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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 6, 2016 2:35am-3:05am MST

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but watch this. right here you do see a flash of something. >> i see fire. >> right about here, two eyes glowing in the smoke. and they saw it too. [ speaking in foreign language ] oh, there he is! >> yes. there he is. so one officer picks this creature up, and they make their way out. did you see how close that dog was to the flames? >> oh, and he looked like too scared to even move. he was just hunkered down. >> so do you reckon it was somebody homeless and crashing there, maybe the fire got out of hand? >> they don't know. they're actually looking for the owner of this dog. here you see them checking his it is okay. now they're just looking to see who the owner may be or hopefully get it another forever home. when i saw just the title of this video, i realized i was in for one heck of a ride. in fact, we all are.
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we have another one of these videos, where somebody -- >> no! >> according to the title of this video, this is somebody climbing the world's tallest tv tower without safety equipment. i' before, why don't they take drones with them. this time they have, and it so so much worked. once we get the drone involved, we see this guy making his assent. the crazy part being he's not climbing the ladder, he's going up the outside, people. the most terrifying part, once he gets to the top, he's just standing on these two tiny bits of metal. >> he's holding on. >> i wonder if the tower moves that high? >> it absolutely will if it's a windy day. now for me, the absolute money shot is right here as the camera pans around on the drone and reveals him at the top. >> meanwhile, some live reporter is wondering why his or her live shot --
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he basically is hugging that light to warn low-flying aircraft that this thing is there. for me, it's actually worse when he gets down a little bit to this part, just before the antenna starts to get really small, where he stands on the edge of this platform. let's go, and it's just him and his feet with the toes over the edge. this video absolutely incredible. i'll put the entire experience for you guys on our website courtesy urban endeavors. head over to and click on our mobile app. they have become common place here in our society, as common as cell phones and cars. drones, i'm talking about. in many parts of the world, spacecraft. like this village in uganda. these kids have never seen a drone. >> oh! they're running away from it! >> soel cool.
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visual story-teller traveling through this as a humanitarian. he just thought, what a great way to show off to the kids there, and they, i think, love it. maybe are a little terrified. >> i think that some of them might be terrified, but you hear squeals and giggles and joy. that gives me goose bumps. that's so cool. >> isn't that great? what a wonderful idea for mark to bring out the drone. he knew -- i'm sure he knew it would be a crowd favorite. >> as good as this video is, i want to see the one from the drone. >> don't you, though? >> that would be money. >> i do too. i love when the camera pans around, you're right, and you see all of the kids just smile, there's wonderment behind their eyes. they're chasing after it. they're running away from it. i -- it just is such a pure moment in this short clip.
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closed captioning provided by: smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 72 percent. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. this is my what in the h-e double hockey sticks video of the week. this woman is ramming her car
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apartment building, and you see she took out those cars, and continues to drive. [ bleep ] [ speaking in foreign language ] >> people in the parking lot see all of this going down, and they start to approach the car, cell phone in hand, to get it all on camera. and i think they're just as confused as all of us are at first. these folks decide enough is enough. as they approach the car, you see she's on her cell phone. they're like, hey, calm down. we got you on camera, stop. here's where she flips them the bird, and then she takes off driving again. the folks around the car think that she was intoxicated, because this just continues. >> with all the refusing of the engine, it's almost like someone is driving a manual that's never driven a manual, not understanding how it works. >> this is pretty reckless. she takes off again after hitting the blue car. bumper. stop driving. >> i'm with you.
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>> it does escalate to that point, because in total, she ends up hitting 17 cars. they think she's trying to get away when they stop her and finally get her out of the car. and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, she starts walking away, and then she attacks. >> ooh! >> she starts swinging. >> the heck is this woman's problem? >> they start to try to get her under control, they get her back into her car. they say she stayed there until police arrived, but this entire situation, i give to the folks who decided to try to control it, even though they couldn't stop the damages. can you imagine if she got out on to the streets? it definitely could have been a lot worse. >> oh! >> that is baby alexandra. she belongs to my friend brian laurel. she is just 2 weeks old, and dad is trying to get her to settle down. he tried everything. talking to her, cooing at her,
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this is the one thing that works to get her to stop crying. dad breaks out the official trailer of "star wars," the force awakens. at first, she's not having any of it. but as they say, wait for it. [ baby cooing ] >> she opens her eyes. >> oh, my goodness! >> oh, my goodness! it totally caught her attention! chin. >> i have similar feelings when i watch the trailer. >> the force is strong with her dad. >> jedi mind trick. >> we'll get you there. moving on to another daddy-daughter video. this man said he took his daughter on her first roller coaster ride, and they didn't know how she was going to react,
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smile on her face, she loved it. >> i just love that. they love being tossed around and scared, because they think it's the coolest thing ever. >> yes, they do. what's really cool, just made the height requirement, which they were worried about. it was 90 centimeters, she is 93, so she got to ride her first roller coaster. there are some people out there that say anything that a guy can do a girl can do better. >> uh-huh. you know what, it's a two-way street. >> oh-oh. why? >> because, check this out. >> how about now? >> i already agree. give him a pass. he ain't got no hits to support that wine. so boom, boom. >> rihanna's work featuring drake, and he's certainly
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>> yeah. dude's got moves. he's got moves. but if you're going to make this a two-way street kind of argument, you need to do this in heels. >> boom! >> his work boots like he's got on are so easy to dance in. >> try heels! >> no. >> all right, then. >> a lot of people are finding this video pretty cool. you can actually see, it's got tens of millions of views, and hundreds of thousands are shared. >> this guy does have some skill. but there is a reason behind that. we can check out his instagram right here, where ashley says he >> oh. >> and you can see all kinds of other videos and photos, and thighs! i think the reason it's trending so much, he's a strong guy, but at the same time -- >> his game is strong. >> inside a public gym and just doing a workout in front of a mirror, but this video is like fire across the interweb. a camouflage clearly works,
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new zealand, and you get this. >> always doing an event with not just bmx. in this case, it's bmx, mountain bike and smx and all three in one venue, to be a part of it. unreal. >> farm jam is what you get. the fruit family, who has a large plot of land decided to put aside a small plot of land for this. to build a track and invite a bunch of guys to come on down and have a blast. oh, yeah. i forgot that little dash of ingredient called bread bowl. it just makes it -- the cool part about this event called farm jam is that the guys all get together and ride. it's competition, but it's not like a competition like x games. the guys are all out there judging each other. it looks so much like a music festival. watch this trick here, and whoosh. >> wow. >> a triple. >> can you imagine having that
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hey, red bull, we're going to just do some hills and some stuff. you think you guys want to come down and bring some friends? >> but they're cool in new zealand. you see so many extreme sports you can do. it's the number one place to be. in this age of social media, pictures are being taken all of the time. no matter what you're doing. but this particular picture being taken, is actually kind of special. at least for this girl sitting at the end of the table. as the picture is about to be taken, you see that somebody suddenly appears right behind her. that's her man. >> wow. >> who has been deployed and is just now coming back. >> that camouflage is working, because she's completely unaware he's there. >> the picture is taken and then the big reveal with a kiss. >> oh! she gets up, gives him a big hug
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the rest of this video while everyone else is like, okay, this is great. >> it's like -- >> not right now, she's not. all of these homecomings are always amazing, because they're always surprising and always very emotional. just like this next one. except in this case, this man's marine son is coming back home. but he's revealing his return like this. as dad sits down to look at the menu at this restaurant, waiting for his server to come, you realize -- >> hi, y'all. >> took the long way around the booth. >> when the server comes to ask for the order, it turns out it's his son. >> by the looks of it, that server is getting quite the tip or really likes the sandwich. >> and this video, as well, for the remainder of it, dad and son hugging the whole time. >> that didn't take long! she's on live tv with her man, because -- she's about to pop the big question.
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>> but see why her chance at romance is about to get really uncomfortable.
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award-winning performance.
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>> should a woman propose to a man? >> yeah, heck yeah! >> sure. >> okay. we stand split at the table, because i'm with you. but this happens. >> the couple is helen and mark. it's february 29th, traditionally known as bachelor's day. that's where women can propose to their men. it happens every leap year. so once every four years, we will not judge you, ladies. >> great. so now i have to wait four years? >> well, this is a special day today. >> is it? >> run for your life! >> live tv! >> that's this morning. that's national. >> they are live on i-tv's morning program. she is about to pop the big question. >> i love you so much. >> uh-huh. >> and you're my soul mate. and every leap -- >> yeah.
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the eyes keep darting to the tv and her. >> well, today i've come to ask you, will you marry me? >> i have to think about that for a bit. >> oh, now i need to think about it! that's as good as a no. good grief! >> live television. >> oh! >> he was messing with her! >> yes. >> this is why women shouldn't propose to men, because men will make a joke. he has to make a gag out of it. so you know what, yeah. women just say yes. >> what do you expect us to do? we're not going to do the sniffles. >> oh, my gosh! >> everybody is so relieved. >> did you ever dream helen would do something like this? >> uh, yeah. >> so, yeah. i'm going to go on record for saying this is the best marriage
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protecting yourself in an active shooter situation. the life-saving tips one martial arts studio is giving. the new push to making smoking pot public places legal but a catch. ted cruz with rejuvenation in his campaign. a strong showing today on super saturday. cruz a strong contender to beating out donald trump for the nomination. live in the newsroom, tonight results could be a game changer
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one to be donald trump tonight results show he could be onto something. tonight he went to kansas and maine while donald trump letting kentucky and louisiana. cruz trails by 80 delegates but analysts see it as a potential and to trumps winning streak. marco rubio took third place. and the democratic race bernie sanders picked up two wins in kansas and nebraska while clinton won louisiana. even with those two winds sanders is behind clinton by more than 600 delegates. with tonight results trump is calling for marco rubio to drop out of the race although still a chance for a big win for the senator in his home state of florida. some polls show trump has the lead there. tomorrow night hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be taking the debate stage in flint, michigan on cnn. the water crisis expected to be
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this is taking two place -- days before the primaries you can catch another edition of politics him play tomorrow at 4:00. we look at the fighting within the republican party and why some voters are told they are not smart by voting for trump. a man shot multiple times during a home invasion in westminster. police are looking into weather it was related to a hot growth inside the home. police say two armed men barged into this home just before 6:30. there was a struggle before the shooting. the victim taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police are offering a $2000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >a new report shows colorado so dry last month parts of the mountain to the lowest amount
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the state was the driest. statewide mount precipitation about half of what we normally get. researchers say this could have a big impact on our snowpack but a forecaster at the national weather service says it's nothing to be too worried about yet. >> i would not say to concerning. we still have quite a bit more of winter left to see more precipitation. as we are still in el nino we could see pretty good snow systems from this. >> march and april will be very important in telling how much snowpack will be affected. stacey donaldson joins us now. we coulddget help later this week? absolutely another storm systee headed our direction right now. for march we should just get over an inch and a quarter for moisture up and today we have had nothing but plenty of time to make that up about 10-12 inches of snowfall. since january we are above
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10 of an inch of moisture. looks like more moving in. and we have some moving into southwestern colorado. after these warm afternoon highs today some changes ahead will cooler soft. the full forecast in a few minutes. tonight the bizarre new surveillance video after a burglary in wheat ridge. those are burglars in monkey mask smashing their way into the dispensary, thursday. an employee was inside when they threw a rock through the door but they still got away. we still don't know what happened to a man whose body was found at the main reservoir `n lakewood. a couple fishing there when they notice something surfaced to the top of the water. >> went to cast my line by then the sun was shining through the water and i look down there was a dead body floating there. >> earlier today a body found at linsly parking east and there. investigators still looking
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this couple behind bars after a dangerous chase at speeds topping close to 100 miles an hour in fort collins. a deputy stopped gilbert and jessica padilla for having phony license plates. the couple took off tossing drugs out the window as deputies chased them. it ended in loveland after cops use stop sticks aad rammed the car. what would she do if you found yourself in an active shooter situation. martial arts studio spent the day training law enforcement and everyday people to defend themselves with their bare hands. it all comes down to three easy steps remake all based around a martial arts the opry and are to remember code. abc. avoid him a run away, barricade winning entry and the focus of the training combat fighting back.


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