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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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tonight, oscar security fears, snipers, hidden cameras, bomb sniffing dogs, how hollywood braces for it's biggest night. >> the stars are arriving, the stage is set, why is the secret service coming? what i under here at the adobe
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>> our joe zee gets secrets from stylists. >> there is some black in her fought. >> and then adele in tears. >> bieber, rihanna, music's biggest stars partying all night after the brit awards, the grammys of england. and kelley clarkson is just weeks away from a baby boy, we have exclusive new photos. >> and breaking blake and gwen news? is there going to be a wedding? what ellen snows. >> and a day in the life of andy cohen. new york's biggest talk show host asking racey questions and getting racy answers, but what guest did he go that far with? >> oh, my god, i think i just ruined everything. for february 25, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> the scars ---oscars a this sunday and they're going to dramatic lengths to keep the
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>> this is really unprecedented. it's the first academy awards since the shooting in san bernardino. that has mad made the issue of security a little bit different. >> bomb sniffing dogs and secret security has been arriving in l.a. >> best supporting actress. >> that's nominee damon talking oscar odds just moments after landing at l.a.x. from lontd, and look who was the same flight, that's actress front-runner brie larsen. meanwhile the cast in the spotlight attended a private dinner. that's mario are -- sam smith who was nominated for his specter theme song, he says he's a huge spot li the live show just three days away and michelle turner is on
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>> today the academy releases video and instagram sket what the os stage will look like inside the adobe theater on sunday, and we, it will be spectacular. there will be a total of 37 set pieces comprised of oscar crystal. but amidst all t hollywood glitz, there is some serious breaking security news. >> "e.t's" senior edi today with whoopie goldberg who has won an oscar and has presented. >> i don't know that this is -- anybody has the right to expect anything but a good show. >> "e.t" has learned the academy is definitely stepping up security this ye it was just announced that vice president joe biden will be introducing lady gaga's performance, so you know what
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the secret service will be here, also in addition to metal the text fors bomb sniffing dogs and rooftopsnipers, there will be cameras everywhere, many of them hidden, monitoring every move. >> modern security cameras can bet very, very small, they could be in ties, lapel pins and maybe even glasses. >> "e.t" with elton john's husband today while preps for elton john's aids foundation party. >> we have all the necessary structure in place, we work with all the local police. >> and all eyes today on oscar host chris rock at the essence black women in hollywood luncheon. rock made a not so sure face, whoopie told us it's kind of a no win situation. >> it doesn't matter, how good you are, half the population is not happy. >> as we mentioned, lady gaga will be performing her nominated song and today she pestosted these
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her sexual assault lawsuit. >> adele was a big winner at the brit awards, which is england's version of the grammys, and listen to what she said during her acceptance speech. >> might talk a quick second just to thank my manager and my record label and i would also like take this opportunity to support kesha. >> last week kesha broke down in a new york civil court. the court said kesha must stay with the label despite her claims that dr. luke raped and drugged h and sewn new sony turned a blind eye. sony and dr. luke both can deny these allegations. >> on overnight the singer postponed a concert --- >> last night ad emotional in this ali dress winning four awards. >> you all have been so kind to
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>> later she pull it together in valentino. man sim >> fired up after his win and adele smooch, justin bieber. british believer took over hiss post showbash. he left glassy eyed at 3:00 a.m. the last to leave, rihanna. rir airks hid her eyes behind sunglasses, she and later slipped out at 5:00 a.m., earliir their onstage antics gave robin thicke flash backs. now on to come daytime tv news involving "the view." cameron mathison appeared on that show more than any other
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>> they're having a good time. today "the announced that after a rocky road, they been picked up for their 20th season. >> they picked up our 20th season . >> the show's original creator barbara walters delivered the renewal news. >> when she came to tell everybody, we all had a good laugh. >> since debut, "the view" as filmed over 4,000 episodes and coun >> streaming starting tomorrow on netflix, the news candace cameron on full husband. >> you were on such a long running show as a kid, now you're on another long running show, what's that like to have going on in your life? >> it makes me sound old . >> also celebrating their "soap opera digest." cover? >> i can do. i had the most preposterous like early '80s hair.
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tomei. marrssa tomei was my girlfriend on "as the world turns." >> how many times were you married? >> i think we were married twice. but beth times you fell out of love. i would say when i went down in a fiery plane crash and i came back a couple of years later with amnesia. so i was a blind ghost. and i turned to be just a figment of my imagination. >> i was to the alien in my garage. >> and the soap stare, he's still got it. >> oh, my god, it's so good. is it just me, or is my soap stare pretty much exactly as my blue steele? i mane, what's going on with that one? >> we have seen that 1,000 times, haven't we, nancy? >> i've got to work on that, but i had a great guy.
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guys again at the 36th annual this big awards show this sunday, the oscars of course. ss what will best actress nominee brie larsen be wearing? up, our fashion guru see has peek at her appeara >> this was the first dress we tried on. plus exclusive photos of a very pregnant kelley clarkson ride? inside the 17th annual oscars sware. blrk. >> we are privilege always were, but we didn't realize it, so we had to say, hmm we should be a siste >> the party celebrates the progress women have made in film and television. >> i feel very torn, because i'm actually the busiest i have ever been and i'm very grateful for it, i don't take it for granted. >> another working actress, was
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screening of her new show "underground" and last night
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ray charles tribute. that is pregnant kelley clarkson at disneyland, she and
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smiles, absolutely adorable with sender cinderella. but she was happy to get off her feet on the "it's a small world" ride. remember, kelley actually won the first "american idol." gwen stefani is going to a mento"the voice, " but first she dodged the personal bling question on ellen. >> let's talk about blake. >> i think it would be a good idea not to talk about blake and just see what happens. >> let's just look at the pictures again. >> but the way gwen giggles when she talks about blake is just down right sweet. >> they didn't have enough chairs at that event? >> i love you. >> i loveyou. >> it was girlfriend banter, and these two hanging out together the night before at gwen's live music video that.
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away wit >> when he popped the question about you being his mentor, what was his response? >> okay, so no wedding bells yet, but the couple has been so open about they feelings for each other since they went public with their relationship last year. gwen, a even showing her love for blake in her video. >> he wanted me to be a part of u >> i was going to be the piano player. i should have done that. >> he would have been there until like 2:00 in the morning and he would be saying i hate you gwen stefani. >> that video was also an ad for target. and i don't know if they could afford ellen degeneres. so our day with talk show host andy cohen, we get the a-lister to admit to almost anything. >> i saw my brother smoking out of a bong. >> you take a little hit? >> yeah. then the making of an oscar gown with the it-girl.
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winning gold on this sunday. our joe zee is with brie larsen's stylist breaking down
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that's next. all eyes will be on brie larsen as oscar's it-girl has been a reasonable doubt c standout at every red carpet this season. joe zee got the secret behind it straight in brie's stylist. >> you know, keep the shoulders back, feel it, feel it, love it. >> you literally tried on five dresses, this is the first dress i tried on. i had literally seen it in paris the sunday before. just the week before. >> i didn't have a dress until i got in at 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> did you have to get it altered? or did it fit you. or it fit you perfectly?
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booberry a little bit. because i'm a little more modest than the run way girls. >> we're in the hotel just right next to the elevator, we dominated their hallway. we set up basically a table. >> you guys are sewing in a hotel hallway. >> we literally had three people sewing to the doot details. >> and finding out the untold story behind each dress. stylist christina ehrlich had this move board of more 20 photos to up with brie's golden globe kboun. >> calvin kline actually designed this dress, and they isn't sketches. >> when i was the most blown away is when i saw the beautiful gold things they had made, and to war dress that's being supported by, like, a halter neck, it's a commitment. >> i love the eyelashes, i think people were commenting saying, it's so weird, it's so strange. >> i want it the all eyes on
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>> i lovethat. >> that's where that came from. >> what about accessories? we're sitting here with a ram with a floor full of shoes. >> that's nothing. >> i know that's nothing. >> we cleaned it up. you couldn't even walk in here. >> what's interesting is it's rare for brie to come and meet joe during the awards show season. >> i'm spending my days running around in the jungle, she comes in, she knows my body, she knows what i like. >> how do you guys even start communicate to get going. >> you get on a plane and you fly to australia. for 24 hou we were talking on face time, had some skype sittings, we just had to keep the party moving. >> breaking down her fashion, brie is a fashion risk taker, definitely ecollective, but in the 2004 at prince and many
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styles herself. >> designers are giving you plothes and everybody wants you to wear their clothes, i think it would be cool to be a princess. >> more than a decade later, brie's style dreams and princess dreams are coming true. christine that drops a little bit of a hint of what question will see brie wearing to the oscars. >> maybe not to the oscars, but to the after parties? >> there is some black in her future, put it that way. >> let's do some oscar fashion maps, notice that brie larsen was shot arriving from london, even though she was actually shooting in australia. so what is in london? alexander mcqueen, whereas sarah burton, mcqueen's desi showed her fall line with oscar dress after at. i i think right there, aha, a clue. joe zee is going to be joining me tomorrow with his ultimate a to ask forecast and he's going to be telling us system secrets.
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housewives shows, the you know andy cohen is a new york best selling author. but his real baby is "watch what happens live." a day in the life of andy cohen. >> we're on the way to watch "watch what happens lives?" >> welcome to an dri -- an ethe's world. the bravo executive hosts the only live show in late night. >> this is really cool, this is like the inner sanctum clubhouse inside a clubhouse. >> did you taae a little hint? >> yeah. >> the show has exploded on tv most explosive romps on television. >> maybe it's the alcohol. house at 11:00, the first thing i would do would be to make you a drink. >> tom harding. there is not a [ bleep ] that that man would be excluded from. >> have you ever had a moment where you feel like, oh, i've
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>> yes. >> have you ever been with a la >> no, i have not. >> i was like, oh, my god, i think i just ruined everythin >> but cameron was game. >> have you ever been with a lady? >> yes, i have been with a lady. >> more than once? >> i asked lady gaga if she had ever done molly. >> i mean, in my raver days. >> i see selfies with both kim kardassian and kloe kardashian which is a butt selfie. >> oh, my god, this is amazing. >> "watch what happens live" is celebrating it's 1,000th sh next week wi an est $215 million. and he also has his own cirrus xh channel. >> this is my ritual here.
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lucci. back 1987 when he was a sophomore at the university. >> out she comes, full length fur coat. red knit dress. when andy first wrote that letter, eni was doing "all my children," something about i told him this, something just jumped off the page. >> andy is a nonstop ball of energy every minute of the day. >> you know what? it's all fun for me, i'm passionate about everything i'm doing, i am living the life i always dreamed i would be living. so i pinch myself every day. >> chrissie teagan will tell you a i'm sure if she could, she w giver birth on stage. >> that girl has no fear. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which actor
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the answer is coming up next. .
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donna makes a startling claim onstage, telling a massive crowd that a boyfriend cheated on her. plus is kiley jenner taking contouring too far? you won't believe what body part the teen reveals she shapes with makeup. and 999 is a thriller, but when we sat down with the cast, they brought adorable puppies? you've got to watch that. it's on welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which madam secretary star studied anthropology?
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that is taylor lione. >> happy birthday. you had a great little birthday party today, and a clemsonklehmclemson cake. >> by the way, it's going on the an exciting weekend, nancy and i are hosting a special on sunday, it's "e.t" live at the oscars. monday "e.t" at the oscars as the stars dream of gold. >> everybody says it's your year. >> we're going to have a great time. >> lee you leo, gaga, and j-law. breaking down the best and worst dressed of the night. won't see anywhere else. >> it's really, really
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>> monday only on "e.t." lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked ke yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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but i know it's kind of a touchy subject. way to narrow it down to everything. what is it? well, your birthday's coming up. and you've never let us celebrate it. and i was hoping maybe this year we could. oh, i suppose that's a discussion we could have.
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it doesn't have to be a big party or anything. i was just... where'd he go? w-wait a minute. you mention his birthday and he vanishes? well, where's that information been this whole time? our whole universe was in a hot, dense state then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! the earth began to cool the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools we built the wall we built the pyramids math, science, history, unraveling the mystery that all started with a big bang bang!


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