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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 1, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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police in little rock says the shooting was the result of a robbery attempt. some people had met in the parking lot to sell some blue jeans. one person was hit in the leg and is expected to survive. breaking news from alabama, where one person has been killed and several injured in a gas pipeline explosion. the country's biggest gas pipeline is shut down for the second time in two months. and residents in the area have been forced to evacuation. you can see the flames and the thick smoke there in the area.
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from the site of a september incident, where a pine burst, leaking thousands of gallons of gal lean and leading to gasoline shortages across the south. at least five people are being treated at local hospitals. no word on their conditions. the battle to retake mosul has reached that city itself. iraqi special forces have pushed up to the eastern outskirts of the city, taking in the last village before the city boundary. there's some firing with artillery, tanks and machine guns and isis positions on the eastern edge of the city. and are just five miles from the city center. mosul is the last stronghold of isis in iraq. state television says there's clash within the city between isis and residents living there. there's no confirmation of that. for the first time, we are hearing some of the 911 calls made by the pulse nightclub shooter as that siege was under way. linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: orlando police knew
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the pulse nightclub when their negotiator got on the phone with the terrorist. >> hello? >> hello there. hi, there. this is orlando police. who am i speaking with, please? >> you're speaking with the person who pledged the allegiance to the islamic state. >> can you tell me where you are right now so i can get you some help? >> no. because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they're killing a lot of innocent people. you get what i'm saying? >> i do. saying. >> reporter: the officer staying calm, trying to keep omar mateen talking, from the bathroom where he took hostages. >> tell me what you did. >> no. you already know what i did. >> i'm trying to figure out how to help you out. i'm not a politician. i'm not a government.
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you. >> reporter: that negotiator talked with mateen three times in two hours. the police coming up with a plan to bust through the exterior wall of the club, freeing the hostages. mateen was killed in a shoot-out with police. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> linzie, thank you. a new study found promising results from skin patches that release small doses of peanuts. half of those treated could consume ten-times more peanuts. the biggest benefit came to those 4 to 11 years old. the study is ongoing. the doctors say they will continue to report back with more long-term results. let's talk sports and "monday night football.? the chicago bears upset the vikings, 20-10. jay cutler returned to the lineup, after missing five games and threw for 252 yards and a touchdown. you heard me right. he completed 20 of 31 passes, including the 11-yard t.d. that gave chicago a 17-point lead.
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howard, ran for a career-high, 153 yards and a touchdown. the vikings offensive line, that was the big problem for them monday night. allowing five sacks of the quarterback, sam bradford. and baseball's word series resumes in cleveland. jake arieta takes the mound for the cubs and tomlin for the indians. >> the outcome is take on added meanings, if the wagers of the priests in the two cities. if the indians lose, the cleveland diocese will provide supper for 100 homeless people in chicago. and if the cubs lose, the chicago church will provide deep dish pizzas and baked goods for more than 100 in cleveland. >> a nice result, either way. the church leaders in both cities say they're confident they will collect. get this, with the chicago archbishop tweeting, i have to
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>> ooh, smack talk. >> talking smack. i love -- i love that the priests are getting involved in this and talking smack to each other about their respective teams. >> i would hope that, you know, either way, no matter which team wins, they will still give, you know, meals to the hungry. >> that's true. they probably will. but either way, a good result, right? >> everybody wins. >> everybody wins. >> everybody wins. >> you're exactly right, jk. >> everybody gets deep dish pizza. all right. coming up -- >> i love deep dish pizza. >> oh, man, it's so good. >> the emergency evacuation aboard a packed airliner. what one passenger saw on another passenger's phone that triggered this to happen. and what authorities are saying this morning. and a long, relegated as the butt of political jokes, former congressman anthony weiner, has resurfaced as a serious liability to the clinton campaign.
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and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. look at this dramatic rescue in santa fe, new mexico. the 87-year-old woman in that car is trying to escape when
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she was driving and had a flat tire and apparently didn't notice it was on fire. the officer put the fire out. the woman was luckily not hurt. >> i'm sure she was traumatized by all of that. incredible video there. now, to an emergency evacuation, that played out on a plane that was waiting to take off from florida. >> it started with a passenger, telling the flight cre a bomb. here's gio benitez with more. >> reporter: those are the frightening words from a spirit airlines pilot in ft. lauderdale, florida, before taking off for there's a. a passenger say he saw a text message on another passenger's bomb. >> a passenger did see the message. and the passenger turned off the phone. that's all i have so for. >> reporter: passengers were evacuated, leaving all of their bags behind. the passenger with the alleged text message, and the man who reported it, removed by sheriff's deputies and
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>> they ripped him out of the seat and dragged him off of the plane. >> reporter: and the flight did end up taking off. but hours later. right now, the local sheriff says there was no bomb and no arrests have been made in this case. gio benitez, abc news, new york. coming up, how anthony weiner caught the clinton campaign off guard. >> he's at the center of another e-mail firestorm. could the text tha marriage also dash hillary clinton's presidential dreams? you're watching "world news
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just when we thought that anthony weiner had finally faded off into the sunset, the sexting that ended his marriage may have put hillary clinton's bid for the white house in jeopardy. >> it comes as clinton finds
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here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: this is the photo that helped end anthony weiner's marriage, launched an investigation, and could jeopardize clinton's bid for the white house. >> you're a scumbag. >> takes one to know one. >> reporter: the former new york congressman and husband of huma abedin turned into a political he tweeted of himself emerged in 2011. >> i've exchanged e-mails with about six women over the last three years. >> reporter: his career on the hill, over. >> i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> reporter: weiner and abedin started dating in 2008, during clinton's first bid for the white house. >> i will not yield to the government. >> reporter: he was a rising star from new york. she was a top aide for clinton. the power couple married two years later. bill clinton officiating. when weiner's sexting scandal broke, abedin decided to stand
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abedin showed up on this video, when he announced his candidacy for new york city mayor. >> nobody will work harder than anthony. >> reporter: the showtime documentary, "weiner" chronicles his attempt at comeback. his wife often by his side. >> you don't know anything. >> i would say, you act like a normal campaign candidate's wife. i think you're doing an amazing job. it's great to be out here. >> reporter: a second sexting scandal broke. this time, weiner used the name carlos danger. >> these things that i did were wrong. and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through many challenges in our marriage. >> reporter: abedin, again, decided to stay. >> i loved him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward.
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this time, a photo of him lying in bed next to their son. abedin announced she was leaving him. the fbi announced they are investigating him and whether he was sexting a 15-year-old girl. that investigation now links weiner to clinton, something in the laptop weiner may have shared with abedin, sparked the fbi into clinton's use of an e-mail server. >> it's strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> reporter: in this photo, huma is seen leaving campaign headquarters. now facing the possibility that the text that torpedoed her marriage, can claim clinton's presidential dreams as collateral damage. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we'll find out what impact it has one week from today. coming up, why it's healthy to have a dadbot.
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? time, now, for "the mix." time, now, for "the mix." and for the chubby dads out there, science has some good news for you. the chubby dad, the dad bod, so to speak, is more attractive to women. and more likely to live longer than that typical macho ideal of muscles and a high metabolism and high testosterone, and so on. slow. testosterone drops off. you get pudgier. >> this is a good thing. >> yes, because -- that high metabolism, apparently you're more likely to die. >> okay. >> and the lower testosterone levels makes men pay attention to their kids, and that's attractive. i want the chubby women are more attractive study so i can eat more pizza. >> absolutely.
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out there, go ahead and eat what you would like. i'm curious the guy that came up with that study, though. >> that's definitely a man. all right, there's this one guy in dublin at the time, who is not trying to get a dad bod anytime soon. running a marathon is tough enough. he decided to go another to up ante there. >> is that the eiffel tower? >> it is. so this is a 70-year-old man. he's a frenchman, mikat bott, who ran the entire dublin marathon there wearing a large eiffel tower costume. >> running a marathon not enough of a challenge. >> he started to run marathons when he was 40 years old. he's a pro at it. he ran some 200 marathons. so, this is just a day in the park for him. >> all right.
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>> yes. >> i would have them in my lunch box. a little graham cracker and you dibbed it in the chocolate sauce. well, dunkaroos, they were discontinued in 2012. however, they are available in canada. and so, for those looking for a bit of nostalgia, there's a website called smuggaroos, that allows you to coordinate with someone coming from the canada -- from the canada. coming from canada, into united states, for them to bring you dunkaroos. let's go to denmark, where they're trying to encourage americans to vote with this interesting bus sign here. that's donald trump, just rolling his eyes, urging americans to get out the vote next week. americans abroad. >> very creative. >> mail in their votes. >> for information on that one, search the google.
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this morning on "world news now" -- one week away. after nearly two years of campaigning, election day is now just down to seven days. going to see how the fbi e-mail investigation is affecting donald trump and hillary clinton's chances, as they make their final push to the american people. and we're monitoring a massive fire at a residential complex in california. the newly constructed homes opening. and a couple attacked by a crocodile. >> you see the man jumping out of the pool, leaving the woman alone in the pool with the animal. find out what happens next. it was a halloween spooktacular. with plenty of treats, some tricks and one high-profile
3:01 am
the full story ahead in "the skinny." it is tuesday, november 1st. from abc news, this is "world news now." that pool video is just so dramatic. >> you better never leave me in a swimming pool with a crocodile. >> absolutely not. because if the crocodile doesn't get you, i will. >> and every man knows that, except that guy. one ends. yeah. let's talk about politics and election day. like we said, one week away. the clinton and trump campaigns, kicking it into high gear, while the fbi works on its renewed investigation of e-mails possibly linked to the clintons private server. >> investigators have duplicated the hard drive of the lap tot used by anthony weiner, the estranged husband of huma abedin.tot used by anthony weiner, the estranged husband of huma used by anthony weiner, the estranged husband of huma abedi used by anthony weiner, the estranged husband of huma abedin. the e-mails are being separated from the hundreds of thousands
3:02 am
work-related e-mails during the time of clinton's secretary of state. abedin's lawyer says she has not been contacted by the fbi. >> donald trump is making the most of the renewed investigation. he offered thanks for monday, while campaigning in michigan. >> thank you, huma. thank you, huma. do you think right now that hillary clinton is happy with the services of huma? i don't think so. thank you, anthony. i never liked you, anthony. i never liked you. but thank you very much. >> trump also claimed electing clinton would spark a constitutional crisis. saying she might face a trial as president. >> for her part, clinton is trying to put the fbi investigation in the background, telling voters she is more qualified to lead the country. it's "your voice, your vote.? we get the details from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: in ohio, where
3:03 am
engulfing her campaign. >> i'm sure many of you might be asking what this e-mail story is about. and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election, with no evidence of any wrongdoing, with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: clinton, putting on a defiant front. >> i'm sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> reporter: clinton's team now counting on their get-out-the-vote operation. more than 23 million votes already cast. democrats outpacing republicans in battlegrounds like north carolina and nevada. but in all-important florida,
3:04 am
weekend -- it is republicans with a slight edge in early voting. here in ohio, most supporters we spoke to brushed off this chapter in the e-mail saga. i say to you hillary clinton and e-mails, you say? >> i don't give -- >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: you can't say the word you want to say. >> i don't care. >> reporter: does it make you reconsider your vote at all? >> not at all. >> i am running against a man. >> reporter: clinton tried to shift her focus back on her opponent. >> when the election is over and people wake up on november 9th, we will have picked the person responsibility for all of these weighty decisions. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: hillary clinton's strategy, you heard it right there. she is trying to shift the focus to talk about donald trump. she will be bringing in reinforcements in the final few days on the campaign trail. president obama, vice president biden, all out there on the trial.
3:05 am
cecilia vega, abc news, cincinnati, ohio. on the campaign trail today, clinton will be in florida. and trump will be in pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> the national polls have been tightening. but a look at the electoral map shows trump still faces an uphill challenge. the blue states going for clinton, red for trump, and gray are the toss-ups. for trump to be elected, he would need to win utah, florida, north carolina and ohio. and then, that would leave him 11 electoral votes short of the 270 needed. >> if trump were to claim nevada and michigan, that would push him over the 270 threshold. but no polls have him leading in michigan right now. breaking news from mississippi. a deadly halloween accident has claimed three lives. all victims were on a hayride trailer going house-to-house to trick or treat. the trailer was hit by a pickup. one adult and two children were killed. several others injured. we will continue to cover this
3:06 am
in alabama, one worker has died in the explosion of a gas pipeline. six others were hurt. the company that owns the pipeline said the accident happened when a track hoe the company was using hit that line. the gasoline was ignited, causing a fire, which is still burning. the explosion happened not far from where there was a line burst back in september that leaked thousands of gallons of gasoline. in northern california, investigators are trying to figure out what caused the massive blaze that destroy a apartment complex under construction. the fire consumed the building in oakland, which was just months away from opening. most of its framework collapsed into smoldering piles. hundreds of people who lived nearby were evacuated as a precaution. and crews are still on the scene monitoring hot spot. and two people are recovering from shark attacks in northern florida. both occurred in the atlantic. in the more serious attack, a surfer was going for one last wave and swimming in chest-high water when a bull shark approached him.
3:07 am
and i started to paddle. when i looked to my right, there was a shark coming out of the water with my hand in his mouth. and he was shaking like this. and that's when i saw my hand pretty much in his mouth, and he was going like that. and he shook it out of his mouth. >> luckily, the man swam to shore. beachgoers wrapped his hand in a shirt and hero hospital. he had 17 stitches but suffered no permanent damage and was released. the other incident, the swimmer was bitten on the leg but let go. now, to the terrifying moments captured on camera. this is in africa, as a crocodile interrupts a couple's late-night swim. the man, quickly, leaps out of the pool, leaving his female companion to fend for herself. the man tries attacking the reptile from the sidelines. fortunately, the woman manages to fight her way to safety. no serious injuries were reported.
3:08 am
heights. once his melbourne-to-los angeles flight was at cruising altitude, he announced on the intercom there was a special passenger in first class. >> he said she was on her way to visit her family in south america and he wanted to make sure she came back to him in australia. >> so, now that i have her complete attention, anna -- [ speaking foreign language >> the pilot came out of the cockpit carrying flowers and got down on one knee. as you can see, she said yes and kissed him. >> qantas posted the video to its facebook page. the passengers thought it was heartwarming and unforgettable. >> and they also asked who is piloting the plane right now? >> it's kind of risky before landing, right? the passengers are saying, please, say yes. >> we're over the pacific, right now. please. coming up, the big surprise
3:09 am
how his courage to be himself no matter what, paved the way for a night of trick or treating he is never soon to forget. plus, bill cosby's latest move. what his attorneys are calling for from 13 of the comedian's accusers. first, let's look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by united healthcare. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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sexual assault of a woman 12 years ago, scheduled to start in june, on the eve of today's pretrial hearing, his attorneys called for 13 of the other women who accuse him of sexual assault, to take competency tests before they testify at this trial. another issue is whether a deposition cosby gave in 2004 can be used in this trial. his lawyers are seeking dismissal of the charges. inside an atlanta courtroom, the mother of a toddler broke down on the witness stand, as she testified about the moment when she learned her son had died inside of a hot car. that her ex-husband, on trial for their son's death, did not kill him on purpose. >> cooper was the sweetest little boy. >> reporter: leanna taylor was brought to tears, talking about her 22-month-old son, who died after her ex-husband, left the boy in this suv, for more than seven hours, on a hot, summer day in 2014. >> he was everything to me. >> reporter: at times, 35-year-old justin harris, on trial for murdering the boy, cried with her.
3:14 am
showed what appeared to be a happy family. >> morning. >> reporter: she divorced him earlier this year. but on the witness stand, testifying in his defense. saying, she didn't believe he intentionally killed their son. saying she thinks he forgot to drop the boy off to day care on the way to work. >> it was the only thing that -- that clicked in my mind, that was a remote possibility. he was never checked in. he was never checked in. he must have forgot. >> reporter: the prosecutors are painting a different picture. saying harris wanted a child-free life. and both sides agree while his son was dieing in the parking lot inside, harris was inside his atlanta office, sexting with other women. and there's surveillance video from a restaurant down the road from the day care. it's from shortly before harris
3:15 am
off. and nothing looks wrong. >> did he love this little boy? >> yes, he did. very much. >> harris is pleading not guilty. and even the workers at the day-care center said that he clearly loved his child. >> an emotional testimony for the mother to have to make. >> tough situation. we'll be right back
3:16 am
3:17 am
? skinny so skinny ? time, now, for "the skinny," starting with last night's halloween edition of "dancing with the stars.? >> it was a lot of fun. >> i loved it. >> yeah. the best dance of the night, was james and jenna's viennese waltz, earning them a perfect score, 30 out of 30. >> runner-up, laurie and val, also doing a viennese waltz, as well. bringing in what critics say was their strongest routine of the season. another perfect store, 30 out of 30. >> a lot of them are gelling at the right time. >> yeah. you look at growth in the competition. especially, they're a couple that peaked so soon. we thought they did. how are they going to grow from here? but they keep getting better and better.
3:18 am
driver, he knows how to come back from behind and take over. so, does the former football player. and then, there's marilu henner and derek. their argentine tango, according to judge carrie ann, riddled with missteps. tiny missteps, but many of those missteps. they were consistent. scoring them just 23 out of 30. >> i mean, this is someone who has never danced before. >> no. and it's tough. and she's the oldest one in the competition. usually by this point, remember the geraldo riveras of the day, they're usually done. >> or you try not to. >> and finally, there was ryan and cheryl. their tango was one of his better dances. compared to the competition, they are way below par. and unfortunately, this performance was not enough to keep ryan in the competition. they got eliminated last night. >> i learned a lot about myself, that i could, no matter how hard i get knocked down, i can keep fighting. and this family, i love it. i'm sad i'm going home. but everyone here has touched me in a special place right here. so, i'll always remember that.
3:19 am
winning last night's dance-off. they will be there to show their stuff in times square later on "gma.? >> and tom bergeron took the flight with them. he will be on "gma," as well. next, for another halloween treat. president obama visited tbs's "full frontal" with samantha bee for spooky stories. >> she got into character as a millennial voter, using her teen voice, as he tried to connect with her, as part of his message to get young people out to the polls. but she couldn't resist making a few jabs of her own. >> after you leave office, have you thought of just whispering in donald trump's ear, you were right, i wasn't born here, just to mess with him? >> i think it's pretty safe that i will be organizing my postpresidency where i'm not close enough to him to whisper in his ear. >> that was very fair. >> in his get-out-the-vote
3:20 am
would hope that young people would take at least as much time as it takes to look at cat videos online to ensure that democracy is working. she's about to dial back her career to focus on her son, but adele is making an astonishing admission about motherhood. >> she is opening up for "vanity fair.? the ten-time grammy winner admitted that soon after the birth of her son, angelo, four years ago, she battled a crippling bout of postpartum depression. >> when asked if she plans to have another baby, she said, quote, i'm too scared. she said that taking regular time out of her schedule for herself is what helped her get through the challenges of being a new mom. and finally, we can't let halloween 2016 slip away without a quick celebrity costume roundup. >> starting with our friend and abc colleague, kelly ripa, staging a halloween extravaganza she and guest co-host, jerry . o'connell, did a spoof of
3:21 am
even with the baseball bat. kelly went at it. they also did "the walking dead.? >> all right. next, beyonce threw it back to the '80s, with three generations of women, her daughter, blue, and her mother, with an homage to d.j. spindarella of salt n peppa. >> patrick harris and family, dressed as charlie chaplain, and groucho marx, and her kids, as marilyn monroe and james dean. >> in the theater. and throwing it back, this is demi lovato and nick jonas. >> they're dorothy and the scarecrow. >> that's what they are. >> we're off to see the wizard. and justin timberlake and jessica biel and their 18-month-old son, decked out in the in characters of timberlake's "trolls" movie. coming up, the halloween surprise for one special 9-year-old boy. >> hear how he found himself
3:22 am
you're watching "world news
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tch the misery. let's end this. ? work, turn to the left work, turn to the righ ? work, turn to the left work, turn to the right ? ? work, sashay, shante ? ? work turn to the left ? >> guess who is working it. >> i remember the video. i'm not going to act it out. i did the acting i did yesterday. >> you know it. >> he knows every word and every move. >> shh. little hero. little halloween hero is giving us a lesson on how to be ourselves. >> this morning, we are hearing about that young boy's halloween surprise that was anything but a drag. it will make sense in a second.
3:26 am
? >> reporter: in west hollywood, 9-year-old c.j., as his mom calls him, is getting in costume for halloween. his inspiration -- ? i like to show ? >> reporter: bob, the drag queen. the winner of this year's "rupaul's drag race.? >> oh, my god. >> bob is funny and smart and strong and sassy. my son likes all of those things. more than that, he is a boy that likes to wear a dress and look fabulous. >> reporter: his uncle is getting him into the holiday spirit and into drag. making sure he has the purse from bob's song, "purse first.? ? purse first purse first ? >> reporter: pictures of the two preparing the ensemble went viral, when his mom shared them on her blog, raising my rainbow. >> we don't expect to have a child who is differently gendered. we have to focus on loving our child, no matter what. >> reporter: c.j. is in for a surprise, from bob the drag queen himself. >> i'm very excited to meet him today. it will be very fun. i have never met a kid that dressed as me for halloween before. hi. how are you? it's me, bob.
3:27 am
gifts. >> your very own "purse first" shirt. >> reporter: and trick or treating. >> hi, trick or treat. trick or treat. we're here for candy. >> reporter: strutting down the street, of course, purse first. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> purse first. >> purse first. >> purse first. second verse, it's only going to get worse. i know the words. genius. >> got some trivia for you. >> uh-huh. >> do you know where the term drag queen comes from? >> it's nt not from drag racing. >> it's from the 1700s, from men's skirts to drag on the floor. >> news you can use. >> now, you know why we wear heels. >> why? >> it keeps the skirt from dragging. >> oh. this is abc's "world news
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here's some of the top stories we're following this morning on "world news now.? hillary clinton and donald trump have one more week to convince voters that they should be elected president. the fbi says its moving ahead with urgency in the renewed investigation of clinton's e-mail server. full campaign details coming up. ohio governor john kasich has followed through on his pledge not to vote for donald trump. kasich, who voted yesterday, by absentee ballot, said he wrote in the name john mccain, instead. and thousands of commuters are looking for a new way to get to work in philadelphia, now that transit workers have gone on strike. there's some new fears, as well, that a prolonged strike could keep voters from the polls on election day. it's a big day in cleveland. game six of the world series, with the indians leading the cubs, 3-2 games. josh tomlin goes to the mound for the tribe.
3:31 am
those are some of our top stories we're following on this tuesday, november 1st. can you believe it's november already? >> i know. it went by quickly. and it's starting to get cold. i'm not ready. >> yes. even more importantly, it is >> i am ready for that. >> yes. >> i'm ready for the end of this election season. and it's coming soon. >> it is a final week, as we're saying. starting with plenty of hot rhetoric from hillary clinton and donald trump. the republican nominee predicting a constitutional crisis, if clinton is elected. trump also saying clinton might
3:32 am
office. >> clinton and many of her supporters are focusing their fire on the fbi, questioning the timing of this renewed eail investigation. it's "your voice, your vote.? we get details from abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: hillary clinton, fighting the political firestorm now engulfing her campaign. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about. and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing, with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: making the case monday at one ohio rally. and then, another. >> if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staf the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails. >> reporter: clinton, getting some help from famous friends on the trail. pop icon, cher. >> i know that we question certain things about hillary. i love her. >> reporter: donald trump in michigan, seizing on the renewed investigation into clinton's e-mail server. >> the clinton crime spree ends on november 8th -- it will end on november 8th. >> reporter: trump, gloetd gloating over the new inquiry, that stems from anthony weiner's e-mails in a separate
3:33 am
>> thank you, anthony weiner. >> reporter: inside the fbi, cyber experts poring over thousands of e-mails from weiner's estranged wife, huma abedin, clinton's top aide. and for clinton, in ohio, she'll get a burst of star power tuesday, speaking at her event, president obama. kendis and diane? >> okay, thanks. hillary clinton renewed an old line of attack against trump, warning that he shouldn't have access to nuclear weapons. >> clinton accused trump of not recognizing the seriousness of using those weapons against any target. and wondering if trump knows that a single nuclear warhead can kill millions of americans. >> these are weapons, today, far more powerful than the bombs that destroyed hiroshima and nagasaki during world war ii. to talk so casually, so
3:34 am
annihilation is truly appalling. >> for millions of people, rather. in addition to that charge, clinton's campaign released a new ad, entitled daisy. it invokes a famous 1964 attack ad used by lyndon johnson's campaign and includes trump's statements about nuclear weapons. >> and trump responded directly to that attack while campaigning in michigan. >> she will get us into world war iii. she will get us into world war iii. i will tell you. she's incompetent. she will get us into world war iii. >> trump campaigns in pennsylvania and wisconsin, both traditionally blue states, by the way. clinton has three events planned today in florida. iraqi troops are poised on the outskirts of mosul. government forces are firing on isis positions in the city with artillery, tanks and machine
3:35 am
just yesterday, iraqi special forces took control of the last village on the eastern border. residents within the city are battling isis militants. the oklahoma highway control will release dash cam video later today showing a shoot-out between murder suspect michael vance and state troopers. vance was killed in the exchange of gunfire, after being on the run for a week. he was accused of killing his aunt and uncle and shooting two yesterday, three of his acquaintances were charged with helping vance escape. one worker died at a pipe explosion in rural alabama. five others are being treated at hospitals. the blast was touched off after a track hoe hit the gas line. the explosion happened not far from where the line burst and leaked thousands of gasoline in september. that break led to gasoline shortages across the south. investigators are trying to determine what caused a massive fire that destroyed an apartment complex in oakland, california. the three-story complex was still under construction, just months away from opening. abc's kayna whitworth has the latest.
3:36 am
firefighters still putting out hot spots from a massive, multialarm fire. >> very much out of control at this point. >> reporter: the building under construction. an entire condo complex engulfed. interior walls falling apart, falling into the inferno below. >> you can see it right there. >> reporter: firefighters racing to contain the fire. >> there was a wind this rn the embers were flying. >> reporter: tom kennedy, 1 of more than 150 nearby residents forced to get out. >> i thought it was our building on fire. that's how hot and close it was. >> reporter: miraculously, firefighters able to keep the blaze from spreading to other buildings. >> there were moments when you thought the whole block was going to go. >> reporter: oakland seeing a boom in new construction, as home prices skyrocket in nearby san francisco. firefighters estimate the damage at $2 million. as the investigation continues, they will look at the materials used in conduction.
3:37 am
angeles. the naacp is suing north carolina over an alleged voting purge, targeting african-americans. the lawsuit by the civil rights group accuses the state's local election boards of illegally removing thousands of voters from the roles. but state officials say they have done nothing wrong. the lawsuit seeks to restore the canceled registrations. north carolina is a key swing state that will help determine which party controls both the white house and the senate. a so-called voting report card letter that was sent to 375,000 people. it provides a score, based on how many times an individual has voted over the past ur years. the nonprofit group, the voter participation tender is behind the mailings. an official with the group claims it's an attempt to encourage voter participation. but some complain that it's an invasion of privacy. the group says it's targeting single women, african-americans,
3:38 am
all in that state. and president obama returns to the campaign trail today. he took a break for halloween. there's no real escape. one of the kids at the white house at that party, reminded him of his new status, showing up in a duck costume, wrapped in a bandage. a lame duck. that's harsh. >> that's harsh, but i think he wins. that kid is over the hill harding, the 10-month-old dressed up this halloween as cam, from abc's hit show "modern family.? >> he wins halloween. this kid just wins it all. >> totally. he has the hair for it. everything. >> it's my favorite costume i've seen so far. >> and the shirt. >> he looks so much like him, it's unbelievable. kudos to the parents for making that connection. >> we have more costumes for you later on in the show. coming up, we have more from the big night at the white house
3:39 am
but quite a few tricks, as well. as donald trump and hillary clinton, count down the days to the election, so are their impersonators. why election day will be a make-or-break day for them, as well. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. >> "world news now" weather
3:40 am
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sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker.
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ahh...still sick, huh? i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. so, even aurora looks spooky this halloween. the space agency distributed this picture that looks like a celestial serpent, riding across the sky. this aurora was seen in southern iceland and was the result of a solar storm. amazing. >> very cool. a driver is in custody,
3:43 am
in southern california. the suspect could be seen -- take a look -- in this chevy volt, raising high speeds on residential streets. this is in van nuys. while swerving in and out of traffic. and then, the suspect being cornered in a cul-de-sac. it rammed the cruiser. was taken out of the car at gun point and handcuffed. also in california, police say a thief went through a lot of effort just were for $200. detectives in redland said, the suspect apparently came in through the roof, since it was obvious that the ceiling tiles and then, he lowered himself down using a rope, and grabbed the cash box. the owner of the store says they have bars and motion detectors. but they never expected someone to drop through the roof. >> that's a lot of effort, a lot of planning. a lot of risk for 200 bucks. >> as far as he's concerned, 200 bucks. >> all right. turning to the investigation of a massive fire on chicago's o'hare airport. we're finding out new detas
3:44 am
that burst into flames. >> it happened just before takeoff, forcing passengers to scramble down the slide. this morning, the ntsb is calling it an uncontained failure. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: even the pilots didn't realize the catastrophic nature of this engine failure. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: passengers could see flames and smoke. >> drop and slide. >> reporter: an uncontained failure, meaning heavy pieces of likely ripping through the fuel tank and the wing. one piece flew 3,000 feet, going through the roof of a u.p.s. warehouse. it was a part like this that failed, part of the turbine. it spins around 10,000 times a minute inside the engine. a similar part has failed on three other 767s in the past 16 years, breaking into pieces, causing extensive damage. and an order for the airlines to change the way they inspect these parts. is that enough? >> sometimes it will happen
3:45 am
an older engine will develop cracks that aren't detected in normal maintenance. sometimes it can be a manufacturing defect. >> reporter: this type of part is never supposed to fail. american airlines has had two incidents. the airline says it's cooperating with investigators and can say nothing more. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. coming up, a bit of comic relief from the campaign trail. >> just what does it take to make it as a political impersonator? you, next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
? ? who are you ? ? who are you who, who, who, who ? >> i know the words to one song. >> we are a week away from the presidential election. and both campaigns are now kicking it into overdrive. as america decides who gets the country's top job. >> off the campaign trail, you'll find the political impersonators. many of whom, after election day, will also be out of a job. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: every flub, flip or flop in modern politics has made
3:48 am
live.? >> i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: tina fey's sarah palin, one of the most iconic examples. alec baldwin's trump, high on the list, too. >> he's either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or has never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> reporter: and there are many hillary clintons. >> not enough to work hard. we have to be cool but tough. soft but strong. sweet old lady but a sweet old la >> this is the jacket i wore last night. >> reporter: teresa barnwell has been hillary for the past 23 years. >> it started for me back in 1992. that was the first time somebody told me i resembled hillary clinton. >> reporter: take a look. the resemblance, uncanny. so much so, that teresa quit her job in advertising and does this full-time. barnwell is such a ringer, that
3:49 am
theorists, said this video of clinton was in fact barnwell. clinton body double trending on twitter. alas, not true. john has been playing trump for 12 years. and in an unlikely turn, it's finally paying off. ? and voila. >> perfect. every time, i have to tell you. you look fantastic. >> reporter: a trump win could bucks. already, he says his income has doubled since last year. can you walk down fifth half? >> and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose voters. okay? >> that's in my act. i say, my supporters are so loyal, i could get up, shoot someone on fifth avenue, they would rise up from the dead and vote for me. >> reporter: of course, a stop by h.q. i any think we're causing a stir here. >> how are you? good to see ya. >> reporter: we have to say, we
3:50 am
out of trump tower. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> reporter: but they tolerated us. laughter is the best medicine. >> how are you? good to see you. >> reporter: after this election, we might all need a double-dose. >> tell everybody who you're voting for. everybody who you're voting nor for. >> clinton. >> you see that? donald trump. he's voting for trump. you heard it. we'll edit the clinton part. >> reporter: i'm david wright, for "nightline," in new york. >> very cool. >> >> a lot of time in front of a mirror. >> the mannerisms and the language and the voice. there's so many details. they get perfectly. >> it's funny they went to trump towers. we've been asking viewers for a month now, for suggestions on halloween costumes. >> after a lot of thought, we made our choice. the winner was legendary luna of the luna show, who suggested we dress up as cleopatra and marc anthony.
3:51 am
as elphaba and hamilton. but what you didn't see was our other costumes. check this out. >> yeah. marc anthony. >> that's a beautiful dress. >> here's the deal. we appreciate legendary luna suggesting this costume. it was a great idea. we didn't have the budget. >> that is a lot of gold. a lot of gold. >> a lot of bling. >> they didn't go for it. but you are getting a mug. we are sending that to you. >> for those who got to see our actual costumes or those that >> yeah. i went as alexander hamilton, who is on the $10 bill. and you went as ali baba. >> her name is elphaba. from "wicked.? and we got juju chang involved. to do the juju on the beat. >> who would do juju on the beat? than juju chang. >> the real juju on the beat. so to speak. >> was it rough getting all of that makeup off? >> yes. we have a behind-the-scenes
3:52 am
and getting the makeup off and the full sketch on our social media. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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? hey, i was doing just fine before i met you ? ? i drink too much and that's an issue ? ? but i'm okay hey, you tell your friends ? ? it was nice to meet them but i hope i never see them again ? i'm not sick of that song yet. not sick of "closer" yet. it's so fun. >> i like it. who greeted the president outside of the white house yesterday. >> a little kid with a creative costume. inside the white house, there was a lot more creativity and excitement going on. here's abc's serena marshall. >> reporter: it was a thriller of a halloween at the white house. ? 'cause this is thriller killer night ? >> reporter: president barack obama and the first lady, showing off their dance moves. before moving outside to welcome local schoolchildren and military families for their
3:56 am
from a young michael jackson, breaking it down in a flash mob, to a man between two ferns. even some politically-motivated costumes. >> is that supposed to be me? >> reporter: it's not just the treats in the nation's most famous house. there are tricks, too. white house residents and staff have reported for decades seeing ghostly apparations and hearing >> can you feel my hand? sometimes you can't. >> reporter: british prime minister winston churchill, even president lincoln, seeing president lincoln, staying in the lincoln bedroom. up the street from the white house lies an equally haunted building, the u.s. capitol. once used as a hospital and barracks in the civil war, ghosts remain. there are myths about ghost of d.c., many are based in fact. like right here, where a dying congressman's blood stained
3:57 am
and he continues to haunt them. the congressman was shot after a duel of sorts, rumored to be searching for his revenge. and behind this wall, a fight broke out during construction, and a man was sealed up inside. between the myths and the sightings, one thing is certain, d.c. is a spooky place. and the living politicians have nothing to do with it. serena marshall, abc news, washington. >> i w friday. and saw the abraham lincoln guy, dressed up there. trying to figure out, why is he here? >> did you challenge him to a duel? you're not very good at this. >> clearly, i would have lost. >> that's the news for this half
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, one week to go until a new president is elected and both candidates are focused on the fbi investigation surrounding hillary clinton. agents are now speeding up the process, but will it be done before election day? we're live in washington. breaking overnight, transit workers on strike in a major american city. subways, buses, ev all halted. now the worries about the election day and people getting to the polls. also breaking right now, a gas pipeline has exploded killing one person. people are now evacuated from the area. fire and smoke still shooting into the air. and a surprise for these swimmers. a crocodile dives into a pool and interrupts a late night


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