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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  November 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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about the investigation. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) christianne and mauricio, a female suspect is currently being held by police. investigators believe she and the victim lived in the same apartment. the shooting happened in the 2100 block of sunrise avenue... near fremont and eastern. when police got here, they found a hispanic man in his thirties suffering from a gun shot wound. he died on scene. police say the victim involved in the shooting has gang ties in community. so they are trying to figure out if that played any role in what happened. they did find a couple of weapons nearby. they're now awaiting a search warrant to get inside of their apartment. ((a couple of people heard the shots but it occureed inside the aparment. the black female, who we belive was staying there, not calling her a suspect aat this time,. but she is being detained until we can see if she wants to talk to us about
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arrested due to an outstanding warrant. it's unclear if he is connected to the case at this point though. ((shakala alvaranga)) again, police do not know what the motive is at this hour. investigators say it doesn't appear to be domestic. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((christianne klein)) this is one of the busiest shopping days of the year... and plenty of valley residents hit stores on their hunt for deals. ((mauricio marin)) the annual frenzy actually kicked off fors and the madness is still going strong today. reporter brittany edney joins us live now from town square... brittany what's it looking like out there? ((brittany edney)) some where doing some early christmas shopping--others were just scooping up stuff on sale. from the outlets to malls--- shoppers across the valley have been looking for the best bargains all day long. and depending on your dedication for a good deal-- some got an early start.
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commercials or storefront advertising.... retailers have been pushing door buster sales. and as black friday enthusiasts store hop and race to the red tags... some shoppers who've been at it since the doors opened early this morning, say it's been a bit hectic at times. ((garddy lustin, black friday shopper "i was at walmart and they ripped off the plastic and everybody tried to run up, they jumped, tackled peoplefor tablets and stuff so yeah, it's been crazy.")) he scored today was on a pair of uggs that he got for his mother at journey's which was about 80-dollars cheaper than normal. ((brittany edney)) and if you didn't make it out to the stores today or just didn't feel like dealing with the crowds... don't forget you still have cyber monday coming up... where you can do all your shopping online. coming up at 5 on 8 news now... we'll have a shopping confession that one teen has for mom and dad. guys, we'll send it back to you.///
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their black friday shopping is going this year. -dean jaeger is finding sarcasm in his situation saying: "of course it is. i don't know how many times the brick and mortars tell me to go online to find stuff they no longer carry in stores." -and hobart schmenge kept it simple with this picture saying this is me on black friday. don't forget you can join the conversation on our 8 news now ((christianne klein)) activists took over a busy chicago shopping district on this black friday. people took to the streets on the city's magnificent mile to protest the rise in homicides and the city's handling of police shootings. among the marchers were local activists... members of the chicago teachers union... black lives matter.... the green party and many churches. this was the second consecutive year of demonstrations in the shopping district. last year black friday sales on
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50-percent below projections./// ((mauricio marin)) a man who had fallen 60 to 80 feet yesterday, in black velvet canyon is recovering this evening. air crews found him through the ping of his phone, using night-vision goggles early this morning. he was taken to u-m-c with non-life- threatening injuries./// ((tedd florendo)) (( we had big storms that pushed through east clark county this morning but h flooding was big in golden valley, arizona but now we're seeing much tranquil conditions. mostly clouds right now high humidity and dewpoints due to the rain that passed through this morning. winds breezy at times but cool 60's today and not 70's that's for sure. .......... ......................... .............
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expect. temps cooling off bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight. temps in the mid 50's and sunny and chilly by tomorrow a.m. for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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a california mom missing for more than three weeks has been found alive after an apparent abduction. she has now been reunited with her family. as michelle miller reports, police are searching for her captors -- trying to figure out who took her, and why. she was bound with restraints, but was able to summon help of a passing motorist who then notified law enforcement. 34-year old sherri papini (puh-pee-nee) was taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries and reunited with her husband, after her alleged captors let her go thursday, ut miles from her home. we're looking for a dark colored suv with 2 hispanic females. papini also told police the two females were armed with a handgun. but so far no word on a possible motive, or where she may have been held all this time. earlier this month keith papini made an emotional appeal for his wife's safe return after he said she went for a jog and never came home. he reported her missing when she didn't pick up their children
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(crying) bring her home. just bring her home. bring her home safe. investigators and volunteers spent weeks searching for papini and a six-figure reward was supposedly offered through a negotiator. (2 thirds of the way through) you lead us to sherri, and we'll give you more cash than you can spend. police say that offer does not appear to be linked to her release. the investigation is far from over, in fact it has only begun a new chapter in this investigation. michelle miller, cbs ((mauricio marin)) officials say there is "sensitive information" they are not able to reveal just yet. they're asking members of the public to come forward and provide information relevant to the investigation./// ((christianne klein)) the mother of "the brady bunch," florence henderson, died last night at a los angeles hospital. the beloved actress entertained fans for more than six decades. (((brady bunch opening) ))
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in the fall of 1969 she became carol brady, the step-mother and nearly flawless matriarch of the brady bunch. that role was the crowning jewel of a more than 60 year career ... in an interview in 2012 henderson said that the character may have been too perfect (("a lot of women say to me--you know i really hated you because my kids wanted you to be their mother")) ((christianne klein)) henderson's affinity for american academy of dramatic arts in new york city and then to broadway. doctors say she suffered from heart failure. she is survived by her four children and five grandchildren. the actress was 82 years old./// ((mauricio marin)) the holidays are here and so is the construction on the road. ((christianne klein)) >> up next on the valley's news leader demetria obilor breaks down the major project underway that could bring you commute to a grinding halt in
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watching 8 news now at four.
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of the holidays with some ice skating on the strip this weekend. the cosmopolitan just opened their ice rink at the boulevard pool. tonight the ten dollar rental fee will be waved if you bring a toy donation. it's part of their grand opening event featuring d-j vice spinning some holiday sounds. the toys will benefit students at lewis e. elementary school./// ((mauricio marin)) with the holidays here---last minute preparations are underway for santa's big arriva ((christianne klein)) they're getting into the holiday spirit with the kick-off off their magical forest. we sent our tedd florendo to go check out the excitement. ((tedd florendo)) ((mauricio marin)) after the holiday, it's
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traffic anchor demetria obilor is here with more information on
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"what's driving you crazy?"/// (( )) demetria obilor: crews will start working on the county's airport connector project monday night, calling for a partial closure along the beltway. eastbound 215 will be closed 9pm monday to 5am tuesday between the mccarran and warm springs exits. drivers will be able to get to the airport, but the county recommends anyone who is not heading to the airport, get off at an earlier exit. the ramp connecting the airport connector south to 215 east will also close during this time. eastbound traffic not heading to the airport should get off at jones, decatur of lv blvd. necessary, so crews can finish installing parts of a new flyover off-ramp that goes over the 215. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now
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/ ((christianne klein)) if you're looking for a four-legged companion this holiday season.... the animal foundation has got you covered. all pets adopted from now until the end of cyber monday will have their adoption fees waved! that means you can take your pick from 128 dogs and 15 cats free of charge. all adopted pets come spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up -to date vaccinations./// ((mauricio marin)) going
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going above and beyond to make sure valley students are prepared to enter a high tech world. ((christianne klein)) chris matthews shows us why he is today's teacher of the game. announcer: you're
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the musical, "the hunchback of notre dame" opens tonight at cashman center theatre. the cast of 100 performers come from 22 schools from across nevada, with vocalists and pit musicians from c-c-s-d's honor choir and local orchestra programs. the play's director was amazed at all this talent coming together, to create a memorable cast: (( jennifer hemme/play director: "it's been incredible
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different performance areas working together - has been really amazing." )) ((christianne klein)) >> showtimes are two and seven p-m all weekend, with admission prices of 15 to 25 dollars... we have more ticket information on our website, las vegas now dot com. next month on 8 news now good day, brian will have a full "what's cool at school" segment on this play, and look for his "cool at school" recap, next friday, where you can vote for a school to win $250. /// ((mauricio marin)) once again here at we're shinning the spotlight on our local educators who go above and beyond the calling to help shape our young minds. here's chris maathuis with today's teacher of the game. ((chris maathuis)) on behalf of mgm resorts, silver state schools credit union, clark county school district and channel 8... we're pround to announce today's teacher of the game mr. matthew hy. matthew is a technology specialist at fredric watson.. he teaches the young kids digital citizenship and other lessons involving
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in a global society. matthew helped his school become the first in the district to be recognized as a common sense media schools. he also helps the kids become independent, self confident and motivates through his unique way of teaching. hy works after school in the sports programs... he volunteers during the flag football, if kids are struggling with grades.. he doesn't hesitate to provide extra tutoring to make sure every students gets the attention they deserve. for all his efforts in helping future generations succeed.. and influancing the lives of students we're pround to recognize matthew hy as our teacher of the game./// ((mauricio marin))
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maathuis will feature a teacher of the game. this story will be featured at tonight's game against t-c-u./// ((christianne klein)) thanksgiving is over and the holiday shopping has arrived! ((mauricio marin)) >> up next on the valley's news leader >> how black friday is shaping up for shoppers right here in the valley.//// announcer: now, live...this is 8 news now at
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((tedd florendo)) (( we had big storms that pushed through east clark county this morning but have not since dissipated. flooding was big in golden valley, arizona but now we're seeing much mostly clouds right now high humidity and dewpoints due to the rain that passed through this morning. winds breezy at
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70's that's for sure. .......... ......................... ............. let's take you through the evening and show you what to expect. temps cooling off bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight. temps in the mid 50's and sunny and chilly by tomorrow a.m. for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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are looking to score big with some super sweet deals. ((mauricio marin)) >> michael stevens went to the premium outlet mall to check out how the holiday shopping season is kicking off. ((michael stevens)) i must say it was a lot quiet earlier now several hundred if not thousands are here at the premium outlet mall getting their black friday deals were talking 50 percent off entire stores 70 percent off total stores massive discounts we talked to someone from the uk who traveled all the way here for these done that's not true people have been here since they opened up at 9 getting black friday deals and it should still look the same way for the rest of the day here at the premium outlets report michael stevens 8 news
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now./// ((christianne klein)) pre black friday tensions turned deadly at a wal mart in reno . police say two men got into fight while arguing over a parking spot outside of the store last night. eventually shots were fired... killing a 33-year-old man. police say both men were armed. police are now on the hunt for the shooter. the walmart where the shooting happened stayed open for black friday shoppers./// ((mauricio marin)) president elect- donl thanksgiving weekend in florida with his family. he's still working on staffing his cabinet and connecting with foreign leaders. weijia jiang reports from the white house on his latest picks. from his mar-a-lago estate in florida, president elect donald trump filled two more spots in his new administration. kathleen troia mcfarland will serve as deputy national security advisor. she's currently a fox news analyst. donald mcgahn--a partner at jones day in washington--will be mister trump's assistant and white house counsel. there is still no word
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of state. the front runners include former new york city mayor rudy early trump supporter...and 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney. he and mister trump aggressively attacked each other during the campaign. the last election should've been won, except romney choked like a dog (stand up bridge--weijia jiang/cbs news/the white house) "mister trump is calling for unity following a bitter campaign for the white house, but another chapter of potential conflict is now unfolding. paperwork seeking a recount in wisconsin is being filed...after its candidate--jill stein--raised enough money through donations to fund the audit." (sot--joe martin--former co-chair greater milwaukee green party @ 13:33:00) "the american public has come out strongly against this, saying it must be done." stein wants recounts in pennsylvania and michigan too... (jill stein) we need to implement these safeguards so that we're not asking the question after the fact. the states she's questioning all helped mister trump secure
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with potential hires on monday. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. (mister trump has connected with several foreign leaders in recent days...including the prime ministers of greece, hungary, and sweden, and the presidents of panama and slovenia...his wife's native country.) trumpp supporter...and 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney. he and mister trump foreign leaders in recent days...including the prime ministers of greece, hungary, and sweden. he's also talked with the presidents of panama and slovenia...his wife's native country./// mricio marin)) holiday shoppa political turn on online. a "make america great again"a the ornament is a spin on the hat donald trump often wore during his presidential campaign. not surprisingly-- the reviews on amazon have been more of a sounding board for critics of the president-elect... with reviewers saying the blue ornament is better and smarter than this one. one user who gave the product a five-star rating said, it quote "made my christmas tree great again!" and the ornament is not cheap. most are listed online for more than two-hundred dollars a piece./// ((christianne klein))
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holiday shopping deals. but you can also find great deals on everyday items like groceries.....and all you need is a few minutes and a smartphone. apps like "checkout 51" and "ibotta" both offer cash rewards on hundreds of popular products. with checkout 51 shoppers star items they plan to buy. after check-out -- users claim their rewards -- and upload a photo of the receipt as proof. it's the same idea with ibotta. first shoppers choose their store-- then unlock rewards. (( (bryan lea/ spend a little time learning about a product that you might want to buy, and then if you buy that product and try it out, then we will actually share our advertising revenue back with you in the form of a cash reward." )) ((christianne klein)) >> ibotta users upload product barcodes and the receipt. the entire purchase is reviewed to taylor future deals just for you. you need at least 20 bucks in your account to cash out. customers can get a gift card, an online payment, or a simple
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leftovers are probably one of the best things about thanksgiving. but bellies beware: not all your favorite dishes are safe to reheat! clinical dietitians say rice... as well potatoes cooked in aluminum foil should both be tossed out... since they're prone to quickly growing bacteria. food with high moisture content - like stuffing - should also be thrown out. turkey is safe to save... but make sure you're thoroughly reheating it... and never storing the whole bird. (( lindsay malone/advanced practice clinical dietitian, cleveland clinic: "setting up the situan cut it up in smaller portions, cool it quickly, store it within 2 hours.")) ((christianne klein)) >> foods you do plan on saving should be thrown out after 3 to 4 days. and if you are going to reheat the leftovers... use the oven. while the microwave may be quicker... the oven cooks more evenly./// ((christianne klein)) protesters standing against the dakota access pipeline got some star power help ((mauricio marin)) coming up next on the valley's news leader how jane fonda helped brighten up the holidays for dakota access
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announcer: you're watching the valley's news
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this is 8 news now at four. ((mauricio marin)) a welcome break on thanksgiving day for protesters standing against the dakota access pipeline. ((christianne klein)) >> not only did they get something to eat --- they got to meet an academy award winning actress and pipeline opponent. cynthia hill explains. a day of music food and ceremony joined by well-known hollywood actress and advocate jane fonda. jane fda many tribes have joined together in prayer in peace in non-violence to protect their sacred land and their water." she says she believes many of the actions throughout the past seven months were peaceful. she traveled from los angeles today to help serve a meal to a mixed crowd of mostly water protectors. jane fonda/actress: "i was serving for about three minutes and they said people can serve themselves. i've never had a job in such a short time. it's fantastic that this
4:42 pm
it's fantastic that this happened." and she wasn't the only one.. the main cook brought his crew in to serve 200.. that number changed after just a few hours.. cynthia hill/reporting: behind me is the kitchen filled with the cooks that fed hundreds here at standing rock middle school in fort yates. the chef says the food all indigenous ingredients and served as a symbol of peace." jeremy stanton/main chef: "i think every good negotiation should start after the meal is finished, when peopl a ready to talk. it doesn't matter how much money you have invested or how much money you have to lose. these are human beings and today i'm here to feed them." he says love was the most important ingredient. jane fonda/actress "this is a time when we need that. we need to stand together."/// ((christianne klein)) fonda had plans to visit standing rock on thanksgiving but didn't know there would be a meal to serve....
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to help. about 25-hundred attended the ceremony./// ((mauricio marin)) anticipation is buiding across the nation for the latest star wars installment. ((christianne klein)) >> coming up o the valley's news leader how the craze is taking over cyber monday with a special annoucment on ticket sales./// announcer: you're
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((christianne klein)) the holiday sprit is coming alive at opportunity village tonight as they kick off their magic forest. ((mauricio marin)) >> let's check in again with our tedd florendo who's out there now as folks await the arrival of santa clause! ((tedd florendo)) ((christianne klein)) star wars fans eager to
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star wars fans eager to get tickets for the new upcoming film tickets for "rogue one: a star wars story" go on sale monday. news of the advance ticket sales came in a tweet from the official "star wars" account today. fans have been eagerly waiting for details about "rogue one" which is both a spinoff of "star wars" and a prequel. it revolves around a group of rebels seeking to steal the plans for the death star. the new film stars hits theaters
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when it comes to shopping smart for the holidays. ((christianne klein)) >> comsumer advocate michelle mortensen breaks down what you need to know >> to be the holiday hit when it's time to unwrap those gifts! ((mauricio marin)) >> and tonight on 8 news now at 5.. a unique program that tries to make life easier for students... who are dealing with issues at home and school./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at four. i wanted the same plan that my mother had. senior dimensions.
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advocate michelle mortensen has been counting down the top holiday gifts for the season. and tonight she's listing off the top toys that teach and inspire creativity. ((mauricio marin)) and be sure to log onto our website while you watch for the ulitmate 2 screen
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just about anything with this jewlery making kit from crayola. gelli arts ... awakens your creative side as well. these plates and stamps can be used to make stunning designs on paper, fabric and more. and for the girl who loves bling ... there's junior sequin art by geospace. these color sets from calafant unlock imaginations and creativity. better yet -- there's no cutting or gluing .. so they are perfect for little hands. and for the girl who likes t there's my fairy garden ..bringing plants and fairies to life. two of the hottest stem kits for girls are this barbie one from thames and kosmos ... and roominate carnival party. girls will get to design and buil things like a working ferris wheel with the carnival party set ... while the barbie set teaches while getting barbie ready for a big party. build her a spinning clostes or make her an origami dress. and don't think we've forgotten about stem toys for boys. there's a bevy of them ... like this gekko bot.
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build the robot one of six ways and then let him loose to scales walls all the while teaching them about mechanical physics. and this and this magformers robot ... is made entirely of magnets .. that kids can design anyway they like ... and yes, he walks too. mebo is the robot of your kids dreams. mebo will pick up their clothes .. grab them a snack .. and even spy on their friends. and if you're kids are dying for a pet ... but you're not ready for the real things e walk, sit, beg, sing, and even jump into your hand! the imaginext ultra t rex by fischer price brings dinosaurs to life for kids 3 to 8. they'll love his firey eyes and breath as he stomps around their room. want to teach your kids how to code? then fisher price's code a pillar is a must. little hands build the code-a-pillar with interlocking parts .. and then let him go. by playing with this toy toddlers develope coding, sequencing and critical thinking
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the same for an older child.... build a maze and let the mouse go so he can find the cheese. got a space lover in the family? then snag my first telescope with 10 times magnification from educational insights. or check out in my room space expolration by uncle milton .. it brings galxies to life with these cool goggles. they can learn more about the planets and the milky way. kids can fly high with this design and drill hellicopter kit ...developing fine and gross motor skills while having fun. this finding doryscience kit from wonder forge... gives kids the chance to perform their own lab experiments with bubbles while learning about surface tension, elasticity, soap molecules, diffusion, and more. beleive it or not .. this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creative, stem and educational toys we've found. check out my other picks in my online gift guide on your station website .. pinterest and my facebook page. i'm mm and in the next hour ... michelle will be joining us again with her hot toy list
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all of michelles gift guide segements on our website at las vegas now dot com../// ((mauricio marin)) that's all for us at 4. christianne klein >> 8 news now at five starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now
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((christianne klein)) just a day after thanksgiving, a man is shot and killed near downtown... a murder investigation is happening right now on this holiday weekend. ((mauricio marin)) >> the shooting happened on sunrise... just south of the 95. shakala alvaranga is live at the scene with an update... ((shakala)) christianne and mauricio, that
5:00 pm
overwhelmed with emotions, they were visibly upset and hurt about what happened. the shooting happened in the 2100 block of sunrise avenue... near fremont and eastern. police say a hispanic man in his thirties died from an apparent gunshot wound. a woman is currently being held by police. investigators believe she and the victim lived in the same apartment. they aren't calling her a suspect at this time -- but she hear her side of the story. the victim involved in the shooting has gang ties in the community. so they are trying to figure out if that played any role in what happened. another person on the scene was arrested due to an outstanding warrant. it's unclear if he is connected to the case at this point though. ((shakala)) police do not know what the motive is at this hour. investigators say it doesn't appear to be domestic. reporting live shakala alvaranga


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