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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and why it will likely be back to square one.. come this fall. ((paula francis)) closing bell nats the stock market takes a huge tumble... for the third time this week. oh my god what's really going on the role china is playing in the market turmoil... and what that means for businesses in southern nevada./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > a murder for hire plot... from behind bars. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. 8 news now has learned the man accused of robbing a subway and shooting a woman there last summer - wanted to get rid of a witness. vanessa murphy is here to tell us how the plot was foiled. ((vanessa murphy)) this is erin ware.... police say he tried to hire a hitman for 5- thousand dollars to kill a witness. but that hitman he thought he was talking to was an undercover officer. erin ware is accused of robbing
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near pebble last june and shooting a woman who worked there. she survived - but according to police, ware said he knew about another witness because she identified him in court. here's what's revealed in the new records we've obtained: this latest investigation began when a confidential informant told police ware was plotting to kill the witness. the evidence police point to: a meeting with an undercover twice in jail to talk about the plot, a note and letter, and police say ware had the woman's name, photo, work and home addresses.. and said if she couldn't be killed at work, kill her at her home. i want to show you some of the language in a letter police say ware wrote for a hitman: "i heard that you're a clean up man and i need the garbage to be taken out. handle it and i got five stacks for you...." that would be thousands.... then he goes on to identify the garbage as the witness... ((vanessa murphy)) now erin ware not only faces numerous felony charges for the attempted murder and robbery at the subway.... he's also charged with solicitiation to commit murder.
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ware in jail...and we were told he's in the hospital.... back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks vanessa... two victims in the sexual assault trial against a former pastor took the stand today. both.. testified they were teenagers when otis holland touched them inappropriately during counseling sessions. the 59-year-old defendant faces life in prison if convicted on a long list of charges. he has pleaded not guilty. it's unclear if he'll be taking the stand in his own defense. /// ((paula francis)) > with a record enrollment this school year, the clark county school district is still struggling to put teachers in classrooms. there are currently 698 teacher vacancies. and as sharie johnson found out... that number will take a big leap before the next school year. ((sharie johnson)) the clark county school district has 320,400 students this year. and more teachers are needed to put a licensed educator in front of a growing number of students in the future. ((sharie johnson)) one of the
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((savannah chavez this is my 4th day (laughs) )) ((sharie johnson)) 22-year-old savannah chavez. ((savannah chavez it has been fantastic, honestly )) ((savannah chavez their just so excited about everything and their just so much fun and they energize you )) ((sharie johnson)) it's one less vacancy the school district has to fill. 698 licensed teachers are currently needed. 90 percent of vacancies are in at-risk schools... those schools seeing the biggest enrollment numbers. and before the next school year, even more educators will be needed. ((meg nigro, executive director for recruitment & development based on patterns and trends, we're projecting that we're going to need to hire an additional 2,900 )) ((sharie johnson)) that includes the current number of vacancies, despite the number of new educators since august. ((meg nigro, executive director for recruitment & development for this school year so far, 2,006 teachers we've hired which is amazing )) ((sharie johnson)) ccsd has a tentative agreement... increasing their starting salary to 40,000 annually... up from 35,000. and they hope to attract more fresh faces like savannah... a psychology major... hoping to merge her degree with a new found passion for teaching. ((savannah chavez it's really fascinating to see how all of their brains work
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((sharie johnson)) tonight at eleven... we hear from a local assistant principal... who has mostly new teachers at her school. the impact the first-timers to the classroom are making. ((dave courvoisier)) > the market turmoil continues on wall street... after the dow closed nearly 400- points in the red today. it's the third triple digit loss this week. the trouble started in china... where trading was automatically halted after stocks fell more than 7- percent... the market had been open for just 30- minutes. chinese regulators say they're going to suspend those circuit breakers... since they might be adding to the sense of panic. investors are worried a downturn in china's economy... could have a domino effect: ((jill schlesinger/cbs news business analyst) if things slow down in china the fear is the rest of asia will slow down, europe will slow down and naturally the u.s. economy will also slow down )) ((dave courvoisier)) wall street is hoping to find some comfort in friday's labor report. signs point to another uptick in hiring, which would indicate that despite the turmoil overseas, the u-s economy is
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((dave courvoisier)) > china's economy might be in trouble... but what does that mean for us? we look into the country's role in our local economy... and what that means for las plus... wet weather in the forecast tedd? tedd florendo we are tracking some isolated showers out there dave, and we'll talk more and how long they'll stick around. don't miss your forecast coming <
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((paula francis)) > we just talked about wall street's reaction to the bad economic news out of china this week... with triple digit plunges multiple times. ((dave courvoisier)) but what does that mean for the u-s and businesses here in southern nevada? jeremy aguero with applied analysis is here to dig into the data. ((jeremy aguero)) the new year
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the stock market tumbled early this week after more bad news about china's struggling economy and a selloff on the chinese stock market. some have suggested that this is a bad sign for the u.s. economy's prospects in the coming year. much of the concern centers on potentially falling demand for u.s. exports if the chinese economy continues to falter. although many countries rely on exporting goods and services into china, that's not as much the case in the united states. domestic exports account for just 13 percent of our nation's gross domestic product - the total value of everything we produce as a country -- and fraction of that total. in fact, exports to china u.s. gdp. by way of comparison, the u.s. exports nearly four times as much to canada and mexico. imports. over the past decade, our nation's appetite for
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and other goods have helped fuel china's manufacturing boom and made it the number one country for imports. china sends nearly $500 billion worth of goods and services into our country each year and alone accounts for 20 percent of our nation's imports. ((jeremy aguero)) a silver lining in china's recent economic troubles is that its currency loses value against the dollar, which means chinese goods that american consumers and businesses crave become cheaper to buy. today, the u.s. dollar is at its strongest point against the chinese yuan since 2011. this week's developments in china will certainly ripple across the globe in the coming weeks and months as the country struggles through growing pains of its emerging capitalist economy. however, the united states should only be moderately affected by recent chinese instability. once china regains its economic footing, it will return to growing its market economy, cultivating waleh among its middle class, and revealing the
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world's second largest economy. ((dave courvoisier)) how does the chinese economy affect las vegas? ((jeremy aguero)) ((paula francis)) > detailing the state of the city of las vegas: (( 2015 really was a good year. wasn't the greatest year but it's a good year. )) ((paula francis)) we hear from mayor carolyn goodman about the hopes ahead for 2016... and what went right in the past year.///
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every single year is to lose weight and get in shape. but finding time to exercise is never easy. ((dave courvoisier)) what if you could get toned and fit in just 6 minutes a day? well, a now- classic exercise product has been making that promise for years. and it's a top seller. ((paula francis)) but does it work? 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to put the "shake weight" to her "try it before you buy it" test. ((michelle mortensen)) > now before the snarky comments begin ... let me just say ... lots of people have bought this. more than 2 million have sold. because people want to look good with little effort. but should you buy it?? let's find out. < ((this is not a work out .. this is a revolution ..
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and it's going to kick your butt. )) the shake weight is a dumbell ... but you don't lift it ... you just shake it. the commericals say if you use it for just 6 minutes a day you'll look like this ... or this. and it's all thanks to the science of dynamic inertia. allegedly backed up by studies done at a prestigious california university? which one?? we don't know ... no one can verify it. so we thought we thought we'd ask some real fitness professional to test it out. the trainers at las vegas fit body boot camp. nats of camp here people get fit fast ... in just 30 minutes a day. ((michelle: i've got dave and temphest here with fit body bootcamp here and we are going to test out the shake weight. have you guys seen this before? dave: i have yes. michelle: what do you think first off? do you think it is going to be amazing? dave: no michelle: nooooooo. that is not promising. )) ((michelle: i think we should
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which they call the double hand front, can we try this dave? dave: yeah, make sure i am doing this right. are you ready? michelle: yeah let's do it. you are doing it right you are not bending your wirsts. what do you think? dave: ugh .. not doing it for me??? michelle: i mean is it work??? dave: i can feel my arms? i feel a little resistance but besides that not really. michelle: but what if you did it for 6 minutes a day like they say? dave: i am guessing i am not going to be as buff as the buys in the infomercial? temphest: laughing? michelle: but why? explain dave: i'm not going to burn a whole lot of fat .. maybe work my arms a bit but that's about it. )) we tried other exercises too. but nothing impressed. temphest gave it a whirl.... but also wasn't sold. ((temphest: i am so focused on the isolation i am not getting the extention that you would with a dumbbell by lifting it up and down i am stuck here focused on keeping it shaking so i don't get the full range. michelle: so you are not digging the shake, shake, shake?
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so it seems you can't shake yourself skinny. ((michelle: have you ever asked anyone to shake it to lose weight? dave and temphest: laugh ... no )) hec-i even tried ito.d look at that face. i'm not feelgtither . it turns out the shake weight n't have you looking like all those men and women on the informercials... fit and fabulous. once again .. you only look like that ... with diet and exercise. > ((michelle mortensen)) beleive it or not we spent 40 bucks on the shake weight. you can too ... it's available online and at most major retailers.///
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tedd florendo ((>cool today with sun this morning and more clouds late day. stayed mostly dry but shower chances started picking up again. winds slight breeze out there and we're cooler than yesterday. great skycam shot out there right now showing those clouds. ............................... ..................... temps today high low 50's this afternoon throughout the region. some locales only reached the high 40's today with colder conditions again up in mount charleston. cooler over to the west with milder temps to the east, although not too mild. they are lower in elevation over to the east keeping temps slightly milder than elsewhere.
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regional temps also staying cool today with not too much of warm up in the daytime. cool from mesquite all the way down to laughlin and cold already up in the southern great basin. already at or below the freezing mark. ............................... ..................... so here's what to expect tonight and into your weekend. slight shower chances, but mainly isolated tonight. nothing measurable for rain. colder overnight too whempsin the mid to high 'bmorning after some 40'sovernight lately. rain chances go up again on saturday late day. ............................... ....................... radar and satellite both showing scattered activity out there,. but not widespread. snow showers in the mountains again with most of the focus in northeastern clark county and mohave county. ............................... ...................... zooming in. still shot of where the rain is right now and again the valley staying dry. snow in the spine of the mountains with showers now down near saint roase parkway and way up past apex. ............................... ....................... the low tracking in utah is pulling away. we're still getting some wrap around moisture around it bringing shower chances this evening, but not heavy rain. it's going to pull away even further then we'll have more
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............................... ....................... that may not last too long though. we get that break tomorrow. with mountain snow chances still possible. but the next system in the pacific pipeline of storms bring us a slight chance of showers again saturday which is expected to be brief. drier by sunday. ............................... ....................tonight expect a low of 37 andmostly clouds.ray shower aeare still t there at least until early morrow. your high r friday withth sun andlds.ght winds and below aremps expected. ............................... ....................... snow chances still around morrow for the mountainsndill possible.part nny at 31, with red roc46 tomorrow. ........................................................... tended forecast shows temps ally not too much of variance.lot of daysear 50 and overnight lows in theitohigh 30's until next week.))< ((paula francis)) > mayor carolyn goodman just wrapped up her fifth state of the city address... where she detailed what's topping her agenda in 2016. her agenda in 2016. the mayor says safety is her top priority. she claims no one will want to live, visit, or do business in a city that isn't safe. mayor goodman says she will continue her strong partnerships with local law enforcement not
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southern nevada cities, and the county. mayor goodman also gave a push for downtown the medical district.. but says she needs some help from the nevada legislature for incentives to attract the best doctors./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the runnin' rebels are still stinging after losing to the rams last night in the final seconds. ((paula francis)) that troubling trend of not finishing out games bit them again. chris maathuis here with more food for thought. ((chris maathuis)) at least something to chew on from last nights' game... dave rice mentioned that this team needs to play smarter and be mentally tougher, especially when it comes to closing out games. plus... the best studio group in television is in las vegas. and which generation has or had the best nba players... the debate is on... next here on channel 8. < news music voice over: "from
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> ((chris maathuis)) the runnin' rebels are still stinging from last night's loss at fort collins, where dave rice is now 0-5 lifetime at csu. it was another lapse by unlv... a meltdown in the rockies. when you think of csu scoring 22 points off unlv's 18 turnovers and then throw in the bad decisions.... like this one... it's 5 on 1. lots of white jersey's and one red... what does ike do? instead of waiting for teammates and a good shot... throws up a three... dave rice can't believe what he's seeing from this team. it's crystal clear unlv needs to play smarter... rice says his team is making the same mistakes over and over. the national media is noticing the talent and unlv's meltdowns at the end of ball games. (( )) gary parrish/anaylst; "probably got the best non conf. resume of any mountain west team and now they're 0-2 in the league... and it's just cringe worthy to watch because you could see it coming and you could see it coming... because we've seen it over and over again. announcers; "and the rebels turn it over on the inbound from the baseline and the unlv team has
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games late in trouble again." ((chris maathuis)) what may be equally as troubling is the attention to detail. are the players listening and paying attention during the game. you may have missed this from last night... dave rice early in the game, when players appear to be paying attention then late, with the game on the line, a few players certainly appear to be drifting. watch players first half and then body language late in the game, 2nd half. (( )) dave rice; "here's what we got, here's what we got, three things, no more open threes for them and then we have to put the ball on the block, spread and play... got to rebound the ball its a lot of stuff. it's all about sense of urgency... everybody go gang rebound, goi get rebounds, it's our game we've got to play though, player; "three stops in a row... three stops in a row.. players they didn't do this.," seems like rice is saying all the right things...
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play with a sense of urgency. but it's those mental mistakes down the stretch. unlv is at wyoming saturday with a 3 p.m tip one of the cool things about ces is who's coming to town... today tnt will broadcast it's 'live' nba studio show from ces. we caught up with shaquille o'neal, kenny smith and charles barkley... and i asked them-- which generation had or has the best collection of players... the past or the present? (( )) charles barkley/hall of famer; "well it was much better basketball cause our guys actually went to college to learn how to play basketball. these guys only go for one year, they're very talented, but you can see overall the league is not very good." kenny smith/former all star; "i wouldn't say that i know some of my colleagues say they're better i wouldn't say that, there are better players today, but we had better teams. there were fewer teams." shaquille o'neal; "of course not, not even close kenny said they were kenny what!! come over here, come over here. you said the players today are better then we were, but the teams are not. no not, the teams aren't as good. the players are better what!!!
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hold on we had mike, clyde, no no if there's a doctor in vegas come to the tnt center this guy needs eye exam. kenny; "lebron would be top five ever." dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight
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