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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  January 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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warnings we have in the valley. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus.. we're getting a peak at this year's consumer electronics show. the huge unveil faraday future made.. ahead of the factory's groundbreakin g. ((brian loftus)) > and starbucks lovers, get ready for a new drink! why they're calling it "the reverse latte". /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) i'm kirsten joyce. ((sherry swensk)) and i'm sherry swensk. get those umbrellas out if you'll be in the valley.. or your snowcoat and winter boats if you're heading up to mount charleston.. because it's going to be a week packed with rain and snow in southern nevada. ((brian loftus)) the mount charleston winter alliance says snow is predicted every day this week. so if you're heading up there...
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driving conditions, meet the proper chain requirements.. and watch for road closures.. ((kirsten joyce)) and with the rain hitting the valley.. make sure to follow the speed limits on the roads and be cautious of other drivers. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk one system is gone and the next is ready to move in. ......... light showers have ended for
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and more rain and snow is on the way today/ ((sherry swensk))
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with demetria!> demetria obilor no freeway accidents. live look at the spaghetti bowl in a few. accident on decatur and tropicana. accident on rancho, north of vegas. here's what i-15 at us 95 looks like right now. pretty empty in the bowl.
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> that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > tomorrow, the consumer electronics show kicks off.. the consumer electronics show kicks off.. bringing hundreds of thousands of techies from around the world. ((kirsten joyce)) mary moloney gives us a preview of the gadgets we'll see. some of the largest names in the tech world -- will showcase their shiny new gadgets at the consumer electronics show. drones dominated last year's event -- as did cool cars. this year -- expect more drool worthy inventions and mind blowing tech. the tech watchers at engadget predict new tv technology will be unveiled. big names like l-g -- sony -- and sharp are forecasted to tout new ways to make your t-v watching better. but at least one company is jumping the gun -- and giving us a look at what it will show off. samsung has three projects from
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that may someday change your life. the first is the welt. it's the next generation of wearable technology. it looks like a typical belt -- but hidden inside -- there is so-called smart sensor technology that can track your health. like recording waist size -- eating habits -- steps -- and even time you spend sitting down. this is a rink. it's a hand-motion controller for those who like to play in virtual reality. and the last project is a little harder to see. it's a watch strap called tiptalk -- and it lets you hear your smartphone -- without headphones. all you have to do is touch your ear -- and voila -- calls -- videos -- and anything else you play can be heard in your ear -- without pesky headphone chords. cool - huh? don't expect to find these things on store shelves anytime soon. samsung says the projects are still in the development phases. but we'll be able to see these prototypes and other eye-popping technology at the c-e-s. for consumer watch -- i'm mary
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((kirsten joyce)) > c-e-s is not open to the general public... but if you do have credentials to get in, expect tighter security and bag restrictions. luggage cannot be brought into the venues. and smaller bags are ok to bring, but they will be searched. also, everyone will be subject to metal detector screenings and body pat downs. /// ((brian loftus)) > technology company faraday future is also at c-e-s.. and last night they unveiled their concept vehicle..they say will redefine the future of mobility. this is "f-f zero one"... or as they called it last night "an extreme tablet on wheels". faraday future says the new car internet connection, and autonomous driving. there are also many customization options. they expect to take the car to faraday future.. who now want to be called "f-f"... say they have the tools to achieve their ambitious goals: (( nick sampson/senior vp, faraday future: "number one, we have an amazing world-class team. two, we have a transformative vision.
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and four, we're moving very fast." )) ((brian loftus)) the company credited north las vegas mayor john lee and governor brian sandoval for their work in bringing faraday to nevada. f-f breaks ground on their north las vegas plant in just a few weeks. they've committed to investing over a billion dollars... and plan to bring thousands of jobs to southern nevada. /// ((brian loftus)) > police who shot a 23-year- old dead belived he was carrying a weapon.. only to find out it was something else. ((kirsten joyce)) what we've learned happened in the moments leading up to keith childress' death. ///
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footage.. showing the final moments before keith childress was shot by officers. police believed he was carrying a weapon.. but it turned out to be a cellphone. as vanessa murphy reports.. childress did not comply with police demands. ((officer robert bohanon/metro police: get on the ground! )) ((vanessa murphy)) sergeant robert bohanon's body camera video shows his repeated warnings to 23 year old keith childress for more than two minutes. ((hands up, hands up!)) ((vanessa murphy)) this was december 31st... ((drop the gun! )) ((vanessa murphy)) metro police were called to help us marshals....who told officers
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arizona for attempted murder. (( if you advance us, you will be shot )) ((vanessa murphy)) but when he walks toward officers - police shoot and kill him. turns out what bohanon refers to as a gun - was a cell phone childress was holding. we've also learned - childress was not an attempted murder suspect...... and one of the officers at the scene failed to turn on his body camera... all problems which undersheriff kevin mcmahill says are being investigated. ((undersheriff kevin mcmahill: any time an unarmed individual is shot in today's environment, it's a big deal, but it's not a bigger deal to anybody than this police department.)) ((vanessa murphy)) on monday - metro police released this audio to demonstrate officers received false information from u-s marshals that childress was an attempted murder suspect. ((audio )) ((vanessa murphy)) mcmahill also pointed to the suspect being a fugitive, his violent criminal past and his
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((mcmahill: an individual that's being challenged by armed police officers and continues to walk toward them during that certainly lends you to believe the fact that he absconded from arizona to come to las vegas and he potentially didn't want to face the music for the charges down in arizona. )) ((vanessa murphy)) we talked with the brother of childress by phone. nicholas mann is not ruling out a lawsuit against metro. ((nicholas mann: i feel that these officers are trying to hide behind a badge and hide behind slandering keith childress for their justification in that.)) ((kirsten joyce)) both officers who shot childress are on paid administrative leave.. while the shooting is investigated. metro police say blake walford is the officer who failed to turn on his body camera... which is part of the investigation. /// ((brian loftus)) > police released a new report about the man found dead in a 24- hour fitness parking lot. police say 19- year-old megan hippie admitted she and her
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were burglarizing vehicles and found 42-year- old neil gandler sleeping in his car.. outside the gym. hippie claims staats got out of the car with a gun... and heard gandler pleading with staats to quote "don't do it." the next thing she says she heard was a gunshot. hippie says she and staats left.. and then stole a vehicle at another location. both of them were arrested on saturday and now face murder charges. we looked into staat's past.. and found he's been previously charged with felony battery and drug trafficking charges. friends of neil gandler tell us he was in town for c-e-s... and was an accomplished man in the technology field. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > jury selection started in the trial for a former pastor.. accused of abusing young girls. 59-year-old otis holland has been in jail since authorities arrested him in tijuana, mexico in 2012... and then returned him back here to las vegas. holland is accused of sexually assaulting girls as young as 7-years-old. he has pleaded not guilty to child sexual assault, lewdness, bribing a witness, and evidence tampering. holland could face life in prison if convicted.
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((brian loftus)) > a popular food chain has been cited for dozens of health violations. ((kirsten joyce)) why... after addressing the issues... this new york chik- fil-a is still closed.
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the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within
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before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. city chick-fil-a will remain closed... following 59 health department violations. the franchise was supposed to re-open yesterday.. but the company says it will stay closed until --quote-- "we feel confident we are beyond our standards in all areas". the violations included flies
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contamination. the city's first free-standing chick-fil-a got a "c" grade on christmas eve... and voluntarily closed on december 30-th for deep cleaning. /// ((demetria obilor)) > and just to make things even sweeter... get ready because starbucks is rolling out a new drink today! the new "latte macchiato" is trending this morning. it's better known as the reverse latte. first the barista steams the milk and tops it with a merengue-like foam. then... they pour in two shots of espresso. starbucks says putting the espresso after the milk is a big deal.. because it gives the espresso a richer and bolder flavor. it'll be the same price as the flat white latte. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk skies are cloudy and the ceiling is about 2000 feet this
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temps are mild with the overnight clouds. right now we have a lot of 40s again. .................. the humidity is high now after we've had a few round of light showers that started early yesterday morning. this first system is now exiting east... and making way for a larger and more potent system hitting california. ............ heavy rain is slamming the coast and there are lots of winter storm warnings and flood watches for california today and tomorrow. ............ then we are expecting the snow to pile up in our local mountains as well. ............. maybe a foot of snow up around 9000 feet with snow levels down to 5000 feet later today so
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((sherry swensk))
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > president obama will address the nation on address the nation on what he plans to do to tackle gun violence. ((brian loftus)) the top issue the president plans to take action on. ///
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executive actions to combat gun violence. the measures were outlined yesterday in a conference call with senior administration officials... which included controversial plans that focus on so- called "background check loopholes". brian webb has the latest. president obama delivers remarks at the white house this morning...outlinin g plans he intends to take to tackle gun violence...without congressional approval. at the top of the list -- a measure requiring gun dealers, including those who sell firearms on the internet or at gun shows, to be licensed and conduct background checks. another -- would change a federal privacy rule to keep people with mental health restrictions from possessing guns. (president obama) "this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country or prevent every mass shooting//"it will potentially save lives the actions aren't sitting well with gun store owners, like james hillin in houston... he says the president is infringing on the second
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(james hillin/owner, full armor firearms/houston, tx) hitler, stalin -- all of these great leaders at one time have taken guns away so they can start controlling the populace, and that's what this is all about." some gun safety advocates disagree: (deb marteslo/moms demand action/gun safety advocate) i don't think our founding fathers ever meant that that should mean that terrorists should get hands on guns. republicans in congress are already threatening to take the matter up with the supreme court. the white house maintains the measures would withstand any legal challenge. brian webb for cbs news. ((brian loftus)) president obama also wants to hire more than 230 additional f-b-i employees.. to help process background checks. on thursday, he'll be holding a town hall discussion on gun violence. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > students are now getting more vitamins and minerals in their school lunches.. due to healthier food options. that's according to a new study washington. the study looked at 7- thousand middle and high school students before and after new meal
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2012. the rules cap calories per meal... and require at least one serving of fruits or vegetables. /// > we'll be right back........///
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> southern nevada is getting ready for another round of rain
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