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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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news now at five.")) ((denise valdez)) >> a 13 year old valley teen took her own life... after her family says she was bullied. good evening i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. metro police say she jumped from a casino parking structure on the west side. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin spoke exclusively with the girl's mother. he's live with more on her emotional plea to other parents. ((mauricio marin)) never made it to class thursday morning here at sig rogich middle school. when her mom found out--she knew right away something was wrong. but never imagined her daughter would take her own life.
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large family that loved her very much and would do anything for her." )) ((mauricio marin)) the teen's mom believes her daughter was bullied. ((stefanie kruger/mother: "i would have moved her from that school if i had thought for one second she was that unhappy. i would have done anything for her." )) ((mauricio marin)) as she works to comfort her 15-year old son danny over the tragic loss. stefanie now lives with a heavy heart. wishing she could have done more to help her daughter. ((stefanie kruger/mohe that they are having problems try to get to the bottom of it. we had conversations but i never thought she was in the dark place she was in.")) ((mauricio marin)) comforted by her own mother---stefanie spent the day grieving looking at pictures of the good times she spent with maria. ((stefanie kruger/mother: 'we loved listening to music together we would go and swim and have music playing in the background. there was always music." )) ((mauricio marin))
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with their kids. and to get them help if they're are any signs about them thinking about taking their own life. ((stefanie kruger/mother: "any parents out there you hug your kids as hard as you can don't let them pull away from you." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> maria's mom thanks everyone who has reached out to her with support during this trying time. the family has set up a go-fund me- to help pay for funeral expenses. we have a link to it o reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) >> so far this year there have been 7 other kids under 18 years old who have committed suicide according to the clark county coroner's office. in all of 2015 --there were 10 reported./// ((dave courvoisier)) the future of clark county public education is now in the hands of 12 lawmakers. they make up the legislative commission. and one week from today, they're expected to give the final vote to reorganize ccsd.
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where some of the money will come from to make this happen. ((sharie johnson)) this will be in place by august of next year. yesterday, the state gave the green light. the price tag of the reorganization has been overshadowed by fears that it won't work. while we don't have an estimated cost, we do know where some of the money will come from.
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says a bulk of funding will come from central administration. for example, when there's a teacher vacancy, a sub is hired for 30-40 thousand dollars less than a licensed teacher. right now the district keeps the difference, but that's changing. (( nevada sen. michael roberson: the difference between the cost of a substitute and a licensed teacher; that money goes back to central and they spend it god knows where, now under this plan, that money stays with those schools )) ((sharie johnson)) for the first time atleast 80 percent of all unrestricted, will go straight to schools. the hope: radicallly change education in one of the worse school districts in the nation. ((nevada sen. michael roberson: we know all across the country decentralization of large urban school districts works, we also know that the current structure we have at ccsd does not work, we're 49th, we're 50 >> ((sharie johnson)) yesterday, some state educators we're frankly frustrated about what they described as "contention and controversy" over this plan. despite that some educators
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we'll explain why at six. ((denise valdez)) tropical storm hermine brought heavy rain and strong winds to georgia and the carolinas... after making landfall in florida last night as a category 1 hurricane. the storm is expected to stall -- off the mid-atlantic coast bringing heavy surf through middle of the week./// ((denise valdez)) just west of that... parts of louisiana are still underwater after historic flooding filled neighborhoods.. destroying thousands of homes. kinds of disasters.. las vegas is still prone to events like extreme heat.. and earthquakes. so how can you be sure your family is totally prepared? christianne klein caught up with first responders who gave offered tips for "national prepareness month". ((christianne klein)) officials are urging nevada residents to do what it takes to prepare for an emergency now.. they want us to have enough food, water, and supplies to last three days.. and consider this.. for those three days you may be
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and maybe not even have access to overwhelmed emergency crews and first responders.. some of the most likely potential disasters nevada could face include flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, extreme heat or communicable disease.. officials urge you to take this time to make sure your insurance is active and up to date, that you have an accounting of valuables and what you would need to remove from your home if you needed to evacuate- including pets.. and of course, create that emergency kit for you and your household... steinbeck/emergency manager clark county we're talking the minimum.. so that's food.. a gallon of water per person per day that's medications you might need.. anything that you're going to need to sustain yourself for 72 hours. a way to prepare your food.. you have to have in your kit and we have lot of materials available on our website or on : )) ((christianne klein)) >> there is also a new app to help you create a plan..
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preparedness app.. it has features to help you create and manage evacuation locations, links to services, a list of current alerts and a way to quickly send emails or texts saying you're safe or you need help.. ((christianne klein)) and while you may be familiar with creating an emergency kit.. make sure to adjust it for the times.. often alerts - like flood warnings- are issued through your phone.. so make sure you have a spare battery that's fully charged - or a solar charger for your cell phone just in case you don't have power... and alwa your plan and contact information.. it could make a huge difference in an emergency. ((dave courvoisier)) now to the weather.... we're expected to stay in the 90's for the most part this weekend. ((denise valdez)) >> that's welcome news to folks with outdoors plans. tedd's out at first friday tonight enjoying it with thousands of folks downtown.
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yesteray with clear skies. breezes have picked up a little as well around the region up to 20 mainly. not anticipating y rest of the week. we are going to warm up through the week however with temps peaking on thursday and friday. humidity remains very dry as well. .......................... ......... .................. evening planner calling for warm temperatures through the night with light breezes again. plenty of 90's this evening with 11pm temps nice and comfortable. commute temps should be in the 80's again and hotter tomorrow. but your morning should be nice with light winds increasing by afternoon. we''ll have more on the rest of the week coming up.
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rural nevada says she probably wouldn't make the same decision again. ((denise valdez)) >> the founder of the mustang monument wild horse sanctuary in elko county says that further investment would be a waste of money because she's been blocked from opening, not only by the blm, but also by elko county officials who say they don't want to support anything that keeps wild horses on the range. george knapp of the i-team is here with the story of surprisingly strict building codes in elko. ((george knapp)) madeleine pickens is rich, blonde, and those are four strikes against her in some circles. but the fact that she wants to create a sanctuary for wild horses in a county known for its ranching industry is what probably doomed her mustang monument project. ranchers are not fans of the blm, but anomosity toward wild horses is the one issue on which both of those camps can agree.
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mustang monument eco-sanctuary as something different for high end tourists, a chance to interact with wild horses in the same region where the first horses on earth were born. travel agents loved it, state tourism promoted it, and the visitors who stayed last year were overwhelmed. 2016 looked like it would be a huge success but it never happened. madeleine pickens: we had to reimburse them. we had to cancel reservations. it's terrible. ((george knapp)) pickens knew she would have tried to put mustangs on her public acreage, but she continued to pour millions of dollars into fixing up her 20,000 deed water systems...massive pivots to grow alfalfa...first class guest accommoda tions.... a hangar filled with expensive suv's and customized coaches. local contractors were hried to do the work, local ranch hands to care for the mustangs. the monument represented jobs, tourists, and tax dollars but,
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thanks. county commissioners, several of them cattle ranchers, voted against the sanctuary in the minutes of public meetings, commissioners said they opposed any use of water rights for wild horses. another said he didn't have enough information to make a decision, but still didn't like pickens' idea. elko is cattle country, and ranchers see wild horses as a threat. clay nannini/elko realtor: you take the hatred of horses aside, there is no good reason why anybody should be or anywhere else. ((george knapp)) since the county commission's vote, pickens encountered obstacles at every turn. building inspectors imposed and enforced standards unknown in elko county. and delays became commonplace. jerry reynoldson/wild horse advocate: they don't discriminate. they all apply the same standard, which is, it's madeleine pickens. she can wait a little while. she's from caifornia, so she can wait madeleine pickens/founder of mustang monument:
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want me to fix another building for another 750,000 dollars. they don't like this. they don't like that. example, an old house converted into a dining hall and kitchen..... it took two years to get the permits and cost a million dollars. she intended to build a kitchen that could handle up to 45 diners maximum to match the ranch's capacity, but instead had to construct a stainless steel mega-kitchen thatk belongs at the mgm grand. jerry: you could see this kitchen in a restaurant in san francisco that served 500 people, and you know it's totally out of place here. she will never use what's there but they just made her build it because they could. kitchen mops had to have their own walled- off section, and it required its own permit. a walk in refrigerator was nearly approved, until an inspector wanted to see evidence it was earthquake- proof. so i asked the
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he said we've never been asked for this kind of information on a walk in refrigerator. pickens spent a million dollars buying what she calls safari tents... tee-pees... to provide visitors with an upscale western experience. the county required that each tent sit atop a slab of concrete and rebar 7- feet thick, then added, the tents would need their own sprinkler pickens: i said, i'm out of this. i rolled up the tents. they're all stored and i will probably sell them in another state or somewhere else they've all had a wink and a other words, give here a hard time...that's hard to take. you come in, you're sincere, but after awhile, you don't want to continue to throw money away.... ((george knapp)) not only is she restricted from
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have permission to use it for her own family to have a meal. the airplane hangar full of custom suv's will likely be sold off, without the vehicles ever being used at all. we called elko county for a comment and will let you know what they have to say when we speak to them. ((denise valdez)) still ahead... an answer to questions about paying bills online. michelle mortensen found out why payments made online.. company until days after the money leaves your account.///
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((dave courvoisier)) got a problem? tell michelle .. because she get's results. and today... she's helping everyone who pays
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way to how quickly those get paid. ((michelle mortensen)) nowdays just about everyone pays their bills online. generally paying your bills online is fast and secure .. however .. scheduling payments through your bank can sometimes cause delays. hence the question i got from ron goldberg recently. he wrote me on facebook and said ... michelle ... i've finally decided to pay my bills online through my bank. it's been an easy transition but why does the bank take my money ou but then take 2 to 3 days to credit it to the payee. amazing question. this has been a point of contention for many people for a long time. in this digital world .. shouldn't the payments be creditied to an account instantly?? it should .. and it soon will. right now .. online payments run through something called the a-c-h network ...
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it basically moves money from one account to another . each year it moves more than 40 trillion dollars and nearly 23 billion electronic financial transactions. and it's one of the largest and safest payment systems in the world. and it gets that reputation ... but takeing it's time with the transfers ... eliminating fraud and mistakes. ((michelle mortensen)) but the federal reserve has approved a same-day ach payments rule that is set to go into effecn so soon -- online bill pay will be faster for ron .. and all of us who use it. ((denise valdez)) at last... it looks that those 100 degree days are finally behind us. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the forecast is showing 90 degrees through the holiday weekend. so tedd wanted to get out and enjoy it... he's downtown at first friday now... hey tedd!
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and it's hotter today than yesterday with triple-digits around the region.
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winds increased as forecasted as well but still remain below windy criteria. we still are dry with single digit humidity readings. and we're a few degrees warmer than yesterday. . afternoon highs hot around the valley with temps hottest over to the east side of town where we're lower in elevation. especially for the east and southeast neigbhorhoods. not-as-hot for the locales on the west side of town especially the foothills and certainly the mountains where it appears to be coolest. ................................ .... regional temps also stayed hot with hottest temps in laughlin and death valley. although we definitely got hotter for the colorado river valley from mesquite all the way down to the searchlight. more tolerable temps in the 90's for the central great basin where they also had some wind develop too.
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the desert southwest but the southern plains with feels like temps in the 100's. still hot also for the northern plains and the mid-atlantic states with muggy conditions there down to the deep south. .. ............................. .... .......... doppler radar looking clear again across the region with most of the precip up in the pacific northwest. looking at the high mexico/texas to continue to progress northward and bring hotter weather this week; specifically late week. looking at the next system to roll through the north part of the state to irease wind this ekend and espily next ek. ............................. .. rs the forecast.'s byoing with . should be comfortable and clearg we could see some light breezes returning again tomorrow. .............................. . ....................tended te near 110 by the end of eworkwee en seen.wind could be breezy at through the week, but it's next week and late weekend when we do anticipate stronger winds. monsoon cou turn late next ek or the week after according to long range models but that could changawell.
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that will be packed this holiday weekend. ((denise valdez)) >> sports books are finding new ways to bring in a new generation of bettors./// ((denise valdez)) we've been talking about y t as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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so it's no surprise it's also one of the biggest weekends for sports betting. places like the south point has seen a lot more interest in younger bettors... so they've been creating wagers specifically for that age group. besides the busy weekend... week one of the nfl is coming up and attracting even more crowds. money down on which team will go all the way. ((denise valdez)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. don't forget we're always streaming on the "news on" app... and you can find us on facebook and twitter. ((dave courvoisier)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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? ? ?ni captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: hermine's knockout >> i can't see! >> dubois: florida's first hurricane in 11 years knocks out power for hundreds of thousands, then starts a holiday weekend trek up the east coast, 43p million people in its path. also tonight, what hillary criminal investigation of her e-mails. a former college swimming star gets out of prison after serving just three months for sexual assault. new photos reveal the wounds he received that night. and chloe's special guest for "show and tell." >> what brought me here today to talk to your class was an act of character.t >> dubois: steve hartman will


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