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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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in the newsroom with what needs to happen to move stadium plans forward. ((mauricio marin)) >> there's a lot at stake and if action is taken soon...the stadium proposal could come crashing down. sands corp says $750-million dollars needs to come from public money or no deal. and that cash would come from a nearly one-percent increase in hotel room taxes. >> at today's southern nevada infastructure committee meeting...develo pers laid out the nearly two-billion dollar budget for the 65-thousand seat football stadium...wic construction of the stadium and money to buy land where it will go. that's the second piece that needs to come together. developers have now zoned in on two locations for the stadium. one near russell road just west of interstate 15. and the second where bali hai golf course is now. developers say it looks hopeful that an agreement can be made to get an n-f-l stadium in las vegas. ((andy abboud/las vegas sands: they're understanding the need for public financincing because the nfl likes to see public financing support as well as private sector support. so we've made the case that we
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and get the proper amount of financing." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> time is running out though. the committee needs to make it's recommendation soon so the governor can call a special session. ((mauricio marin)) >> the committee will meet again next month. but there's real urgency and both sides hope to have a recommendation before that date. reporting live in the newsroom...maur icio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) along with the facebook poll... hundreds of people stadium's financing. chuck says the 'nfl is the richest sporting franchise in the country... let them build the stadium! worst part is they will have their hand out again in ten years when the stadium is "outdated."' joe disagrees... saying "anyone here want to start paying taxes to the state? i don't. build it and people will come here to watch football and bring revenue to pay our taxes." tabitha doesn't like the idea... "how about we make the schools
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saying 'whatever it takes to get it built i don't care we need this. hate the raiders but my colts play them." we'd love to hear what you have to say... just go to our 8 news now facebook page./// ((denise valdez)) tedd thankfully the renderings show a domed stadium... that'll help keep fans cool in the desert heat! ((tedd florendo)) skies staying a little hazy still from burnign wildfires in california. gusty nd the southwest, but at the same time it's scouring it out quickly. still a slight haze remains along with the air quality advisory through tonight. air remains dry in the single digits, but we'll begin to see the humidity and dewpoints rise again tomorrow and saturday as t'storms return. ............ ....................... ................. hour by hour forecast shows hazy and gusty conditions through the
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eventually in the 80's late night for the 11. sunny start for tomorrow but we'll see an increase in clouds as early as midday as t'storm chances increase tomorrow. ((dave courvoisier)) disturbing new details about a suspected sex- for- money operation.. running out of a man's home in the valley. david coil is sitting in jail right now.. he's accused of luring teenage girls and young women through craigslist home. the job.. massaging clients... with the expectation of sex. we just got our hands on the police report... and it's quite graphic.. here are some of the highlights. one of the victims reported that coil's residence was known as a naked house. the victim went on to say that the girls would have to walk around coil's house completely naked.. including a young member of his own family. and the girls would be promised up to a thousand dollars a day for their services./// ((denise valdez)) it's a lucrative industry
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have already been saved from sex trafficking in the valley. it's about the same number for adults. 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga talked to one victim tonight who gave us an inside look at what happens underground ... "he gives you a quote...of how much you have to make and where you have to do it." "it's not like $100, $200, i mean it's thousands..." in fear of her life, this sex trafficking victim didn't want to show her face on camera. give others hope... "i was really scared to get out because he knew everything about my son." she met her "pimp" ... when she was 35 years old. "he made me feel like i had i was somebody." he showered her with cars, houses, and money. "i was very confused bout what was love and family and trust and acceptance. i grew up totally not knowing what that was." for four years, she saw young girls, some ..
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"once you give him that first amount of money, your his ... and the beatings come right after, the torture comes." they'll burn you, you know, they'll rape you, they'll drug you. she found her safe haven at destiny's house. another survivor, annie, called her. before annie had called me, that was on tuesday, october 27th, i already had it all plannd out that i was going to kill myself today she is hopeful ... and ... a survivor. ((denise valdez)) >> police urge that if you or anyone you know is a victim of sex trafficking, to call them. they say nothing can be done, without your help./// ((dave courvoisier)) the desert pines teacher accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student... was indicted by a grand jury today.
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scheaffer faces a slew of counts... all for sex acts with a student. metro police say the teenage girl told them she was in a relationship with her teacher for ten months. scheaffer claims they did not actually have sex... and everything they did was consensual./// ((denise valdez)) graphic testimony in the so-called ipad murder trial. michael solid is accused of killing 15-year-old marcos arenas while his friend was stealing the victim's ipad. 8 news now reporter karen castro takes us inside the courtroom.
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who was sitting front row inside the courtroom. he tells me his family is helping him get through the trial. ((ivan arenas - victim's father: we go and have lunch together and you know, just commemorate him. we have like a group text, you know and we all just kinda, you know, keep him, keep him, keep him in our minds and in our hearts.)) wheel of an suv that killed arenas. but the defense is arguing it was an accident. the prosecution isn't buy it. the trial will resume tomorrow. prosecutors tell me they may rest their case on monday. karen castro, 8 news now. > ((dave courvoisier)) demonstrators showed up at the clark county judicial court this morning... to support a fellow activist who was arrested at an anti- drone protest at creech air force base in april. shirly osgood faces trespassing
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they're against the use of drone attacks that could kill innocent people. drones are operated out at creech... where operators are able to launch attacks anywhere in the world... thousands of miles away from conflict zones. several people were arrested during the april protest./// ((denise valdez)) we're just four days away from the start of the new school year for the clark county school district.. . and one local school is reaching out to the community... trying to get both students and parents more involved.. ((dave courvoisier)) >> 8 news now anchor christianne klein has the story.. ((christianne klein)) martinez elementary in north las vegas had an idea.. why don't we go into the community our school serves to get families involved.. they spent sunday knocking on doors inviting parents and students to an early and educational back to school party.. it looks like a neighborhood block party.. complete with food, drinks, sports and music... but this isn't just any party.. (( we have students who come with less so we have to give more :
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>> it's a chance for reynaldo martinez elementary staff and teachers to meet this year's students and parents before the start of the new school year.. (( nichole urias / martinez elementary "nationally we know that we're losing a whole generation of children of color and we just said that's not going to happen on martinez' watch.. we're going to go out into the community and break that cycle" : )) (( verdena marquez /parent the kids needs to know that their parents are there.. they need to know that.. they really do : )) ((christianne klein)) >> staff spent the morning giving away backpacks and school supplies.. and.. most importantly- talking with the kids.. (( joquin/ 6th grade it's really cool.. they're bringing the school together)) (( andrew chambers/4th grader i just met my new teacher.. and he seems like a really good teacher.. i'm not gonna lie he seems like a really good teacher )) ((christianne klein)) >> ten year old andrew chambers is headed into the fourth grade.. with a very clear set of goals.. ((andrew chambers/ 4th grade i promised him i'm gonna do my work.. no talking like i usually do )) (( christianne: and you told this to your teacher? yeah
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that (laughing) : )) ((christianne klein)) >> this was the first year martinez elementary held an event like this- but it will not be their last.. kids were already putting in requests today.. and they're talking about an ice cream party for next year.. ((dave courvoisier)) coming up on the valley's news leader... the waiting game continues... for parents hoping to use state funds for private school tuition. we look into the latest delay in the 'school choice' program./// news music watching the valley's news
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this is 8 news now at six." ((denise valdez)) the status of the state's controversial school choice program appears to be in limbo... for at least another week. the nevada supreme court is hearing two challenges to the program... and did not include a decision in it's weekly release of opinions today. patrick walker has more on where the program stands.
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begins whether or not the state's school choice program will be allowed to go forward. ((dan schwartz/(r) state treasurer: "the treasurer's office is ready to go, i've talked with our chief of staff, and he said we can probably do it within 30 days.")) ((patrick walker)) state treasurer dan schwartz... in charge of administering the education savings account program... has been encouraging parents to continue applying to receive e-s-a's... even though the program's status is in limbo. opponents of the program say that's the wrong move. ((adriana martinez/educate nevada now: "we don't know what the supreme court is going to opine in this case, and at this point, so you cannot continue to sell this program.")) ((patrick walker)) "educate nevada now" is opposing the e-s-a program on the grounds that money is being drained from public schools for private education. that's the premise of the lawsuit that led a carson city judge to put an injunction on the program. outside of that... opponents are concerned about what would happen if the state supreme court rules in favor of the state... and parents pull their children from public schools. ((annette magnus/executive director, battle born progress: "i think it's a huge disruption, and i think the court should have decided this already so that we
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the decision is.")) ((patrick walker)) and if the program is struck down... those who have already pulled their kids from public schools could be on the hook for the bill if their child has been accepted into private schools. for parents... it's a gamble that may or may not pay off. ((alan stock/supports school choice program: "it's a crapshoot in many ways, they're waiting to see how it does come down.")) ((patrick walker)) patrick walker... 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) >> the court will also rule on an appeal by the a-c-l-u. a clark county district judge previously dismissed a lawsuit that the program allows for state funds to go directoy to religious schools -- which woud constitution./// ((weather toss))
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winds still remain gusty at times from the southwest and do expect some gusts at times tomorrow but not as strong. temps remain at or slightly below normal, but we should be not as hot tomorrow. ................................ ... ......... valley temps near 100 throughout the region. hottest over to the east side of the valley where we're lower in elevation. not as hot over the west sid eand foothillls at today. comfortable in the afternoon and evening hours. ................. .................. ........... region-wide temps show it hottest in the death valley and laughlin. very warm down the colorado river valley with in the 100's this afternoon from mesquite down river to laughlin. not as hot and more tolerablet temps can be found up in the central great basin. ................................ ... ........... u.s. temps show hot and muggy conditions continue for areas in the lower plains through the
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muggy as early august where heat indices were up to 105 in some spots. cooler in the upper plains with more warm weather for seattle as they continue with sunshine and heat. ................................ ... ............ dry and hazy conditions can be found right now, with storms firing up in lincoln and mohave counties. we do expect a chance of some of this moisture to return in a southerly and southeasterly flow as the next system comes in from the west increasing moisture and storm saturday. best chances still remain in the higher terrain and to the east. ................................ ... ............. tonight expect a low around 80 with winds breezy at times early and relaxing winds by midnight. hazy early and mostly clear late night. tomorrow expect a high around 98 with temps still in the 100's for those eastside neighborhoods. winds a slight breeze from the south with increasing shower chances in the afternoon and in the slight category. ................................ ... ............. neighborhood by neighborhood temps tomorrow will be near 100
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and southeast sections like green valley and henderson. mid to high 90's for the far westside of town and up near aliante in the north sections. . .............................. .... .................. extended forecast calls for slight shower chances tomorrow and saturday. temps will drop to the 90's then rebound back to near average in the 102 range by next week. expect a drier more desert-like setting next week as the monsoon retreats east and south.> she talked a little bit about where they've been but mostly where they're going what is the ad most proud of and what are her goals for this year..we'll let you know plus the raiders look to win the name game..
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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name calling is normally frowned upon unless of course that name is so valuable you aim for a trademark.. this week the raiders applied for the rights to the name "las vegas raiders" money talks and so will the state legislature..but the raiders applying to the u.s. patent and trademark office for ownership of las vegas raiders is certainly an indicator their intention to move is more than just lip service.. the raiders application would protect goods and services with the team name attached to it $1.9 billion dollars will build a nice home..the raiders hope they can convince the committee and the legislature to make las vegas their home..the stadium sites have been narrowed to two locations on the strip..las vegas sands says they
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"we had a good meeting with the governor. i think it was important for him to understand the financial equation here. "they asked us to come up with a site specific location which we've done. we actually have a lotcation and cost structure that is approaching 2-billion dollars." "again this is a public owned stadium witha 60% private investment and that is what we presented to the commnittee today and that's what we anticiapte what we will present to legistlatures. i think at this point we feel it was a very s jon tritsch you can look long and hard and not find too many industries more cut-throat and competitive than division 1 college athletics..unlv athletic director tina kunzer murphy says her programs are embracing that challenge the athletic director met with the media today discussing the past year and the future of rebel athletics..she sees progress and a strong foundation..but is most proud of a football program ready to take off (( )) jon tritsch but mrs.
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only winners last..she is focused on building a foundation of success at unlv and hoping it carries the school out of the mountain west and to a major conference like the big 12 or pac 12 ((denise valdez))
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we're always on at las vegas now along with facebook and twitter. ((dave courvoisier)) >> see you tonight at 11.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a high-school history and economics teacher from glen rock, pennsylvania... a 10th-grade english teacher from tucson, arizona...


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