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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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nevada... this time it's mike pence. but not everyone was happy to see the republican running mate in town./// > the blue cut fire started about 24 hours ago... but has alry we have team coverage this evening... tedd florendo will have more on the change in air quality around the valley... and katie boer spoke with drivers dealing with the closure of the i-15 through cajon pass. ((paul joncich)) >> but we start with chris martinez for an update on the efforts to contain the fire.
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the massive "blue cut" wildfire continues to threaten communties in the dry mountainous area about 60 miles east of los angeles. the fire raced up and down ridges overnight burning entire neighborhoods to the ground. its just devastating. and it looks like its just all around us and i live that way won't let me go home. strong winds and dry brush fueled flames shooting thick black smoke 80 feet into the air. this is the area where those firefighters were overcome by flames and a couple were injured. more than a thousand fire crews are on the ground while helicopters and planes attack the monster blaze from the air. (glenn barley, so cal fire) we're really struggling to keep up wit it. evacuation orders have been
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refusing to leave the mountain town of wrightwood. the area of wrightwood is right in the middle of that smoke. (sot sheriff john mcmahon, san bernardino county) we would hate for the fire to overun your neighborhood and you be stuck inside and not have a way out. several other large fires are burning across the state. the governor has declared a state of emergency. ((chris martinez)) ((paul joncich)) ((chris martinez)) ((christianne klein)) as we've been mentioning... the i-15 is closed for several miles through the area... which is causing some delays for folks leaving and coming into las vegas. as for some alternates... we have a few for you.
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18... and take that through apple valley... and back around through big bear... to reconnect with state route 330. another work around for those coming out of california... taking the i-5 north to state route 14.... from there you can head east on state route 58 which will bring you back on the i-15. these detours have made what's usually a four or five hour drive... into a much longer one. so how are drivers taking to it? kate boer hit the road to find out... katie?/// ((katie boer)) christianne...i-15 is the main angeles. so this massive blue cut fire is impacting a lot of drivers! half the drivers we spoke to said they left las vegas early... the other half...knew there was a fire... but had no idea a portion of i-15 was even closed! now we drove this stretch from las vegas to just east of barstow ourselves...
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minimal. we saw a number of drivers at gas stations leading up to the road closure who said they were stocking up on food and gas -- -- and preparing for a longer haul home. ((08:01 katie: are you planning extra time out there ? wilson: :06 oh sure :06 maybe an extra four hours :06 --stitch--- :13 its a headache, but we have to cope with it -- theres no alternatives :16 )) ((wilson: 08:25 my prayers to them...why wouldn't i cope with four hours if some people are losing their homes? :34)) of course he's referencing the this blue cut fire near hesperia... he told me he was happy to take the detour-- considering what some folks are dealing with. ((katie boer)) back live... obviously the drivers we spoke to today decided to make the trek. worth noting -- we didn't hear from anyone who thought it was bad enough to turn around and
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several times today they told me if you don't have to make this drive today --plan it for a different day. those alternatives christianne just mentioned are on our website reporting east of barstow, ca... kb 8nn. /// ((paul joncich)) tedd said the fire west of us would have an effect on our air and looking at the numbers today... he was right... but it's not as bad as it could be.
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time of year as well. conditions remain dry with single digit humidity readings, but we did see the increase of wind as forecasted. gusts have been up to 30 in many neighborhoods today. ................................ ... ............. evening forecast shows temps in triple-digits even through the evening and hot at 11 o'clock. we'll start off the morning extra warm again under clear skies. winds expecting to decrease a little and then return to some breezes again tomorrow ((christianne klein)) a reward of one-hundred thousand dollars is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who caused the deaths of a dozen horses in
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reserve in elko county created to save wild horses from going to slaughter. the i-team's george knapp is here with the exclusive story and some disturbing images. ((george knapp)) >> the owner of the property calls it an act of terrorism. in light of what was done, it clearly was no accident. the images we're about to show are graphic. the dead horses were discovered over the weekend on a 12,000 acre parcel, part of a much larger ranch owned by philanthropist madeleine pickens, south of wells nevada. on t pickens favorite, a small brown mare she named scarlet, that's pickens kneeling yesterday next to scarlet's carcass. also dead, at least 11 other mustangs that had previously been saved from the slaughterhouse by pickens. dozens of other horses are missing. sometime in the last week or so, unknown persons vandalized several gates on the large enclosed preserve. fences were cut, and worst of all, all of the water pumps were disabled, meaning the mustangs had no water at all for days.
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we spoke to mrs pickens by phone this afternoon. ((madeleine pickens/founder of mustang monument: no question, this was not an accident. this wasn't just one well that went dry or something in the solar panel didn't work. everything was shut off, cut off, fences were cut and rolled back. they wanted all the horses to escape. they shut off the water holes so they couldn't drink. )) pickens has spent 25 million dollars sanctuary and eco- resort which is home to 700 rescued mustangs, but the plan has faced continuous opposition from the blm and elko officials sympathetic to cattle ranchers , as well as wild horse advocates. there have also been many previous acts of vandalism, but nothing like this. ((george knapp)) tonight at 11, we will have the full story about this crime and about the large reward being offered
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((paul joncich)) >> donald trump's running mate---mike pence visited with voters in southern nevada today....talking about how they plan to make america great again. the room was packed with supporters. but as 8 news now's mauricio marin explains...there were loud protestors making themselves heard . maricio is live at the henderson convention center. ((mauricio marin)) >> governor mike pence just wrapped up his first town hall in southern nevada since accepting to be donald trump's vice presidential candidate. attitude is what's needed to fix america. >> pence was quick to bash trumps opponent--- hillary clinton---saying she will stay with the same old status quo of d-c. he says when voters hit the polls in november---they have a choice to make. and pence says trump is the right man for the job who will rebuild the military, confront terrorists and build a wall at the border to keep america safe. when it comes to the economy---pence told the cheering crowd of supporters that trump will cut taxes and create trade deals that favor american business.
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presidential candidate: "i just want to say to you with that same old same old more government, more taxes, more regulation, more obamacare more of the war on the coal less prosperity for americans let's decide here and now that hillary clinton will never be elected president of the united states of america.")) ((mauricio marin)) >> right outside today's town hall---for a few minutes protesters and trump supporters got into a shouting match. protesters say trump and pence will repeal the environmental protection agency. others told us they don't necessarily support hillary clinton for president---but just don't want to see trump win. ((mauricio marin)) >> when it comes to the war against terrorism...pence blamed president obama and hillary clinton for helping spread isis. and told the crowd that people took trump's controversial words out of context last week...about president obama being a founder of isis. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((paul joncich)) while pence is on the road... donald trump is shaking things up within his campaign. he's brought in a new ceo... and manager...
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some republicans have criticized the moves./// ((paul joncich)) on the other side... hillary clinton mocked the shuffle saying trump is going to be trump no matter who he has running the campaign. she's on the road campaigning in ohio. quinnipiac university released new polls showing clinton with large leads in the battleground states of colorado and virginia. but she and trump are in a virtual tie in iowa./// ((paul joncich)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. national election news here on channel 8... and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((paul joncich)) education as we know it in the clark county school district is about to change. ((christianne klein)) this... after a historic step forward last night in reorganizing ccsd. an advisory committee unanimously approved a plan. sharie johnson has details of the plan and reaction from parents. ((sharie johnson)) the parents i talked to have some concerns... but they like what they've heard about this plan. the tentative plan designates
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team in charge of the biggest decisions.
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in the future. ((michael roberson, senate majority leader there will be costs but we also believe there's going to be savings along the way because the central administration will have to become more efficient and more lean )) ((sharie johnson)) state educators will look at the plan september first, then send it to the legislative commission. if that final hurdle is cleared, this could be law in about one month. ((paul joncich)) coming up on the valley's news leader... putting an end.... to click bait. the stepf headlines... from showing up on your news feed. plus... a ban on too much food. why the mcdonalds in the olympic village is putting a cap on how much the athletes and coaches can order./// ((christianne klein))
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click bait. ((paul joncich)) >> you know the headlines...
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crazy thing this dog did. forcing you to click the story to find out. and usually the payoff isn't there ((christian ne klein)) >> well -- facebook is making a change that could impact your feed. consumer advocate michelle mortensen explains. it seems like your facebook feed is crowded with posts like this -- "you'll never believe which two stars got into a fight on the red carpet." the picture tells you nothing. and the headline adds this enticing line -- "click to find out which starlet they were fighting over." of course you have to clict gossip. and as soon as you get directed to the website -- you are immediately disappointed. knowing that you got duped -- by clickbait. you're not alone. here's the problem. since others clicked that link -- the post gets shown to more people -- and it gets higher and higher on newsfeeds. thus perpetuating the clickbait. but facebook says it's had enough. and is changing it's algorithm. so you'll see more posts from friends. and less from brands and publishers. who -- by the way -- pay close
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facebook is also taking it a step further. basically -- facebook will identify articles that lack specifics in the headline, or exaggerate the article -- or create misleading expectations on the feed, and give them less prominence. this isn't the first time f-b tried to clamp down on clickbait. and it probably won't be the last. i'm michelle mortensen ((weather toss))
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what an august it has been with heat from the west coast all the way to the east coast. oppressive heat continues from the midwest all the way to the mid-atlantic where feels like temps this afternoon have been in the hundreds with the humidity. ................................ ... .................. radar showing the showers and a few storms to the central part of the state and some shower activitty to the east in the grand canyon and flagstaff again. now. ................................ ... ................. keeping our eye on the storms that continue through louisiana. we have numerous flood watches in effec still through lafayette and baton rouge still with the rain continuing. that have seen up to 2 feet of totall rain in just the past few days and there are numerous rivers exceeding their banks. ................................ ... ............ here's the forecast. tonight dropping to the 80's
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winds at times. staying warm through the evening and overnight. tomorrow expect a hig still in the 80's and above average again. we're typically around 102 this time of year and we are well above that. we'll also come close to record warm lows again. ................................ ... ............. looking ahead at the next 7 days we see a downward trend in temperatures with around numbers getting close to normal late week. slight chances of the monsoon returning but this t area. breezy winds early week with winds relaxing more late week.
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>> what swiss researchers say is the best way... to get someone to kick the habit fast./// 80 thousand have already fled as a wildfire grows in california. we're with firefighters battling the flames. plus, the recovery begins in louisiana as people return to what's left of their flooded homes. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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((paul joncich)) researchers have long debated the key to getting someone to quit smoking... but a team in switzerland says they found it.... money! in a recent study... researchers took a group of low-income smokers... who couldn't afford counseling to kick the habit. those folks were given large financial incentivies to stop.
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44-percent of smokers who got money were still clean. compare that to 6-percent of people who weren't paid. six months later... the paid group still reported 36 percent had not smoked. by the way... the most money paid to one person in the study was about 16-hundred dollars./// ((christianne klein)) mcdonalds attempt to give kids a fitness incentive... has fallen flat. these "step it" fitness trackers were supposed to be handed out in happy meals throughout the u-s and canada... but they've been recalled because they can app it was part of an effort to encourage parents and children to eat less unhealthy fast food. no word on whether they plan to move forward with the toys once they are fixed./// ((christianne klein)) speaking of the golden arches... the chain is putting a cap on how much the olympic athletes can order in rio. mcdonalds is one of the only restaurants in the olympic village. athletes and coaches eat for free... but some have come in post- competition... and ordered dozens of items each. so the company has limited each
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((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. don't forget we're always streaming on the "news on" app... and you can find us on facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: mass evacuation. a rapidly spreading california wildfire is now the size of san francisco. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire i have never seen a fire behavior so extreme. >> also tonight, chaos at the top. donald trump goes through three campaign managers in eight weeks. the robbery mystery. >> they pulled out their gun. >> pelley: brazil orders u.s. olympian ryan lochte not to leave the country, but his family says he's already home. and turning the beauty of sport into an art form. this is the "cbs evening news"


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