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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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live at 11... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) >> i'm denise valdez. right now metro police are on scene of a homicide in the southwest valley. so far we know one person is dead. ((dave courvoisier)) >> shakala alvaranga is at the apartment complex where it happened... and has more on what we're learning tonight... shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) denise and dave, a suspect involved in this shooting is in police custody. police are releasing little information about what happened at this hour. was shot and killed inside the covington coronado ranch apartments. it happened near south rainbow boulevard just after 9 o clock tonight. when we got to the scene, our cameras captured a police officer looking outside one of the apartment buildings with their flashlight. a large police presence here -- again, a suspect is in custody. however, it is unknown on what led up to the shooting. ((shakala alvaranga)) as soon as we learn more
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we will let you know. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((dave courvoisier)) another top story tonight... the free parking that made the strip so appealing to visitors... is slowly fading away. ((denise valdez)) >> first it was mgm... now caesars entertainment says a similar program is coming to eight of its nine las vegas properties. reporter brittany edney joins us now live from the strip... brittany -- it was just a matter
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>> well, while local residents with proper i-d and total rewards loyalty members who are platinum and above---will continue to self park for free... others will have to pay up. caesars entertainment says the paid parking program will begin in phases starting that's when the valet services at the linq and harrah's properties switch to the paid model. self parking at those two locations will remain free until self-parking equipment is installed. the other properties will roll out a paid valet and self-parking program throughout the beginning of 20-17. as for reaction to the announcement... some locals are worried about the impact on
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entertainment could end up charging residents too. ((gabriel powter, resident )) "people are going to be upset. for tourists, it's going to anger people. you're already spending a lot of money at the casinos, already spending a lot of money on food so rack another bill on there, people are going to be upset." the rio-all suite hotel and casino will be the only property excluded in this program. complimentary valet will also be available for all total rewards loyalty members rated platinum and above. ((brittany edney)) >> officials say t it easier for guests and that they are investing in l-e-d parking guidance systems. for a rundown of all the prices based on location-- head to our website and check out the links mentioned section. reporting live brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) caesars change in policy
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resorts rolled out pay- to- park. prices vary depending on which of the 12 properties you're going to... it can be as low as 8-bucks... or as high as 18. the lone holdouts for paid parking are wynn.. encore.. venetian.. and palazzo./// ((dave courvoisier)) that story was a talker on social media earlier this year... and the caesars announcement is no different. hardly anyone was supportive of it.. yanai writes.... "there has to be other ways to increase revenue than to charge for a parking space that's only gonna bs it's ridiculous." jonathan doesn't care... "i probably go to the strip like twice a year, if that, so i couldn't care less. is it a surprise that they want more money?" and robert says it's just a sign of the times.... "we have had 100 years of free parking. i hope this doesn't affect the tip pool for the valets. it is just a sign of the times and proves again that nothing is free." ((denise valdez)) prepare to feel the cold tonight. our first night of freezing temperatures is expected in just a few hours.
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katie boer is in for tedd tonight... she's been tracking the cold temperatures all night. ((katie boer))
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with dry but cool conditions expected this week. by sunday and monday look for a slight warmup back to the low 60s--which is about where we ould be te. se this time of yea. tellite radashows a lack of cloo blanket us in temps. ll have an opportunity to dropi look for lows tonight down 34 mcrran...but some spots as w as 28-32 degrees...a very ld your thermostat -- turning on that heater. we all know relying too much on that system can be costly... so locals have to get creative to save a few bucks. (( robert cooper, local "we just set our temperature at 70 and then we come to tpa with the dog, by the time we get back it feels really warm." "i just put on more blankets." ((denise valdez)) >> experts say the first step to winterizing your home... is checking that all your doors and windows are sealed... so that you're power bill doesn't skyrocket. things like weather strips can make a big difference. when it comes to actually heating up your house... if you're using a space heater... be sure to unplug it when you aren't using it. and never bring something like a grill inside... it could lead to carbon monoxide
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aside from ways to keep yourself warm in the winter... we also want to remind you of the 4 p's. first.. pets. in general.. if it's too cold for you to be outside... it's probably too cold for your pets.. especially if they're used to being indoors. next.. pipes. all exposed pipes and faucets outside should be wrapped. you can but covers at home improvement stores for 5 to ten bucks... or you can go the duct tape and towel route... just make sure there's a tight seal. with your plants ... if they're in pots .. bring them in the house. if not.. towels. finally ... your pool is the easiest item to protect ... and if not taken care of could get costly. be sure to run the filtration and jets throughout the night and make sure your pool is filled with enough water./// ((dave courvoisier)) the worst fire to hit tennessee in a hundred years has killed at least three people... and sent more than a dozen to the hospital. 14-thousand fled monday night as a wall of flames closed in on gatlinburg, tennessee. that's because wind speeds suddenly doubled into hurricane
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spread the wildfire through the drought-stricken area. investigators believe the fire was human-caused./// ((denise valdez)) the transgender community is reaching out to legal offices -- to get help with changing their name and gender before the new administration takes office in washington. (( kris bergstrom//nevada legal services - the transgender community as a whole has faced a lot of discrimination. a lot of transgender people suffer from depression or have been kicked out of their houses. society hasn't made it easy on them in the past and i think there's a worry that any sort of gains they've made might be taken away. )) >> locally... offices are seeing a 20-percent uptick in calls to help with the process. that's why legal volunteers with various organizations have stepped up to do all the legwork.. for free. lawyers also point out that currently... nevada is one of 20 states that prohibit discrimination against transgender people for things like housing and employment./// ((denise valdez)) meanwhile... an independent candidate has filed a recount petition in nevada... as well as florida.. after withdrawing a similar
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it's not about changing the results... but making sure every vote is counted as it was cast. he also pointed out that he's zeroing in on the silver state because he himself has experienced quote "manipulative behavior" in the nevada caucus./// ((dave courvoisier)) across the country today... workers walked off the job... demanding better pay. workers from fast-food restaurants... as well as uber drivers marched 10 miles along the las vegas strip. employees are demanding rights... as part of the "fight for 15" movement. it started 4 years ago... and has since brought the minimum wage to 15-dollars in new york, california, and washington d-c. one protester says his caregiver has been instrumental to his life for the past two years... and she deserves to receive better compensation for the work she does. ((neal maynard, protester "my caretaker only gets $10 an hour, and this is the person that takes care of me. the company she works for charges $40 an hour, and she only makes $10, can't they share a little bit? $15 an hour
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wage hike say it adds extra costs to business owners... and argue that it could push restaurants like mcdonald's to phase out hourly employees./// ((denise valdez)) the unlv football coaches are off recruiting and something is happening on the recruiting trail. tony sanchez has proof that other schools are worried about whats unfolding at unlv. chris maathuis will have that story and more coming up in sports. "car-nado." no.. that's not happening again... but there are some closures near the spaghetti bowl you should know about starting tomorrow... as work on project neon continues. we're back in 3 minutes.///
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((denise valdez)) as the holiday season
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still taking donations for our toy and gift card drive with towbin fiat. the dealership wants to fill up as many of the fiats as they can. you have until december 4th to stop by the location at sahara and jones. all of the donations will do to the casa foundation./// ((dave courvoisier)) now for some news you can use... the holidays are officially upon us... and families across the country are spending time decorating inside and out. but home experts say there are things to remember as you bring out the tree and ornaments. your tree.. whether real or fake.. could have mold inside of it. bringing that into your home would aggravate allergies and asthma. chemicals emitted from certain candles can also irritate your breathing. it's also important to have your fireplace checked for cracks. poor ventilation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning./// ((dave courvoisier)) yesterday it was i-215... now more closures are coming to u-s 95. one lane in each direction from rancho to the spaghetti bowl will be closed off from 7 p-m to 5 a-m monday through saturday.
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and run through december 22nd. crews will be taking out the center median.. as part of the work on "project neon".. which will widen i-15 from sahara to the spaghetti bowl. the entire project is expected to be done by summer of 2019./// ((dave courvoisier)) finally tonight... chick-fil-a is coming to the valley... and it's bringing dozens of new jobs with it. the first locations in southern nevada will open in january... one at stephanie and warm springs.. the other at eastern and saint rose. between the two locations... 100 full and part time jobs will be available. anyone interested in applyinc locations. katie?/// ((katie boer)) all day we've been talking about the freeze warning that will take affect in a few hours... so to mark this season's first... i spent the evening on the ice at the cosmopolitan. they lay it on-top of the boulevard pool every year... through new year's. the cosmo has been doing the rink --which is 42-hundred square feet--for 5 years now... they've also got specialty drinks and food that you can enjoy by the fire... and to top it off...
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((katie boer))
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tonight. this will not be a hard freeze...but a 3-6 hour window of freezing temperatures may damage or kill sensitive plants and crops. .................. looking ahead at the next couple of hours we'll be dropping into the upper 40s as early as 7pm with temps down to 43 by 9. around 11pm 41 degrees and 38 degrees by early tomorrow morning around 8am. look for our coldest temps. in the low the mid 30s between 5-7am. ................... your weather healines show our coldest temps lingering during about a 3-6 hour window. with dry but cool conditions expected this week. by sunday and monday look for a slight warmup back to the low 60s--which is about where we should be temp. satellite radar shows a lack of cloud cover for the most part with will promote radiational cooling... that means...with no clouds to blanket us in temps. will have an opportunity to drop swiftly. ................... tonight and tomorrow... look for lows tonight down to 34 at mccarran...but some spots as low as 28-32 degrees...a very cold night expected. tomorrow mid 50s with sunny skies. .................. your 7-day forecast shows temps remaining below average through saturday with a slight warmup to the low 60s for sunday and monday...but temps. fall again abruptly by tuesday.
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poll was released and there are some unhappy folks in the midwest. de >> here in the west, lots of smiles as tony sanchez hits the recruiting trail. ((chris maathuis)) >> that trail led unlv to some pretty talented kids. and now those kids are hearing it from other recruiters and coaches, which tony says bring it. plus... the rodeo is back... and so is the walk of champions.. more coming up here on channel 8. ((chris maathuis)) so it's getting down to the
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here is the latest poll... and michigan drops from the playoff picture.. washington moves into that 4th spot. alabama clearly the top team followed by ohio state, clemson and then you see washington. it'll be interesting to see how it all shakes down with this weeks conference championship games. ((chris maathuis)) if we dream a little tonight... how great would it be if unlv was in the mix for a college football playoff. tony sanchez is saying all the right things... his recruiting class last year was ranked among the league's best. in fact that's where he is and he tells us other schools out on the trail are getting wind of what's happening at unlv. tony sanchez/unlv head coach: "the thing you hear is you're seeing the polo more then we've ever seen em before we're out there. people don't take us for granted anymore. funny story we had a recruit this weekend he says i don't like all the negative, he says a lot of people recruiting against you are getting really negative.. i said ya know when you've got to talk negative that means you're a little worried... we got a great couple bring kids and see all the great things... meet staff and players and how we're investing now..
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football." tony has to hope he can get more guys like tau lotulelei he's the only rebel who made first team all mountain west--- remember this fumble he forced and unlv beat hawaii. he's a good player and you might see him playing on sunday. linebacker... he had a career best and team leading 117 tackles. he's the first rebel to earn first team honors in 4 years. no rebel made second team and a few honorable mentions. for the second straight year... las vegan and former canyon springs grad and san diego state running back donnell pumphrey was named the league's best offensive player. can't argue with that... he's ranked third all time in career rushing numbers... and has a chance to crack into the top 2 when his aztecs play at wyoming this weekend., he's already passed marshall faulk at
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as we reported first at six... the unlv hockey team is making a move toward ncaa division one status. the rebel club team was granted membership in division-one of the american collegiate hockey association... meaning they're 10 million dollars and one step away from ncaa d-1 status. they'll begin play as an a-c-h-a d-1 member next season-- now with more eyes watching the rebels. zee khan/unlv gm: "from an exposure standpoint with playing against bigger schools team that we're going to be competing against next season fan perspective as well . we need about 10 million for a five year plan that's a number we're looking at and we can do that.. we also needs women's lacrosse and we've been working together." ((chris maathuis)) a big part of that as to comply with title 9... so there are equal number
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this year marks the 32nd year of the national final rodeo in vegas. this year's prize money will be 10 million dollars. and tonight was the walk of champions over at the south point known as 'vegas cowboy central' everybody dressed to the nines tonight because beginning thursday.. the best play ground on dirt takes place in las vegas. ryan growney/gm south point: "this is the road to the gold buckle this is why they're here to make their run the next 10 days to make enough money in their events .. we wanted to give the people the opportunity to say hello and welcome them to our town and then here at the south point." ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for tuesday right after this.///
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((katie boer)) just when you think taylor swift's got it all... she lands another deal. this one is with at&t... and will get her.. her very own channel! the company is calling it "taylor swift now".. and says it will showcase nothing but t-swift... from music videos... and concert performances.. to behind the scenes footage. anyone with at&t's video platforms on direct-tv... direct-tv now... and u-verse will be able to watch./// a man in north carolina is thankful to be alive after getting stuck in a 12-foot deep sinkhole for at least a day. the sinkhole is on an isolated stretch of road.. with no homes or businesses in sight. but it is near a popular fishing spot.. and firefighters say that's probably what saved the man's life. he only suffered minor injuries. crews have since put a bright fence around the hole to keep others from falling in./// ((chris maathuis)) the gardner police department in kansas recently
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so they set up a few trail cameras to find out if it were true. they expected to see some raccoons and coyotes... but that wasn't all. apparently the cameras weren't hidden very well... and those living in the area decided to have some fun with it. there was someone in a werewolf costume... people dressed in gorilla suits... and whatever this thing is. officers actually thanked those that took part in giving them a good laugh./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next... tonight's guest.. sting! we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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