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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we get an exclusive look at a new app you can download right now... to stay connected with what's going on around you. ((paula francis)) > taking a tedious task... and making it easier: hanging pictures is a nightmare .. first it's too high .. then it's too low ... but is it really that much easier? michelle mortensen hangs pictures with a fancy new tool... and will let you know if it's worth your hard earned cash in tonight's "try it before you buy it."/// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > a busy thursday night for metro police. investigators are on the scene after a man and a child were hit by a car in the eastern part of town... and a burglary turns deadly in the southeast valley. ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. we want to get straight to mauricio marin... he's in the neighborhood near mountain vista and viking road... that's just down the street from sam's town. mauricio what can you tell us? ((mauricio marin)) after property managers of the house
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house who wasn't supposed to be there....they came here to check it out. it ulimtately led to a shooting leaving the suspect dead. police say when the man and woman property managers arrived they went into the back yard first. they told police they found a black man in his 20's. that's when a fight broke out between both men. police say the homeowner got socked in the face several times. and a dog with him at the time did as well. so the male property manager drew a gun and shot the suspect during the fight. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he died. right now police have the man and woman re-creating the scenario. detectives are also talking with neighbors to see if they heard or saw something. police are working to see if the suspect was squatting at the house or in the middle of a burglary. but authorities did tell us the suspect had a backpack filled with tools. ((mauricio marin)) police say the man that shot the suspect permit. detectives expect to be on scene for the next couple hours. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks mauricio... investigators say a man and his
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while trying to cross the street around two this afternoon. elementary school. both the man and the child are expected to survive. police say the driver was speeding through a school zone at the time of the crash... and also failed a field sobriety test. that driver was taken into custody and is facing a number of charges... including felony d-u-i./// ((paula francis)) > less than an hour ago... you might have noticed smoke billowing into the air in the southern part of town. our skycam caught this video... you see that smoke in the sky near windmill and the maryland. four engines and one truck was sent to the two story home. everyone inside was able to make it out safely. investigators are still trying fire./// report a crime.. what sex offenders are in your area... and finding job openings. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now got an exclusive, on a new app the henderson police department just launched to keep it's citizens connected to the community. sharie johnson shows us how it
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crime is sudden. and it's impact... affects us all but henderson police have a new ditigal tool... ((karen thompson looks like it's user friendly)) find out what's happening in your area and connect you to all its resources. the app can be found as hpd or henderson police department. karen thompson, who has a mobile business, has a smartphone so she can stay connected. ((karen thompson it's important to stay connected to the police department because i think once you do then you also understand how hard the job is but you also understand what citizen )) the most important feature for her... in her area... but henderson police chief there's so much more. there are 12 features including information about court, traffic, pets, community events, the detention center and reporting crime. ((patrick moers, chief of police, henderson what we're looking for is really more anonymous information, tips, even have the ability to
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pictures along with your tip )) and also jobs... ((patrick moers, chief of police, henderson the app not only has police and corrections but it has all the jobs here in the city of henderson for the police department 6:49)) keeping everyone in henderson connected and informed. sharie johnson, 8news now. ((paula francis)) the app costs the city between $2-3,000 dollars and is available now for free for iphone and android users./// . ((dave courvoisier)) > 8 news now is your local election and tonight... we're taking a closer look at nevada. american organization held an event to get more members of that community registered to vote. political reporter patrick walker is here with more. ((patrick walker)) when we talk about reaching out to minority voters... the latino community.. at about a quarter of the state's population. but nearly half of the electorate in non-white. 2014 census data shows one out of every ten nevadans is african- american.
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for asian- americans. ((unidentified speaker: "we need to turn out to vote.")) ((patrick walker)) as nevada's population continues to grow... citizens. from 2010-2014... the latino population grew by 10 percent... according to census data. but over that same time frame... the asian-american population grew by 21 percent... 4 times the overall rate of growth for the state. filipino americans make up almost half of the state's asian-american population. ex. director: "we are the biggest asian community, population here in nevada.")) ((patrick walker)) the national federation of filipino- american associations estimates there are about 120- thousand filipino americans living in nevada. but... they say not many are registered to vote. ((cynthia diriquito/naffaa nv ex. director: "we are trying to mobilize the force of the filipinos here in the united states to become registered voters, and for our voices to be heard.")) ((patrick walker)) it's tough to tell how many filipino- americans are registered voters. neither clark county nor the nevada secretary of state post
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caucus-goers. so that data often comes from entrance- and exit-polls... based on a sample number of voters. c-n-n entrance polls show 85 percent of voters in tuesday's g-o-p caucus were white... compared to just 59 percent for democratic caucus goers. progressive groups are challenging the g-o-p to do a better job reaching out to those voters. ((annette magnus/executiv e director, battle born progress: "if republicans want to be competitive in the general, they have to do better with those minority populations.")) ((patrick walker)) but... the republican party says its minority voter outreach programs are strong... with efforts continuing up until the november election. ((sara sendek/gop: "they're going into their communities, they're talking to them at churches, at their homes, and reaching out, and we've seen a lot of feedback from that.")) ((patrick walker)) one more interesting demographic note... the african- american population here in nevada grew by 18 percent between 2010- 2014 the state's caucasian population shrank by that same percentage... during that time. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > and we're your local election headquarters... stay up to date through the
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at las vegas now dot com./// ((paula francis)) > we're unboxing the latest product for our "try it before you buy it" test. michelle mortensen puts it through the wringer... to find out if this new wall mount is worth your money... and your time. tedd florendo >we're tracking some fantastic stretch of nice and tranquil weather. but things could change up weather wise soon enough. don't miss your 7-day forecast straight ahead.
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< news music > ((paula francis)) > one of the ride- sharing companies is las vegas. "lyft" claims the city is trying to collect what it calls -quote- "an outrageously high tax" that the city doesn't have the authority to do. lyft says..
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prohibits the fees the city wants to charge. we reached out to the city of las vegas... we were told their people have yet to see the lawsuit... and lyft will be able to object the ordinance at the city council meeting on march 16-th./// ((dave courvoisier)) > hundreds of people are gearing up to scale the strat this weekend. it's 108 floors and 14-hundred steps to the top of las vegas's tallest tower and the first climbers will get going sunday morning at eight a.m. it's a fundraiser for the the american lung association which provides services for people battling lung disease. if you would like to try your hand at climbing the strat, it's 75- dollars to sign up and registration opens at seven sunday morning in front of the stratosphere hotel and casino./// ((paula francis)) > sticker shock on the las vegas strip... it's a story you'll only see on 8 news now tonight at eleven. las vegas locals and drink costs more on the strip. but how much is too much? is 19 dollars for a hamburger and 12 dollars for a beer leaving a bad
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tonight at eleven, paul joncich takes a humorous look at some of the outrageous prices being charged. and ass the question...are we coming close to the tipping point? again... you can see that tonight at eleven./// ((dave courvoisier)) > three unlv runnin' rebels were victims of a robbery. the thieves got away with some very valuable stuff. coming up in sports... coach todd simon tells us about an ireplaceable item that stephen zimmerman hopes to get back.
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> hanging pictures perfectly straight on a wall will never be a challenge again ... according to the makers of a new product called llvel hangers. ((paula francis)) and consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to put those claims to the test. ((michelle mortensen)) and get
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right here in nevada. and helping me today ... a voice a lot of you may wake up with every morning. ((hanging pictures is a nightmare .. first it's too high .. then it's too low ... and look at all those nail holes. )) but that nightmare is over according the makers of level hangers. they claim these brackets will make picture hanging down right easy. and a little birdie told me this guy ... chet buchanan of chet buchanan and the morning zoo ... was in dire need of some picture hanging help. ((i can kind of see from your office that we do need to do a little something with the walls yeah :42 (a little something) a little something with the walls :43)) ((12:24:26 c: you know what brittany brittany needs to be in a place of prominence :32 brittany needs to be somewhere make that happen .. we get to work. ((well let's open this sucker up
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a directions guy? :31 (uh huh) you are oh good :32 (absolutely) see not everyone is a directions guy :35 )) but reading the directions ((12:26:41 c: okay so read the directions okay install bracket on frame :43 position frame bracket oh boy a lot of jargon here :47 )) didn't help much ((12:28:03 m: prostrate holes with an "all" :06 (with an "all") what's an all? :08 12:28:08 c: no it's you have to put a little punch in there they want you to put a little punch (oh with what) :15 you know what i'm willing to say right now that this may not be the easiest way to do this :21 (laughing) )) but we pressed on ..... and eventually ... won't say how long it took ... we got that bracket on the frame. and moved on to step 2 ... hammering the wall bracket onto the wall ... ((does it matter? do i have to find a stud? no .. it's less than 20 lbs .. we could do the knocking thing .. but i don't even know what that means? )) evidently ...
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and now you know. (( do we want it eye level -- closer to the door 12:42:34 c: yeah right where the electric will be running that's good let's pound a metal piece into where the (okay don't ask) and things just go downhill from there ... ((oh this hammer is the worst .. is it the hammer?... you know ... laughs )) yeah the hammer wasn't the problem ... it was us. ((i thought we were going to come in a blop three minutes and )) ((michelle mortensen)) we never did get that picture up ... and i i can't say for sure whethere the problem was the product .. or me and chet. ... level hangers are 10 bucks on
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((weather toss)) (( hey tedd how'd you guys predict the weather back in the day? )) < tedd florendo ((>weather headlines call for a warm weekend with temps near 80. breezy winds return but not until next week. we'll give you a timeframe of when that will happen.
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your pollen forecast coming up in a just a few minutes. ............................... ............. afternoon temps in the mid 70's today through many valley neighborhoods. high 50's this afternoon and cool up in kyle canyon and temps are expected to drop to cold conditions by morning. cooler in apex this afternoon. temps stayed comfy and above average again. ............................... .................... high 70's late today through many of the regional neighborhoods as well. 60's for the central part of the state and warmest late today in laughlin and death valley. ............................... ...................... weekend forecast shows temps in the high 70's again most likely widespread 80 degree plus temps by saturday and some of sunday. more clouds on sunday but still partly sunny to mostly sunny skies expected at times ............................... ..................... looking at the the east coast now. thing have quieted down with storm weather gone. the warmer weather they had brought the storms, now it's cold enough to snow in the mid-atlantic states. ............................... ................... bouncing over to the west clear and dry all the way up ot the northwest. that's something they don't see usually up there is a little vitamin d. high pressuren expected to anchor in more this weekend and
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warmer 80's as it settles overhead. ............................... .................. the warmer weather is going to be killer on the sinuses for all you allergy sufferers. allergy reports shows high readings now of ash, elm and juniper. weeds remain low luckily with mulberry still moderate. ............................... ................... 52 and clear with cool and calm conditions. winds less than 10 mean we stay light and calm for winds. milder overnight though. warmer tomorrow with 77 for the high. more than 10 degrees above average. ............................... ................... neighborhoobneighborhoodmps near 80 for the east part of the valley with mid 70's fore foothills and westside 50's for kyle canyon. ............................... ............................ near 80 on surday with moreclouds on sunday.r breezes earlier in theweekend but breezier and warmer late week. long term forecast shows shower chances next weekend and possibly a week from monday. ((dave courvoisier)) the runnin' rebels are down to the final two games of the regular season. ((paula francis)) the cowboys roll into las vegas on senior night. chris here with more on the small group. ((chris maathuis)) there are two that really contributed... ike and jerome and needless to say it hasn't
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when the came to las vegas. and they haven't been here long. plus... conor mcgregor can talk trash with the very best of em...but there's something he takes very seriously. share that coming up here on 8 news now.
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news music voice over: "from 8 news now this is sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) the last straw for dave rice seemed to be that loss at wyoming.. because following that loss in laramie, rice was shown the door. the cowboys are back, the rebels have a date with wyoming on saturday it's senior night for unlv... but just a pair of senior contributors will be honored. ike nwamu and jerome seagears will be recognized prior to the game. jerome has been here two years, ike for one. so it's certainly not the shinning sendoff they'd hoped
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(( )) ike nwamu/player; "we've had a lot of things go wrong, coaching change, injuries... yeah it's really been eventful." jersome seagears/layer;' "we've been through a lot during the season, but through them all we always stuck together and never really looked at the bad times and focused on the positive times." the rebels and wyoming tip at 5 pm on saturday. one more thing.. when the rebels got back from boise... stephen zimmerman, ben carter and derrick jones had their apartment ransacked. somebody broke in and took some real sentimental stuff. (( )) todd simon/coach; "most significant that someone took was zimm's mcdonald all america ring, which was unfortuante, some of those personal items... so guys are shoe collectors... there's size 16 shoes out there and different items along those lines." hopefully somebody out there will do the right thing or knows about this. by the way, simon will be recognized tonight over at
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they're honoring the former head coach prior to the game. ((chris maathuis)) the niaa state playoffs in reno are underway... the semi's are played today. one girls game in the books... centennial beats reno in a rout 82-to-53.. samantha thomas led centennial with 25. in boys hoops... gorman is currently blasting reno. the division one title games are played tomorrow night. some highlights at 11. ((chris maathuis)) ufc's conor mcgregor can talk trash and have a lot of fun bashing other fighters... but it's interesting, when steriods was brought up at yesterday's press conference, his tune suddenly got real serious real fast. (( )) nate diaz/fighter;" everybody is on steroids, the whole ufc, everybody.... laughter... conor mcgregor/fighte r; 'your teammate gil and jake were two caught on steroids, ((and you and the others)) not me, not me, calm down i'm not on those steroids.. what the &&% you talking about. nate; "you're on steroids." animal." the fighters will be arriving next week for workouts on
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thursday and weigh-in friday. all those event are open to the public at the mgm... and of course the fight in saturday night. the unlv golf team is hosting next weeks' southern highlands invitational... where the top teams will swing in vegas. one of the great stories in collegiate golf centers on unlv's zane thomas. ((dwaine knight, unlv head coach: it's good that he came back and now he has the chance to go all the way. )) coming up tomorrow the incredible success story of zane thomas, the unlv senior golfer who was kicked off the team... but is back. his inspirational story tomorrow at six. ((dave courvoisier)) > finally tonight... a new robot is proving it can stand up to human bullying. check out this video posted by "boston dynamics"... a robotics company that receives money from the military's research division... "darpa." this is "atlas, the next generation." as you can see it can stand and walk around
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and when picked on by a human with a hockey stick... it stands its ground pretty well! the robot uses sensors to stay balanced... and is powered by electricity and hydraulics./// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a naval officer from virginia beach, virginia... a lawyer from san francisco, california... and our returning champion -- an h.r. consultant from newburyport, massachusetts... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, everyone. well, if you were watching our program yesterday,


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