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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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57 street in sioux city. they tell thank you two men were stabbed in the abdomen. the names of the men have not been released yet. at this titi, they're not inflictly cooperate being the investigation. >> the adult male, it appears they have possibly inflicted the wounds on each other. >> we're told their injuries do not appear to be life threatening. a nice, quiet night over at the camera after a very cloudy day. as we look at the satellite and radar, we can see that clouds were the story of the day, even some areas brought quite a bit of drizzle to some areas of zooland. in fact we are seeing sioux city, as you can see a lot of clouds over there.
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we will start tomorrow with a very foggy start and will see temperatures still stay in the 40s. a little more rain is on the way tomorrow night. more details on that in just a few minute. >> >> all right. thank you, scala. february is a time of thing for your heart, love and health awareness. local hospitals hosted a heart expo for the community. we were at he morning evevt and have more now. >> a medical center hosted the annual art expo earlier today. mercy heart center showed people proper ways to maintain a healthy heart and gave people a father of its facilities as well as offered lectureses one main additn to this years event was the expo. this gave kids ages 14 to 18 the has been to little a little
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>> if you cake ore of your heart when younger r you won't have problems when you are older. they need to look for risk factors for themselvess and family members as well. >> some ways they taught the kids was through cpr and playing active video games like wii sports. baba to you. >> thaha you so much. this afternoon, the betty center had a special presentation on the river as well as -- it called a year on the missouri features the key to the historical river has gone through with each other. we have photographs of thii part of zooland the eup which you are quite a bit of use people have not soon. >> the unique vie lodge equal feature, there's so much about this river we may have forgotteor overlooked.
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photography is the one way can you do that. >> he enjoys capturing people, wild life and landscape. you can check out his kiss play teosinte during regular business hours. >> the former operating when he identify an appeal last year will be heard about the iowa court of appeals later this year. they took the case to supreme court to overturn desixes that led to being replaced by hard rock hotel and casino. it challenges the decision of the commission, they closeed in july of 2014 and then 20 years s of operation on the river it was it later sold to another group and move today illinois. on tuesday they will here an afeel by the two cities. >> we are learning that jason dalton was working with ubera before you are, during and after he shot people across
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we were live earlier at the cracker barrel where dalton ended his shooting spray spree. >> police tell us jason dalton shot five victims here, one a 14-year-old now on life support. the other four women all goods friends: they were getting in car leaving dinner following a ladies night tradition, this largic location one of three dalton hit. >> shot her once and she s still running. shshwas holding a woman's hand here in parking lot of the meadows town homes last night and 45-year-old jason dalton stopped his car and asked her a question. have you seen mazi. >> is something going on, can i help you. >> and then just shot her. >> i couldn't help her bbause i ew i was going to get shot too. >> coleman and the other safely inside.
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prosecuting the window as police -- watching from the window. >> the little girl ran to window obviously looking for her mom, and she said my mom is dead, my mom is dead. he backed and you attempted d again as they were runing into the house. he miss. she had 11 kids in home says dalton came back at least four times. it was silver. >> you feel like they were looking for a specific person. >> travis lives in the town home next door. >> that's adrenaline rush. like you said we were just playing video games and everything happened. >> they saw dalton earlier in day talking to children in neighborhood. >> she saw him just afternoon hour before the shoot. >> he wasn't shooting atfirst, when we first saw him. he was just looking creepy at us. >> the victim here expected to recover.
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connection between three incidents between these three cases is the defendant. it is mr. dalton. >> just a few hours after, he shot his first victim, 18-year- old tyler smith, and his dad richard were shot dead look at cars at the kia on stadium drive. minutes later, close friends, mary lou, mary joe, dorothy brown and barbara awe thorn were killed in their cars here at cracker barrel. a 4-year-old also in the car is now on life support. >> this is just, the most awful thing i can think of having happen. last michigan and the nation now grieving these lives while the survivors try to wrap their heads around the violence one man is accused of causing in the kalamazoo county. >> i never thought it would happen in my lifetime. >> how are you feeling today. >> scared.
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working to establish a motive. dalton faces at least a dozen charars right now includingng six counts of murder. in texas township, i'm lauren springer. fiji was hunkering down as a powerful cyclone with winds of 186 miles per hour ripped through the islands. it was forecast toto pass between two main populated areas overnight where 900,000 people live. in domestic and international flight versus been canceled and authorities were urging people to secure their homes and not venture outside. >> still to come, donald trump picks up the second consecutive south carolina. now, cruz and rubio with a strong finish in that state, we will tell you how momentum heading into supertuesday on march 1st.
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-- 14. 3 welcome back. tonight's weather is brought to you by: . >> first alert weather with scala novac. >> welcome back. what a weekend.
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we had snow and rain, all over again. >> yes. there were a little clouds and a little drizzle today which have allowed for the warmer temperatures to stay. it is kind of a confususg weekend, that's for sure. it has a lot of snow felt for sure, but as you can see in fora . park not so much there as you can see on the sky watch camera brought to you by great lakes. even lake is still frozen over over there. but right now, just mostly cloudy with 37 degrees and nortrtest winds at 10 miles per hour. in sioux city, it is the warm part as we are seeing it dropping down to 32 in sheldon and spencer. it is caused by the stronger winds because of the northwest wind at 14 miles per hour. and sheldon. thstory of the day, more of
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drizzle here in sioux city during the afternoon and still those clouds are pushing through the area and it is allowing for some fog to form in the area as we can see on the dakota sky watch and a little low visibility, already down to three miles, six in sioux city, and up to 10 over in sheldon. we will have the foggy start. beaware of the low visibility. monday during the day, the clouds will stick around but monday into tuesday another wintery mix like what we saw last night is going push through the area, a little bit of complete freezing drizzle even into the early morning hours for tuesday, allowing for a little sticky driving conditions but after that it will push out for clearing skies. thwse will continue into wednesday morning and then wednesday, even more clear
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as far as tonight a bit of foggy conditions, mostly cloudy, near freezing with north winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow mostly cloudy, temperatures are still warm at 42 with east winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour and tomorrow night is when that rain really starts to push through. but after the wintery mix moves in monday into tuesday morning we are going to see those clouds really just kind of move in and out of the area with still really warm temperatures hang at 40 degrees. after we push that that, it will be a nice week. >> looks good for last week of february. >> a little taste of spring a little early though. >> i can't wait for that coming up. >> comimi up tonight a congressman outlines some $75 billion of questionable government spending. that's coming up in the special
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cheryl right after the break. 3 3 a dwindling pool of gop presidential welcome back. a pool of gop presidential candidates heads out west for the republican caucus in nevada. donald trump looks for his third victory and cruz and rubio battle for second place. we have more from the campaign trail in nevada. >> donald trump is on a roll after picking up other delegates in citizen south carolina victory but trump is not underestimating his vial. >> i am dealing with very, very talented people, smart people, good people and they will be competing. we still have competition.
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man race between truru and rubio and crcrz, heading into tuesday's caucus in nevada. >> rubio picked up the endorsement of nevada senator, it could be key in his effort to become the choice. >> the democrats do not run against me but i cannot wait to run against them. cruz is hitting the ground hard after a third place where he lost the evangelical to trump. >> he's the only republican so far has proving he can do -- proven he can beat trump. >> i think we are ideally positionededto do exactly. >> that's. >> do you think cruz can win nevada. >> yeah. i'm hoping so. i really am. i am going to be one vote for him. >> senator sanders was also looking to rebound from a tough loss in nevada to hillary clinton. he attended church service in
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to court t black voters. they have the next contest saturday in the palmetto state. >> overall, trump has 67 delegate, cruz has 1 and rubio has 10. >> -- cruz as -- and rubio has 10. >> millions of dollars in taxpayer fded grants. take a listen. >> congressman steve russell outlined some $75 billion in his latest waste watch report. the 20 pages are filled with examples of questionable government spending. the agriculture department served up $250,000 tax dollars to a wisconsin steam manufacturerring to help expand the sale of meat infused string c`eese. there was no good run why one good company of 85 got the government money. >> russell says it is up to private industry not the government to promote the product. if you need help washing down
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cheese spending how about a ttle alcohol. the agriculture department put 250,000 tax dollars on tap for a distillery to use as extra potent minishing $35,000 to help brew up beer in michigan and all together in 2015, the agriculture department provided $4.6 million in taxpayer funded grant to 41 different wineries, distilleries and breweries according to report. >> under the heating of art, which is opop to interpretation, , state department provided bags of air, blank cds and livestock bones to people in mongolia to raise awareness about pollution. it cost 300,000 tax dollars review a thumbed down -- thumbs down on wastefulspend. >> there's not an urgency to
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the needs are the greatest. there's a lot of good ideas and then there's cia city stuff that gets funded. >> congressman say that is $75 billion that he claims is wasted is enough totoreplace half of the u.s. aircraft carrier fleet with the newest model and put brand new -- on every deck. >> still to come tonight a team of doctors find a life saving solution for gunshot wounds and how they could help prevent wounds from getting worse. plus how the fda has cleared for military use and special operations. >> we may be witnessing the final days of afghanistan. it has been populated with tribes for centuries, no one expected it to become an overnight success, but still there were vast improvements following operation enduring freedom. this was the operation to
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following the 9-1-1 attack. that operation was largely successful. the taliban was run out of business. after just eight years of american blood, there was progress. government institutions and infrastrucuure were being built. afghanistan's days as a refuge for terror groups were numbered but that has changed. they appear headed toward collapse. it is sad because our role came with a high cost, nearly 2 and a half thousand servicemen and women were killed no. one wants u.s. oops in harm's way forever but common sense should prevail. we still have u.s. forces in germany 70 years staff end of bodily injury war two. the -- after the end of world war ii. the wiwi drawl gave the bad guys a date to circle on the calendar. they have taken full advantage. the taliban now controls more
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government institution versus fallen apart. chaos reigns. we may soon seanother easy
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to -- a deserving volunteer go our web site. when a victim suffers a . >> when a victim suffers a gunshot wound, minutes count, depending on where the bull vets, that time could mean the life o odeath.
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find a solution and a time saver could be a life maker. we have more on. >> it looks like a turkey baser. >> the e sponges are deemplpleeed itay. >> it is designed today save mines. >> we begin to abpressure. >> they have the device, it is an applicator built with 92 sponges to aborb blood and to stop bleeding. the leered at special u.s. operations. >> they couldn't get the bleeding to stop and ended were using -- >> he was a combat medic with special operations. it is a tough art to pack a wind use ago digestional
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>> it might take four or five minutes brad it takes all the -- in 15 second. it was cleared for -- civilian use. during events like san bernadino in add cushion digestion to natural disasters and -- in addition to natural disasters. >> if it increases survival by a couplelef%, if you explanned that to now this poll population, it is thousands of people that don't bleed to death that would have bled to death the price they hope to start reducing after civilian use roll out this month. >> cbs new, new york. >> coming up next, ablack hawk
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nhl match up and a record 3 3 the chicago blackhawks and the minnesota wild square off outside today in the 2016 coors light >he chicago black hawks and minnesota wild square off in the 2016 coors light stadium series. minnesota with a start early in the first period, here matt takes it and goes in for the goal. 1-0 wild. minnesota keeps it up in the second period, tick tack toe from the frontntnd it is 3-0 wild. now, trailing 5- , with eight minutes left in the third, jonathan worked the puck around the world to patrick for the goal. chicago finally gets on the score board, 5-1 wile. another minute, eric steals it and takes t the other r
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but he seriously pounds m and the knights fate is sealed. wild take this is one 6-1. >> the home team has won. >> another special event today in sports was the daytona 500 looking at the final lap, matt kenseth leading and he goes to block and ram lynn drives unneither and they -- hamlin drives underneath them and they touch. he battles to the line and it is hamlin nipping through at the x-line. >> for my career for sure. >> i haven't got a championship yet, this is the biggest win. >> i wish we could have won obviously but we have to watch the rest of my career i suppose. >> today was a great day. we all want to win. it is just a competetion. i i uldn't -- i would be lying


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