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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((denise valdez)) > republican frontrunner donald trump looked to continue his momentum in las vegas at a campaign rally this afternoon. thanks for joining us... i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. trump holds a 17-point lead in the latest national poll... released yesterday... and he made sure to remind his supporters of that. patrick walker is live at south point hotel and casino where ((patrick walker)) that's right... shy isn't a word you would use to describe donald trump. and this afternoon... shy isn't a word you would use to describe donald trump. and this afternoon... he spent a good chunk of time talking about immigration... saying he would stop the practice of foreigners coming to the u-s to have children. ((donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "try having a baby in mexico, and saying 'congratulations, this baby is a citizen of mexico,' the first thing they'll do is laugh at you, the second thing is they'll give you a foot right out of mexico, with your baby by the way.")) ((patrick walker)) trump has
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"anchor babies" during the campaign. to the delight of the crowd... he re- emphasized his plan to make mexico pay for a wall along the u-s/mexico border... saying the country makes enough money just off of u-s companies moving manufacturing facilites into mexico. he called out nabisco moving operations from a chicago plant... then he called out ford motor company. ((donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "and then they're going to make cars and they're going to sell them to us, no tax, just bring them across the border, might as well have the illegals driving the car, because you can get it inexpensively" (taunts) "that's right.")) ((patrick walker)) trump also vowed to "blast isis off the face of the earth" and build up the military... but in the same sentence said he hopes he won't have to use the militart. he also called for scrapping common core... using that as a barb against jeb bush. ((patrick walker)) this isn't his only stop on this trip. trump will also make an appearance tongiht at the venitian at the outdoor sportsman's awards. dave...
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night donald trump picked up an endorsement from sarah palin... any endorsements today? ((patrick walker)) dave... he did pick up an endorsement. republican assemblyman brent jones spoke to the crowd for about ten minutes... talking about how excited he was to endorse him. trump's sons eric and donald junior also spoke on stage briefly during the rally./// ((dave courvoisier)) > and tonight former president bill clinton is stumping for his wife hillary in las vegas. clinton is hosting an organizing event at "advanced technologies academy" on vegas drive near rancho. doors open at 6:30 p-m... the event starts at 7:15. we will have a crew out there as well tonight./// ((denise valdez)) > a man on trial for a notorious las vegas cold case has agreed to a plea deal.
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admitted to killing 18-year old jamey walker in 1981. he entered an alford plea to second degree murder. in exchange.. he'll avoid the death penalty. an alford plea is when someone does not admit guilt.. but admits they would lose at trial. it's a story the i-team has been following for more than 30 years. walker was an honor student.. cheerleader... and homecoming queen with a bright future. she was raped and tossed off a bridge at lake mead.. smashing on rocks 45 feet below. last year jamey's cousin told 8 newsnow she was always afraid of her next door neighbor shannon: (( gayla walker thornton/jamey walker's cousin: 121018 jamey was afraid of shannon. tthere's a lot of girls in the community that we grew up in that were afraid of him and think he will always be a predator and will always be a risk to any young person or young girl that's near him. )) ((denise valdez)) police long suspected shannon was the culprit... but new d-n-a evidence allowed them to finally charge him with the murder. as part of the deal.. he will avoid the death penalty.
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a well known community activist in west las vegas.. but she died in 2013 before she was able to see justice done. shannon's sentencing is scheduled for march tenth./// ((denise valdez)) > metro police have arrested a man in connection with the death of a four month old boy. devonta lewis was booked on child abuse charges on friday.. but they could be upgraded. the 4 month old named devonte lewis junior died on december tenth near sahara and nellis. the coroner has not yet determined an official cause of death... the elder lewis faces a count of either first degree murder.. or child abuse with substantial bodily harm. a cps report shows they had not had any prior reports on the family./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a former las vegas pastor has been found guilty on sexual assault charges with a minor. the verdict was handed down just before noon today. now---the victims who've been struggling through this whole ordeal are working towards closure. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live from the regional justice center with how they are doing. ((mauricio marin)) > as you can
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this case are feeling a sense of relief tonight.. but the painful experience is just beginning for five other victims who have come forward saying holland did wrong against them too. ((nats:"guilty of assault with a minor under 16 years of age." )) ((mauricio marin)) otis holland...a former las vegas pastor accused of sexually assaulting minors during private counseling at his congregation is found guilty. in court---victims who didn't want to show their face on camera were over joyed. ((victim: "it's like hearing like you won the lottery almost it's the greatest thing to every hear because you don't have to worry about it anymore." )) ((mauricio marin)) while this may be closure for those victims.. five more victims have come forward.. holland is expected to go to trial involving those victims next week. ((robert langford/prosecut or: 'there's a total of 22 new charges and they are again ages young children 6, and 7 through adults." )) ((mauricio marin)) the defendant took the stand in this last case....claiming innocence. the prosecutor says it was clear he was lying.
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"at one point i determined that there was nothing else to be gained. the jury saw though his baffling buffoonery and it was obvious he wasn't telling the truth." )) ((mauricio marin)) a victim's mother says it's disgusting what he did--especially because he betrayed the community's trust. ((victim's mother: "you put so much trust into someone or somebody. this isn't just a person but a person wrapped around faith." )) ((mauricio marin)) those hurt by holland say the guilty verdict has lifted a burden off their shoulders. ((victim: "sometimes in life you can't choose what has happened to you but you can choose to grow from it or let yourself fall." )) ((mauricio marin)) holland is scheduled to be back in court in march to be sentenced for today's guilty verdict. he faces life in prison. his attorney did not provide comment to us after the verdict. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) > a major winter storm could cripple much of the east coast this weekend. today hundreds of salt trucks and snow plows are preparing to tackle the storm in washington
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they could see up to 20 inches of snow. the mayor is warning people that it is an extremley large storm: ((muriel bowser/dc mayor) unless you absolutely have to be out residents and commuters should get home as early as possible tomorrow afternoon. )) ((denise valdez)) schools are already closed for tomorrow. and a state of emergency has already been declared there.. virgina.. maryland and pennsylvania./// ((denise valdez)) > up to 20 inches tedd... that sounds dangerous. ((tedd florendo)) there is a blizzard warning for the area... quiet right now in the east coast, but they are bracing for one of the biggest storms in
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............................... .............. take a look at all the weather alerts over to the east. the areas indicate winter storm warnings from kentucky, to west virginia, to north carolina strecthcing to southern pennsylvania. right here is where it could get worse though. these are blizzard warning in d-c to baltimore. with coastal flood warning from the delmarva to the jersey shore. ............................... ................ right now the storm is making it's presence known in a form of severe thunderstorms. we ahve tornado watches from louisania all the way to the missisissippi valley. ............................... .................. it is expected to gain strength and become a major winter storm by tomorrow morning and through saturday. up to 2 feet of snow is possible in some spots. ............................... ..................... here's the forecast for our area tonight. cool with more clouds later. temps in the 50's with light winds.illy 40's by 8 news now at . the issue h many new schools should be built to support the new skye canyon development in the northwest valley...could become contentious. the developer origionally promised to set aside land for three new schools. but now they're asking the district to go along with just two. 8 news now anchor paul joncich
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((paul joncich)) > one school district official summed up the feeling of most people in the room by saying, something about this deal...doesn't smell right. but here's the reason the developer is suggesting one less school, the scope of the whole development has changed. skye canyon was originally planned for 16- thousand residential units along both sides of the 95, north of grand teton. but the latest plans call for only 9-thousand residences, and two thousand of those will be senior living. so the current developer is asking the district to consider building just 2 schools instead of three. ((linda perri/clark county school district: "well as the development agreement has gone there, there's been changes , different owners and everytime a new land use permit comes in we have to renegotiate everything, but as the agreement sits now there are three school sites set aside for the school district." )) ((paul joncich)) today's meeting of the bond oversight committee was just one of the first steps in the process. school board trustees will have the final say. and the public will have
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((paul joncich)) > the reason the district is hesitant to go along with the developers idea, is that every other nearby school except one is either at capacity or over capacity. keep in mind, schools supporting skye canyon are still several years away, right now the district is in the process of building eight new schools. which will only put a small dent in their overcrowing problem./// ((denise valdez)) > a summerlin area crime wave? the series of home invasions and burglaries that have community leaders holding a meeting tonight... and how you can still make it there.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen.
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robberies in the summerlin area have prompted neighbors to team up. vanessa murphy is live at the durango hills y-m-c-a with a preview. ((vanessa murphy)) metro police and city leaders are expected to be here to address the concerns about home invasions and robberies. we have assemblywoman victoria seaman here with us now... what concerns are you hearing? you live here...this is something that can effect you....can you talk more about that?
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is scheduled from six to if anyone is interested in coming, there is still time to get here. reporting live, vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((denise valdez)) > we asked what you would do to stop a robbery on our facebook page. travis echoed the sentiment of many..
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tada! but terri disagreed..sayin g: for those of you saying that a gun is the answer, it's the answer only if you're home with the gun in your hand during the robbery. some are home invasions while the resident is there but most of them take place during the day when no one is there. leave a comment on the 8 newsnow facebook page.. and you might see it right here on the screen./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the 8 news now living green super recycling event is this saturday at the thomas and mack. you can recycle all sorts of electronics. get rid of your unused and expired medicine -- and bring paperwork that needs shredded. goodwill will also be collecting household items. for the complete list of what we'll be accepting -- head over to las vegas now dot com. /// ((weather toss))
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((denise valdez)) > parking fee fall out. (( (( congresswoman dina titus: i haven't heard any say they want a better parking experience, just a free parking experience. )) congresswoman dina titus says the only issue she received more calls on is healthcare. her suggestion for m-g-m. ((dave courvoisier)) > prayers for porn. one group at the adult expo that
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((dave courvoisier)) > mgm's
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backlash. the casino company announced it will start charging ten dollars to park overnight in any of their parking garages. in return they are promising what they call a better parking experience. that decision has people calling thier congresswoman. dina titus told the politicsnow team her office has seen plenty of local irate about it: (( about this. if you were to listen to my constituents on this issue you would think of the end of the era. we have gotten a lot of clals about that. as far as a compromise i thought they could charge just for the coliseum not to go into the hotel, we could rethink it. a lot of people syaing how could they do th is, this is not las vegas )) ((dave courvoisier)) titus says most of the callers have said they don't want a better parking experience the strip is in her congressional district. you can watch more of that interview on politics now this sunday at 5:30.///
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entertainment expo is in town. the annual event features things like porn stars and sex toys. but david vahey is at the event trying to help those addicted to porn change thier ways. his triple x church wears jesus loves porn stars t- shirts and hands out informtaion to encourage people to visit his website: (( david: i try to look at everybody in their eyes to be honest and i think if i can keep to that plan, i think i'll be okay)) ((denise valdez)) vahey says his website gets 250-thousand hits every month. the convention is at the hard rock hotel- casino. admission is 80 dollars for one day./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a jury has been selected in a federal trial against the polygamist communities of hilldale utah and colorado city arizona. the u-s justice department has sued the towns... saying they act as arms of breakaway poygamist flds sect. they are accused of discriminating against people in the town who are not members. the sect broke away from mainstream mormonism when it disavowed polygamy 100 years
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allegations. opening arguments are scheduled for next wednesday./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a human suction cup. a illinois man makes cans stick to his head. the unusual medical condition he says allows him to do it... ((denise valdez)) > the taxi industry was on track for a record- breaking 2015... then uber and lyft came to town. tonight at six... how much of an effect the ride- sharing services have had on the taxi business... in the short time they've been allowed in town./// ((coming up... coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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((denise valdez)) > a baby born this week in phoenix came on a
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she marks the third generation of girls in her family.. who now share the same birthday. the day her baby was born.. aimee hernando turned 33: (( (aimee hernando / has same birthday as mom, baby) "i got in, told the doctor, she has to come before midnight. haha")) ((denise valdez)) the baby is being named miracle joy. what are the odds? experts say not as uncommon as you may think. but still, more than 130- thousand-to- one./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a man in chicago has been making money as a human suction cup. jamie keeton sticks cans of all kinds... empty.. full.. alcoholic or not... to his head. a medical condition allows him to do it. he says a doctor told him he has an abnormally high body temperature near 100 degrees.. and it turns his skin into a suction cup. just last week he set a record for suction- cupping the most cans to his head at one time./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks
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((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) > both sides of >> pelley: d.c. deep freeze >> pelley: d.c. deep freeze going nowhere fast in the ice capital of america as the east stocks up for the blizzard of 2016. >> they've run out of organic carrots, which is a terrible thing. >> pelley: also tonight, residents of flint say rip 'em out. >> will you ever trust the water coming through these pipes? >> not until they're replaced. >> pelley: the west looks ahead to the inevitable tsunami and takes preparations to new heights. and 88 keys to living past 100. >> i love to play the piano and
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