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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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how police are hoping to catch the suspect in this double homicide./// ((katie boer)) and... a fire burning in northern nevada has turned deadly. more about the firefighter killed in the line of duty. those stories and more next on the valley's news leader./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) happening now... traffic is at a standstill on eye-15 north bound following an accident before the spring mountain exit. our skycam shows the traffic backed all the way up to flamingo and continuing to build. right now information is limited but stay with us as more information becomes available.///
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an early morning shooting outside silver nugget casino. it's the second homicide in 24 hours in north las vegas where the suspect is on the run. 8 news now's mauricio marin looked at what police are doing to catch those responsible. ((mauricio marin)) two men are dead after north las vegas police say shots were fired outside silver nugget casino early sunday morning. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "this was in the wee hours of the morning so not alot of vehicle traffic but we know there was a large group out here so definitely alot of foot traffic." )) detectives worked to gather as much evidence on scene that could help them track down the suspect. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "any casings or firearms that are located that's something that we will collect and put into our evidence vault." )) ((mauricio marin)) in this case---they're also relying on surveillance video to find clues that could lead them to those responsible. as well as working to track down witnesses. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "alot of the shootings when they do happen like this we really rely on the help of the public to contact us give us a little bit of information point us in the right direction." ))
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hear from anyone who can help them find the killer in another case. marlon porfirio osorio-rivera.....a hard working father was gunned down early saturday morning. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "it appears this man may work in the area and may have been towards the end of his shift. that's something that they're looking into as well. what happneed in those few short moments leading up to the shooting." )) ((mauricio marin)) in both cases---police say it won't be easy but they're determined to find those who pulled the trigger. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police:"we definitely have a hard job in investigation is not unfamiliar to us .' 03:06 "so it's something that we are going the whole nine yards on." )) ((mauricio marin)) mauricio marin...8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) >> at this time--north las vegas police don't have a good description of the suspects in either case. they urge anyone with information to call police or crimestoppers./// ((sharie johnson)) this morning's double homicide isn't the first deadly encounter at silver nugget this year. just nearly three months ago, an employee killed his coworker
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we're told back in may... jeremias cruz was involved in a deadly confrontation with 64-year-old co-worker, edgardo lavado. according to the coroners office-- lavado was killed by blunt force trauma to the neck. police shot cruz after they say he was not cooperating when they confronted him about the incident./// ((sharie johnson)) a former boys and girls club youth director is expected to be in court this week. police arrested willis brown lewdness with a child under 16. brown worked at the boys and girls club on southern highlands parkway. one victim is part of the investigation-- but police belive there are two additional victims. brown is expected in court this tuesday./// ((sharie johnson)) meanwhile... the search is on for an inmate who walked away from a correctional center in carson city earlier today. here's a look at the man... ricardo valencia. police say he left the stewart conservation camp just before
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corrections says valencia was in the minimum security center for possession of a stolen car and drugs. they tell us he was last seen wearing blue jeans, white tee-shirt and blue or white sneakers. police ask anyone who spots valencia to call police./// ((sharie johnson)) nevada's bravest are mourning the loss of a fellow brother after the strawberry fire turned deadly. reports show justin beebe died after a tree fell on him. he was battling the blaze in baker ye and was a member of the lolo hotshots. the forest service says his line-of-duty death is under investigation. as for the fire itself... it's now 59 percent contained and has charred a little more than 46 hundred acres. they expect the fire to be fully contained friday./// weather open ((katie boer))
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today with some of the hottest readings we're expecting for the next several days. plenty of blue sky earlier... but looking at clear and warm conditions tonight. .................... right now no alerts of warnings for our area-- there is a red flag warning for fire danger in tonapah and north central nevada as well as heat advisories for the coachella valley. .................... current conditions.... looking at your overnight and monday planner--let's help you prep for tomorrow... we start warm tomorrow morning with temps in the mid 80s around 6am. by 9 temps in the low 90s... we'll reach 101 by noon with temps peaking aroune 3pm or so up to 108 degrees. ...................... satellite/radar shows dry weather will prevail across most of the region as weak disturbances move over california and nevada the first half of the week bringing breezy periods and slightly lower temperatures.
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seen so far this august... hitting 111 degrees-- tying the record from 2002. continued exposure to these high temps can put people at risk for heat related illenesses. reporter brittan by a homeless camp today to see mother died last year. ((david hammond, homeless "it's really rough out here, people think it's a walk in the park, but it's not." ((brittany edney)) hammond adds the tripple digit heat increases the dangers of living on the streets... and it simply comes down to not overheating--- since staying cool is a luxury he can't afford. ((david hammond, homeless "a lot of water, a lot of wet rags, a lot of shade and hopefully you get a good breeze and if not, you're going to pay the price. you can have a heat stroke, i've had one, and it's nothing nice.")) ((brittany edney))
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heat can be. ((rick hollis, homeless "we had a friend die of dehydration recently up on the strip but you got to do what you have to do. we all look out for each other but it's hard, it's tough.")) ((brittany edney)) the sun isn't the only danger they face... both men say they escape the temps by heading to tunnels under the city or camp inside washes. ((rick hollis, homeless "the tunnels, you are pretty cool in the tunnels, you're out of the sun." )) ((brittany edney)) but they both admit they're putting themseles can bring flash floods. ((david hammond, homeless "i figure if my number's up, my number's up." )) ((sharie johnson)) the final tower of the riviera will be imploded this tuesday. the implosion of the monaco tower back in june was the first phase in a four step process to renovate and expand the convention center. the plan from the l-v-c-v-a will create a mixed use facility and parking space, in the riviera lot.
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implosion will start tuesday morning at 2 a-m./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now
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." ((sharie johnson)) we're continuing to follow a traffic nightmare on northbound eye-15 near spring
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live with the latest details. (( )) ((sharie johnson))
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shelters--- we bring you the latest straight ahead on the valley's news
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((sharie johnson)) president obama has declared 4 parishes in louisiana major disaster areas after historic flooding. the death toll from the flooding has climbed to four. its still unclear when those evacuated will be allowed to return home. as the water ree state officials reopened roads and highways that were shutdown. hundreds of drivers had been stranded on one local interstate for more than 24 hours. with rivers and creeks expected to burst their banks in the coming days... the state has handed out more than 700-thousand sandbags./// toss to katie for weather ((katie boer))
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temperatures peak for the week today with some of the hottest re next several days. plenty of blue sky earlier... but looking at clear and warm conditions tonight. .................... right now no alerts of warnings for our area-- there is a red flag warning for fire danger in tonapah and north central nevada as well as heat advisories for the coachella valley. .................... current conditions.... ................... looking at your overnight and monday planner--let's help you prep for tomorrow...
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80s around 6am. by 9 temps in the low 90s... we'll reach 101 by noon with temps peaking aroune 3pm or so up to 108 degrees. ...................... satellite/radar shows dry weather will prevail across most of the region as weak disturbances move over california and nevada the first half of the week bringing breezy periods and slightly lower temperatures. ...................... as winds coming out of the sw, breezy tomorrow but also turning slightly gusty between 11am and 7pm. ..................... there will be some potential for a return of moisture later in the week which could bring isolated thunderstorms and more seasonal temperatures to parts of the area. .................... short term: tonight through tuesday night... the area of high pressure nosing across southern california and southern nevada was helping boost temperatures a few degrees over readings 24 hours ago.
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temperature curve as a shortwave trough currently moving into northern california slides across nevada monday and breaks down the ridge. ..................... tonight clear with lows in the mid 80s.... for your monday sunny and hot with highs clibing to 107 or 108 into the afternoon. ...................... your extended forecast shows...temps remaining at or above 107 all the way through wednesday with a little cool down by thursday down to around 103. by friday and saturday and next sunday temps down to 102 degrees. ((sharie johnson)) coming up in sports.. mcgregor has the mic and speaks
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((jon tritsch)) >>colorful as always.. mcgregor wants redemption this week but he also addresses floyd mayweather and following the rules..we hear from the fearless one plus the vegas five counts down and sprints down the very best from the sports week that was..
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vegas players are trying to compete for the playoffs but also trying to get a late season call up to new york..mets manager terry collins says he wants the best vegas has to offer.. that's a lot of pressure. and the 51's not performing like big leaguers early on.. double play throw going sailing into mrs. johnson's lap in section 142.. we won't show that to the mets.. new orleans building up a 6 run lead..
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michael conforto.. it got interesting.. but the zephyrs win 8-6 2015 nl mvp bryce harper was back in the nationals lineup after missing 5 games with a neck issue.. harper giving whiplash to the braves and showing no rust in the first inning..with the rbi double when it's fight week conor mcgregor gets more face time than a sitting u.s. president... ufc 202 takes over t-mobile arena on saturday and the irishman takes over ta colors..mcgregor is fearless..focused and without a filter the media descended upon camp mcgregor on friday to see the fighter spar and hear him speak..conor addressed this week's bout with nate diaz but also says if floyd mayweather is willing to put up a 9 figure purse..he's willing to make room in his schedule for him too (conor mcgregor/ufc: "if you want to fight me, we can fight. if you need specific rules to protect you from a true fight that's no problem. just make sure that money is there. as long as that money is there, we can fight under your safety net of rules. but me, i don't need
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i've got the boxing community saying i can't fight. so, i say, 'ok, let's fight.' 'oh, but you can't kick or grapple or elbow.' if he comes forward with the bread, the cash, we can have a knock, no problem.") football is back but while the whole world focuses on touchdowns and scoring six.. we count down the vegas five.. this week we blitz with highlights..histy wait for it... number five.. ryan moore calls las vegas home.. and the former unlv golfing sensation will be bringing back a new trophy and an $864 thousand dollar check for winning the john deere classic with a score of 22 under par unlv held their first scrimmage of the fall and it's the offense exploding for big plays..qb johnny stanton and a massively improved offensive line lead the way
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push around some people and just hope the mountain west is ready." johnny stanton: "kind of the first time we've shown some explosiveness this whole camp. coach mentioned that early on. this is the first time we've been able to make some really big plays.") speaking of explosive.. bishop gorman grad demarco murray with a dazzling debut for the tennessee titans.. 71 yard touchdown quieting the critics and showing he's not letting last season philly kill his vibe (demarco murray/running back:"you go through ups and downs in life and in your career. this is a things that don't go your way. i've been blessed and luck to be here as a titan and i'm excited for this year.") the mountain ridge little league stars went on another great ride through the national playoffs.. slugger garrett cutting with 2 homeruns in the regional.. the vegas boys fell 1-0 in the west championship game..1 win shy of the world series..great job boys
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phelps and his face.. but the guy to his left won gold too..cody miller..the pride of palo verde high school was part of the olympic record 4x100 medley relay team..adding a gold medal to the bronze he won last sunday..las vegas was on top of the world's podium finally critics often say bryce harper has too big of a have a point...nationals minor league team harrisburg unvealed the life-sized replica bobble head doll statue of harper in front is complete with harper's signature flare and flow..i mean serious flow..that's a one on the sides and you can smell the hair gel from hate..if you got it flaunt it.. ((jon tritsch)) that's it for sports tonight... lets send it back over to sharie. /// ((sharie johnson)) there was no doubt which movie would top the weekend box office -- only how high it would go. next we bring you the estimates for the top five films./// "now, live...this is 8
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((sharie johnson)) traffic remains backed up on northbound eye-15 just before the spring mountain exit. this follows a fender bender that happened nearly an hour ago. as you can see... traffic is now slowly moving past the incident.
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injuries following the crash./// ((sharie johnson)) "suicide squad" is making a killing at the box office. the movie is expected to take the top spot for a second straight weekend... pulling in close to 44-million dollars./// ((sharie johnson)) the animated flick "sausage party" is debuting at number two... with an estimated haul of almost 34-million. the number-three spot went to another newcomer, "pete's dragon." the tale about a dragon being a child's best pal is expected to rake in more than 21-and-a-half million bucks. "jason bourne" and "bad moms" wraps up the top five./// ((sharie johnson)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. 8 news now good day starts at 4-am. and, for news anytime, just go
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previously on elementary... irene adler. got killed in her flat. year and a half ago. that was moriarty. and whom do i have the pleasure of speaking to? man: my name is moriarty. irene adler-- did you have her killed? that is the question, is it not? what was she like? to me... the woman. to me, she eclipsed and predominated the whole of her gender. what do you think's inside? holmes: the reasoni'm here are personal. irene? irene. irene. oh, irene. irene. (whimpering) irene! (gasps softly) (grunts)


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