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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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motive but have not ruled out road rage. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live near decatur and alta... where the shooting happened just before two a-m. karen? ((karen castro)) at this time, police have more questions than answers as they search for a suspect or suspects. investigators are trying to determine if this stemmed from a road rage encounter or if both parties actually knew each other. what they do know is this was a violent encounter. police say a car pulled up next to another car and starting shooting... unloading at least 20 shots. the shooter or shooters... then sped off. when officers arrived, they found a woman and a man inside a wrecked black sedan. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man was rushed to umc with at least two gunshot wounds. he underwent surgery today and is expected to survive. ((lt. dan mcgrath - metro pd: we're gonna have to try to, try to piece this together to see actually what we can find out what had occurred. if this was something that occurred earlier, you know, as far as you know, them cutting
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an argument or words exchanged.)) ((karen castro)) as investigators search for clues... they are looking at surveillance video from arizona charlies on decatur and evergreen. they hope the footage will paint a better picture of what happened moments before the shooting. police don't have much information on the getaway vehicle besides possibly being a black, four door nissan sedan with california plates. if you have any information, you're asked to call crime stoppers. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. > karen, have police been able victim? ((karen castro)) police say investigators briefly spoke to him before undergoing surgery. they say he is cooperating. > police are also investigating a deadly shooting at a party in central las vegas. this one happened last night around 8:30... near owens and j street.
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and taken to u-m-c... where one of the victims died. investigators believe the shootings stemmed from an argument between a suspect who's now on the run. police are asking anyone with any information to call crimestoppers./// > a second fire at the same east side apartment complex today that had flames rip through the building less than two months ago. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live from the where it all happened with the details. ((mauricio marin)) the fire broke out just before ten this morning at this complex behind me. fire crews rushed to the scene after getting multiple 9-1-1 calls about smoke and flames coming from the roof of the apartment building. it took 60 fireifghters from clark county fire department and las vegas fire rescue to put out the blaze. crews deployed high volume hand line to behin gihitng the fire and keep it from spreading to surrounding buildins.
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battle the fire from the roof of the building. it took about 25 minutes for firefighters to knock down the fire completely. this is the second fire in this building in the past few months so clark county's fire department fire investigation division was on scene. at this time the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but again this is the second fire here in just a couple months so investigators took their time to see what caused the blaze to spark. ((mauricio marin)) fortunately no one was injured from the fire. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// you mentioned...this is the second fire in this same building in less than two months? were there people inside this time around? we tracked down a person who was living here at the time of the first fire around new years eve. she says those who own the units
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and believes squatters may have started the fire. we're still waiting to hear from firefighters about the official cause of the blaze. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) > and tedd this afternoon we are seeing some high clouds and warmer temps... could this be a preview of what's to come this week? ((tedd florendo)) ((tedd florendo)) warm sunday with some higher thin clouds today. did not get as warm as yesteray with those 81 degree temps, but we still are way above average for this time of year. winds remained light and but clouds will invade again through the evening and late overnight before clearing. ............................... ........... evening planner hour by hour shows temps mild through the evening and pleasant. winds now an hissue. we go from the 70's by 7 pm then near 70 by 9. for a 8 news now at 11 66 and comfortable with plenty of clouds. ............................... ............
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composite shows most of the rain in the pacific northwest again with thicker clouds just over us and dry. but how long will that last? detals coming up the call to serve and protect. after a virginia police officer job.... how the people close to her are remembering her tonight... and what we are learing about
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now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > an army staff sergeant is facing murder charges after police say he killed his wife and opened fire on three police officers in a washington, dc suburb. it was the first day on the job for the officer who was killed. brian webb reports. >scanner "one officer down.
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is." officer ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday on her first day on patrol with the prince william county police department in virginia. (police chief) she clearly had a passion to serve others that went beyond herself. guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night, about 30 miles outside of washington dc. police arrested 32 year old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife then opened fire on the officers. sharon zimplemann/neig hbor it was very scary. i heard the shots, like 4 to 5 shots back to back. yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects. betsy to have this happen over something stupid is so sad. guindon, a 6 year marine corp reservist was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the
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welcoming her and another officer. it said "be safe". hamilton is scheduled to be in court on monday. brian webb for cbs news./// ((sharie johnson)) > the two other officers are expected to recover. officer guindon is the 4 officer killed in the department's history./// ((sharie johnson)) > a ku klux klan rally turns violent in california saturday. three people were stabbed and several others arrested. anaheim police are looking to make one more arrest. they are searching for this man in connection with the stabbings. police haven't released any other details. authorities say ku klux klan members were confronted by several dozen counterprotest ers outside a park where the rally was being held. fighting broke out in the streets. the stabbing victims are expected to recover./// sharie johnson > the will to make it to the top! hundreds of athletes lost their breath taking on the stratosphere stairs today... how their climb is helping the
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now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > the 88th academy awards show is getting underway. fans have lined the red carpet as the stars are making their way to the dolby theater and protestors are expressing their disgust over the all- white list of nominees. chris martinez is on the red carpet with all the details. >at this year's academy awards, the best picture prize appears to be the most hard-to-call category. the revenant, the big short and spotlight have each already won a big awardbut the revenant has the best odds in las vegas. its star, leonardo dicaprio appears poised to win his first academy award. (chris martinez/cbs news/hollywoo d) "for the second straight year, all of the acting nominees are white and the
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dominated the headlines." jada pinkett smith and spike lee announced they will not attend tonight's ceremony. several top african american directors are also staying away, choosing instead to host a live benefit for flint, michigan, where the water is contaminated with lead. comedian chris rock is hostingbut he's hasn't given any standard pre-show interviews. instead, he tweeted a television blackout screen with the hashtags blackout and oscars. at first ame church in los angeles earlier today, the reverend al sharpton put advertisers for next year's oscars on notice. (rev. al sharpton/civil rights activist) "if they want to have a whites- only awards you don't need no black dollars in your pocket." sharpton will lead an anti- oscars rally before the show and his organization is organizing other protests around the country. chris martinez, cbs news, hollywood./// ((sharie johnson)) > the academy has recently taken several steps to diversify its membership, which is mostly white men.///
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has been scaled! more than 700 athletes showed up on the strip this morning to take on the strospehere tower steps. the tower overlooks the las vegas strip at 108 stories and more than 14-hundred steps. 44 year old sproule love of new york made it to the top first in 7 minutes and 22 seconds.... his exact same time as last year. the goal is to raise money for the american lung association to promote lung health in nevada. (( "for the lung association of nevada this is our biggest fundraising event and the money that we receive throughout this event we put towards education for kids with asthma for people with copd and alot of life saving research")) ((sharie johnson)) > and our own 8 news now anchor paul jonchich was on hand to emcee the event. and we also want to congratulate
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the climb to the top./// brian brennan warm again today with also warm overnight. normal 65 with no record temps but still warmer than average. ................................ afternoon temps also in the high 70's through the valley today but still above average near 80. warmest over the east side of the valley where we're lowever in elevation. cooler but mild for the west side of the valley and foothills of las vegas. ...............................
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regional temps warmer down on the colorado river valley with warmest temps south county in laughlin and bullhead city. warmest over to death valley late today and cooler up in the central great basin. ............................... ..... warm in the desert southwest and southern plains. cooelr in the plains states after warming in the 60's yesterday. and warmer 50's over to the mid-atlantic. they love the 50's after some cold temps the past few days. ............................... ..... showers in the illinois and indianat with snow just due north there with snow in the canada. back over the west coast we have high clouds scattered over the overhead. any. ............................... ........
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warmer temps keeping the high readings of ash, mulberry, juniper around with trees blooming. weeks and grass remain either low or absent. ............................... ....... tonight expect a low of 56 with plenty of clouds tonight and by morning. winds less than 10 and staying light. tomorrow expect a high of 79 with clouds and sun. starting with clouds in the morning and clearing through the day. winds light breeze, but still gusty at times down the colorado river valley for tomorrow. ............................... ........ neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the high 70's tomorrow afternoon with some 80's over the to the east side of the valley and in southeast sections of the valley. cool in the upper 50's. ............................... .........
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week. mostly sunny with north breezes tomorrow and breezy winds expected late week. cooler high 70's but still warmer than average. sun and more clouds by weekend. > > ((sharie johnson)) > over the past couple of weeks the state of nevada hosted both rebulican and democratic caucuses. and with both now in the books it's time take a look at what went wrong and what went right. our politics now team sits down with the democrats and republicans in charge of making sure thoses caucuses went smoothly to talk about the lessons they learned. ((44.04 sb - it was really successful, but it's inherently messy, this democracy in action, it's volunteers, we'll always be looking for ways to improve the caucus process going forward and looking forward to 2020, ))
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panel will also debate a controversial protest at one of nevada's caucus sites and the shocking scene that set people off. that's all happening tonight on politics now immediately following this newscast at 5- 30./// sharie johnson > some hardcore leonardo dicaprio fans are seeing that he finally gets his oscar. the creation one group in russian made to honor the five time nominee whether he gets an
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johnson)) > a small plane makes an emergency landing on an indiana highway saturday. the pilot safely guided the beechcraft v35 bonaza into the median to avoid oncoming traffic. police say aaron wright, his wife and 13- year-old son were flying to a soccer game when the plane lost power. (( "they were traveling from carmel to louisville. in this area they started having mechanical issues with the plane. they lost power. mr. right tried to turn around and make it back to the seymour airport, but realized they weren't going to make it that far.")) ((sharie johnson)) > the federal aviation administration is investigating.
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headed to the soccer match stopped and picked up the teenager./// sharie johnson > coming up tonight at 6:30...a new product promises to put an end to crooked pictures on the wall. but does it work? our 8 on your side's consumers advocate michelle mortensen puts it to the try it before you buy it test. join us for those stories and more, tonight at 6:30./// ((sharie johnson)) > one way or another leonardo dicaprio will have an oscar - or at least a close replica of the coveted statue. dicaprio has been nominated five times for an oscar and has yet to win. so residents in russia's far east have made a statue for dicaprio that bears close resemblance to the oscar prize and is made from donated metals. nearly 150 dicaprio fans from the yakutia region donated the 1.5 kilograms of silver and 4 grams of gold to make the statue for the american, who is nominated in the best actor category for his role in "the
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"oskar leo!" called the figurine "elley". now the group is thinking of ways to get "elley" to dicaprio and sent a letter asking for assistance to a us non-profit to help them do so.///
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successful i think the caucus went very well, record turnout tuesday, )) ((steve sebelius)) >the nevada caucuses are history -- we sit down with both parties to find out what went wrong and what went right. ((:32 but you're not beating hillary. well then if i can't beat her you're really going to get killed. )) ((patrick walker)) >the gloves come off... at the last republican debate before super tuesday. plus: (( i can't believe you brought that up and that's embarrassing that you would even try to say that)) ((steve sebelius)) our face off panel debates a controversial protest at one of nevada's caucus sites. the shocking scene that set people off./// < news music voice over: "from 8 news now, this is politics now with steve sebelius and patrick walker." > ((steve sebelius)) >good evening. nevada's democratic and
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history books. thanks for joining us.. i'm steve sebelius. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker. the republican caucus had a record turnout of about 75- thousand people across the state. the previous caucus only had 33-thousand participate. but donald trump supporters packed the caucus sites... leading to a blowout win for trump.. followed by marco rubio.. and then ted cruz. many of the caucus sites.. like this one at palo verde ran out of ballots early.. and had to have more sent over to accomodate the crowds. many also waited in lines for up to an hour in order to vote. but overall, the counting went smoothly./// ((steve sebelius)) >the democratic caucus last weekend drew about 84- thousand people to caucus sites around the state. but democrats didn't come close to their high-water mark, the 2008 caucus contest between hillary clinton and barack obama that saw 118- thousand people turn out. this year, clinton pulled away from vermont senator bernie sanders to win nevada decisively by 6 percentage points. the democratic caucus also


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