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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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y diet. ? >> donald trump hate. donald trump hate. >> breaking overnight, a second night of protest across the country against president elect donald trump. last night in downtown denver. people started up the state capitol and going over to 16th street mall all the police were monitoring that crowd. >> it started at 7:30 and it went until 11:30. if you look closely, they went on a ramp onto i-25. the freeway was forced to be shut down. it was less than an hour from 6th avenue to 23rd street. no one was injured or arrested. >> air tracker over the scene last night and from the skk you can see the number of people out there. >> there was quite a few.
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eric luber joins us with their message. >>reporter: good morning, we know the country is divided. if you look at the election, it's split down the middle. trump winning that state. the popular vote has gotten closer. you have a lot of people upset about this election. watch. >> [chanting] >> of source, this around dinner time last night around 5:30. the march peaceful, went down 16th street and wrapped back around to the state capitol. spread to the city and county. it closed down highways. a lot of opinions here. listen. >> advancing rape culture is something you can't sit back and nod your head and say this is okay. >> donald trump of course responding on twitter.
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recently this morning. yesterday, saying the media perhaps is insighting this coming from trump's twitter page. clear to see we may see more protests in the coming days. perhaps even riots. i'm eric luber, denver seven. some of these protest getting out of hand in parts of the country. 35 arrest in la. 26 people arrested by portland police this morning. this is the most violent protest around police there calling it a riot. an we saw police using teargas to disburse crowds and people running from cover from that. local media reported that police used rubber bullet and several car windows smashed out and others saw their tires slashed interest this. >> they were walking by beating on our windows and one of them slashed our tire. >> we saw video of people
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dumpsters in the area. and donald trump actually tweeting this morning. just saying love the fact these small groups of protestors have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. interesting comments. it's now -- it's 5:03. cold front rolling through the state. we're going to be close to freezing. chilly and clear at 7:00. denver, 36 by 7:00. 54 by noon and due to the cold front, today is going to be the coolest day this week. 58 degrees for a high. upper 50s to low 60s from denver north to erie at 60. highlands ranch, a high of 62. here's your first alert. it gets warmer for the weekend, but we're tracking a storm that can finely bring ssow to denver. we'll talk more
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we forgot to drive in the snow, didn't we? >> yeah, we did. overnight construction being picked up on i-25 at arapahoe road. they should be picked up within the next 15 minutes. you can look at the map and there's no slowdowns on 470, 225. it looks good on i-70 and the north side of town and getting out to dia. driving looks nice. >> thank you, jason. a pedestrian hit and killed in aurora. the crash avenue. >> the freeway had to be shut down for several hours as officers investigated. to a news alert, we have neighborhoods where burglars are striking the most. >> even though where they're happening exactly -- jason gruenauer joins us live with the information you need to know to keep your family safe now, jason. >>reporter: according to law
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to avoid your home and yourself being the next victim of these burglars. things simile like walking your doors. this is green valley ranch which made the list of most burglarized over the last five years. denver seven investigates and they found the most often time of the month that was -- that homes like this were s and later the month and the most popular of the day, the 28th. what are law enforcement are seeing is the cause, people making it too easy for the burglar. >> a lot of people don't lock the interior garage door, so that's -- go inside your house and you're in there for however long. >> so you're urged to lock your doors, make sure your garage doors and fences and things like
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-- basically make it harder on the burglars. that's the biggest tip from law enforcement. if your door is harder, they're likely to move to your neighbors or move out of your neighborhood. one trick to keep your family and possession safe, it cost less than a dollar and you can do it over the weekend and i'll share that at 5:30. live in green valley ranch, i'm jason gruenauer, denver seven. a news alert. denver police asking for your help finding these four men. police say they night before halloween near 15th and market in downtown denver. only on denver 7, two victims share their story. the group of du students say they were assaulted. >> they were groping the private parts of these women. and i said excuse you gentlemen and stop. the next thing i
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of them surrounding me. >> that victim is austin and he says he was knocked to the ground, he cut his forehead and suffered a traumatic brain injury. here's another look at the men. if you recognize any of them, call police right away. the principal of a high school is behind bars for assault and domestic violence. the school has put principal tony edwards on leave and will decide if he can keep his job. defb land is ranked the 4th best those disagreeing -- the protest continues, we've showed you and there's one online. 2 million people have signed th petition asking members of the -- over the electoral college to vote for clinton over trump. the change of the election is slim. there's no president. protestors flood the streets
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denver and a few different -- the inner faath alliance of colorado organized a discussion last night, with the message of healing. >> this is one of many steps that we need to reassure one another. although we may disagree, we can do so with respects the group met at the school of iliff -- we're learning details about trump's first 108 days in office. he planned while -- he toured the white house thursday. >> [indiscernible]. and we're looking at jobs. >> now, trump and top republicans agree, obama care must go. but so far there is no agreement on a replacement. single election day, there's a rush of americans signing up 100,000 people in fact. -? we want to wish a very hay veteran's day to all the men and women who have served or are serving our nation.
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happen. one veteran got an early celebration. take a look at this. >> take a look at these kids. they honored these veterans in aurora with a special parade. leading the parade was cecelia darnell who is 102 years old. if you look closely, she was wearing the nurse uniform she wore back in world war ii. >> for a list of veteran day's deals and events, we that on our free denver seven app. it's ten minutes after 5:00. we've seen h protestors hitting the streets against our next president. but one is gaining national attention with her tiny little voice. a local elementary school has a stinky problem on its hands, backed up sewerage load. >> it smells so bad. i almost through up and i get bad headaches and that makes it worse. >> this isn't the first time this has happened. why this hadn't been fixed. and how would you like to get charged with miles you drive. that's the proposal the new cdot program, we have
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friday morning. beautiful, but chilly. you're going to find clear skies and mid to upper 30s this morning at 8:00 and highs in the upper 50s. it's chilly today, but coming up, we're going to look at tomorrow's veteran's day parade in denver, what you want to expect and what to wear out there.
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we're back right now at 5:13 with a look at dia wait time. the lot at security is a 25 to 30-minute wait. at lax, a plane collided with a tow truck. we don't know
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the picture here. this was a china southern airline's. flight. it flight. it was going to depart china . we don't know what happened or if there was a driver or if anyone was hurt. new in morning, a man sentenced to life in prison is getting out after serving 19 years. terry ruiz was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole when yesterday, a judge determined his lawyers at that time were ineffective. 1997 when -- he was driving in 1997 when his passenger shot two men in two different cars and one person was killed. a school is closed bbcause of sewerage lines are backing up. the problem has gotten so bad that parent was pulling
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getting sick. to make it worse, this isn't the first time this happened. these elementary students had been eating lunch outside and having extended reside. contractors and the district is trying to figure out -- parents told denver seven, there's three inches of standing sewerage on the carpet and a stench that runs through the entire room. >> they say it stinks and it's interfere with their learning. they can't focus. it's good for their health. it's waste for a reason. >> you may ask yourself why hasn't this been fixed. the district says a permanent fix will cost millions. the school is set to be torn down and built only if the 150 million bond from tuesday passes. the bond is 104 votes short. the city of denver is going green. it's planning to use 200 electric vehicles by 2020. this is going to cost the city
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new this morning, cdot is testing a new program that could save you $0.02 at the gas pump. if cdot rolls it out to all drivers, lefsh pay a by the miie tax instead of -- what does that mean. if you head over to, you can compare what you pay now to what the new fee would cost you. let's say you drive 1500 miles a month in cost $1.60 more per month. coo -- they have this -- >> you forget that once cars are more fuel efficient, they're not going to get as much money for the roads. >> it's friday. it has -- we've got beautiful weather this morning. a weak cold front having passed through -- it's
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today is going to be the cooler day of the week. 50s today, but we'll be back in the 60s tomorrow. so pretty warm and again dry through the weekend. this morning, you're walking out the door to temperatures that are below freezing here in denver. we're at 31 with a wind chill that makes it feel like 25 early on. city park, 37. evergreen right now at 29. and in parker and in aurora we're at 32 degrees this morning. one of the coldest mornings we have seen all week expected this owe. kingsburg p 61. 60 erie. in our foothills, mid to upper 50s. 62 in eagle. and 58 in gunnison this afternoon. it's a hint of fall. at least a hint of something right right. this is going to be the coolest day we have seen in town in the past four weeks. now, you'll notice over the region things are very dry, very quiet right now.
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the 60s saturday and sunday. tomorrow, the veteran's day parade in denver, you're going to find early on heading downtown, chilly conditions. upper 30s to near 40 by 8:00. by the start of that parade, low to mid 50s and warming to near 60 by noon tomorrow. and then a high on saturday of 65. pretty good parade weather. next week, temperatures start to warm. i have been glazes over the fact forecast. 70s tuesday and wednesday and with this next storm, it's going to get cold enough overnight we could get a rain-snow mix. at this point it looks light. not a major system, but jason it's something. >> we have a nice and quiet drive on this friday morning whether you're starting off here or i-25 at 104th avenue heading south on i-25. you can see -- north of boulder looking nice.
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morning and out to the east side of town, wide open. take a look at i-70, quebec and a quiet start to morning commute. 5:19. your voice, your vote this morning. all eyes on washington. yesterday is president elect donald trump toured the white house and met with president obama. the arrival is appearing as allies. >> i want to emphasize to you mr p.sident are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed the rest of the country succeeds. >> i look forward to dealing with the president in the future including council. >> before president elect donald trump can get to work, he needs to pick a cabinet. we learned his son-in-law jarrett curb near is eyed for chief of staff.
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possibly heres, sarah palin, chris christie, no -- she's small, but mighty. take a look. >> i am a child. >> i am a child. >> and i cannot vote. >> and i cannot vote. >> but that will not stop me. >> that will not stop me. >> from getting heard. >> from getting heard. >> this little girl stirred crowds in houston. this video times on facebook. >> wow. the president in professional sports may seem like different things, but roger goodell doesn't seem like it does -- an arvada team killed while crossing the street. what
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firefighter was battling a four-alarm fire at a commercial building in newport beach, california. possibly a storage facility. the smoke could be seen rising over the city scape there. and video posted on twitter show this fire from the ground. the twitter poster saying this is near a home and several report oz twitter from people saying they heard explosion when's this fire broke out. it appears several crews are on the scene and getting it under control. two people at least have been taken to the hospital. nfl commissioner roger goodell is frustrated with president elect trump. he says
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women makes his job more difficult at home and in the nfl. goodell says he's struggling to explain trump's victory to his wife and his two is a year old twin daughters and he says the best path of the country is unite under trump. it's right now 5:24. if you step outside this morning, a little chill in the air. >> it's cold. wear a jacket this morning and this afternoon. if you're in the shade, you probably want a when you factor in the wind, this is what it feels like. at the airport, 22. greeley, 27. city park, temperatures the 31. a cold start to you are day cold start to our day. near 60 under a mostly sunny sky. this cold front was a dry one, but it's enough to bring our temperatures down. we're above normal.
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50s. littleton, 52. golden 59. thornton, 58. your first alert. it's at the -- >> we talk about how crispy the grasses are. seven or so miles from here closer to the springs, there's a large grass fire reported next to the highway, so just the emergency crew was heading that way and i want to let you know the same conditions here, so just be careful the dry grasses and cigarette buds out the window. easy driving for most of us on this friday morning. a big day for families in denver -- >> yesterday was the 12th annual national adoption day and the day honors adoptive family while raising awareness for foster -- >> all about love. and family.
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needed somebody to love them back. >> right now, there are 283 kids in foster care and available for adoption in colorado. >> what an exciting day for them. we have a lot more news coming up in our next half hour including the latest protest sweeping the natio trump victory -- it's turning people in ddnver against each by: larimer county sounding the alarm. they have a need for childcare workers. how you can help solve the shortage. i'm jason gruenauer. do
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you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. he stands -- what he stands for goes against the moral fiber of my being. i can't let me
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because silence is violence. >> i can't believe the good people of the u.s. voted in a racist manner. a man who has made racist in the core of what he talks about day in and day out. >> denver seven has team coverage. eric luber covering the protest in downtown denver. nicole brady is tracking the protest. we saw with the anger on the streets of denver as the transition is happening in washington. protest in downtown denver for a second night now. for the most part, the protest have been peaceful in this exchange. >> [indiscernible] for racism. >> i'm sorry, its confederate flag. am i not seeing a confederate flag. >> yeah, you are. >> i haven't seen one of those since i left louisiana, man. >> you're not understanding how people feel about that. >> the protest in denver lasted seven hours. no reports of any arrests or injuries. a long night for law enforcement obviously as they


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