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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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> the man accused of being the mastermind of a child sex ring... is being held on 11 million dollars bail. christopher sena appeared in court this morning. and plead not guilty to 124 counts. he's facing charges for sexual abuse, assault of children, incest and producing videos of alleged assaults. his wife, and ex-wife were also charged. his ex took a plea deal, and is serving life in prison. christopher sena is scheduled to go on trial in november./// ((brian loftus)) > and closing arguments are expected this afternoon.. in the case against a local pastor accused of sexually assault. police say otis holland abused young girls in his counseling sessions. he's pleaded not guilty./// ((brian loftus)) > gop presidential candidate donald trump has even more life in his campaign today now that he's picked up a major endorsement. craig boswell has the latest from washington, d.c. craig boswell, donald trump greeted a large crowd in norwalk, iowa this morning looking for support less than 2 weeks before the state's caucus.
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presidential candidate "if we win iowa we are going to run the table, we may not lose a state." craig boswell, trump's campaign for the gop presidential tuesday when sarah palin endorsed hii donald trump/republican presidential candidate sarah came along and said we love what's happening, it is a movement. washington, d.c.) palin supported ted cruz when he ran for the senate in 2012. .and cruz says he will always remain a big fan of the former alaska governor. cruz was out campaigning in new hampshire this morning and zeroed in on what he would do if elected. sen. ted cruz/republican presidential candidate the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. (applause) craig boswell, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is spending most of the day fundraising. she holds a sizable lead in the national polls over bernie sanders, but the vermont senator is ahead in new hampshire and hopes for a good turnout in iowa as well. craig boswell, cbs news, washington ((brian loftus)) > donald trump will be in las vegas tomorrow..
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south point casino. it starts at 1 - pm and doors open at 11. former president bill clinton will be in town as well. he'll be drumming up support for his wife at the advanced technologies academy tomorrow evening. doors open at 6-30.. the event starts at 7-15. for information on both events.. visit las vegas now dot com and click on links we've mentioned./// ((brian loftus)) > the las vegas strip was closed again this morning.. as movie crews filmed scenes from the upcoming "bourne" movie. the series follows former spy operative jason bourne.. played by matt damon. crews were out there overnight.. until about 6 this morning./// ((brian loftus)) > and speaking of entertainment... jennifer lopez's residency is debuting tonight. the superstar is headlining a show at planet hollywood in the same theater that britney spears performs in. jlo will be hitting the high notes of all her hits.. from the old school "love don't cost a thing" ..
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after tonight's star-studded premiere.. jlo will host her official celebration party at mr chow inside caesars palace.. it is also the grand opening of the popular restaurant./// ((brian loftus)) > vowing to end the crisis. the governor of michigan's plan.. to get the lead.. out of flint's water supply./// ((sherry swensk)) > it's great to see the sun shining again. we've broken free from those overcast skies and we're back to good desert sunshine for now. it was really damp this morning and the sun will help to dry us out a lot faster. ............ but don't get used to "sunshine all the time" because more clouds are on the way. we'll take a look in your complete neighborhood weather forecast coming up.///
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> now nevada's first choice for news, this is 8newsnow at noon. ((brian loftus)) > michigan's governor vows to do whatever it takes to end flint's water emergency. rick snyder apologized tuesday for the government's response in his "state of the state" address. adriana diaz is in flint, where the governor is deploying more than a hundred additional national guard members. "hey hey ho ho, synder's got to go! protestors outside michigan's statehouse endured
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they called for the governor's resignation tuesday night. snyder: "i am sorry and i will fix it." inside, michigan governor rick snyder began his address with a renewed apology to the people of flint. snyder: "government failed you - federal, state, and local leaders - by breaking the trust you placed in us." he also had a message for the agencies he says contributed to the city's water disaster. snyder: "let me be clear to all of state government, in situations like this, they must come to my desk immediately. no delays. no excuses. period." snyder says the michigan department of environmental quality and the federal e-p-a didn't properly address the problem of lead contaminated water when they learned about it early last year the governor didn't do his job // he's been lying all along. before protesting at the statehouse, tony and leah palladeno (pal-uh- dee-no) showed us their corroded pipes "it's like living in a third world country. we've got filters that don't work. i don't care what they say, these filters (turns on water) do not work." governor snyder is
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action lawsuits. the latest, filed tuesday, aims to stop flint from "all water shut- offs" for people who haven't paid their bills. (gfx out) standup: the governor's asking the state legislature for 28.5 million dollars in aid. as for the mayor, she was in washington dec yesterday and met with president obama. adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, michigan. ((brian loftus)) lead poisoning in children can cause developmental issues, learning disabilities and hearing loss./// ((brian loftus)) > scary moments.. for some california drivers. the rockslide.. that fell into traffic.. scaring people on their way home from work. and taking a live look outside our bank of america camera... showing clear skies on this wednesday afternoon. sherry's got a look at your forecast.. coming up.. in just a few minutes.///
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> now nevada'sj@j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap.
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those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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this is 8newsnow at noon. ((brian loftus)) > work crews in california.. are trying to figure out.. what prompted a rockslide... on a busy highway. it happened in coarsegold... just north of fresno. cal trans crews say rocks actually fell into traffic.. in between cars. luckily.. no one was injured./// ((sherry swensk))
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cooler 30s up at aliante and 26 up at kyle canyon with some fresh snow in the mountains. ................ we love our sunshine in the desert! and that should help dry us out and get us closer to normal today - even a little above - at 60 degrees. the sunrise a little earlier now at 6:49... and because of the clouds we missed a phenominal sight we haven't seen in about 10 years. ............ that's five of our planets all stretched out across the southern sky at the same time. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter! but don't worry - this line-up will last for the next month and we should have more chances to see it with clear nights. ................ a really beautiful sight was the evening sky after the rain stopped yesterday. dave mills snapped this photo in henderson of the sunset and the color in the clouds. such a pretty shot. ................. the rain showed up in the afternoon and lasted a couple of hours. we expected the cloudy skies and mountain snow showers... but not the valley showers. so it was a bonus because we ...........
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heavier rainfall and higher totals than the other sides of town, but everone got a taste of it. lee canyon is reporting up to 3 inches of new snow... while the west side of town got betweena tenth and two-tenths of an inch of rain. ....... the north and east sides got nearly a tenth of an inch. humidity was really high this morning with the leftover moisture. and officially we received five- hundredths of an inch and even though we are still slightly behind for the year so far... that got us closer to normal. .............. so the southern end of this storm swept over southern nevada and through the desert afterall... and quickly fell apart into arizona. high pressure will rebuild for a day or so before the next storm arrives. ............. the clouds are already showing up on the coast and the low itself spinning again more to the north... but this front is stretched way out into the pacific. we'll get more clouds from it as soon as tomorrow. ........ in the east... cold arctic air is clashing with mild air in the deep south and a blizzard is setting up for the east coast at the end of the week. chicago had a cold snowy start to the day with folks slipping and sliding on the sidewalks. up to an inch of snow fell with
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............... but the main part of this storm will head east to the coast and is promising to deliver a big winter blow. ................ enjoy the sunshine today while we have it... a high of around 60 degrees. light winds and then a few clouds overnight. it will be a cool morning with near normal temps. we'll keep the 60s for the rest of the week, but more clouds arrive by friday and our super saturday recycling day. we just don't want the rain. .... breezy north winds set up for sunday and monday to cool us down again.///> ((brian loftus)) > did you know.. you could be getting sued right now.. and not even know it. after the break.. how to find out if someone's taking you to court.. and what you should do ...
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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> now nevada's first choice for news, this is 8newsnow at noon. ((brian loftus)) but true. you could be getting sued right now.. and not even know it. and what's worse..
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you could have your wages garnished.... without ever knowing.. you were sued. joining us now to talk about this.. is judah zakalik from the law
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((brian loftus)) judah zakalik
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thanks so much./// ((brian loftus)) > we now know when project neon will break ground. road crews will begin the big road project on april 7. it will improve the area around the spaghetti bowl.. adding carpool lanes and reconstructing interchanges. it will take years to complete... but when its done.. drivers will notices improved mobility and safety./// ((brian loftus)) > a valet.. isn't getting a good tip.. after he set a lamborghini.. on fire! what he was doing.. that led this embarassing.. and smoky mess./// ((brian loftus)) > coming up
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> coming up today on eight news now at four... keeping addicts out of jail. the alternative approach one community is using to deal with heroin users... that's catching on across the country. /// > and a new study finds... 10-percent of college grads believe judge judy is supreme court justice. the reason some are criticizing the poll... for being misleading. /// ((brian loftus)) > super bowl sunday is just around the corner and 8 news now wants you to win big... even if your team doesn't! we're giving away 25- hundred dollars during our special newscast after the super bowl. just head to our website... las vegas now dot com to enter .... click the banner at the top of the page. and while you're there, check out our newly launched super bowl page./// ((brian loftus)) > a miami valet learned a hard lesson...maybe don't play around with someone
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dollar car. jeremy roth has the story. a miami valet had a very bad day at work when he took the keys to a $400,000 lamborghini... and it ended up in flames. posts on social media say the valet was revving the supercar's engine... when flames started shooting out the rear end. the whole thing was, of course, caught on camera and shared online.... including the valet's reaction. say goodbye to your tip, bruh./// ((brian loftus)) > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon.///
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>> steffy: this can't be the end of us. we've come too far. >> liam: why? why would you do it? >> steffy: i shouldn't have. you told me over and over to stay away from ivy, but she hurt your brother so terribly, i had to see her one last time. >> liam: right, right.
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