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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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each claims they're the only one who can beat trump. and both agree there's still (sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate) "i think it's important to take a deep breath here. first of all, the republican nomination is decided by delegates. it's over 1,200 delegates you need to have, we're nowhere even near that number." trump has won 81 delegates so far with rubio and cruz at 17 each. all eyes are now on next week's super tuesday with 595 delegates at stake. (sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "i cannot wait to get home to the great state of texas." texas has become a must-win state for ted cruz if the senator hopes to remain a viable alternative to trump. "it is our duty as texas conservatives to appoint a leader we can trust." wednesday, he picked up the endorsement of texas governor greg abbott. mark albert for cbs news, the white house. ((kirsten joyce)) ted cruz is leading in his home state in the latest polls, but donald trump is running a very close second and could end up winning as many delegates as cruz.
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in houston tomorrow night./// ((kirsten joyce)) > as we mentioned... it wasn't all smooth sailing last night.. some voters were turned away: ((i see no point in even staying because they've made a decision. and i'll be leaving and i don't know about the rest of the parties. they're saying we can have some kind of provisional vote so if there's a tie or something it'll make a difference but it shouldn't even have to go this far. i mean, we should be able to vote period. it should be counted right now. )) ((kirsten joyce)) that was at palo verde high school in the northwest part of the valley. voters say party officials closed voting at 8-30... despite the r- n-c's website saying voting would go until 9. as you can see... the voters were pretty frustrated. other caucus locations had long lines of folks.. and were having extra ballots delivered just in case./// ((kirsten joyce)) > on the dems side... senator harry reid today threw his support behind hillary clinton. the support comes just days after she claimed the most delegates here in nevada on saturday. bernie sanders addressed poverty concerns in south carolina today.. saying the last welfare reform bill in 19-96 sent welfare
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an issue he plans to address. at an emotional church appearance.... clinton was joined by the mother's of 5 victims of gun violence and police brutality, who all gave her their support. both sanders and clinton addressed town halls last night in south carolina.. 3 days before that state's primary. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > we of course will keep you up to date with the latest on the race to the white house.. on channel 8, online and on your phone. 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find the latest on all the polls and candidates on las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) >a lot of black smoke can be seen in the valley right now... what we the valley right now... what we know... there is a car fire at alexander and m-l-k... and it is giving off a lot of smoke. ((kirsten joyce)) > the man accused of killing two women after a fight on the strip... will have to wait until next week to learn more about his case. omar talley was before a judge this morning, but his case was moved to march 2nd as he waits for his lawyer... he will remain behind bars until then.
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melissa yvette mendoza and jennifer margarita chicas after an argument that started in the parking garage outside the miracle mile shops. talley told police he doesn't remember shooting anyone./// ((kirsten joyce)) > 2 people are in the hospital... after they were hit.. by a pickup truck. it happened at about 5-30 this morning... on del rey avenue just west of rainbow. police say a couple was walking their dog in a marked crosswalk.. when a man in a dodge ram hit them. the victims were taken to u-m-c trauma... one is in serious, while the other is in critical condition. police say the driver stayed police say the driver stayed on scene.. and didn't seem impaired. police say they are still investigating... so far, no word on any charges./// ((kirsten joyce)) > incredible damage across parts of louisiana, mississippi... and florida... as more than a dozen twisters hit the states. the death toll is climbing from the storm's wrath... people hid in closets.. and held on for dear life as the funnels hit with little warning. cnn's chad myers has more on the storms' aftermath. (nats) "you see that? oh my god!" overnight three people killed and dozens injured across
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severe storms and tornadoes ripping through swaths of the deep south and florida ... (resident) "i just knew that it was a tornado. i was crying and i was so scared. the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time, it was just terrible." in some parts of louisiana, entire communities reduced to rubble. 160 motor homes blown apart after a storm ravaged an rv park in new orleans. (another resident) "the noise of the tornado was so loud that you couldn't hear much of the trees when they were snapping." and in neighboring prairieville... gym goers dodging debris and running to take cover when the storm struck. the roof of this gold's gym peeling up as glass walls came crashing down. (gym goer) "when the weather gets so bad the roof of your gym blows off." in florida ... apartment complexes demolished. damaging winds tossing cars like toys. texas not spared from the storm's wrath. hail the size of golf balls
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thousands without power -- with hundreds of reports of broken windows and damaged rooftops. ((kirsten joyce)) the storms will continue through florida... then move into georgia, the carolinas and eastern virginia. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > from severe weather... to our sunny skies. sherry.. it looks like it'll be another beautiful day in the valley. ((sherry swensk)) > we have it so much easier than the other side of the country at this hour... a sunny and calmer day in southern nevada. no wind advisories... temps back up to near normal. it's one of those near-perfect desert days. ........... but another warm-up in our sights. i've got your weather now forecast for the rest of february coming up./// ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... governor sandoval.. governor sandoval.. could be headed to washington. the post president obama.. may be vetting him for... straight ahead after the break./// <
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guantanamo bay. house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers have the votes to
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and enough votes to override any veto. president obama wants to transfer roughly 35 of the 91 current detainees to other countries... then move the others to a facility in the united states./// ((kirsten joyce)) > governor brian sandoval.. could be the president's pick... for the next supreme court justice. that's according to a new washington post report. this comes a day after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pledged there would be no action on any supreme court nomination before the election. he.. along with the republican leadership on the senate judiciary committee say the next president should nominate scalia's successor. sandoval previously served as nevada's attorney general and a federal district court judge. the white house hasn't commented about the report./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the health district is warning clark county.. about an outbreak of syphilis. district officials say we have seen a 128 percent increase in reported cases since 2012....the majority.. among men. the southern nevada health district provides testing,
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counsling. for more information visit las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) > u-s health officials say they're investigating more than a dozen zika infections. the 14 cases involve men who visited areas with zika outbreaks. the men were infected during sex. zika is mainly spread by mosquito bites.. but can also be sexually transmitted./// ((kirsten joyce)) > firefighters propelling off the side of the high roller. the heavy rescue training... happening today... at the linq./// > and it's a cooler day in the valley.. but the warm temperatures are returning. your neighborhood forecast is just minutes away./// <
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scene this morning... as firefighters from orlando and new york.. underwent heavy rescue training. the rescue workers were led by
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rescue and the henderson fire department. the high roller is the world's tallest observation wheel standing at 550 feet high. orlando has it's own observation wheel.. the orlando eye.. it stands at 400 feet tall. new york is building the new york wheel.. which is expected to open in 2017. it will be 630 feet tall./// ((sherry swensk)) it's a good day for climbing high places... since the winds have calmed down.
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light winds... with dry air. .............. and the temps are near normal... and just slightly above by the afternoon. right now at noon... near 60 degrees after some chilly upper 30s in a lot of neighborhoods. ........... the air is dry with humidity below 20 percent.... so keep drinking water. outside the valley... 60s all over from laughlin to pahrump and up to mesquite. ely finally in the low 40s after dropping to teens this morning! ................... our normal high for this time in late february is 65 and we should just eclipse that by a few degrees. the record of 82 is definitely extra warm... but not far out of reach by the weekend. ...... sunrise getting early now... and more pleasant to spend the afternoon and early evening outside with the calmer winds. ...... high pressure rebuilds over the desert and that will warm us up by saturday to 80 degrees. we'll get some high clouds but those will be harmless. .....
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and high level moisture pushing into the west coast, but falling apart. .. big storms still rolling across the east and now the carolinas with snow pushing up into new england today. ............ more severe weather expected today./// < ((weather toss))> ((kirsten joyce)) > if you
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> if you haven't paid your mortgage in a while.. there's a chance you could get a foreclosure notice in the mail. t what happens once you read it... we'll go over your rights.. and what you should do.. in today's now you know.///
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rate in las vegas.. is down compared to last year.. but there are still nearly 10 thousand homes in the las vegas metro area.. that are in foreclosure. so what should you do, if you get a notice.. in the mail? joining us know is judah zakalik
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((kirsten joyce)) > remembering the man.. who made celine dion a legend. a look at her special tribute.. when she returned to the las vegas stage./// ((kirsten joyce)) > coming up today on eight news now at
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talk on cbs)) ((kirsten joyce)) > coming up today on eight news now at four... it's a first of a kind study... on some of the nation's top athletes. the condition most commonly found in n-b-a players... putting them at risk of deadly heart attacks. /// and after nearly a year orbiting the earth aboard the international space station... scott kelly is coming home. what the record breaking astronaut plans to do... when he gets back to earth. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > celine dion is back at caesar's palace.. a month after her husband and manager rene angelil passed away. ((celine: without feeling it inside, where do all the lonely hearts go. )) ((kirsten joyce)) dion held a tribute for her husband last night. angelil died on january 14th after a long battle with throat cancer. he was 73. angelil is credited with discovering dion...
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superstar. she said everytime she closed her eyes on stage.. she felt his presence./// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter.
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>> steffy: it's pretty incredible that you grew up in this house. and now you're living here with your new bride, a baby on the way. grandma would be so proud. >> ridge: yeah, and she would be thrilled that you're moving in with us. >> steffy: are you sure that's okay? 'cause i don't -- i don't want to intrude on you and caroline at all. >> ridge: no, no, no. i'm honored, and caroline likes the idea. >> steffy: i just thought i'd be living with liam for the rest of my life. but he's gone, we're not together, and i don't -- i don't want to live there anymore. >> ridge: well, you're where you're supposed to be, and i'm very happy. >> steffy: thanks, dad. >> ridge: so, you and wyatt, huh? >> steffy: yeah.


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