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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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boaters starting to show up? wright we are at hill middle school and the hilltop neighborhood, there are 10 caucus precinct at the school. again about an hour away but people just filing in, they will go to the auditorium and get an introduction and break up in the 10 classrooms. eight years ago hillary clinton was part of the caucuses in colorado and did not fare too well against eventual nominee and president barack obama. he got 67%, she got 32% only a fraction of the delegates. if you look at the map provided by the new york times the rural areas of colorado. i spoke with a bernie sanders supporter who will talk to one of the precinct about what they should vote for sanders and hopefully take some green areas barack obama took in 2008. >> to rrally think if i would get me room there's 90 hillary supporters and two of us i would win the room?
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but i think people are coming out tonight are educated in their own police. i hope there are undecideds because that is part of the process. >>reporter: this is going to fill up quickly. again 10 precincts. i will push over to that elections division map you can see someone checking out which districts, which prisons are here. if you are uncertain about where you need toobe you can head to and find your precinct four caucusbecause you have to be in by 7:00 if you don't hear the presentations for both sides you can participate in your vote to support hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> thanks, marshall. young voters want to take part tonight but also time for midterms. some have to make a deal with their professors as long as they take a selfie at the caucus they don't have to take their midterms.
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double on their final grade. the democratic race expected to be a tough when tonight especially for bernie sanders. so far he is only won in vermont. hillary clinton has victories in georgia, virginia and alabama, expected after the win in south carolina last week. sanders not counting himself out yet. >> there is a lot of voter turnout today across this country. we are going to do well. >> sanders has focused on our state but clinton isn't discounting her votes. she is relying on an army of volunteers to get people here involves. >> i am hoping to do as well as i can in colorado. i know our team has been working really, really hard on the ground. we have thousands of volunteers across the state doing their very best to reach out and convince people to go to the caucus in the first place and caucus for me. >> join us tonight starting at 10:15 for a special politics
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we will break down the caucuses and talk about what is next in the race. tonight after denver7 at 10:00. the dreaded zika virus now in colorado. two peopll got the virus will traveling to another country. the virus spread mainly by a certain mosquito which does not live in colorado that means an outbreak here is a micro. however zika can be transmitted sexually from male to female. denver health getting a lot of questions about this for moms to be who have heard stories about zika causing birth defects. >> we are asking every pregnant women we see at every clinic and she has traveled. if she has we are offering blood testing and a positive we are offering ultrasound, again based on the current cdc recommendations. >> as with a two people who got the virus the health department says they have already recovered. you can sometimes hear the howling in the night but when coyotes get a little too close to you or your pets can be scary and it is happening more often.
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that city one focus of a new study? we back seat coyotes in this neighborhood is a common thing signs all over this neighborhood alerting and warning residents that coyotes live in this area and it is something that residents want to pay attention to especially this time of year because it is pretty seat -- breeding season but also researchers are paying attention to the same exact season because they're trying to figure out why coyotes attack both humans and pat. >> we can hear them fairly often they are really loud last night. >> sounds of coyotes wandering the highlands neighborhood where he lives in walks are dogs. >> we are pretty careful walking around here. her neighborhood no stranger to coyote attacks affect the city of broomfield where she lives has seen six coyote attacks in the last year.
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is why they are taking a part in and putting the denver coyote project put together by a group of researchers from colorado state university. >> starting to realize the city re-created are in fact their own ecosystems that can house wildlife species. the head of the research says the project will figure two things why there are more attacks and why some coyotes are attacking humans. doing this by collecting you. on a website called i bachelor. >> anytime a report is made is put on a google map an opinion is put down the more pins the more information we get win information reeearchers say open spaces a safer place to live. these coyotes will be study for the next three years. the city of broomfield will fund the project by paying for the callers that will work as gps on these coyotes to help
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live in broomfield denver7. we will continue to see the sun this weekend. unfortunately winds. mike nelson joins us the first alert forecast includes fire danger? now winds pretty light in the metro starting to pick up as the foothills of the west. reached up to 50s today tomorrow 10 degrees warmer no precipitation and radar although a little hint of moisture coming into western colorado but not onnthe eastern plains. the worry of firr warning affecting all of eastern colorado tomorrow combination of warm temperatures, gusty winds, low humidity and dry fuel. high clouds tonight look to cash winds an increase and high danger tomorrow. a bit of moisture in the seven day i will share in a few minutes. look at these pictures this man could be connected to a murder almost two months ago in
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varnell jenkins killed when two groups of people got into a fight. the denver sheriffs department forced to make major changes after several problems were found in the department including deputies using excessive force and inmates. today the city wanted a progress report. the work has just begun bring back with more than 400 recommendations the work is far from over. sheriff patrick furman says some of the biggest problems are with staffing which is why they plan to hire 200 deputies this year. that will bring dsd to full staff with more than 1000 employees. something ys is critical to reform efforts. nine months after recommendations from eight. the sheriff gave his first update to council members this afternoon in addition to staffing the sheriff says is focused on getting deputies alternative uses of force by offering de-escalation
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through this training by the end of the year. >> they look at different methods to de-escalate the situation, different conversations, different words to use. they go and visit different facilities. >> another big issue is mental health. sheriff fermin says 26% of denver inmates are being illness. that means is the largest health mental -- largest mental health institute in the state. they are looking for ways to better educate deputies and alternatives to deal with the mentally ill. flying red-hot batteries and the carpet umppre quite the scare for a couple of trauma students. >> because of the hoverboard. we talk to the students today. >> at first they heard a strange noise? >> the students told me that just plugged in the board and were settling in to some video
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pieces of the board flew across the room lighting furniture and the floor on fire. now they are asking what is next. gabriel roxas likely has been telling the story all day. >> my hoverboard exploded and almost burned the building down. with good reason. after 5 minutes of charging >> orange haze everywhere it reminded me of a haunted house. it happened at an apartment on 20th street near the clippers event center here's some video. a little hard to see that the floor is charged and the hoverboard is well crispy. >> it was like get out of the apartment remake he was just borrowing the board from his friend. >> here is the batteries that flew all over the place. i don't think he will be getting is hoverboard back. firefighters still looking at the board trying to figure out
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there has to be some route i go to talk to someone to get some type of reimbursement because the apartment is screwed. this hoverboard is screwed obviously win no one was hurt so at least it is something they can laugh about. >> self-destructing. >> here's a look at how dangerous these hoverboards are. the consumer product safety commission has received reports of 52 hoverboard fires in 24 states. between december and february. all fires have cost $2 million in property damage, destroying two comes in one car. the company miilions of dollars in debt time running out for sports authority new details about when they can file for a can see. finding a summer camp that isn't filled and second one that fits your work schedule and budget. what every parent needs to know . the broncos made a big move today to make sure von miller
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ports authority expected to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy tomorrow. this would and months of speculation the company was nearing bankruptcy. sports authority expected to close 140 locations including three in the denver metro area. after a year in orbit astronaut scott kelly returning to earth tonight completing research with colorado state university. csu researchers looking at the impact prolonged spaceflight has of the body by comparing scott's cells with his twin brother living in arizona. school is almost over. had he found a amp to send
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>> it can be a daunting task to find the right camp for your kids and you. mark boyle live. is apparent i know this can be frustrating and expensive. what if you found? >> my head hurting a little bit from searching this story today what we are finding there is not a good online database that lists all summer camps in colorado. and by category. we are also finding they are very expensive that is why places like the y are offering more alternatives -- affordable alternatives. >> i'm looking for something up and at least by 7:30 a.m. and stay open past 5:00 many parents struggle to find summer camp options for their kids. >> it is unbearable i spend hours at night on the weekends looking at different websites trying to figure out when it goes online, who can register be back we found out firsthand the search can be confusing not to mention expensive. some camps running $500 a week.
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math to games and activities. >> when you think about what summer has to offer the experience and people get when being able to be engaged in the community with their peers, to be challenged, have their brains active win here are some suggestions. figure out what type of camp your child is interested in. getting kids active is important. >> research shows that students are not engaged in summer learning or physical activity the fall behind from their peers and also are likely to gain more weight. decide which schedule fits your family. finding the schedule friendly to working parents is tougher. >> there is nothing besides your typical hr ca camp and school camp no one really caters to the working parents. red safety is also paramount for places like the ymca and camps all over colorado. as far as safety is concerned
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tell us every day and overnight summer camp is background checked and have to have proper permits. they also run all employees with the sex offender registry every week in an effort to keep your kids safe while having fun. oil prices rally today on wall street oil companies looking to cut costs after weeks of record low prices. one of the biggest companies in our state announced today is dramatically cutting production. anadarko petroleum told the denver business journal it will only have one rick open this year down from seven it had running last year. making more cuts around the country. by the way this is the same company and the mineral rights fight with a new school in erie. the elementary school planning to open next year but anadarko owns the rights and consult on the land. more meetings are planned this weee. if no compromises made it could delay the opening of the new school.
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>> pretty cool clouds, interview from the camera right above us here at channel seven. look at them rolling along as the winds come off the males. tomorrow windd stronger and clouds are racing from northwest to southeast. here is what is happening right now same if you looking off to the west 51 downtown 50 at the airport 26% humidity, winds light from the south southwest at six. today's temperature 58 degrees started at 27, well above normal for the first of march. extremes are 74 in 2008 and seven below in 1922. test a hint of moisture starting to work its way into the state from the northwest. stream. watch what happens tonight the color you start to see coming in, stronger winds what we call in meteorology the nose of the jet.
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motion and we will see that overnight into early tomorrow morning. the snow develops by 6:00 a.m. for the northern central mountains about two to 4 inches expected late tonight and early tomorrow morning. dry on the plains is a down sloping wind. teens and 20s expected in the mountains tomorrow watch the band f snow it doesn't last very long by noon as a matter of fact pretty much gone but this is 10:00 a.m. watch the wind vector crank up in the afternoon. strong west to northwest winds coming in tomorrow afternoon. highs in the 40s in the mountains, low 60s northeast low 70s across the southeast. range numbers mostly in the 40s. light snow strong winds expected in the mountains strong winds across the plains. partly cloudy tonight 32 for the low. tomorrow the high temperature up to 62 and quite windy and dry, looking at the extended forecast we will stay dry for the next several days. periods of gusty winds quite a
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warm temperatures in the 60s and it will not be until early next week we start to get a little while moisture and the forecast not only for the mountains but down here on the plains. we need the water but it's hard to call 60s bad weather. >> but time to flip that switch. >> comfortable but not good for us. coming up the broncos think they want quarterback but the price tag may have gone up the
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the broncos expect the exclusive franchise tag today. they have until july 15 to work out a long-term deal that that means jackson and brock osweiler will not get tagged anddhit the open market. brock got some good news today eagles gave sam bradford and new deal $18 million a season $22 million guaranteed. he has a losing record so brock ranked by mehdi is a top quarterback renowned only seven games under his belt but if john elway won't have to get brock to sign for $12 million to $15 million the at the bradford field may send the price tag shooting skyhigh. now peyton manning espn said in a patent would like to play again next season. this after a report peyton will announce his retirement this week. guys come on what is it going to be. a source close to the manning family told e hate and has not decided his future plans and probably won't until early next week. the rockies told us today they will make coolers filled more
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offensive left field 5 feet and right centerfield by 8 feet less home runs, more outs. pitching always a problem for the rockies and hopefully this will change that. broncos linebacker demarcus ware stopped at marion street had to he made a bet with the stove -- store owner of the broncos win the super bowl demarcus gets to tattoo ryan with the super bowl 50 custom special. this is how it ended he got
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. test. he list starts now. dog gee help in the digital help. three ways social media is saving animals in need. you here's your new daddy. grandma was right, our list
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ailing you. makes me feel so good. take a vacation, hollywood style. how you can kick up your feet in a luxurious celebrity home. welcome to the show. i'm donna ruko. the three stories at the top list. here's bradley. >> thank you so much. millions will vote and only one will end the up the winner. the voice, at number three. >> big singing last night and last night, as the voice kicks off season 10. it is going to be a battle of talent this year. but let's be honest, the real battle we all want to see is between coaches adam levine, christina kristin and blake. >> you thought this was about singing.
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right now. probably something really yep. >> now, from searching for talent to a hunting dog number two. again. >> wow. what a scare it must have been for lindsey when her 3-year-old went missing. >> called the sheriff's department and got on facebook and asked people to come and help look. >> the community response was strong, but wasn't until doug and his dog were called in, that things really improved. >> the pressure was on, because you're asked to come and perform something that you have never done before. >> after hours of searching, honey's keen sense of smell tracked him down, safely in the >> it was amazing. everybodwas hugging. >> a dramatic rescue and a new friendship as wheat sweet as. >> hunting for your dream job. tv and taking pictures, grab your passport.


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