. remember, selling online, they compete with the world so they slash the prices to make it worth it. >> reporter: for the top deals on tvs, phone and toys, the experts recommend thanksgiving and beyond and using tools like camel, camel, camel, alerting
3:15 am
price blink, flagging the best deals when you shop. around this time of year, you'll get e-mails touting special offers from the favorite retailers. our experts say you can ignore them. they are not the best deals. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> well, when we come back, the new champions crown at last night's season finale of "dancing with the stars". >> and a baby announcement from adele. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:16 am
3:17 am
? skinny so skinny ? ? it's skinny time starting with the newly crowned champions of "dancing with the stars." >> so last night's two-hour part two season finale reunited all of the season's contestants as well as some knockout holiday performances. even former texas governor rick perry performed on stage with vanilla ice ice baby. >> love it. i love seeing the old contestants come back. >> yes. you remember why they got voted off. >> oh, maybe so. >> yeah. >> safe to say last night's dances, though, by contestants in the running, were perfect across the board. literally, everyone got a perfect 40 out of 40 including this dance by james and sharna.
3:18 am
it was well deserved for them. the quick step and jive kept them alive until the bitter end when they were announced as the runners-up. >> good for them. however, you can guess who is taking home the mirror ball trophy. laurie hernandez and val scherkovsky. they won it all with the foxtrot and the tango. >> it was rigged from the start. >> she was a gold medallist. it gave her an advantage. >> i'm just so honored to be here. i'm so honored to get the mirror ball trophy. i hope through this crazy journey, gymnastics, dancing, i inspire others. >> i finally got bragging rights in the household. >> the olympic gold medallist told kids her age it doesn't matter what age you are. you can do anything. >> there you go. you know, there are, i'm sure advantages to being a gymnast learning to point toes and do some leaps and stuff like that. but she was also the youngest person in the competition and
3:19 am
struggle for her. >> yeah. >> a good role model, a happy ending for all, i think, and stay tuned for season 23 cast reunion later on this morning on "good morning america." look at that. >> yeah. who we thought should have won said it was well-deserved for her to win. >> she was fantastic. >> twitter went ablaze during the last few minutes of the show because of an oopsy that happened on camera. look at that. the cameraman falls on ice. and you say val rush over and leaves laurie help the cameraman out. everybody was just a little startled by it. they came back on camera after the commercial break, and tom said, well, he obviously slipped, and that he's nursing injuries backstage. the ice did cause quite a bit of problems last night. >> yeah. it was a surface that was meant to look like ice, right? but then i guess some moisture got on the floor and it ended up being incredibly slippery. new, some new details surfacing about the medical
3:20 am
>> tmz reports the call was placed by west's personal physician after he reportedly suffered a psychotic breakdown at the home of his personal trainer. >> in fact, west's doctor reportedly was so afraid the rapper would hurt first responders including police, he put west on what's called a 5150 hold, which allowed him to forcibly admit west to the hospital and be handcuffed to a stretcher. >> west currently remains in the hospital. he's being deafry vacation, exhaustion and dehydration. >> his breakdown happened just hours after he canceled his tour, days after his on-stage rants over the weekend and we have not heard much from the kardashian clan about this yet. >> no. >> or any official statement. >> they had an event, was it
3:21 am
kardashian was not there. >> hopefully they are taking care of him. >> fans are now tweeting out the #prayforkanye. a lot of fans and friends wishing him well. next to some fresh baby speculation surrounding adele. >> the ten-time grammy award winner finished off her north american tour monday night in phoenix that lasted more than 100 shows. and just before leaving the stage announced, i'm going to have another baby. >> the 28-year-old british singer is a mother to 4-year-old son, angelo, with a banner when she got home, mommy, you did it. >> she'll continue her live tour in february through march for eight more dates in australia and new zealand making me think she's not necessarily pregnant now. finally coming to a close in auckland, new zealand. and said once the current tour ends, she's taking a five-year break to focus on her family. >> so when she said, i'm going to have another baby, she just meant in the general future. >> exactly. >> at some point in time. >> at some point. >> we think. >> just the act of having a baby.
3:22 am
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? ? ? ain't no ? ain't no mountain high enough nothing can keep me keep me from you ? >> i can just picture it in central park. the rain coming down, but she is there for us sing it all, diana ross. sorry. one of the most remarkable eclectic group of americans brought together at the white house for a very special honor. >> from diana ross, bill gates, and michael jordan, they've been bestowed the nation's highest honor. here's abc's david muir. >> before the ceremony even began, ellen degeneres tweeting this video, the mannequin challenge inside the white house. gates, the boss pointing there, ross, michael jordan, crowd of
3:26 am
ellen, once getting the president to dance on her show. the president had ellen in tears. >> today, every day in every way, ellen counters what often divides us. with the countless things that bind us together, inspires us to be better. one joke, one dance at a time. wiping away the tears, a hug from robert de niro. then it was his turn. >> his characters iconic, a father turned new york mobster, a mobster who runs a casino, a mobster who needs therapy -- >> reporter: and for the musicians, diana ross, still reigning supreme, her trademark beauty and her hair. bruce springsteen, honored, too. >> i am the president. he is the boss. >> reporter: and who stands taller than the president? kareem adbul-jabbar, offering a
3:27 am
and michael jordan. >> there is a reason you call somebody the michael jordan of. michael jordan of neurosurgery or the michael jordan of rabbis or the michael jordan of outrigger canoeing. because michael jordan is the michael jordan of greatness. he's the definition of somebody so good at >> all right, our thanks to david muir for that report. and the president also said something else about swrordan that he's notice just an internet meme. >> because we've all seen the crying jordan. and there you have the real cryinger jordan at the white house. it's a real thing. >> a crying michael jordan. >> crying michael jordan,
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." donald trump appears to be backing away from the promise to prosecute hillary clinton. he's changing the stance on climate change, but trump is standing by steve bannon and denouncing the white nationalist celebrating his victory. we have a full r it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. and this year is the busiest in quite a while. thanksgiving getaways will be complicated by the bad weather in the midwest and the northwest. we're live with the very latest. a person of interest is being questioned in the shooting of a campus police officer in detroit. the officer is recovering from surgery after being shot in the head while on patrol. and archaeologyists may have
3:31 am
pilgrims. the exact location has been lost over the last 400 years. those are some of the top stories we're following on this thanksgiving eve, wednesday, november 23rd. from abc news, this is orld news now." >> pretty cool, that archaeological dig. >> that's a big one. >> discovery. only took 400 years, but we've celebrated since then, haven't we? >> all right. we're going to top this hour off with donald trump having an apparent change of heart it seems on some of the most defined promises. >> so after slamming the "new york times" and the rest of the mainstream media, trump sat down with the papers reporters and editors for a wide ranging interview. duri the campaign, trump and his supporters repeatedly called for hillary clinton to be thrown in jail. but now he's changing that tune. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: donald trump at the "new york times" on the record
3:32 am
harshest campaign promises. the threat to pursue criminal charges against his opponent hillary clinton. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. >> reporter: trump acknowledged he's having second thoughts. my inclination matter is to say let's go forward. this has been looked at for so long ad nauseam. he didn't entirely rule out prosecuting clinton, but said i think it would be very, very divisive for the country. earlier, trump's senior advisers said he's now the head of the republican party and she hopes other republicans follow his lead. >> if donald trump canelp her heal, perhaps that's a good thing. i think he's thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the
3:33 am
sound like the campaign aren't among them. >> reporter: at the times, trump insisted, i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> reporter: in his interview with "the times," the president-elect also said he disavows and concan dems this group, white nationalists meeting cheered his victory with nazi salutes and cries of hail trump. it's not a group i want to energize trump told the paper, and if they are, i want to look into it and find out kr. the man in the video is richard spencer, widely credited with creating the term "alt right," and steve banon under fire, and the president-elect defended him saying, if i thought he was a racist or alt-right, i wouldn't even think about hiring him. bannon will now have a top role at the white house.
3:34 am
on his sornl, jared kushner, for advice, saying that kushner could help broker peace between israel and the palestinians. one other headlines from the times forum, trump suggested he's changed his mind about bringing back waterboarding and other forms of torture after sitting down with general james mattes this weekend. mattes apparently told him that building trust is more effective than torture. said trump, torture is not going to make the kind of difference that a lot thinking. david wright, abc news, trump tower. >> and the trump family has traveled to mar-a-lago, palm beach, for the big holiday weekend. a lot of people are making a similar pilgrimage to their holiday getaway. >> experts say this is the best time of day to beat the traffic on what's expected to be the busiest travel days of the year. >> abc's janai norman is here with more on the thanksgiving getaway. and we say good luck to a lot of people. >> absolutely good luck heading out this morning.
3:35 am
grocery store for the holiday weekend, you won't be alone. aaa estimates almost 49 million people will travel 50 miles or more. and that means impacting roads and terminals. so if you're getting behind the wheel, you'll want to head out before 10:00 a.m. the app ways says this is the worst day for travel. on this day last year, wrecks went up 33% and traffic jams up 20%. maybe you're leaving your car that's an option, too. tsa hired 1,400 new officers at airports around the country to help with long lines and faster security lanes rolled out in airports at new jersey, atlanta, chicago, and l.a.x. but some will likely be crowded, especially in the middle of the country where snow and storms will be causing delays from chicago to new orleans. so, of course, the standard rule from tsa applies, get to the airport about two hours early.
3:36 am
the same thing on sunday when most people are heading back tomorr home. >> yeah. and then you don't have the turkey and stuffing and all the other good stuff to look forward to. >> you have a workweek. >> but after a dysfunctional family get together, you just want to get out of there. >> it is more aggravating. >> i checked ways if i wanted to go 95 from new york city at this hour to d.c., three and a half hours,ot bad. >> not bad at all. >> don't hit the road yet. watch the show first and t >> and as janai mentioned, weather is likely to be a big facility factor if you're traveling today. >> let's look at the forecast from cam tran, good morning. >> good morning. for those heading out on this busy wednesday, if you're headed into the pefrt, you could see delays thanks to rain and we're looking at major delays today in the midwest.
3:37 am
clouds as well as rainfall from chicago to cleveland down to louisville. we could see major delays there and further north, slow going roadways in minneapolis and duluth. thanksgiving itself is nice other than the northeast and pacific northwest. back to you. >> thanks, cam. when we come back, the rest of the morning's headlines and a new security alert issued by the fbi and homeland security, and what they're telling local law enforcement ahead of the holiday season. if you're still looking for ande dessert, how to make the perfect sweet potato pie. >> yumm. >> and one ingredient you may have never thought of that makes all the difference. it has nothing to do with patty. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather
3:38 am
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3:41 am
hurricane has left behind some flooding and is being blamed for at least three deaths. hurricane otto is expected to make landfall tomorrow on the coast of costa rica and thousands ordered to evacuate coastal areas costa rica has never been hit by . a hurricane since reliable records started being kept in for the latest on the tennessee bus crash. driver johnthony walker is being held on more than $100,000 bail. he faces a string of charges including five counts of vehicular homicide. police say he was speeding right before his bus filled with children flipped and crashed into a tree killing five of them. 12 of the children are also still in the hospital. overseas to the middle east where there are claims syria rebels prevent civilian families from leaving eastern aleppo. a syria monitoring group says rebels are holding 275,000 hostages. this comes as bashar al assad, the president there, and his
3:42 am
efforts. every hospital in eastern aleppo has now been destroyed. at least 140 civilians killed. in fact, in this country, homeland security warn local law enforcement officials to watch for terrorist threats this holiday season. new york city police are taking extra steps to protect that big thanksgiving day parade. the security alert remains in effect throughout the presidential inauguration in january, which will attract thousands of spectators. a kansas water slide where a 10-year-old boy was killed is now set to be torn down. caleb schwab died in august of a neck injury. investigators are still looking into what happened there. the water slide was the tollest in the world. a southern california convenience store owner is fighting an armed robber. the two men wrestled for a
3:43 am
out another gun. eventually, the thief gave up and ran off. the owner was not injured. >> oh, that could have been worse. four years after the fact, the ncaa says notre dame must vacate 21 football victories from the 2012-13 seasons. that 2012 season ended with the irish in the national championship game which they lost to alabama. the reason for the sanction was academic misconduct orchestrated by an athletic trainer. notre dame says it will appeal the penalty. i wonder if that includes victories over bos a little bit of a rivalry there. just a little bit >> yeah. >> too many of those to take . back. soccer fans had to sit through what just might be the most bizarre delay ever. grounds crews had to paint over the lines of both penalty areas because they were too narrow. >> the team in montreal moved the mls eastern conference semi final match against toronto to an olympic stadium to accommodate a larger crowd.
3:44 am
it delayed the match nearly 40 minutes. montreal won, 3-2. very perceptive referees. >> it is, but amazing it took that long to figure it out that the pitch was wrong. >> i wonder how? i used to play soccer, and i can't imagine picking up on that. then again, i guess it's a whole other level where they're doing it every day. >> yeah. >> very cool. >> i watch soccer once every four years. does that count? >> no. you get no points for that. coming up, perfect touch for >> if pumpkin or apple is not your thing, what about sweet potato? insomniac kitchen is straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
3:45 am
3:46 am
? a piece of that sweet potato pie ?
3:47 am
that's awesome. >> the domino? his name is domino. he went on to great hits such as pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie. >> you name it. >> 94% of americans will finish off their thanksgiving dinners with a slice of pie or two. >> and this morning, we are checking out how to make a sweet potato pie that would give even patti labelle a run for her money. >> patti! joining us now from our insomniac kitchen. >> we are kicking off the holidays with the best, joy the baker, who is showing us how to pie. her amazing sweet potato >> yeah. >> and this is one of your dad's specialties, right? >> this is my dad's specialty. i think that it was kind of a third sibling in my family. my dad makes it every year. this recipe, and so -- >> can we make it? >> yes. thank you, dad. >> yes.
3:48 am
we got flour, sugar, and salt. just add a little flavor to and balance to the pie crust so it doesn't just taste super plain. so i add some sugar and we'll throw in some salt for balance. and for the fat, i'm using crisco's vegetable butter flavor shortening. this is half a cup of shortening. >> okay. >> now to the fun part. we take the pastry cutter and work the ingredients to the. >> i think i can do it. >> you got the wrist action, and i'm going to pour in butter milk. >> oh, okay. >> i'm not going to add the whole thing. i'm just going to add about half of this. and we're just going to find a spoon to zhush it altogether. and i'm going to dump this on to the counter.
3:49 am
>> okay. >> this is going to chill for an hour, and when it comes out, the liquid will be a little bit more absorbed, the shortening will be chilled. it will be easier to roll out. so our pie dough rested in the fridge for an hour. we're not going to roll out the dough in one fell swoop. i start in the center and with even pressure, lightly press down and rock back and forth. then i row take the dough and i do it again. now we have to get the beautiful pie crust into the pan. so while we make the filling, i'm going to put this in the refrigerator. >> okay. >> i just want the shortening and buttermilk to rechill, and we'll go from there. sound good? >> sounds wonderful. so these potatoes have been boiling? >> these potatoes have been boiling until they're soft. brown sugar. >> brown sugar.
3:50 am
>> all mixed together. >> mixed together. and then just this. >> what is it? >> it's corriander and a pinch of salt because everything sweet needs some saltiness to it. and we're going to add some butter, too. do you want to mash these? >> some buttermilk. >> this is evaporated milk. >> oh. >> yeah. i'm going to spread these eggs into this bowl and just mix. let's add some vanilla to our potato mixture. i'm going to add the remaining granulated sugar to my eggs. let's just pour it into our -- hold the bowl, and i'll --eah, thank you. >> great. let's put this in the oven. >> let's do it. let's bake our pie. >> how long does it bake? >> 45 minutes. >> our pie is ready! >> our pie is done. >> should we dive in?
3:51 am
go for it. >> this pie is to die for. try it. thank you to joy the baker and happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. >> you hear that, she said -- >> oh, my -- i did. >> you're a liar! >> whew! holy -- >> put it in your mouth! >> i never had -- >> oh -- >> one, two, three! >> awesome. >> that is great. you know, deb never eats pie, so, deb, i know you want pie. >> kendis, he didn't eat -- you still have some here. >> oh, man. eat this pie! >> eat it! oh! mash it in there! >> victory!
3:52 am
have to force feed my coanchor. >> oh, it's sweet. it makes you sing lie patti. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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3:55 am
? you should be dancin' ? ? ? >> can you tell we have a sugar high after eating all that pie. i don't know where it went. >> such a liar. >> actually, it went right over last night was, perhaps, the biggest night for dancing as the final three couples did battle on the dance floor. >> again. >> the stars. >> came down to the crucial final seconds. abc's lauren lyster is in l.a. with the latest. lauren, good morning. >> good morning, kendis and diane. the judges weighed in, the fans voted. and the new mirror ball winner is laurie hernandez. it came down to three, and here's how the final night of competition played out.
3:56 am
finale for season 23's "dancing with the stars" with all original contestants back utah on the dance floor. and several live performances. including this season's contestant, vanilla ice, and grammy award winner baby face bringing the holiday spirit ? sleigh bells ring ? >> reporter: b i dance with 24 hours to rehearse. first up, the indy race car driver. >> i can say more than this, i wish i could dance like you. >> reporter: then it was the former nfl star known as megatron, calvin johnson jr. >> you make us happy and want to make us dance. >> reporter: finally, going into the show with the highest score, olympic gold medalist laurie hernandez.
3:57 am
if i have a daughter, i want her to be like you, okay? >> reporter: the host revealing the third place celebrity. >> calvin and lindsey. >> reporter: then the big moment, the dancing with the stars champion. >> laurie and val! and it doesn't end here. the finalists will now head overnight to new york where they will appear first thing on "good morning america." kendis and diane. >> very fun. won. >> i know. you were rooting for james. he's a race car driver so you don't expect him to be able to dance. he did such a beautiful job. >> he flat lined. >> laurie also was fantastic. >> he flat line. >> not on the dance floor. >> no, that would be me on the dance floor. sthoor. >> no, that would be me on the
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> safe travels. making news in america this morning, the holiday rush already under way. highways packed and the airports are filling up on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the weather is making things worse in some parts with snow, rain and ice. trump's transition is on hold for the holiday. overnight the president-elect touched down for florida or i thanksgiving but not before meeting with "the new york times" where he retreated on some campaign promises. caught on camera the store owner who refused to be a victim fighting off an armed robber. and champions in the ballroom. the "dancing with the stars" finale wraps up with the best performances yet so who took home that coveted mirror ball


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