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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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((michelle mortensen)) > presidential candidate donald trump speaks in northern nevada. what he plans to bring to the state... if he makes it to the white house. /// now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((michelle mortensen)) > good evening and thank you for joining us i'm michelle mortensen... filling in for sharie tonight. the sports world is a buzz right ... with all eyes on u-n-l-v ... as dave rice .. head coach of the men's basketball team .. unexpectedly resigned just a few hours ago. ron futrell has been covering this story for us since the news broke. and ron ... the interesting thing about this ... is that it happened in the middle of the season. ((ron futrell)) > ya michelle ---- surprising news that this is happening during the season --- but not really shocking when you consider the performance of the team lately ---- dave rice and athletic director tina kunzer murphy met earlier today to talk about the future of the program and --- as the statement from unlv says, they "mutually agreed that it was time for a change" assistant coach todd simon will take over as interim
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the rebels started out the season strong --- they beat two top 15 ranked teams --- but this loss last night at wyoming took the rebels to 0-3 in mountain west play. the talk amongst the boosters and fans was that a change needed to be made. rice was in his 5th season with the rebels, he has 3 years left on his contract and he will be paid his base salary for the 3 years remaining. rice played on the 1990 rebel team that won the national championship --- he was an assistant coach for 11 season with the rebels ---- so his history is long and deep with unlv --- ((tina kunzer- murphy its a very tough day for those of us at unlv. nobody has worked harder and loved ublv more than coach rice. he's been a friend, his family for years. and i want to thank him for everything he's done for this great university, he's worked hard and today after a long discussion -- the decision was made. dave rice my whole concern is for the players.
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as i met with the players this afternoon. i love those guys. i obviously was a big part of the recruiting process with all of them and i'll be cheering as hard as i can and im excited about them to have the opportunity to get back in town and play against new mexico on tuesday todd simon i spoke to dave a couple times and face to face and i have a tremedous respect for the man and he's a great person. )) ((ron futrell)) todd simon's first game as rebel coach will be tuesday night at home against new mexico. /// ((michelle mortensen)) > ron... how are sports fans people reacting to this on social media. ((ron futrell)) here are some of the comments... greg anthony: (former roomate with dave when they were players) coaching at the d-1 level is never easy, coach rice is a friend and a rebel. just sad to see things didn't work out. rebel-net-dot- com: (sort of a back handed compliment here) the
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@coachdaverice has put the program in a position to succeed immediately. we can't lose sight of that. paul gutierrez: (former writer here in vegas --- now with espn) hear rumblings of a movement for former #lakers and #cavaliers coach mike brown. ((ron futrell)) later in sports --- i talked to a former rebel about who he would like to see take over the team --- plenty of names already popping up --- and many will be very familiar. ((michelle mortensen)) ashley, we're saying goodbye to all that rain from last week -- are we expecting sunny skies to stick around? toss to ashley for weather /// ((ashley conroy)) we reached that high today of 54 degrees about 3 degrees below our normal average for this time of average for this time of year -- certainly no where near our record of 69 degrees in 1996. ............................. currently, it's 46 on the strip
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valley and henderson -- 39 blue diamond -- and you can really see it getting cold in kyle canyon at 17 degrees right now. ............................ regionally, pahrump -- you're at 34 degrees -- jean 42 -- mesquite 40 degrees -- looking at the teen for the midsection of the state -- rachel 18, pioche 17 degrees. ............................... sunny start to our week -- much different than the start to our week last week -- we'll have some breezy conditions in the colorado river valley -- temps will be a few degrees below average -- we'll be staying dry and cool. i'll have your full forecast and just how much cooler below average we're expected to be -- michelle back to you. ............................. ((michelle mortensen)) > now a story of survival. a valley family says they were victims in a violent home invasion. they told our mauricio marin how they made it out alive ... he joins us now with their story .. and with what security experts say you should do if you ever find yourself in the same
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((mauricio marin)) the victim tells us four suspects went into his house armed with guns and tied him up. security experts we spoke with tonight say often time in home invasaions----cri minals often just go right through a door or window left unlocked to gain access. so they warn people to be cautious. (( )) ((mauricio marin)) ray kilcoyne is still shaken up. he was the victim of a home invasion this weekend and is thankful to be alive. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion victim: one kid standing there pointing the gun at me with his hand shaking so right there i knew is he going to pull the trigger?" )) ((mauricio marin)) kilcoyne says metro police responded just in time to scare off the four men with guns that tied him up with duct tape. and tells us they busted his lip and left bruises all over his body. dave shepherd...a risk and crisis management expert says there's many reasons why criminals break into homes. ((dave shepherd/risk & crisis management: "big time scary. big time scary. it all depends on why they are going to go in. it's all the way to precious items you have or has to do with
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tell.' )) ((mauricio marin)) shepherd says criminals often do their homework staking out homes before going in after what they want. ((dave shepherd/risk & crisis management: "if you are trying to break into a place to start with you know if they have an alarm system or not have a dog or not they're going to know more about that to start with." )) ((mauricio marin)) so he recommends being picky on who you let into your house. and being discreet about the possessions you own. according to shepherd....the majority of home invasions happen when no one is home. and says every bit of protection helps deter criminals...from home surveillance having a dog. in kilcoyne's case...he feels the culprits may have known his 17-year old son. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion victim:: "they went right for the safe it's like they grabbed the girl went right upstairs and it's like they knew exactly where it was. they didn't ransack the bedroom. they pulled the safe right out of the bedroom and that was it." )) ((mauricio marin)) kilcoyne says it going to take some time until he will feel comfortable at home again. ((ray kilcoyne/home invasion be in this house. the fact that they didn't catch them bothers me the most.
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((mauricio marin)) the suspects in this home invasion case are believed to still be at large. police haven't released any suspect descriptions. but if you have information that can help track down the suspects---call metro police. or crime stoppers. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((michelle mortensen)) > sex ed and the school district. it's been a hot topic for months ... and it's not simmering down. we'll tell you where you can have your voice heard on the issue this week. and local police say this weekend was a busy one for them on the roads. we'll tell you about the number of deadly accidents they've been
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tomorrow you can have your voice heard on the issue of sex education in school. the school district is holding a trustees. it will start at at 5:00 p-m... in the board room at the greer that's on flamingo .. near eastern. there are several sex ed topics on the docket... as well as a public comment period. those who want to address the
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will have two mintues to speak. /// ((michelle mortensen)) > the trial of a former pastor accused of sexually assaulting young girls will continue tomorrow. otis holland faces a life sentence if convicted on a long list of charges. police say he targeted minors in his congregation by offering counseling sessions. last week... jurors heard graphic testimony from the victims... who said holland sexually assualted them as teenagers. holland may testify in his own defense. /// ((michelle mortensen)) > an s-u-v drove off an overpass in north las vegas this morning in a deadly crash off the i-15. it happened near cary and lossee. police say the driver was speeding when it hit a median and then flew off the freeway. the driver and passenger died. it was one of 7 deadly accidents in the valley this weekend. ((michelle mortensen)) > got gas envy? you might once you find out how cheap gas is in many other states? we'll tell you why we're not seeing prices below 2 dollars here in las vegas ... when a lot of the country is right now! stay with us. ///
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rock n roll icon david bowie has died. this is according to the musicians web site. a statement on the site said he died peacefull while surrounded by family after an 18 month battle with cancer. bowie was known for his eccentric brand of music. /// ((michelle mortensen)) with the
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approaching... the silver state is a popular destination for all of the presidential candidates. and today ... donald trump came to pound the pavement in reno. he spoke to a crowd of 4 thousand people and said if elected he would bring more jobs and growth to northern nevada. (("we're going to bring jobs back because it's changed a lot, reno's really changed what they're doing is changing and a lot of things can happen, right now it's tough but a lot of things can happen, we bring jobs back, a place like this is going to be a big fat beautiful beneficiary.")) ((michelle mortensen)) trump also referenced his hotel here on the strip and the seven hundred million dollars it took to build it.. he then criticized the other presidential candidates for not putting a lot of their own spending into the state. he also talked about the n-f-l at the rally ... saying "football's become soft like our country has become soft.
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((michelle mortensen)) toss to ashley for weather ((ashley conroy))
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to see some winds pick up down in the colorado river valley for tomorrow -- also primm, at 11-12 miles per hour -- so if you're standing in line to get your powerball ticket, it's going to feel a little colder. those winds are going to stay sustained in the teens and 20's through tuesday. but remain more calm here in the valley. .............................. here's our satellite radar map -- we had some showers moving over southern california earier today -- most of those have past and are heading south to mexico -- ............................. we did see a few snow showers in the spring mountain range earlier today and to the north of us at the sheep mountain range -- cloudy around the valley today -- but stayed dry. ............................... ..... lee canyon has seen a ton of the
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33 inches this past week with those storms that moved through our area. ............................... ... great time to head up the mountain -- so tomorrow the high at mount charleston is 39 degrees --- plenty of snow all around and sunny skies -- but those winds will be coming from the north, so with the wind chill, it's going to feel about 7 to 8 degrees colder. .............................. great time to mention our ski report -- just go to las vegas now-dot-com click on sections and you have an entire list of skiing and snowboarding locations all around the western u-s. ............................... tonight -- our low will be 38 degrees -- right around average for this time of year -- looking at calm winds. tomorrow plenty of sunshine -- a great start to our monday -- we have a high of 54 degrees -- light winds. ........................... our 7-day forecast -- mid- 50's all week long -- temps are about 3 to 5 degrees below average for this time of year -- our low's in the 30's -- look for a few clouds -- but really, we're going to dry and cool this week. > ((michelle mortenson)) > more construction will continue to
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traffic anchor demetria obilor shows you a couple zones to avoid this week.... in today's look ahead. >construction at the durango/cheyenne intersection has been bugging you since last january. this pipeline project was initially scheduled to finish up this past december, but it looks like things are running a bit behind scheduled. the city of las vegas says they are expecting contractors to finish up some time this month. until then, consider using alternates like buffalo instead of durango and lake mead instead of cheyenne. construction at the tropicana and koval intersection started up this past week.. the clark county water reclamation district is doing sewer work. . this is what the area looks like in the daytime. expect lane closures in both
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crews expected to be out here through march./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the price of gas isn't changing much here in the valley... but nationally it's fallen to $1.96... according to triple - a the news is even better for drivers in 10 southern states... who are paying less than $1.75. and some are paying even less... at $1.42. tumbling oil prices combined with strong refinery capacity could push the price of gas to a dollar a gallon in some areas. that hasn't happened since 19-99. in las vegas... the average is pretty high compared to the rest of the country...
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one of the reasons for that ... we do have one of the highest state and federal gas taxes in the country. /// ((michelle mortensen)) > ron futrell is here with more on the rebel coaching change ((ron futrell)) yes --- news came down earlier this evening about the dave rice resignation we'll hear more from dave --- and a former rebel gives his thoughts on a replacement --- sports is next. now, nevada's first choice for it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you
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the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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news now is givng away some cash. 25- hundred dollars is up for grabs during our special newscast after the super bowl. just head to our website las vegas now dot com to enter .... click the banner at the top of the page. while you're there check out our newly launched super bowl page.... just click the sports tab. you'll find great information on nfl stats, past games, as well as game day recipes. now let's toss it over to ron frutell for sports. /// ((ron futrell)) dave rice is done at unlv --- his career was a long one at the school --- as a player he was part of the national championship team in 1990 --- he was an assistant for 11 seasons, and today --- midway through his 4th season as head coach he resigned..... whether this was a forced resignation or not ---we may never know --- but he met with athletic director tina kunzer murphy today and they announced the resignation was mutual. the three losses to start the season in the mountain west was the final blow --- fans and boosters were unhappy ---- there were some high expectations
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on it looked like the rebels would live up to them ---- but those losses, in games they should've won, helped lead to this evenings announcement. ((dave rice im jusst so honored that i had the opportunity to spend so many special years in las vegas and to be here at unlv and be part of something special here that's so full of tradition. i just want to be there for the guys and whatever that means, obviously they've got new coaches in different roles now and those coaches will do a great job. i just love being in las vegas for the last 4 seasons and being part of something and building a foundation of something that will be great in the future. )) some thoughts here---- first --- after 4 and a half years --- for whatever reason, it wasnt working out here for dave --- he, his wife mindy and their boys have been great members of this community for years and they will continue to be. he had some great wins --- the victory over number one north carolina was a high point, the loss last night at wyoming was a typical low point.
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they needed to do to win games they shouldve won. ---- now --- i ran into former rebel eldridge hudson tonight at unlv -- he's coaching basketball at canyon springs high --- he wouldn't mind being a candidate for the job, but if the name reggie theus comes up --- he would defer. ((eldridge hudson i would love this job question; what if reggie thus puts his name in the hat, what do you think? eldridge; i would be his assistant, because i think he should've had the job years ago. and i know what he can do. question; would you like to see a former rebel eldridge: yes, i think this valley deserves that. )) tag of course, dave was a former rebel and todd simon got his masters from unlv ---- and by the way --- simon deserves a shot to see what he can do here --- but the name reggie theus
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he's coaching at cal state northridge and he and rice were the two front runners 5 years ago --- so we shall see. rice looked relieved tonight at the press conference --- a lot of stress this season. ((michelle mortensen)) > it's stars came out in beverly hills tonight. we'll have a run down of the big
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"now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((michelle mortensen)) > the reverent... won best drama during the golden globes tonight. and the leading man of the 19th century survival tale leonardo dicaprio... won best drama actor. looking at the ladies now... brie larson won best actress in a drama... for her role in room. she plays a mother trying to give her son a normal upbringing despite the fact they're both captives of a man who abducted her years earlier. and ridley scott's sci-fi movie the martian... staring matt damon won for best comedy film. in the movie... damon plays an astronaut marooned on mars who uses his intellect -- and humor -- to try to survive until he can be
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((michelle mortensen)) > lotto fans... looks like you'll be heading to the state-line once again. no one matched all six numbers in last night's nearly 950- million dollar powerball jackpot. however...a ticket with five of the six numbers was sold in primm worth one- million dollars. since there was no jackpot winner...wednes day's drawing is now at 1-point- three billion dollars. the biggest in u-s history./// ((michelle mortensen)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. 8 news now this morning starts at 4-am. and, for news anytime, just go to las vegas now dot com. have a great night.///
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