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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MDT

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making news in america this morning, hillary clinton and donald trump are talking military matters. clinton lays out her plan to defeat isis while trump takes aim at the country's military brass. both candidates say they have what it takes to be the commander in chief. outrage in chicago over this shooting incident that was caught on camera. the windy city's summer of violence showing no signs of coming to an end. the use of force by some officers in california are being called into question this morning after a man's violent arrest and the video of it surfaced. hear what the cops are saying happened before that video started. and on a much lighter note, some foul play at a major league game last night. we're going to need one more,
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good thursday morning. i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we begin with the presidential candidates squaring off in new york witthe focus on national security. >> less than three weeks before their first debate, donald trump and hillary clinton took turns fielding questions about their record and what they would do as commander in chief. abc's maggie rulli has the latest. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: good morning, guys. well, the first official presidential debate is still a few weeks away, but we sure got a taste of it last night as the two candidates went head-to-head tackling national security issues. hillary clinton and donald trump sharing the stage in prime time although never actually face-to-face. the two rivals taking questions from current and former military members during the commander in chief forum on nbc. clinton up first responding to the e-mail controversy. >> it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. >> reporter: laying out her plans for how to defeat isis, pledging air support and
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>> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: and reminding america of her experience in government promising that she has the steadiness and strength needed to lead. >> i've had the unique experience of watching and working with several presidents, and these are not easy decisions. >> reporter: trump up next also promising to have the right temperament remaining unapologetic for his often criticized relationship with russian president vladimir putin. >> if he says great me, i'm going to say great things about him. >> reporter: then not backing down from a statement he tweeted in 2013 that blamed sexual assaults in the military on men and women serving together. >> it is a correct tweet. right now part of the problem is nobody gets prosecuted. >> reporter: when asked about his comment that he knew more about isis than military generals -- >> under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> reporter: but not everyone willait to see them debate. starting tomorrow in north
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third of all voters will end up voting early. nick and diane. >> all right. that's maggie rulli for us live in washington. maggie, thanks. president obama wraps up his first ever visit to laos before returning home to washington today. moments prior to a gala dinner last night, president obama and philippine president rodrigo duterte met informally in a holding room. the two leaders reportedly shook hands then entered the dining room separately. earlier this week duterte used foul language when referring to president obama, which caused mr. obama to cancel his meeting with duterte. the white house has announced that president obama will deliver remarks at a pentagon ceremony on sunday marking 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. 184 people were killed in the attack on the pentagon. the state department is calling for an investigation into a july attack on u.s. diplomatic forces in south sudan. the attackers were government troops who fired on a convoy
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luckily those americans managed to speed away without injury. the state department is condemning the attack but says it was probably a case of mistaken identity. senate leaders are in talks to break a deadlock over funding to combat the zika virus, this after congress failed for a third time to approve the money. senate democrats objected to a provision that wouldn't give any of that funding to planned parenthood for use against zika. in the house, a representative from florida expressed impatience with congress. >> can you imagine, colleagues, the fear and anxiety in these 100 mosquitoes were outside this jar and not inside this jar. members of congress would run down the hall to the physician's office to be tested. they would spray themselves before coming down here. this is the fear of floridians right here. >> meanwhile, miami-dade county officials are delaying further aerial spraying until tomorrow because of concerns by local residents. they say the pesticide poses a
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than zika. >>breaking overnight, a manhunt is under way in phoenix after a woman was shot to death whildriving and while on the phone with 911. police say the victim called for help saying a white truck with three men inside was following her. then dispatch heard three gunshots before the call ended. the woman was later located inside her crashed car, and she died at the hospital. police say the shooting does not fit the pattern of a recent string of serial shootings in the phoenix area, and the motive so far is a mystery. and li searching for the shooter in a brazen attack caught on video. you can see the 71-year-old victim watering his lawn when two people pass him on bicycles, but then one of those people comes backattacks the man, wrestles him to the ground and eventually shoots the man. you can see him rifle through his pockets and steal his wallet. the victim managed to stagger over to his neighbor's door and call for help. he's now recovering in the hospital. now, this shooting comes as chicago surpassed 500 homicides this year.
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the body of rita maze was found in the trunk of her car parked in an industrial area of spokane, washington. maze had been kidnapped hours earlier from a rest area in montana and placed in the trunk. she used her cell phone to call her husband, daughter and the police describing the ordeal as it unfolded, but authorities weren't able to track down the car before maze was found dead. southern arizona is cleaning up this morning after facing the remnants of tropical storm newton. after twice hitting mexico as a hurricane. some parts of arizona got as much rain in a day as they usually get in a month, but thanks to stacking sandbags, there was just some minor flooding there. and yosemite national park is adding 400 acres of meadow and forest land, the largest expansion of the park in 70 years. >> the new addition, which was traditionally used for logging and grazing cattle, will be preserved as habitat for wildlife including the
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hype about apple's new product was about. plus, the fbi is doing some serious digging as investigators get a new break in a 20-year-old cold case. and that violent arrest we mentioned in california, what the video tells us and what the
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testing is under way at the world trade center here in new york for the annual tribute in light. sunday's remembrance marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. two beams of blue light symbolizing the twin towers shine four miles high starting saturday night. the largest and most expensive destroyer ever built for the u.s. navy is on the
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the "uss zumwalt" left the shipyard in maine yesterday for its eventual home port in san diego. the ship, which is more than 610 feet long and 81 feet across cost $4 billion to build. now to another close encounter between the u.s. and russian militaries. a russian fighter came within 30 feet of a navy plane during a 19-minute instance over the blacse a similar incident occurred in april involving a russian jet and an american vessel. american officials have labeled the latest incident involving the two jets, quote, unsafe and unprofessional. an officer in southern california is under investigation after a video surfaced of a violent arrest. a police officer can be seen using his baton to repeatedly hiect who is already face down on the ground. now, police say what you don't see is just moments before that video starts, the suspect fought with the police officer inside a store and tried to wrestle his
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of the rumors about its new products and reveals some new details. as expected, the iphone 7 won't have a headphone jack, but you'll be able to use the lightning port instead. the new phone will be offered in two shades of black and have two cameras, not just one, and like the apple watch too, it will be water resistant. >> and the iphone is supposed to come with earphones that do plug into that lightning port as well as an adapter for older heph introducing these new wireless ear buds called air pods and will cost $159 and go on sale next month and because they're bluetooth, you can use them with other devices, as well. when we come back, a judge takes an extraordinary step in his city's fight against drugs. and swimmer ryan lochte is facing the music because of his behavior at the olympics. he won't be competing for
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that is not a gag photo. that's an actual office building near columbus, ohio. it was once the headquarters of a company that made picnic baskets but it's proving to be a tough sell. after 18 months, the price has been dropped from $7.5 million to $5 million. realtors say finding a buyer is no picnic. well, driving in the area will be no picnic either with flooded roads likely. you may find wet roads in montana, the southwest, the texas gulf coast and south florida. and if you are flying, airport delays are most likely in kansas city. investigators in california may be closer to solving the case of kristin smart, a college student who disappeared 20 years ago. >> as abc's kayna whitworth reports, a new lead has brought them right back to the college campus where she was last seen. >> reporter: a possible break in
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disappearance. investigators digging up a campus hillside searching for her remains. >> it's definitely been tough. we don't have closure. we don't know what's happened and it's been 20 years. >> reporter: kristin smart was just 19 years old when she vanished after a party at cal poly in 1996. according to investigators, this man, paul flores, offered to walk her home and was the last person seen with her. of interest in the case but has never been charged or arrested. shortly after her disappearance, the trail went cold and though her body was never found, she was presumed dead in 2002. i'm kayna whitworth, abc news, san luis obispo, california. law enforcement officials in cincinnati are making an unprecedented move to stem the soaring number of deadly drug overdoses. a judge has ordered that anyone who turns in heroin or other potentially deadly drugs in to police will not face criminal
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recently by an especially lethal kind of heroin and a synthetic drug used to tranquilize elephants that's far more powerful than even morphine. a big deal from the world of motorsports. formula 1 is under new ownership. the wildly popular worldwide car racing series has been sold to liberty media, the same u.s.-based company that owns the atlanta braves. the price tag, just under $4.5 billion. formula 1's ceo says liberty has the expertise to make racing bigger, particularly h u.s. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is being suspended for ten months. >> a source tells abc news he will also be banned from the 2017 world championship meet in budapest next summer. lochte and three other american swimmers claimed they were robbed at a rio gas station. the story kept changing and turned out to not be completely true. lochte has also lost all four of his endorsement deals.
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panthers in super bowl 50, not that anyone is counting, of course. tonight they meet again to kick off the new nfl season. >> but for now we're going to get last night's highlights from espn. >> nicole, neil, ladies first. >> well, thank you. they might be crying in washington, d.c., stephen strasburg back from the dl. he didn't last long, top of the third, throwing a fastball, loses command, the next ball, you see him grimacing. a big gathering on the mound. he would be pulled from the game and will have an mri on thursday. a pinch behind his elbow. here's the good news, bottom of the 11th bases loaded. wilson ramos doing his job. jayson werth would come in to score and they'd walk it off. nationals get the win, lose their pitcher, 5-4. i mean, the giants, they can't get out of their own way
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bottom nine, nolan arenado off santiago casilla makes it 5-4. n.l. leading 37th. and now it's joe nathan. just up, looking for his first save, working for san francisco, but cristhian adames is working for the rockies and adamp es with the walkoff. the giants are 17-32 since the all-star break. abby just sent me a picture of lionel messi's dog, so that means -- it's a giant dog, a future top play because it means that abby has cleared it. >> it's a good thing. >> all right. we'll take your word for it. check out one of last night's lowlights from the phillies/marlins game. foul ball down the third base line. now, watch the waitress. >> beer down in the rich people seats. the ball boy did his best to
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didn't even get to keep the ball. the stadium attendant gave it to a fan. going to need another beer here, please. >> that was nice of her. up next in "the pulse," the fashion show that is sure to go down in history but probably for all the wrong reasons. >> and the new most interesting man in the world. his adventure about to begin.
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you are ? time now for "the pulse" starting with kanye west's fashion show fail. >> the rapper showcased his latest collection at a private show on new york's roosevelt island yesterday.
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it started 90 minutes late forcing models in skin tight outfits and heavy winter coats to stand for more than an hour in the searing new york heat. some of them even passed out. >> and guests stuck on charter buses in new york traffic complained that they felt like they were being kidnapped. solving the rubik's cube can be astonishingly infuriating for most of us. >> but rice university football player calvin anderson cannot only solve it, he can do it in under 30 seconds behind his back. anderson says the skills he uses on the rubik's cube help him on the football field boosting his ability to think on his feet. >> but anderson says he still has some work to do. the record for solving a rubik's cube is 4.9 seconds. >> so interesting. he says he has a photographic memory, so he looks at it and knows where all the colors are. next up the new most interesting man in the world, also known as the pitchman for dos equis beer.
4:23 am
augustin legrand and a new promotional video shows him chopping open a coconut with his bare hands and speaking spanish taking the place of the former most interesting man who was -- >> jonathan goldsmith, of course. now, he held that position, by the way, for a decade just up until this past march. dos equis says we will learn more about his replacement. yest for the next bond. i think you should post yourself for this. >> what is great about this, the new guy, augustin looks like jonathan's son, and they say that, you know, jonathan, his shtick was like hanging out in bars with women draped all over him talking about past glories. this new guy, the frenchman, is going to be actually doing stuff like that, fetching soccer balls out of wells. >> he's actually going to be doing the interesting things instead of just talking about them. >> instead of just talking about it. >> all right. >> so, that's apparently what's going to happen with the most interesting man 2.0.
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now to a moving show of support for a high school cheerleader in northern california. >> the entire football team is rallying around ashley adam-tease who was diagnosed with leukemia just last month, every player laid a rose at her feet, all orange, the designated color for leukemia awareness. >> ashley has been undergoing chemotherapy and the players say they want her to know they're all there for her. ashley tweeting she's shocked, overwhelmed and speechless. >> touching story. more news after this. i love ice cream pizza! peanut butter -tacos! i love ramen. anything chocolate chicken tacos, pork tacos. and now that i've learned to manage what i eat, i can still eat the foods i love. every. single. day. members have lost 15% more weight in the first 2 months than on the beyond the scale program than on our previous program and they're still eating the foods they love. that's the genius of this program! join for free and get a free starter kit. hurry, offer ends september 19th.
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checking our top stories, donald trump and hillary clinton weighing in on national security at an nbc forum. trump said that the generals have been reduced to rubble under president obama, and clinton is vowing to keep ground troops out of iraq and syria. president obama wraps up his first ever visit to laos today meeting with southeast asian leaders before returning home to washington. while residents of southern arizona clean up from minor flooding this morning, the remnants of tropical storm newton are heading for the midwest bringing heavy rain and winds. >> looking at today's weather, it will be hot and muggy in the east and south. there will be heavy rain in the midwest and just some isolated storms in the western mountains. and finally, television's biggest event of the year is ten days away. we're talking, of course, about the emmy awards.
4:28 am
but so is the after-party, which is called the governors ball. george pennacchio of kabc in los angeles got a preview. >> it's going to be just like you walk into an enchanted garden. >> reporter: the theme of this year's governors ball, nature's elegance. floral expert kevin lee will use tens of thousands of flowers to make it happen. taking it all one step further, well, producer cheryl cecchetto. >> we're producing this incredible light installation dripping with wisteria and garland and ivy. it's magnificent. it's like a fortress with cypress and three-dimensional artwork. >> reporter: the cocktail, the moonlighter, will get a twist of nature besides the vodka and other spirits in it. >> so, i wanted to have this very crisp, clean drink with kind of bright bursts of green and lavender. >> reporter: plenty of wine to enjoy from sterling vineyards
4:29 am
and this chocolate company from kentucky. >> we drove 32 hours with 38,000 pieces of chocolate. quite the adventure. >> reporter: there was also a big meal for all the guests including turf and turf. >> we have a time roasted filet and serving that with a slow braised short rib. >> reporter: but first an heirloom beet salad with veggies from california's babe farms. >> all of this produce was grown specifically for patina and specifically for these emmy events so we're very proud of this farm to table feel. >> reporter: and my personal favorite, dessert. this lks >> yes, it is. it's all chocolate, coconut, tropical fruit, coconut meringue. who doesn't like that? i love it. >> reporter: the anticipation is building. the emmys will be handed out on sunday, september 18th right here on abc. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> george, if you could bring some of those snacks over to new york -- >> he is always the best dressed man on the red carpet, george, dapper. >> he's earned it.
4:30 am
neighbors outraged after learning what happened neighbor's autistic son. the super bowl rematch tonight. >> let's head to lisa to find out about the tailgating and the game. >> i'm really hot right now, i figure i would start this season with a sweater dress. it will be beautiful skies clearing and patchy fog.


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