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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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divisive campaign, they say taking to the streets give them's a platform to voice concerns they wouldn't otherwise have because they are too young to vote. students from lincoln high, kimpton the collegiate and xo academy marched to draw attention to racism and comments made by donald trump during his campaign. >> this march is to be our -- respected. we want quality in respective for everyone to be treated equal. >> i asked why it was important to leave campus. >> we're just trying to have a voice in make a difference. r police escorted them locking intersection to keep them safe from traffic. i asked the school district spokesperson why the students were allowed to leave. you agree our students should be in school because we want them to be in a controlled
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using their voice to speak about their concerns and democracy is an opportunity to learn. what about people who disagree. >> those people, how would they feel if we stifle these voices and told them because you don't agree with what happened you can't talk about it. i think that is a message we don't want to send to her young people. we heard a lot of warthogs in support, we also saw a number of cars dr with trump signs, and we didn't hear anything from them. reporting in southwest under -- denver lance hernandez denver7. it has been a wild week of protests across the country for people unhappy about the outcome of the election. some have turned violent. like in portland oregon were thousands smashed windows, let firecrackers and started dumpster fires. marcy gonzales reports.
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antiitrump protest across the country. some turning violent, portland police turned into a riot when demonstrators started throwing things at police and blocking this bridge. a major freeway in los angeles shut down by crowds of people angry about the election results. >> if i have o trump it would be we are the people, we want our voices to be heard and we will not stand out.>> reporter: donald trump responded on twitter writing, just had an open and successful election, no protesters and cited by the media protesting, very unfair. and then changing his tune this morning tweeting love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country, we will all come together and be proud.
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sanitation trucks serving as barricades set up outside his home at trump tower. a no-fly zone in place with a 2 mile radius. authorities working to overcome the challenge of protecting him in the nation's busiest city. how do you build a secure bubble around him when he is several feet in the air, with other potential buildings were a sniper or someone could place themselves. coverage throughout trump tower , meanwhile across the country more protest planned for tonight. chances are, some of those protesting didn't vote. voter turnout get to the lowest levels in nearly 2 decades according to the latest tallies.
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says 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots. here in colorado we saw a higher turnout closer to 70%. if you want to learn more about our next president here's your chance. spending 500 days of the trump campaign leading up to election day. the making of president-elect donald trump, we are hearing from trump's friends and family , you can watch it tonight at 9 on denver7. if you are traveling 6th avenue be prepared for the latest. a big water main break. 6 between mow -- lo repairs will continue overnight. a hiker fighting for his life after falling 80 feet in clark he does clear creek canyon. he was conscious and taken to a hospital in serious conditions. police say he did not have proper care. racing is in fort collins, a suspect on the loose after a stabbing at a robbery -- during a robbery at a 711. was up -- one person stabbing taken to the hospital.
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a clerk told police a man pointed the gun at her head in april. turned a police officer recovering after being dragged by a car at grand junction. the officer was panned and dragged by suspect to try to make a getaway. the officer shot and killed the person amazingly the officer only has minor injuries. investigators need help finding colorado's most wanted sex offender. 21-year-old also known as tyler johnson convicted of sex assault on a child in 2012 and wanted by ddnver police. these are pictures of showing him with long hair and shorthaired, that the same person you can find a list of the most wanted sex offenders on the denver7@. around the country we are all saying thank you and paying respect to the more than 18 million veterans. in washington were president obama honors those people with his final time as president.
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the 11th day of the th month with parades and the president laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. we know -- we owe you are respect in our freedom. honoring the more ttan 18 million members of the armed forces, like staff sergeant joe jones. working one of the most deadly jobs in the world, he was a bomb tech test with disarming explosives, until the day he stepped on an ied and lost both legs. >> my immediate reaction was to look down and see how much my legs was left. he is part of a new wave of men and women in uniform, 200,000 deaths each year many serve in afghanistan and iraq returning to civilian life. in texas estate was one of the highest number of that's staff and students at one high school works for months on a thank you celebration. i was surprised at how
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got here.>> reporter: thanking veterans for thhir service. >> i feel better and better about it. i feel really warm. >> reporter: veterans day is often confused with memorial day. that holiday is set aside to honor those who died serving their country. veterans day is for those who serve in arms forces. janai norman abc news washington. wall street off -- honored th better at michael spoto rang the opening bell. he served nearly 10 years as a navy seal, he along with representatives for more than 40 public companies took part in a program today pledging to hire veterans during the next year. if you are a veteran you want to enjoy the great outdoors , check out cattle -- colorado's national parks. veterans and active-duty members to the military, reserves and national guard can get into any colorado state park or national park for free.
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experts are saying if you are on the fence of refinancing or by home. as russell haythorn explains the stock market maybe stable but mortgage prices have skyrocketed.>> reporter: mortgage rates went from 3.75% earlier this week to 4.25% now. to give you perspective, on home like this which is for sale for $400,000. that means you would pay an additional $114 a month on your mortgage on home like this, an additional $41,000 over the term of the loan. >> a change everything in our country for the time being. people on the fence with refinancing or purchasing are being affected the interest rates they thought there getting they are getting , the payments they thought what they're getting.>> reporter:
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homebuyers. historically rates at just over 4%, they are still much lower than they were even 7 years ago when the housing bubble burst. books -- most experts say this roller coaster ride should stabilize soon. settlement. some nfl players fighting the nfl to rethink their stance on marijuana. >> you will hear the argument about lifting the ban in favor of pot. >> beachheads, how local couple says the broncos win influence their lives in one. the first alert is november , you may to get september been at the numbers, and there is snow in the seven-day
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ed with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? developing tonight, minnesota town evacuated after union pacific train derailed 80 miles south of the twin cities. a series of train cars overturned in allendale minnesota settling in a zigzag pattern across the tracks. there are , at least one car caring propane so hatters this material teams brought in. -- hazardous materials team broughh in. people in one mile radius asked to back they. players are asking the nfl to reconsider it their ban on marijuana use. they found 71% of players who use narcotic painkillers during their career develop dependency issues. 9 former players cosigned a letter with doctors cannabis
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to change its position on pot. the players union is looking at 4 -- forming a committee to consider alternative therapies for pain management. lindsey vonn false to injury, breaking her arm after taking a nasty fall training at copper. this is her x-rays. sheesaid on facebook she had surgery and hope to be back racing next month. can you believe almost 9 months since the broncos were in the super bowl? you know whaa can happen in 9 months? denver area hospitals seeing a baby boom among broncos fans. tracking out our newest super bowl babies. >> reporter: here they are, tyler and salem. born days apart at parker adventist hospital and like many babies born right now their parents are big broncos
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together. >> reporter: super bowl sunday this year was no different. maybe a little different. >> so the broncos one, was there a celebratory atmosphere after? >> absolutely. >> just a party at the house. touchdown. there are always babies born in winning cities 9 months after the super bowl. some of our featured in this cute commercial during super bowl 50. but these are the first broncos super bowl babies since 1999. we were definitely over 2.>> i was really excited, i knew exactly, this was the super bowl baby and i heard about this statistics. >> it doesn't surprise me, love is an error, it's very emotional. 4 now even more love, a bigger
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>> i just want to give credit where credit is due and thank you to peyton manning in the 2016 denver broncos.>> reporter: broncos meet your newest fans. nicole brady denver7. there you go broncos, all you. a group of students from bayfield high school in southwest colorado back from the international bowling prevention conference. they spread a few acts of kindness. part of the rituals challenge rituals that -- challenger fans of rachel, making a presentation on how to start kindness clubs in their school, and to prove their point they left sticky notes with positive messages on mirrors and doors where the conference was held in another spot they visited. denver7 is a proud partner with rachel's challenge in our congratulations go to the team and they feel. a 10-year-old from broomfield is a contestant
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you can watch them tonight. this is jack bonneau, is lemonade stands are open at shopping centers all over our area. originally he started to buy a legal set for $400 , he ended up making thousands at a farmers market in broomfield. now he is selling lemonade, hot chocolate, the creation of other young entrepreneurs. >> pitching in front of the sharks was unreal. there was a lot of preparation it was worth it, a great % experience. >> was that of broncos jersey? >> you can watch jack on shark tank tonight at 8. you have to wait to see how he does, but he would like to expand nationwide. we had interesting stuff, i'll show you what it looks like. that is a son dog at these pictures late this afternoon,
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picture, another example of a son dog. and another shot, these are pretty cool , you may wonder what causes these. the tiny crystals of ice in these clouds act like tiny prisms. millions of prisms. when the light from the sun goes through it's like going through a prism splitting it into different colors you see in the rainbow. if you look at the facebook mike 7 denver7 news let me shhw you in the time lapse. there is the son dog off the side. clouds oftentimes indicative of a change in the weather. not this time but when we see some dogs in the wintertime we often have a snowstorm on the way. if we do it's a week away. in denver as far as conditions. 54, high clouds, when south waste 11, 35% humidity.
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in stirling, across the state denver 63, finally of normal low temperature, the lows in the highs for days and days. 26 were should be. record is 76 and 2 below zero. a cold front mooes through this morning and brought us colder air across much of the nation. look how quiet it is, hardly anpr a few showers and hit a showers coming in on the west coast. you may imagine with 3000 miles of quiet weather better forecast is peaceful. overnight a cold one , down to 35 ii denver, 30 elizabeth, 23 at lyman, mountains low to mid 30s across the state. 23 at gunnerson , 29 steamboat, 19 cold spots at alamosa. tomorrow sunshine in high clouds throughout the day but
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indeed. warmer with highs rising into the mid-upper 60s across many of the eastern plains, denver mid-upper 60s and low 70s sprinkle them. 50s expected farther west in the mountains. % metro area beautiful saturday, temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. tonight skies partly cloudy with high clouds and cool and quiet, -- cool and quiet. tomorrow high pressure -- high temperature upper 60an november. look at the weekend, bright spots on saturday and sunday with upper 60s. monday, tuesday and wednesday low 70s. the storm moves across the state wednesday and thursday. not a big deal for denver, we will have rain and snow mixed that may be enough to give a measurable first snowfall, nothing to be shovel trouble. but the mountains make it 5 to
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>> we'll take what we can get. just under 2 months until the end of the year now is the -?time to think of taxes and % deductions. our partners at worcester up credit union said to invest to reduce the amount you get the government. >> at the end of the year, even at the beginning of the next year to help you with taxes look at opening an ira account. the money can -- contributed is deductible. other thinns to consider charitable contributio colorado gives days december 6, a lot of great organizations participate.
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away tonight for all of you that have iphone 6+ an outraged father says his daughter's iphone overheated in her pocket and burned her. breaking on what happened. >> reporter: it is the aftermath of what appears to be an alarming iphone mishap.>> randy says his daughter's iphone 6+ was in her pocket when it started overheating. >> she yanked it out, through it on the ground. >> reporter: the next thing they knew of burning odor and smoke started billowing from the phone. >> it is scary. i it was lining my pocket, i never felt that hot before. >> reporter: a scary situation in we've seen similar inciddnts. last month a new jersey college student x plus exploded in his back pocket.
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galaxy note sevens after users report of the device caught fire charging. >> you can see where it came apart. >> reporter: randy won't buy another iphone and probably not a samsung, at this point he is glad his daughter wasn't hurt. >> she could've been asleep, with the phone in the bag, or laying down somewhere in done this, it could've caught something on fire.>> took the phone back to the apple store where employees to pictures, they are looking into it and they would get back to him. with black friday 2 weeks away walmart, target and best buy are rolling out their plans. walmart and target will open at 6 pm thanksgiving day, best buy in our earlier. all 3 retailers announcing expanded plans for digital and in-store sales. do you think facebook influenced the
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mark zuckerberg thinks it's crazy to suggest the social media site had any influence. the ceo is denying people who made up their minds based on fake news that went viral before the election. some say the site did little to filter in accurate content about the candidates in the question whether it could have affected the outcome. lebron james and the world champion cleveland cavaliers took the opportunity at the white house to do the american challenge. first lady michelle obama joined in. they tweeted this photo captioned freezing our white house visit in time for ever with float us. american challenge the latest viral sensation after the ice bucket challenge in the harlem shake as well. pretty cool. pretty highbrow, the american challenge , impressive. >> we have pictures before we go, out of miami. pull up the pitcher we've been telling you about protests going on in major cities across
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happening now. you can see people right there. it looks like several hundred right now in fact. >> all of the country will follow there, and continuing protest in the denver area. we'll see you tonight at 6.
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tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. one name moved aside. plus, donald trump's new comments about obama car. will he not repeal it after all? america divided. but tonight, the question. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. new letters going home to parents after disturbing scenes. and the state of emergency, the major city barely visible


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