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tv   8 News Now at 5 AM  CBS  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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nevada rancher cliven bundy... leading a protest of armed militia men in oregon. what the group is upset about and what the two men at the center of it all...plan to do today. ((kirsten joyce)) > the consumer electronics show is days away... featuring the latest trends and newest tech gadgets. the major announcement expected... that could impact us here in the valley. ((michael stevens)) > michael stevens is live with more on how to keep your new years resolutions./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) > and i'm brian loftus. it's 5-oclock. armed militia members are protesting in oregon this morning... led by the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy. ((kirsten joyce)) and the father and son ranchers at the center of the protest... are expected to turn themselves into authorities. ((brian loftus)) brian webb
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explains how their prison point for anti- government sentiment. militia members armed with guns and walkie-talkies are guarding the malheur national wildlife refuge in eastern oregon for the second straight night. the group says the land belongs to local residents and managers at the federal refuge have been trying to push nearby ranchers out. ammon bundy is leading the occupation, urging more militia members to join their cause. he posted this video on facebook: (ammon bundy / protestor ) "we have good numbers but there is a lot to do, and we will eventually get tired if we do not get help." the group grabbed control of the compound on saturday --after a peaceful protest in the nearby town of burns -- to protest the prison sentences of local ranchers dwight and steven hammond. the hammonds were convicted of arson after starting what they called controlled burns on their ranch in 2001 and 2006. they served time, but a judge recently ordered the two back to prison for about four more years. ( dwight hammond / rancher ) "it's not about me it's about america. and we've got to get the wheels
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they're flying off." the controversy has reignited a decades-long dispute over public land rights. an fbi spokesperson says they are working with local law enforcement to bring a peaceful resolution to the standoff at the refuge. brian webb for cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) protestors say the government should return the land to the people and they are ready to occupy the refuge as long as necessary./// ((kirsten joyce)) > ammon bundy is the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy... he was involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights back in 2014. bundy told oregon public broadcasting on saturday night... he had nothing to do with the takeover of the building... and said his son felt obligated to intervene./// ((brian loftus)) > the first pedestrian has been killed in a car crash in the new year.
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it happened near durango and edna last night. metro police say a 56-year- old woman was crossing the street when she was hit by a jeep. the driver stayed at the scene and called police.... the pedestrian wasn't in a marked crosswalk. ((sgt. richard strader/metro fatal detail this is terrible all the way around. we have family members who will be grieving someone at the beginning of the year. they've lost someone and we have a family from visitors from california who struck a pedestrian here in las vegas you know will have to deal with that loss)) ((brian loftus)) metro police say the driver was not impaired or speeding at the time of the crash./// ((brian loftus)) > today... ammar harris will officially learn his fate. in november... a jury sentenced harris to death...for opening fire on the strip back in 2013... and killing three people. harris was found guilty on a total 11 charges including the three murder charges. his defense team will have 30 days to appeal the death sentence. /// brian loftus > now let's get a look at your forecast. kirsten joyce sherry...
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sherry swensk < we had a cloudy weekend... but temps were in the mild mid 50s so it felt pretty good, just ........... now we're on the lookout for starting today. ............ highs will stay mild - in the ................... as we get back to work and back to school - grab the umbrellas and rain jackets. and the snow should be piling up in the mountains this week! we'll take a look in your full forecast coming up! >
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/// ((kirsten joyce)) > this week... 165-thousand people are expected to arrive here in las vegas for the consumer electronics show. it officially kicks off on wednesday and runs through saturday. the latest products and tech gadgets will be shown off at the convention. and today...the electric car company faraday future will be revealing a concept design from the show... faraday will be building a billion dollar manufacturing
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((brian loftus)) > and a-t-and-t hack-a-thon... where hundreds of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs gathered to compete in creating the best app. it was held at the palms... participants had two days to build and code the app... winners got their share of 100-thousand dollars in cash and prizes./// kirsten joyce > now let's turn it over to demetia. brian loftus how are the roads looking this morning. < demetria obilor no freeway delays right now. accident on mlk and washington. accident on the west side on rainbow, north of cheyenne. crash on the east side on westbound tropicana, east of us 95. you can use flamingo as an
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back to you. /// brian loftus > if you're one of those people looking to get healthy in the new year you're not alone. kirsten joyce according to a recent survey about 41- percent of american's are making that their goal for the near year. but the question is... how do you stick to it? brian loftus 8 news now reporter michael stevens spoke to a personal trainer... and joins us live from life time athletic in henderson. ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... it's still early. but the people here at life time athletic expect this place to be packed today... with those looking to start off
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as you mentioned... a recent survey from c- b-s news finds 41-percent of american's are making new year's resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. meanwhile, another 40- percent say their goal is to lose weight. here's the problem... research shows 36-percent of people will break their new year's resolutions by the end of january... and that number jumps to 56-percent by july. so, what's the key to sticking to any new year's fitness resolutions? the trainers here at life time fitness say start with a small goal in mind: ((richard johnson // training manager, life time athletic: it seems that these people have these grandios goals -- they want to lose 100 pounds, they want to lose 50 pounds or whatever it is we try to break it down so it's more obtainable for them. )) ((michael stevens)) trainers here at life time say when people start with too large of a goal and don't achieve it fast enough... motivation goes down. they say the best way to keep your new year's resolutions from slipping is to create a habit. meaning...
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startwith a small goal and make going to the gym a habit. they say the best thing to do is start by going to the gym or working out at home 3 to 4 times a week... making it apart of your routine so it's easier to follow. brian loftus michael... what about personal trainers...? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... if it fits in your budget -- it helps because someone is their to hold you accountable. if you can't find the cash... there's a lot of apps out there as well that can help achieve your goals. ((brian loftus)) > more shows to
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some of the original programming you can expect from netflix. ((brian loftus)) fueling up in 2016... how experts expect gas prices to change in the coming months. ((kirsten joyce)) lighting up the spaghetti bowl... this year, ndot plans to brighten 35 miles of i-15. demetria has the details coming up in "what's driving you crazy?" /// ((demetria obilor)) > in a look
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what's trending this morning... good news for those of us who love binge- watching shows on
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netflix... the website is planning to premiere 15 new original series this year. some of the shows coming to the site include "chelsea does"... which is a four-part documentary staring comedian chelsea handler. it will be out later this month. and "fuller house"... the reboot of full house featuring some of the original cast...all grown up. that show airs in february./// ((demetria obilor)) > a popular show from netflix is also trending this morning... fans of "making a murderer" are trying to get the main characters in the show...pardone d. tens of thousands of people have signed a petition for the president to pardon steven avery and his nephew. both are serving time in prison for murder. the show revolves around case...after avery already served nearly two decades behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. if the government petition collects over 100-thousand signatures by january 16th... the white house must respond publicly.///
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adlib weather chat sherry swensk < we had a cloudy weekend... but temps were in the mild mid 50s so it felt pretty good, just didn't look all that pretty. ...........
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now we're on the lookout for rain and mountain snow this week... starting today. ............ highs will stay mild - in the normal mid 50s. ................... as we get back to work and back to school - we could be schlepping the umbrellas and rain jackets. but the snow should be piling up in the mountains and that's great news! ............. a winter storm watch for the mountains starting tomorrow with a foot of snow possible in the mountains. >
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back to you./// > ((brian loftus)) > all three democratic presidential hopefuls will be in las vegas...
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for a special dinner hosted by senator harry reid. hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders will be meeting at the m-g-m grand on wednesday... for the first in the west caucus dinner. senator reid is expected to release more details on the event this morning. this comes ahead of nevada's democratic caucus...which takes place on february 20th./// ((brian loftus)) clinton will be making a few stops earlier that day... she'll be speaking at a rally in henderson at noon... then touring the culintary academy of las vegas in the afternoon. /// ((brian loftus)) and bill is back on the presidential trail supporting his wife. today... he heads out for his first solo campaign events, stopping in new hampshire. some of the less desireable moments of his past are also reemerging as he prepares to campaign... including his impeachment and sex scandals while president./// brian loftus > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? < demetria obilor racetrack road will be repaved and widened between boulder highway and burkholder
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bouldevard. new bike lanes and a new signal at blue lantern drive are part of the plans. construction scheduled to start this month and finish up in december. construction continues at durango and cheyenne. work was initially scheduled to wrap up last month, but it looks like things are running a bit behind scheduled. work is now planned to finish up some time this month. > < >
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((kirsten joyce)) > on the fence about getting solar panels? ((brian loftus)) how google is working to figure out... ((kirsten joyce)) the mcdonalds of the future... how the restuarant chain says they'll be making your
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((brian loftus)) > gas prices could stay low tihs year... ((kirsten joyce)) and many americans want to get serious about how they handle money. jill wagner joins us live from wall street. good morning jill. good morning brian and kirsten! it's the first day of trading for 2016, and investors are hoping for a better year than last. the dow and s and p had their first negative years since the financial crisis, in part because of falling oil prices.
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year in positive territory. so far though futures are much lower--- after china's stock market plunged 7 percent today on weak manufacturing data.// gas prices are likely to remain relatively low in 2016. triple a is predicting gas will average between 2-25 and 2-45 a gallon. triple a estimates that americans saved more than 115 billion dollars on gas in 2015... compared to 2014, that comes out to roughly 550 dollars per licensed driver.// and it's a new year... and americans... want to improve their finances. a survey from allianz life finds that about a about a third of americans are making financial resolutions for 2016. this includes... creating an emergency fund, paying off credit card debt and budgeting.// brian and kirsten? q: jill, mcdonalds may be changing up its look! tell us about that? a: mcdonald's is
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fast food chain may look like in the future. "mcdonalds next" opened in hong kong. customers can customize burgers and salads on touchscreens. workers create the meals behind a sheet of glass, similar to what you see at chipotle.// brian and kirsten? /// > now let's turn it over to demetria for what's driving you crazy? /// demetria obilor > this month, ndot will spend $1.2 million to brighten up a 35-mile stretch of i-15 between jean, nevada and
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contractors will replace 550 high-pressure sodium fixtures with led lamps. ndot says, "switching light fixtures will result in better, more efficient energy usage and reduced maintenance costs." "the new fixtures also produce brighter and clearer lighting for improved motorist visibility." construction is scheduled at night, which will help minimize rush hour delays. work should be finished by the spring. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a new years resolution of the future...
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((brian loftus)) what the facebook founder is vowing to 2016.///
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. uh just gonna hang out. with gary and todd? yea. i've been meaning to ask you, is there any drinking going on in this crowd? no. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working.
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they really do hear you. for tips on what to say loftus)) > after several delays... the trial is set to begin... for the former pastor accused of sexually assaulting young girls in his own congregation. to last. ((kirsten joyce)) > president obama working to reduce gun violence... the steps he's taking... tighten our country's gun ((michael stevens)) > michael stevens is live with more on how to keep your new year's resolutions./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > good morning
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and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) > and i'm brian loftus. the trial is set to start today... for a pastor accused of sexually assaulting young girls..including at least one in his congregation. otis holland has pleaded not guilty to 17 felony charges. one victim says she was 14 when holland assaulted her after church services. he fled to mexico and was arrested in 2012. if he's convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. jury selection is expected to take days... and the trial itself is expected to take about a week./// ((brian loftus)) > we now know the names of the metro police officers who shot and killed a man holding a cell phone...which they thought was a gun. sergeant robert bohanon and officer blake walford killed 23-year- old kieth childress on on new years eve. sergeant bohannon has worked with metro for nearly 19 years... and officer walford has been with the department since 2014. on saturday night... and his mother plans to push for answers: ((danielle steagall/mother: figure it out. it's still unbelivable to me. i don't beleive it." )) ((brian
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childress was wanted for several violent felonies in arizona. he had been convicted for aggravated assault, burgarly and armed robbery./// ((kirsten joyce)) > two people are behind bars... facing charges for allegedly shooting and killing a man outside of a 24 hour fitness. police arrested kyle staats and megan hippie... they say the two shot neil gandler while he was in his car. police released security video showing their sedan pulling up next to the victims car. staats and hippie face several charges, including murder and attempted robbery./// ((brian loftus)) > metro police say singer chris brown is accused of hitting a woman and taking her cell phone... when she tried to take a picture of him. they say it happened over the weekend at the palms. police say brown left the hotel before they could talk with him about what happened. they say he's listed as the suspect for misdemeanor theft and battery. brown's publicist says the woman's claims aren't true./// kirsten j jyce > now let's get a look at your forecast. brian loftus sherry... how's the weather looking today? < sherry swensk
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after a cloudy weekend... but temps were in the mild mid 50s so it felt pretty good, just didn't look all that pretty. ........... now we're on the lookout for rain and mountain snow this week... starting today. ............ highs will stay mild - in the normal mid 50s. ................... as we get back to work and back to school - we could be schlepping the umbrellas and rain jackets. but the snow should be piling up in the mountains and that's great news! >
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< kirsten, brian... back to you./// > ((kirsten joyce)) > new increased rates for solar customers...mig ht be put on hold. the nevada public utilities commission is meeting this consider holding off on the rates which were set to take effect january first... those changes would raise the base service charge for solar customers over five dollars a month here in souther nevada. and the amount the utility pays to customers for selling energy back...
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> speaking of solar... google is launching a service here in nevada... that analyzes if rooftop solar panels are a good deal. project sunroof calculates how much shade covers a rooftop, local weather patterns, industry pricing and (sub-suh-deez) subsidies... to see if solar is a good deal. google is also expanding the service in five other states. google has invested more than one billion dollars in recent years into solar power./// demetria obilor < injury crash reported by metro on sunset, west of grand canyon. this is in the southwest valley. for those who live off sunset, west of grand canyon, there isn't a solid, north/southbou nd alternate here. and some who live in this area, don't have an east-west alternate, so leave early. accident on rainbow, north of cheyenne.
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clear. debris reported on northbound i-15 at charleston. > < > back to you. /// brian loftus > if you're trying to get fit this new year... but don't want to go the traditional gym... you have some options. kirsten joyce 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live from life time athletic this morning. ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... the people here a life time expect the gym to be packed today... with people looking to start off the new year's right.
5:33 am
but if this setting isn't for you... there's another option we found here right in town. it's called e- shape fitness. and it's a personal training studio right here in henderson. the thing that makes this studio different is the technology they use. it's called electrical muscle stimulation. here's how it works... you strap on a vest that's outfitted with a bunch of sensors. as you work out -- all the major muscles will be contracted at the same time through electrical impulses... making the workout time- efficient: ((martin mugratsch // personal trainer, e-shape: this is the future of personal training because it saves you a lot of time. you only have to workout 20 minutes that's it so there's no excuse anymore -- i don't have time to workout and people don't have time anymore today... because they have to work a lot they want to spend their free time withhr family so they n't have the timeo spend one two hours in t m that's the percsolutionr it.))
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e-shape say the technology helps with strength training... as well as endurance training. they say this technology is brand new to the u-s. and is f-d-a approved. but it does come with a price tag. the people here say it will cost you about 45 to 65 dollars per session. brian, kirsten? kirsten joyce > michael, how many times a week can you use many times a week can you use this type of technology. ((michael stevens)) the people at e-shape say... you can only use it twice per week. they say your body needs at least 48-to-72 hours to fully
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((brian loftus)) > students across the valley will get a visit that's out of this world this week... a team from nasa and a former astronaut will be stopping by nine c-c-s-d schools. they'll be telling students about their work and what life is like in space... the first visit is this sandy miller elementary./// ((kirsten joyce)) > tightening gun laws... ((brian loftus)) the moves president obama could be taking... in an effort to keep our country safe. ((kirsten joyce)) he's known for living up to his new years resolutions... and this years is one that could impact us all.. what mark zuckerburg wants to
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barack obama is starting a big push today... to tackle gun violence. kim hutcherson has more. deadly mass shootings seem to be a regular occurrence in america. and president obama has regularly called for tougher restrictions on guns. (pres. barack obama - no font necessary) "once again, innocent people were killed because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun." now, the president says he isn't waiting any longer. (pres. barack obama - no font necessary) "my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can.//butted to.//that's especially true for one piece of unfinished business, that's our epidemic of gun violence." he'll be meeting with attorney general loretta lynch monday to discuss options for tightening gun laws. sources say the president is expected to take executive
5:37 am
action..without congressional approval.....expa nding background checks - a move which has widespread public support. but some republican presidential candidates are already promising to reverse any action obama takes - if they win the presidency. (donald trump/republica n presidential candidate) "so, he's going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment. having to do with guns. i will veto that. i will un-sign that so fast. so fast." (chris christie/republi can presidential candidate) "he knows that he can't get it through congress so he's just gonna try and do it by executive action as if he's king barack obama." (marco rubio/republica n presidential candidate) "all these executive orders he's gonna come out with tomorrow that are gonna undermine our second amendment rights? on my gone." i'm kim hutcherson reporting. ((brian loftus)) > democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sandesr are praising president obama for his gun control plans: (( hillary clinton: if congress n't act we have to domething about thft3-ousand people a year d fromns.rnie sanders: i think most gunnersn this countryunderstand that people who should not own guns should not
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be able to buy them.we do need to expand the instant background check. i think the president is doing what the american people would like him to do ((brian loftus)) sources tell c-b-s the president is looking to include expanding the definition of who sells make for more background checks... and requiring enhanced reporting of lost and stolen guns./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the site in san bernardino where 14 people were killed... is expected to reopen this morning. the regional center has been closed since the attack last month... when police say syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik opened fire. they were killed hours after the attack. the actual conference center where the incident happened will stay closed./// brian loftus > now let's send things over to sherry swensk kirsten joyce sherry what's the forecast look like today?///
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clouds aren't going away today and we won't get too many breaks of sunshine this week as storms roll into the west and bring chances for rain and snow. ............ temps will stay in the mild 50s... .............. right now temps are in the 40s around town and clouds will lead to a chance of rain for the valley very soon. ........ right now rain is moving into california and arizona with showers heading into the valley and around clark county. .......
5:40 am
local mountains starts tomorrow morning with snow levels down to 5000 feet by tomorrow night and really good snow in the highest elevations. maybe a foot or more above 9000 feet by wednesday morning. ............. a chance for rain all week... which could add up to a half- inch or more for the valley. > let's get a check of traffic with demetria./// > < demetria obilor no delays coming in from henderson.
5:41 am
mccarran looks like right now. this is 215 at the airport connector. expect crews to continue working here for the year. no delays along the southwest part of the beltway. construction between craig and hualapai and 215 will continue this year and work on the north side of the beltway betweeen north fifth and decatur. > < > back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > more
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the country. ((brian loftus)) which areas are expected to get hit hard with rain... after dozens of people have already been killed. /// it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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> over 100 people are injured and six dead... after a strong earthquake struck india. the 6-point-7 magnitude quake hit early this morning... police say the deaths and injuries were caused by falling debris from buildings./// ((sherry swensk)) > floodwaters continue to rise along some parts of the mississippi river... but...the water is starting to recede in most areas. parts of missouri and illinois got up to 14 inches of rain last week... flooding is being blamed on 25 deaths. the flooding is expect to get
5:44 am
worse in arkansas, kentucky, tennessee, and other southern states./// brian loftus > now let's send things over to sherry swensk kirsten joyce sherry
5:45 am
what's the forecast look like today?/// sherry swensk < there aren't many spots with rainy weather around the country - but definitely in the west and that lasts all week! ........... now we're on the lookout for rain and mountain snow this week... starting today. ............ highs will stay mild - in the normal mid 50s. ................... as we get back to work and back to school - we could be schlepping the umbrellas and rain jackets. but the snow should be piling up in the mountains and that's great news! ............. >
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kirsten, brian... back to you./// > ((kirsten joyce)) > mark zuckerberg made a major new year's resolution. the founder of facebook says his goal for 2016 is to create an artificial intelligence system. zuckerberg posted he wants to "build a simple a-i to run my home and help me with my work." he's known for keeping up with his resolutions. in 2010, he vowed to learn mandarin......and he recently gave a 20-minute speech in that language../// brian loftus > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? demetria obilor < accident on southbound 95 ramp to southbound i-15. it's off to the right shoulder. accident in the southwest on sunset, west of grand canyon.
5:47 am
< > < > back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > these new parents just might have some trouble.. keeping track of their twin's birthday's... ((brian loftus)) coming up at 6:00... the pair of babies going viral... for being born in two different years. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... cleveland browns quarterback wasn't anywhere near the field game... where the troubled player was reportedly spotted.///
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