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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk streets are a little wet in some neighborhoods more than others. some heavier showers moved through last night and for the most part are east of last vegas and have set up over western arizona. .................... we have mainly broken clouds around southern nevada this morning. ..... some light showers now in the west and northwest valley and another wave will move through later in the morning. .......
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up as the day goes on and could get dangerous in the mountains. ......... temps take a slight hit, but still above normal at 70 degrees today. ((sherry swensk))
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no cones out along eastbound spring mountain, but you still have some lane restrictions on the southbound strip in front of treasure island. work is underway on tropicana. ndot crews will improve a four-mile stretch between eastern and boulder highway. right now, and through early april, expect 24-hour lane restrictions on trop between eastern and mcleod. < > < > > that's a look at the roads...
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((brian loftus)) > more changes are coming to the las vegas strip! the wynn resort and casino announced a major expansion plan... that will be completed by the fall of 2017. patranya bhoolsuwan gives us a preview of what we can expect. < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) by fall of 2017 ....expect big changes at the wynn as the resort plans to expand its luxury retail space ... just steps away from the busy foot traffic on las vegas boulevard. ((jose fuentes/tourist: "the more options the better right? so it's good to have all the places to choose from.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) this 75- thousand square foot built-in addition..being dubbed "the wynn plaza" will include a number of new shops and restaurants. they add to some high priced, name brand stores already there like chanel and dior... the question is will tourists spend the money? one local analyst says yes. ((bill lerner/union gaming securities: "i think it lines up
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seeing in the market...non gaming revenue has been quite strong.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) bill lerner with union gaming securities tells us he's not surprised by wynn's plan to expand...especia lly with record numbers of tourists in las vegas, especially from outside the country. ((bill lerner/union gaming securities: "there's been strength in that demographics in bound here...part of that is asia, part of that is europe.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) for kate mu, whose family is visiting las vegas from china, for the first time, she believes more high end shopping here can't hurt. ((kate mu/visiting from china: "for rich people they don't care about price sometimes.")) ((brian loftus)) this expansion plan follows a number of changes already taking place... including a new restaurant called "jardin"... and the spring opening of "intrigue" the nightclub... that will be replacing "tryst". /// ((kirsten joyce)) > metro k-9 nicky is looking much better... after his handler says... get back to work. the eight year old police dog
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machete... who was involved in a 12-hour long standoff with police. k-9 nicky's face, head and one paw were injured... the suspect. sergeant kern says nicky is ready to get back out there: ((sgt. eric kerns/metro police: his personality and his drive to go out and search, and engage suspect, does not appear to be diminished at all.)) ((kirsten joyce)) nicky is expected to be back to /// ((brian loftus)) > the best of vegas.. for the monster jam world finals. it'll be at sam boyd stadium... from march 17th to the 19th. last year, over 57-thousand people from 15 countries attended. monster jam trucks cost around 600- thousand dollars to build, staff, compete, transport.. and maintain on the monster jam tour. ///
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((kirsten joyce)) > a valentine's day murder remains a mystery 20 years later. ((brian loftus)) the i-team's george knapp shows us, detectives have a strong feeling on a suspect... crack this cold case.
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for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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murder that occurred on valentine's day 20 years ago... is now a top priority for two veteran homicide detectives... who've come out of retirement to work cold cases. ((kirsten joyce)) a young woman who was 6-months pregnant... was gunned down in front of her fiance'..... during his shift at a convenience store. police think the incident was the culmination of a bloody spree.. involving as many as five other murders. ((brian loftus)) and they have a strong idea who did it, but they're asking for help from the public. the i-team's george knapp has the story. < george knapp valentines day 1996. justin snyder had to work the graveyard shift. his pregnant fiance sarah decided to keep him company. they were young and in love and hoped to spend the rest of their lives together. but two killers dressed in drag changed everything. dean o'kelley/metro cold case detective: they got away with, we believe, 50 dollars and left a trail of
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even for experienced homicide detectives, the double murder by the drag queen killers is difficult to absorb. dean o'kelley and ken hefner chose this case from the hundreds of unsolved murders stacked in binders from floor to ceiling at metro. the entire tragic sequence was recorded on video cameras. two armed men, dressed in women's clothing, entered the store at pecos and bonanza just after midnight. one gunman stayed beside sarah, who was seated at a poker machine. the other suspect focused on justin, the clerk, but was angered because so little cash was in the two registers. dean o'kelley: he tried to get justin to open the safe and is told only managers can do that, which is a reality. he's very angry about that.... the robbers snatched a measly 50 dollars or so and started to leave. one of the drag queens walked out the door. but the second paused momentarily beside sarah, who was crouched down trying to
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voice of dean o'kelley on video it's very disturbing. he's walking out, just almost as an afterthought, he turns and fired one round into sarah. that bullet struck her in the shoulder and then went across her body and in through her unborn son. gk: so it's two murders? okelley: yes it is. there was no reason for it. there was absolutely no reason for it after the killer casually distraught justin leapt to sarah's side, then scrambled to . the images are gutwrenching. paramedics struggle to save sarah's life, but she's gone. doctors later determine the unborn child would have been viable but was killed by the same bullet that took sarah's life. the story galvanized the public and was later featured on america's most wanted. 7- 11 offered a 25,000 dollar reward. this artists sketch of the shooter was
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a then- notorious gang leader..named kareem ali brock. police suspect brock in a string of bloody crimes in the same neighborhood that culminated with the valentine murders. it started just before halloween about 4 months earlier. a gang member friend of brock's was killed in a shootout...tipst ers told police that brock and his crew wanted revenge and went on a rampage...33 year old roy kelly was guinned down on november first....4 days later, 98 shots were fired in a gunfight next to the same 7-11, killing billy floyd and wounding two others....3 days later, 20 year old rodney green was murdered on the same street where roy kelly died.... ken hefner, the homicide cop who was working the string of slayings then, is today one of the two cold case detectives still looking for answers. dean o'kelley says the prime
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police closing in and may have wanted to scrape up enough money to get out of town. that's one reason he might have gone to the 7-11. police say brock strongly resembles the suspect caught on video but they still need help. back in 1996, witnesses who had information were afraid of brock and his gang. that was then. o'kelley what we're interested in is people who aren't afraid anymore, that they would come forward and give some justice, especially to sarah, who was sitting with her fiance on valentine's day...completely innocent, not doing anything in the world, and to have her killed in such a casual callous was senseless.. george knapp standup: kareem brock was sent to prison for a number of years because he shot at police when they tried to arrrt him. but neither he nor anyone else has ever been charged with the
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7-11 says a cash reward is still being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. george knapp 8 news now. > ((brian loftus)) on our website, we've posted a link and a phone number for anyone.. who wants to contact the cold case detectives with information about this case or other unsolved homicides. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > ted cruz broke into song... and marco rubio admitted he likes electronic dance music. ((brian loftus)) what we learned about several of the republican candidates...
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> the winners of the 1-point-5 billion dollar powerball jackpot... have stepped forward and took their prize in florida. ((kirsten joyce)) two new millionaries claimed their wins after a month. they say they didn't watch the powerball drawing that night... and didn't learn they had the winning tickets until the next day. they claimed their lump of 328-million dollars. the other winning lottery tickets were sold in tennessee and california. ///
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at today's weather. sherry swensk winds are blowing right now... but only expected to get stronger through the day.
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moving through the valley again. ......... a wind advisory in place right now for the valley and will last until this afternoon. we had some gusty winds last night as the first wave of showers pushed through with just some light amounts of rainfall so far. ........... but winds will get stronger as a second cold front slides through today and those westerly winds could get up to 45 mph with isolated areas getting even higher gusts. ........ some gusty winds out at red rock already and we could see high winds to 60 mph out there at the base of the spring mountains today. ...... rains pushed through last night and measured up to a tenth of an inch...
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with a secondary cold front. .......... then partly cloudy today and temps near 70 degrees. we'll keep some partly cloudy skies today. ..... after today's dip... the temps start climbing again and we're back to the pattern of mild and dry weather through the weekend. ((sherry swensk))
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at 9am, the county will turn on a new signal at warm springs and tenaya. a lot of you who live in the area, have been asking me when it will all get turned on ----well today's the moment of truth. today is the last day of magic. expect a lot of people to be out and about around the convention center. don't forget that convention center drive is under construction at paradise. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a chiuhauhua... taken from its own yard... ((brian loftus)) and its owner left heartbroken. how a suspect was able to get away with the dog.
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((kirsten joyce)) > several republican presidential candidates attended a town hall... ahead of this weekend's primary in south carolina. ((brian loftus)) as mary moloney reports... carson, rubio, cruz were in the spotlight. struggling to keep his campaign afloat -- ben carson resurrected a line from hillary clinton's
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want answering the phone?" (ben carson/(r) presidential candidate): "i can guarantee you i've had more 2am phone calls that anybody else all the rest of them put together, had to make life or death decisions." carson broke party lines-- claiming if he were in president obama's shoes -- he would nominate a supreme court justice in his last months in office. something the president vows to do and republicans promise to block. (ben carson/(r) presidential candidate):"i probably would take the opportunity to nominate someone." marco rubio slammed president obama's plan to visit cuba (marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate): "they're a repressive regime." he boasted about his campaign's diverse endorsements. (marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate): "i got the endorsement of a governor of indian descent, who endorsed a presidential candidate of cuban descent, and tomorrow we'll be campaigning alongside an african-american republican senator," but rubio called out fellow cuban- american -- ted cruz. (marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate): "i've said he's been lying because if you say something that isn't true and you say it over and over again and you know that it's not true, there's no other word for it." cruz focused on someone else -- donald trump. saying trump's attempts to sue him aren't serious. (ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate): "i confess, i
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his stance by breaking out into song. (ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate): "i just called to say i love you." donald trump participating in his own town hall on msnbc lashed out against the latest nbc news/ wall street journal poll that gives cruz the edge. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate):"i have never done well in the wall street journal poll. i think someone at the wall street journal doesn't like me." i'm mary moloney reporting. ((brian loftus)) > tonight, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will attend a town hall in las vegas. on saturday, we'll see who will win over nevada...
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i've watched as the house across the street has sat empty for over six years. i've watched good friends have their homes foreclosed on. people are still really suffering, and they're looking for somebody that is going to create bold change.
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over and over again, and nothing happened. people are so excited about bernie sanders because they know that he's not beholden to wall street. we need someone like bernie sanders that's going to fight for the middle class. we have to fix things now. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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up in flames overnight... months after a fire turned homicide investigation at the same location. what fire officials say about last night's incident. ((kirsten joyce)) > the democratic presidential candidates are in las vegas... for a town hall meeting ahead of the caucus. the issues they'll be focusing on at the event. ((brian loftus)) > and a dog...stolen from it's owner's front yard! and it was all caught on camera. the latest on the investigation./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. there are some rain showers across the valley at this hour...
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over to sherry to find out when it could stop or slow down. sherry swensk < some showers moved through last night and broken clouds around southern nevada this morning. ..... some light showers now in the northwest valley and another wave will move through later in the morning. .... then the gusty winds will pick


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