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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  August 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am MDT

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you are looking at a live picture from the scene where investigators are investigating a death. new details on yesterday's officer involved shooting in denver. why investigators say that they were forced find this man and a missing one week old baby. we start without breaking news out of southwest denver. a death investigation is underway. >> amanda is live and, what have you learned? >> reporter: yes, they are still on scene collecting evidence. police got here just after midnight last night on-call of the body. last hour -- in the last hour
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took the body away. it was here off of south knox it was here off of s. knox court in this -- south know -- knox court. there were not able to say if it is a male or female victim. but again, we are live here in the barnum neighborhood. thank you. bit more cloud coverage. but we will gradually see some sunshine and warm conditions once again across the front range. temperatures are expected to be into the middle 80s. we do have a chance for a few afternoon and evening showers. but last -- next week we will be in the 90s and a lot drier conditions. this morning, as you can see a
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we are getting scattered showers. and a gradual clearing is a go throughout the afternoon. this is further to the east as you can see partly cloudy skies, we will continue to stay mostly dry throughout the morning. pueblo, colorado state fair is happening. if you would like to check it out temperatures will be ii the upper 80s. across the roccy mountain national park we did start the morning pretty cloudy. they can have a chance to see sh around noon. so if you're heading to the mountains, get it in early. 65, and mostly cloudy conditions. but at the airport, 74 where the winds are from the northwest . we will see temperatures climb into the upper 80s across fort collins, and 60s and 70s in the foothills but 90s are in the forecast and i will bring
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help to find this man and a one week old baby. he was supposed be taking the baby to the doctor but he never return home. investigators say he may be with his girlfriend now. they could be driving a 1995 chevy silverado with colorado license plates. and they could be another state. if you see them, copley spirit you probably heard your phone go off for an ambbr alert for this three-month-old baby. the ba taken into custody. they say he took the baby from its home in colooado. they were worried hot -- pose a risk to the baby, but he is okay thankfully. seven people including a child, are in the hospital this morning. it was along parker road several cars were involved that
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extricated it is not clear what caused the accident. new developments on an brought you yesterday, the man involved has died. police say that they were trying to arrest they wanted man when he pulled a knife. didn't work. they have not released the name of the suspect or details on why he was wanted. and details on the story we told you about yesterday. a teenager has turned himself in suspected of shooting his brhe they got into an argument and one of them shot the other and ran off. it happened on oberlin trail, and the victim was taken to the hospital. investigators have not released the suspect's name because he is a juvenile. denver please have us -- have arrested a man they say assaulted a woman. he is facing second-degree assault charges police are investigating whether he is connected to another incident that happened on the same spot
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10 am and we will follow those developments and bring you the latest on our website. firefighters were quick to get a handle on a brush fire highway 85 yesterday. crews from five districts in the douglas county sheriff's office worked to put up those flames. no one was hurt, and no buildings were damaged. we now know the name of the flagger killed in a construction zone. they say, but it was the 29- year-old charles junior. say that he was directing traffic when he was hit by a tractor-trailer he died at the hospital. investigators have identified human remains found in a national forest at east of the springs. they say they used dental records to identify the person but they are keeping it confidential through the investigation. no word yet on how long the remains were out there or if the death is considered
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national park are issuing a big reminder, the careful on the rims of the trails. yesterday a 21-year-old park employee fell off of a cliff and died. apparently she was talking to coworkers near the edge when she fell. her body was airlifted out. yesterday the green party rallied with presidential candidate jill stein. she says that her main message is for people f that they are selling. and, instead follow the path of the greater good. >> want to thank you for ing a sign of hope and courage and peace in a community which is hurting. jill stein -- >> jill stein is not done yet she will be in boulder today. former presidential hopeful carly fiorina met with mike
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opportunitiefor women. coffman faces a competitive challenge and the ethically diverse seat. his opponent morgan -- morgan carroll issued a statement saying, he has repeatedly voted against women's issues and that he is out of touch with women in the community. meanwhile donald trump is taking on new criticism for a treat many say was an effort to capitalize on tragedy. it says, dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying african-americans will vote trump some are calling it racist and saying he is turning tragedy into politics. dwayne wade is an nba basketball player and his cousin was shot and killed pushing her baby and the stroller. according to the police she was caught in the crossfire, and not the intended target. still to come, and a statement tries to blow himself up in a morning mass and indonesia.
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a look at downtown denver, the broncos took the win, their preseason game last night, sunday. it will get up into the 80s. summer will be sticking around for quite some time. a would-be suicide bomber failed to detonate in a packed church and indonesia. it was during a mass earlier this morning the attacker injured a priesttbefore he was restrained. they say he was sitting in the crowd when he suddenly ran towards the priest the bomb in his backpack never went oof. members helped to chase and
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the smallest in one of the worst hit towns in central italy. 230 confirm death. and they toll at least 100 best 290 people are dead but they say that number will change. they are looking into whether negligence in enforcing building close added to the high deathhtoll. % a local italian restaurant is trying to help those impacted by the earthquake half of the sales from a special dish will go to the earthquake victims. the owner says that friday night they sold out and it will be served through september 4. the coast guard and new orleans police are searching a leak. a small plane crashed into the water last night. one person was rescued but to others are still missing. part of an enggne on a southwest flight blew apar and shrapnel may have penetrated
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families. adrian has that full story here. stunning new images of in an air emergency. >> it sounded like a tire blowing and you smelled smoke. >> they south -- they suffered a catastrophic engine faiiure midair. out of the left windoww, the 99 passengers on board had a clear view of the mangled engine housing dropped from the ceiling. >> i looked up and i could see the metal flapping. >> children were screaming and crying. >> the pilots ran through an emergency press -- checklists. >> this was an explosive event with his engine and if put hot metal into the cabin therefore losing the cabin pressurization the masks dropped out and people are having to go oxygen masks.
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20,000 feet in just eight minutes. >> my ear started popping pretty bad >> they're trying to take care of a engine and do this all the while making sure that passengers are okay. they landed safely, only about 30 minutes after takeoff. southwest riding in, that initial reports indicate that there were no injuries among the 99 passengers an members on board. investigation. >> we are continuing to get images from what they experienced in the plane and on the ground most of them saying they are so thankful to the pilots for keeping them alive. nfl player colin kaepernick is at the center of the debate after he didn't stand during the national anthem.
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unthinkable, climbing all of
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, we have breaking news, police say that to chicago brothers have been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of dwayne wade's cousin. the 32-year-old was shot and killed pushing her baby in a stroller. and according to police she was caught in the crossfire and not an intended target.
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working to clean up a mess, with more than 7 inches of rain dropped friday night leaving cars submerged. this morning, mud covers a lot of the streets and parking lots as drivers were to air out their cars, markets and storess are closed to try to get things back to normal. to stranded sailors were rescued after navy aircraft spotted sos in the sand. in the western pacific ocean may have limited supplies and no emergencyyequipment. -?the coast guard received a report about an 18 foot vessel with two people on board missing. here's a story a lot of people are talking about san francisco 49ers quaaterback colin kaepernick is at the center of a debate. you can see him sitting on the bench alone during the national anthem. it was before the game against
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going to stand show pride to apply for a country that oppresses black people and people come -- color. the move is getting mixed reactions. >> you don't do that. >> i think it was better than anything else like violence. >> nfl has said, the players are encouraged but not required to stand during the player of the national anthem -- playing of the national anthem. a personal trainer from record. jo grant hiked all 57 all 5714 hours in our state. he started with mount bierstadt and ended here. you can see how stunning these pictures are. they were all posted on his instagram. but his story is crazy. he actually biked home in between each of his crimes. he
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>> that is so impressive. >> not even close, but i've done an incline. >> and 32 days. how you do that? >> be him. >> right. while the activity level that people poosess here, and the things they can do -- >> yes, love to be from colorado. the weather is great we have a chanc ww have picked up snow on the mountain peaks in today, the radar and saaellite is seeing instability throughout the state of colorado so that is bringing in this upper-level low and produced some widely scattered showers and jersey -- drizzly conditions. this is from our wireless camera, and this is mostly clear blue skies and across the loveland ski area we did see
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clearing but the mountains we expect to see a chance for showers and storms starting at about noon. so if you're hiking, biking, be aware of that. temperatures are staying in the 60s for the most part. and our camera from the tower camera mostlluy cldy skies but we will see gradual clearing throughout the day eventually warming the temperatures up into the lower to middle 80s. by 3 pm temperatures are in the lower to middle 80s ac chance of storms between 5 pm and 8 pm and overnight partly to mostly cloudy skies. highs across the front range are 60s and 70s, and as you can see, middle to upper 80s in platteville, greeley, dia 84, denver expecting a high near 85. and getting uu towards 78 and
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elsewhere, as you caa see 83 in grand junction 81 craig 77 is are expected high for steamboat and middle 80s and akron. and colorado springs, 80, and a bit cooler tomorrow. here is our futurecast what we can expect throughout the day today as you can see, scattered showers a potential for storms across 70 in the mountains and moving on to the foothills 6 pm and as you can see, a light chance for seen passg the biggest threat with the storms heavy rain gusty winn it will be sure to keep an eye on that here. and then, overnight tonight, tomorrow we will start off with more sunshine. high pressure will stay in control once again. 59 is our ooernight low and by tomorrow 88 is are expected high and it will continue to climb throughouu the next seven days.
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haveea slight chance missing isolated storms. but we are not putting it in the seven-day because it is not anything severe to worry about. >> i'm glad that the heat is back, but the overnight temperatures last week were nice. the broncos came out on top last night and what is being
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hello, welcome to morning sports. the brrncos opened the season in 11 days. last night, the final dress rehearsal, they got the scoop -- starting quarterback. after that, it would be surprising if he's not the starter coming opening night. one thing's for certain, we don't have to worry about the defense. down goes chase, and the super bowl mvp is all ready in
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offensive line. it led to a pair of free. guess i should say, this is terrible. he hit him on the sideline flagged for unnecessary roughness and led to a field goal. and then, itttook them 14 minutes to compete a pass. under fruit cody latimer, if -?that's -- under, th latimer, that's a touchdown. and, he this off with a beautiful play. and, if the broncos up to seven. and before the break he led a scoring opportunity. one hand in stride, you can't teach it. that would set this up. brandon manis, and that's good.
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intermison. and we start off with an injury. vladimir took a shot to his knee. he left thh game and did not return and there's no update on his status. we can breathe easy with lynch, sets up the rookie booker. it is part of an eight play, a 15 yard drive and we had a siding, 7 yards to the house, and this was it for the scoring, but could this be it for mark sanchez? see any action there. it does not bode well. and to baseball, this was strange, the rockies scored on an intentional ball. aj cole is attempting to walk. that happened. and allow them to come iann score. i'm not sure that i've ever seen that before.
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second of the day, and it is gone. another two-run blast. the rockies win in extras and put an end to a four-game skid. that does it for me. go out there and have yourselves a great day for thank you. lawmakers are looking to fce
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. nnet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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we are continuing to follow breaking news southwest denver. >> amanda is there and has been on scene all morning.
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hour, i have seen some of these investigators go into and out of one of the homes. and it is on south knox ct. they write to midnight, when we got here, there was a tent that was shielding the body. and, the body was on the sidewalk. we have alss showed you kind of, where the body was right now. and, we know that police have not released whether the victim force -- or the circumstances of the death. i do not want to compromise the investigation. they got on scene at midnight, and it is still continuing this morning it is a very active crime scene. we're going to check our weather now.
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cloudy throughout most of the morning. there is a chance for storms and showers in the forecast, and radar and satellite, there is some shower activity down to ?he south. and, also further out on the western slope. our current temperatures are 62 grand junction, with lower 50s in aspen, gunnison, and denver at the airport it is 74. and it is 70 in -?our futurecast, what we can expect throughout the day, as you can see, we are starting to clear out and a mix of sun and clouds throughouu much of the day. activity starting from in the mountains that will make its way potentially onto the foothills. a few of the storms could roll in. there is a slight 10 to 20% chance of seeing those passing showers and this is stopped at ?even a little bit more
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overnight tonight we will start to clear out before monday and tart -- and start to see warmer conditions. highs are in the middle 80s boulder 84 boulder 8460s and 70s for the foothills and upper 80s across the northeast and planes but 90s are in the seven- day, i will have the in a few. a 21-year-old is killed in the prime of her life by wrong way driver. a colorado native, was studying to become a teacher in her life was tragically cut short. candlelight vigil and has more on how she is being remembered. the family is devastated we just can't believe it happened. >> hugs and tears, as family and friends gathered to honor a woman. breanna was killed when a driver going the wrong way on highway 34 slammed into herr car. >> she was a gentle soul and she loved children. >> they gathered at the park
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wherever you are sitting if you have a word or a phrase or something that reminds you of breanna or the family to me a favor, just saying out loud wherever you are. >> i can't throughout a better word than beautiful. >> beautiful, kind, loving all words mentioned. >> she was so beautiful so kind she just had so much love to give all of the time. we are going to miss her so much. boofriend's mother, i asked her what her hopes and dreams were. >> she wanted to work with kids she was going to be a teacher in the elementary and she wanted to have kids of her own. >> a life cut too short but memories will last forever. >> the memorial service will be held at 10 am this friday in denver. a young man has died after
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this happened on the westbound on-ramp of highway 36. someone is driving by they saw the accident happened reported it and now it is under investigation. we have an update on the beaver creek wildfire it has been burning for more than two months. right now, it has grown to more than 37,000 acres and is 53% contained. they say people should prepare for these filed by -- wildfires. the end of octobee is one firefighters expect aspire to be under control. whether you like it or not, marijuana is becoming more portable. and people re starting grove operations getting dispennaries a lot more stock. and in turn, the price is rapidly declining almost by half. new laws may be coming for truckers. they have proposed requiring trucks over 26,000 pounds to
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have to limit the speed of their truck. research shows that speed is a factor in nearly a quarter of all of those accidents. it will limit the speed compostable speed limits of 55 miles per hour or higher. all trucks have been made since 1992, with this equipment. donald trump had his first national security briefing. >> this morning clinton cannot avoid the clinton foundation criticisms. >> here is devon with the story. >> this morning hillary clinton is facing new questions about whether top donors received special treatment when she was secretary of state. we have exclusively obtained these emails which then top foundation and clinton theme -- inner circle. documents obtained as part of a lawsuit by citizen group united. in one exchange, they suggest
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executive from three groups who donated to her foundation. later, they requested that one of them be seated at vice president biden's table. and, they replied, i will ask. and another thhy're asked to relay the message on behalf of the big supporter of the clinton foundation. that big supporter donating they forwarded long writing, just want to no need for action. donald trump has seized on those ties. >> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department against. >> the state department denies that they got any special favors>> my work is secretary o state was not influenced by any outside forces. in the clinton foundation says that these emails were not related to its work. >> when sked about the ooficial
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believe is not an appropriate for outside groups suchhas the suggestions.o call for new thissmorning, colorado is among three states that have reached a new agreement in their long-standing conflict over water. colorado, kansas, nebraska have signed resolutions, that will allow all water issues. it allows nebraska 49% of the river's wattr, kansas gets 40% in colorad been in a legal battle for the past 15 years. plans to drain the reservoir has been and -- havv been postponed. those plans were canceled after parts of the nearby road co-ops. they report that the road collapse is not related to the reservoir problems.. we have a traffic alert for you. if you're heading to downtown denver, there is a big road
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-- ban it -- it is closed due to the event at civic center park. 300 volunteers are painting the streets. when there are -- when they are done there will be two blooks of artwork. this is south of the stanley marketplace project. >> my famous aviation. -- my theme is aviation, because this is now turning into marketplace. so that's why i decided to include any airplanes as a retro style old factory. >> you will also see symbols of colorado on the streets. they hope to finish the project in september. if you are looking for something to do this weekend go to the 144th state fair. friday night was the opening
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carnival rides in the course livestock. this year, you can get education as well. the wizards challenges of -- is a fun way for kids to learn. still to come, a ninth grader who started nonprofit
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month.
9:41 am ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? welcome back. when a family member faces a life-threatening illness a lot of the time the focus is on the one who is sick. >> this week's hero is focusing on someone in the family is often overlooked.
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>> she is only 14 going on 24 and, she has quite the story. >> she has that inittative and drive that is really rare for someone at her age. >> and she was 12 she started a nonprofit called heartfelt hugs . >> it is a support group for kids desk siblings of kids with critical illnesses >> because sometimes they feel left out and she would know. younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago. which meant big changes for everyone. >> couldn't have birthday parties or go out with my friends or go to the movies or anything because, it was always at risk of germs getting to my brother. >> so her group holds bimonthly fun outings for siblings they clean everything beforehand and they charge nothing.
9:43 am
joy and feel happy and meet new friends in the same situation and that they just have fun that they can have on that one day. >> and the parabens -- parents than if it. -- benefit >> her efforts have worked so successful -- support group. >> we provide babysitting mentor in, and activities for siblings and some activities where they can be together with each other. >> just doing something that helps the community and changes it akes me complete. i want to be able to help other people and make a difference. >> the denver7 and trusted choice independent insurance
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hero. congratulations. >> [applause]>> and, to learn more, search heartfelt hugs on facebook, we've also provided a link on oor website.. if you click on our community section and on the seven everyday heroes. the car service, uber, has lost more than $1 billion this year. according to the head of finance, huge exppnses drivers are responsible for the majority of the company's losses globally. at least one financial expert says no need to worry, because the company is maintaining huge growth. wouldn't you love to conduct studies like this? researchers say that students actually learn more from good- looking teachers. who knew? you may think the opposite because the students would be distracting, but apparently not. they say they actually remembered more lectures from professors that they found
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the study's lead author says it's just nature. >> beauty iin the eye of the beholder. so we all have that tgif moment on the last day before the weekend, one comppny is making that longer. amazon will experiment with a 30 hour workweek instead of the 9 to 5. a dozen people work monday through thursday only from 10 am until two a. -- 10 am until 2 pm we have got three dogs in the house today. they're very excited. they are over here ready to get onntv. they need a friend?they need a family. >> yes, let's talk about the weather reelly quick. it will be really nice if you wann to take the dogs out for a you mighh want a light rain jacket. until 11 am, and then a gradual clearing and a chance for rain
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radar and satellite right now are showing some activity but for the most part out to the east, mostly clear and a beautiful start to our sunday. if you're heading to the ferry are seeing a mix of sun and clouds and you should see temperatures gradually warm. rocky mountain national park going out for a hike or a bike ride to walk the dogs and enjoy sunshine we will continue to see sunny skies across the mountains until midday a better chance for seeing showers and isolated ?hunderstorms. in denver, this mostly cloudy conditions. we until 11 am. we can use all of the moisture that we can get. but when high pressure builds in that's all we will start to dry out dancing were sunshine. but today, as you can see a mix of sun and clouds forming to
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and temperatures are dropping back down into the upper 50s and lower 60s. highs today for the day a little bit warmer in what we saw yesterday, grand junction is at 83, and 60s and 70s across the high country. and our futurecast, let's take you through hour by hour, a lot more activity is starting around 2 pm down to the southwest. and we're rolling onto the foothills, a few of the storms have thpo to come to the area from 4 pm until 8 pm. anticipate isolated rain but overnight,as you can see the state will start to dry sunshine. 59 overnight, but chance of storms is in the forecast and we will stay partly cloudy. and, it is going to be hot. we are back in the 90s tuesday
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to thursday and friday temperatures gradually decline. but for the most part overnight lows sting mild, and it felt like fall last week. >> yes. the pet of the day is
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z23egz zvpz
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y23egy yvpy we are back and jackie. it has been so good to see you. you have moved to south park. you are back to telllus tips on how to train your dog to treat. but first, these awesome dogs. i have -- lana. >> she is spayed, has everything but her rabies shot.
9:51 am
this is carolina, she is a beagle makes. she has had a pretty tough life. right nowwshe has heartworm. at this point she is not up for adoption because of that. >> but once that gets fixed. >> absolutely. and how beautiful is he. >> he was a owner release, his owner didn't have time. he has had some training and he likes to exercise. go hiking, rrnning, he is very accive and has a lot of energy >> he has been pulling me around the studio. >> yes, he is just fabulous. he is so friendly. >> and so we have about a minute. talk about retrieving. in the right way to teach her dog >> yes, everybody is, throw ball, but bringing it bbck is
9:52 am
>> they really want to start with this in mind. have a toy that your dog has an easy time picking up and then, stick your hand under their tell him cannt give. and thhn, give him a treat. and, he will open up his mouth and drop it in your hand. and then, you make it will be harder and drop it to the side and just don't give them anything. and if they drop it in your hand give them something. so, once youuhave that you got your retrieve. because of how matter hard -- far you throw it it's back in your hand. >> and you are liking it there? >> it is wonderful. >> we are lad that you came back. if you would like to adopt, contact them, i have their new number. i will post it on the website. this one is whining a little
9:53 am
so cute. >> that one jumped on you all ready. that's a hug. i hope you find homes. coming up, this might be unimaginable, adding on another
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here is a look at our top stories, pic your help to find a seven-day- old baby who is missing. they saved dad likely took the baby. ernest johnson was supposed to be taking the baby to the doctor but never returned. they say he may be with his girlfriend now your we are learning that one person has died in an accident in parker. seven people are still recovering. and, a driver going the wrong way caused that accident. the driver died and we are learning alcohol did play a
9:56 am
officer involved shooting we brought you yesterday morning. the man involved in the shooting in denver has died. police said they were trying to arrest him because he was wanted and when he pulled a knife they tried to tase him. it did not work, so they shot him. police are still conducting their death investigation here on the 100th bbock of south knox ct. they got here just after midnight. they found the body and throughout the morning -- a body and throughout the morning they had a tent covering the body. i am following all of these the elements and we will bring you more online. reporting live. well, this is amazing astronomers have discovered an earth sized potentially habitable planet.
9:57 am
away they say -- for -- 4: light-years away, they say itt is habitable. >> it is a little bit bigger than earth. if you can believe that. >> [laughter] >> i'm sorry, the dog just pulled her out of the door. we have a big dog in here, and that >> just let it get outside. have a chance for storms in the forecast. overnight we will stay play mild /pretty mild. by next week -- pretty mild. by next week it will start to warm up.
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>> joel osteen: well, god bless you. it's a joy come into your homes and if you're ever in our area, please stop by. be a part of one of our services. these are the finest people in all of houston, texas, right here at lakewood, and we'd love to have you come out. i'd like to start with something funny and i heard about this positive farmer and negative farmer. when it would rain, the positive farmer would say, "lord, thank you for watering our crops." the negative farmer would say, "yeah, but if it keeps this up, it's going to rot the roots." when the sun would come out, positive farmer, "lord, thank


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