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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, breaking news. just as millions begin to travel for thanksgiving, the major snowstorm turning deadly tonight. the 40-car pileup. and now, the new storm moving in right after, just in time for the holiday. also breaking, there is word coming in right now of a horrific and deadly school bus crash. reports of several elementary school children who did not survive. also, as we come on to the earthquake and tsunami warning near the fukushima nuclear plant. the orderes to evacuate. the images cing in. the urgent manhunt after a veteran officer in texas is shot and killed in an ambush. the surveillance video released late today. another officer shot while in his patrol car in st. louis. four officers targeted in 24 hours. and the new message late today from president-elect donald trump. the race to fill his cabinet. the very public jockeying for
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fight back, demanding an apology from the cast of "hamilton." tonight, what they're now saying. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with several breaking stories. among them, a deadly school bus crash. the images coming in now. and it comes just as millions start their journey for the holidays. upstate new york hit especially hard with a snowstorm. that show total now three feet in some places. a whiteout right there on interstate 81. and tonight, there is word of another storm system moving in right after. we have all of this covered tonight, beginning with abc's gio benitez, leading us off from cortland, new york. >> reporter: tonight, the first major winter storm of the season pounding the northeast. treacherous driving conditions making for a white-knuckle commute. southeast of rochester, new york, winds gusting above 40 miles perour, whipping snow
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trailer jackknifing. vehicle after vehicle sliding off the highway. and a terrifying moment on interstate 81 north of binghamton. austin beefing and his family watching that bus on the left there -- >> oh, it's going over. >> reporter: -- slide right off the road and overturn. after it tried to avoid hitting other vehicles. >> we all rushed over there. it was a bunch of students inside, but they were all okay. we got them out of the emergency exit. >> reporter: 40 high school students onboard, on a field trip to new york city. luckily,us >> so, we have a lot of accidents until people learn to slow down a little bit, because they forget their winter driving skills. >> reporter: tragically, in new hampshire, at least one person lost their life on icy roads this morning. back here in new york state, more than two feet of snow in some areas already, falling as fast as two inches an hour. the system moved in quickly over the weekend. in watertown, one part looked like this on saturday, and like this on sunday. high winds downing power lines,
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and in michigan. the system also being blamed for this 40-car pileup in ohio, and delaying more than 450 flights at new york city's airports. here in cortland, this resident has been shoveling all day long. >> well, we may be a little used to it, but it's still a lot of snow to move. >> reporter: and david, just take a look. you can see this blowing snow all over the place, strong gusts now coming in. in parts of this region, snow has been falling for some two days straight. and guess what? it's not stopping any time soon. david? >> that's right, gio. our thanks to you, because ginger zee says there's another system she's watching right behind it, but first, the track of this right now. >> reporter: right. the lake effect snow machine just churning away. around that low it goes. and the next 6 to even we'll be dealing with it. gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour. you could pick up another half foot of snow in some areas. now, the cold is also coming
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morning in tallahassee at 36. feeling sub-freezing in atlanta. and that next system is the one we're watching developing now over the rockies. could cause some travel issues. minneapolis to chicago. right down through memphis and louisiana by wednesday morning. >> air travel going to be affected on this, as well. ginger, thank you. and we do turn next to that developing story from tennessee tonight. a devastating school bus accident involving elementary school children. we have learned this evening, there were children who did not survive. many have been rushed to the hospital. and here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: 35 young students from kindergarten to the fifth grade tossed around when this school bus crashed. not all survived. >> there were multiple fatalities. >> more than four or five? >> i would assume, but i can't confirm. >> reporter: rescue crews working for minutes, which turned into more than an hour to get all the kids out. 23 sent to local hospitals. the tennessee school bus, just a mile from the chattanooga elementary school, ran off a residential road, slamming into
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a father apparently carrying his child away from the scene. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare. >> reporter: it was a single-vehicle accident. the bus driver survived, and is said to be cooperating with police. another crash contributing to the debate, should all school buses have seat belts? as simulations show what can happen in a roll overaccident. there has been a call for blood donations with all those injuries. but tonight, david, there are parents who are grieving. their children, their students will not be coming home. >> just horrific images from tennessee. david, thank you. also, overseas tonight, we have learned of a powerful earthquake. and this evening now, a tsunami warning we're tracking involving fukushima, japan. the earthquake even stronger than the one that struck there five years ago, triggering a nuclear power plant disaster. abc's alex marquardt, monitoring the warnings from london tonight. alex? >> reporter: good evening, david. this quake struck just around 6:00 a.m., as people were waking up. it was felt for several minutes
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it was a magnitude 6.9, took place off the coast of fukushima. immediately, there were warnings of a tsunami, and orders for citizens along the coast to evacuate and head to higher ground. so far, the waves hitting the coastline are only a few feet high, but the fear and pain are still fresh after the massive 2011 tsunami that caused a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant. tonight, there are still concerns around that plant, and others in the area. david? >> we'll be watching it into the evening. and back here at home now, and to a headline from texas at this hour. word now of an arrest tonight after a police officer was fatally shot as he sat in his squad car just outside the police station. the surveillance video of the suspect released today of this man seen walking into the station, police say, hours before the attack. an officer was also targeted while sitting in his car in st. louis. he's in the hospital tonight. one of four cases in 24 hours. and right now, authorities say they are not related. abc's kayna whitworth with the
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>> reporter: tonight, police in san antonio say they have a man in custody after the brutal murder of detective benjamin marconi. >> we arrested 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain. >> i've got an officer down in front of headquarters. >> reporter: police say marconi was writing a routine traffic ticket in front of the station when this car pulled up behind him. a man getting out and shooting the detective twice in the head. through the passenger side window. >> i need ems right now. >> reporter: marconi later died at the hospital. police still aren't saying what the suspect was doing at headquarters before the shooting on sunday. in the past 24 hours, at least three other officers in different cities were ambushed during unrelated traffic stops. two of them in missouri, including a st. louis sergeant shot twice in the head while still wearing his seat belt. his weapon holstered. and one officer shot in florida. all three expected to survive. 58 officers have been shot in the line of duty this year.
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community in mourning. officers commemorating the fallen with a black stripe across their badges. i bet that's a tough part of your day, to put that on. >> extremely. even after 20 years. >> reporter: david, the city of san antonio remains on edge, and officers are still doing traffic stops in pairs for their own safety. david? >> kayna whitworth with us tonight. kayna, thank you. we turn next to a new message just released tonight by president-elect donald trump. cameras all weekend long capturing leading contenders for his cabinet. a very public display. some of the visitors, including former governor mitt romney, once bitter foes of mr. trump. and tonight, the new message just in from mr. trump, and here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, from trump tower, a new video message from the president-elect. >> our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and e fickively. truly great and talented men and women, patriots indeed, are being brought in and many will soon be apart of our government. >> reporter: his first words at
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no speeches or news conferences since election night. what we have seen, a revolving door of meetings. the job applicants seen competing. that's senator scott brown, hoping to lead the department of veterans affairs. >> and who do you think you're competing with for position? >> hey, listen, i'm not competing with anybody. you know, i think i'm the best person. >> reporter: some of the meetings, like former governor rick perry today, leave the impression trump may be forming a team of rivals. perry was an outspoken foe in the primaries. >> let no one be mistaken. donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. >> reporter: now, he's a contender for energy secretary. likewise, there's former governor mitt romney, who said this about trump -- >> there's plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a conman, a fake. >> reporter: now he's in the mix for secretary of state. >> went great. >> reporter: romney was diplomatic.
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and look forward to the coming administration. >> do you still think he's a con artist, sir? >> reporter: presidential transitions are always a delicate dance, but typically the auditions of the possible dance partners happen well away from the public eye. over the past three days, at least 29 people came to pay court. either at trump's clubhouse in new jersey, or the gilded lobby of trump tower. not all of them will end up in the cabinet. there are also trump loyalists with g with chris christie standing next to him, trump was asked, would he get a job? >> is there a place for governor christie in your administration? >> he's a very talented man. great guy. smart and tough. see you later. >> reporter: trump clearly enjoys the suspense. >> well, we've made a couple of deals, but we'll let you know soon. >> reporter: but some applicants unwittingly offered clues. kris kobach, an immigration hard
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plan to revamp the department of homeland security. "all aliens from high-risk areas are tracked," the document says. kobach has, in the past, proposed a muslim registry. incoming chief of staff reince priebus insists that's a nonstarter. >> look, i'm not going to rule out anything, but i wouldn't -- we're not going to have a registry based on a religion. >> reporter: other meetings are kept under the radar altogether. president-elect trump now says he's doing america's business, not his own, but these real estate developers building trump towers in india say this photo was taken after the election. >> after the election. and so david wright is with us live tonight, and david, the trump team has been asked how he will separate himself from his business, now that he's president-elect. >> reporter: and that is a huge question, david. donald trump is doing business in at least 18 countries, deals worth more than $54 million.
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senior adviser, had to say today. he's a businessman, he is also the president-elect, and she acknowledged, we're in unprecedented times. >> david wright, our thanks to you. president-elect trump meanwhile keeping his twitter account and using it to fight back this weekend, multiple times against the cast of "hamilton" after their message to vice president-elect mike pence. but mr. pence had a much different reaction himself. and tonight, about mr. trump's dhand for demand for an apology? what the "hamilton" cast is now saying. here's abc's mary bruce. ? >> reporter: tonight, donald trump still wants an apology, but now, the star of the broadway hit "hamilton" says there's no apology coming. the president-elect furious after his number two, mike pence, was booed at a performance. trump tweeting about it three separate times. the cast knew pence was in the audience, and waited until after the show to deliver this
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>> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> reporter: trump saying the cast was "very rude," "harassed pence" and "should immediately apologize for their terrible behavior." today on the view, "hamilton" star brandon dixon said, that's not happening. >> when you have an opportunity to speak with our elected representatives, you must seize that opportunity. >> reporter: trump demanding an apologize after he, himself, has refused to apologize for a string of campaign insults. >> written by a nice recorder now, the poor guy, you have to see this guy. ah, i don't know what i said -- >> reporter: including the time he was accused of mocking a disabled reporter. >> maybe that's what i said. >> reporter: while the president-elect turned to twitter to express his outrage at "hamilton," mike pence handled it this way. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it. >> reporter: president-elect trump is also tweeting about "saturday night live," bringing up trump's promise that he had a
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refusing to reveal it. >> we've been stuck fighting isis for six years now. so, when we found out that you had a secret plan, it really energized us. >> that's right. a plan. very secret. >> reporter: trump's lashing out, saying, "it is a totally one-sided, biased show, nothing funny at all. equal time for us?" david, actor alec baldwin who plays trump responded on twitter, saying, "equal there is no more equal time. now you try to be president and people respond. that's pretty much it." david? >> signaling they will continue on that front. mary bruce in new york tonight. and overseas tonight from the vatican, pope francis with a message about women and abortion. the pontiff saying that abortion remains a, quote, grave sin, but now local priests will be allowed to hear the confessions of women who repent. until now, bishops have been able to refuse womenny chance of forgiveness. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight"
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demonstrators clashing with police. the images here tonight. officers in riot gear firing rubber bullets and tear gas. we're there tonight with new reporting. several taken to the hospital. as, the new medical headline tonight about dementia and alsz himmer's, and what it reveals about the numbers. and the police chase out of control. the very close call. the police cruiser just missing a group of children right there. and many asking, how did this
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take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas? for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. next tonight here, to the new flash point in the pipeline showdown in north dakota. hundreds of protesters clashing with police in riot gear, trying to block the pipeline's construction. officers then firing rubber bullets and tear gas to push back the crowd. multiple injuries. and abc's phillip mena is in north dakota tonight. >> reporter: overnight, protesters in north dakota vowing they're not backing down, after an evening of violent
5:48 pm
they're firing at us. >> reporter: morton county sheriff officials confirming rubber bullets and tear gas were used against the group. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: and fire hoses against an estimated 400 protesters. >> oh [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. you all right? they just shot him for speaking. >> reporter: organizers saying at least 17 people were taken to the hospital for injuries. it's the latest in a months-long standoff in a 200-mile pipeline under construction, from western north dakota to illinois. the standing rock sioux tribe the company in charge of building the pipeline saying they are willing to discuss safety concerns, but -- >> as far as the route, that's not going to change. >> reporter: david, protesters and authorities are concerned tonight about more scenes like that, as temperatures are again expected to drop below freezing. david? >> phillip mena with us tonight. phillip, thank you. when we come back, there is news about alzheimer's and
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when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ? tum -tum -tum -tum ? smoothies! only from tums to the index tonight. the police chase ending in a close call outside pittsburgh. keep your eye on the group of children standing on the corner. and officer losing control of his cruiser. missing the children by just inches. he then crashed into a parked car. vehicle when another van hit the police car. the suspect escaped. the drug company mylan is refusing to testify before congress. the company making headlines when sales of its up by pen soared 500%. it appeared to pay $465 million to settle allegations of overbilling medicaid for the life-saving allergy device. attorneys say company executives won't testify while the settlement is pending. researchers say rates of dementia and alzheimer's are
5:53 pm
the study credits a rise in education levels, stimulating the brain, and more exercise. up to 5 million americans suffer from some form of dementia. doctors warn the number could climb as more americans live longer. the study appears in jama internal medicine. and a popular christmas gift is coming off the shelf. toys "r" us is pulling the 12-volt tonka mighty wheels dump truck. two grandparents in washington say the toy burst into flames as they were driving it home from the store. toys "r" us says it appears to it out as a precaution. when we come back, america strong. the surprise in one classroom, and then, the second surprise no one saw coming. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too!
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finally tonight here, america strong. the high school senior who spent years as a foster child, but he never gave up. it was at school where he discovered his new family, a friend whose own pents were willing to adopt him. and a teacher who saw something in him. tonight, the gift that boy gave back. 17-year-old hector montez is about to deliver a surprise. but to understand it, you have to hear his back story. a foster child, he moved from home to home for 11 years. then his best friend's family adopting him. he's right there on the upper left. there was also a teacher, thomas walser, who never gave up on hector. and hector once heard that his teacher had dreamed since he was a kid to have a pair of nike air jordans. >> you didn't -- oh, man! >> what? >> what? and they are my size! oh, man.
5:58 pm
to surprise his teacher. >> dude. >> the video going viral, inspiring so many, including nike. and tonight, they have now sent a brand new pair of air jordan 12s to hector. >> oh! yeah! >> with this note. >> your teacher inspired you, you inspired us. continue to be the change you want to see. >> oh, my gosh. >> nice. >> hector and one devoted it forward.d nike hoping to pay i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. forwar i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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tragic breaking news of tennessee with six kids have died in this crash in chattanooga. somehow this school bus, their writing and gun wrapped around a tree. there are dozens is that elementary kids on for. the?injured. is the pepsi center for the to those with disabilities. of the lawsuit is the many big changes. woman behind the lawsuit says if you are hearing impaired don't have the same experiences other fans as he we sat down with her to see tor. trgovac person says it all the events she has, she can't enjoy them because she's hearing- impaired and there's no closed captioning. she filed this lawsuit change it. is one of the bigger video boards in sports arenas nationwide. for those who can't hear, the noisy bright board, say they feel lost. >> it's a problem nationwide. i came to talk with them about


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