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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. it's a story you'll see on denver 7. illegal marijuana grows busted in the metro area. it's apart of a huge sting operation. more than 30 addresses were search. what inside sources are telling denver 7 about that operation. and right now, here's a live look at downtown denver. you can see the homeless camps, they're back. homeless sweeps, they had little impact. how officer could respond this morning. plus you have seen the anti-trump protest in denver. could a colorado man prevent the president elect from entering the white house. >> it's a long shot, but it's a possibility. we'll explain in a couple of minutes, but first lisa hidalgo joins us with our forecast that has moisture in it. >> it has been 6 weeks since we have seen anything, and now we have a beautiful start, and dry conditions today, but a chance for some rain and some snow
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it could be our first official snow of the season in denver. waking up from our vero -- our wireless camera. this is the strongest cold front this season. and a little moisture. today, still warm. fire danger remains extremely high today. we're near 80 degrees this afternoon. denver near 78 to 80 degrees near du. aurora, this afternoon, a high of 75. quick snap shot of our futur tomorrow afternoon, a chance for some rain, some snow here in town and we could get a few inches in the mountain. details in a few minutes, jason. a little while ago we had a raging car fire on i-25 near larksburg. this was the northbound side of i-25 when the fire department got there, and watch, there's a little explosion that happened right there as you saw some sparks flying when they started flowing the water on the car to get the car fire out. the car fire is out. what happened is the
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deer, and then that caused the engine basically to ccllapse at that point. that started the fire and that's why we have -- take a look down there on the map. the southbound side is very slow try to go -- trying to go up castle rock. i-25 at arapahoe road, there's a new lane shift in here to deal with. and it's going to take some time to get used to it. you're drive ongoing the new bridge and this weekend, arapahoe road will be closed down so they the demolition and the replacement of the last part of that bridge. everything else is quiet and standard for our drive. 6:02. the effort to clean up the homeless camp near the samaritan house continues. how well is it working? >> if you drive-by you may not notice the difference. eric luber is talking about how the homeless are dodging the sweep. eric. >>reporter: the story is all too common down here, although police are saying when they do these sweeps, necessity don't
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here to protect the cleaning crews. the problem with that is the homeless simply aren't listening to the police because right now you can see here live off the lawrence and broadway, the homeless line the street here. it was yesterday morning when police started telling the hooeless at lawrence and park avenue that law enforcement will enforce that city code that orders the removal of all sidewalk or public property in the area. now, some homeless, they did pack up yesterday. but others stayed behind obviously and as they wake up this morning, they're waiting to see what will happen today because the sweeps are expected to continue. denver police continue to say they will not make any arrests. we'll have to say what happens, but obviously this corner here was back in march when they did the sweeps once before. it didn't work then either. back to you. >> thanks eric. here's something that could be making denver's homeless problem worse. the city of
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country including denver. that city downtown partnership has given 1,000 one way bus tickets and one of the people bus here had more than 100 arrests on his record for public intoxication. we have put together issues related to homeless situations and you can find that story by downloading the free denver 7 app. president elect donald trump following off several tweets taking a this posted this one just now about the new york time story saying it's totally wrong on transition that it's going smoothly. the times headlines says firings leaving trump's transition in disarray. two officials handling national security for the transition were just both fired and that came after chris christie's firing from leading the transition team. trump tweeting he's not trying to get top level security
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calling that a typical leap false news story. >> trump's team is holding meetings in new york city all week long. they're trying to look for a secretary of state and attorney and several cabinet level positions. several sources said jeff sessions will have a lot of say about how land security policy. he had strong anti-immigration opinions and maybe the one to take the lead on trump's deportation efforts. 6:05. one colorado member of the electoral college wants to white house. he will need those to flip in vote from trump to clinton. new this morning, there may be a recount for the slavely amendment as it's called on the colorado -- on the slavery amendment as it's called on colorado known as amendment t. out of the 2.2 million ballots cast right now, the no votes, those are leading, but it's a close one. too close to call.
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conduct a recount because of that. here's a story you will only see on denver 7. denver police raiding more than 30 addresses as apart of a crack down on illegal marijuana grows this. happened yesterday. police call it a direct response to the neighborhood complaints. sources tells denver 7, 3300 plant were received from three homes on the east side. no one was living in the homes. they werr being used as marijuana grow houses. last month, they add the extra hours of foot and bike patrol. >> the question is, did the stretch of east colfax see a decrease in crime. amanda del castillo joins us with those answers. amanda. >>reporter: good morning. viols are down accordiig to denver police. they have compared october 2016 in crime trends to the same period last year when they didn't have that extra 100 hours of patrolling.
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say. according to dpd, vie left crimes including homicide and aggravated assault were down by 9% in october. also declining the number of arrests made.% 240 people were arrested from january through may. 203 between july -- july and october. there's an increase in officer initiated calls compared -?to october 2015. all signs pointing to a slightly safer east i spoke with district commander about the department's efforts. >> to me as i drive up and down colfax especially during those target hours, i'm not seeing as much street level narcotics. by all means it's still there and i'm addressing those complaints through my narcotic's team and other means that i have in place. >> commander sanders says he can't tell us exactly if those 100 extra hours of patrol is directly related to the decline
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it's a step in the right direction. will those efforts expand passed grant and josephine. we'll talk about that next. live at police headquarters, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. denver -- initiative 300 has passed. there's regulations baked into that new rule. businesses will have to get approved for marijuana use areas. you be able to -- water is trying to raise money. they're trying to raise money to cover a short fall. it won't kick in until 2016. the cost to you, the consumer hasn't been announced. take a look at this. jason has been showing you this video all morning long. this car catching fire an hour ago. the fire is out. police say the
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which then caused the vehicle to explode. they were able to get the car fire but that grass fire out very quickly. the dry warm condition was creating an increase of wild fires across the state. jason gruenauer joins us with that. jason, 98%. state is abnormally dry. >>reporter: yeah, and that leads to an abnormally long fire season including today when things are going to be quite we could set a temperature record. thingses are going to be ddy with -- things are going to be dry with low humidity. we're going to be under a red flag warning through our state today. and it's november 16th. i talked to the forest service and the fire prevention and control and they both say they're monitoring conditions even this late into the year because we're still in wild fire season because we are under that moderate drought here. no precipitation so far this year.
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staff on hand even this late in the year. one forest employe told me they kept a fire tower look out, extra 6 weeks this year just because they were needed. both organizations wants people to know that again, even though we're this late in the year, we're still dealing with the risk of wild fires. that's why you have to keep extra eye out and control your cigarette buds, don't just throw them out on the highway because that is can lead to grass fews. be careful with heat sources and things like that especially toy. bit, i'm going to compare today in 2016 to last year 2015. i'll given you a hint. there's a lot of white stuff falling back then. we have white stuff in our future cast. lisa hidalgo has more on those red flag warnings and how hot and dry and how cold it can get. >> the storm is going to bring our winds up today and bring the snow tomorrow. we go from red flag warnings today, covering most of eastern colorado to a winter storm watch tomorrow for
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in the mountain. here's what ttat looks like on radar. we've been tracking the storm now for the past couple of days and you can see it starting to make its move. it will bring snow to the mountains starting tomorrow. i'll show you what we'll looking at, chance wise for us here in denver, jason in a minute. here's an update on the car fire near larksburg. two lanes opened on the northbound side of i-25. it's going to be slow the rest of the morninn unfortunately. the shell of what was left of the vehicle there and the charred ground right next to it, it was close to setting a fire. take a look downtown. heavy stop and go traffic. usual places, we'll take a look at that in a minute. your tax dollars may be going to waste. find out which denver department is feeling the heat this morning. are you tired of thieves when you fly? oneeairline has come up with a new one.
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just about a quarter after 6:00. 60 degrees in denver, but that's changing. wait until you hear lisa's forecast. that's coming up in a second. first we want to tell but the city of denver's largest department on the hot seat. denver 7 dug into an audit of the park and rec denver. >> jaclyn alan found a couple of unusual contracts at the city's golf course. one concession company has a 50-year contractt between three and 5 years. >> there's a stranger agreement on the every green, the owner gets a free house. >> do you suspect this is a good old boy handshake deal? >> um, i think if ttey have the kind documentation i like to see if the files, we'll be able to answer the question. >> the park and rec department denied our question request.
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investigation on the denver7 app and find out who is being blamed for those contracts. a train derailment in florida caused 3,000 gallons of fuel to spill. this is in marion county south of gains vim. the marion county fire rescue department posted these photos on facebook. a lot of damage we're seeing there. two trains collided overnight. and 20 cars overturned. also two people had minor injuries from this. fortunately, no others. there were no hazardous materiad but again crews still out there cleaning up the 3,000 gallons of fuel that spilled. we have great news from children's hospital. they're breaking ground on a new hospital in colorado springs. ground breaking set for 11:00 and the new hospital should be finished in 2 years. aaa has 50 million americans are expected to travel
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busiest holiday rush in a deck add. >> more and more people move here and use the airport. >> more people born every yeer. there's a pattern. >> what's going on. we'll look into that. it's going to feel like thanksgiving the next couple of days. we're 8 days away and look at the cloud that's are streaming ahead of this storm we've been talking about. i feel like i've been talking about the storm for months hoping for something. we're going to see a little rain and a little snow. live look from our vero camera there in lineman. a mix of sun and cloud that is cover to deal with this morning. you're going to find snow in spots tomorrow. and this is going to be the strongest cold front that we have seen so far this season. all the others have been pretty weak. this one is finally going to bring moisture and a significant cool down starting tomorrow. today, it's upper 70. neer 80 from noon to 2:00. we're warm and above normal. about 20, 25 degrees above it. overnight tonight, dropping into the 40s. and that's pretty much going to be it. we're not going to see
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it could get colder in the afternoon as we get strong northerly winds moving in. so if you've been enjoying the 70s and sunshine, today is the last day of that on our 7-day forecast. right around du today, a high of 80. brighton, same thing. you're at 80. centennial, 77. it is warm state wide. near 90 degrees in lamar. it's not until tonight and tomorrow morning that we're going see snow in the mountains. today, we get red flag warnings, then tomorrow, a trace to an inch much snow possible in denver, but a lot of it is going to melt as it hits the ground. we'll see some of that snow sticking further north. right along i-25 as you get closer to cheyenne. our mountain could get 5 to 10 inches of snow. by thursday, by mid morning, mid to late morning, you're going to find a rain-snow mix possible here in denver, boulder, fort collins, i'm hoping that we get a little bit of snow down here. you'll notice through the afternoon, a
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little more down along i-25. but any accumulation would be extremely light, and this system does not last long. it's a fast moving storm. once it finally moves off the coast and gets into the middle of the country, it's going to cruise through. so by friday, we're looking at clearing sky. tomorrow, it will get colder. start nothing the 30s and end up in the 40s and highs -- starting in the 30s and end up in the 40s saturday morning. >> chilly. >> 63 though on sunday. a lot warrer. >> we could have icy conditions on friday morning. >> yep. >> we'll keep an eye on that. we have a car fire we're deal with it. it's the mop up operation. two lanes opened up on i-25 try to ing to get into -- trying to get into larksburg there's a decent ride into the denver tech center at arapahoe road.
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side of i-25. we're driving on a new bridge. the new center portion of the bridge as you go south. then you'll be going the old southbound lanes. the old southbound lanes you have been driving on it, you'll use them for the ramp. they'll do a big demolition over the weekend. ?hat's why arapahoe will be closed on friday night all the way until monday morning. you can see back on the map, the rest of the ride around town, typical and standard. and remind you independence pass here, it will the city of denver is hoping to boost tourism. >> 44.4 million people visited ?envee last year. the city is hoping to expand at the western comppex -- they're counting on improvements to the 16th street mall.
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away and 50 million people are planning to travel. there's a new program to cut down on lost luggage so they put microchips into the bags. you can follow your bags in real time. >> this is a game-changer and we believe it's going to drive the industry. >> the company hopes you never lose your baggage again. it will cut down on lost luggage by 10% united airlines making a big announcement. you will have to >> the new policy means unless you pay extra you can only carry a bag that fits under a seat. if you try to bring a bag that won't fit, airline employees will make you check your bag. it starts next year and the airline didn't say how much it will cost to put the bag in the overhead bin. how about this. free gasoline. that should get your attention. you can get a free fill up.% we have details after the break. as we head to the break, we
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athens, greece. air force one
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good morning, it's now 6:25. here's your first alert that it is a warm, dry, breezy day today. ww'll be in the upper 70s at the bus stop this afternoon. totally different story for your kids tomorrow. i've been saying how excited i am, but tomorrow when it's 39 degrees and we have a chance for a little snow, i might change my mind. here's what it looks like by 12:30 tomorrow, a little rain and snow. you're going afternoon, early evening, jason, the chance for a trace to maybe an inch. it's not going to be much and it clears out by thursday night. of course, we'll keep an eye on that. i'm keeping an eye on arapahoe road at i-25. these are the new southbound lanes if the this is where you used to drive on the southbound i-25 across arapahoe road. the only thing that remain is the ramp access for now to allow to you go south from arapahoe road and that is going to be a big change in the next couple of days. take a look at the drive we have by larksburg.
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coming. it's slow from monument to castle rock this morning. who want free gas? you can score $20 worth of free fuel today. from 1:00 to 3:00, one gas station will give away gas to anyone with a gas buddy app on their phone. the catch, the name of the gas station is a secret. it will be released on social media some time this morning. ?o make sure to follow us to go for this free gasoline. >> be quiet. >> all right. here's another secret. maybe not so much a secret. there's 39 days until christmas. and starting friday, you can listen to nonstop holiday music while you're in the car. >> unless you're caught -- if you love christmas, cozy 101.1 launches its holiday music this friday. and you can find nonstop christmas music on
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after halloween. a girl is accused the plotting to shoot up her school. what to expect when she faces a judge.
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[chanting] >> you can expect more anti-pipe protest on the du campus. themselves to a local bank in protest. right now, let's look live outside. that's not a live look, but you can see there's some snow up in the high country. the resorts, they're getting ready for some fresh powder because they don't have enough. both keystone and breaker expected to open after several delays. >> finally. lisa joins us with the first alert forecast. we're talking about a few inches. >> probably 5 to 10 inches by early friday morning.
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you wish for a whole weekend of snow, but it's going to dry out weekend. we'll talk about that coming up, but first let's get you through today. it's beautiful today. sunny skies in denver, but more cloud cover than yesterday. look how warm it is. 59 degrees right now in denver. winds out of the is the at -- out of the south at 14 miles-an-hour. it's going to be breezy to windy afternoon. wind speeds t 30 miles-pe 80 degrees. we have upper 70s, low 80s covering the metro area, which means it could be a record-breaking afternoon today. du a high of 80. aurora at 75. and in englewood, 78. so fire danger is high. we're going to send it out to jason gruenauer who has been talk to go the experts about how -- he's been talking to the experts and how dangerous it is. >>reporter: this is something
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i spoke to those at the state who has to deal with that. we want to show you the map. it shows the risk across colorado. it's the colorful map here. yellow is moderate risk for wild fire. orange is high risk and red is very high risk for potential fires. for november, especially this late in noveeber, this map is colorful than usual. we saw two brush fires this past sunday alone including one out near dia that ate up some serious year had a low of 31 degrees nd an inch of snow fell. that's more than we got -- that we have gotten in the past month in colorado. and the year before that, it hit minus 1. not much fire danger there then. the opposite is true today. high temperatures with low humidity and then high winds all you need is a spark. according to those at the forest service, it's an additional challenge this year
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out resources to other parts of the country that's dealing with a more severe drought than we are deal with in colorado while deal with the continued and extended fire season. hopefully that precipitation in the forecast will help lighten that load or end fire season all together. stay tuned. for now, reporting live at the forest service, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. speaking of possible grass fires with the dry conditions, we almost had a grass fire at this fire vehic the shell was fully engulfed and there were little explosions. if you check on my twitter page @denver 7, we have video on thht. they were worried about that going into the grass, the dry grass and spreading into a wild land fire which did not occur which is the good news. this car fire as you could see is causing delays in the larksburg area. huge delays from monument. air tracker 7 is over this three car minor accident. left lane, left
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this is the transition off 6th avenue on go south on i-25. that's a backup going before federal to 6th avenue and sheridan. you can see on the map, we have otherwise a decent -- the north side getting busier, typical stuff there. it's 6:34. this teen ager is due in court today -- this teenager is due in court today. we could hear testimony from those who knew about her to -- her and a friend were arrested last year. they were planning a mass shooting and they're held on 100-0000 bond. haginns are having her case sent back to juvenile court. there's not going to be more drilling in forest -- county commissioners votee to extend a temporary moratorium.
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development in boulder county. yesterday, anti-pipeline protesters were outside offa wells fargo bank in boulder. we will fargo helped spun the access pipeline. the protestors are mad because the pipeline runs through a native american burial ground they say. a few protestors chained themselves to the wells fargo front door office. here's the protest in north dakota. 400 people blocked train tracks delaying trains 2-dozen protestors were arrested by police in riot gear. we're tracking politic news. president obama wrapped up a speech in greece on his final tour as president. he talk about the birth place of democracy as he works to ensure european companies they'll have an ali in the u.s. when trump takes over.
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happening live, john kerry speaking about the climate change conference. he just said the overwhelming majority of americans want the u.s. to keep commitments to the paris client deal. crime in east colfax. many say the two goes hand and hand. denver police says east colfax has a bad reputation, so last month they did something about it by adding 100 extra hours of foot and bike patrol in capital hill. >> we want to know if their efforts make a difference. amanda del castillo is crunching those numbers this morning. good morning, amanda. >>reporter: good morning. the short answer is yes and they have seen a decrease in violent crimes and property crime last month. they compared the 2016 numbers, the same period last year when 100 extra hours were deployed into east colfax between a grant and josephine street. still the department says that more can be done. compared to october 2015, homicides, sexual assault,
6:37 am
were down by 9%. property crime was down comparie same time period. police seeing less auto theft and other property crime. in that same time, the department also saw a 5.8% increase in officer initiated calls. we asked district 6 commander whether these are going to extend passed grant and josephine. >> if the need to add more, we'll add more. it's resource management. i ha a lot of times it's putting the resources where i need them to address the issues. >> it was much like the efforts that you saw being put toward the cherry creek bike path and the 16th street mall. this is kind of where that extra 100 hours of patrol comes into play. commander sanders says he can't say whether the extra hours actually added or directly affected the crime decreasing
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right direction. outside of the police headquarters, i'm amanda del castillo, 6:38. cu is getting ready -- find out how much they received from one very generous alum. the president elect is
6:39 am
:00 6:39 l -- 6:39. sun coming up and the temperature right now hovering around 630 degrees in denver. history at csu received a $53.3 million donation. the largest in school history. walter scott junior, an engineer alum made that donation. by the way, csu football team is --
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saturday. the games at 8:15. go rams. it's now 6:39. 59 degrees outside. but you tell us we've got a big change coming this way. >> i want to show you the map for highs for today verses tomorrow. it's a big change. today on your cheat sheet it's going to be nice. highs near 80 degrees this afternoon. 30 to 40 degrees colder thursday and friday. we warm back up for the weekend. today, you're going to find 77 in denver to 80 in akron to 86 in lamar. ma now tomorrow, we're going to start the day off with 40s and that's going to be it. for tomorrow, look at our mountains, we cut those numbers in half. 30s for highs tomorrow. and some 40s to low 50s in the spring. so a big change. jason coming up, we're going to look at snow. will it be our --
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we had slow traffic while it was sitting in the lane. it's moved off to the shoulder. the other trouble spot, look in douglas county, they're just about done hooking up car fire by larksburg and they should be out of here in a little bit. you see the wet spot from the earlier car fire when they put it out this morning. get you caught up with the big stories in our morning sprint coming up. colorado communities are speaking out. hear from the mayor of denver. denver a second day of homeless sweeps.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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6:43. your morning sprint starts in downtown denver. there was a homeless sweep. the picture taken an hour ago, those homeless camps are back on lawrence street and park avenue west. >> eric luber is live in front of those camps this morning, and eric police could be out there yet again today. >>reporter: they are expected to be back out here. they say they're here to protect the cleaning crews who are doing the sweep of the sidewalks here. they don't plan to make any
6:44 am
denver police. take a look at fresh video of what we are seeing this morning. at first glance, you wouldn't know a what's happening is the cleaning crews are coming through, cleaning portions of the sidewalk, and all that is doing is it's bunching the homeless people together and they're in areas that haven't been cleaned yet. so when tte crews come back out this morning, that's likely what will happen again. a lot of people will stay and protest. they'll move away from where the crews sidewalk, but they'll stay put. this is very renascence in march. the same sweeps happened in the same area. and as we come back here live, it worked temporarily, but then there was a resurge znswer and you can see homeless lining the street, and many plan to stay even though the sweeps are happening again. i'm eric luber, denver 7. it could be a -- partners at the boulder daily camera says
6:45 am
that a sanctuary city does, so city leaders want to know if they become an official sanctuary city. later today, pro immigrant groups will hold a rally at our state capitol at 11:00. the stand up for the rights ever people here illegal legal. mayor michael hancock says he wants the city to be safe and welcoming. he says he'll support women, minorities, the lgbt community and promised to fight to keep immigrant families together. >> happy, healthy,nd safe place for our children to grow up, and we will reject discrimination base on religion, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity. >> president elect trump is standing by his promise to deport 2 to 3 million criminal undocumented immigrants as he put it. his transition team is trying to decide who will fill key cabinet positions. we heard about jeff
6:46 am
secretary of homeland security. sessions takes a hard stance against immigration and he could put together the new administration's deportation policy. another black friday alert for you out this morning. wallet hub has a survey of the best retailers for black friday. all of these stores are ranked on how well or how good the deals are they are offering according to wallet hub. the company analyzed all theee black friday ads that are out. and here's the list. rate of 63% followed by stage jc penny, harbor freight and gourdmans, costco, amazon big lots were at the bottom of the list not offering quite a big of mark down. the average discount according to wallet hub is 39%. the cu buffs are number ten in the company. not long ago we
6:47 am
it's the first time the buffs have cracked the top ten in any major national polls since 2002. >> there's a big showdown at folsom -- i - it is fun. we have sun today. snow on thursday. by change. this is going to be the strongest cold front that we have seen so far this season. finally getting some here in denver, and some accumulating snow in the mountains. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. look how early our warmup. we're in the 50s which means 70 by 10:00. some, again, near record tieing or breaking highs this afternoon. overnight you can see how far we start to drop. and it is just not going to warmup tomorrow. i'll show you that in a minute. right around du today, we're at 80. lone tree, 77. aurora, parker, a high of 75 . and 77 in golden. it's warm in the
6:48 am
and quite a bit of sunshine. a little more cloud cover today than what we saw yesterday. let's get to some of the alerts. ahead of this system, this is typical how this happened. winds pick up and it's dry. red flag warnings, high fire danger covering most of eastern colorado. the winter storm watch goes into effect throughout the day on thursday. so a good 5 to 10 inches of snow mainly west of the divide. snow that we see falling here is likely going to melt the second it hits the warm ground. through the day on thursday. quick look at future cast. early tomorrow morning, the mountains will start to see some snow. we're likely going to be under dry conditions for the early morning commute, but by the late commute, mid morning, that's when we could see a light rain-snow mix with more snow than moving south along i-25 throughout the day. look at cheyenne, we have up through and the -- north of i-25, the
6:49 am
which means icier conditions as you get into wyoming tomorrow. this is going to be a fast moving storm. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, skies are starting to clear out. it's going to be colder though. tomorrow, we'll start off in the 40s. it will get colder a the day goes on, so we'll likely see our highs in the morning. highs of 39. sunshine, windy and chilly and back to 63 on sunday. something to finally talk about. >> i'm not happy about it. not at all. we have this car fire still being cleaned up on right now on the northbound side of i-25 right by larksburg. you'll hopefully see this pull out in the next few minutes or so. they should be out here. traffic should improve. take a look at the map and we have heavy stop nd go traffic on 6th avenue. it's before i-25. a minor crash. but take a look at the cdot camera near sheridan.
6:50 am
accepted you on i-70, but there's an accident at pecos so that backed it up towards sheridan. 285 is slow as always through englewood. the north side of town typical for us. south side, typical. this man jacob mcgee is facing criminal charges. he's accused of trying to take an up skirt photo during a broncos game. he's a registered sex with a felony. white is charged with murdering a 2-year old boy. tte verdict came down at 7:45 last night. the toddler was his girlfriend's son. he victim was hit repeatedly in the head, the back. the little boy was burned by a hair dryer. white faces an automatic life sentence. 10 minutes before 7:00. the school board will end its voucher program for now.
6:51 am
their first plan was ruled unconstitutional by a state suppeme court last year. the denver post was at the school board where the members -- they say a legal battle is too expensive. the broncos mondayviller is in a legal battle this morning and he's -- the broncos von miller is in a legal battle this morning over a sex tape. >> a woman filmed their sexual he is his attorneys are accusing the woman of extortion. >> players have to know in today's day and age with social media and smartphones you have to be more discrete and smarter. >> the lawsuit says miller offered thh woman $10,000 for that video. reportedly demanding $2.5 million. miller nor his lawyer are talking about this. in the future, you may not need to worry about leaving your drivers license at home. we're
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-? 6:54. live look at air force one here. president obama just got out of that shot. he was jumping aboard the plain. leaving athen continuing on his european tour. his last during his presidency. pretty soon you could be carrying your drivers license on your cell phone. colorado is testing a digital drivers license. the program was announced yesterday. i just got aa update on a train crash in florida this morning. it appears up to 15,000 gallons of fuel may have spilled from this. this is a live aerial look at the scene right now in marion county. earlier, we told you 3,000 gallons may have spilled, but now we got an update from cxx transportation that owns the two trains that colllded. the
6:55 am
transporting non hazardous phosphate rock and the other was carrying coal. no hazardous materials onboard. they're investigating what caused those trains to crash head onto one another causing 20 cars to overturn. no major injuries from this. it is 6:55. those are gather to go discuss the teacher shortage and how to retain teachers and get new ones. we'll let you no he what happens on denver 7:00 at 11: attacking mount vista high school in december is expected back in court. she along with another teen faces charges ever conspiracy to commit murder. her defense wants had he case moved out adult court and back into a juvenile court. you may be using more water since it's so draw when it comes to your lawn. get ready pay up. denver is -- follow denver 7 app on how much this will cost you. 5 until 7:00.
6:56 am
sonic jet made its debut at centennial airport. it travels double the speed of sound. it will get you from denver to puerto rico in two and a half hour and right now it will take five and a half hours. it will cost you $5,000 for a ticket. but you get there in half the time. >> i think that's cool. >> i have big cheeks. >> i don't think you feel it. >> that's good. we have a beautiful start to our day. today, sunshine. tomorrow a change finance snow. 9:00 in the morning on thursday, we're likely looking at dry conditions in denver. the mountain are goinggto probably pick up know by that point. 11:30 to 12:00, we have a few spotty showers on the plains. tomorrow afternoon and early evening, probably a better chance of picking up a little snow in town. even then, it's still only a trace to an inch at best, and then skies clear out thursday night. it's a fast moving storm, jason, but it leaves us with a lot of cold air. we'll be in the 40s to
6:57 am
it's cold. yeah, we still have heavy -?duty stop and go traffic. 6th avenue is a crash before i-25, i-70 right before pecos, a minor crash there. alameda and downing, heavy traffic on the north side and the south side. and on that i 76 drive-thru the thanks jason. we're a few minutes away from good morning america. they're following up on the shooting at -- in oklahoma city. the airport -?should be running smoothly afr a man is murdered in an airport parking lot there. the shooter gma is talking to the victim's loved ones this morning. parents, we have done it. how many little white lies do you tell your child? coming up on gma, a look at what parents across the country are saying to their little ones. >> that's coming up on good morning america at the top if the hour. we'll stay here during that broadcast. >> i'm hitting the road, jack. >> you can't leave.
6:58 am
trrffic mess. >> i'll stay. >> that's a mess.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. donald trump leaves the press behind for a private dinner with his family amid new reports of a transition team in turmoil. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command. >> two staffers pushed out. trump fires back overnight. new fire danger. massive clouds of smoke, large send hundreds to the hospital as schools close across the southeast. dozens of wildfires scorching seven states. now the national guard is being called in to battle the blaze. wrong side of the law. a divorce attorney sentenced to prison. >> i thank god you got caught. >> accused of hypnotizing female clients without their consent and sexually assaulting him. the video that got him caught.


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