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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00 a.m. new details on the bus driver accused of drinking and driving with more than 30 kids on the bus. and a craigslist ad that could didn't know it. >> our first look at the cherry creek school bus driver accused of dui.
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it was a staffer who alerted school administrators to get eric. >> reporter: cherry creek school district says michael hobbs got behind the wheel of the bus here at west middle school yesterday afternoon. 30 kids were on that bus. the shocking story has parents >> when you hear stories like this it makes you mad as a parent. you're like, these are people in charge of making sure my child gets home safe. >> reporter: this cherry creek parent was shocked to hear the news. >> you're mad? >> yeah, mad is the first reaction i think most people have. i'm scared. >> reporter: because this man, michael hobbs, was just arrested on suspicion of dui. the arrest happened with 30 kids on the bus. >> the bus driver walked by a staffer on the way to the bus,
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think i may smell alcohol. >> reporter: hobbs left the school with the students. >> my question is should they have not let him leave? what are your thoughts on that? >> they did what they're told to do, to report it. >> reporter: hobbs made it to the first stop before school administrators contacted him. a sheriff's deputy conducted a field sobriety test and took him into custody. >> punched in the face. parent. that's reckless and dangerous. >> we're very, very sorry it happened. we're talking all the right steps. >> reporter: hobbs was fairly new to the school district, hired just last year. administrators say they do random drug tests on their drivers frequently. they say this was a very rare incident and hobbs will be
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eric, thank you for the update. this pe teacher, lucas cole young was arrested when he told investigators child porn accidently popped up on his commuter -- computer. a few days ago two people ended up in jail for taking strap metal -- scrap metal from a property. police later found out one of the suspects didn't know he was doing anything wrong. he was responding to a craigslist ad by this man who allegedly told them they had permission to take the metal. he's been charged with burglary and theft. the other person won't face charges. it's ffiday and almost the weekend. do we have nice weather. >> it got really warm really fast. it's beautiful. clear skies now. you look across the entire state, not a single cloud. satellite radar is bored. nice to see.
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the mountains, that will happen this weekend. everybody getting sunshine. it's 54 degrees downtown. 52 at the airport. winds there nice and calm. you can see how dry it is. any little bit of snow we had earlier in the week pretty much gone across the metro area. 52 in greeley. 54 at city park. low to mid-40s in the foothills. %- state-wide, 30s and 40s already in the mountains. as you're planning out your day it will be one of the warmest days heading into the weekend. 55 by noon. lots of sunshine. by 3:00 we have highs near 60. that's about 10 to 12 degrees above normal. we'll start to cool down tonight. clear skies, and tomorrow warmer. we'll talk about how warm it will get coming up in a few minutes. thank you. we're learning more about that mass shooting in kansas that injured. it happened in hesston yesterday.
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ford, was served with a restraining order from his ex- girlfriend about an hour before the rampage. ford was later shot to death by police. >> i wouldn't think he would have ddne that. loved his kids and he was a good guy. >> the attack comes less than a week after a man was charged with killing six people and wounding two others during the shoooing rampage in michigan. now park county deputy kolby martin is still in the hospital recovering after being -`shot several times tuesday. he's in serious condition, but he's up and moving around. funeral arrangements being made for corporal nate cerrigan killed in that same shootout. >> as a parent you send your kids off and you want them to
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nate was one of my kids. didn't want this to happen. not supposed to. >> corporal nate carrigan was killed while servinggan eviction notice and the sheriff said he knew this was a high risk situation. honor flag is coming back to colorado to honor corporal carrigan. sadly, the founder of the flag says no other state has had the flag as many times as colorado in a short period. the fifth time in a year. a coffee shop in downtown denver wants officers to know they're appreciateed so he's offering them a free cup of coffee. it's at amethyst. a few officers have already taken them up on the deal. >> they come in and i shake their hands and say thank you for the job that youudo. >> he doesn't usually get to mingle with the officers, saying most of them take the coffee to go. they're pretty busy. breaking news on the
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new jersey governor chris christie is throwing his support around the front-runner donald trump. this news comes after major fireworks last night. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> reporter: donald trump took incoming fire for much of thursday night's debate. marco rubio had been avoiding strong attacks for months. but on the stage in houston, that changed. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, he would be selling watches in manhattan. >> reporter: this was the final debate before almost 600 delegates go up for grabs on super uesday. trump's other main rival, ted cruz, also went on the offensive, turning a five-man debate into a three-man argument. >> every time anyone points at donald's actual record, what he said on television, donald yells liar. falsely accusing someone of
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>> reporter: trump, meanwhile, offering an explanation as to why he hasn't released his tax returns, which became a hot issue after mitt romney suggested they could contain a bombshell. >> i will absolutely give my returns, but i'm being audited now and i can't do it until it's finished. >> reporter: they claim if that's so, that should make it urgent to release tte documents. students at cu can get out of mid-terms with a selfie. chemistry exams scheduled for tuesday night same time as the colorado caucuses. so the professors say attend the caucus and take a picture and you won't have to take the exam. looks like we still don't know who will replace late
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we told you yesterday that nevada's governor brian sandoval was a possible replacement, but now he says he doesn't want he job. nhl stadium series is coming to denver, beginning with an alumni game between the av's and red wings. coors field is now a big ice rink. >> reporter: absolutely. the scene is quite cool, actually, as a hockey fan myself and just a faa of really cool things here in denver. the av's are just wrapping up practice inside coors field. yep, it's a hockey rink now. no more baseball. the rockies are off in arizona. we're going to play hockey starting tonight that alumni game and saturday with the av's and rockies. for much more, want to bring in jamie horne from the nhl. why denver, why colorado, why hockey ootside? >> first of all denver is a great hockey market.
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commissioner says it's about having fun, bringing it outside, having families celebrate the game together, and the players love it. most of them grew up playing outside. creates a unique expe it becomes the center of the hockey universe. >> reporter: the obvious question, it's bright sun outside. the temps are starting to turn up a little bit. is weather a problem? are you guys dealing with it, how are you dealing with it? >> we've adapted to every weather condition over the past decade having these outdoor games. shouldn't be a problem. the sun goes down after 4:00. the game is at 6:00, so the ice conditions should be fine both for the alumni game and the big game. our ice crew does a fantastic job. we're able to to do these games really in any climate. >> reporter: ffr all the fans that will be coming out here, thousands are going to fill this place both tonight and tomorrow night, what can they expect? >> i don't want to give everything away, but unlike
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just the anticipation of the game is almost like a heavy weight fight. the crowd fills in and hear the chants of the wings and av's. the ceremony of the players coming out. the fireworks, the pyro, entertainment of the bands, and everybody has an amazing time. these games are once in a lifetime. >> reporter: definitely will be fun. a lot of people expected. puck drop 5:00 tonight. 6:00on saturday. outside the fan fest is open and free to the public four hours before. i hear tickets are still available. may be some still out there if you want to have a seat and enjoy all of this. >> it's going to be such a neat event. jason, thank you. straight ahead we'll tell you about the sweet deal jetblue passengers got. >> plus, college students
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i'd like to report that me and my friends were jumped on a bus for being black. >> police say that claim is a lie. the women behind it have gone from victims to perpetrator.
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the other way around. the video has left the people upset there, especially since the so-called victims even held a rally. >> in terms of asking for forgiveness and apologizing to the university, but they have to answer to the charges. >> the students now face assault charges and falsely reporting a crime. all three will be arraigned monday. the university of missouri professor caught on camera trying to intimidate journalists during a campus protest is now out of a job. the university's board voted to fire her this week. she was seen on video last fall asking for muscle at a protest. that request was followed by protestorsspushing and shoving the journalist. this protest was over alleged racism at the university. she's since been charged with third degree assault. a rough flight for an arizona family. they were kicked off a plane they say because their child had an allergic reaction. to make things worse,
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were clapping as they were escorted off the plane. the 7-year-old had some allergic reaction, possibly because of a dog on the plane. the flight attendant tried to move them away. that didn't help, so they were asked to leave. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. and it's not my fault. one of them had a dog and said, no way, i'm not getting off this plane with my dogs. so if he didn't, so we got de boarded off the plane. >> passengers didn't know his father has terminal cancer and they were making a trip to see his family. you guys are part of something historic tonight. >> that's how the flight started for passengers on the jetblue flight traveling from boston to phoenix. they were told they would get a free round-trip ticket to anywhere jetblue flies if they
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the two choices, costa rica and turks and caicos. >> costa rica, surfing. >> turks and caicos had a lot of hands up. let's pick it and go. >> quality of life is amazing, dollar is strong. you get a lot for your money. i switch over to costa rica. >> we had a change of heart. hour flight to try to sway less than 90 minutes into the flight it was time for them to cast their vote. >> raise your hand if you have chosen turks and caicos. no hands in the air. [ applause ] it must be only one thing, 150 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica. >> so this means every passenger will get a travel
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it's part of a social experiment, part advertisement for jetblue. flights? i'm on the ones that are too bumpy, can't bring the drinks. that's the flight i'm always on. not too bad getting over the mountains. beautiful state-wide. clear skies. 60s today. 70s tomorrow. then there's a weak storm we'll talk about that storm coming up in just a minute. first a beautiful look, this is going to be near fry hill. lots of sunshine. you're going to find in greeley now 52. boulder, fort collins, denver all 54 degrees now, with winds at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. highs today 58 to about 61 here in denver. 62.
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up into the foothills mainly 40s. even some 50s in spots like bailey, 522 and in deekers today 55. state-wide pretty mild. 40s and 50s for the central mountains. telluride 46. durango 50 degrees. plenty of sunshine. clear skies. i'm not even going to show you our futurecast until tomorrow morning. 7:30saturday nice conditions. clear skies in the morning, sunshine to start tomorrow. a pretty big warmup. by 3:00 we'll see a few clouds roll in over i-25. chance for a few showers in the mountains. this is a weak storm, a weak disturbance that rolls through late saturday into sunday. not a lot of moisture for the plains. the mountains will pick up a few niches of -- inches of snow. by early sunday morning, 2:00, 2:30 in the morning, a few showers could clip northeastern colorado. we won't see much in denver. very dry along the front range.
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of the day on sunday. again, more sunshine. weekend long, saturday into sunday, plenty of sunshine. watch our temperatures, from 60 today to 70 tomorrow. overnight lows will be mild. that 70 will put us 3 degrees off from the current record high for tomorrow, which is 73. bright spot saturday. sunday, 55, cooler with that weak storm. next week, tuesday, slightly better chance we're going to see a light rain/snow mix with another storm. temperatures in the low to mid- 40s tuesday. so far the end of february, first of march, really very mild. we're going to talk polar plunge weather coming up saturday we're all jumping into 37-degree water. a high of 70. >> i'm glad it's saturday and not last weekend. >> the aurora one was cold. had a good cloud deck and fresh ice into the water. i don't think it will be that bad. >> good. lisa, thank you. sad news this morning,
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man here, paul james murphy has the long time broomfield resident was one of the last surviving crew members of the u.s.s. indianapolis and last known survivor in our state. that ship delivered the components of the a bomb. japan torpedoed them and there were only 316 survivors. he was 91 years old. family. the oscars a few days away. we'll sit down with an
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers.
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which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. the red carpet is out in hollywood. we're two days away from the 88th annual academy awards. hollywood's biggest night. you can see it live here on denver 7. joining us now from the newsroom is the host and producer of the in focus arts program on colorado public television. thank you for joining us.
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>> many of these movies i got to say i haven't personally seen. you have. so which ones do you think should win and which ones do you think will win? >> you have a chance to see many of them by going to the film center or metro plex in westminster. so you can catch up and some of them are streaming the ones i think win is kind of hard. it's subjective. what i think will win will be the revenant. i think it will be the night for the revenant. >> what about leonardo dicaprio? >> the momentum is behind him for his first academy award. it's amazing to think e hasn't had one yet, though he's had several nominations. i think the sentiment is behind him, whether or not you engage
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think sentiment will carry the day. >> filmmakers went the extra mile for revenant and spotlight. >> the filmmakers for spotlight approached it as investigative journalists and they sort of captured the kind of work that goes into telling this kind of story in a newspaper. so that kind of behind the film really kind of resonates with so many voters. >> let's talk about best actress. any standouts? >> momentum is behind brie larsen in the room. it's a spectacular performance. i think the momentum is behind brie larsen. if you're filling out your ballot, might want to check her if you're trying to win your pool. >> good advice. we mentioned leonardo dicaprio, but what about the other
11:27 am
>> i think leonardo dicaprio has outshown all of them. i think bryan cranston's work has stood out in a way that might give him a little bit of an edge, because it's another of story. eddie redmayne won last year, so i think people will sort of acknowledge him with a nomination, but not necessarily vote for him. >> i wanted to touch on the controversy, the lack of diversity, a lot of people talking about that. chris rock hosting. do you think we can expect to hear anything from him on this topic? >> of course it's chris rock, so we can expect to hear lots of fireworks from him, no matter what was going on. but with this oscar #sowhite that began, i think it will be brought up. >> so interesting. you'll be watching the show at the colorado film society watch
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free for anyone who wants to join, right?
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and up to 12 megs of internet for only $55 a month. score! or, if you love great movies... hey, clementine, go on and get prism essential tv with up to 12 megs of internet for only $55 a month. hyah! [ whip cracks ] [ normal voice ] call... get started with prism essential tv plus up to 12 megs of internet speed. just $55 a month for a year. only from centurylink. call and switch today. you're watching denver 7 at 11:30. a cherry creek school district bus driver is now out of a job after being arrested on suspicion of dui yesterday afternoon. denver7's eric lupher tracking developments from west middle
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>> reporter: michael hobbs walked by a staffer before getting back on the bus in front of west middle school here. that staffer reported smelling alcohol on his breath and turned him in. here he is, hobbs managed to leave the school with 30 students on board yesterday afternoon and made it to the first stop. that's when administrators caught up to him and got the kids off the bus. a sheriff's deputy showed up, conducted a field sobriety test and took hobbs into custody. i asked the district why the staffer who reeorted hobbs let him leave the school in the first place. >> my question is should they have not let him leave? what are your thoughts on that? >> they did what they're told to do, which is report it. >> reporter: the district apologizes but wants to make it clear it takes steps every day to keep its kids safe on school buses. eric lupher, denver 7. >> eric, thank you. the denver jail releases an mistake. happened yesterday morning and
11:32 am
behind bars for a parole violation for charges including assault. he was tracked down about three hours later. at the state capitol, lawmakers are speaking out about a plan that would tighten restrictions on surgical techs. this is all in response to that case dependence rocky al-- against rocky allen accused of stealing narcotics and putting thousands of patients at risk at swedish hospital. lawmakers say it was too easy for allen to find work considering his long history of drug abuse and had been fired multiple times in other states. >> you can't fix it so it will be fool proof, but we have to make this a stronger bill so people like rocky allen can't get through the system that easy. >> nine other states require certification and education, and lawmakers say it would be
11:33 am
we have firmed seven cases of mumps in colorado. it's believed it's linked to the outbreak in iowa. how effective is this season's flu vaccine? according to the cdc it's working pretty well. this year's vaccine cut the likelihood of getting sick by almost 60%. last year's vaccine only reduced the risk by 20%. state regulators have once again issued a recall over marijuana products with unapproved pesticides. this is the fifth state wide advisory in the past week. the products in question this time were sold at high street growers on north federal, and back to the garden on south broadway. both shops are owned by the same person. if you think this affects you, you can return your product to the store. in the rise of marijuana in our state means grow operations are even near homes and schools. industry leaders say zoning laws forced them into industry
11:34 am
parents say the smell of marijuana is so strong around bruce randolph school that some days they say they can't play outside. >> they stay inside the cafeteria, which i feel bad because thhy want to come out. >> just this week one denver city council member introduced a proposal to put a cap on the number of the businesses in a neighborhood. residents and businesses will have a chance to voice their opinions at a meeting next week. colorado's unemployment rateeis among the lowest in the country. federal statistics report our rate diped to 3.9% in 2015 and the national average is at 5.3%. we're still waiting to hear if the large cuts at halliburton will hit colorado. the company says they're cutting 8% of their workers, which comes out to about 5,000 jobs world wide. the company says the cuts will happen in the next few weeks. the ceo says the oil industry
11:35 am
right now u.s. lawmakers are accused of takata of faking test results to cover up the explosion issues. the defective airbags can explode, sending people of metal fragments into the air. the recall involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of u.s. vehicles. today players start going `hrough drills at the nfl scouting combine in indianapolis. john elway says he wants to sign von miller to a long-term deal, and hinted it could be coming in the next few dayy. as for the quarterback decision, he says they're in o rush with manning now. and they're working on a deal with brock osweiler. parents don't often mind shelling out big bucks for
11:36 am
but turns out the pricier ones aren't necessarily safer. research found the extra money doesn't pay for extra protection. what you need to do is look out for a seal that shows it's been approved by a national committee. also look inside to see if the helmet has been reconditioned in the past year. >> broken pieces are fixed, padding that needs to be replaced is replaced, so basically it's made near new again. >> eight concussions for every 10,000 times they stepped on the field. the accidents were more serious when the helmets didd't have that seal. bizarre story of a run-away unicorn. need i say more? >> what do you think about taking a dip in a beer spa? >> i might try that. we have a beautiful day in store. temperatures clearly near 60 degrees this afternoonn lots of sunshine. dry conditions. we've got a beautiful couple of
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. competitive eater champion matt stony is always looking for a new way to test the limits of how much food he can cram down his throat in the shortest amount of time. this is matt eating 13 slices of that real dense new york cheesecake in 60 seconds. i love cheesecake, but i don't
11:40 am
makiig this challenge worth a total of 5300-calories. that's about three days worth for the average person. this idea came from one of the his youtube page viewers. he says he's always looking for newwsuggestions. there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. that is clearly true of the men who decided to use this rusty bathtub for a sled. it shows the man in the tub tied to the back of the car. he gets pelted with the snow and tossed out of the tub a couple of times, including here after it rolls over. i might have done that in my younger days. when you go to starbucks later on today, give a fake name and it might back fire. this woman in atlanta said her name was beyonce, and this is what the barista wrote on the cup. you wish. barista 1, prankster, zero. the struggle of being honest with your friends about
11:41 am
that's been made easier thanks to this new web site called for a few bucks you can send them an anonymously, indiviiual cologne wipe hopefully they'll use. the owners of the web site did this because they say everyone has a stinky friend. >> a true friend would just tell you. kind of like when you have something in your teeth. >> do i have something in my teeth? >> you don't. thank you. this next story is pretty sweet. there's a new program in missouri where children are learning to read while helping out very shy shelter dogs. this is happening at the humane society of missouri. not only does this help the kids, but helps the dogs who have troubled pasts and helps them get used to humans again. the program has shown great success. they're really into it, too. folks in california had a
11:42 am
not joking. juliette, a special pony with a realistic horn, she poses with children. she was during a shoot in fresno, and took off. >> she got afraid and pulled it out of the guy's hands and then she runed away. >> police chased the unicorn more than three hours, even bringing in a helicopter. in the end it was a neighbor on a horse that coaxed the unicorn to go home. don't forget your invited to tomorrow's polar plunge, if you dare. denver7 teamiig up with special olympics colorado and there's still time to donate. our morning show team is hopingg to raise more money than our night time coworkers. it's tomorrow at the denver zoo. admission is free if you're planning on jumping in the water. >> you can still register i
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you can register in person tomorrow. we're only like ten dollars ahead of night side now. >> are you serious? >> mom, if you're watching -- >> my mom, too. >> come on, mom. perfect for the plunge tomorrow. i'll show you the temperatures coming up. a look at the winds, currently calm, 5 to about 15 miles per hour. in town as you get across parts of northeastern colorado, stretching into nebraska, little bit windier there. gusts between 20 to 30 miles per hour. see winds out there. here at home already not even 12:00 and we're above normal. normal high today is 49. so far at the airport where we get the official tally it's 53 degrees. we're going to be closer to record highs than we are to normal highs. city park 56. aurora now you're at 52. evergreen, conifer, low to mid- 40s. estes park already at 51. beautiful start to our afternoon. it's nice when we get the warm temperatures and not the wind. it will be this way tomorrow.
11:44 am
saturday into sunddy. right now 26 in steamboat. 37 in eagle. alamosa at 41. highs today, mid- to upper 50s across northeastern colorado. mid-60s to the southeast. you've got a few 30s and 40s in the central mountains. 50s on the western slope. grand junction today 55. allenspark, 48. evergreen 52 today. in denver we'll be at 60. this is a good 10 to 12 degrees above normal. it's been the same story all month long. had blizzard conditions early in the month, the 1st and 2nd dry. today through early tomorrow morning probably not evee a `loud in the sky. if anything, one or two. by 7:30 saturday morning we're still quiet, but at that point we'll be watching a storm approaching, a weak disturbance from the west. about 3:00, 3:30 in the afternoon we'll likely see clouds develop. behind that you'll get a little snow in the mountains by saturday night into sunday.
11:45 am
enough to bring us alerts. if anything, maybe a winter weather advisory. few inches of snow for the mountains late saturday into early sunday. there is a chance a few of these showers could clip northeastern colorado. we'll watch near sterling and along 76 for that. temperatures tomorrow unreal. today. but tomorrow 70 degrees. the record high tomorrow is 73. we're just a few degrees off from it. sunday with that weak storm i just showed you we'll be cooler, mid-50s. couple of clouds, but pretty monday 60. better chance for a little rain and snow tuesday. a lot going on tomorrow. we have the stadium series, plunge. the 5k that starts at 11:00. temperatures at that point in the 60s. by noon, 65. beer garden is open from noon to 2:30. 70 degrees by that point. >> perfect temperature for a beer garden. >> after you jump into 37- degree water --
11:46 am
thank you. coors field getting ready to host its first nhl game ever. last night we got a sneak peek. and bachelor fans, j.j. is there. a hockey fan. >> die hard born ann bred av's fan. hate the red wings with a passion. had to be out here. fantastic ice. it feels jet now -- great now. >> we had to ask him about this season. his best friend ben is down the final three women. >> everyone is like he's the bland bachelor, because he treats each girl really well. tries to validate them and make them feel special. i think a lot of the people in the past don't do that and it creates more insecurities and drama. i giie him hats off to ben.
11:47 am
tomorrow night the stadium series and puck dropp at 6:00 p.m. saturday. should be fun. subway changing its menu. starting next week they'll offer antibiotic-free chicken. they plan to be the first restaurant chain to do it. they hope to do it by 2019. this comes after years of public health warnings about antibiotics in food. a small oregon town a beer spa opened. it's a nice soaking in a bath of brew. the owners claim it's good for you, too. not only can it help you relax, but help with issues like insomnia and body aches. they're already popular in europe. friday freebies. free admission all day long at the clyfford still museum. open from 10:00 to 8:00
11:48 am
spectator plaza outside coors field before thii weekend's stadium series, including tonight's game. debbie has coupons and deals for disney on ice, carrabba's, out back and more. how a little boy came across a piece of history several thousands years old.
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11:50 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's
11:51 am
unless we all do. together. a stronger country. welcome back. a 7-year-old israeli boy needs to go into archeology. he found a piece of history that's 3400 years old. he was on a field trip when he came across a figurine of a womaa made out of clay. researchers say it could representative a real woman or fertility goddess. a colorado teenager with a rare form of cancer became a soldier. josh is only 15, never thought he'd be inside a tank. even though visiting with the soldiers meant so much to josh, it perhaps meant more to them. >> to be able to show that off to a tremendous young man who obviously has been through a
11:52 am
cool to see. >> i am thankful that you guus have let me into this secret sees. >> so cool. major stevens says pretty much everyone at fort carson jumped at the chance to help make josh's dream come true. an elderly lady in ohio makes life brighter for elementary school children has a surprise. >> reporter: every day at 3:00 p.m., doris waves hello to the students on this school bus. she's been doing it the past five years. day. rain, snow, everything, no matter. >> reporter: the tradition first started when her granddaughter rode the bus. school now. >> i wasn't sure about, you know, her not being there, and i had such a terrific bus driver i thought, i'm just going to go out there again. we just hit it off.
11:53 am
she didn't stop, because the kids say they love seeing her. they even call her grandma. >> grandma, she just, she on holidays she gives us candy and stuff. and we say, we say we love her and stuff every time we passed her. >> reporter: on february 23rd, doris turned 88 years old. she didn't really have anything special for the big day. but it appears these guys did. >> all: happy birthday to you! [ singing ] >> i cried. i cried. i was so shocked. >> reporter: she said it was such a nice gestureeand she appreciates everyone being so kind. >> what's the plan moving forward? are you going to continue to do this? -`>> as long as i can walk out
11:54 am
they look for me and i look for them. >> now we're all going to cry. so sweet. it's time to check in for a afternoon at 4:00. >> what a great story. that was cool. you know we're always live with breaking news first at 4:00 here on the now. a closer look at how common workplace violence is after that deadly shooting in kansas. plus, we're going to be live from coors field, which is now a hockey rink, by the way, for tonight assevers red winns alumni game. you know traffic downtown will be a nightmare. we'll keep tabs on it along with the traffic heading up for the mountains. a lot of us drink a cup or tea every day. we take a look at the breaking news all the time, your first alert forecast, we want to see you there, join us at 4:00 for the now. >> thank you. one final check of weather. stadium series outside, hockey, in the 70s.
11:55 am
people walking around tomorrow, because there'ssa lot of stuff going on before the actual game, 70 degrees. >> isn't that funny? >> it's nuts. we'll be at 60 by about 3:00. tonight overnight dropping into the 30s. pretty mild, clear skies. 70.
11:56 am
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